Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 7 – Mystery Man Revealed
By the White Knight

 ‘OK, Princess’, he said warmly.  ‘You can take off the blindfold and find out who your mystery lover really is.’  Blinking my eyes as I adjusted to the brightness of the room’s lights, I focused on my not-so imaginary lover.  Dark hair, blue eyes, warm smile, large frame and a good build... ‘Jeeezzzz, you look awfully familiar... don’t I know you from somewhere’, I asked him.  He showed more nice white teeth and replied, ‘Try from someone, Princess’. 

‘From someone...’, I repeated mystified.  Then I thought back to when he was talking to me earlier.  Each time he would talk about Mr. Stanton, he started saying, ‘D’ or ‘Da’ something.  I smiled at him.  His build and rugged face of course, ‘Your Arch Stanton’s son.  I can’t believe it he set me up with his own son!’  My face turned serious as another thought popped into my head, ‘But, how can you be his son.  Lucinda told me he married late in life and was married to a woman fifteen years younger them him?’ 

‘Lucinda was talking about Cassy’, he replied with a smile.  ‘She’s my step-mom.  My mom died in a car accident when I was twelve.’  His smile faded as he spoke.  ‘Oh, God’, I said as I reached out and took his hands in mine.  ‘I’m so sorry for you.’  His face brightened as he said, ‘It’s all right Princess.  They say time heals all wounds and I have found that to be generally true.  The only remorse that I have now is that she won’t be there to see her grand children born.  But, enough of that depressing stuff.  You had a thousand questions to ask me when you were gagged and I doubt the number has decreased, so why don’t you get them off your chest.’ 

At the mention of my chest, I realized that I was half out of my bustier top.  With a grin I said, ‘Not that I have to worry about modesty with you, but it will make me feel better’.  I said as I stuffed my breasts back into their tight cups.  Looking back up at him I asked quizzically, ‘Why do you keep calling me Princess.’?  He shrugged.  ‘Lucinda and dad told me quite a lot about you.  Good background.  Well-to-do parents, etc.  So there was only two ways that I think about you, either as ‘RB’ for rich bitch or ‘Princess’’.  He probably saw the storm building on my face, because he quickly continued, ‘don’t get mad, Sharon, I think of my self in the same way.’ He chuckled although in my case it would be rich bastard. Of course neither of us was born out of wedlock, or from another woman outside of our parents marriages... the terms don’t really technically fit.  Also I am not a fan of vulgarity, so I have thought of you as ‘Princess’ for the last few days.  I came to like the way it sounded in my head and then when I met you earlier today... Well, it just seemed to fit.’ 

How can you get angry at an explanation like that, I wondered as I shook my head.  ‘All right I give’, I said.  ‘Princess, is OK with me.  But, what does that make you... the prince?’  He also shook his head and looked thoughtful, ‘I never thought about it in terms of myself’.  I snapped my fingers and said, ‘My Lord!’  He looked at me and said, ‘Hhuuuunnnn’.  I continued quickly, ‘When we were making love earlier you said that I didn’t have to call you lord, that I should just call you master.  Well, if we decide to continue this relationship and you insist on calling me Princess all of the time, I want to be able to refer to you as my lord when were playing.  You know as in my lord and master.’ 

He laughed and looked me hard in the face.  ‘You are a breath of fresh air’, he said in a serious tone.  I started to expound on that thought, but he cut me off, ‘Do you mind telling me whatever you were going to say a little later’, he asked.  His hands had softly come up and cupped my face then slid further behind the back of my head.  ‘There is something I would really like to do first....’, he breathed softly as our lips met.  Like his lovemaking our kiss started slow and soft and then turned quickly to passionate and sensual.  He finally broke the warm embrace, saying, ‘I’ve wanted to do that since this afternoon.  Then, just now when you were talking, I found that I couldn’t kept my eyes off your lips.’  It was my turn to smile and laugh.  ‘Hey, no worries.  I’m glad you couldn’t help yourself.’  I turned on a serious yet soft look and added, ‘But I really feel like you have me at a disadvantage....’ I giggled.  ‘Even out of my restraints.  Because you know quite a lot about me, but besides your being a great lover I don’t know anything about you.’ 

He got up off the bed and held out his hand to me.  ‘Come with me, Princess.’  I took his hand and I let him help me off the bed.  He led me to another room off of the family room, where I had started my bondage experiences.  Candles flickered around the lip of a large whirlpool tub.  A bottle of champagne sat in a silver bucket of ice, complete with two fluted crystal glasses.  ‘It’s beautiful’ I gasped in delight.  ‘But, why do I get the feeling that I am not the first woman who has ever received this kind of treatment from you?’ 

