The New House Rules 6

by Cshiny

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Chapter 6

Part 6a

I chew on the cloth pressed between my teeth, then make another feeble move forward.  Tara and I are both sitting on the floor, tied back to back against a post in Wil’s basement.  My wrists are handcuffed behind my back, and my legs are tied above my knees and at my ankles.  I pull myself forward into the ropes across my chest, run under my arms and above my breasts, welding me to the metal behind me.  It of course does not budge, but squirming against the bondage is one of the best parts of being tied.  I straighten my legs and twist my ankles against the ropes circling them.  Tara’s blonde hair whips around the pole and hits me on the face.  She must be squirming also.  I find myself wishing that next time Taylor will tie our hair under the gags.  I can’t even blow the strands out of my face while gagged.  I smile inside, inescapability tied and I am already thinking about the next time I am tied.

I twist my head to the side and look at Taylor.  She is stretched out by the other post, laying on a blanket.  She is face down with her wrists cuffed above her head around the post.  I can see her softly breathing, her back moving up and down with each breath.  Wil had fucked her senseless from behind and she appears to be napping, her long hair lying across her arm.  He had started doggy style and with her squealing prodding, had moved to her ass.  Tara and I had watched in neglected jealousy as she screamed out release.  Wil finished and left us all tied up.  He came back shortly after dressed in his uniform.  Despite our whining protests, he said that he had an emergency call and then left us tied in place.  The bastard flashing his big smile all the way up the stairs.

Since I do not have access to a watch, I can’t even begun to guess how long we had been here, but it must be hours.  The afternoon sun is starting to slip away.  The basement is getting a lot cooler.  I look down at my hard nipples.  I so want to play with them.  I strain my hands, trying desperately to pull them around my back.  Nope, no stimulation for me.  Just the bite of metal digging into my wrists.  I close my eyes and lean my head back.  I recall my days working as a professional mistress.  Every time I had a wrapped rope or buckled a leather cuff on some random client, I had known I was on the wrong side of that equation.  I was the one that needed my body restrained.  My freedom taken away.  My choices removed.  My body used as someone else pleases.  This is what I want sexually.  And here I sit, bound to a pole.  I can do nothing for myself.  My pleasure is delayed until somebody wants to deal with me.  I feel myself flush.  I close my eyes tighter.  I squeeze my thighs tightly together and pull my legs up.  I hold myself in this constricted position and then melt back into my fate.  My toes touching the cold concrete floor.

“Taylor, are you awake?”

Tara must have pushed her gag out.  I push my tongue into the thick rough cloth in my mouth, but it does not budge.  Taylor lifts her head and puts her chin on her arm, smiling our way.

“Yea, woke up a few minutes ago.  I am so freaking drained.”

“I am sure.  Lucky bitch.”

“Jill, you OK back there?”

I groan into my gag and push harder.  My words are just mush and grunts.  Maybe they make more sense to the girls?

“She can’t get that gag out.  Poor thing.”

Tara giggles.

“Poor baby, I wish I could pull it out for you.  Taylor, where the fuck is Wil?”

“I have no idea.”

“You didn’t tell him to leave us to squirm?”

“Hell no, and I really need to visit the restroom.  He needs to hurry the fuck back.”

“How many pairs of handcuffs does this guy have?”

“So many.”

“I like this pair he put on me, I can’t move my hands much at all.”

“Yea, those hinged ones are fun.  I think they are my favorite.”

Tara pauses for a second.  I swear I can hear her thinking.

“You know, I would have been OK if you told him he could fuck me too.”

Taylor laughs.

“Next time sweetie.”

“Would you be OK with that?  Would it be weird?”

“Definitely yes and no. We are just friends with benefits. It would be no big deal.”

Some strange jealousy bubbles up from my stomach.  I am not sure if it is that I can’t participate in this conversation, or if they are talking about getting fucked without me, or just the idea of somebody fucking Tara.  Could that be it?  I shudder at the thought because it is really odd.  I have no idea why I am having such hard time dealing with my latent but clearly bi-sexual ways.  And I know in my head I really should not be getting possessive of my roommate, but there it is, my girl crush turning me into a psycho.

