Paradice Lost 4

by A Pensive Pen

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Part Four: Under a Violet Gun

Author’s Note: The following is Part 4 of a sequel to “The Dice Game”. It is also a work of fiction intended for novelty purposes only. It contains graphic scenes which may not depict fully safe or wise BDSM practices, and should be enjoyed purely as fantasy.

As Laura writhed on the floor, Gabrielle disrobed to reveal a flashy dominatrix outfit. A skintight, high-neck halter teddy covered her in blood red latex except for an open slit down the center. That slit had black laces pulling it taut, though Gabrielle’s generous cleavage strained to burst forth from the otherwise flawlessly smooth rubber. Behind her, more lacing revealed the presence of a built in cincher around Gabrielle’s waist. Though her shoulders were bare, black fingerless gloves flowed high up her arms. The high cut of the teddy stretched between her legs over black latex tights which covered her hips and sculpted ass entirely, though a small seam could be seen underneath which clearly concealed a zipper. Over the tights were red stockings and garters which matched the teddy. They stretched high on her thighs but only a few inches were visible above her black boots. They flowed over her knees and ended in a small platform and a towering 6” heel, with lacing all the way down the front.

Almost every inch of Gabrielle’s body shimmered in the gloss of the latex. She looked beyond dangerous, and carried the outfit as though it was the only clothing she’d ever felt natural in. As though she’d never take it off.

The corner of the room held the remnants of the morning packages. Gabrielle strolled over to it, walking skillfully in her sky-high heels, and picked a few items out of the boxes. They looked like new restraints. Taking them to the girls’ regular toybox, Gabrielle selected a large variety of things and dumped them all in a pile next to Laura, who eyed it fearfully.

Gabrielle spoke sternly. “Last night I showed you ze carrot, Laura, and I ‘oped never to use ze stick. Now I see I need to. And,” she nodded to Gwen and Cheri, “you need to be an example for zem.”

Laura, still hogtied, was heaved onto her knees. Gabrielle took a funny looking plastic tube with a rubber bulb at the end. Cheri thought wildly of a turkey baster. Squeezing the bulb, Gabrielle placed the open end over Laura’s nipple and released. Laura grunted strangely as the negative pressure latched the device onto her breast, pulling the erect nipple into the tube slightly. Gabrielle applied another to Laura’s other breast.

Next, Gabrielle untied the rope holding Laura in a hogtie and, while her captive reeled from the new sensations on her chest, began sliding a leather armbinder over her arms. Laura struggled meekly as Gabrielle savagely laced the glove over her cuffed wrists so they were inaccessible and forced Laura’s arms to slowly join behind her. Once the straps of the armbinder were crossed over Laura’s chest, holding it in place, Gabrielle grabbed a thick strap and wrapped it around Laura’s elbows, cinching until they fully touched, and padlocked the buckle. Cheri remembered doing the same thing to her friend once. This felt entirely different.

Her arms secure, Laura felt a thin length of rope being wrapped around her waist. Gabrielle knotted it tightly and then wove a portion of the free ends into an elaborate braid which was then fed between Laura’s legs to her front. Gabrielle attentively spread the lips of Laura’s pussy, making its owner shudder, and stretched the braid over her clit directly before pulling the rope excruciatingly tight through a loop on her waist. Lots of slack remained on the rope, which Gabrielle then fed back through Laura’s legs, this time outside Laura’s vulva. When Gabrielle yanked the rope again, the strands tightened and pinched the helpless lips against the braid between them before they disappeared between Laura’s cheeks. Gabrielle knotted the rope so it would not loosen.

Laura whimpered as she was made to stand. Gabrielle wrapped more leather straps around her upper thighs and above and below her knees. Gabrielle turned Laura to face her friends.

“Are you frightened, Laura?” Gabrielle asked from behind. One arm held Laura’s teetering form steady while another kneaded a breast. Laura immediately nodded penitently. Gabrielle’s free hand worked its way down to Laura’s bound pussy.

“Do you want me to punish you, my toy?” Gabrielle cooed. Laura immediately shook her head and groaned. “Oh but I zink you do,” Gabrielle smiled in her captive’s ear, “you are so very wet.”

