Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 8 – First Date - Appetizers
By the White Knight

I woke to a beautiful Saturday morning.  Greg called me shortly after nine and told me that he would be by around ten.  He said he’d like to do some bicycling and have a picnic and asked if I was game.  I quickly told him that I was up for ANY GAME that he wanted to try.  He was laughing as he hung up the phone. 

We spent the entire day together.  Biking, eating, drinking wine, and playing Frisbee... you know, acting like love struck teenagers.  That was exactly how I felt.  Just like a confused schoolgirl, who all of a sudden finds herself hooked up with the quarterback of the football team.  The soft rock radio station we were listening too played a very appropriate old Heart song, ‘Magic Man’.  Everything was like a wonderful fantasy. 

As dusk began to fall he took me back to the cottage.  We used separate showers and put on clothes appropriate for an evening ‘out on the town’.  He hadn’t been very specific what that meant so I decided on a sexy lime green sheath dress. The dress slid on easily.  The top was a halter type with an open back.  I buttoned up the collar behind my neck and seated my naked breasts into the soft lining of the triangular top of the garment.  I had already put on a lacy white hose and garter belt set, so all that was left were shoes.  Knowing that I shouldn’t do it, but not being able to stop myself, I grabbed the spiked heeled white pumps Greg’s father had given me earlier in the week. 

I smiled at my own wickedness.  These types of shoes were often referred to as ‘fuck me’ pumps, by my girlfriends and myself.  Essentially, the thought pattern is, if you would wear shoes like that to attract or please a man there wasn’t anything that you wouldn’t do for him.  Being as this was exactly the message I was trying to send to my new lord and master... what could have been more appropriate?  Besides many of our discussion during the day had revolved around sex and this had had the same effect on me as perfectly performed foreplay.  Because of this I desperately wanted to look as hot as I felt! 

Not knowing if we would be outdoors late in the evening, I also threw a white crocheted shawl over my shoulders.  Then I met up with the Thatcher’s and Greg in the kitchen. 

‘Good lord, you look wonderful’, said Ann as I walked into the room.  The two men were holding glass mugs of beer and raising them said in unison, ‘Here.  Here I could only laugh and think that this crew had definitely been friends for quite a long time. 

‘Hummm.  Hummmm’, Mr. Thatcher said.  ‘I remember when you used to get all dressed up like that for me.’  Ann gave him a gentle slap on the arm.  ‘You make it sound like ages since the last time I dressed up for you, now is it really that long?’, Ann asked softly as she put her arms around his waist and gave him a squeeze.  ‘No. No’, Mr. Thatcher replied quickly. ‘No, it hasn’t been all that long at all, but...’ Ann didn’t even let him finish his sentence.  ‘You men and your ‘but’s’’, she chided him.  ‘Oh, all right.  When these young lovebirds leave I’ll give you a show you won’t soon forget.’  Mr. Thatcher almost choked on the sip of beer he was taking.  He, of course, had no way of knowing how well we ‘girls’ had gotten acquainted the previous evening so he was a little shocked at his wife’s openness in front of me.  When will men ever figure out that women tell each other all the gory details? 

‘On that note I think we had best leave’, said Greg with a quick smile as he took my hand and led me through the door.  ‘You do look wonderful’, he said as he opened the car door.  I was still getting used to the height of my new heels and I soon realized that I couldn’t just step normally into his low riding sports car.  Turning my rear end the opening I held out my hand to him.  He instantly knew what I needed and gave me the support I needed to slide down into the car without having the hem of my dress wind up about my waist!  Holding both legs together I pulled them into the car.  Greg just stood there at the open door shaking his head as he openly admired my legs and heels.  In a flash of inspiration, I pulled up my dress and gave him a flash of my white garters and matching white lace panties.  He gave one of his wry chuckles and closed my door. 

When he got behind the wheel, he looked over and smiled, ‘you are just too good to be true.  What am I ever going to do with you’.  He reached over as he spoke and used one hand to guide my lips to his.   We kissed softly enjoying our newfound love.  As our lips finally parted, I sighed softly, ‘The phrase ‘take me to bed or loose me forever’ seems appropriate.’  Greg frowned and shook off his own passion-induced fog to ask, ‘What’.  I looked at him slyly and said, ‘You asked what you should do with me... and I told you.’  He shook his head once more, ‘that’s what I like about you.  You’ve got your priorities straight.’  Then he sighed, ‘Unfortunately I have reservations for two at ‘La Chateau’ and the thought of making you wait till after dinner has a certain amount of appeal to me.’  He started the car and began towards our destination. 

