Paradice Lost 2

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2016 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

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Part Two: A Sabine Evening

It was dark by the time Laura parked her car along the street, but very few lights were on in the house. The curtains were all drawn. Laura wasn’t surprised; using the dice was not something to advertise to the neighborhood. Turning her key, she entered the dark foyer and saw light coming from the dining room. Warm, inviting scents filled her nostrils, which must be Gwen’s dinner. As she tossed her coat onto its hook she heard an unexpected sound as two thick leather cuffs fell off the table next to the door. Fumbling in the dark to retrieve them, Laura grinned softly. Her evening plans originally involved blankets and Netflix, not dice, but lately she hadn’t been one to complain about a night in Gwen and Cheri’s creative bondage. She usually ended up gagged anyway.

Examining the cuffs, Laura thought her friends must have it out for her. Thick leather and locking buckles only appeared when they played for keeps. Hopefully the dice would keep them from being too harsh. Laura removed her top (they’ll just take it off anyway) and wrapped each cuff around a wrist snugly. Three small padlocks rested on the stand next to the door. Laura dutifully locked one on each cuff so she couldn’t remove them, and fed the shackle of the last one through a D-ring on her right cuff. Placing her hands behind her, Laura carefully worked the shackle through the ring on her other hand. The lock was small and difficult to reach, but after a minute or so Laura managed to stretch her fingers and close the final padlock, binding her hands behind her back until her friends decided otherwise.

Laura ventured into the opaque house now that she’d followed all Cheri’s instructions. The only sliver of light led around a corner, toward the kitchen and dining area. Walking through their living room, Laura found their dining table lit by three tall candles, with many more scattered about the room. By the look of it, a meal was already set on the table. Two place settings were unoccupied, but Cheri and Gwen filled the other two.

Each was dressed only in a bra and panties and had been tied securely to her chair. Cheri, inexplicably, also wore a rather unflattering shower cap. Large wads of cloth filled their mouths and when they saw Laura standing there, each immediately started struggling and grunting at her. Of course by that time Gabrielle had stepped unseen from a shadow.

“What the hell is going on?” Laura asked. She jumped in surprise when she felt Gabrielle’s hands grip her shoulders. “Gabrielle!”

“Dinner is ready,” Gabrielle said cryptically, “I am sorry for ze gags but I did not want Cheri or Gwen to ruin ze surprise for you. Please sit.”

“What are you doing? Let go!” Laura said ineffectually as Gabrielle led her around the table. Her hands already bound, she could not resist. Laura was plopped into her chair and a quick strap around her waist kept her seated. Gabrielle pulled Laura’s arms over the back of the chair and strapped them at the elbow, then strapped her ankles and knees together before feeding a rope from her ankles up to her wrists, pulling her feet off the floor and tying them off. One more strap under Laura’s breasts and she was tied to the chair just as securely as Cheri and Gwen. Once finished, Gabrielle removed the other two’s gags and took her own place.

Gabrielle, with her hair up and wearing a black cocktail dress, began uncovering pots and platters to reveal a hot roasted chicken and potatoes that, under any other circumstances, would have looked delicious. Gabrielle doled out generous portions to everyone. The other three stared at their plates awkwardly. Gabrielle chuckled.

“Do not worry. I will ‘elp you,” she said as though they were all just being silly.

“Gabrielle, what the hell is this?” Cheri asked immediately. She hadn’t had much opportunity to speak all afternoon.

“Cheri, why has your friend gone off the deep end?” Laura was a little more blunt. “You texted me something about the game and I get home and you’re all—I’m sorry, what the hell happened to your head?“

Cheri’s eyes immediately welled. The shower cap was obviously something she was trying not to think about. “I didn’t text you,” Cheri said dejectedly. “It was her. And then she—“

“Stop!” Gabrielle cut them off, a piece of chicken speared on her fork. “Laura, zere is no mystery. I am ‘ere because I am going to ‘elp all of you.”


“Help?! You fucking jumped me…”

“Help us with what?” Gwen asked, louder than the others. She was staring intently at Gabrielle.

“Merci, Gwen, I am glad you asked,” Gabrielle said happily. “I will ‘elp you all with a big problem you ‘ave. Playing zese silly bondage games all ze time…”

“Gabrielle,” Cheri interjected, “Is this because I said no to you playing the Dice Game with us?”