And so she was. Gabrielle’s finger left Laura’s pussy covered in her juices. The crotch rope was already nearly soaked. Gabrielle pulled a small key out from beneath her teddy and released Laura’s collar from her neck.

“You no longer deserve zis,” Gabrielle tossed the collar away. “I ‘ope in time you will earn it back. Until zen you will wear zese.”

Gabrielle picked up and held up a mess of straps. Laura’s eyes went wide and she tried to sink back to the floor, but Gabrielle didn’t let her. Instead, Laura saw a massive leather blindfold descend over her eyes. Her nose went through a small hole in the front and when Gabrielle tied the straps, the soft orbits of Laura’s eyes could be seen beneath the leather. Next Gabrielle unbuckled the yellow gag.

“…mmmp—ah, fuck. I’ll be good, please! Gabrielle, uh Mistress, I’ll do anythmmMMMPH!” Laura pled as Gabrielle changed the gags. She responded calmly, “You clearly need ze 2 inch gag to help you be’ave.”

Laura whimpered as the massive ball was worked past her teeth. The muzzle harness pressed the entire volume of the ball inside Laura’s mouth, stretching her jaw and stifling any more than monosyllabic moans. A square of hard leather sealed over her lips to hold the ball firmly in place while straps around Laura’s head and under her chin forced her jaw to clamp down on the ball. Gabrielle padlocked every strap. Next came a massive collar that covered most of Laura’s neck and made it nearly impossible to turn her head. Both of its buckles received a lock as well.

Laura stood, helplessly groaning into her new muzzle, as Gabrielle selected a new length of thin rope and began winding it around the bases of Laura’s breasts. With each loop her globes puffed outward from the pressure. After several coils around each, Gabrielle began feeding the rope between them in a figure eight pattern until both of Laura’s squeezed tits jutted straight out, the tubes nearly parallel.

Leaving Laura to teeter for a moment, Gabrielle went over to the living room’s coat closet. Opening the door wide, she quickly removed all its contents and tossed them aside before taking what looked like a giant flap of leather, at least 6” wide and a few feet long out of a package and laying it on the floor of the closet. Returning to Laura, Gabrielle removed the cuffs on her ankles and tied the end of a rope to the ring on Laura’s collar. With a yank, Laura was forced to blindly make her way across the room, unaware of her destination and limited to tiny steps in her heels. Kept from toppling by Gabrielle, Laura was finally lowered onto her knees in the closet. Gabrielle wove a long strap around Laura’s ankles and boots to bind her feet parallel together, then adjusted her so that she knelt in profile on the floor inside the closet. Gabrielle took the flap of leather, which her captive now knelt on, and wrapped it over Laura’s lap. Buckling it forced Laura’s legs and thighs to remain tightly bent. She could no longer deviate from her kneeling position.

Laura waited, trembling, as Gabrielle fetched several more lengths of rope. The first looped around Laura’s wrists over the armbinder. Bending Laura forward at the waist, Gabrielle pulled her arms into nearly a right angle off her back. Laura groaned uncomfortably as Gabrielle tied the rope securely to the closet’s crossbar, where coats hung only moments before. But Gabrielle wasn’t finished. The rope hanging from Laura’s collar was fed through the strap at her knees and pulled tight until Laura was forced into an awkward leaning position. Another rope looped around her elbows and also found its way to the crossbar at a right angle to her strappadoed arms. And yet another rope was attached to the top of her gag harness, fed to the crossbar and through the knot suspending her arms, and yanked Laura’s head back as far as it could manage in her collar. Gabrielle fed that rope through Laura’s crotchrope at her back, tied it into half hitch, and began sliding the knot up the taut rope. Laura whined helplessly as the tension of her crotchrope magnified until she was desperate to raise her hips (which, of course, she couldn’t).

Gwen and Cheri were aghast. They had been tying each other for years but this was so much… stricter. Their hearts pounded, imagining Laura’s discomfort, imagining themselves in her place. Neither would ever admit it, but they each felt a morbid curiosity. What must a position like that feel like? Cheri felt guilty for wondering whether Laura was still was wet as she had been.

