The New House Rules 7

by Cshiny

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Chapter 7

Part 7a

I look at myself in the mirror. I am pretty happy with what I see. My shoulders are toned, my legs are lean and strong, my stomach is flat. These small boobs could use some help, but nature decided just perky for me. This is why I have a collection of padded bras. I grab them and force them together, like I have a pushup bra on. OK, enough admiring myself. I give my nipples a sharp squeezing twist. My brow furrows in response and I moan in delight.

My panty drawer is full of a combination of simple cotton stuff and trashy things. I decide the latter is the way to go. A pair of black lacy boy cut catch my eye. I slip them on and admire the bottom half of my ass cheeks in the mirror. I find some pale gray colored stockings with lacy tops and slip them on each leg. I find myself drawn to the mirror again. I love a girl in sexy underwear.

I walk to my closet and find a tight gray pencil skirt. I match it with a purple blouse that I just button up over my naked chest. That is the nice thing about small boobs, you can let them free. No annoying underwire digging in my chest all day. Yes, I am the girl in those news articles where they say, “what is too revealing for the office?” I wish I could say that I don’t like the attention I get, but I do, just a bit. A closed toe pair of tall heels with a high ankle strap finishes the outfit. I like how they look a little like bondage shoes, at least they do to me. I pull my long dark hair into a pony tail and head for the kitchen.

Taylor is reading texts on her phone with one hand and using the other to feed little bites of her bagel to her mouth. She has on this sexy dark lipstick and she is just using her teeth to chip away at it. I smile.

“You might should have saved the lipstick for after breakfast.”

“I know, I am a crazy woman this morning. I have to be across town in like ten minutes.”

“You might need Wil to give you a police escort.”

“If only he would do that. I am trying to text the Patricia at the office, hoping she can meet up with them.”

“Alright pretty girl, I have got to run. Have a meeting this morning also. Where is Tara by the way?”

“Think she is out running with Felix.”

I pour some coffee into my travel mug close the lid and walk over to Taylor, push myself up on my toes and kiss her on her cheek. She grabs my ponytail and pulls my head, planting a kiss gently on my lips. Guess I will be wearing that lipstick color, hope it looks good on me.

“Hold on.”

“Taylor, I have to go.”

She unbuttons the top few buttons of my shirt and pulls the sides out to reveal my breasts. Of course my nipples are rock hard from the cool air. Taylor digs in our kitchen junk drawer and pulls out two clothespins. I am mesmerized as she clamps one down on each of my nipples, the length of each pointing down. She buttons back up my shirt. I of course can see them through it.

“Go put on a jacket before you go. I am sure you have a blazer that goes with that skirt.”

“Yes mistress.”

I am back a minute later with a jacket on over my shirt. I would have to skip my long coat today. I don’t think it is cold enough for three layers.

“You look much better. Those clothespins stay on until you get a text saying you can take them off, understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

I grab my coffee and dart out the door before she gets any other ideas.

Part 7b

The car ride is brutal. I buckle myself in with the belt over my jacket, which puts more pressure on the pins. I wince every damn bump that my car hits on the way to my office. I think about taking them off when I get to my desk, but Taylor has ordered me to keep them on, and I really want to please her. I check my email as soon as I have a seat at my desk and of course there is a meeting in ten minutes.

When I leave my office I stop by Jen’s cube, two halls over, but it is still empty. Not really like her to be late. I walk down the hall, and find the conference room. There are only a few other people in the room and they all are heads down in their papers. I find a seat and gently lower myself, hoping to not move my jacket around. Ten minutes into the boring meeting, my phone buzzes in front of me. The name says Taylor on the screen. Shit. Great timing lady.

Thiry more uncomfortable minutes later the meeting ends. I make a mad dash to the ladies room. I find a stall, and hang my jacket on the door hook. I tenderly unbutton my shirt to expose my nipples. The pins dare me to remove them. I reach down and push the ends of the right one together. The blood flows back and a wave of pain hits me, I bite my lip in agony. Sweet agony, but it still fucking hurts. The left one turns out to be just as cruel with its grip. I try to rub some life back into my poor nipples. Each one has two angry red marks where the pin had rested. I button back up my shirt.