‘On the contrary, Princess’, he said softly as he gazed into my eyes.  ‘You' re the first one that’s ever made it this far.  I’m sorry if that sounds a bit ominous, but its the truth.’  He picked up both of my hands and held them in his own.  ‘What I going to tell you next is probably the most important thing I am going to tell you tonight.  This is very important to me and if your don’t agree with what I am about to say, we might as well just call it a night.’  I didn’t dare breathe; all I could do was wait for him to tell me whatever was so horrible a secret that it made him this serious. 

He eyes locked onto mine as he started his tale.  ‘I am twenty-seven years old.  About two years ago I realized that I was sick of the singles scene.  I began to hate the bars and the women in them, because they all seemed to be the same.  One night, a weekend... maybe even a full week and then they and you were off to find some other conquest.  The whole thing left me feeling empty.  It got to the point that I would rather stay home alone in my apartment, then have to deal with another empty encounter.  Don’t get me wrong, my John Thomas ruled me as much as any other man, so I didn’t sequester myself entirely, I just realized that I wanted more.  It didn’t take me to long to figure out that what I was looking for was what my mom and now my step-mom had with my dad.  A real relationship with someone I could care about and who would care about me.’  He paused shuffling his feet and looked down at the floor. 

I touched my hand to the side of face with my fingertips, this startled him, but he did not pull away.  ‘Are you trying to tell me that you want to get married?’, I asked him softly.  He nodded his head, yes.  ‘I don’t understand the problem.  Why are you so afraid to tell me this?’  Looking up at me he said with a very serious look on his face, ‘Let me put it more directly.  If your not looking for a possible long term relationship.... you know, marriage, kids commitments... then I think we should just call it an evening.’ 

‘You’ve got to be kidding’ I laughed.   His face-hardened and he looked deadly serious.  ‘Greg, what you’re describing is what I think of as every girls dream’, I said gently.  ‘Personally, that’s pretty much what I am looking for... just not with my parents as an example.  I want to find my other half, my partner for life... someone who will excite me and whom I will be able to do the same for.  I think were talking about the same thing.’  His face softened and he nodded his head in agreement.  ‘I would love to know the kind of women you must have been running into though, that would make you shy about mentioning the word marriage?’  I said this with a laugh and really didn’t expect an answer... at least not at the moment.  With a smile, he said, ‘Later.  Why don’t we get in the hot tub and get comfortable.  I have the feeling that were not going to be going to bed for a while.’ 

We never did make it back to bed the night.  In the pool we talked and laughed and shared our histories with one another.  He was correct his background was a lot like my own.  Mr. Stanton had attended Yale University and was determined that Greg do the same.  But, Greg didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  His attitude was I love you dad, but I have to go my own way.  ‘I ended up going to UCLA’, he told me.  ‘Mainly because it put distance between my loving family and me.  I guess I just wanted to be my own man and when my mom and dad were around they insisted on doing everything they could for me.’  Not knowing what he wanted to study he mainly took business courses.  UCLA had a great film program and he needed to fill up some electives so he tried his hand at it.  He ended by majoring in business and taking a minor in filmmaking. 

In his junior year he did a summer internship at a large accounting firm.  It was OK, but in his senior year he did a stint with a small film company during his summer months.  This was his calling and he knew it.  After school though he found out there were thousands of other young people struggling along the same path and the jobs available were few and far between.  He worked for free, for a few months with one company.  Then he decided to take the road less traveled, as he put it, when an out of the way opportunity presented itself.  ‘I went to work for Harmony Communications, which is a company that produces bondage magazines and videos.  It wasn’t to hard to one up my competition when I told them what my father produced and that I had been involved with bondage in one form or another since I was thirteen.’  He saw my shocked expression and decided that that last statement needed more of an explanation. 

‘Hold on Princess’, he said soothingly.  ‘I didn’t say I participated in it, at least not then, I said I was involved in it.’  I was sure what he was saying, but all I could think was, ‘Wasn’t that about when your mother died.’  I blurted this out and then wished I hadn’t.  He looked sad, and answered, ‘Yes, just about the same time.  That’s when Cassy came into the picture.’  He paused to get his thoughts together.  ‘You’re step-mom’, I prompted him.  He shook his head and continued, ‘at the time, I only thought of her as ‘that bimbo’.  My mom died in a car accident and dad, well he nearly broke down.  He put a good face on for me, but soon he couldn’t hide the fact that he was hitting the bottle.  He stopped playing hoops with me, showing up at school events... everything was just going into the shitter.  Then one day he came home drunk, with an arm around Cassy for support.’ 

‘They went into his and moms bedroom and closed the door.  I listened outside the door for awhile and heard something that I hadn’t heard for along time... I heard my father laugh.  I was mad at my father for being with this woman, but on the other hand I hoped that maybe this would break him out of his downward spiral. ‘Oh, she broke stopped his slide, but she also didn’t leave.  The next thing I knew she was moving in.’ He paused shaking his head.  ‘Oh God, how I hated her back then.  This beautiful young girl, about your age at the time, was all of a sudden replacing my mom.  Despite her many attempts to reassure me by telling me that she wasn’t trying to take the place of my mother, I still hated her.  Money chasing bimbo, was all I could think.’ 

