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by Paultt

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Chapter 3

Did I Push Her Too Far?

The whole week had been difficult for me. The fact that I may have gone too far with what we did kept crossing my mind. The question of whether I'd pushed Tina too far kept me up at night. Well, as you remember, before last weekend she had never been tied up. And the fact I was about thirty years her senior didn’t make me feel there was much hope to have the pleasure of her company again let alone the pure bliss of binding her young limbs with leather and rope. So her call on Thursday to ask if I wanted her to bring anything on Friday night was a pleasant shock.

Friday night, a stunning looking Tina arriving at 7:00 P.M., complete with a bottle of wine and an overnight bag. She kissed me as she walked in and asked, “Can I slip out of these things into something more uncomfortable?”

I laughed out loud at the eagerness that was reflected in her voice. “Are you sure that’s what you want to do. Wouldn’t you rather have a drink?”

“Too bloody right I do. I have been looking forward to this all week.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Something restrictive to keep me occupied while we talk as you cook dinner.”

So into the storage cupboard we go. Standing against the wall I watched her strip her clothes off sexily. To say the least, Tina's strip was stimulating. Her body took my breath away. She had dressed in black stockings with matching high heels. The fact that she had also shaved her pubic regions didn’t pass me by either. She caught me looking at her now depilated mons and laughed, “You men don’t realize the suffering we women go through. It itches like buggery.”

She gasped as I pulled a leather corset out of the wardrobe, her eyes wide. “That looks so nice. Are you sure you want me to wear it?” she asked. Balancing on one foot, she stepped into the ring of leather after I had loosened the laces a bit so she could slip into it.

“I can’t think of anyone I would like to wear it more than you. And I don’t think you will break it." I paused while I got the positioning right. The corset was heavily boned and as I started to lace the garment tight, Tina realized that her breasts were positioned on a shelf like two melons on a market stall. "Breathe in my dear," I told her while pulling her waist into an even smaller version of her slim self. Running a finger along her pussy lips I brought the wet dew of her inner self to her nose and teased her “You must like this slave!”

Tina sniffed the offered finger and replied, “Not a bad vintage if I say so myself Master.”

We both started to laugh. Tina was so much fun. I loved the way she made me laugh, even though she was finding it difficult to do so because of the corset’s tightness.

“Now slave, there's something for you to do. Here is some KY Jelly. Use it to place these into your body.” I handed her two medium sized dildos. “And buckle the crotch strap when you have done that.” Tina smiled and walked to the bathroom as I pulled out the next item for her enjoyment.

The way Tina walked into the room let me know both holes were full. So without wasting any time, I had her buckled into the single arm glove. This also laced up and I was pleased to find that most of her arms touched, even above her elbows. Then came a collar that covered her whole neck forcing her to keep her head up, so she had to watch in the mirror as I fed a thin strap over her right breast through a ring and over her left to a buckle that pulled both of her breasts into ball shapes.

“How’s that for a start? Meet you down in the kitchen.” I paused to kiss her lips and gently pull on her nipples. “Oh just one more thing,” I bent in front of her and slipped a pair of leg cuffs onto her ankles clicking them tight. “You'll take your time coming down the stairs won't you?”

I got as far as the door before a sly voice called out, "Oh, Master?"


“You forgot my gag.”

Hiding a smile I returned to this girl who intrigued me to say the least. I selected a large soft rubber ball gag, eased it behind her teeth and buckled the strap tightly at the back.

I gave her bottom a quick slap as I walked out with the enjoyable thought running through my whole body that I would have my hands full this weekend.

I’d gotten all the vegetables and meat into the stew pot before a sweaty, red, distorted face appeared around the kitchen door. “I see you made it then. Take a seat and I will make us both a cocktail.” I pointed to a metal frame chair by the aga. “Your arms need to go over the back my dear.” I watched as she sat down gingerly on the chair so she wouldn’t jar the dildos that resided inside her. Tina waited as I tied off the bottom of the glove to a ring on the base of the chair and recuffed her legs so that the chain held them against the chair legs. Unbuckling her gag, I rubbed at the indentations on her face and she smiled a brilliant smile at me.

Holding a glass to her lips so she could take a sip of the nice burgundy I’d uncorked earlier, I watched as she shuddered slightly as her situation sank in.

“Do I look sexy?” She asked as I pulled a chair beside her.

“God do you ever! I will show you later. Can I video this just for our later perusal?”

