Paradice Lost 3

by A Pensive Pen

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Storycodes: F/fff; D/s; bond; rope; gag; leather; straps; hogtie; toys; insert; tease; torment; latex; corset; boots; collar; enslave; force; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part Three: The New Warden

Cheri slept decently enough under the circumstances, though Gabrielle didn’t seem to need any sleep at all. Cheri drifted awake multiple times that night to find herself a helpless bauble for wandering hands. Cheri was no more accustomed than her friends to being touched so intimately by a woman. The Dice Game led to bondage and, often, vibrators, but Gwen and Laura had never personally played with Cheri when they bound her. In fact, whoever was bound during the game usually ended up alone. Gabrielle felt completely foreign and what scared Cheri the most was the effect it had on her. It wasn’t typical attraction; Cheri didn’t swing that way herself. But bondage enticed her greatly and Cheri could not pretend she was made of stone.

Gabrielle was not her kidnapper that night, or even her lover. She became a phantom haunting its blindfolded prisoner. The disembodied feel of a hot, wet tongue on her nipples, or of soft fingers between her legs. They preyed on Cheri’s most basic instincts. Subject to their whims all night, Cheri could not prevent faint moans from escaping her gagged lips, or her hips from leaning ever so slightly into the phantom’s caress. It incited Cheri beyond belief, and once she began to crave the sensations flooding her the phantom never let her stop. But it also held her there, refusing both to fulfill her lustful need and to let it fade away. She awoke thinking not of release from her bindings but of release from her intense arousal. But by then her phantom had dissolved with the night and left her alone on the bed.

Cheri was still blindfolded, but knew it was morning by the faint sound of the garbage truck. It usually came early on Wednesdays, but the impending holiday might have changed its schedule. Cheri thought of crying out to get someone’s attention, but the truck was far too loud for that. No one was likely to be around for days. They were totally alone. Cheri pondered her isolation until she heard the door open and felt Gabrielle sit on the mattress beside her. Cheri groaned and struggled against the straps.

“Good morning, sweet Cheri!” Gabrielle seemed cheery. That wasn’t good. Cheri felt her blindfold slip off and her eyes flooded with daylight. Between blinks, she saw Gabrielle in a light pink robe which must be Laura’s (who was the only one tall enough for Gabrielle). More importantly, Gabrielle unbuckled Cheri’s gag and let her stretch her jaw for the first time in many hours.

“I greatly enjoyed our first night togezzer, and look forward to many more,” Gabrielle sang, thrilled that the first night of her plan had been a rousing success. “I have already asked my university to stay abroad for ze spring semester as well. I ‘ope zey will say yes! If not per’aps you will join me in Paris.”

Cheri, still flexing her jaw, dreaded the very thought. Luckily, Gabrielle did not press the topic, but merely helped Cheri into a sitting position and held before her a glass with a straw. Famished (and bound), Cheri could not refuse and sucked the glass dry, which evidently contained some kind of shake concoction.

“God, I hope that wasn’t drugged,” Cheri said without thinking. Gabrielle seemed capable of absolutely anything. Gabrielle, thankfully, broke into a laugh.

“I suppose I still seem a little scary. By tonight you will see zat I only love you, Cheri. I promise.”

Cheri doubted this but kept her mouth shut while Gabrielle released her from the bed. The strap around Cheri’s wrists was removed, but Gabrielle then tugged her hands behind her and locked them into leather cuffs. Cheri considered struggling but hesitated, thinking of Laura and Gwen, and before she knew it she was trapped again. As Gabrielle locked Cheri’s ankles into cuffs with about a foot of rope linking them, Cheri’s mind went in circles. Was she really submitting to Gabrielle?

Gabrielle helped Cheri to her feet. “It is time to wake Laura and Gwen. I want you to see, but you must promise not to speak or make any noise, or I will ‘ave to put ze gag back on.”

“Why?” Cheri risked. She’d been bursting with questions since yesterday. It felt good to finally voice one.

“Zey both ‘ave tried to stay very quiet all night long. I expect zey would not like us to ruin it,” Gabrielle had a strange look of satisfaction on her face. Bewildered, Cheri allowed herself to be led, bound and naked, through her own house until they reached Laura’s room. The door was closed. Gabrielle pressed her finger to her lips and carefully turned the knob. Cheri’s eyes went wide and she almost spoke.