‘Reluctantly, I had to give her credit.  My father quit drinking excessively and once again began to get involved in my life and help me through my own grief.  At first, I tried to push him away because of Cassy.  But, I needed him as much as he needed me.  He didn’t try to justify Cassy, just simply stated that he needed her.  I hated her even more.’  He sighed.  ‘That changed very quickly, though, in a way I would never have thought of.  On my way to school one morning, I passed by my father’s bedroom door and heard sobbing.  I had earlier heard the car pull out of the driveway, so I was sure my Dad had let for work.  What then was going on?  I opened the door expecting to tell the silly bimbo to shut up, but my jaw dropped open and no words would come out.  Cassy was kneeling in the corner of the room, bound by her wrists to a heavy marble stand.  The type you put an expensive Chinese vase on.  The vase had been removed and in its place was to a large iron ring that her leather cuffed wrists were bound to.  Her back and buttocks were a mess of pink and red weals.  The offending instrument lay on the floor besides her.  I picked up the many bladed whip and stared at it incredulously.  Only her sobbing brought me back to reality.  As I released her, she nearly fell into my arms.  I removed her gag, then held her and rocked her gently.  I didn’t know what to do... I didn’t know what to say... What I did know was that I was angrier than I could imagine with my father.  How could he have done this to her.... even if she was a bimbo, no one deserved this.  My heart hardened and I resolved to have it out with the bastard.  I must have been muttering words of that nature, because Cassy all of a sudden stiffened.  She pushed herself away form me and said, ‘you won’t do anything of the sort Gregory.  Your dad needed to do this and I was the one that goaded him into doing it’, she told me in a determined voice. 

‘Do you know that your father blames himself for your mothers death’, she asked me.  I shook my head no.  ‘He does.  Your mom died on a Sunday morning going to get bagels and the newspapers.  Your dad would normally do this every Sunday morning, but the night before at a party he had gotten pretty drunk so your mom let him sleep in.  You see he felt that if he hadn’t gotten so plastered the night before, it would have been him that was driving the car and not your mom’, she softened her voice as tears formed in my eyes. 

‘Your fathers a good man.  I idolized him when I first came to work for his company.  He was a strong, caring man whom’s presence seemed to make everyone about him feel like family.  He didn’t deserve what happened to your mom and it certainly wasn’t his fault.’  She paused and looked at me.  ‘He had to exorcise his demon and I convinced him to use me to do it.’  She shook her head.  ‘I may not look it, but I am part Chinese.  My great grand mother taught me many things and somehow I know this is what your father needed.  I also know that I was the one that was graced to be able to give him that gift.  So please, don’t hate him.  If I’m right, he will have gotten over his own self-hatred and be able to once again enjoy life.  Please Greg, don’t do anything rash.  I really do love your father and if he loses you I am not sure what he’ll do.’  I stared at her totally confused, but finally I agreed to her suggestion. 

In the days that followed I saw that what she said was true.  My father was just like his old self and there weren’t any repeats of the terrible beating.  ‘We’ve been close, ever since’, he said.  He gave me a sly grin, ‘Of course that’s how I learned all about bondage. She explained her passion for bondage and hinted at the effects that it would have on a male, meaning of course my father.    One day I walked into their bedroom, looking for some money and found Cassy bound to the bed.  Dad was gone for the day and I needed the money, so I shrugged my shoulders, removed her gag and asked her if I could borrow ten dollars.  ‘Of course you can Greg’, she said as if she were sitting in a living room chair and not lying bound to her bed in sexy lingerie.  I got the money and turned to leave... ‘Ah, Greg’, Cassy called.  ‘You need to put the gag back in, otherwise your father will know that you were here.’  I looked at the large ball gag and said in my best thirteen year old macho voice, ‘That doesn’t look all that comfortable....’ She assured me that she could handle it.  ‘Well, I was thinking that maybe I could come back after school... you know before Pop gets home and put it back in for you?’  She smiled at me and a tear formed in the corner of her eye, ‘that would be very thoughtful of you dear.  Thank you.’  I couldn’t handle all of the emotions I felt at the time, so I simply fled the room. 

Cassy and I became friends and allies from then on.  If she wasn’t up and around when Dad had left for the day I would go and check on her.  Her eyes would brighten when she saw me.  I would remove her gag or sometimes, at her request take her entirely out of her predicament.  Later that day of course I would have to put her back the way that I found her.  One day I couldn’t find her at all and I didn’t learn till the next day that she had been bound in the ‘dungeon’.  She showed me the locked room in the basement that was used for their more ambitious escapades.  Swearing me to secrecy she handed me a copy of the key to the room.  Obviously, this taught me quite a lot about bondage at a very early age.  ‘Do you get the picture now, Princess’, he asked as he finished his story. 