After a few more minutes, getting fucked conversation turns to something surprisingly mundane.  Taylor and some expensive house listing or something.  Being tied, I find myself not being able to, or even wanting to, focus and float back into my thoughts and quiet squirming.

I find myself interrupted a few minutes later with big guy steps clomping down the stairs. We all turn to our captor.

“Shit, I am so sorry.  I had to run take a call with a prosecutor working one of my cases.”

Taylor is the first to speak.

“If you untie me in the next five seconds so I can go pee, you might be forgiven.”

“Jill is the one gagged over there, shouldn’t I get her first?”

He fidgets with her cuffed wrists.

“No, she loves being like this.  Put Tara’s gag back in tight and I might take your clothes off again.”


A few minutes later, despite Tara’s protest, we find ourselves gagged, the cloth replaced with the ball gags.  Will had also taken the liberty of wrapping some black bondage tape over our eyes.  Plunging my world into darkness.  I can hear Tara whimper and struggle behind me, in her delightfully desperate way.  I bite down harder on this fucking gag cutting into the sides of my mouth and drift back into my dirty head space.

Part 6b

The food is bland tonight.  I usually love Thai food.  Maybe the company is ruining it for me. I look across the table at Scott.  He has so many words coming out of his mouth.  Does he ever shut up?  It had been a stream of his accomplishments and his money talk, mixed with comments about this thing or that thing he would buy someday.  He had yet to ask me a question.  It was just a lecture about how great he is.

“So when our quarterly numbers come out, you are looking at the next VP of Marketing Strategy.  Shit, you need to come see my office.  It is the corner one, on the side away from the deck.  The view is amazing, no city to be seen.”

He stops talking and looks at me, his eyes narrow.  I put down the fork that I had been absentmindedly thinking about stabbing him in the face with.  Thank goodness it is not noodles and a chopstick.

“Sort of.  Congratulations on the promotion.  You deserve it.”

“Jill, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Excuse me?”

“You are not the same, and I am not talking about tonight. You are like a ghost these days.  You don’t answer texts.  I have barely seen you the last two months.  We probably have not been together in three.”

“Been together?”

“We have not fucked Jill, you know what I am saying.”

Two older people at the table beside us picked up on the conversation.  The older lady smiles in embarrassment and her husband tried to pretend he did not overhear us.  I narrow my eyes back.  This guy might be handsome with perfect hair, but he is being a crude dipshit at the moment.

“Do you really want to do this here?”

“Yea, it might be another two months before we get a chance to again.”

Everybody assumes that because I am attorney, that I like confrontation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I knew this conversation would happen, and now I find myself mortified that it is happening in public.

“Scott, look, I am sorry that I have been so distant.  It is just.”

I sigh in sadness and exasperation.

“You have always been so good to me, but.”

He cuts me off.

“Are you fucking somebody else?”

The question is not appropriate, and I am disgusted with him.  We had never talked about being exclusive.  I never figured he was there.  And besides the fact he had never given me an orgasm, and that he was a useless lover, we had never even put that on the table.  I recoil in rage.  I feel it wash over me.  Hell yea, I have been fucking my roommates with abandon, but that was none of this fucking guy’s business.  Did he think I was his monogamous girlfriend?  And why the fuck did he go straight to me sleeping around?  Recent events aside, that was not my thing.  I stamp the rage down and speak softly, trying to keep the situation calm.

“We never talked about being exclusive.”

“Fuck Jill, we have been seeing each other for a fucking year.  That is just implied.”

Again, I try to keep calm and my voice drops to almost a whisper.

“Scott, I like you, but we are not right for each other sexually.  I should have said something sooner.  I just have been figuring things out.”

“Who are you fucking?”

“That is none of your business.”

“Is that guy Pierce from your office?”


I protest with a little more enthusiasm in my voice, but back down to a whisper again.

“Can we please go talk about this outside?”

“No, we can’t, I just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me and I want some fucking answers.”

