Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 6 – Audition with the Mystery Man
By the White Knight

The next morning Lucinda didn’t leave me out of her sight the entire time.  We ate and talked, but she brushed aside all of my requests for information about my proposed pairing.  At work it was much the same.  I attended every meeting that she did and was even taken to lunch with her and the other executives.  Only for a few minutes did she leave my side and that only to hold a quiet conversation at the end of the room with Mr. Stanton.  He looked at me covertly a number of times during that brief discussion and ended nodding his head and smiling as he kissed Lucinda on both cheeks.  I thought that they must have reached some mutually beneficial business arrangement, based on the way that they were acting. 

That night Lucinda and I ate out and then continued our rap session from the night before.  She allowed me to do my aerobic workout and even joined me at about ten o’clock.  Of course all of my requests for further information on Mr. Right met the same stonewall.  I was bound to my bed as was now usual.  But tonight I was bold enough to ask for the more comfortable, beanbag gag.  Smiling at my temerity she said, ‘You really should practice with the tougher gag... but I suppose that it would be all right.’ 

My jaw greatly appreciated her indulgence the next morning.  In fact by now I was feeling pretty much back to normal.  The marks on my body had faded, and now the aches and pains of my last ordeal had passed also.  Lucinda watched me as I dressed.  Suggesting pieces of my outfit as I went along.  What I ended up with was an outfit that I had basically worn a number of times at the office before.  Gray wool pleated mini skirt, black sleeveless form fitting shirt, black hose (using garters and stockings rather than pantyhose) and normal black leather boots.  I say normal boots, because Lucinda complained about them.  ‘The heel should be higher and spiked to really be sexy’ she lamented.  The heel was only a little over two inches and was blockier for better traction in snow and bad weather.  Besides I thought to myself, I am going to work I don’t need to be dressed to kill. 

The shirt was really sexy, as it left no doubt as to my obvious endowments.  The upper portion of the garment, from slightly above the tips of my nipples to my throat, was made of a transparent black material showing off an amazing amount of cleavage. This I covered up with a blazer, which matched my skirt.  I was surprised that she had not complained about this, as it was she who had suggested this particular shirt.  The cut of the blazer showed only an innocent V of white chest.   She refused to allow me to wear the satin bra that I would normally with this garter belt, but was kind enough to let me put on the matching panties. 

Lucinda had me model my outfit for her, so she could ‘see all of the lines’.  When I was getting tired of doing this I finally asked, ‘what’s going on here?  What’s so important about the way that I dress when were going to the office.’  Lucinda pooh-poohed me and said in a sisterly fashion, ‘I told you that I would be giving you advice.  Well, we are starting with wardrobe suggestions.  In my estimation it’s always a good idea to, within reason, advertise your wares.’  Knowing her wardrobe, I believed what she was telling me.  Without a doubt some of her outfits made her look twice as beautiful as her basic attributes. 

At work that day, things were the same as the previous day.  Meetings, breakout discussions and more meetings were the daily fare.  During the meetings that Mr. Stanton attended I felt him looking at me a number of times.  The few times that I meet his gaze, he would just smile and give a slight nod of his head towards me. 

Later that afternoon with everything basically concluded, Mr. Stanton led us on a tour of the plant.  ‘This is the models room’, he said as he opened a door and turned on the light.  The room was filled with four vanities and cubicle-like changing stations.  ‘Through that door is where we do most of our shoots.’  We walked on and entered the room.  It was dark except for one spotlight that was centered on a stool in front of a trio of reflective white screens. 

‘My dear’, Mr. Stanton began.  ‘Lucinda and I have been discussing your situation and I think its time that we all had a little chat.’  My face reddened, but before I could say anything he continued, ‘I told you that my Thatcher and I would like to be able to help you find someone that could match your, ahhh... exuberance for life and help you in enjoying it to its fullest extent.  Lucinda and I, have come up with the same person... separately I would add, that we think may meet with your approval.’  My eyes widened at this statement.  ‘We would like you to meet him, my dear...’ 

