Old Git

by Paultt

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; chairtie; rope; cons; X

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Chapter 2


I woke up alone. The space in the bed beside me was empty. The slight feeling of emptiness that I'd had since my wife passed away flooded back to me. Getting out of bed I walked over to the window and looked out over the lawn at the back of the house. It was a beautiful morning with the sun lifting over the tops of the willow trees at the bottom of the garden. Slight dew on the grass sparkled in competition with the naked girl doing Tai Chi in the sun's warmth. Her grace as she did the movements gave the morning a new-found spiritual meaning.

Plus another erection really doesn't need to be said, but for a man my age to be looking at such a sight live and not on a video made me count my blessings.

Getting dressed, I wandered downstairs to the kitchen and put more logs into the aga then made fresh coffee and turned on the bread-making machine.

Tina wandered in looking calm, clean and more beautiful than ever. Her eyes glinted with a mischievous look. "So, my lover, what do you have planned for me today, more pain and suffering or just tea and crumpets?''

The cheeky young gal was taunting my accent; but at least the girl was still here. And now she was dressed only in one of my shirts. Why do women just in men's shirts look so sexy? I indicated for her to sit down on the chair by the aga.

"So how did you find yesterday then?" I asked as bacon went into the pan in front of me as I cooked our breakfast.

"Enjoyable, scary, fun and sexy. I felt so different than when I did anything sexual before. The stocks were fun and the cage was so scary as I suffer a little bit from claustrophobia, but on the whole I enjoyed it. Did you and your wife do this all the time?''

''Every day. Cathy was in some sort of bondage daily.'' Pausing to put the coffee on the table I looked at her. She was very sexy and beautiful in a different way from my beloved Cathy. Sitting with her legs curled up beneath her she gave off an air of confidence. Her allure was totally different from what I was used too.

Cathy was a submissive. This girl, for that's all she was, gave off no signals of submission of any kind.

"Do you wish to continue what we did last night or do you want to go home?'' I asked while placing our breakfast on the large oak table.

''Go home? Hell, no way if you can give me the kind of orgasms that I got last night. The only way that I am leaving here is when I have to.'' She grinned. "That is if you don't want me to leave.''

''Good god girl! No way did I think that I would ever have a chance like this again.'' I looked at her to see if she was mocking me. I was still afraid that she might be about to blackmail me or just take the piss out off a stupid old man.

I think she knew what I was thinking because her hand reached out and covered mine. "Don't worry, this is the best fun I have had in years." We ate on in silence, both of us realising that we could be starting something huge.

We both cleared away and washed up. ''Can we try something like last night, but with the ropes as I like them better than the leather?" Tina's eyes glowed with excitement as I led her into my study.

"I need to go to town for a few things, I'd like to see if you can handle being left for awhile on your own." I looked at her for her agreement.

She nodded, "Only if you let me have the ability to orgasm lots while you are gone and it must be as tight as you did it in the past."

So off I went to the shops. I left a tightly tied Tina behind going nowhere but to orgasm-ville.

Tina had stripped off the shirt and sat on the wooden chair. Rope pulled her tight against the high back. The chair had been built with bondage in mind as the back had lashing rings attached. This enabled me to pull her waist in and to loop rope around her chest under her armpits. More rope went around her shoulders and neck. Her arms were tied to the two rings behind her shoulders by pulling them over and behind her head. Her legs were spread and tied in an unladylike fashion to the chair arms. Her two entrances were exposed and ready for anything to approach. And approach they did. First I clipped a clitoral stimulator onto the exposed nub. Then a small vibrator was slipped up into her anal passage. And to finish the whole package off a pole was attached so the penis shaped end of it just entered her pussy lips.

The sight that greeted me on my return was enough to warm an old bondage master's heart.

Her body was glowing with a sheen of sweat. The morning sun was warming her thrust out breasts as they heaved in her struggles against the ropes holding her to the chair. Her hips tried to thrust so she could impale herself on the pole between her pussy lips. Tina wasn't even aware of my approach as I bent and gently inserted the dildo into her. Her eyes shot open wide though as I placed it as deep as I could.

Thank you she mouthed as her hips started to thrust in short movements that were limited by her bonds.

Tina looked at me as I pulled a chair in front of her and sat astride it just watching her struggle to orgasm.

With a knowing look at the bulge in the crotch area of my trousers, Tina moaned, "Stand beside the chair and I will suck you off."

Well, what would you do? Oh the pressure of being a Master! I know that you die-hards would say the tied up person shouldn't be instructing a Dom what to do. But an erection has to go somewhere and into her warm mouth seemed like the best place for a man who hasn't had a lot of fun for a few years. So this Master stood astride the tied up girl on the chair and thrust into the offered orifice.

I'd love to be able to brag that we came together but she beat me to it. By about ten strokes to be precise. Her mouth was a form of heaven as she used it to finish me off.

I affirmed my Mastership though by pulling out and covering her face, hair and chest with my sperm. As I staggered off her she looked at me strangely, shuddered and came again.

Looking at her I knew she would be okay for awhile so left her where she was and went off to check my mail and have a shower.

Later, as we sat on the sofa in the dining room Tina asked if she could come to see me the next weekend as she had some work to do at home.

Tina left that afternoon. I have to admit to a few fears about if she would return or even tell my niece. Still nothing is won in life without risk.

Would she come back though?

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