My mind immediately and strangely goes back to the last time I had sex with Scott.  He had climbed on top of me in bed, missionary of course, and forced himself into me dry.  Hell, I like a little rough getting pounced on, but this was just unstimulated blah sex.  While he was pounding away, I had put my hands over my head, crossing my wrists. I needed domination.  I realize that I had never told him why we did not work, how could he know?  Guilt mixed with my rage.

“Please calm down.  It is totally not what you think.”

Fuck yea it was, it is worse than he thinks.  His little vanilla heart could not handle the truth I was holding.  I try to continue.

“I really would love to explain exactly what is going on.  I just don’t think this is the right place and we are both upset right now.”

His expression was cold as ice.  His anger was more focused.

“I saw what is in your nightstand.  That is what you want isn’t it?  That kinky shit.”

I feel myself flush with redness.  I have nothing to be embarrassed about, but I feel caught.  I am too mortified to lash out at him for his invasion of my privacy.  And I really do want to know how long he has been holding that nugget of information.  After a moment of silence, I steady myself.

“Yes Scott, that is what I want.  Yes.  There is more to it than that though.”

“You fucking disgust me.”

I had never felt so much anger in one moment.  I am angry that this person I had shared a bed with could be so close minded and hateful.  I am angry that my sexuality was a taboo subject and being treated like this.  I am angry that one sentence earlier I had been entertaining the idea of asking Scott if he would help me explore this side of me.  I am angry at myself for not being more open earlier.  I am mostly angry that I had chosen this man for anything.  My lower lip trembles and I can feel tears building in my eyes.  I rub my hand across my face, smearing the tear away.  I, calmly as possible, speak.

“Don’t ever talk to me like that.”

“This is bullshit.”

He gets up from the table.  Slams down some cash from his wallet and walks away.  I had managed to hold the tears away, but I quickly notice all the stares in my direction.  Why are people not looking at the jackass that just stormed out?  I want to hide my face, but the rage gets the best of me.  I open up my purse, place my credit card on the table and storm after him.

It quickly feels like an out of body experience.  Jill, sit the fuck down, a small part of my mind tells myself.  No, I refuse to be treated like this.  I burst through the front door of the restaurant just in time to see Scott rip his Audi out of the parking lot and take a right hand turn, speeding into to the road without stopping.  I stand there stunned.  That asshole left me.  He didn’t even have the decency to drive me home.

After a minute I feel a tiny little tap on my shoulder.  I turn around and there is a waitress holding a small bag.  I feel like crying again, but mercifully don’t.

“I didn’t know if you would want to come back in.”

“Thank you.  I am afraid I might need to find a new favorite Thai place.”

She smiles and hands me my card and Scott’s wad of twenties.

“Don’t worry about it.  That happens all the time here.  And the food is on the house tonight.”

I hand her back the cash.

“Let me at least give you a tip.”

Part 6c

Tara pulls up in her little black car.  Her hair is tossed up in a messy bun and she has on workout clothes.  I snap my folding mirror closed.  There would be no hiding my puffy crying eyes from her.

I open the door and slide into the seat.  I feel ashamed for some reason.  It is so hard for me to be vulnerable.

“Thanks for picking me up.  You are so sweet.”

She wraps her arms around me and pulls my face against her shoulder in a tight hug.

“You know I am going to cut that J. Crew looking motherfucker, right?”

I lean back on the seat and smile weakly.

“He is definitely an asshat, but I am not entirely blameless.  Apparently what I thought was a casual thing, he mistook for a relationship.”

Tara laughs.

“Like his girlfriend?  He does know you have to please a girl sexually once and a while to be boyfriend and girlfriend, right?”

“No Tara, he literally has no clue.  None at all.”

“So lady, why have you been crying over the guy?”

“It is just a lot of things.  I am stressed with work.  My mom was punching my ovaries with grandbaby talk on the phone earlier.  Trying to make me feel bad about never settling down like my sister.  Then Scott breaks up with me in public.  Tara, he was so mean.  Accused me of fucking somebody else and said I was disgusting for liking kink.”