Gwen and Laura remained bound together awkwardly on their sides. Their knees bent behind them as their cuffed ankles were pulled toward opposite corners of the bed and their wrists remained locked high above their heads and out of reach from each other. What shocked Cheri was how they were tied to each other by straps, each woman’s hips and breasts pressing irresistibly into the other. They were indeed staying very still and very quiet facing each other, but with their gags and blindfolds Cheri couldn’t tell if they were asleep or awake. Laura’s face was nearly obscured, her head nuzzled into Gwen’s neck under her locks of blonde hair. The strands seemed matted and both women looked to be caked in dried sweat.

Gwen was awake, at least, and stirred at the quiet creak of the door and the sound of their footfalls on the carpet. Immediately, Gwen started pulling silently at her restraints and craning her head toward them, though she made absolutely no sound. Her movement roused Laura, who flexed uncomfortably.

Motioning for Cheri to stay put, Gabrielle crept closer to her bound friends and knelt softly at the side of the bed. A hand ran up and down Gwen’s body, then Laura’s, tracing the creases in their hips and bottoms of their compressed tits. Both women continued to shake their heads in silent pleas for some kind of relief, and refused to make a sound even when Gabrielle grasped one of Gwen’s nipples and squeezed. Finally Gabrielle, with a wide grin plastered on her lips, bent over near their faces and said, “Good morning, ladies!”

Before the words even left her mouth, both women gave a tiny moan of desperation and Laura convulsed into a sort of fit. Only then did Cheri notice the giant vibrators between their legs and realized that Brutus had just burst to life. Laura’s reaction was nothing short of incredible. Her head jerked side to side, as though begging Gabrielle for it to stop. Harsh breaths escaped through her nose and it became clear Laura was becoming aroused despite herself. Powerful vibrations of varying intensity and length could be heard from Brutus, and Cheri could only guess what practiced dance was being recited within Laura’s pussy and ass. Finally, she could contain herself no more.


Laura’s moan was long and primal. It wasn’t born of pleasure or even intensity, Cheri noticed, but rather total fatigue. What’s more, it contained a hint of lament, like an apology. Cheri immediately understood, though, as Gwen started a fit of her own as Marshall awakened within her. Somehow, Laura’s stimulation triggered Gwen’s. Gabrielle was absolutely delighted, and removed their blindfolds. Even in all her distress, Laura and Gwen still found a brief moment to stare disbelievingly at Cheri’s violet locks.

“Uhhhhmmmm. MMMMPH!” Gwen’s moan soon followed. Cheri could not make sense of it, except that Gwen and Laura were both trying very hard to endure the vibrators quietly. Gabrielle then picked a small device up off the mattress and held it to her lips.

“I warned Laura and Gwen to be on zeir best behavior last night,” Gabrielle spoke directly into it, “zis microphone ‘as picked up every sound, and for every squeak either Brutus or Marshall ‘as brought one of zem to orgasm. An enjoyable game, non?”

The two women looked totally exhausted. Cheri was certain that Laura, if not Gwen, had already climaxed heavily. But it seemed that continued noise meant continued stimulation. She shuddered at the thought of one orgasm prompting the noise that brought another, all night…

Gabrielle opened the laptop next to the bed and checked the app controlling the vibrators. “Oh my!” she gasped with feigned concern, “you two ‘ave been very busy, I see. I asked you both to be quiet and clearly you were anyzing but! Tsk tsk, ladies…”

Gwen and Laura bucked on the bed, thrusting into each other, pleading through their gags to Gabrielle as she placed the microphone back between them. Cheri wanted to help them but knew she’d never get close enough.

“I believe, ladies, zat you need a lot more practice being silent,” She drowned them out before turning to Cheri. “What do you zink, Cheri? ‘Ave your friends been good, or should we go play and see if zey can be quiet until it is time for dinner?”

Cheri bit her lip and stood there awkwardly in her bondage. Gwen and Laura both stared at her desperately. What the hell did Gabrielle expect her to say? If she defended her friends, would Gabrielle take that as disobedience? Would she join them on the bed, with Mr. Snuggles forcing her to cum over and over?

Cheri perhaps hesitated too long, for Gabrielle shrugged and grabbed a blindfold. Laura’s eyes screamed in place of her voice as the shroud descended over her. Gabrielle picked up Gwen’s blindfold promptly.

“Wait,” Cheri whispered, hoping her voice wouldn’t trigger yet more trouble for her friends. “It’s not their fault. They couldn’t stop themselves.”