To their further astonishment, Gabrielle still wasn’t finished binding Laura. With a pinch, the bound woman felt each of the plastic tubes separate from her body. Her nipples had engorged from the pressure to about twice their normal size. Taking what looked like basic kite string, Gabrielle bound each of Laura’s nipples in several coils until, like her breasts, each tip was squeezed into a little ball protruding out into space. Laura’s strained protests didn’t stop Gabrielle from retrieving a small eyebolt from her boxes and screwing it into the wall opposite Laura’s chest. The free ends of Laura’s strings were then fed through the eye and given a few liberal tugs. Laura cried out and tried to relieve the pressure on her already aching nipples. Once satisfied that Laura had puffed out her chest every last fraction of an inch her restraints would allow, she pulled the strings through the bolt insufferably tight and knotted them off with a neat little bow. Laura struggled pitifully, trying and failing desperately to find any kind of relief in her position. Then she heard Gabrielle’s acid voice in her ear.

“I remember ‘ow you like to give names to parts of your bondage,” Gabrielle whispered sweetly, “You may call zis your ‘Oubliette.’ In French it means ‘a place to forget.’”

Laura cried out and strained against her bondage.

“I am going to close zis door, Laura,” Gabrielle hissed, “and you may forget about everyzing outside ze Oubliette. And I will forget about you.” Laura whimpered as Gabrielle stood up.

“You may wonder when I will release you, but I am afraid I do not know. I will decide when I am ready to remember you again.” The next sound Laura heard was the click of the door closing. Laura called out to someone, anyone, but found herself totally alone.

* * *

Cheri was alone on the sofa. She dared not move. Laura had tried to move, and now she was bound tighter than she could ever have imagined, stuffed in the closet not twelve feet away. Cheri wanted to help her, but Gabrielle had placed a large bell on the door. Cheri would never open it without Gabrielle knowing, and then she might as well join Laura inside the Oobly-whatever.

She wanted to comfort Laura, to stroke her face with a friendly hand and ease her tensions. Hell, she would settle for calling through the door to tell her everything would be ok, that she was not abandoned. But Cheri could do none of those things. Gabrielle had taken Gwen away somewhere to do who knows what, and left Cheri to wait anxiously, too daunted by her captor to do anything else.

Cheri felt so powerless. She felt like a plaything for Gabrielle, a helpless sex doll who bended to every whim of its puppet master. Cheri definitely looked the part.

Gabrielle had dressed Cheri in a high neck halter teddy reminiscent of her own. Cheri figured this was intentional, except Cheri’s was a bright royal purple that matched her hair. Her breasts weren’t completely bare like with Laura’s outfit, but Cheri’s amply chest poured out from the teddy’s minimal attempts to cover them. A small amount of lacing held Cheri’s bust line together and she suspected that pulling just one of the little strings on the knot would cause her breasts to tumble forth for all to see. Cheri suspected that was intentional, too.

Next, Cheri was stringently laced into a black underbust corset. Below that, Cheri’s teddy had an elaborate silver zipper over the crotch that contrasted well with the skin of her thighs. Not that anyone could see: Gabrielle concealed it with a purple latex pencil skirt. The waist zipped up like a normal skirt but the bottom, which fell almost to her knee, had been laced together snugly so that Cheri’s legs were forced together. Underneath the skirt were garters holding up taut black latex thigh-highs and, like Gabrielle, Cheri wore purple, laced boots with a 4.5” heel, though Cheri’s only rose to the knee. She also wore black opera length gloves, though hers were not fingerless. Gabrielle probably didn’t intend for Cheri have much use of her hands.

The outfit would have felt incredibly sexy if Cheri didn’t feel like Gabrielle’s concubine. As she had with Laura, Gabrielle had devoted some time that morning to giving Cheri some makeup and lightly styling her shockingly vibrant hair. Combined with the outfit, Cheri didn’t look like herself at all. She felt like a toy playing dress-up to suit another. And wasn’t she? To be honest, if she’d been given free reign to make herself look sexier than she’d ever been, Cheri would have chosen latex. She would have chosen purple (the hair might be a bit much), and she probably would have chosen clothing pretty close to this. But she didn’t choose it at all. She was simply its mannequin, to be dressed and touched and manipulated.