“Holy fuck.  You talked about kink?  And you are fucking somebody else. Two somebody else in fact.  Who does he think you are fucking?”

“And it has been wonderful, but I don’t like that laundry aired out in public.  He thinks I am fucking Pierce.”

“The tall guy with the surfer hair?”


“I would fuck him.”

“Yea, he is cute, but I have barely even talked to him, much less gotten naked with him.”

“And the kink lady, what was said?”

“Oh yea, he must have found the ball gag and nipple clamps I keep in my nightstand.  Asked me if that is what I wanted.”

“You said yes, I assume.”

“I did, and he abandoned me in the restaurant.”

Tara smiled.

“Well you did break up with him.”

“Did I say it like that?  I am not even sure what happened.”

“I am still going to cut him.”

We drove for a bit longer randomly talking about Scott until we arrived at home.  Taylor’s SUV was in the driveway.  I groan.  Taylor will really let me hear about what a douchebag Scott is, and I don’t think I can take any more drama tonight.

Tara can't keep her smartass from talking.

“Uh oh, mom is home.  You are going to hear about your guy choices.”

“I don’t need two moms and that just made getting naked with Taylor weird.”

“Good thing you don’t get a say in it.  Sex slave and all.”

“Pretty sure I have safe word.”

“Is it Mom?”

“Stop Tara!  No making me laugh right now.  I am in mourning because of my failed life choices.”

She leans over and grabs the back of my head and pulls my lips to hers.  Kissing me while she closes her eyes.  She pulls away and smiles.

“They are not all bad.”

Part 6d

The girls decide to cheer me up.  After putting a few glasses of wine into me, they escort me back to Taylor’s bed.  I am used to Tara being in the same submissive predicament that I am dealing with, but tonight something is different.  Taylor seems to have drafted her to be her helper.

After I am walked back they peel my dress over my head.  After commenting on my lack of panties, Taylor orders me to cross my wrists behind my head.  Tara removing my strapless bra, freeing my boobs to the cool air of the room.  I can feel goosebumps pop up all over my body.  I close my eyes as they both rub and tease my mostly naked form.  Tara biting on my nipple and Taylor gently teasing my clit between two of her fingers.  They spend a few minutes getting me hot and bothered and then very snugly tied me spread eagle on my back. 

Then they disappear, leaving me here to stew.  I look up at the black ropes circling my wrists, tied on each side to a corner of the bed.  I strain to look down.  The garter belt crosses my hips and is still snapped to a stocking on each leg.  I wiggle my toes, the dark stocking blends in with the ropes circling my ankles.  This is such a great position.  I wiggle and strain, it is comfortable and unescapable. The stress of my night feels a million miles away when I hear the doorbell ring.

I hear the front door creak open and voices coming from the other room. I can’t make them out, but I start to panic.  Who is here?  What is Taylor up to?  The waiting is the worst.  I think about calling out, but stay quiet.  The minutes drag.

To my relief Taylor leads a now naked Tara into the room.  Tara’s arms are tied side by side behind her back and her chest is tied into a pretty harness with black rope.  Her locks of blonde hair are swirled into a bun on top of her head and she has a black ring gag forced deeply in her mouth.  Taylor has kicked off her shoes, but is wearing the same skirt and blouse from earlier.

“Get your ass up on that bed.”

Tara walks to the foot of the bed.

“Get up on it.  Kneel on your knees and make Jill feel better from her bad day.”

I watch Tara put each knee on the bed and ease her butt onto her heels.  She bends over at the waist, lowering her soft lips to my pussy.  I feel like I am going to explode the second she presses them to my clit.  My stomach and ass muscles tense and twitch involuntarily.  My body, as usual, is an over-stimulated mess.  I can feel her tongue tease me.  My only recourse is to pull against the ropes securing me, but they too are on Taylor’s team.