“By simply remaining quiet, ze toys would never ‘ave turned on in ze first place,” Gabrielle retorted unfeelingly, and began tying the other blindfold onto a disinclined Gwen. That clearly bought Cheri nothing.

“Fine,” Cheri thought quickly. Gabrielle looked ready to leave. “If they stay here all day, they…they won’t learn anything. You can’t help them, and everything else you have planned for today will be wasted… uh, Mistress.”

Gabrielle paused over her writhing captives and, after a moment’s thought, reached over and closed the app on the laptop. Brutus and Marshall dutifully relaxed and Cheri’s exhausted friends went limp, each breathing heavily. They heard Gabrielle say “Sweet Cheri, I am so proud of you!” but could not see the look of horror on their friend’s face.

Gabrielle approached her favorite toy and hugged her, but just as they parted a knock was heard at the door across the house. A hand immediately clamped over Cheri’s mouth, though Gwen and Laura certainly cried out. Gabrielle opened a dresser and quickly shoved a pair of Laura’s panties into Cheri’s mouth.

“Zose will still be in your mouth when I get back,” Gabrielle warned, holding Cheri’s head sharply back at her hair as she pressed the cotton further in. “Remember what I told you last night.”

With that, Gabrielle reactivated the app and microphone and disappeared. Laura and Gwen silently struggled, trying to attract Cheri’s attention. But Cheri just stood there, rooted in place by the memory of Gabrielle’s malicious expression. What Laura and Gwen had been through–Gabrielle evidently considered that tucking them in for bedtime. Cheri was still bound tightly. Could she get free before Gabrielle returned? What then? What about her friends? If Gabrielle caught her again, what would that mean for all of them?

Cheri nearly hyperventilated before deciding that she must do something… anything. Silently, she crept to the edge of the bed and sat down. Fuck! There were padlocks on the wrist and ankle cuffs Laura and Gwen wore. She’d deal with that later. Instead, Cheri turned and reached back to Gwen’s legs with her hands, reaching for the strap on her knees. Her fingers blindly found the buckle, pulling the slack through the loop. Laura had no sense of what Cheri was doing, but Gwen was mutely cheering her on…

The sound of approaching footsteps hit Cheri like a brick wall just as she was about to yank the buckle free. If Gabrielle found her trying to help, she’d surely get all three of them punished. Quickly Cheri fed the excess strap back through the buckle and stood up, hobbling back to the other side of the room. Gwen, straining violently against her bindings, went still again as soon as she heard Gabrielle re-enter the room.

“Wonderful news!” Gabrielle burst out, giving Laura a moment of abject panic as Brutus spurred to life yet again. Gabrielle, luckily, shut down the app quickly. “Ze items I ordered have all arrived. Ze delivery man was quite exhausted, but I cannot wait for you to try zem on!”

Gabrielle guided Cheri to sit in the desk chair and, once the panties were removed, Cheri asked, “What do you mean? Try what on?”

“Ah yes, Cheri,” Gabrielle said excitedly as she unbuckled the very strap Cheri had just worked on, “I absolutely love latex and ‘ave found ze perfect outfits for all of us when we play togezzer!”

Gabrielle was very proud of herself. “If I picked ze sizes right zen we can get more. I even found a few ozzer surprises along ze way.”

Gwen and Laura finally separated, their sweaty bodies clinging to one another. Gabrielle removed the blindfolds and gags.

“Goddamnit, you bitch,” Laura said, the moment she was able. Swiftly, Gabrielle gave Laura’s ass a hard slap.

“I already warned Cheri, and now I am warning you two,” Gabrielle said sharply. Gwen’s and Laura’s limbs were still bound. “If you defy me, I will punish you, and you will not like it. Are we clear?”

Laura stared daggers at Gabrielle, but faltered.


“’Yes, Mistress,’ you bitch.”

Laura’s eyes flashed at Cheri angrily, but she relented.

“Yes, Mistress…”

“And to zink,” Gabrielle muttered bitterly, “I am about to be so nice to you all. You are all so dirty and I will take you each to be bathed and use ze toilet. You, Laura, will be first, and perhaps we can ‘ave a little chat.”

* * *

Laura was finally released from the bed, though of course her hands remained cuffed together. Her arms felt incredibly sore but nothing relieved her more than feeling Brutus part from her body. Neither she nor Gwen had any idea how many times they’d been made to orgasm last night. It could have been two or three, or twenty three. But Laura would not soon forget her losing battle to remain silent as they washed over her, nor her dread of it starting again.