“She asked you about the game?” Gwen fixated on Cheri now. “What have you been telling her?”

“What? Like hell! Cheri—“

“—Nothing!” Cheri defended herself. “We just talked a little. I never said—“

“What the fuck, Cheri? You tell some new friend about the game and now we got the goddamn wicked witch—hey! Ow, getmmmph!”

Gabrielle had risen from the table, walked over to their toy chest, and returned. She yanked Laura’s hair back and stuffed a ball gag into the poor girl’s mouth. As Laura whined and thrashed about in her hair, Gabrielle laid two more gags on the table.

“Are you finished?” Gabrielle asked cruelly. Cheri and Gwen fell silent, and Gabrielle took her seat again.

“Trés bien,” Gabrielle resumed her sweet tone, “and yes, Cheri, zis began when you kept me out of your trite little Dice Game. I was angry. You see, after seeing sweet Gwen enjoy ‘erself so much when she was ze, ah, ‘victim’, I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to make Gwen feel good too. I wanted to ‘elp you, too, Laura. And you, Cheri, ‘oo have been such a good friend to me since I arrived.

“I ‘ad never seen such bondage before. You were so creative and skilled, I learned all I could to catch up. I ‘ave spent so many nights after my roommates ‘ave gone to sleep, learning about positions and toys and practicing knots under ze covers. I looked foolish, but zere are so many ways to tie a person up, and I wanted to know zem all,” Gabrielle smiled, “Now I do.” 

“Gabrielle, it had nothing to do with knowing bondage,” Cheri said in frustration, “You don’t understand, it’s—“

“Non, it is you zat does not understand,” Gabrielle said impatiently. “I wanted to play ze game so badly until I finally realized why you play it at all. It is because you are all afraid.”

“Afraid?” Cheri asked incredulously. “Of what?”

“Of yourselves. Of your inner desires. Ze game is a trick you play on yourselves. You play and tie each other up because you are all so submissive. You crave bondage but none of you wants to take charge, and so you take turns. But you all want to surrender yourselves so badly zat you can never stop playing and going in zese circles.”

“I don’t understand,” Gwen said. Cheri marveled at how she could remain so calm through this. Laura was having a silent fit next to her. “How does doing this to us help anything? What are you trying to help?”

“I will free you all from ze disease of zese games you all play,” Gabrielle said confidently. Laura grunted in defiance. “’Ow many times a week do you all play? ‘Ow often do you dance zis childish dance, all trying to be tied and none ‘oping to tie? You are all afraid to take control, so I will do it.”

“Take control?” Gwen asked.

“You crave control, Gwen. You most of all,” Gabrielle said with an air or deep wisdom, “I saw it when I saw you bound by Cheri and Laura, and I see it in your eyes now. You are aroused by your own ‘elplessness, Gwen. Right now, are you not?”

“No!” replied Gwen. Not even Laura or Cheri believed her. Gabrielle smirked.

“Wiz me, Gwen, Cheri, Laura,” she said, nodding to each one in turn, “you need not pretend anymore. You will all surrender to me and I will give you exactly what you want.”


“That’s not—“

“Stop!” Gabrielle said impatiently, as though scolding children. “I knew you would be too afraid to seek a proper Mistress, but you all want one so badly and discussing it would ‘ave defeated ze purpose. I will not wait to be asked. I know ‘ow much you want to be ‘elpless play toys, even if you do not say it. But you will… soon. Before you know it you will be begging me to never let you go again.”

Judging by their horrified expressions, they were less optimistic.

“Gabrielle,” Cheri said desperately, “Whatever we do, it’s because we’re friends who love and trust each other. A friend wouldn’t do this.”

“A friend would do exactly zis, I zink. And from now on, you will only address me as Mistress.”

The conversation went downhill from there. Gwen tried reason, but that only earned her a gag. So Cheri tried pleading, which left her gagged as well. So they sat in silence while Gabrielle ate, lecturing them all between bites about how they should be looking forward to overcoming their baseless fears and surrendering to their new Mistress in new and exciting ways. By the end of the evening they’d all understand quite clearly that asking for release only reinforced Gabrielle’s conviction, and that they needed to be tied tighter and longer than before. Gabrielle had declared herself warden at the asylum, and had no indulgences for patients who proclaimed themselves sane.