I didn’t expect Tina to agree due to her position at school but she did with an eager “Yes, please!”

I set up the video camera in the corner so I wouldn’t be in the shot as I cooked.

Tina gently struggled against her bonds partly for show and partly to move the two dildos inside her. We talked about the week’s events and her new found interest in bondage.

“Master, I have had the strangest dreams since we did the things we did last week.”

I told her that there was no need to call me that but she said it was part of the treatment, so Master it was.

“I dreamt last night that I was wrapped in ropes, all digging deep into me. My breathing was made really difficult by their tightness. We were sitting in a restaurant; my nipples were being crushed by clamps like in that magazine you gave me. People were talking to us and only we knew the secret of how I was suffering for us both underneath my smiles and pretense of normality.” She gave a big laugh and continued, “Shit, does this mean I’m seriously kinky?”

“Do you really want to try that or would you like it to remain a fantasy? It can be too much in real life.” Cathy wanted to be tied to a saddle mounted on a large dildo and it took weeks for her internal bruising to ease. I told her that trotting was not a good idea at the time. I have several fantasies myself but doubt that anybody could stand the actual suffering involved.”

Tina's head perked up at that. “I bet we could pull your fantasies off and mine too if you are up to it old man.” She smiled so I knew that she was teasing me.

“Slaves should not wish suffering on themselves. Your mouth could get us both into trouble young lady.” I wagged a disapproving finger at the bound beauty before me.

“In that case, you’d better gag me until the food is ready,” she pouted. However, her sly grin let me know that she was having fun.

So the evening meal was cooked in companionable peace. Well, apart from the groaning and moaning that accompanied the switching on of the vibrating parts of the dildos. Watching a young vigorous girl fight her bonds as she orgasms is the best thing in the world. Well, apart from Leeds winning the cup final.

Sitting in front of the heaving chest of my companion I was struck by her beauty. I am so lucky! I thought she was wasting her time with me when she could be with lads of her own age.

“Shit!” she said as I finally ungagged her, “I thought my brain would explode at the last orgasm.”

Moving to the oven I glanced over my shoulder and laughed, “You haven’t finished yet, and I am too busy to turn off the objects of your desire my love.”

“You sod! I will be too tired to give you pleasure at this rate!”

“Darling, this gives me pleasure, so orgasm away.”

Later, as we sat watching the video of her performance, she snuggled in the best she could while still wearing the corset and arm binder. She laughed at the sight of her orgasmic face and said, “I really would like to try out that idea of mine. Can we do it tomorrow? Please?”

So it came to pass that on a warm cloudy evening we sat down to dinner in the nice hospitable Paul’s Place, the best Cantonese restaurant in the area. To the casual viewer we could be father and daughter sitting down to an enjoyable meal. To be honest with you, I felt very old and very lucky to be with her. Tina was attired in a loose flowing dress; her hair pulled up to show off her graceful neck. A little black choker that looked as if it was made of cloth encircled her neck. It was actually made of steel and was non-removable unless you had a key. The key waited on the dresser at home. Tina’s eyes shone with a glee that made her seem so vibrant and alluring. To say that she turned heads was an understatement.

Only we knew why she was sitting so straight, her movements so slow and graceful.

Lots of thin cord wrapped tightly around her in Japanese style, cutting into her body. Tina’s breasts were encased in a rubber bra that teased her breasts with lots of rubber points. I’d shown it to her just to prove that we used to go out in public too. She pulled it on before I had a chance to object. She made little groans admittedly, but she was getting used to being a little uncomfortable. She was a little put out when I made her take it off to tie her. We tried thick rope to start off with but it showed too much. So we used a type of parachute cord that was flat but harsh. Lots of different styles were tried until we decided on the Japanese form of constriction. Tina decided to wear knickers and a panty pad as she was already leaking juices and she wanted to hide her arousal.

I made things a little bit trickier for her by placing love balls inside her before tying the cords deep into her dripping pussy. As we sat waiting for our order to arrive we shared grins at the looks we were getting as Tina crossed her legs with a little groan.

“Those balls you placed inside me are driving me nuts every time I move,” she informed me as I held her hands.

“Did you enjoy the afternoon?” I asked as she shifted again. Tina’s eyes lit up.

“Oh god yes! The way you tied me ached like hell but I couldn’t have gotten out of that in a million years. What did you call it, a cross-legged hogtie? I couldn’t move a bit. And the two nooses around my breasts then tied to the edge of the bed so I wouldn’t move or roll over was superb. And then you took me from behind so that anybody would think that I liked being used as a sex object.”

