The New House Rules 8

by Cshiny

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Chapter 8

Part 8a

By the middle of the week, the weather had hit an unseasonably warm spot, so I had agreed to meet the girls for lunch downtown. It is not eating outside weather, but warm enough that we can walk from lunch to an errand that we had been talking about. A very naughty errand.

My walk up Broad Street challenges that warmer weather assumption. I pull my jacket closer to my neck every building awning I walk under. Then racing quickly to the next ray of sunshine I can find. Two joggers run past. I find myself checking out the girl as much as the guy. She has short shorts with a long sleeve tight shirt and a headband holding her brown hair back. I love fit couples. I resist the urge to turn and watch them run away, keeping my eyes forward.

One more street over, I find Tara standing at the corner, she is waiting for a crosswalk light to change. We make eye contact and she waves at me. She is dressed like a snow bunny on a ski slope, with a puffy jacket, scarf, gold framed aviator glasses, and a wool knit cap. Her jeans end in fuzzy looking Ugg boots. I so envy her casual work environment. I want to work for a hipster tech company.

I walk up and she wraps her arms around me. Tilting her head down pressing her lips into mine. I kiss her back, a bit reluctantly. I am embarrassed at same sex public displays of affection, it is still so new to me. She does not let me go and keeps kissing. Two guys at the corner make a comment in a whisper and walk as the light changes. When they leave, Tara grabs my hand and tugs me along towards a street away from them.

“Are you being shy?”

“Yea, sorry about that. I was just not expecting that. So nice to see you though.”

“You too darling, and don’t worry about being shy, I like it.”

“What was going on with the guys?”

“Nothing, they were bugging me and I told them my girlfriend was on the way.”

My heart flutters a bit with her words. It is so strange to hear her say that. I think I blush because she notices. She laughs.

“Jill, I know we are both straight, but we are going to find a good man and be sister wives.”

I try to think of something cool or funny to say, but my mind is just distracted. I would be OK in poly relationship with this woman.

“What are you thinking about over there shorty?”

“Tara, I am average height, I can’t help that you bitches are trees.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

I grip her hand a little tighter.

“Tara, you joke about the sister wife thing, but I kind of like that idea. Not like crazy mormons or something, but maybe in a poly thing.”

She is quiet. Oh God, I have freaked her out. We walk another couple of steps.

“I have actually been thinking about that a lot.”

“Being in a three way with a guy and me?”

“Well that too!”

She laughs.

“Jill, I am just kind of attached to you. I miss you when we don’t get to hang out. I like being around you all the time. If you had a penis, I would already have poked holes in your condom to get myself pregnant.”

“That is a little bunny boiler-ish.”

“You know I am playing. I just have feelings for you that I usually have for guys. And it is not just that we have been fooling around, because I freaking love Taylor and I don’t want to snuggle with her at night. And I am way protective of you.”

“That is because you are so tall, you have to be the guy in our relationship.”

“Nice Jill.”

“Is it because the boys we have been with lately are not real men?”

“Maybe so. And now that I am thinking about it, why can’t our poly thing have two penises?”

“That means an extra guy Tara, can you deal that nonsense?”

“Fuck no. One penis, two who whoos. It is decided.”

We are still holding hands when we make it to the restaurant. Taylor is waiting for us. She is clearly more cold hardy than us, because she has on jeans and a long sleeved shirt with just a twisted scarf around her neck to stay warm. She looks at our locked hands and laughs.

“I knew you two were hot for each other.”

Tara rolls her eyes at her.

“Jill and I are not going to invite you to our future poly relationship with that kind of attitude.”

Taylor laughs and tosses her hair over her shoulder dismissively.

“Neither of you ladies have a dick and I don’t like girl drama anyway.”

She sticks out her tongue.

Tara pulls Taylor in with her free arm. She kisses her with a big smack on her lips.

“We will make you change your mind.”

Part 8b

We end up having a few midday margaritas at the mexican resturant. I find myself glad that I blocked off my calendar at work so nobody ends up looking for me. Tara is still eating chips after she finishes her meal. I have no idea where that skinny thing puts it. I suspect it might be in a tapeworm.