Reaching over and rubbing his thigh, I slyly responded, ‘Make me wait... what about you? Are you willing to wait also?’  My hands moved to his crotch and I could definitely feel his interest spring to life.  I continued my manipulations, rubbing his straining member through his slacks.  He tried to remain passive, but finally could take no more.  Greg shook his head once more and chuckled, ‘Now that was very naughty of you, my dear.  I had been perfectly willing to share your abstinence, but your behavior has altered that situation.’  I looked at him quizzically.  He reached over and touched my lips and then used the same hand to point to his crotch.   I licked my lips and wondered if I could refuse.  I had no apprehension about blowing him, it was just I wanted him in me so bad that it hurt. ‘Is that an order, master’, I asked softly.   He nodded his head, then added, ‘If you are particularly pleasing I may even rub your pussy... if you ask me properly.’ 

Sighing, I worked myself into position and muttered, ‘you're all too kind, oh master’.  He reached across my now arched back and wacked me good on my right cheek.  ‘Ooouuucccchhh’, I squealed.  He looked at me sternly, ‘At this moment I am the master, do not forget your place’.  My tush stung, but not severely.  I was going to have learn his signals better on just when that fine line between partner and submissive was crossed.  And quickly! 

I was a little miffed at first that he would use me this way, but then the light dawned.  I wanted to please this man. His entire attention was focused on me.  What I wore, how I walked, what I said... nothing escaped him. I liked his commanding manner, which was not cruel but under the circumstances proper.  Old what his name only paid attention to me until he got what he wanted.  After that I might as well have been a piece of furniture for all of the notice I received. But not my Greg.  His eyes never strayed far from me and he listened intently to everything that I had to say.  Not because he was looking for faults (which was like my father), but because he truly appreciated me. 

‘I’m sorry master’, I said demurely as I worked to open his pants.  ‘Please forgive my impertaence.  My only excuse is that I am so hot for you that I can barely control myself.’  I ended the last statement in a breathless huff as the words had just poured out of me.  Greg smiled as he watched the road, ‘I will take your situation into consideration.  Please me, dear lady and I assure you that all will be forgiven.’  As I opened the folds in his boxer shorts, and his manhood popped out like jack being released from his box.  ‘I see that you can definitely understand my situation, lord’, I breathed softly as I wrapped my right hand around his pole.  His eyes still on the road, he chuckled and replied simply, ‘Definitely.’ 

Despite our earlier liaison, I had not yet had the chance to view my lover’s reproductive organs in all of their excited glory.  I guessed that it was a good eight inches in length.  The circumcised foreskin and the width reminded me very much of my rubber phallus from the multi pack stimulator.  Not overly wide or unbelievably long, but very very lovely all the same. 

His hardened member bucked of its only volition within my stretched fingers.  I hadn’t done anything yet but it was saying, ‘I want you... NOW’.  His admirable manhood emphasized this point by releasing a drop of pre-cum.  There was no time to loose and certainly no time for finesse.  I gave Greg a big kiss directly on the top of his throbbing head and with a big noisy lick slurped the drop of clear cum off.  With no further foreplay I lowered my head onto his cock. 

My mouth was forced open and my lips spread widely as they popped over the extra lip of skin around the head of his member.  I slid half way down his passion post before I retreated backwards to hold only the head of his hard rod within my soft warm confines.  I prided myself on oral skills, especially being able to absorb every bit of my suitor’s one-eyed monsters.  But, I needed a minute or so to get acclimated to the feel of him within my mouth. 

I swirled my tongue over his embedded head and was reward by an excited groan.  Closing down the side of my mouth I sucked hard upon his engorged meat, like a straw in a thick milk shake.  This pulled him further into me by vacuum power alone.  He soon hit the back of my throat and this set off my gag reflex.  I was ready for this though and hardly missed a beat.  I stopped the sucking, relaxed until the urge lessened.  Then I looked down.  A long three inches to go.  Arching my back I moved into a more favorable position.  I could feel his arms holding the steering wheel, touching my back each time I lifted my head, to only hold the tip of his penis between my lips. 

Another swirl of my tongue and at the same time I took a deep breath.  Now, I was ready.  Closing the sides of my mouth I slowly rode down my lovers vein covered path.  Just passed the mid-way point I felt him against my throat, but still I pressed on.  Closing my eyes, I stifled my initial gag and continued downward.  I refused to stop until I felt my nose and chin brushed by his wiry pubic hair.  Satisfied that I had my lovers measure now, I went back upwards.  Immediately upon arriving, I started the plunge again.  This time faster.  Up and down, my entire head traveled the length of his manhood, again and again.  Faster and faster.  Until I became like some exotic machine, sucking his aching staff mindlessly. 