I thought I heard an intake of breath but thought no more about it. Later, on the way home, Tina informed me that a woman in the alcove next to us had been listening to us. “The look of shock on her face was worth the cost of the meal,” she laughed. Once again the differences between my submissive Cathy who would have found the humiliation part a turn on, and Tina with her sense of fun and adventure struck me.

Soon we had eaten our fill and sat back with a large brandy each. With a smile and a curt voice I passed a pair of handcuffs to her under the table. “Put these on slave. Hands behind your back and sit up straight.”

Tina did as told and soon a gentle clicking was heard from under the table. The look of lust in her eyes shone through from her inner self as she groaned and tried to come quietly as each click of the ratchet sent shudders through the already tense body.

“Master, tonight can you make me suffer a lot? I would like to try something so harsh that I will ache for the rest of the week.”

Sipping my brandy I looked at her. With Cathy we had taken our roles of Master and slave quite seriously.

She helped me develop most of the positions or types of bondage but she never asked how or why she was placed in a position of discomfort. Yes, Tina certainly was a strange girl.

Smiling at her I wished I was younger. The loss of Cathy was slowly easing as I passed Tina the key for her handcuffs. She looked at me as I passed her a jacket to hold over her wrists and cover the cuffs that I ordered her to reattach in front of her. We walked out after paying for the meal at the desk.

“Did you hear me come at the desk?” a breathless Tina asked as we climbed into the car. I think from her groan that she might have orgasmed as she sat on the seat.

“I think the whole room might have guessed something was amiss. Could you please be a little more discrete?”

“Sorry, Master,” she giggled. And I noticed a slight movement under her coat on her lap.

“And stop playing with yourself.”

She moved her hands to the top of the coat and rested her head upon my shoulder for the final few miles home.

She gave a wistful sigh as we pulled the car into the garage.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Oh, Master, I have never felt as sexual as I do now. Tell me you won’t stop me from coming here to be with you. I love being here you make me feel so different than how I felt before.” She leaned over and kissed me with a slow, gentle, soft kiss.

I misted over; no matter how old you are, the feeling is the same. Putting my arm around her we wandered over to the house, both quite contented.

On entering she offered her hands to be unlocked. I obliged and watched as she skimmed out of her dress and panties.

“That’s better,” she said, and looked at the way the ropes were digging into her. Unfastening her bra we both looked at the indentations on her flesh. “That was fun. Can we do it again sometime?” She skipped towards the toilet. “Don’t forget you have to fasten me up harshly tonight,” she reminded me as she shut the door.

Sitting in the kitchen I watched Tina making a cup of tea for us and asked how harsh she would like to go.

“Can you hog-tie me so tight that I am bent double and place me where I have to keep still or fall off of something? The idea came to me the last time you tied me like that. It would be more of a turn on if there was some danger in the situation.” She giggled and sat on my lap as we sipped at the hot tea.

“Meet you at the pool fifteen minutes.” I thought about how to make her feel she was in danger as I walked off to collect my equipment.

Tina was nervous. I could tell that because she chewed her bottom lip as I approached with my bag of tricks.

“Turn around!” I ordered and started tying her elbows together tightly. Her wrists followed quickly as I wanted to see if she would bottle out or not. Looping rope tightly around her waist, I told her to spread her legs wide and none-too-gently inserted an inflatable vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. Then I tied the rope through her legs to hold it in place. I led her by the elbow ropes to the diving board, placed her near it face down and attached a spreader bar and cuffs above her knees then crossed and tied her ankles.

Tina never said a word as I lifted her wrists up and bent her legs up behind her by running the rope up to her waist rope and pulling until her ankles nearly met the waist rope. Then by pulling on her wrists I got them past her crossed ankles and used the spreader bar as a tie off point. This bent her back on herself a little.

“How you doing?” I asked.

“Fine. What’s next?”

She actually smiled as she saw the head harness and opened her mouth wide to accept the wedge-shaped rubber bit. The leather strap covered her lips totally as I eased the blindfold over her eyes and finished buckling the straps together at the back. I then used a length of cord to pull her head back, arching her as much as I dared. Picking her up by the waist rope I placed her onto the diving board. This was fun for me. She looked so helpless as I pushed the diving board over the water. I stripped off my clothes and eased into the pool. I decided to add to her discomfort by attaching nipple clamps to her and pulling her breasts outward towards either side of the board and tying the cords from them under the board.