“When is our appointment?”

Taylor looks at her phone.

“In about forty minutes.”

I pretend to clap my hands. I really am excited. I have not been in this place since my working days. It is a dreamland for kinky people. Taylor had asked me for details about it and I volunteered them like I was being interrogated and she had broken me.

“What do you want to buy Ms. Dominant?”

“Want to see my list?”

Tara grabs Taylor’s phone and leans close to me. I look at the first few items. Bit gags, chastity belts, leather hoods, flogger, the list kept going. I am seriously hot and bothered. Tara is the first to comment.

“This is going to be crazy expensive.”

“Good thing two of us have some money.”

Tara looked hurt.

“I am not broke!”

Taylor laughs.

“Baby, I love you, but you are fiscally challenged. No worries, I just got a big commission. I am going to treat. And besides, I plan on using all this stuff on you two.”

She smiles a fun menacing smile. Uh oh.

After we pay our check we start the five block walk to the kinky store. It is in a slightly lower rent part of town and the windows have dark curtains with only the store name printed on the glass. If you didn’t see the nobody under twenty one letters on the door, you might assume it was a just a private boutique or something.

Taylor knocks on the door. A few seconds later an older, but very pretty, woman opens the door.

“Are you Taylor?”

Taylor offers her hand.

“I am Taylor, this is Tara and Jill.”

She waves us in. Locking the door behind us. Taylor has arranged a private visit to the place.

“It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I am Mindy, I will be helping you today.”

Tara is looking around in amazement at the selection of leather, metal, wood, whips, gags, and everything a dirty person could dream of owning. Mindy scans us from head to toe, evaluating.

“Are these two the submissives?”

Taylor smiles.

“They are.”

“You two can come with me then.”

Tara and I look at each other, both aroused at the order and concerned with what was going to come next. We walk with her and leave Taylor to shop.

Mindy leads us to a changing area, which is a room that is about fifteen feet square. The walls are mirrored and the floor is carpeted red, but looks clean. There are three metal wires on pulleys, with carabiniers at the ends, hanging from the ceiling. A variety of rings are screwed to the floor and walls between mirrors. Two comfy looking chairs sit in front of the three wires.

“Ladies, remove your clothing. Leave your underwear.”

She just stands there in front of us. After a second, I realize she is not going to go and I still have some tequila in me from the restaurant. Ah, what the hell, I decide. I remove my jacket and start unbuttoning my shirt. Tara takes my lead and unzips her jacket beside me. I remove piece after piece of clothing under Mindy’s watchful gaze until I am standing in just my underwear. I look at Tara, neither of us is wearing a bra today.

“Put your hands on your head.”

We comply. Mindy moves to me and produces a cloth tape. She wraps it around my waist, ankles, across my boobs, around my boobs, under my boobs, around my neck, around my thighs, around my ankles, and then takes my height. She pulls my hands in front of me and measures each of my wrists and measures them pressed together. I am transfixed watching her repeat the process on Tara.

“Kneel down ladies. One of you at that ring, the other at this ring.”

We do as we are told. Mindy gathers a few four or five foot pieces of chain, two pairs of handcuffs and four locks from a box near a mirror. Quickly we find ourselves handcuffed, with a short section of the chain locked to the cuffs and then another lock securing us to the floor. We will not be standing until Mindy sets us free. Without saying anything, she gathers our clothing, piles it on a bench, and then leaves us to our thoughts. We pull and squirm against our bonds for a second. Tara breaks the silence.

“Jill, I am so fucking wet right now.”

Part 8c

Minutes tick so freaking slowly by. Tara and I decide that since we were not told not to, that we can talk quietly. She mostly chastises me for telling Taylor about this place and makes jokes about how we are going to be sold into slavery.

Mindy returns with Taylor and a push cart of items that looked like they have been time warped from the Inquisition. She guides Taylor to one of the plush chairs in front of us and she takes a seat. Taylor smiles at us. Mindy goes to work adjusting the chain between our cuffs and the locks on the floor so we can stand, but still not move far. She then moves to the cart.