‘Oh, yes’, I smiled at him devilishly.  ‘But I just have one question.  Are you going to build a dungeon in our home?  Hmmmmmm?’  He returned my smile and put his arm over my shoulder as he slid closer.  ‘Would you like me to put a dungeon in our home?  Hmmmmm?’, he asked me.  ‘Of course’, I said.  ‘If it would make my Lord and Master happy.’ 

We continued to talk, drink and eat cheese and crackers.  Before we turned into fish, we decided it was time to get out.  Looking at the clock we saw that it was nearly four in the morning.  As we dried off, Greg told me, ‘Look I am having a great time and I would really like it to continue.  What do you say we forget about sleep?’  His warm voice and smile left me no choice.  ‘And, ummmm... what did you have in mind to do with poor little ‘ol me’, I asked with a smile and sassy attitude.  He laughed, ‘Not what your thinking, Princess.’  He must have seen the disappointment on my face.  ‘Hey, Sharon’, he said seriously.  It not that I don’t find you sexy, or want to make love again, it just that talking with you is wonderful.  I was thinking we could go out to an all night dinner I know and grab a bite to eat.’  My smile returned.  ‘Do you jog?’ he asked me.  I looked at him quizzically and shook my head, yes. ‘Good, because we’re going to eat dinner food we really should do something to work it off.  Besides it’s only about two miles away. 

So we jogged to the dinner.  I hadn’t been running for a while, but he never pushed the pace so it was an easy time.  It’s funny how good company can make even greasy spoon food taste great.  We talked about our hopes for the future, including things that people don’t normally talk about on first dates.... like kids and God.  We both agreed that we wanted to have children, not for a few years but it was definitely in the plan.  That discussion led us to God.  Greg opened the discussion by saying, ‘you used God’s name quite a bit, tonight.  Thanking him, calling on him, etc.  You do believe in him don’t you?’  I blushed and looked down at the table.  ‘Yes’, I responded.  ‘But, I sort of was getting away from it lately.  I mean....  well my sexual desires and God.... well, they just seem to... conflict.  Don’t you have a problem with the two?’  He took my hand and answered, ‘No, I don’t have a problem with the two and I don’t think you should either.  Look the way I see it God just wants us to find our mate, have children and raise them with a good sense of right and wrong.  I can’t see Him getting upset about what happens between a man and a woman that are consenting and working towards His main goals.’  He smiled.  ‘Besides, God wanted us ‘procreate’... and if this keeps our love lives exciting and alive, so that we have a few nippers.... well there you go.’  I looked up and brightened.  I wasn’t totally convinced, but it certainly did bear some further thought. 

‘OK, so you believe in God.  How about pre-destination?’, He asked.  I shook my head showing that I didn’t understand the question.  Greg explained, ‘That means that though you have free choice, God knows before hand what choices you are going to make and therefore knows what your destiny is.’  He looked at me and took both of my hands.  ‘You and I may be pre-destined to be joined.  It may be written up there on some big chalk board, Sharon and Greg will be as one.’   He paused.  ‘Look, my father only recently talked me back into coming back east.  He’s always wanted me to work for him, but I still would rather make it on my own.  So if you had been here two weeks earlier or two weeks later, we probably would have never met.’ 

‘I get it’, I said.  ‘Maybe we are meant for each other.  I’ve never had a first date like this one... and I’m not even referring to the sex.  I mean that I have never talked liked this to anyone before. Its like I have known you all my life,’ I stopped for a minute and then asked, ‘what you said about missing me if I weren’t here in two weeks concerns me.  Are you going somewhere?’ 

‘Not anymore’, he smiled.  ‘At least not until you and I figure out how or if we fit together.  You might say that you have become the linchpin in my father’s plans to keep me in the area.’  Returning his smile, ‘And how exactly did I do that?’ 

‘My father is determined to see me come and work with him at his company.  I love dad, but I really don’t want to do that.  You see I want to earn the rights to manage the company on my own, not be handed it from my father.   Despite what he thinks, I may never decide to take the helm of the company if I don’t feel that I could do as good a job as my father at running it. I have told my father all of this and his answer to that was for me to go to work for Leather & Lace,’ he explained. 

I couldn’t help but blurt out, ‘you’ve got to be kidding.... we are going to work together?’  He smiled his most engaging smile and replied, ‘Actually, I will be one of your bosses.  They want to bring me on as a junior partner.’  He paused and reached out to take my hands in his.  Quietly he said, ‘I would have refused that offer as well, ...except for you.’ 

Now the light began to dawn.  ‘This is wonderful’, I beamed.  ‘But, I don’t understand why you would turn down the chance to work at Leather & Lace?’ 

‘I know Mr. Thatcher and all of the partners very well.  They are great people and I know their not going to give me a job, just to give me a job.  So I will, rightfully so, be expected to earn my keep.  The job they want me to do is basically understudy all three of them so that I can get a feel for the entire company.  Truthfully, it is a great opportunity.... but I am just not sure that I am cut out for running a company.  I really would like to put my own mark on the company and become a part of the team.  Not just be thrust into it by circumstances and nepotism’, he concluded. 

