Old Git

by Paultt

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; gag; handcuffs; arousal; denial; cage; cons; X

Chapter 1


It is a common question that I am asked.

The answer is not money, looks or charm, but a strange set of circumstances that came together at a birthday party for my niece. She was 19 and the family got together at a pub for a long lunch.

I found myself sandwiched between Katie, my niece, and her friend, Tina. Tina was the type of girl that you see every day on the way to a party or pub, wearing a short skirt and high heels; a "good-time girl" as she would have been called by my long-deceased wife.

During the meal we started chatting with each other, and although she came across as brassy or even cocky, we seemed to relate well to each other.

Tina was quite open about her sexuality: she loves sex. She remarked that the "oldies" must be jealous of the hard, sexy women of today.

"You're not hard, girl!" I laughed. "My wife was ten times as hard as you. We played rough and kinky too, you know." I paused as if thinking and she jumped right in.

"Yes. If you call under the bed clothes on a Friday night kinky. I bet I've had kinky sex more than you, pops."

Katie looked shocked, "Tina, shush!"

"I bet you couldn't take thirty minutes of what my wife liked me to do." I shot back at her before my brain realized what my mouth had said.

"I'm sorry." Katie said as I stood to leave. I'd dropped a big one and had to get away.

I kissed her hand and told her that I would get her a drink before leaving.

Standing by the bar, I realized that I was not alone.

Turning to my left, I saw Tina who smiled as she walked over to me. "Forgive me. I'm a little bit pissed at Katie for something she told me. I shouldn't have been nasty to you."

I smiled at her and shook my head, "I wasn't kidding. You couldn't take what we did together. You and your lot claim to be forward and sexy, but you all are amateurs."

She leaned forward, allowing me to see down the front of her dress. "I bet you ten pounds that I can take anything that you are able to do to me, and think it quite tame, old man."

I laughed at her bravado, "Come to my house tomorrow after you've sobered up a bit and we'll discuss this."

She pushed out her chest and replied, "Deal. If you think that you can scare me with innuendo, then woman power will rule the battle of the ages!"

I believed that she wouldn't turn up, so I actually didn't think much more about the incident, that is until the next day when there was a knock on my door.

To say that I was surprised to see her was a major understatement.

She was standing there looking quite nervous but beautiful in a light summer dress, her dark hair cut short, shining in the sunlight as she said, "Surprise! I've come for you to teach me how hard it was in the old days."

"Come in and we'll talk about it." I held the door open for her and looked down to the garage to see if anyone was with her.

Tina waited while I made us a cup of tea, and then spoke."Bet you didn't think I would come, did you?" I shook my head as she continued, "Well, I'm here now and we can get on with my education into old things kinky."

I looked at her, trying to see if she was taking the piss or not.

"Do you really mean it? Let me show you a couple of photos that might make you change your mind." I was still a little flustered that she had turned up and didn't quite know if she was just teasing me.

"We both know that I won't be changing my mind, don't we?"

"Let's wait until you see what you might be letting yourself in for." I said as I opened my desk drawer.

Reaching over, I placed two photographs into her outstretched hand. "You must promise not to say anything to Katie about what you see as it might cause her some distress."

She nodded and held the photos so they faced me. "I wouldn't anyway. I came of my own free will. Besides, I like older men!"

Slowly, she turned the photos around.

Watching her face as she realized what the images contained showed me that although she wasn't repulsed, she was shocked. The sides of her mouth tightened and her eyes went wide. The wait while Tina studied the photos seemed an age.

She looked unsettled as she asked, "Do you have any more?"

A little bit of me said 'YES!' A lot of me said 'Uh oh!'

Taking out an album and passing it over, I asked, "Do you want a drink?"

"Brandy would be quite nice," she laughed.

Quickly pouring two drinks, I walked over to the table and placed hers on a coaster.

Her face was a picture as she turned each page.

She glanced up at me a few times to check if I was laughing at her, I think.

When she was finished looking at the album, I waited until she drank a gulp of brandy before asking her the question that was burning in my brain. "So how do you feel now about how hard you girls are today?"

Her reply was quicker than I expected. "Two questions: one, did your wife actually like you to do those things to her; and two, who decided when enough was enough?"