Eventually Gabrielle offered to remove their gag (one person at a time) long enough to be fed a few bites of cold food off their plates. They all gave in, too hungry to refuse.

At the end of their meal, Gabrielle took all three of their phones out of their purse and sent messages to each of their families, giving some excuse for why they would not be coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Gabrielle merrily removed the batteries from all three phones and stored them safely away. It was only Tuesday night, and with the holiday none of them were going to be missed until at least the following Monday. Gabrielle could keep them prisoner for almost a week uninterrupted. After clearing the table, Gabrielle placed the box containing the Dice Game on the table. Cheri, Gwen, and Laura all stared at it ominously.

“I zink you will all be comfortable playing zis game a few more times before I wean you away from it, non?” Gabrielle explained, picking up the dice. “And of course I cannot always play with all three of my new toys at ze same time! Ze dice will tell us ‘oo I play wiz tonight.”

She picked up the black die and twirled it in her fingers. “Cheri will be one and two, Laura three and four, Gwen five and six.”

Gabrielle rolled a six, eliminating Gwen, and then a three. Laura whimpered and immediately began struggling against her bindings. Gwen and Cheri could only watch as Gabrielle released Laura from the chair just barely enough to walk, attached a leash and collar to her captive, and marched off to Laura’s bedroom with the dice in hand.

* * *

Laura was quickly stripped of all her clothing and deposited, bound and gagged, onto her bed. Gabrielle, smoothing out her dress, sat beside her.

“You look so worried, Laura, dear,” Gabrielle soothed. “You are lucky tonight. Cheri and Gwen must sit and wait while we play togezzer.”

Laura groaned. Gabrielle reached up and unbuckled her gag.

“Here, perhaps zis is more comfortable,” Gabrielle said. Laura smacked her lips together.

“Let us go, Gabrielle.”

“Non,” her captor said simply, “And you must always call me Mistress, or ze gag comes back. Zis time I will overlook it.”

The box containing the dice appeared on Laura’s lap. Her face fell even further at the sight of it.

“Let us see ‘ow I will tie you tonight, dear,” Gabrielle rolled the first die, which came up a one. “Ah yes, a ‘stress position.’”

“Please no…er, Mistress.” Laura would play along if it might help. Of course, it didn’t.

Gabrielle laughed softly. “I zink I will have to replace zis option. I do not believe in ‘alf-measures. With me, every position is a stress position. ‘Ow about we roll again.”

The re-roll came up a two, meaning a hogtie. Laura groaned. She offered what resistance she could, but Gabrielle had ample leverage as Laura was forced into her stomach. The strap on her elbows tightened dramatically and her ankles were brought up and crossed behind her at a steep angle before Gabrielle strapped them together as well. Two more straps found their way onto each of Laura’s thighs, forcing her legs to remain bent. Gabrielle rolled the dice again to determine how much stimulation Laura would receive in her new position. Gabrielle read the results to Laura, who could barely see.

“Just a little stimulation and only one orgasm?” Gabrielle sounded disappointed. Laura was terrified of what a disappointed Gabrielle might do to her. “Oh well, I suppose we should start slowly. Zere will be plenty of time for more later.”

Laura braced herself, unable to see a way out as she watched Gabrielle rise off the bed and pace around the room, poking through Laura’s things.

“What are you doing?” Laura eventually dared to speak.

“I wish to know you,” Gabrielle said, “Ah, I wanted to find zis. It is, uh… Brutus, no?”

Gabrielle pulled a massive vibrator out of the bottom drawer in Laura’s desk. Impeccably clean, all three of its hot pink appendages jutted out from its black base and glistened in the lamplight. Gabrielle regarded it in awe for a moment.

“Cheri ‘as told me about ‘er own Mr. Snuggles. I see now why it works so well. Shall we try it?”

“Maybe later,” Laura said glibly, trying to conceal her anxiety.

“Yes…” Gabrielle was looking through Laura’s laptop now. “But you keep it right ‘ere… I suspect you do more zan work at zis desk, no? Sit wiz it under you, per’aps?”