Cheri stood suddenly. Sitting was just too unbearable. She paced restlessly in the room, hobbled by the ultra-tight skirt, eyeing the closet door whenever she faced it. Eventually Cheri walked over to it, her face inches from the door. She thought of Laura within, alone in the dark, thinking the rest of the world indifferent to her plight. There had to be some way to help…

“We all ‘ave our place.”

Cheri jumped and saw that Gabrielle leaning against the wall off the hall, twirling a long riding crop in her fingers. She gazed at Cheri. “Do you zink Laura’s place is out ‘ere, with us?”

Glassy eyed, Cheri met Gabrielle’s eyes and nodded. “So do I,” Gabrielle said insensitively, “But she does not understand ‘ers yet. Let me show you yours.”

Gabrielle went back to her massive pile of delivered boxes. Most looked empty now, with packing strewn all over the floor. A few remained, including two massive boxes that looked heavy. Cheri worried for a moment what might be inside, but Gabrielle selected a smaller one and cut the tape. It opened like a briefcase and revealed a shiny new assortment of purple restraints, all individually wrapped in plastic and set in foam slots. They looked very high end.

“Zese are all special for you, mon Chéri,” Gabrielle presented them like a gift. “I ‘ope you will feel comfortably in zem. Safe and secure for me.”

Cheri looked at Gabrielle skeptically but had little choice in the matter. Cheri’s hands were uncuffed and her gag removed, but she didn’t dare run. Gabrielle was so close and her skirt would hobble her steps, not to mention poor Laura and wherever Gwen might be. Gabrielle was thoroughly in control even without using bondage, not that she’d go without for long.

First, Cheri’s ankles were fitted with new cuffs over her boots, with a short 8” chain fastened between them. Cheri was made to test it out, finding that between it and her skirt only tiny steps were possible. Gabrielle also pointed out a small metal pin on the inside of her right ankle which could insert into a slot on her left and lock the cuffs to bind Cheri’s ankles instantly. Next came a small black strap which seemed to have no purpose at all, which Gabrielle wrapped around Cheri corseted waist almost twice before it clipping it in place.

Next came a wide black collar with purple trim which was locked around Cheri’s neck. Like Laura’s had been, there was a padlock for the back buckle, but Cheri’s had both a large O-ring at the front and another tiny ring beneath it. The wrist cuffs followed, each with a padlock identical to those on her ankles and collar. Gabrielle kept drawing from a small pile of locks that came with the rest. Like with her ankles, these came with a short chain (about 5”) but Gabrielle didn’t use that chain. She instead embraced Cheri warmly, gently pressing her wrists together behind her until Cheri heard a soft click. They, like Cheri’s ankles, apparently interlocked quite easily.

“Is there no way to free me?” Cheri asked innocently, tugging lightly at her wrists.

“Not for you,” Gabrielle said excitedly, holding up a tiny key on a short chain, “I ‘ave ze only key and ‘ope to rarely need it.”

She winked at Cheri, as though waiting for her to say “me too.” But any words Cheri had got lost in her throat. Gabrielle settled for showing Cheri the rest of her pyrrhic present. The first item looked like a large latex trapezoid with a zipper. It was, as Gabrielle explained, an armbinder, though Cheri had never seen one which didn’t encase the wrists. Luckily Gabrielle didn’t immediately put it on. Cheri was less lucky with the next item, a pair of tweezer clamps connected by a chain. “Please,” Cheri implored, thinking of Laura, “I don’t like those.”

“Precisely why you must wear zem,” Gabrielle countered, peeling back the latex over Cheri’s breast just enough to clamp it around her nipple. Cheri winced once, then twice. They stung, but not nearly so bad as when Cheri had last worn clamps during the Dice Game. She supposed she could endure the pinching now just as she did then. “Your breasts are so lovely, Cheri, and before long zey will be one of your favorite toys.”

The chain between them had a clip in the middle, which Gabrielle clasped to the small ring on Cheri’s collar. The chain was just barely too short, so that the tweezers pulled slightly on Cheri’s nipples at all times, particularly if she walked.

There were three more items which Gabrielle kept hidden until Cheri agreed to bend over onto the dining room table. Once Cheri obeyed, Gabrielle disappeared briefly to the kitchen. Upon returning she placed the first item before Cheri: a large ball gag.

“Do you like it?” Gabrielle asked. The ball was violet silicone to match her outfit, with black straps for her head and chin.