“So what would you like to see first?”

“The bit gags please.”

For the next half hour Mindy straps things on us, chains us, collars us, and whips us with different implements. I like some of it and tolerate other items. Tara seems to enjoy anything that makes her feel used and submissive. My favorite item ends up being two ball gags that are connected together with a very short metal rod. When we are strapped into each side of it, Tara and my lips almost touch and we can't not look away from each other.

Everything is now cleared off the cart and Taylor has made her selections, carefully noting the color and quantity of each item she likes. We now find ourselves kneeling on all fours with the handcuffs directly locked to the hook in the floor. Mindy has removed our panties and ball gagged us both again. She returns to the room wearing rubber gloves. In each of her hands she has a small glass butt plug.

“You want them to wear these out?”

Taylor smiles and we both start whining in our gags.

“Yes please.”

Mindy carefully spreads an even coat of lubricant over each of them, standing them carefully on the cart. She moves to Tara and presses a lubricated finger into her ass. Tara grunts. She puts a tiny drop of lubricant on another of her fingers and moves to me. I feel her swirl the cold substance on my ass and press her finger into me. I groan a little. When she returns to me with the first of the plugs I pull on my cuffs like I intend to flee, but freeze in place when it touches my ass. I feel it being swirled around and then oh so much pressure. I want to scream into my gag, but the thick part slips into me and it quickly feels pretty good. Tara moans and closes her eyes when her ass gets the number two plug.

Mindy removes the gags and uncuffs our wrists. We both lay still, a little afraid to move.

“Get up and get dressed ladies.”

I feel so used and exploited after this, and I kind of love it. Tara and I are both quiet as we slip on our panties and try to get dressed. I look at Tara’s face, she has a deep gag strap mark on her cheeks. I reach up and feel my matching set. Shit, no going back to the office for me.

Taylor talks to Mindy for a minute more, arranging delivery and discussing a date to bring us back for some leather fittings. We don’t move, but just stand there. Taylor motions for us to go and Mindy tells us to have a nice afternoon.

When we step out the door, Taylor is the first to speak.

“You two are very quiet.”

“We are just trying to walk you twisted sadist.”

I snicker at Tara’s comment.

“I think I am getting used to it, feels good.”

“Yea, I think I might like it also. But damn that was weird getting the medieval dungeon winch treatment from that cougar lady.”

Taylor makes a pouty lower lip thing.

“Aww, I figured you two would love that. I was looking at your dripping pussies, you sure looked like you loved it.”

I am the one to respond to this one.

“Yes, my pussy responds to all kinds of inappropriate shit, but maybe a heads up before you have us fitted for ass plugs by the sales staff next time?”

She knows from my smile I am not really mad.

“OK, swear I will let you guys know what is coming before I do anything like that again.”

Tara is walking a little funny.

“I think I have had too much butt sex. I feel like mine is falling out, can we go get a bigger one?”

Part 8d

We hug Taylor goodbye and go our separate ways. Tara and I continue our plugged ass walk of shame to the parking deck we both used. She walks me to my car and hugs me goodbye. As I start the car, she bangs on the window. I roll it down and she leans in the window smashing her lips into mine.

I pull out of the deck and look at my face in the rearview mirror, the gag marks have mostly faded. I decide I should make one quick office appearance. I pull into the lot and find a spot as close to the door as I can. The walk in is super shameful. I am certain that I am walking the same, and I know nobody has a clue what is shoved in me, but I still race to my office to hide.

The next hour all, and I mean all, the entirety of my thought, was about the glass plug in my rear end. It was the single most distracting thing ever. I look around my desk for a sandwich bag or storage container from some previous lunch, this damn thing has to come out and I for sure was not going to drop in my purse after I extract it.

There is a knock at my door.

“You can come in.”

Jen peeks her head into my office.

“Is it okay if I stop by?”

“God yes, I need a distraction. Close the door when you come in.”

Jen smiles at me and takes a chair on the other side of my desk.

“What is going on Jill?”