Laura went red, despite herself. Gabrielle giggled. “It is what I would do, too.”

Nor did it take Gabrielle long to discover the regular rotation of porn sites in Laura’s browser history. They all featured exclusively women.

“Please… Mistress, just stop. Please.”

“I am certainly getting to know you better now, Laura. Are you attracted to women?”

Laura struggled earnestly against her restraints. She turned her head away.

“Don’t do this to me, goddamnit.”

“Are you?” Gabrielle asked sternly.


“Only women?”

“Yes, ok?” Laura fought back tears. “What the fuck do you care?”

Gabrielle immediately rushed over in sympathy.

“Oh Laura,” Gabrielle drew Laura back to face her again and gazed into her eyes. “Zere is absolutely nozzing wrong with zat.”

“I fucking know that!” Laura spat, helpless or not. Her face was streaked now. “It’s just… well, they’re not, and… and I don’t want them to feel weird… just let it go, ok?”

Gabrielle still wasn’t fooled. “Which one is it?”


“Zat you love. Is it Cheri?” Laura tried to turn away again but Gabrielle would not let her. She’d give anything—anything—to disappear right now.


Laura turned, if possible, even redder.

“So it is Gwen,” Gabrielle at last seemed satisfied. “You ‘ave wonderful taste, dear. She is lovely.”

Laura stared at her. “You can’t say anything.”

Gabrielle thought for a moment. She picked up the ball gag again. “I believe she should know. It is not fair to her ozzerwise.”

Laura’s eyes went wide. “No, please! I swear I’ll-mmmph. MMMPH!”

Laura bucked with all her might as Gabrielle pressed the gag irresistibly between Laura’s teeth and strapped it tightly around her head. Laura struggled violently as she was rolled onto her back in the center of the bed. Gabrielle cinched a rope between Laura’s wrists and tied it to the footboard. More ropes were tied to the straps on her thighs and attached to the corners of the headboard. As they pulled tight, Laura was forced to remain on her arched back. She could barely move as Gabrielle laid next to her.

“It is ok, Laura,” Gabrielle soothed as Laura’s eyes pleaded with her. “I will not share your secret. For now.”

Laura relaxed a little, but Gabrielle continued, “But I want somezing in return. I want you to give yourself to me tonight.”

Laura looked at her.

“I can do what I want wiz your beautiful body, but I also want you to let me. Give me a chance to take care of you, Laura, and I will keep your secret.” Gabrielle stroked her captive lovingly.

At last Laura nodded. What choice did she have? To celebrate, Gabrielle produced a blindfold and slipped it over Laura’s eyes.

“If it ‘elps,” Gabrielle said warmly, “You can pretend I am Gwen. But remember zat you are not ze person to prefer ze touch of a woman.” A pair of painted lips grazed Laura’s.

Laura waited as Gabrielle rose off the bed and disappeared. Soft music began playing on Laura’s computer, and a few strange sounds could be heard throughout the room. Laura lay quietly in the dark, trying to make sense of Gabrielle and wondering what the devilish woman had in store, until suddenly she felt a warm hand brushing over her breasts and down her body. Forgetting her precarious situation for a moment, Laura couldn’t help but moan pleasurably.

“You ‘ave such an elegant body, so smooth and flexible. I have always seen you so passionate zat it is strange to see you ‘elpless.” Gabrielle’s hand traversed Laura’s stomach now with rigid fingers, the soft skin pressing seductively into Laura. She recoiled from her captor’s firm touch.

“I am not so bad, you and ze others will see,” Gabrielle soothed. Her hand was on Laura’s thigh now, gripping it lightly. “I ‘ave only your pleasure in mind.”

Laura groaned in passive disagreement, but Gabrielle was quickly flooding her with other thoughts. A single finger crept up her thigh, nestling at the corner of leg and hip. Laura surprised herself by wishing, for a single second, that it might creep a little further in…

“It is easy to let yourself be afraid, Laura,” Gabrielle whispered. She rolled her own body closer to Laura’s, pressing into her, one thigh resting on another’s. “I know you convinced yourself that I ‘ave nozzing for you, but ‘ave you ever asked yourself, really asked…”

Gabrielle’s hand rested just above Laura’s mound while her breast pressed against Laura’s shoulder. Gabrielle’s breath warmed Laura’s neck, her lips speaking directly into their captive ear.