“It’s…it’s lovely,” Cheri stammered, not sure what else to say, “Do…do I have to wear it now?”

“You will wear it all ze time unless I say so. You will look truly magnifique in it, but right now I have a different plan for you.” Gabrielle took the gag and buckled it loosely around Cheri like a necklace. Cheri guessed she wanted it ready at a moment’s notice. Gabrielle placed two more items before her eyes, which were nothing like the rest.

They were both made of glass, the first like a miniature pear on a small stand. The other was a curved phallus roughly 4” long with an enlarged penile head at the end. Through the clear blue girth, though, Cheri could make out 3 spherical pockets in the class, each with what looked like a smaller metal ball sealed inside. As Gabrielle set it down, the balls rolled around inside. Below the phallus, the glass curved into a narrow shaft in the shape of a J with a ridged knob at the tip.

“Zey are clean and ready to use, Cheri, are you ready?” Cheri hoped these weren’t what she thought they were, but Gabrielle was already unlacing Cheri’s skirt. Cheri felt the skirt yank down on her legs, revealing her ass and the bottom of her teddy. Gabrielle promptly opened the zipper there, exposing her shaven sex, and Cheri felt Gabrielle’s probing fingers. Within moments, Cheri let out a blissful moan in spite of herself and Gabrielle announced she was, in fact, ready.

Cheri saw the pear disappear from her sight first, and jumped when she felt its mass, dripping with lubricant, insisting upon her. Cheri shuddered and groaned as Gabrielle pressed the plug firmly into Cheri’s ass, and without hesitation Cheri saw the other toy disappear as well. Its tip called at the edge of Cheri’s pussy and she couldn’t help but exhale as it slid swiftly into her until its curved end nestled into the folds of her clit. Holding them both in place, Gabrielle closed the zipper on Cheri’s teddy and tugged the skirt back into place. Cheri squirmed her hips as Gabrielle laced the skirt back up, leaving no one the wiser.

“I can see you like zem,” Gabrielle spoke seductively as she watched her toy. “Ze balls will move around and pleasure you lightly every time you move, while ze curved end massages your clit. I want you ready to be played with at any time, Mon Chéri.”

Cheri groaned, but this time not from the toys. Everything was already so difficult with Gabrielle that being perpetually horny wouldn’t help. Nor did it help when she felt Gabrielle sliding the armbinder up her arms. Feeding the zipper, Gabrielle slid it closed like a coat, drawing Cheri’s arms close together. It wasn’t the tightest she’d ever felt, but Cheri wouldn’t escape this on her own.

Cheri was pulled back up again and Gabrielle attached a leash to her collar. Without explaining, Gabrielle pulled Cheri after her down the hall toward her own bedroom. Gabrielle was right: as Cheri walked the metal balls inside her pussy rolled around in their glass enclosure, sending soft tremors into Cheri’s loins. It was very distracting.

“I need your ‘elp,” Gabrielle announced outside Cheri’s bedroom door. “Zis afternoon I will play with Gwen but I am out of ideas.” Gabrielle opened the door to reveal Gwen tightly bound on Cheri’s bed. Her latex outfit was far less complex than Cheri’s. Like the others, she wore long latex opera gloves and stockings, though Gwen’s were a deep blue with silver trim. The rest was a comparatively simple latex bra, G-string, and strapped pumps. Not that Gwen didn’t look hot as hell in it. Cheri had to admit that Gabrielle had good taste, or perhaps her glass intruders were already affecting her.

“What have you done to her?” Cheri asked sharply, forgetting her vulnerable situation. Gwen was laying on her stomach, arms and legs tied spread eagle to the corners of the bed with additional ropes pulling her knees apart. A thick pillow under her hips raised her ass into the air a couple inches. What astonished Cheri, though, was the anal hook.

This devilish device was not one of Gabrielle’s purchases. Gwen herself had purchased it as a joke for the Dice Game, something to scare each other with playfully. None of them had ever been brave enough to use it. Yet there the hook was, its end buried deep inside Gwen before curving up her back and attaching to a rope. That rope led to the top of the harness ball gag currently encasing Gwen’s head. The red ball jutted out from her teeth and pulled her head so far back that she was looking directly forward on the bed. Gabrielle, ever clever, had placed a mirror on the bed before her, and she watched their reflection intently as they took in the sight. Cheri turned to Gabrielle and asked her again.