I gripped his hands tightly.  ‘I shouldn’t be the one giving you this advice, specifically because I do have my own ulterior motives (I gave him a sly wink), but I think you have to try it.  Go for it; see if it’s for you.  L&L is a great place to work.  I’ve only been their a few weeks and already I feel like I am part of it.  I am sure that it will be the same for you.’  I gave him another sly look, ‘Besides, wouldn’t you just love to have me working under you?’  His laughter shook the room.  Fortunately there weren’t many patrons to upset so only a few heads looked over to see what was happening. 

We walked back to the A frame hand in hand, like two teenage kids.  Yes, this was the beginning of a very good.... and interesting relationship. 

Work the next day was all a fog for me.  Mr. Harrison arrived early in the morning for the closing meetings.  He and Mr. Stanton had a few quiet words before the meeting started and a number of looks were thrown my way by both parties.  They were smiling though and I could just imagine what they were saying.  Despite my best efforts I blushed profusely.  Heck, he had been the one who had introduced his son to me.  Why should I be embarrassed by what, I am guessing, everyone knew went on between us. 

Later in the day Greg showed up.  My heart leapt within me when I saw him.  I couldn’t believe that his warm smile could make my pulse quicken so.  Good Lord, I felt like a schoolgirl again!  He didn’t worry about pretenses or what anyone thought he just walked directly over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he said, ‘Hello, Princess.’  Giving my shoulders a one-arm squeeze he released me and walked over to Mr. Harrison and Mr. Stanton.  He couldn’t cross the room though without shaking hands or trading kisses with at least twelve of the staff.  Everyone was so glad to see him back; it was like watching the return of the prodigal son. 

At least one of the younger women gave him a more than sisterly kiss and when he wasn’t looking stared daggers at me.  Tough luck I thought, as I smiled my ‘he’s mine now’ smile back at them. 

When he reached the two men they started discussing something in earnest.  Within a couple of minutes Mr. Harrison was waving to me to join them.   ‘Sharon, I am hearing unconfirmed reports that you and this lug here are seeing each other,’ he said in mock horror.  ‘Please, dear, say it isn’t so.’ 

Playing the shy school girl I replied, ‘I am sorry Mr. Harrison, but I just can’t do that.’  I looked up and said with my best Cheshire grin, ‘In fact I think we are going to be seeing quite a lot of each other in the future.’  I emphasized the words ‘a lot’ so that the double meaning could not be missed.   Greg gave his trademark chuckle.  Mr. Harrison threw his hands up in the air.  ‘You cad you’, he railed at Greg.  ‘You have already corrupted this poor innocent waif of a girl!’  Greg put up his hands in surrender.  ‘Don’t blame me dad set me up with her’, he said as he pointed at his father.  Mr. Harrison’s horrified gaze shifted to Mr. Stanton.  ‘Arch, how could you have done such a thing?’, he asked dumbfounded.  Everyone involved was near bursting with laughter.  ‘Actually, I asked him to’, I chimed in.  ‘I just couldn’t see any other possibility.  In fact at the time I couldn’t see much of anything at all.’   The illusion to my blindfold at the time of our introduction was not lost on the group and finally the laughter came forth until the two older men were almost rolling on the floor. 

Greg looked at me and smiled.  ‘Since these two gentlemen, can’t seem to get themselves together, I will relay their auspicious request.  They would like the two of us to attend dinner tonight at my fathers home.’  I wondered if things were moving too fast.  This was uncannily like taking me home to meet his folks.  You know that awkward meeting of the prospective in-laws.  Somehow he read my mind.  ‘Hey don’t worry everyone that is going to be there knows you... and loves you.  You should worry more about me when I have to meet your parents.  How do you think your father is going to feel about his little angel going out with a man who produced bondage films.’  He paused with a glint in his eye.  He was telling me quite a lot without actually saying it directly.  This was no one-night stand.  This was a long-term commitment he was talking about.  I felt warm all over.  I looked up at him and wondered how I could feel so much love for this man that I had just met and hardly knew. 

‘I had had other thoughts about ways to spend the evening.  You were supposed to call, if you remember correctly’, I chided him. 

His smile knew no bounds.  ‘Ahhh, finally I have found a woman who has her priorities straight.’  He sighed.  ‘Sorry to disappoint you, but I really don’t think we can get out of this.  When I strolled into the house early this morning Lucinda and Cassy set upon me like a pack of wolves.  I apologize darling, but truly nothing was sacred with them.’  My cheeks colored once again as I imagined exactly how graphic that conversation must have been.  ‘To make a long story short the two ladies were extremely happy for both of us and despite the fact that it was only a first date, they have determined that we all needed to celebrate.’   His eyes softened as they bore straight into my sole.  ‘Look Princess, I know I am coming on like a bull dozer, but I have a real strong feeling about you.... about us.’ 

