Payback 3: Invading the Shrine!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; captive; bond; leather; gag; piercing; chain; torment; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 3: Invading the Shrine!

There was a ring set in the crown of the head harness and I reached around to feed a narrow strap from it to another set in the leather at the point of her elbows.  She was on her stomach so, as I pulled on the strap, her head came up and, sitting in front of her, I could now look directly at her face.

“My Jessica, Maria just told me she had a wonderful time while you two were together.  I suppose you might not see it that way but we will see how things went when I explore all the work she did.  I really needed that vacation it was very relaxing and Maria was so happy to house sit.”

“She is such a good friend and capable as a part-time Domme.  She is also very, very capable of running the four or five tattoo and body piercing parlors she owns.  When I explained about you and told her she could do whatever she liked, except tattoos because I wanted to save them for another time, she just volunteered to look after you for me.  Wasn’t that nice of her?”

When I got home Maria, over coffee, had not told me what she had done just said that everything was nicely healed and ready for use.   As requested, while I was away, she had only taken off Jessica’s reverse prayer arm binder and ballet boots to check for circulation or other problems.

She told me that she had fed my unwilling guest about an hour ago and made sure she was well hydrated so I could have fun for the next few hours without worrying.

Before leaving she gave me a large leather covered jewelry box along with a sealed envelope and told me not to open them until I was ready to ‘decorate’ Jessica; I thought that was a strange thing to say!

“Well now my sweet, the first thing we have to do is get rid of that nasty stubble on your head.  I’ll just go and change out of these traveling clothes and then we can get to work.”

I think it was, perhaps, the fact I returned some time later wearing one of my black leather cat suits with high-heeled knee boots and my hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that got her attention.  Either that or it was when I removed her head harness and clipped the bit gag down to the table with a short chain at each end.

“That should help you keep your head still, Jessica and since I am going to use a straight razor, you really do need to keep it still.”

She didn’t move a muscle while I pulled on a tight pair of latex gloves then lathered her head and scraped off the hair that had grown while I was away.

“There now, this astringent might sting a little but it will soon make you feel more comfortable and put a lovely shine on your skin.”

That, of course, was only until I made her very uncomfortable.

To do that I moved a padded bench over next to the table she was strapped down on.  The ends and one side of the bench were straight but the other long side formed a wide V.  At the apex of the V was a threaded hole and in that I screwed a large butt plug.  A few inches in from that was another socket that took a solid metal post with a wide leather collar hanging from the top.

Before loosening the straps holding her down I fitted a spreader bar between her booted ankles, with that and her arms locked between her shoulder blades with the reverse prayer leather pouch, she was still helpless.  I used a heavy belt around her waist and then the ceiling pulley to lift the bitch, swinging her over the bench.

Tying off the pulley rope I scooped a big blob of lubricating jelly from a handy container into my latex covered hand and coated the butt plug.  As she swung around I worked another handful up her rear passage.

Discarding the gloves I positioned her over the bench and lowered her on the plug.  When the bulbous tip disappeared I used my free hand to twist her body back and forth while controlling the pulley with the other.  In no time the plug was completely buried and I tied off the pulley rope while strapping each ankle to the ends of the bench.  Her spread legs now followed the edges of the V and her weight was on her buttocks with the plug buried inside her; everything else was completely available to me.

Straps across the top of each thigh, very close to her crotch and others at the knees removed any possible movement from her legs.

Getting rid of the belt and pulley I pushed her upper torso back against the post and buckled the collar around her neck.  With her arms in the reverse prayer her chest was already thrust forward and now the collar just accentuated that position.  The fact that Maria had not removed the narrow straps around the bases of Jessica’s breasts now presented them in a very inviting manner.

I exchanged the bit gag for a nice big ring gag and stood back to study my victim.

“You really pissed off those husbands of yours you know?  They gave me carte blanche just on the promise of a few photographs for their scrapbooks.  So far I’ve introduced you to expert leather bondage, shaved your head of those blonde locks you were so proud of and put holes in your earlobes to invade the shrine you called your body.”

I poured myself a glass of chilled white wine and sat in a comfortable chair in front of the helplessly restrained woman.  “Now let’s see what Maria has given me to work with.”

My scarlet fingernail easily slit open the envelope and I studied the sheets of paper inside.  One was an outline of a female head and torso with numbers on little stars all over it; the other sheets explained what each star represented.  Oh WOW!

“Well now Jessica, Maria suggests I start at almost the top and that she has left a surprise for the very top in the bottom of the jewelry case.  So let’s open it and see what she is talking about.”

The box was quite deep and almost eight inches square; when I lifted the lid I gave a gasp of anticipation at the gifts she had left me.  There was a tray with several compartments.  Each one held some of the bits and pieces that I was to use and the box was deep enough for more underneath.

I consulted the instructions, selected a couple of things from the tray, and then stood back up in front of Jessica.

“Let’s start with these little barbells that go at the end of each eyebrow.”

Maria was obviously a consummate professional; I unscrewed the ball from one of the barbells slid the rod easily in place and replaced the ball.  The other was just as simple.  In quick order I emptied another compartment and installed six studs around the edges of Jessica’s ears.  The original holes I had punched in her lower lobes were left empty, as were two at the very top of each ear.

It was a bit more delicate to get the small studs in each nostril because they had tiny rings that rested against the outside of her nose.

I took a short break and a sip of wine while again reviewing Maria’s notes because the next step was somewhat complicated.

After taking a tissue to dry the tears that Jessica was producing I separated the parts of the next item, pulled on a clean pair of latex gloves and used two fingers of my left hand to capture her tongue through the ring gag.  The longer rod of this barbell went down through the piercing in the tip of her tongue.