His buttocks shifted under me.  His breath hissed from clenched teeth.  Greg moaned my name and then what sounded like ‘Princess’ as he worked to keep control of the car.   On the end of one of my downward strokes his member bucked within my mouth.  I knew that this meant that he would be cumming in short order.  Sliding back up his cock, I held only the first two inches or so within my mouth as I started using my encircling fingers to stimulate him.  I sucked as hard as I could, while using my hand to simulate my mouth traveling up and down his pulsating penis.  My eyes popped open as Greg came with an amazing opening blast.  I gagged a bit as those first globs of jism hit the back of my throat, but was soon back under control. 

His load began to pump into my mouth and it was all I could do to swallow it all before it leaked out of the sides of my mouth.  Greg’s hips were now off of the seat as he thrust more of himself into my willing lips.  Continuing my massage with my hand, I ate down more and more of the thick warm cum.  I was actually tiring of sucking and swallowing his jism.  It’s not like drinking a liquid, but more like eating a warm milk shake... with a unique salty flavor.  What an interesting idea cum flavored milk shakes! or how about cum flavored daiquiris!  My fevered imagination was running away with me. 

Finally his eruption ebbed and it became easier and easier to slurp down the last of his manly seed.  Greg sighed in satisfaction and lowered himself back into his seat.  I raised my head off his retreating pole and gave him a quick tongue bath to remove any of his juices that I might have missed earlier.  Sliding him back into his shorts and re-fastening his pants I returned to my own seated position. 

Greg’s hand slid quickly over to my lap and lifted my skirt.  He began a gentle rubbing of my clit right through my lace panties.  As his own breathing returned too normal, mine began to increase.  ‘I take it that you know that you have pleased me greatly, Sharon’, he said as his finger caressed my inner thighs.  ‘Unnnhhhh’, I moaned in answer.  ‘Pull your dress up about your waist’, he commanded me softly.  I didn’t know why he wanted me to do this, but I truthfully didn’t care as long as he continued to rub my enflamed clitoris.  His fingers now slid into my panties.  He gently played with my soft wet folds of skin before he sent a few digits in search of my excitement button. 

‘Do you know that many women don’t like the taste of cum and most won’t swallow it down the way that you just did’ Greg said matter of factly.  I didn’t realize that he was looking for an answer until his fingers stopped their actions and he repeated, ‘Did you know that?’  I moaned in frustration, then almost shouted, ‘Yes, yes, I know.’  His magic fingers began their animated rubbing once more.  ‘But you like it?’, he questioned me.   My eyes were closed.  I loved the heat building within me.  ‘Noooo’, I answered breathlessly.  ‘No?  But you swallowed every drop of my cum... and cleaned off the residue from my cock.  Why did you do that?’ he demanded.  His voice was not angry, just confused.  ‘Pride’, I moaned as my climax neared.  ‘Pride?’ he echoed.  ‘I don’t understand?’  Oh, God, this is not the time to play twenty questions.  On the other hand I didn’t want him to stop again.  ‘Pride, that I can do something better than anyone else’, I moaned and hissed my answer.  ‘I’m very competitive at the thinnnnngssss.... ‘  He began flicking my tender g-spot with his fingertips.  ‘Things that I think that I am good at.  I always want to be the best... go just a bit farther then others....’  I began to writhe against my seat belt.  Rather than this breaking his concentration, Greg simply shifted his movements to accommodate me.  One, two... three fingers began driving in and out of me.  ‘What an extraordinary answer.  That’s the first time I...’ He slammed his hand deep into me, pushing me back against the chair. ‘Ever, heard....’ Again he slammed into me.  ‘Anything, like that!’  This last thrust broke the damn.  My hips bucked violently as I came like a possessed person.  Each wonderful wave gave me tingles from chest to thighs.  Greg continued to his pumping motion, but now more gently, as my juices flowed over his fingers.  With a sated sigh I settled back down into my seat. 

I was stirred from my sex induced funk, by Greg’s soft voice, ‘you’d better take off your panties and get yourself cleaned up.  Were almost there.’  He handed me a box of Kleenex’s when my eyes finally cracked open.  Oh, God, he was right.  Now that he had brought it to my attention, I could feel my soaking panties against skin.  I went to pull them off, but realized that my garter belts sealed them in.  ‘Damn’, I groaned as I began to undo each of the four fasteners. 