Beside me, Taylor crawls on the bed.  She presses her left knee beside my head and pulls her skirt up.  No panties to be found.  Her right knee finds a home on the other side of my face.  Slowly, while holding the headboard, she lowers her crotch to my mouth.  I do what any good little bound slut would do and move my lips up to meet her.  I can feel her tense up.

Tara’s attack on my pussy continues, and I can't help but breathing more heavily.  It feels more like I am panting.  Taylor has pressed her pussy tightly against my face.  I need air, but she is not giving me much.  It is so fucking hard to focus.  I slide my tongue against her.  Trying to focus on the job at hand.  My body tenses.  Fuck fuck fuck.  I don’t know if I am saying it, thinking it, imagining it.  The fucking orgasm hits me and Tara keeps attacking.  I try to rip the bed down.  My fingers wrap around the ropes running from my wrists.  Fuck.  Taylor is now fucking my face with her pussy.  I scream out.  Tara slows down, the orgasm lets me go from its grip.  The waves of pleasure still coursing through me, but more like jolts of dying energy now.  Taylor grabs my nipple and twists it.  I cry out in surprised pain.

“I didn’t say you can quit.”

Her crotch slides over mouth.  Faster and faster.  I am covered in her wetness.  It is all I can do to keep my tongue pressed against her.  She tenses up a few seconds after.  It feels like she is pressing all of her weight into me.  I start to panic, wondering if I will ever get air again.  She grips the headboard and makes a sexy little scream herself.  Then she pulls up just enough for me to see light.  I gasp to take in air.

Tara is still working softly on my clit when Taylor lifts herself up and curls up on her legs beside me.  She unbuttons her blouse, very slowly, while we make eye contact.  Sliding it off her shoulders to reveal a lacy bra.  Like a rag she uses her shirt to wipe her sex off of my face.

“That was nice.  Jill, I am going to go get you a gag.  Tara, keep teasing her.”

I could hear Tara mumble, “when do I get off?” or something to that effect.

Taylor rears her hand up and sends it crashing on Tara’s ass.  Tara screams, but does not stop licking.

“When you learn not to beg, or maybe learn to beg.  Basically, when I am ready for you to.  Just lick.”

Part 6e

I finish my run and come back in the house.  The Muse song is still blaring in my headphones.  I am greeted by Tara naked, holding a cup of coffee.  I smile at her.  She blows me a kiss.  I pull off my headphones and kick off my running shoes.

“Where are your clothes woman?”

“Taylor said to stay naked until she gets back.”

“Guess I need to strip then.”

“Yes.  Right away!”

I smile at Tara again and then walk to the cabinet.  The coffee smells delicious, and I don’t want to be left out.  I find my favorite mug.

“So I forgot to ask, who was at the door last night?”

“Oh, we were going to tell you about that later.  You are not going to be happy.”

“Who was it?”

“Your cute little assistant from the office.”

“Tara, what the fuck did you two do to her?”

“Nothing!  I swear.”

“Then why am I going to be mad?”

Tara took a big sip of her coffee.


“It was nothing.  Much.  I just answered the door.”

“Holy fuck my life.  Were you tied up when you did?”

“No! but I was very naked.”

I roll my eyes.

“OK, you had me worried.  She will just assume you are my nudist roommate.”

“Uh Jill, she might have seen all the rope Taylor was going to tie me up with, and two gags.”

“I feel an HR visit in my future.  How sure are you about this?”

“Like ninety nine percent.  There was kink all over the floor and she was peaking in the window when I got to the door.”

“Oh fuck.”

I just stand there.  Dumbfounded.  This is going to be so awkward.  Will she even say anything?

“Jill, did you just have a stroke?”


“Are you mad?”

“I don’t know.  How good are your resume updating skills?”

“Sweetie, she most likely does not even think that it had anything to do with you.”

“Most likely??”

I was more nervous now.

“Uh, well, we could not get you to come to the door, and your car was in the driveway.  Taylor made up a bathroom story, but I don’t think the girl bought it.”

“I think I am going to die.”

Tara puts down her coffee and walks over, pulling my face down and into her boobs.

“Tara, what are you doing?”

“This always works with guys.”

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