I cut him off before he could finish his sentence.  ‘I would love to meet him’, I stammered.  ‘Just tell me where... and when....’ This time I was cut off.  ‘How about here and now’, a voice said from the darkness at the back of the room.  I shaded my eyes and peered into the gloom.  I couldn’t make out anything because of the glare of the spotlight.  I started to walk forward and the voice chuckled, ‘No, no, no, my dear.  Do not step forward.  I am to be the master here, so I must first ‘approve of you’.  Upon completion of that condition, we will have our first.... meeting.  If you enjoy that encounter you can than ‘approve of me’, if you don’t well than you can tell me to go to... to get lost.’ 

‘I’m not sure that I like this arrangement’, I said getting my back up.  He chuckled again, ‘I wouldn’t like it either.  But my two friends here have tried to set me up before and to say that each of their previous attempts was a disaster would be putting it kindly.’  Mr. Stanton and Lucinda looked uncomfortably at each other and refused to meet my gaze.  ‘Both of them say that your special.  In fact the gentlemen has stated that you’re my perfect counter-part and the lady has referred to you as my ‘soul-mate’.  Hefty praise coming from these two, my dear, but we will have to see.’  He paused.  I waited for him to continue.  Looking into the darkness all I could tell about him was that he had a nice warm voice. 

‘The question, my dear is do you trust these two?’, he asked.  I looked at them and they now met my gaze.  Lucinda even nodded her head.  ‘Yes’, I answered.  ‘I trust them’.  He chuckled once more.  ‘Boy you are young and naive, aren’t you?’, he said off-handily.  I glared into the darkness and responded sharply, ‘Perhaps I am.  But, I can tell you right now your not wining any points with me by degrading me or my friends.’  The son-of-a-bitch had the audacity to clap at my angry statements.  He stopped quickly as he saw my face redden and I was just about to let him have it again.  ‘No, no.  Don’t be angry.  Truly, I applaud you.’  He paused.  ‘I apologize but that was part of my testing process.’  My questioning looks probably made more sense than any questions that I could have formed at the moment.  ‘You passed admirably, by the way.  A woman with no spirit, regardless of how wonderful she is at... in the sack, is basically useless, as far as I am concerned.’  By this point I was as confused as I could get, or so I thought. 

‘The second part of my testing may be even more repugnant to you than the first part’, he said in his warm deep voice.  ‘Now I would like to see how well you respond to a master.  So I’ll ask, you again, do you trust Lucinda and Arch?’  Silence followed.  Lucinda nodded again, but I could see that something had bothered Mr. Stanton. ‘Yes’, I answered simply. 

‘Good, then by proxy, you must also trust me’, he informed.  ‘You see now I will ask you to do certain things and I wish to see how you respond to them.  Is this agreeable to you?’  He had a good voice; I’ll say that much for him.  Different than Mr. Thatcher’s, it generated that same type of concern and oneness that made you feel good... like you really mattered.  ‘I don’t understand’, I answered.  ‘Why can’t we just sit down and talk and find out if we fit together or not?’ 

‘Blame it on your friends. Unfortunately for you, the earlier blind dates these two have tried to foist off on me have been less then wonderful.  One young lady, whom good ‘ol Arch set me up with, stalked me for three months when I told her it wasn’t going to work out.’  He explained with that rye chuckle of his.  Mr. Stanton looked madder about what the stranger was saying, than upset by his mistake.  I wondered why, but I was more concerned with what he was telling me.  ‘Time is a wasting, Sharon.  Are you willing to take my orders, or not?’ 

‘Answer me two questions’, I responded.  ‘And then I will agree.  First, when do I get to grade your performance and second, what is your first name’.  More of his warm laugh greeted my ears.  ‘Boy, oh boy you do have a lot of spirit.  I think that I am beginning to like you already.’  He said this so warmly... as if he had known me all my life... that it gave me shivers up my back.  ‘OK’, he answered.  ‘That’s reasonable.  First.  You are obviously a smart lady, so I have no doubts that you are already ‘measuring my performance’.  Second.  My name is Gregory.  Greg to my friends... but, for now, you can call me master.’ 