Each step back to my office rubs the fabric of my shirt against my sore nipples. I love it and hate it, the curse of a pain slut. Jen is now at her desk. She is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and her hair is spun up in a twisted bun at the top of her head. When she sees me, she looks down at her screen and her pale skin flushes crimson red with embarrassment. Fuck. The residents of the kinky house, myself included, have really caused me some work drama now. I think about saying “hi” and walking to my desk. Maybe the situation will just resolve itself? I so want to do this, but I find myself more concerned with what might be going on, why did Jen make a special trip to see me?

“Hey Jennifer, can you come to my office?”

“Yes ma'am.”

She is blushing even deeper red, but gets up and follows me all the way. When we arrive, I place my jacket on my desk and flop into my big chair.

“Close the door.”

“Yes ma'am.”

She takes a seat in the chair across from my desk.

“OK, Jen for the love of all that is holy please stop calling me ma'am. I can’t take that anymore. Jill, woman, hey you, anything but ma’am.”

“I am sorry ma’am, umm, sorry, Jill.”

“Thank you Jen, that is so much better.”

We sit in silence for a second. Then I just ask.

“Jen, why did you come by my house this weekend?”

She looks down.

“I just thought you needed those files.”

“You know you could have emailed them. And you are clearly embarrassed. What is going on?”

I have an idea, but want to keep her on the defensive.

“Jill, I feel embarrassed to say. Can you just pretend I never did? Please?”

“No, you need to talk to me. Just pretend I am your personal lawyer, I promise everything you say will be confidential. It will not leave this room.”

“Jill. I saw something I shouldn’t have.”

Fuck. This is how I lose my job. I try to keep my composure.

“What was it Jen?”

She hesitates for a moment.

“I was looking in your desk drawer for a file one of the partner’s needed. You left it unlocked.”

Oh shit. I look at the desk drawer to my right hand and two drawers down. There is a zippered pouch, inside there is a ball gag, handcuffs, nipple clamps, duct tape, and a vibrator. Basically everything I need for Taylor to dominate me over text messages. Did I leave it open? OK, so what was her play here? Did she want to blackmail me for my parking spot? For money? I had one more optimistic hope, and I figured I would give it a try.

“Did you like what you saw?”

The color left her face. Yep. She did. Must have read Fifty Shades recently.

Her voice is very small, almost a whisper.

“I did.”

“Did you come to ask me questions about it?”


“Are you busy after work tonight? I think we should go somewhere else to talk about this.”

“No ma’am. Sorry. Fuck. Sorry. Didn’t mean to say fuck. I am free tonight.”

This girl is too cute. I will probably regret this, but I can always find a new job.

“OK, I am going to buy you a drink. Let’s go at five.”

Part 7c

I give Jen the address of a bar I find online. It is like two towns over. Hopefully away from any prying ears. She is waiting for me in the parking lot, standing beside a little silver late model VW bug. She waves. I pull my car into the spot beside her and get out. I walk over and give her a hug. I was about to do something stupid. Step one would be to get her comfortable with me, less formal.

“Hey, have any trouble finding the place?”

“No, I have been to the place across the street before.”

“Are you embarrassed still?”

“So much.”

“Don’t be. After we get a few beers in you, it will be no big deal.”

We find a seat in the corner, it is a small two person booth. The place is dead and the waitress brings us some very unexceptional beer that is on tap. We chit chat about work for a minute while I wait for the alcohol to relax her.

“OK, so let’s talk about the subject we are avoiding. You looked in my drawer and saw all the kinky stuff. I guess you are intrigued enough to ask me about it, so what do you want to know?”

She was still a little red, but I could see her curiosity getting the best of her.

“Everything. I don’t know what to ask you first. Do you like it?”

I laugh.

“You have no idea. I live for that shit.”

“Do you like to be tied up? Or do you tie people up?”

“As much as possible, I like to be tied. It is incredible erotic. It is such an amazing feeling. And I have tied people up before, lots of times.”

“Is it comfortable?”

“Some of the time. Depends on who is tying you up. And it can be more fun when it is uncomfortable. Have you fantasized about being tied up?”

“Most everyday.”

“Have you acted on that urge?”

“No. I never met the right guy. Does your boyfriend tie you up?”

“Sweetie my boyfriend just dumped me, and told me I was disgusting because I like to be tied up. I play with my two roommates. You met them the other night.”