Tears formed unbidden in my eyes.  I felt warm and wonderful.  Reaching upwards I cupped his face in my hands and said softly, ‘That’s exactly how I feel, Greg.’  Standing on tiptoe I just brushed his lips with mine.  His eyes had closed expecting a longer kiss.  I laughed and lowered my hands, ‘Always leave them wanting a little bit more, my aunt used to always say.’ 

He reached for me, slid out of reach.  ‘You minx’, he smiled as he stopped his futile chase. 

‘Now, now’, I scolded him.  ‘You get to choose the how and especially the when, during our games, so it’s only fair that I get my turn.’  I smiled my prettiest at him.  ‘Partners, remember.’ 

He opened his arms, enticing me forward.  Fun was fun, but this was much more important.  I took a couple of quick steps forward and felt his strong arm encircle me.  He kissed my hair lightly as my head rested on his chest.  ‘Partners, it is’, he agreed. 

‘So I take it the young lady has consented to have dinner with the old fogies’, Arch said with his normal joviality. 

‘You had better watch who you say that around dad’, Greg admonished his father. I don’t think Cassy, Lucinda or the Thatcher’s would appreciate that remark.  Of course if you are only referring to yourself and the gentlemen to your right well, then yes, the lovely lady has consented.’ 

‘Just wait a minute there you young whipper snapper’, Mr. Harrison said in his best imitation of a crotchety old man.  ‘Is that anyway to talk to your future boss?’ 

‘I hope so, Harry.  You know I love you like an uncle, but what you get is what you see’, Greg replied sincerely. 

‘Greg the truth is that I am very happy with what I see.  You may have doubts about your skills or questions about where you fit into the organization, but I don’t,’ Harry responded equally seriously.  His face turned into a smile and he continued, ‘besides, in your case the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.... Oh course I am referring to your mother’s side of the tree.’ 

The men laughed and chatted some more, but we soon broke up and went our separate ways.  Greg drove me directly to his parent’s house.  I tried to protest about wanting to change my clothes, but he pointed out the error of my ways.  His parents always had their dinner parties early.  Refreshments and talking first, then a full blown dinner, followed by the men adjourning to the study and the women retiring to the living room.  ‘I know that it sounds old fashion’, he sighed.  ‘But, that’s the way it been for as long as I can remember.’   I thought about it and decided that it sounded kind of nice. 

The house wasn’t the mansion that I had created in my minds eye, but it wasn’t what I would term small either.  The house was a six-bedroom colonial, excluding the maid’s quarters.  The grounds were beautifully landscaped, with multiple types of shrubs, flowers and a few strategically placed dogwood trees.  The driveway was huge and boasted a four-car garage.  I counted six cars, three of which I knew.  Lucinda, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Thatcher must already be inside. 

I was so nervous as we approached the door that I nearly was trembling.  Greg, somehow read my discomfort and moved his hand from mine to up around my shoulder.  He gave me a smile and a little squeeze and rang the bell.  Almost instantly the door was opened and a gorgeous woman with stunning long blond hair greeted me.  She held my hand in both of hers and said, ‘You must be Sharon.’  I nodded my head as she continued.  ‘After all that I’ve heard about you young lady I feel like I know you, but just for the record I’m Cassy Stanton.’  I blushed, just imagining all of the things that people were telling her about me.   Quietly I replied, ‘I feel like I know you also... Greg’s talked about you quite a bit also.’ 

His stepmother threw him a glance and Greg shrugged his shoulders, looked a little sheepish and said simply, ‘Everything...’ Her glance softened as she asked, ‘Everything?’   He nodded his head and replied, ‘Even what Dad doesn’t know’. 

Nodding her own head she looked back to me.  Before I knew what was happening Cassy pulled me forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  At the same time she whispered in my ear, ‘I know that this is all a little overwhelming, but relax... you are among friends.’   My eye caught the hint of movement to my left and then I saw her.  Good God it was like looking into a mirror!  ‘You must be Sharon’, Ann Thatcher said as she held out her hand to me.  ‘You couldn’t be anyone else; because my husband is right you could be my double.  Ten years ago that is, but I sure wouldn’t have any problem recognizing you.’  My jaw dropped open I really didn’t know what to say.  Finally I stammered out, ‘It’s... It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Thatcher.’  She gave me a shocked look.  ‘Please, call me Ann.  Mrs. Thatcher, coming from you, makes me feel old.  Now do what Cassy says and relax.’  She squeezed my hand and gave me a warm smile, ‘don’t worry we will all have time for some girl talk later on.’  I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I smiled back stupidly and told her I was looking forward to it. 

After I got over the shock of seeing myself ten years from now, the evening went off beautifully.  Everyone was extremely nice and treated me like I was already one of the family.  It was wonderful, like a new extension of working at L&L.   Dinner was a real party affair.  The men gathered around the barbeque cooking steaks and chicken and the women setting up a host of cold dishes.   Everyone had a drink or two, removing any of the tension that I had previously felt.  We ate at two long picnic tables and enjoyed the food and general small talk. 