“Only what your Dice Game told me, dear,” Gabrielle said defensively, pointing to the box and dice on the bedside table. “It said Gwen was to be tied spread eagle, zat I should make it very tight.”

Gwen was indeed stretched to her very limit, and did not look comfortable. “It also said to stimulate Gwen ‘eavily and zat she is to orgasm 4…no, 5 times.”

Gwen groaned and struggled but clearly could not budge an inch. Gabrielle tugged Cheri over to her office chair and sat her down in it. Cheri’s arms were stretched over the back of the chair and Gabrielle unraveled the decorative strap around Cheri’s waist and used it to bind her there. Cheri’s ankles were also pushed together so that they locked, and the excess chain was used to secure her feet to the center column. Cheri could only watch as Gabrielle strode over to the bed and sat down, running a hand along Gwen’s restrained leg.

“So tell me, Cheri,” Gabrielle beamed at her adopted protégé, “what shall we do wiz ze lucky Gwen?” Cheri stared uncertainly. Gwen’s eyes watched Cheri through the mirror.

“I don’t know…Mistress,” Cheri felt very scared. This seemed like a fine line for her to walk, with Gwen’s safety on one side and Gabrielle’s wrath on the other. “We don’t play our game like that. We just—“

“We do not need to play ze game at all,” Gabrielle said simply, “Ze dice do not care if we obey zem! You must move beyond what you have done before. What shall we do?”

Cheri felt very hot. This was impossible.

“What, Cheri?” Gabrielle was being very harsh here, and picked up her riding crop again.

“Well…I guess we’re supposed to…to make her climax?” Cheri offered. Gwen groaned at this. Perhaps her night with Laura was still prevalent in her mind. “Good,” Gabrielle seemed placated enough, “would you like to pleasure ‘er yourself?”

“Um, that’s ok…M-Mistress.” Gabrielle didn’t press it, to Cheri’s relief. Instead, she left and promptly returned with a large wand vibrator. Gabrielle plugged it in and turned it on to maximum, approaching Gwen. She kept an eye on Cheri as the whirring head drew closed to Gwen’s exposed sex. Gwen was thrashing in vain and as Gabrielle suspected, Cheri found her voice.

“Wait!” Cheri yelled, and Gabrielle paused with the head of the wand an inch from Gwen, “you can’t do it like that.”

“Oh?” Gabrielle looked at Cheri knowingly.

“It doesn’t feel good if you just shove a vibrator into her,” Cheri stuttered, “You need to, you know…like, get her horny first. So she wants you to do it…”

“Oh, Mon Chéri,” Gabrielle cheered, “you are so right! We cannot pleasure Gwen unless we show her zat we love her.”

Gwen looked daggers at Cheri as Gabrielle’s hands began traversing her body. Cheri watched from afar, praying this was the way to help Gwen, as Gabrielle held her body against Gwen’s sensually, fingers running up and down her thighs and occasionally brushing her pussy. Soon the vibrator returned, set much lower as it brushed across Gwen’s ass and thighs while Gabrielle’s hand stroked Gwen’s taut neck. Gwen could not help but become aroused by Gabrielle’s touch. A reluctant groan left Gwen’s lips when the vibrator brushed lightly against her pussy for the first time. She began to pant as Gabrielle looked up at Cheri again.

“Now?” she asked.

“Yes, now.”

The vibrator gradually revved up between Gwen’s legs until she cried out in ecstasy for her captors, climaxing hard and fast until the vibrator felt so intense that she could no longer endure it. Gabrielle deliberately lingered for a few seconds before allowing Gwen to relax.

“Again?” Gabrielle asked promptly while Gwen writhed beneath her.

“Let her breathe!” Cheri cried.

“Why? Is she not aroused?” Gabrielle pressed the vibrator against Gwen again, who cried out and tried to buck it away.

“No! Please…let her rest a second!” Cheri begged. Gabrielle removed the vibrator and Gwen relaxed. She looked at Cheri, “What, zen?”

Cheri hung her head. She couldn’t think. She had no idea what to say and Gwen was going to suffer for it. She wanted to cry.