I smiled in the direction of his voice and really hammed it up.  ‘What wish or desire can I fulfill for you first, master’, I said huskily.  Silence followed and my smile faded.  ‘Is that the tone of voice that you would normally address your master in or is that the tone of voice that you think that I would like to be addressed in?’  Damn, playing games with him didn’t seem like such a smart thing at the moment.  All I could do was tell him the truth.  ‘It’s the tone I would use if you had had a hard day and I was trying to make you feel better.  To play with you.’  He was quiet for a few seconds. ‘Fair enough’, he finally responded.  But for the time being lets just kept it simple and straightforward.  Yes, master or No, master will suffice.’ 

‘Yes, master’, I replied softly.  I thought I saw a little bit of movement in the darkness, but I wasn’t sure.  ‘Remove your jacket’.  As I undid the buttons, Lucinda moved behind me to take the coat as it became free.  ‘Turn to your left, so that I can see your profile’.  I did so and stood still, my chest jutting proudly forward.  ‘Turn back toward me and knell, as you would before your master’, the voice commanded me.  I quickly knelt upon the hard wood floor trying to imitate, what I had seen Ann do on the cover of the video, Bondage 101.  Keeping my knees together, I rested my butt on my heels while keeping my back as straight as possible.  Unlike Ann though, who looked up adoringly at her master, I looked down demurely at my folded hands, atop my knees.  He left me like that for about a minute.  ‘You may stand now’, he ordered.  After I had complied he added, ‘Place your hands behind your back and help Arch slide the leather sleeve he is holding over your arms.’  I looked behind me.  Mr. Stanton was holding a narrow black leather funnel like item.  I had only seen them in the catalog and didn’t know what to do.  Lucinda’s soft voice whispered instructions, which allowed me to slid into the partially opened sleeve.   My arms went in until they were almost shoulder deep.  Mr. Stanton then pushed my arms towards each other above my leather-covered elbows, while Lucinda zippered the leather triangle tightly shut.  My arms were pulled tighter and tighter together, just like Mr. Thatcher’s hog-tie.  I grimaced as the zipper reached the top of the sleeve, but otherwise I accepted my incarceration quietly.  Straps from the arm binder were taken from under my arms, criss-crossed below my throat, passed over each shoulder and buckled in the rear.  Ostensibly they were there so that I couldn’t shrug my way out of the tight leather binding my arms.  ‘Spread your legs’, the deep voice commanded.  Lucinda was already kneeling besides my leg attaching a leather restraint around my left ankle.  Mr. Stanton joined in, attaching a matching cuff to my right ankle.  He then used a small metal spreader bar to separate my ankles by a little over a foot. 

The sensation of being made helpless in front of an unknown stranger was beginning to warm my loins.  I shifted my arms within the sleeve as much as I could and waggled my leather-sheathed hands back and forth.  I ate up the sensation of the soft leather against my skin and the immobility of my booted feet.  I was totally at the mercy of these three people.  Two of which, despite the trails they had put me through, I now considered friends.  There is something about the sharing of this intimate sexual sensations that help bind me to each of them.  My breathing had become more shallow and quicker.  Looking down as the last small pad lock was attached to the spreader bar, I saw something that made me blush brightly.  My nipples had hardened as my excitement increased and were now pushing out through the thin black fabric like miniature missiles.  I prayed that he wouldn’t notice. 

Next Mr. Stanton placed a blindfold apparatus in front of my eyes.  He gave me a few seconds to look at it, but soon buckled it in place.  The stranger was taking no chances.  Sometimes the satin sleep masks would shift and need to be reset into the proper position.  This item was made of leather, with foam padding around the eyes.  The black leather was cut so that it resembled large wrap around aviator glasses.  With it installed tightly about my head, I had little doubt that there would be no chance of me seeing anything my principles did not want me to see. 