Afterwards we all helped clearing away the remnants of dinner.  This job accomplished the men and the women started to break into separate groups.  Greg and I walked back into the house together, but he veered off into a paneled study following the rest of the men without a word to me.  I felt a hand on my arm and turned to find Lucinda guiding me towards another room. 

Now it was just us women and I quickly found myself the center of attention.  Where did I go to school?  Had I done much traveling?  You know the normal run of the mill stuff.  Basically it was Ann and Cassy doing the asking.  Lucinda just seemed to relax back into a large wing backed chair and sip at her drink.  She had a wicked little grin on her face as she interrupted our genial conversation asking, ‘And did Greg enjoy finding you bound to your bed in your skimpy blue corset Thursday night?’  Ann stopped talking in mid-sentence.  The room turned deathly quiet.  I felt my cheeks burning red as I looked at her.  Her eyes were laughing at me.  Daring me to answer her intimate question.  ‘Yes’, I said as boldly as I could.  ‘I think that he enjoyed it very much.  And for the record it was a bustier, not a corset, Lucinda.’ 

Cassy, who was nearest to me, gave me a pat on the arm.  ‘Thata girl’, she cried and then began to laugh.  Ann laughed, but continued to look angrily at Lucinda.  ‘I’m sorry Sharon’, she said to me.  ‘We, at least Cassy and I, were trying to ease you gently towards that subject but some people just can’t leave well enough alone.’  She glared daggers at Lucinda.  ‘Relax, Ann’, Lucinda said unrepentant.  ‘You know as well as I do that our little women’s club discussions always center around bondage or S&M in one form or another.  If Sharon is going to be one of us let’s not mislead the poor girl.’  Cassy jumped in obviously siding with Ann, ‘OK, thanks Lucinda.  But, there is life outside of bondage...’ She looked over at me.  ‘We just wanted you to feel comfortable before we... moved on into more interesting topics.’ 

‘Thanks, everyone’, I said quickly.  I felt nervous, but excited at the same time.  ‘Look, I’m really new to this whole thing and Lucinda’s right I’m dying for advice.  I would really love it if you would just tell me what I should be trying to do...  What I should be looking for...’ I paused.  ‘I’m not making any sense am I?’  They all shook their heads no.  Great.  ‘OK, for example I can’t wait to work with Greg, but I’m not sure how to handle working together.  Could you give me some advice?’ 

Ann piped right up, ‘Oh that ones right up my alley.  Look Sharon, when you are working together do not disagree with him in front of others.  You can carefully question his position on a certain issue, but only once.  Then clam up and wait until you can get him alone.  Remember he is your boss and despite your relationship outside of the office, he has to be seen treating you the same as everyone else.   Does that help any?’ 

‘Yes, that’s great’, I beamed.  Then more shyly, ‘Can I ask you a more personal question?’  Ann nodded her head yes.  ‘What was it like making those bondage videos with Mr. Thatcher.’  The words tumble out of me, but gods I was dying to know.  Ann laughed and responded, ‘the best part of making those instructional bondage video’s was what you didn’t see on tape we released.  After he had finished tying me into whatever position was required, he would take some time out to drive me to the point of sexual frenzy.  Kissing, caressing, fondling.... you name it and he did it.  Then he would turn back to the camera and explain about the position and the way he had positioned the ropes or straps to enhance my comfort or the esthetic look of the bondage.  Before the videos were released he edited out all of the sexual teasing scenes, but just watch the movies closely and you’ll be able to pick up on it.  One minute you see me calmly being tied to, say a chair and then there is a cut scene and Mike is explaining my bondage.  Most likely you will see my chest heaving and my face flushed.  If he had really got me going, you’ll also see me straining at my bonds.’  Her face took on a contented glow as she looked towards the ceiling and continued dreamily, ‘those were good times.  I still have the unedited tapes and when he’s out of town and the kids are asleep sometimes I watch them while I....’ Ann flushed a bit as she realized how far she had opened up to almost a complete stranger. 

‘That’s really beautiful’, I said sincerely.  ‘I only hope Greg and I can share such wonderful experiences.’  Cassy laughed gently and the other joined her.  ‘I wouldn’t be too worried about missing out on any experiences with Greg.  He and his father are two peas from the same pod.  When it comes to imagination those two just don’t have any bounds at all.  It was so fun watching those two go at it as Greg grew older.’  She looked over at me directly.  ‘He told you about helping me out when he was a teenager, didn’t he?’ 

I nodded yes.  ‘Yes, he told me that he would let you loose from whatever bondage his father had put you into before he left for school and then tie you back up the same way before he got back home.’ 