I think for a second about not telling her, but I figured we were about to be naked around each other soon anyway, so why not spill the secret.

“The girls and I went kinky shopping after lunch. I came back with something. It is really fucking distracting.”

She looks surprised in a I must know way. Her response, even though a whisper, is super excited.

“What is it?”

“I have a freaking ass plug under my panties right now.”

“No way!”

“For real.”

“Does it feel good?”

“I can’t tell, I liked it earlier, but it is just so distracting now. I have been here an hour and only looked at two emails. There is no fucking way I will actually be able to respond to them.”

She just smiles at me.

“It is not as fun as it might sound, I can promise you.”

“Jill, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about Friday night.”

I smile back at her.

“Be careful what you wish for, it is all fun and games until somebody shoves something in your ass. How is the new boss by the way?”

“He is almost as nice as my old boss. Seriously though, I will really miss working for you, but he seems so relaxed and cool. Thanks for making that happen.”

“Yea, he has a lot of information to share. I would soak it up if I were you.”

“I will.”

She gets quiet.

“What is on your mind Jen?”

“Oh, I am just curious. Do I need to do anything before you come over? Do I need to shave myself or go buy rope or anything?”

“Sweetie, you are fine. I will bring over everything we need. And unless you are 70s porno down there, I like a little bush. Just be warned, if in the future, you ever play with Taylor, she likes to pull it.”

Jen leans forward and squints her eyes at me.

“Do you have marks on your face?”

“Fuck, you can you see those?”

“They are light. Are those straps from a gag?”

“Yes, fuck. I thought they were gone. I think I need contacts or something.”

“I kind of love them. That is so hot.”

“Me too, but not at work. I am going to sneak out to my car. Can you make an excuse if somebody comes looking for me?”

She smiles again.

“Of course.”

I get up and hug her.

“I am in court tomorrow, but I will be back Friday.”

“It is going to be a long two days.”

She walks with me to the door and we go our separate ways. I find myself excited to see what she might be hiding under those clothes. I peek back and watch as she walks her tight little ass down the hall.

Part 8e

The house has the delicious and overwhelming smell of baked goods when I walk in again. Good grief Taylor was trying to make us fat. I stroll into the kitchen and see trays of baked cookies, but it is quiet. I feel a hand grab me from behind. I scream and jump.

“Damn Taylor, are you trying to scare this plug out of me?”

She wraps her arms around me from behind.

“No, and you need to get used to that thing. I have chastity belts coming for you two, they will plug up both holes and you will be wearing it to work often.”

“You are so freaking lucky I am love to be used and abused.”

“Both of you do. Such good little subs.”

“Why all the cookies?”

“Open house. I am going to feed all of these people until I can find one to trick into signing a contract on that Springs Hill Road listing.”

“Is it haunted or have termites?”

“Oh, it is a great house, but it is in a shitty neighborhood with a freight train that runs at three am on weeknights behind it.”

“What is the basement like?”

She squeezes me.

“Not as awesome as our’s will be.”

I turn around and step away from her.

“What are you planning on?”

“Oh, I am going to turn it into a proper dungeon.”

I laugh.

“I have watched you try to build a bookshelf Taylor, no offense, but I will be avoiding your homemade dungeon.”

“I have a contractor coming smartass.”

“Oh fuck. Does he know what he is building?”

“Oh yea, found him on a website for kink friendly service people.”

“What are we going to get?”

“I think a couple of pulleys, for suspension, like three.”

“You want to get strung up also?”

“Yes, sometimes, and it sounds like you are working on our third.”

“Go easy on that girl. She is new. What else?”

“Stocks. Rings for chains. Maybe a jail cell.”

“Holy fuck. Have you told Tara?”

“Yea, she freaked out. Think she had an orgasm thinking about it. You like the idea?”

“I freaking love it. Might even call you Mistress again, think you earned it. OK, I am going to pull this damn plug out and shower. Where is Tara by the way?”

“Your girlfriend went to the store to pick up some confectioners sugar and candied ginger for me. And yes, she is still wearing the plug.”


“Oh Jill.”


“Stay naked after your shower.”

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