Gabrielle bound Cheri to the bedroom’s desk chair with a strap around the waist, then yanked Laura from the room by her tender arm. After using the toilet awkwardly in front of Gabrielle, Laura was guided into their large walk-in shower. Gabrielle, evidently, had fixed a new eyebolt in the ceiling that morning, as Laura’s cuffed wrists were raised and attached to a stainless steel chain hanging from the ceiling. Gabrielle then grabbed a short spreader bar propped up in the corner and secured it to Laura’s ankles. A dangling clasp at the center of the bar fastened to the grating of the shower drain.

Gabrielle grabbed one more implement, which looked like a ball gag wrapped in a washcloth. Showing it to Laura, she asked, “Will I need zis?”

Laura stood silently, staring past Gabrielle at the far wall. She refused to make eye contact.

“Per’aps not,” Gabrielle set the gag on the bathroom counter and stepped, robe and all, into the shower. Facing Laura, she reached up and began massaging her captive’s aching arms.

“I am not a monster, Laura,” Gabrielle spoke softly.

Laura held back a snort.“That’s hard to believe.”

Gabrielle continued massaging. “Did you not enjoy our time togezzer last night?”

Laura’s stare became even more fixed. Last night was the first time she’d ever really been with a woman, Gabrielle or not. Actually, it was the first time in a long time anybody had touched her that way. She’d stopped seeing men years ago when she finally understood her own sexuality, and around Gwen and Cheri she’d long been afraid to tell them the truth. She was afraid it would sacrifice their friendship and Laura wouldn’t risk that for anything. So she flirted with men at clubs and kept up a rather vivacious appearance, but never took anyone home. The only sexual contact she’d had in years came from her own hands, except for the Dice Game. Until last night. Laura knew that, after this experience, she never wanted to be without a loving partner again. Someone who cared about her, body and soul. Who knew her deepest secrets and accepted them. Someone to be intimate with… really intimate…

But not Gabrielle. Laura wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

“And it was nice to spend ze night so close wiz someone you love, non?”

You mean trussed up with vibrators jammed into us? Laura thought bitterly. So many nights she’d dreamed about sleeping next to Gwen. That torch had ignited slowly, and by the time it was a flame Laura dared not jeopardize their friendship. Now it had happened. The feeling of their warm bodies side by side burned in Laura’s mind. But it was also tainted. Tainted by this bitch.

“And ‘ave I told your secret to zem, Laura?” Gabrielle implored so that Laura finally met her gaze. “I want to, Laura. I want to badly. Zey should know who zeir friend is, non?”

Laura resumed staring. “Are you going to tell them?”

Gabrielle looked Laura’s body up and down. “Not yet. But I zink you should. And if you do not do it soon, I might.”

Gabrielle turned on the shower, and pleasantly warm water licked Laura’s body.

“Today will be beautiful if you let it. I will make you beautiful, I will be beautiful, and Gwen will be beautiful. We will do wonderful zings. But you must want zem to ‘appen.”

The two didn’t talk much after that. Gabrielle left, closing the shower door. When she returned, naked, she washed Laura’s hair and body thoroughly before shaving Laura’s legs and nether regions completely smooth. She wasn’t rough or unkind, but rather cared for Laura as though she loved her. Laura simply closed her eyes and pretended Gabrielle was someone else.

Laura was toweled thoroughly after her shower, then Gabrielle brought her a large glass of the same shake-thing Cheri had received. Laura devoured it hungrily. Gabrielle then released her except for her wrists and, miraculously, allowed Laura to brush her own teeth. Laura was then taken, shivering, to Gwen’s bedroom, where Gabrielle had placed a stool before Gwen’s large makeup table. Gabrielle bade Laura to sit and used a rope to fasten Laura’s cuffs to the stool somehow so her hands remained in her lap. Laura noticed a pile of what looked like goldenrod and black plastic on the table and inferred it was her new outfit. She hated yellow.

Gabrielle was being nice, or at least less evil, but Laura wasn’t fooled. The cuffs on her wrists shattered any illusion of friendship that Gabrielle tried to cultivate. Laura planted a docile expression on her face, knowing she couldn’t try anything with Gabrielle so close, but inside she seethed. Gabrielle had trapped her, violated her, taunted Laura with her secret, and threatened much worse the moment she was questioned. Things would only degrade from here.