Greg chuckled as he noticed my predicament.  ‘One thing you’ll have to learn is to wear your panties OVER your garters’ he laughed.  I looked up at him for a minute to see if he was kidding, ‘Over?’  He looked at me and responded, ‘Of course.  That way if I tie you to something and want to get to your love canal I won’t to cut them off of you.’  He paused giving me a moment to think about that.  ‘Or if you make me orgasm into my underwear, it won’t be so darn difficult getting out of them.  Correct?’  I said finishing his thought for him. 

‘Exactly, my dear, exactly’, he replied with a grin.  ‘There’s an empty plastic bag in the glove compartment.  Its usually used for garbage, but I am sure it would suit us now.’  Finishing cleaning up as best I could with the tissues, I stuffed everything into the bag and dropped it to the floorboard.  Looking up I realized that we were right around the block from the Restaurant.  I better wear my panties on the outside of my garters in the future or I am going to be very embarrassed one of these days, I thought to myself.  Then I had a deliciously evil thought; maybe I just shouldn’t wear any panties at all! 

No panties.  My God, I am going to be walking into a crowded restaurant in just a few minutes and I don’t have any underwear on!  I could feel the warm leather of the cars seat more keenly now that my mind was on that part of my anatomy.  I looked down at my lap, self-consciously pulling my dress downward.  Thank the Lord that I wasn’t wearing one of my micro minis; at least this dress covered me to mid-thigh.  Standing it fell to mid-way between crotch and knee, of course when I’m seated it rides up a good three or four inches. 

As we pulled into the lot, Greg asked, ‘Are you nervous’.  He had a sly grin as he obviously was referring to my current panty-less predicament.  I shrugged, deciding that if this were some kind of test then I would pass it.  Besides the likely hood of someone noticing that I’m not wearing panties is probably about the same as getting hit by lightening, so to heck with it.  As he opened my door and gave me a hand back onto my heels, I responded lightly, ‘No. Not really.’ 
We were quickly escorted to our table, in a darkened corner of the restaurant.  The host seated me himself.  This called for some quick thinking.  I used both hands to hold down the hem of my dress, so that it didn’t ride up far enough to give the manager an eyeful, and sort of squatted off of my heels until my butt felt the chair.  I smiled glowingly and he immediately went into his routine of telling us of all of the specials.  Without a doubt he had seen nothing unusual. 

My confidence was restored, now it was time for a little pay back.  Greg knew exactly what he was doing when he made me orgasm.  He knew that I would be walking into this restaurant without any panties on and he was obviously waiting to enjoy my discomfort.  Well, two can play at this game, master or no master. 

The effluent manager completed his litany.  I smiled at him and in response he asked me, ‘Perhaps the lady would like an appetizer before her meal?’  He had leaned a bit forward and was waiting on my reply.  I leaned even closer to him, until our heads were only a foot or so apart and softly replied, ‘No thank you’.  Then purposefully directing my gaze from him to Greg, I continued craftily, ‘I’ve already had one’.    Greg coughed on a mouthful of water and the waiter who at first was uncertain, now smiled in understanding.  Barely suppressing his laughed he asked me, ‘Then perhaps the lady would care for a drink?’  I smiled again with Greg looking on expectantly.  ‘That sounds delicious’, I answered, putting emphasis on the word ‘delicious’.  ‘I think that I would like a daiquiri.  Yes, a large banana daiquiri.’  The waiter could barely contain himself as he asked Greg for his drink order.  ‘Your house red will be fine’, he said with a shake of his head. ‘And for dinner I think I’ll be having the crow... do you know if its in season?  I just hate old crow.’  The waiter gave up and laughed out loud.  I am sure that everyone in the restaurant looked our way, but I didn’t care.  I was having a great time. 

He left in a few more seconds, trying unsuccessfully to compose himself.  Greg shook his head, looking at me ruefully.  ‘Don’t tell me, your exercising rule number one’.  I smiled back at him and nodded agreement.  During our long talks we had worked out some rules for our relationship, being as it wasn’t your everyday type of courtship.  The first rule that we set up was that when it came to sex, he was the master and I was the submissive.  Anytime other then sex, though, we were partners and I could do whatever I darn well pleased.  ‘Hmmm.  To quote you only minutes earlier in the car, ‘whatever are you going to do with me’? 

He smiled and dinner went on normally.  Of course I was trying to get his goat, at least a little bit.  I wanted him to know that I valued his companionship and that I could and would play with him.  But, that wasn’t my only reason.  Part of me wanted Greg just a little bit miffed at me, so when we entered into bondage tonight (as I knew that we would), he would have just that little bit of extra added incentive to make it real. 

The rest of dinner went off without a hitch.  I believe that I got out of the restaurant without anyone knowing that I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  To top everything off the manager was so happy with the little show that I had put on earlier, that he gave us a free bottle of wine. 

Leather & Lace
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