“…whezzer you need me after all?” Gabrielle poured into Laura’s ear, soliciting a long moan as the only conceivable reply. A lone finger sank into the folds of Laura’s sex while Gabrielle relished her captive’s every pleasurable reaction. Laura shook her head halfheartedly, straining every bound muscle against the straps holding her.

“Do you need to be bound? Need to surrender to anozzer? Need to know zat person ‘as total power over you and what you feel, or do not feel?” Gabrielle rubbed Laura’s clitoris hard while her lips found a nipple and began sucking on it lightly. Slowly, Laura nodded.

“Do you need me?” Gabrielle asked casually, as though it followed naturally. But Laura, though breathing heavily and unable to concentrate on anything but Gabrielle’s blissful assaults on her senses, still shook her head resolutely. “Nuh-uh.”

Gabrielle of course found this much less satisfactory, and asked again. Laura repeated her answer through the orb in her mouth. Gabrielle paused but, to her credit, was undeterred.

“So defiant,” she cooed, “but I am patient. Tell me: do you need to climax, Laura?”

With that, Laura felt Gabrielle’s ethereal hand disappear from between her legs. Despite herself, she immediately voiced displeasure and writhed in her restraints. Her thighs flared in clear longing. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, Laura inhaled sharply as she felt two fingers slide effortlessly into her soaked pussy. The fingers explored further and further until an outstretched thumb found Laura’s clit and began kneading it slowly. Laura couldn’t help herself, she cocked her hips to lean into their caress as much as she could. She could feel her need building irresistibly inside her. Dancing unseen, Gabrielle’s fingers soon had Laura dancing on the edge of her own ecstasy.

“Do you need me to climax, Laura?” Gabrielle asked again.

“Mmmm, nuh-uhmm!” Laura gasped desperately, her mind clouded. She cried out when she felt the fingers leave her body abruptly, struggling in vain to finish what they started. Laura was in over her head. The Dice Game involved restraints and gags and blindfolds and vibrators of nearly every design, but neither Cheri nor Gwen had tied Laura up and personally teased her before. Their hands had never so attentively caressed her thighs and breasts before, nor massaged her clit until she wanted to scream from the pleasure. Yet Gabrielle now did all of those things and more to Laura’s helpless body, building her arousal until she shook from anticipation and need, and then letting her wave recede despite anything Laura tried to prevent it. It was teasing of a kind Laura had dreamed of but never experienced. Brutus could tease her, make her want orgasm, but Laura had never before felt a climb quite like Gabrielle’s passionate touch, nor such a fall as when she took it away. And every time she did, Gabrielle asked again.

To Laura’s credit, she resisted Gabrielle’s temptation for quite a while. But when Gabrielle’s body disappeared from the bed, only for Laura to feel a pair of lips blowing softly against her thigh, her walls crumbled. After an innocent kiss just above Laura’s mound, Gabrielle’s hot tongue slowly pressed into her and Laura let out a guttural moan as never before. She wanted to refuse her captor, but within seconds Laura found herself in lockstep with every twitch of Gabrielle’s lips. The tongue drilled and swirled inside and her clitoris threatened mutiny. Soon Gabrielle bore down on it and sucked intently. Laura’s desperate moans filled the room and beyond. When Gabrielle decided Laura could withstand no more, she asked again: “Do you need me, Laura?”

Panting, Laura finally relented.


Gabrielle smiled knowingly. “Good girl.”

Without another word, Laura felt the magical tongue embrace her again. Laura could not contain herself any longer.


Gabrielle found a rhythm and let Laura sink into it. She didn’t immediately force orgasm upon Laura but let it brew within. After a minute or so, Gabrielle withdrew a little, the tip of her tongue lightly tracing Laura’s sex until the suspense became maddening. Then, when Laura’s frantic moans finally placated her, Gabrielle bore down. Her lips sealed around Laura’s throbbing clit and trapped it with a flicking and kneading tormentor. Laura immediately spiraled into orgasm.

“MMMMmmm. Mmmm-Gwmmm…ummmmm Gwmmmmph. Gwmmmph!”