“Oh wow Jill, I am sorry to hear that. And I didn’t know you like girls. Do you?”

“More than I thought. I do prefer guys though.”

“Do you?”

“I think I am the same. I kissed girls back in college, but I have never really done more than that.”

“Would you do more with them?”

“Yes. I think it would be fun.”

Our conversation turns more relaxed after this exchange. I tell her about Tara and Taylor. We have a few more beers. I tell her about all of my BDSM experiences, being careful to leave out my professional ties to it. A few more beers later, I decide to press on, my buzz might be affecting my better judgement. I wanted to see where this is going while she is still here.

“So Jen, I think we need to discuss where we go with all this next.”


“I feel like we are a lot closer after our talk, I am sorry I never took you out for a beer before. I hope no matter what we decide next we can stay friends.”

“I really hope so.”

“Yea, me too. But you officially know too much about me, and I can’t have you killed.”

She smiles over her beer.

“So I am going to have to trust that you will keep all this private.”

“Oh my God, yes. I would never tell. Thank you so much for sharing with me.”

“Good. I am very glad to hear that. I really like my job.”

I pause for a minute.

“Jen, are you interested in me showing you what this is all about?”

She blushes again.

“I was so hoping you would ask me that.”

“Do you want to be tied up?”



I smile at her and continue.

“We will have to mix some things up at the office. If we are going to be messing around personally, I can’t be your boss anymore.”


“Do you know Kelly over in the federal compliance group?”

“Yes, he is really nice.”

“He has been trying to steal you from me for a long time. Are you OK with me letting him move you over there?”

“Yea, wow. What would you tell him?”

“Just that you are looking for some new stuff to learn and want to get more exposure to the others parts of the practice.”


She looked a little overwhelmed.

“He is really cool. You are going to like working for him.”


“Are you OK?”

“Just kind of excited and a little scared.”

I take another sip of beer.

Part 7d

When I return home, I see lights in the windows. Guess the girls are still awake. I thank the Uber driver and walk to my door. The warm air of the house washes over me as I close the front door. It smells like cinnamon and nutmeg. Is somebody baking?

“Taylor? Tara?”

“We are in the kitchen.”

I put down my bags and kick off my heels. The soft carpet under my stocking feet feels nice. I make my way to the kitchen.

Taylor is standing at the stove. She has on a long sleeve shirt and too short pyjama shorts, her long legs on display. Tara is at the table, and she is a sight. Taylor has tied her to one of the table chairs. Her arms tied at the sides. Ropes running around her chest, pinning her to it. Her ankles crossed and tied to the right leg of the chair. She is blindfolded and gagged. I can see strings of drool falling from the sides of the red ball. Her boobs are wet from it.

I walk over and kiss her on the head.

“Poor baby, you look like you have been here for a long time.”

She moans at me.

“I am not untying you. Beg Taylor.”

Tara moans in displeasure.

“You like my assistant?”

“Yea, she is very sexy.”

“Think I should clamp those nipples?”

“Let me tell you about nipples. Those fucking pins were on for an hour today.”

“I sent you a text after thirty minutes.”

“I got stuck in a fucking meeting.”

Taylor busts out laughing.

“You are so mean.”

“Are they sore?”

“Yea, very. Thanks for that.”

“You are welcome darling. You had to work late by the way.”

“Oh shit, I was not working. I went out.”

“You did? Where did you go?”

“I took my assistant out for a drink.”

“Shut your face!”

“For real.”

“So why was she here?”

“Are you holding on to your vagina?”

She mock grabs her crotch.

“My sweet little assistant Jen came over here to learn about bondage.”

“No fucking way! I should have let her stay.”

“Yea, you fucked up sending her on her way.”

“So did you explain it to her?”

I smile.

“I am going to show her.”

She starts laughing again.

“Are you trying to get fired?”

“Maybe, I am going to have her shuffled off to another department, so at least I am not that much of a predator boss.”

“You are still a predator.”

“Thanks Taylor.”

“So are you going to let me play with her?”

“I think that she might need some 101 treatment before you send her to kinky grad school. She seems very open minded though, I can’t imagine she would be opposed to that idea. You can’t just attack her like you did us though.”

I smile again.

“You two voluntarily walked into my web.”

I walk over behind Tara and start stroking her hair gently. She inhales sharply and squirms a bit.