Then I folded her tongue under and fed the rod back up through the center piercing.  A thin ½” square stainless steel plate slipped over the end of the rod and the other ball screwed down to hold it against the top of her tongue.  With that, very effective gag in place I removed the ring gag and let Jessica close her mouth.

Now things were really going to get complicated and I had to do everything exactly right.  From the box I took the two acrylic lip forms and set them close at hand.  Maria had pierced four tiny holes along Jessica’s top lip line and four more under the lower one.

Gently, hey I am a Domme and she’s a bitch but I didn’t need blood all over the place and that could happen if I made a mistake, I fitted the tiny, hinged pins along the inside upper edge of the top form through the holes in the lip line.  Satisfied, I got the lower one in place and then pushed in on them until the hinges allowed them to fit snugly against her real lips.  With my two thumbs under her chin I applied finger pressure and, with a faint click, the strip magnets in the forms sealed them together.

Jessica now had the most gorgeous pair of very real looking luscious and brilliantly coloured lips and they were part of her hidden gag!

It was time for the next tray and from it I selected a short, three-stranded gold chain. It attached to the small ring on her right nostril and the clasp on the other end went through the hole Maria had made in the little triangle of cartilage where the cheekbone met the opening of her ear.  A second one draped across her left cheek.

There was another slightly larger ring for the septum of her nose and it held a teardrop diamond that rested just above her top lip.

I realized that the stones were fake but really appreciated Maria’s thoughtfulness.  Every stone so far, except the nose diamond, was a deep emerald green and that reinforced my lesson to Jessica about how her greed had led her to this pathetic state of affairs.

Heavy multiple teardrop earrings went in the bottom of each ear using the first holes I had punched in Jessica’s shrine.

It was time to move down.

The long fine gold chain split in two for just an inch or so partway along from its center and each of those strands had small gold rings joining the chain.  I fed half the length through a D ring in the front of her collar then took the one on the left and settled the rings at each side of her nipple.  According to Maria’s body map her nipples had each been pieced twice.  The box gave up another barbell and, after removing the knob at one end, I fed the rod through one gold ring and then the hole pierced at the base of her nipple, slipped the second ring over the end and screwed on the knob.

The length of the chain was perfect because with a little bit of tension on it I was able to attach the other side to the base of her right nipple.  Now the two ends fed through the ring I clipped through her navel piercing and down so the rings in the ends hung just above her clit.

Maria’s instructions indicated that I should use the smallest possible barbell and I did.  Jessica was panting through her nose by the time I finished pulling on the ends of the chain until the rings lined up and fed the rod through them and her clit.

The sensation would be a constant now because as her chest rose with each breath it increased the tension on the chain and transferred it to her nipples and clitoris.  It was somewhat Machiavellian but I was not finished with her yet.

Another matching set of multi-strand earrings hooked through the holes at the tip of each nipple.

Now we were at the main entrance to Jessica’s ‘shrine’.

Temporarily I took a couple of rubber covered clamps and snapped them on her lower lips pulling them apart with elastic bands to the straps holding her thighs.

Moving a chair in place I pulled on a clean pair of latex gloves and went through the process of inserting a catheter.  Once it was in place I ran the flesh coloured tubing down the side of her vagina between the inner and outer lips of her vulva and back under the edge of the bench.  A piece of tape held it there with the rest hanging down into a closed container on the floor.

The dildo was definitely not from Maria. I had carefully selected it from my stock of toys because it was one of my favorites with it’s devilishly design.

One, two and then three latex covered fingers made their way into her vagina, feeling the butt plug pressing against them through the wall but finding very little lubrication.  I glanced up to Jessica’s face and saw in her eyes that my latest efforts had indeed got through to her so hard mentally that her body was not responding as it normally would.

I had no sympathy for her but I was a good enough Domme to gently move my fingers and stroke the nub of her clit until, despite herself, the moisture began to appear.  I also coated the dildo and spread a bit more lubricant inside her before it was time for my special toy to find a new home. It slid in very easily now that she was properly lubricated and, once I had it buried so nothing showed except the ring at the end of the base, I released the clamps and slipped the tapered hasp of a small gold padlock through her lips and the base ring.

There was a distinctive click as the lock closed.

Taking a small compressed air canister I pushed the needle valve in the base of my toy and triggered it for just a couple of seconds.  Even restrained as she was Jessica’s body reacted.  The air pressure would have expanded the dildo and also popped out the dozens of tiny rubber nubs from it’s surface.

The second last thing in Maria’s treasure box was one very heavy multiple stranded earring and I slipped it through the holes at the end of Jessica’s lower lips.  Two at her ears, two at her nipples and the last hanging between her legs, what a picture they made.  Blazing green jewels swinging gently with the slight movements her body made.

I took quite few minutes then to work on her eyes with my makeup kit until they stood out in a far from subtle way with arched brows, green lids, heavy lashes and dark liner.

Under the last tray was a simple tiara and I settled it carefully on Jessica’s gleaming skull.  Just like the Egyptians it came partway down her forehead and then curved even lower to rest near her ears.  From it came posts on either side and I pushed those through the top holes in the ears and screwed on the end knobs.  That locked it to her head.

“Well now Jessica, the box seems to be empty.  I guess that means your shrine is about as violated as it could be.”  I gently ran a finger up and down the nipple chains making her shudder.  “I’m sure you can feel each and every one but I have another way just to drive home what you’ve got yourself in to.”

“I’m going to be sitting in my nice comfortable chair with the rest of this lovely wine and a book I started on the plane back.  I will be able to see your eyes and if I glance up and they are closed the punishment each time will be a fishing weight added to hang behind one of the five lovely earrings you’re wearing.  So keep your eyes open.”

I pulled a wide full length mirror over in front of the bitch!



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