"Cathy loved every minute of the things that happened to her. A couple involved in these games have to set procedures that are followed rigidly. You have to, as the whole point of any sex game is for both of you to enjoy it."

Pausing, I continued, "You don't have to do things as hard as we played at it. After all, we developed the things shown in there over years. Learning limits are a part of any relationship."

I honestly thought she would leave at that point as her face showed a lot of uncertainty and a little hint of fear.

Slowly drinking the rest of the brandy, Tina looked at me as if trying to work out her feelings. Opening the books again and working her way through the pages, she stopped and studied the photos individually.

The wait was getting scary for me as I really did like my wife's side of the family and what Tina continued to view would cause discomfort to everybody concerned.

Tina finally looked up at me and asked if I had anything planned for the rest of the day. I must have looked perplexed as she stood up and said, "Prove to me that a man of your age can still be kinky, and that a slip of a girl cannot be as hard as an old-fashioned woman."

"Are you sure you want this to happen? What bits do you wish to try?" I still wasn't convinced that this wasn't a set up.

"All of it. I want you to be so harsh that I will either love what we are doing or else your point will be made."

The girl was bloody serious. It seemed as if she wanted to prove herself to me.

"Come this way then." I led her up the stairs to my study.

We stood looking at each other for a while. My heart was pounding as she finally asked, "What do we do next?"

"You will obey whatever I say from now on. If you don't like what is happening to you say 'Red'. Not 'no' or 'stop'. Red is the only real stop word. This can be because part of the fun is you pretending to not want want is being done to you."

She nodded and said, "Red."

"If we get as far as using gags, then you will click your fingers or slap your thigh three times if you get into difficulties."

Tina nodded again and looked around the study as if she was searching for the first clue about what we were going to start doing.

I went behind my desk and opened the drawer on the bottom.

Tina's eyes tried to see into it, but as I rested my feet on it I could feel her nervousness starting to take hold.

"Take your dress off!" I ordered.

She looked hard at me and just as I thought she would walk out or say no she reached over and unzipped it down the side. Slowly she started to lower her dress over her body in a teasing manner.

"Just do it!"

She did as ordered, and dropped it in a heap around her ankles.

A little shiver went through us both. Hers fear; mine lust.

The body beneath the dress was superb. The fact that she was nude under the dress didn't go unnoticed as I told her to turn around slowly.

She was beautiful; large and firm breasts, tight stomach, and hips that were made for bondage.

"Part of the games that we are going to play involve submission. As in you do what I say or you get punished. Later we will work out your punishment level. Do you understand?" I asked.

Tina stood and looked at me, then nodded as I said, "If you want to give up now you can. Just say red."

She stood quietly, her mouth trembling, a slightly glazed look as if she knew that we had reached the point of no return. Then, she just nodded and we both knew that the game was on.

"Touch your toes!" I ordered. And she did, bending at the waist; her breasts swinging down under her, nipples erect and pointing towards the floor. My next orders were also carried out and she shuffled back towards me without letting go of her ankles. Her pussy was now just inches from my face.

She was quite hairy and that didn't go with what I had planned for the future. That was, if there was a future. I still wasn't sure.

"Slave, when you come here next time I need you to be hairless."

She nodded and looked back at me through her legs.

"Now, insert a finger into your cunt."

Gently she did as ordered, still holding onto her ankle with her other hand. She sighed as her middle finger disappeared between her two lips.

"Use your thumb to bring yourself to a climax."

Her eyes widened at that, but slowly she did as ordered, her hips beginning to pump as her climax built up.

"Stop! Remove your finger now!" I demanded.

And she did, looking disappointed as she opened her mouth as if she was going to speak. I didn't want her to talk, so I gave her another task.

"Now slowly lick your finger clean."

This she did without pause, making quite a show of it.

Her frustration was adding to the game. I felt that Tina had started to understand.

"Do you want to try some bondage now?" I asked, still not believing my luck.

Tina straightened her back and nodded as if she was afraid to speak.

I decided to use leather at first as the rope stuff might frighten her away.

Picking a harness out of the drawer, I showed the collection of straps to her curious eyes.

"This will give you an idea of the tightness that you can expect if you want to carry on later."

Tina's eyes widened as I buckled the stiff leather collar around her neck and clicked the small padlock shut. Her breathing was starting to increase, and her skin was glowing with a sheen of perspiration.