Looking up at her I reached between her thighs and gave the bulb a few pumps to tighten things up internally as well and then turned on the vibrator. Quietly I tied the spreader bar to the board so she couldn’t fall off. Then I fetched the video camera, as this was too good to miss. The picture was perfect as I returned. Tina was orgasming, struggling and trying not to fall off the board. I filmed it as a now sweating Tina screamed into the gag as she moved herself to pull on the nipple clamps and wiggle enough to provoke the next orgasm. The board was bouncing up and down enough for me to be a little worried that she might fall off.

Entering the pool I cupped my hands and when the board swung down poured water onto it. This caused Tina to freeze and to stop still. A little gasp of fear escaped her nose, as her mouth was too full for sounds to escape.

Slowly she started to gain confidence and to build up the pattern of her lust. The board began its dance again. To watch a naked, tied female build up her orgasm by fighting the very things that are holding her and helping her to achieve that aim is a wonderful thing. So it continued. After a lot of pleasure I pulled the board back in and untied the spreader bar from the board. Lifting Tina off the board I released her head and undid the spreader bar. Picking her up I placed the still hog-tied girl into a rubber boat and eased it into the water. Tina screamed as it rocked and I pulled the boat to the middle of the pool and fastened it there with a rope to all four corners of the pool. This way it wouldn’t tip over. Tina had been making little grunts of fear. I suppose these increased as I started to spray water into the boat with the garden hose. Tina started to struggle to free herself. This brought on her last orgasm. It was a long one for her body was still in rapture as I pulled the boat onto the side of the pool and began undoing all the rope and straps. Looking at her rope-marked body resting on the towel as I started to dry her I wondered if perhaps I had gone too far. She was exhausted. As I picked her up and carried her to bed it was as if we both knew things were not only right between us but that we had found the way forward.

Morning light flooded into the room as Tina opened the curtains. I blinked at the glare and then at Tina. She had put on a pair of handcuffs, dressed herself in a harness that had steel rings through which her breasts went and she had closed the rings so that now both were the shape and size of footballs. Her nipples both stuck out of swollen areolas that begged me to suck them. Her mouth was gagged with a ring gag. She had buckled a wide belt tightly round her waist. A posture collar finished off her ensemble.

Tina held an overfilled breakfast tray in her cuffed hands. She said something like breakfast is ready Master. She curtsied and set the tray on the bedside table. I patted the bed and waited while she sat down.

Tina was a little surprised when I fed her one of the sausages through the ring gag. She sucked provocatively on it and groaned as I used it to flick her nipples. Sitting and eating with one hand and playing with Tina’s breasts with the other was not a bad start to the day, but the blowjob that followed was definitely the start I needed. Tina knelt down and positioned her head so she could pull down the erect member for York and feed its length into her hot mouth. Her head movements built in speed as she used her tongue to flick the ridge of my glans as it exited on each stroke. Bliss is the only word to explain it. She was good. The lack of being able to close her mouth didn’t hinder the girl. Soon I was on the edge of coming and said “Stop.” She did so somewhat reluctantly. Quickly re-cuffing her wrists and adding a pair to her elbows I lay on the bed and commanded, “Mount me.”

Tina quickly did so by swinging her leg over me, and I helped her position herself over me. Little groans emitted from her mouth as her body absorbed my length. We both came together, Tina with help from my fingers as she bounced up and down.

She lay on my body panting. She made a whistling sound as she breathed through the ring, her drool pooling on my chest, chilling me as we both cooled down. Reaching over her I unfastened her gag and pulled the covers back over us. Tina actually dropped off to sleep on my chest murmuring, “Oh Tom, I love you.”

The ache of hunger woke me from my nap. Gently rolling Tina off me, I padded downstairs to the kitchen and made us a light brunch. This was quickly devoured by a starving Tina as I fed her morsels of food by hand.

Later in the day Tina sat on a patio chair dressed in one of my shirts. “Can I have a challenge that hurts me to complete it?" she asked.

“Yes. Take my shirt off and walk through that bed of nettles over there,” I joked.

But she stood up and stripped off my shirt.

“No slave, I have a real challenge for you. Go to the attic and sit in the cell wearing the hand and ankle cuffs while I prepare for your challenge.” I watched her leave the patio, dropping my shirt on the ground as she walked past me.