So she waited patiently while Gabrielle blow-dried and stylishly curled Laura’s hair, applied some makeup, and prepared Laura’s new set of latex lingerie, which turned out to be extremely risqué even for fetishwear. Standing Laura up, Gabrielle grabbed the first tiny piece of latex and rubbed talcum powder on its inside. The goldenrod panties, skimpy and bikini cut, slid up Laura’s thighs until they hugged her skin very tightly. Laura noticed that were crotchless, a bad omen.

Next came the stockings, which matched the panties but had black cuffs at the top. Gabrielle dutifully worked each one up Laura’s legs until they hugged her like a second skin, not a crease in them.

Next came a matching golden corset with black vertical stripes. The sides draped elegantly over Laura’s hips and tapered into garters but left Laura’s breasts completely exposed. Halter straps hugged them at the sides on their way up behind Laura’s neck. Laura’s silky spheres lifted so high that she could see them in her normal peripheral vision. The look was only exaggerated as Gabrielle tightly laced the corset and its extensive boning. Laura’s new look finished with elbow-length opera gloves, golden with black cuffs at the top like her stockings, and with black ankle boots with a 4.5” heel. It was all so… tight. Taking some kind of oil on a cloth, Gabrielle rubbed Laura’s new latex outfit so it became vibrant and shiny.

“One last item, my Laura. You ‘ave been so well-be’aved,” Gabrielle picked up a black collar and buckled it snugly around her captive’s neck. It didn’t choke Laura but it constantly reminded her it was there. A silver O-ring dangled from the front. Gabrielle padlocked the buckle behind Laura’s neck.

“Finished! Tell me you do not look fabulous, Laura,” Gabrielle lauded as she re-bound Laura’s wrists behind her, now that the gloves were on.

“It’s gorgeous,” Laura lied blandly, but Gabrielle seemed satisfied. The look was indeed smoking hot, but Laura hated yellow. Black with hot pink trim would have looked better. Right now she looked like a bee.

Gabrielle led Laura over to the bed and made her sit. With a push, Laura toppled onto her side and she felt Gabrielle begin to coil ropes behind her.

“What are you doing now?” Laura asked nervously, feeling her boots draw together. In all this latex her senses were a bit dulled.

“I must tend to Gwen and Cheri, too, silly,” Gabrielle said merrily as she fed the ends from Laura’s ankle tie through her wrist cuffs and back again. Laura felt her limbs being drawn into a hogtie.

“Ow! That’s tight. I’m so sore…” Laura complained.

“Ok, I understand. I want you to be ready for us to play when I return,” Gabrielle took the bait and loosened the tie a little. Still, that didn’t stop her from reaching for a bright yellow ball gag with a black chin strap.

“A new gag, special only for you, Laura,” Gabrielle held the gag before Laura’s lips, as though it were some great prize. Laura looked at Gabrielle reluctantly but wanted her satisfied for now. Slowly, Laura opened and the gag slid in, filling her mouth. Gabrielle bucked it securely.

“I will return when I am ready for you. I am so excited for today!” Gabrielle left in a flutter. Laura waited patiently, straining her ears for any sound. Gabrielle apparently fetched either Gwen or Cheri, and a few minutes later Laura heard the shower turn on. She sprang into action.

Rolling onto her side, Laura arched her back as best she could until she could reach her feet with her hands. Working her fingers between her heels, Laura searched blindly until she felt the knot of her hogtie rope. Struggling to flex herself a little further, Laura gripped the knot and began trying to pick it. The latex fingers of her gloves made her slip, but Laura eventually felt the knot unravel in her fingers.

Laura wanted to jump for joy, but then realized she couldn’t hear the shower anymore. That knot took longer than she realized. Heart pounding, Laura kept her feet tucked behind her and listened. Her instincts were correct, as a moment later Gabrielle poked her head inside the door, saw Laura with a longing look painted on her face, and left again.

Laura jerked her feet down, wrenching the excess rope from her wrists. With a soft grunt, Laura realized she wasn’t out of the woods yet. She needed to reach the other knot holding her ankles together. Laura stretched her legs behind her uncomfortably again, feeling for the second knot until she found it tucked in the cinch between her booted ankles. Gabrielle really did know her bondage—all the more reason to get the hell out of here.