Next came the waist belt that anchored the whole rig. She breathed in as asked and watched in amazement as her waist was constricted two sizes smaller by the three straps that were attached to the belt.

In the back, between the collar and the belt, a four-inch wide stiff brace ran up her spine to hold her upright. To this attached a strap that ran above her breasts and tightly into her armpits.

I quickly buckled that tight as we were approaching another point of no return. Tina's skin was warm to the touch as my fingers brushed the side of her breast as I finished it off. I noticed her breathing was getting faster so I asked her if it was all right to continue.

"This is so scary and yet so horny. Is it always like this?" she asked as I stood behind her and placed her wrists into a loop at the base of the back brace and gently buckled them into place.

"Those feelings are normal if you like these things. Wait until you are really tied up! This is just a warm-up." While I was saying this I had unstrapped a belt that would test her.

"This is a test of how flexible you are. Tell me when it gets too tight." By pulling on the belt that was now circling her elbows, they were slowly coming closer together. "Tell me when the pain gets to be too much."

They were very nearly there when she said stop. Buckling the strap at that point, I gently turned her by holding her wrists until she faced the mirror by the door.

"What do you think about how you look now?" I asked as she drew in a breath.

She slowly turned around, viewing herself for the first time in bondage. "I like it. Look what it does to my breasts." She paused. "Do you think that we could try to get my elbows together as it would make me look even better?"

The fact that Tina was asking for an increase in her pain shocked me as much as it pleased me.

Gently doing as she'd requested, we managed it, mainly because Tina learned to relax her shoulders. Her face made a little grimace of pain as she turned back to the mirror again. "What's next?"

"Would you like to try a gag or a crotch strap?"

She looked at me, "What's a crotch strap?" I explained, and again she surprised me by choosing both.

By this stage, I was enjoying the whole thing. Could it be that I'd found a new devotee of the noble art of bondage? Still, I thought it might be a bit early to raise my hopes yet.

I chose a long, narrow crotch strap. After attaching one end to the bottom of the back brace and easing it between the cheeks of her superb bottom, I looked up at her and told her that I had to open the lips of her pussy in order to place it over her clitoris. She smiled at me and replied, "Tom, do what you want, this is fun. I love the way that you could do anything to me." I laughed as she thrust out her hips so that I had better access.

"For this to really work it has to be tight. If it hurts too much, say so. But once we move around the house, you will feel the benefit."

Pulling the strap and opening her soaked lips, I ran a finger up and down the side of her clitoris, making her legs buckle slightly.

Placing the thong over the exposed nub, I pulled the end through the ring at the front. It then went back down the side of her left lip and up to the ring at the back pulling harshly until Tina groaned. I pulled the thong back down the right side and up to the front ring where I secured it. The doubled thong caused her right lip to fold over her left and trapped it against the thong beneath. Tina looked at herself in the mirror.

"It hurts, Tom. But the feelings are like Champagne bubbles trapped behind a cork."

Nodding at herself in the mirror almost as if she had made a decision she asked, "What's next?"

"Well, the plan is to see how long you can stand this. As soon as you feel too much pain, tell me and I'll release you. You need to walk around for awhile. Do you want to be gagged?"

She looked at me and said, "It scares the shit out of me but if I try the works, I will know how the day can go."

Her eyes glowed with lust or fear as she grinned and demonstrated her interest in the subject by saying, "You know when you see American prisoners being taken to jail, their feet are chained to their wrists. Can you do that to me and then lead me around your house for awhile?"

"Sure. As you're so keen, I'll let you choose your own gag."

She posed once more and then walked to my desk and sat on the edge. "If you go to my car, in the boot there is a bag with my high heels in; bring them in and I will try to wear them while we do our walk about." Carrying the bag back into the house I collected the ankle cuffs and a choice of gags.

Tina had moved over to the mirror again, and turned and gave me a huge smile. "This is so horny; look at my breasts."

I did and noticed the hardness of her nipples both pointing at me. The way her arms were pinned behind her back thrust her chest out and lifted and separated them. Bending down to attach the ankle cuffs and to help her into the shoes, I stroked her leg up to her thigh.