On the floor of the large barn at the rear of the house I ripped leaves off stinging nettles and placed them into patterns as if laying a minefield. Then I hung branches of the same plants at different heights to cause her to get onto the floor and change directions, creating only one safe way to get through the barn. By using bales I channeled her direction.

Going to fetch Tina I was totally unprepared for the amount of bonds she had placed onto herself. She wore a posture collar and gag; the earlier harness with tightened breast rings; a wide belt crushing her waist two sizes smaller; two pairs of cuffs, holding both ankles and wrists; and she was locked in the cell.

Two emotions ran through my mind: awe at her love of bondage, and pissed off at her for doing things beyond her instructions.

“Overdressed a bit, are we?” I asked.

She giggled and thrust her balls of breasts at me.

“Turn around and face the wall slave.” When she did so, I unlocked the cell, entered it, and then spanked her hard on each cheek. Little muffled cries escaped her gag as I squeezed her breasts hard. “Do as you’re told. Slaves only ask how high when told to jump.”

She hung her head, I suspect in mock shame only. But it was a start. It was time for her to start living the life, I thought, as I pulled a reluctant Tina out through the kitchen towards the barn.

“Okay, take a look. There is a way through the nettles. But you will have to trust me to tell you where to walk the first time as I am going to blindfold you – the second time you go only by feel or from memory. When you get to the wall by the feed motors I will be waiting with calamine lotion to take the sting out of whatever parts you got too close to the nettles. I bet you wish you hadn’t pushed your breasts out so much now, do you?” She nodded her head in agreement quite vigorously. “Remember the safety sign I taught you.”

So it began with a reluctant Tina gingerly making her way between the bales and the nettles. She managed it without getting stung once. Shit!

Then I pulled the hood over her head and things changed. Tina groaned as she took her first step and stood on a leaf.

“Listen to what I tell you and you won’t get stung!” I barked at her as she stepped into a clump hanging from the roof. She did a little jump away from the nettles and connected with a leaf under her other foot. She was sobbing a bit and I expected the safety sign any second. Finally she started to listen to what I was saying. I gave her a better chance by guiding her again through the maze.

“Okay slave, you have a choice if you don’t do this in 90 seconds. Ten slashes with a belt or a leaf in your bra and knickers when you leave to go home. Your choice, ‘A’ or ‘B?’

She chose ‘A.’

“Okay. Go.”

She did well at first with no real problems. Then she lost it and thrust both breasts into a thick clump. The ensuing dance cost her time and a large rash on her bum. Then she tripped over her leg iron and nettled her side. But by using her toes and incurring a lot of stings, she managed to get to me. Her thighs were dripping with her juices as I inserted a finger and used my thumb to climax her. Quickly covering her stings with the lotion, the sighs of relief were heard into the next county, I think.

“You failed by 30 seconds, slave. When do you want your punishment, now or before you go home?”

Tina nodded for the former, so I decided it was time for me to have some fun. First I re-cuffed her hands behind her. Then I tied a rope from her handcuffs to a hook in the roof and pulled it until she was bent over at the waist. Her arms were pulled up behind her, pointing towards the roof. I undid my belt and slashed it across her buttocks. Tina screamed, but didn’t give the sign.

Four more followed. Apart from the noise and a little dance, she seemed to be okay. My fingers walked all over the ridges and into the hot depths of her pussy. God was she wet! It was only natural that a Master took a little of what was offered. As I reached forward to squeeze the round balls of her breasts she rocked back hard against me, almost dislodging me. I couldn’t have that, so I reached down and got a nettle stalk and held it carefully near her. I carefully inserted myself partially again. As expected, Tina reared back and got a nettled bum as she moaned into her gag and came.

I left her like that as the phone started to ring. I didn’t mind not coming myself as the day was still quite young and was beginning to look like a good one. Returning to Tina after taking the urgent call about my business, I realized that I would have to cut our day short. I told Tina that I would have to be out all day. I gave her the choice of going home or spending the rest of the day in the house playing with the equipment.

You guessed it – she went for the latter.

When I arrived home, Tina had locked herself up in the cell wearing nothing but handcuffs and a smile. She told me that she’d had a lot of fun and had polished all the leather items. And she had. I was impressed.

But not as impressed as when just before we parted for the week, she got on her hands and knees for the last of the belt that she was owed.

She kissed me good night and told me that she had a whole week off after the next weekend.

Oh joy! A week off! I thought of her and that upcoming week as her car drove away down my lane.

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