Laura would never admit it to anyone, but the Dice Game had never given her an orgasm quite like this. Panting and glistening on the bed, Laura soon felt Gabrielle climbing to embrace her, a solitary hand embracing Laura’s breast amorously.

“You are a lovely toy, Laura,” Gabrielle said at last, “and I zink you enjoyed yourself a little, non?”

Laura groaned, remembering at last where she really was. She shifted uncomfortably against the fabric of Gabrielle’s dress, wishing she could free herself. Gabrielle removed the blindfold. Laura blinked to try and adjust to the light of the room.

“I zink our guest enjoyed your little show, as well.”

Laura lifted her head to see Gwen in the corner of the room, still bound in her chair from dinner. Her eyes were wide and if not for the gag, her mouth would probably have hung open in astonishment.

Laura’s entire body turned scarlet and her eyes welled. Thrashing her head back against the mattress, she gave a wail and wished she could sink down through the floor, never to be seen again. She turned to Gabrielle, who grinned beside her, and hurled several unintelligible curses at her.

“Be proud, Laura,” Gabrielle taunted, rising off the bed, “Gwen and I are already getting to know you much better. And after ze night I have in store for you, I zink, you two will be even better friends.”

Gabrielle disappeared from the room, leaving both bound women to stare at each other. Gwen was clearly shocked but difficult to read. Had she heard Gabrielle force out the truth? Laura didn’t think so, but Gwen had clearly seen something completely new. Was Gwen angry that Laura had given in?

The topic left Laura’s mind when Gabrielle returned with Marshall, Gwen’s counterpart to Brutus and Mr. Snuggles. She set the periwinkle toy next to Laura’s pink version, and both she and Gwen grew nervous. They stared at the toys while Gabrielle disappeared again and returned with an assortment of straps and ropes, plus a bottle of lubricant.

Laura struggled in vain as she watched Gabrielle spread lube liberally on Brutus before descending on her helpless body. The largest phallus on Brutus slid eagerly into her, while the fat plug for her ass required a bit of persuasion before Laura’s muscles tightened automatically around its thin base. Gabrielle nestled the innocent looking nub directly against Laura’s clit before tying a rope around Laura’s waist and feeding it through her crotch to hold Brutus in place (though the anal plug pretty much did that anyway).

Being exhausted, Laura’s ineffectual attempts at resistance did not stop her wrist cuffs from being re-locked in front of her. Her legs were released only to have Gabrielle cuff and lock her ankles together. Laura was placed on her side on the bed with her wrists lashed to the slats of the headboard while her ankles were tied to a bottom corner of the bed.

Gwen was next. She was feistier but still no match for Gabrielle. She soon found herself bent over the bed, struggling as she felt Marshall sliding into place between her legs. Methodically, Gwen’s bondage was modified so that she, too, had her wrists and ankles locked together in cuffs before she joined Laura on the bed. The two, still gagged, watched each other as Gabrielle secured Gwen’s bound limbs to the bedframe, exchanging occasional sympathetic groans and apprehensive looks.

“You two are so close already, I know you will appreciate each ozzer’s company in ze night,” Gabrielle said playfully as she plugged both vibrators into the wall. Reappearing with more straps, she turned Gwen and Laura so that they faced each other and pushed their bodies close despite the pull of their limbs toward the corners of the bed. Laura’s eyes followed Gabrielle pleadingly, but her only acknowledgment was a knowing look. Gabrielle had no qualms about torturing Laura with her secret, even if she didn’t expose it.

Using the straps, Gabrielle bound both women tightly together at the knee, upper thigh, waist, and just above their breasts. Gwen and Laura pressed into each other in a strange embrace, each engulfed in the feeling of the others’ skin and jointly aware of even the slightest breath or twitch. Their gagged lips occasionally brushed and Laura was petrified that Gwen might feel her kettle drum of a heartbeat.

Gabrielle disappeared. Gwen, who faced in the proper direction, raised her head to see her keeper sitting at Laura’s desk chair, typing at the computer. A moment later Gabrielle brought the computer over to the nightstand and placed it, lid closed, next to the struggling pair. A USB microphone was plugged in and placed on the mattress just above their heads well out of reach.