Tina shuddered as I clicked the ratchet of each cuff tight. Three links between them that ensured small steps would be taken. Clipping a chain to the rings that her crotch strap was attached to, I ran a finger over her soaked, folded-over lips, making her groan. "Right, slave. Gag time."

I showed her the three different types on show for today. "Which is the best for keeping a slave quiet?" she asked. The girl was going up in my estimation of her.

"This one, but it will make your jaws hurt." She paused, then nodded.

"Do it. The whole point of today is for me to prove to you that I could be your slave. I do hope that you are going to fuck me today as I think that by tonight I will be gagging for it ... so to speak." She laughed a low and dirty laugh. I smiled and held out the gag. The girl was incorrigible.

Tina's eyes widened as she studied the thing approaching her mouth. She opened wide and I helped her to ease the large rubber penis deep into her mouth. Its base flared inwards so that her teeth could close around it. A rubber strap covered her lips sealing her mouth closed. "If you feel sick, signal me. I won't leave you alone as this is quite an advanced gag." I buckled the strap tightly, a little worried that things were moving way too fast.

"Remember three clicks or slaps if you are in distress." I slapped her bottom hard and she tried to squeal but no sound came out except for a bit from her nose. Clipping a lead onto her collar we moved off on a tour of the house. Tina soon found out that she could only take very short steps. Climbing stairs took skill as she had to place her feet as close together as possible to get enough slack in the chain to step up or down.

But to give her credit, the girl soon started to move with grace. I thought that I would have to help her first orgasm along a bit, but Tina managed one at the top of the attic stairs. The first signs were a slight movement of her hips against the straps. It was a little like a dance. Then she seemed to start to really suck hard on the gag.

But what gave the game away was when Tina turned and began rubbing her breasts against me. Quickly spinning her to face away from me, I used one hand to squeeze her breasts, pulling at her nipples. With the other I gripped the ring that the crotch straps fastened to and began tugging, rubbing them against her clit and pussy. Tina's groans and little yelps echoed in my ears as she ground her arse against my erection. Soon she came with a great shudder and I had to use both hands on her breasts to hold her up.

It took her a short time to come back to earth. Turning her head, she looked me in the eyes and tried to say something.

As I couldn't understand her, I moved as if to unfasten the gag. But the shake of her head stopped me.

With a smile, I unlocked the door, and pulling on the chain, led her into the attic. Tina looked around at her new surroundings. Her wide stare took in the different items that stood around the edges of the room. This time as I removed her gag she didn't refuse, and she worked her jaws to ease the discomfort.

"Tom, this is so wonderful. So frightening too, but the fear turns to heat. I love what you've done for me this morning. The whole situation is so sexy. No wonder your wife loved you. Can we do some more?"

"You enjoy this?"

She nodded and said, "Couldn't you tell? Can you leave me like this for a while and let me see how it feels to be alone? I need to think a little about what I'm letting myself into."

I looked at her and smiled. "Sure, but lets try it without the gag. Step this way, slave." I opened a lid on a small metal cage that was just big enough for her to sit in. Tina had to be helped into the cage by bending her knees up to her chest and bowing her head onto them while I pressed her inside the cage.

Taking the cuffs off her ankles I put the link outside the bars and refastened them so her ankles were tight to the bars. Pushing down the lid until it rested on the back of her head, a big padlock was then clicked shut and the cage was hoisted into the air until she was level with my face.

"Tom, make me your slave. This is so horny, can we try other things out today?" The young woman was panting as she continued, "I'm here for the weekend if you want me to be." She laughed and continued, "That is, if you can stand the pace."

"Are you sure that you really want this Tina? It's not everybody's cup of tea."

She looked at me and replied, "Look Tom, the whole thing goes against any advice I've ever been given by my mum or friends, and the feelings I am having at the moment are scary, but what's life without adventure?"

She didn't seem to be very serious and I must admit to feeling a little turned on by the fact that a girl her age enjoyed the things we had just done. I was also a little bit afraid that this might be just an adventure for her.

"Twenty minutes and I'll come back and check on you, slave." I tried to be stern but the excitement inside me gave my voice an edge.

Tina must have picked up on it as she smiled at me, saying, "Tom, I think this could be fun. Don't be nervous. I know that I will enjoy these days that we are going to spend together."

Turning off the light, I left the attic to go get us some tea.