This knot was even more difficult than the last, but Laura had practice now. Soon she was free, kicking the rope off her ankles. Creaking in her latex, Laura edged herself off the bed and stood up. She pulled at her wrists and tried to twist them around to see the cuffs, but found the vanity mirror an easier solution.

Damnit! Laura cursed in her head to see padlocks on her cuffs. She hadn’t seen Gabrielle apply those. Without a key she couldn’t get them off.

Laura didn’t take long to weight her options. At this point she was in deep. If Gabrielle found her, she’d know Laura was attempting escape. She must either get out or face Gabrielle’s wrath. Their phones were hidden and there was no landline in the house, so Laura’s only hope was the door. It would be extremely embarrassing (and cold) to run down the street screaming for help in this getup, but between Gabrielle and embarrassment, Laura chose embarrassment.

Laura crept to the door and listened. She couldn’t hear anything for a while, then heard footsteps approach. Heart pounding, Laura prayed no one was headed her way. The footsteps faded. Laura decided to risk it, and reached awkwardly for the doorknob. It opened silently.

The hallway was deserted, though Laura saw a wide strip of daylight pouring in from her own bedroom. Laura crept forward, stepping only on her toes to ensure her heels were quiet on the carpet.

“Magnifique,” Gabrielle’s cheery voice floated into the hallway and Laura froze. She was in there. Trembling, Laura took a few more steps. Peering wide-eyed around the threshold, Laura saw her. Gabrielle had her back to the door, hair already in a neat Chignon, holding something red and shiny. Laura couldn’t see either of her friends. Would she notice Laura sneaking past in the mirror? Laura might as well be wearing the sun.

She chanced it, dashing silently past the door. Laura didn’t stop to see if Gabrielle had seen her. Slinking on her toes, Laura remembered bitterly that both the front and back doors had wood flooring around them. Her heels could easily be heard all over the house. The front door had less. She risked it.

Slow, deliberate steps on the floor kept Laura’s heels from making much noise. Her knees shaking, she took a long step to the doormat, clinging to it like a life raft. Reaching around, Laura turned the lock on the knob and tried turning it. It squeaked.

Fuck! Gabrielle had engaged the deadbolt. It was about shoulder height on the door. Laura tried lifting her bound hands but couldn’t reach it. Should she try working her hands under her feet, to bring them in front of her?

A sudden noise across the house convinced Laura she was out of time. Turning her back to the door completely, she tried bending over at the waist. If she could just raise her hands enough against the door, she should be able to reach the deadbolt. The boning of the corset was very stiff, but Laura strained. She heard more footfalls, this time making the clicking sound of heavy heels. That surely wouldn’t be Gwen or Cheri…

“Laura!” Gabrielle’s alarmed voice echoed along the walls. She must have checked Gwen’s bedroom. Laura pressed harder, compressing her waist painfully to reach. Her fingertips just reached the latch. Gabrielle came into view across the living room, a silky robe covering some elaborate outfit, and spotted Laura. They locked eyes for a moment, then Gabrielle dashed for the door.

Laura screamed as she unbolted the door, and was just turning to try and open it when Gabrielle reached her. Gabrielle pressed Laura roughly against the door and grabbed her wrist cuffs, yanking them upward and against her back. Laura cried out at the sudden shock on her arms and struggled wildly, sobbing as she tried desperately to escape Gabrielle’s grasp. Gabrielle used a free hand to promptly engage both locks on the door.

“’Ow could you do zis to me?!” Gabrielle asked manically over Laura’s gagged cries. “If you want to be so stubborn, I will treat you zat way!”

Laura was pulled back into the living room and forced to the floor. Gabrielle fished through the girls’ bondage chest and promptly sat on Laura’s back and arms. Laura thrashed ineffectually beneath her, imploring Gabrielle through her gag. Gabrielle, deaf to the pleas, padlocked ankle cuffs onto Laura and used a rope to tie her arms and legs into a stringent hogtie, knotting the rope tightly and repeatedly. Gabrielle then left Laura to struggle while she collected Cheri and Gwen. Both were gagged with their hands bound, and wore Gabrielle’s new outfits for them. Gabrielle gruffly sat them on the sofa. She’d been mean before, but now she was livid. Cheri and Gwen looked on in fear and confusion. They didn’t dare move.

“Laura ‘as been bad. Very bad,” Gabrielle announced, “and I am afraid I must show you all what ‘er insolence will cost.”

* * *

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