“When Cheri told me, I ‘ad never seen such a zing as ‘er Mr. Snuggles. I ‘ad to find out about it and found zem for sale online. I read about zem and learned ‘ow easy it is to program zeir app to operate multiple toys at once.”

Both girls gulped. Marshall and Brutus, like Mr. Snuggles, were typically controlled via an app on their phone or laptop. This was wonderful when the user had control of the app. But, as these women both knew, when another person controlled their vibrator, the results could be interesting.

“I need to rest well tonight and must ‘ave peace and quiet,” Gabrielle explained wickedly, “when ze microphone picks up noise tonight, any noise at all, one of your toys will turn on for a short time. Perhaps it will be Marshall”—she stroked Gwen’s trembling cheek—“or perhaps it will be Brutus. It is random.”

The two women were lucky that Gabrielle hadn’t started the program yet, for they had trouble accepting this quietly. Gabrielle patiently let them tire themselves out with an amused grin on her face, clearly impressed by her ingenuity.

“So naughty, girls,” Gabrielle chortled, “I ‘oped such measures would not be necessary, but zey clearly are.”

They both groaned as Gabrielle made her final adjustments, then returned with two satin blindfolds. Gwen was first, the soft material wrapping snugly over her eyes. Laura watched her friend disappear to darkness, her beautiful features obscured and contorted by her bondage. Laura gazed longingly for a moment, then looked up to see Gabrielle’s beaming face towering above them. Laura met her captor’s eyes pleadingly, shaking her head softly from side to side. But Gabrielle nodded resolutely, and as the inevitable darkness fell Laura knew the night would be a long one.

“Because I am so nice, your toys will be gentle wiz you ze first time zey are activated,” Gabrielle warned them, tossing a blanket over them both, “After zat, you will be brought to orgasm every time. Your toys ‘ave been used enough so zey know what you like, non? I ‘ope you can climax quietly, or zey may not stop.”

Both Gwen and Laura cried out indignantly at this, but Gabrielle simply wished them goodnight and flipped the switch on the microphone. Gwen and Laura instantly fell into imposed silence. Satisfied, Gabrielle switched off the lights and left the room, closing the door behind her with a soft thud. Laura shook as she felt Gwen erupt next to her. The door had evidently tripped the microphone and Marshall promptly burst to life between her legs. Gwen breathed heavily and squirmed as all three vibrators worked their magic. Within seconds Gwen was panting, and after a minute Laura could feel her grinding against her toys. Gwen clearly wanted to scream to the heavens but was trying with all her might to remain quiet. Consumed by her reluctant pleasure, a soft squeak soon escaped Gwen’s gagged lips. Instantly, Laura inhaled sharply as Brutus sprang to life inside her. Their bodies contorted together against the straps for a moment before Gwen’s finally relented. Swimming in lustful thoughts of her companion, Laura steeled herself as best she could from the onslaught, wondering how the hell Gabrielle could call these settings gentle. Eventually Brutus relented without a single sound from Laura. She and Gwen lay there in silence, their warm bodies caressing each other with every breath.

 Laura wanted so badly to speak to Gwen, to reassure her friend and herself. But it was Gwen who comforted her when Laura felt her friend’s soft cheek reaching out to nuzzle her affectionately. It was pure friendship, but Laura couldn’t help but fantasize that it was much more.

* * *

In contrast, Cheri’s evening was quite uneventful. She remained gagged and bound to the dining room chair, looking ridiculous in her shower cap and wondering what the others were doing. Laura disappeared, and later Gwen, and when Gabrielle returned she was very much alone. Cheri watched apprehensively as Gabrielle sat next to her.

“It is exhausting, putting ze others to bed,” Gabrielle mused, taking Cheri’s chin in her hand to meet her eyes. “I ‘ope zey rest well, as we will ‘ave so much to do tomorrow.”

Cheri groaned, but Gabrielle just mused, “I ‘ave to be so strict with zem. I do not want zat with us, Cheri. Come to bed wiz me.”

It sounded like a request but, of course, it wasn’t. Released from the chair and her ankle restraints, Cheri was taken from the dining room to her bedroom. Cheri’s heart paused when Gabrielle began removing the ropes on her arms. She’d be free for the first time since Gabrielle arrived. As the final rope fell off her hand, Cheri immediately lunged, eyes fixed on the door. She felt a tug as Gabrielle grabbed her wrist and, quick as a flash, twisted it into a lock. Cheri whined painfully as she was pulled back against Gabrielle, her hand bent painfully behind her.