I was bloody confused. Forty minutes ago the girl in the cage was an unknown quantity, the speed of what had happened both pleased me and confused me. She must be a rare type to actually lead me into doing what we had done.

With Cathy it had taken us years to realize how deep was our love of bondage.

Most of the equipment we had was bought in the latter years as she craved more and more restrictions.

Now I had found somebody who seemed to enjoy a little of what I had to offer.

While making tea and getting a bite to eat, I decided on my next course of action.

Walking into the attic I could hear groaning and panting. Flicking on the light I caught Tina in the middle of an orgasm. The cage was rocking from her efforts and she didn't even notice as I lowered it to the floor with a bump.

The girl's body was running with sweat as I helped her stand up. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

Slowly easing her out of the cramped confinement of the cage and sitting her on a low tabletop, I started to unfasten the straps on her arms. "Don't rush to bring your arms around or you could pull a muscle or something." I had seen Cathy do that once. Tina seemed to be somewhere else and it was only the pins and needles that brought her back. Gently, I rubbed her arms and continued to strip the harness off her body while I waited for her to speak.

"Oh, Tom, this is so good! I love the feeling of being helpless and the orgasms are so much better. Can we do this all weekend?" She paused and touched my hand and stroked my face. "Is there any way for you to put me in the cage so I can give you a blowjob at the same time? I loved the the way I felt so restricted in there."

I held her tightly in my arms and kissed her. "Tina, as much as I am enjoying this, are you really sure that its what you want?"

She kissed me back. "Tom, I understand that this may be a shock but the things we just did turned me on and I want more. Call me selfish, but I once saw a video of this sort of fun and it had an effect on me that I didn't realize at the time, and when you put me in the cage it brought it back."

The feel of her soft skin in my hands as I cupped her buttocks was bliss.

At that time the phone rang and I left her to explore the attic.

Bugger! It was my sister and she was on her way here. I told Tina she had a choice. I could lock her in the attic or she could come down and meet her. Tina decided to tough it out in a cell to see if she would get bored with being a prisoner.

I told her that I couldn't do anything too harsh as I didn't know how long she'd be up here. Tina once again shook me by pointing to a pair of old style stocks and saying that she wanted to be locked into them. We sat and chatted while I watched out the window for my sister's arrival. Tina told me about her boyfriends and her life. I told her about Cathy and how we spent a lot of time playing games.

Tina smiled and said, "I won't try to replace her, but if we are okay with each other's company, I'd like to spend a lot of time doing this." The fact that she didn't seem bothered by her nakedness was an extra turn on. I could tell that beneath her cool exterior she was still confused by what had just happened.

Moving her over to the stocks and lifting the yoke, I placed Tina's neck and wrists into the holes provided. I locked the top down with a large padlock. She looked beautiful with her back bent and her breasts hanging down.

The doorbell rang just as I finished pulling her legs as wide as they could go by tying her ankles to rings set in the floor. Rushing downstairs to greet my sister, I heard Tina's call of "Don't rush, I'll be okay."

After what seemed like forever, my sister left and I raced upstairs.

Tina smiled and asked, "Everything okay?" I laughed at her as she was so nonchalant about the whole affair.

"Could you do me a big favor and fuck me?" she begged.

I would have obliged her, but I had a plan to follow.

Shaking my head, I told her that was for later and did she fancy a test. She nodded, a little upset, I think.

Taking her over to the frame and getting her to kneel with her legs on either side of a wooden rail, I strapped her around her ankles and thighs leaving about eight inches of slack. I stabilized her neck and wrists upright into the attached stocks. I then placed different sizes of dildos in front of Tina and asked, "Which one of these do you think is too big?"

Tina used her nose to point out a huge thick and long one.

"Well, slave, you are going to have to take that one in your pussy or you won't get any tea or sex."

She muttered that if she took it there she'd still have no sex as she would be split in two.

I laughed and reminded her of the cut out word and clipped the dildo in place right beneath her cunt. Opening her lips and positioning her until it touched the entrance to her vagina, I tightened the straps on her legs so she couldn't get off the rubber cock.

"How's that?" I asked.

Tina looked down as best she could with wide eyes and asked, "Can I give you a blowjob now? I'm really horny!"