“I ‘ave an idea,” Gabrielle said finally, watching Cheri’s struggle. Cheri looked up to see the riding crop twirling in her fingers again. “I remember when I first saw Gwen tied up. You and Laura put clamps on ‘er breasts and she liked it sooooo much. I expect zat our Gwen here enjoys more zan one kind of pleasure.”

Cheri watched anxiously as the first smack of the crop met Gwen’s bare ass. Gwen immediately yelped and pulled at her bonds, but she could do absolutely nothing to shield herself. Gabrielle stood off the bed and began pacing around it. Another smack solicited a long moan from her gagged lips. She clearly enjoyed the sensation, however reluctantly. After a couple more smacks, Gabrielle pressed the tip of the crop authoritatively against Gwen’s smooth pussy, so hard that the shaft of the crop arced.

“And ze lady enjoys herself,” Gabrielle said confidently as she lifted the crop to examine it. Even at a distance Cheri could see Gwen’s arousal glistening on the leather tip. Gabrielle licked it triumphantly.

“Tres bien, Gwen. You taste ‘eavenly,” Gabrielle taunted as Gwen’s face went red. “Do not be ashamed. I want us to find pleasure togezzer. Mine comes from yours.” Swiftly, Gabrielle climbed over Gwen on the bed and straddled her backwards.

“You see, Cheri?” Gabrielle said triumphantly, reaching forward and massaging Gwen’s clit while she purred uncontrollably, “We all ‘ave our special desires. Gwen does not just need to be tied up. She needs to feel ‘elpless and vulnerable.”

She spanked Gwen again with the crop. Gwen cried out and struggled but Cheri could see how aroused it made her. She’d never seen Gwen act like this before. Gabrielle pressed the crop into her pussy once more and Gwen moaned as though passionately making love. When Gabrielle started lightly tapping Gwen with the crop directly between her legs, and the effect was incredible. Cheri swore she was about to orgasm at any moment. When Gabrielle relented, a wet spot was visible on the mattress underneath her friend.

“You see, Cheri?” Gabrielle gasped proudly as she let Gwen calm a little, “all Gwen needed was someone willing to take charge. To dominate her and be in control.”

Cheri was positively stunned by the site, but she nevertheless had an idea. She asked Gwen, “Tell me, then, do you want her to spank you like that??”

Gwen’s eyes slid into focus with the question, and she looked longing to Cheri in the mirror.

“Nuh-uh.” Gabrielle looked on hopefully.

“Should she let you go?”

“Mmm-hmm! Uh-huh, uh-huh!” Gwen was struggling hopefully now, eyes fixed on Cheri.

“Of course she would say zat!” Gabrielle spat, “It is part of her fantasy.”

“Remember our safety, Gwen? What to do if you really want to be let go?”

Gwen promptly began humming through her gag. Gabrielle immediately grew livid. “Stop it! Now!”

Gwen felt the sting of the crop again and stopped humming, her eyes watering. Gabrielle leapt off the bed.

“It’s ok, Gwen. Hang in there, it’s ok—“ Cheri managed before Gabrielle shoved the purple ball between her teeth. As quickly as Gabrielle could work her key, Cheri found herself released from the chair and stumbling out of the room at the end of her leash. Cheri and Gwen locked eyes until she was out of sight.

“Do zat again and you will sleep in ze Oubliette!” Gabrielle shrieked into Cheri’s ear. Once clear of the bedroom, Gabrielle angrily tightened Cheri’s gag as much as possible and an audible click indicated the closing of a padlock. Cheri cowered before her, terrified of what Gabrielle might do to her. But she was lucky. All Gabrielle did was release Cheri’s arms from their binder and move her wrist cuffs around to her front, with the short chain linking them. Taking the long thin strap, Gabrielle wrapped it around Cheri’s arms and torso so that her upper arms remained pinned at her sides. The shackled Cheri was then led back to the living room.

“I will finish wiz Gwen, alone,” Gabrielle announced. “And I will make our dinner soon. I want ze house clean when I return. If not, you will spend all night as Laura’s replacement.”

The look in Gabrielle’s eye told Cheri this was no idle threat. Gabrielle returned to the bedroom and Cheri set to work immediately, too petrified not to.

* * *

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