“Shhh, Cheri,” Gabrielle spoke into her ear, “I know you are scared. I would be too. But you do not want to leave.”

Cheri wailed into her gag and struggled. Gabrielle had gone absolutely insane and she had to get out. She had to. Gabrielle seemed disappointed but her grip was irresistible, “Oh Cheri. I expect so much more from you zan ze others.”

Gabrielle steered Cheri to the full-length mirror on her wall and gazed into their reflections. Her free hand found its way to Cheri’s heaving breast. “You ‘ave been my first and best friend in America. You ‘ave been so kind and so open with me. I want only to give you ze bondage and ze pleasure you told me you wanted. I do not want you to be afraid anymore. I want you to be excited at ‘oo you are becoming.”

Gabrielle reached up and ripped off Cheri’s shower cap. Locks of aggressively violet hair cascaded down to Cheri’s shoulders, causing her to tear up again. A natural brunette, she had most definitely not envisioned spending her afternoon bound while a so-called friend forcibly dyed her hair. And this of all colors! But, then and now, Gabrielle’s dark expression cow-towed her. “You are special, Cheri, and I will make you as beautiful and submissive on ze outside as you are on ze inside. But you will also be my example to ze others. Gwen and Laura are ‘armless fun. If zey disobey me, I will punish zem. But you need more discipline. If you disobey me, I will punish you much more ‘arshly, and zen I will punish Laura and Gwen, too.”

Cheri cried out miserably, and Gabrielle’s hand rose to grip Cheri’s neck. Gabrielle didn’t squeeze at all, but Cheri had never felt more powerless in her life. “Do you understand, my sweet Cheri?”

Cheri saw her own expression of terror. Even if she could run, who knew what Gabrielle would do to her friends. Cheri nodded pitifully.

“And do you like your gorgeous ‘air?”

This nod was rather pained.

“Will you stay wiz me tonight?”

Cheri nodded a third time, and Gabrielle released her grip. Cheri clutched her hand where Gabrielle had held it, but remained still. Gabrielle bade her to the bed and Cheri, hating herself, sat. Unable to make herself move, Cheri cooperated as Gabrielle removed every scrap of clothing. She pinned Cheri’s arms to her sides with long leather straps placed at her wrists and above and below her breasts, then laid her back on the bed. Gabrielle placed a pillow caringly under Cheri’s head, then used ropes to tie Cheri’s legs apart to each post on the footboard. Cheri then watched Gabrielle peel off her cocktail dress and brush her chair at the vanity mirror. In another world, Cheri might have admired Gabrielle’s striking, full body. It was toned but not stretched, voluptuous but also precise. Gabrielle must have been reading her mind, for she turned to admire her captive in turn. Cheri met her hungry gaze and mewed, hoping for some token sympathy.

“You really are special, Cheri. Mon Chéri,” Gabrielle spoke sensually. “You are so kind and delicate. You are not some playzing to me. You are my beautiful flower to nurture. I will overlook tonight if you promise to be good from now on.”

Cheri nodded again, knowing no other response was possible. Inside, she wanted to do anything she could to escape without sacrificing Laura and Gwen to this witch. She just had no idea what that might be. Gabrielle left for several minutes, and Cheri heard the whirring of an electric toothbrush coming from the bathroom. When she returned, she blindfolded Cheri and laid under a blanket, cuddling her like a teddy bear, except that teddy bears usually weren’t caressed in such scintillating ways by their keepers. Maybe by Gabrielle, but not in general.

Cheri took a chance and grunted purposefully in her gag, indicating her discomfort with the ball still strapped tightly in her mouth. Gabrielle took her head off Cheri’s chest and gave a maternal look that Cheri couldn’t see.

“Mon Chéri, I promise by Thanksgiving you will never ask me for zat again. Zat will be my gift to you,” Gabrielle turned out the light and nestled into Cheri again, her hand slinking its way between her captive’s parted thighs. “In fact, I am very much looking forward to zis ‘oliday of yours.”

* * *

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