The offer was too good to refuse. Unzipping my fly I advanced on her open mouth. She looked at me and informed me that I didn't have to worry and to just come in her mouth as she loved the taste of come.

The forwardness of the young women of today made me "tut."

Tina's mouth was bliss to a man who hadn't had sex for two long years. Her suction power and the way that she used her tongue had me spurting deeply into her throat.

She may be young, I reflected, but she knows how to do that well.

Looking down between her legs, I noticed that she hadn't wasted any time and was working herself up and down the rubber shaft.

"How far do I have to go?" she asked.

Rolling a mirror in front of her, I watched her face as she worked her legs to slide up and down on the now half-buried shaft. Little groans escaped her mouth as she built up a gentle rhythm until she let out a cry and orgasm.

The dildo's width was as much a problem as the length. "Three inches more, slave!" I told her as she carried on the hip dance that was having success. After several more minutes she had completely taken its mass into her pussy. She watched as I then buckled the thigh straps down, locking her onto the beast inside her. Tina's face was a picture as I opened a drawer and showed her a collar. Unfastening the stocks from around her neck, I buckled the collar onto her. This was a posture collar and it wouldn't allow her to look down. Then using two straps I tied her arms around behind her back. Tina shuddered as I reached between her buttocks and pulled the release pin for the dildo and then lifted her into the air, away from the frame.

Then pushing her onto her front I asked, "Have you ever had anal sex?"

Se gasped and answered, "A few times, but never tied up and never with a bloody huge thing in my pussy. Is it going to hurt?" The fact that I'd just pulled a condom on and was greasing it up didn't go unnoticed. "Can you gag me? I want this. Please be gentle, Master." Tina surprised me more and more. I wasn't actually going to do it; this was just to see how far the beautiful girl would go.

"You're sure?"

"Yes, Master."

With her legs being strapped as they were, and as I'd placed her face down, her behind was forced apart by her weight. Wide spread with her feet by her buttocks, Tina made a pretty picture.

Both of her breasts crushed into the carpet forming pillows as I held a ball gag to her lips. Tina opened her mouth and smiled as I eased it into her mouth. Buckling the strap extra tight, the edges of it pulled the corners of her mouth harshly.


She nodded and I moved behind her. I began to insert my penis into her star-shaped ring. Gently, ever so gently, I began to pump inch by inch deeper into her bowels.

The dildo made things extra tight and it took a while until my balls touched her extended pussy. The feeling was blissful. Her anus gripped me as she started to hump me using her muscles both in her pussy and where I was buried. Slowly I started to pump in and out of her, dripping baby oil onto the top of my dick to ensure lubrication, and then the final touch. By reaching around the front of her hips, I pushed the switch on the vibrator inside the dildo. Tina's movements became frantic as we both felt the strong pulsing through the thin membrane between her two holes.

Too soon came the moment of release and I shot deep into her as she groaned and twisted beneath me.

Gently pulling myself out and removing the condom, I moved so I could see her face as Tina's orgasms continued.

After about six orgasms, Tina gave the stop signal and I turned off the vibrator. The unstrapping part took a while as we had to ease the vibrator part out of the middle of the dildo so we could get a bit of leeway. As soon as she was free Tina rushed off to the toilet.

"God! This is so brilliant! I want so much more of this!" She exclaimed through the door as I walked past to go downstairs.

"Meet me in the kitchen and we'll discuss the way forward from here."

Tina walked in naked as if it was the only way she knew how to dress. The girl was so horny that every movement she made oozed sex.

"Tom, can we play some more? This is so unbelievable! I haven't had so many orgasms in my life!" she said as she sat down in the armchair beside the Aga.

"You are so sexy. Do you know that?" I asked as I pulled a chair up beside her.

"Why, thank you kind sir." She paused and asked, "Can we try something that has always interested me? I have always wanted to try being spanked. That film that I told you about had some in it and although I could have tried it before, now seems more like the right moment."

So Tina was spanked until her bottom glowed and she didn't utter a word. She told me that she was trying to be brave and hard.

For the rest of the day we watched several videos and looked at old photos of my wife in bondage. The discussion that followed went along the lines of: can I do all these things; can we try these things soon; and can you do all these things to me without permanent damage to me.

Soon it was time for bed and Tina climbed in with me. We made love without any ropes or chains.

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