“So what are you making over there.”

“Some pumpkin tart recipe I found online. Stupid food porn.”

“They smell delicious.”

I look over at Taylor, her legs are like a mile long and the bottom of her ass is peeking out of the shorts every time she moves around. Then I look down at Tara, her freaking body is a sight. Her skin is flawless. Her proportions are just right everywhere. The rope looks so pretty squeezing into her in all the good places. Like me, her boobs are nothing to write home about size wise, but they are round and perky. I roll one of her pink nipples between my fingers. She moans.

“So why is she being punished?”

“Cause she is impatient and was pestering the shit out of me while I am trying to cook.”

I push my lips down to Tara’s head and whisper.

“You are so bad.”

She grunts into her gag and squirms against her ropes.

“Taylor, I think she needs some attention.”

“If you want to give her some mercy, play with her, but tie her up and she stays gagged unless she is eating your pussy.”

I whisper into her ear again.

“Do you want me to get you off?”

She moans yes into the gag and shakes her head.

“Oh yea, before I forget again. You two still owe me five hours of bondage.”

“Five hours of bondage? What did we do?”

She turns to me and tilts her head, giving me a disappointed look.

“Oh shit, I forgot. Five hours of you being tied with no getting off. Do you want that all at once?”

“I like a challenge.”

I have untied Tara’s chest bindings and start to work on her wrists. I in a very firm whisper to her order her to hold her hands behind her back after I untie them. When I untie her wrists I push her chest forward onto her legs. She meekly crosses her wrists behind her back.

“That is very brave. When do you want to do this?”

“Saturday maybe. And I don’t want you guys to just hogtie me and throw me into a closet for five hours, you have to change my position every hour or so.”

“Oh trust me, I am going to spend five hours teasing the shit out of you.”

She points the spatula in her hand at me.

“You are so mean. Remember who ties up whom most of the time.”

I smile as I untie Tara’s ankle ropes from the chair, being careful to leave her ankles tied together. I pull her up to her feet, wrapping my hands around her waist to steady her until she gets her balance.

“I know, and I am already looking forward to your payback.”

I blow her a kiss and look up at Tara. She was a good four inches taller than me now that she is standing. Good lord, I am not this short. These freaking Amazonian blonde women I live with.

“Alright, are you ready to hop to my bed?”

Part 7e

I have Tara lay flat on my bed and untie her bound ankles. I tie each of her legs to a corner of my bed. She is a flexible girl, so I make them tight, not quite a split, but uncomfortably wide. I also tie her elbows together. I circle a rope around the narrow part of her waist, right over her hips, to tie her wrist bondage to. Moving her hands above her ass and out of my way.

I move up to the top of the bed, she is looking at me with pleading eyes. I can't tell if she really wants to be touched or it is a look of “Taylor is supposed to be the mean one” betrayal. I feel a little guilty, but know I am about to make her feel better.

“You OK?”

She shakes her head a little.

“You want to get off?”

She whimpers yes through the gag.

I move back down between her legs and crawl up on the bed on my knees, pulling my skirt up so I can move around. With my left hand I grab her clit between my finger and thumb, holding it gently. I push my right index finger into her soaking wet pussy. I pull it back out, just to the edge and slowly push the tip of my finger in and out. With each push I tease her clit between my fingers at the same interval.

I immediately notice her breathing becoming labored; her body is frozen in place with new sensation. I pick up the pace. Sliding my finger in deeper. She responds by rolling her stretched hips into my hand, doing a good job of timing when i am going to be pushing into her. I squeeze her clit. She moans and I smile. I pick up the intensity of my finger fucking of her, she matches me with her squirming. I find myself roughly squeezing and rolling her little bundle of nerves in my fingers. Sweat is breaking out on her back and ass. Her breathing is jagged. Then without warning her whole body spasms.

I hear her cry “fuck” under her gag and she locks into a contorted position, trying to pull her legs back to her body. Her arms held in place at her back, but she has bowed her back and made everything tighter. I gently slide my finger in and out until she uncoils from her orgasm. Once she relaxes, I pull my finger out and release her clit. I watch her back slowly expand and contract. She glistens with sweat. I slide my finger into my mouth, cleaning it of her wetness.

“Time for that gag to come out.”

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