Cassy shook her head sagely. ‘Exactly.  But that’s not the whole story.  Greg was good, but he was still inexperienced.  It didn’t take long before Arch figured out that somehow I was getting loose during the day.  At the time he thought I was some kind of Houdini.  So he made it impossible for me to free myself.  But, somehow when he returned things weren’t exactly as he had left them.  A knot was loose, here.  A buckle wasn’t in its normal position.  Little things, so now he realized that I had an accomplice.  Good Lord, I tried not to tell him and protect Greg, but Arch was really getting mad.  He began to think that I was having an affair on the side.  He refused to hit me in anger, but his bitter words hurt more than the worst cut from a whip.  Finally I could stand it no more and I told him the truth. 

Arch almost collapsed into one of the chairs in the bedroom.  He couldn’t believe that his son knew about us.  So I told him the whole story.  How Greg had found me crying after the day he had finally gotten over losing his first wife.  How I had told Greg how much he loved me, despite his actions (he had whipped the hell out of me to exorcise his own personal demons), and that things would get back to normal.  Finally I told him how close it had made us.  Not exactly mother and son, but definitely friends.  In a few minutes Arch’s feature had turned from worry, to excitement... maybe wonder is a better term.  I remember him saying that the boy had talent, with a kind of proud look on his face.  From that point on it became a battle of wits between the two. 

He would try and tie me up in as complicated positions as he could come up with, trying to make Greg give up on his efforts to free me.  He figured if he made it to difficult for Greg to put me back the way he found me that he wouldn’t try to untie me.  But, Greg has almost a photographic memory and he doggedly continued his rescue of me each morning.  Soon he was almost as good as his father. I can’t tell you how many times Arch came home, looked me and all of my bindings over and then declared that he had beaten the boy.  Day after day now Arch would come home and smugly declare himself the winner.  But, one day Greg slipped up and left a lock not properly latched.  Arch was happily beside himself that he had caught Greg in his unsuccessful attempt to free me.  It would have been OK, but he had already removed my gag and I stupidly said aloud, ‘Damn it, he’s always so careful with the locks....’ Now my husband is no dummy and he picked up on my slip immediately.  ‘You mean to tell me he’s been freeing you every time I’ve put you in bondage and this is only the first time that I’ve caught the little imp?’  He demanded that I answer him.  When I refused he started tickling me... with a feather... on the soles of my feet, under my chin, on my nipples... I thought I would die from lack of oxygen because I was laughing so hard.  Finally I told him the truth. 

Arch went out, leaving me bound upon our bed. I worried about what he would do to Greg, but I shouldn’t have.  He returned late that evening smelling of beer.  Greg and I had a nice little discussion he informed me.  In point of fact, they had gone into the back yard with a case of beer and got drunk until Arch felt comfortable enough to bring up the subject.  Greg won’t be releasing you anymore I was told.  Actually that weekend, while Arch was home to supervise he was ordered to cane my butt for allowing myself to be released without his consent.  Greg had put up quite an argument about that point, I came to understand, but Arch told him that he needed the lesson to become a true ‘master’.  You could say that that whipping of my rump was his real coming of age.’ 

I couldn’t help but ask, ‘Does he like to whip his girl friends?’  Cassy looked at my sheepish face and countered my question, ‘Do you want him to whip you?’  I gulped and answered truthfully, ‘I don’t know.’  Cassy smiled.  ‘Good, at least your honest about it.  Look, I love Greg just like he was my own flesh and blood.  I think that you’ll find that he’ll wrap his own needs around what your willing to give and not force you into anything you really don’t want to do.  My advice is to go with the flow.  If you get in over you head tell him so.  He’s a real good listener and I get the feeling he’s head-over-heels in love with you, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting him to slow down in a certain area.’ 

The talk became more general thereafter.  Precious pieces of information rained down upon me like mana from heaven.   I learned two extremely important things that evening.  One, even the bottom (submissive partner) has a say in bondage play.  And two, both of these married women engaged in bondage fairly regularly and they actually relished their roles!  I knew that I had much to learn and experience, but now more than ever I was truly looking forward to it! 

Greg had a strong aversion to doing anything more than kissing under his family’s roof.  I really did not understand this at all.  Knowing the relationship that he and his step-mom had and the fact that his father had been a party to getting us together, I just didn’t understand.  All I could remember that helped to make sense out of the situation was the time he was deciding if he would date me. 

I was bound and blindfolded at the time.  His father and Lucinda were watching as he kissed me for the first time and then caressed my hungry breasts.  As our kiss became more and more passionate and his hands had begun to drift lower, his father had cleared his voice and suggested, ‘That perhaps we should get a room...’ Seemed like a double standard to me, but then again I’ve never been a parent. 

Regardless, this meant that after the dinner party I had to go back to Mr. Thatcher’s house and my own empty guest room.  I went to sleep frustrated, but with happy thoughts.  Greg had promised me an interesting day tomorrow and had assured me that our separate sleeping arrangements would be corrected. 

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