I heard someone walk onto the hard wood floor.  I wanted to tilt my head toward the sound, but I remained standing bound with my head straightforward.  I felt him walk around me, looking me over... examining me.  It was like being a slave at auction... and somehow this thrilled me.   ‘Ohhhhhh’, I jumped in surprise as he flicked one fingertip against my traitorous nipple.  He then cupped both of my breasts with large strong hands and gently kneaded them.  ‘Hhhhhmmmmm’, I moaned letting my head fall backwards in ecstasy.  All to soon his hands left my breasts and caressed their ways down my sides.  Inwards at my taut waist and back out again over my wool clad hips.   His hand slid further back to my rear end, where he smoothly and gently let his fingers massage my ‘starved for attention’ cheeks.  ‘Yeesssssss’, I hissed in delight.  He pulled me forward so that his crotch could rub against mine and for the first time I could feel that he was as excited as I.  One of his hands left my buttocks and slid down below my skirt.  I gasped as his fingers expertly came in contact with my damp satin panties.  Gently he caressed me through the soft silky fabric.  I could feel his fingertips softly pushing down my curly hair until he just barely touched my mound.  ‘Ohhhh, Goddddd’, I groaned.  He could have thrown me down on the hard wood and taken me right in front of Lucinda and Mr. Stanton and I wouldn’t have cared! 

‘Haaarrrrmmpphhh’, Mr. Stanton cleared his throat.  ‘I think that if you two want to explore this part of a relationship any further, that you should get a room!’  He paused, then added, ‘Have you any other questions that you wish to ask the young lady or are you done with her for now... sir?’  In my hazed sexual stupor, I barely realized that he had spoken.  The stranger though reacted as if an order had been given and he pulled himself, all too quickly, away from me. 

I could hear him also breathing heavily and he seemed to take a few minutes before he continued his questioning.  ‘ 

‘You are certainly a beauty’ he said making me blush.  ‘You seem like a very normal young lady... and I can’t remember seeing a woman generate more heat than you.’  I am sure that my cheeks were cherry red.  ‘It would seem to me that I would be a fool, not to pursue this relationship...’ He paused.  ‘I have but one more question....’ 

‘Do you really want to be a slave?’, he asked gently.  I wanted to just say yes, to his warm sexy voice, but instead I replied softly, ‘I want to be a male masters submissive female partner’.  I emphasized the word partner. 

‘Ms. Grant, Mr. Stanton’, he called.  ‘Are you both in agreement that Sharon and I should attempt this partnership.’  I waited expectantly, but heard no sound.  ‘Don’t worry’, his warm voice told me, ‘There both nodding, yes’.  Mr. Stanton cleared his throat again and said, ‘Yes, I am all for it as long as you take your pairing out from under my roof.’  Lucinda laughed.  ‘That’s an excellent idea.  Sharon, why don’t you and your mystery man here use the cottage for the evening?  Mr. Stanton has graciously offered me the use of one of his guest rooms for the night.  Is that acceptable to the both of you.’ 

Before I could say YES!!!, the stranger was already talking. 

‘I am agreeable’, he said strongly.  ‘But, you dear Sharon, must also agree to my conditions.’  He paused.  I tilted my head towards the sound of his voice and hung on his every word.  ‘I have been told that you have a self-bondage routine that you impose upon yourself.  Is this true?’ he asked.  I felt myself blush further as I nodded my head and answered, ‘Yes, master’.  He paced for a second in front of me.  ‘During this game of yours I understand that once you have bound and gagged yourself, you fantasize that your imaginary lover comes to you.  Is this true?’  I felt my face burn redder.  I hung my head and said miserably, ‘Yes, master’.  He paced for a few seconds again, and then stopped.  ‘Do you trust me... really trust me’, he asked.  I looked blindly in the direction of his voice and replied equally softly, ‘Yes...yes, I think that I do.’ 

He chuckled at my reply and did a fair to middling Bogart impression, saying, ‘My dear I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.’  He laughed and I laughed with him.  ‘I want you to go back to the cottage and set yourself up for your fantasy lover.  If we are both lucky I will be able to fit the bill.  If not, at the very least, I guarantee you an interesting evening.  What do you say my soon-to-be slave girl?’ 

Smiling I replied quickly, ‘Just tell me what time, oh master’.  He laughed and walked away from me.  From a distance he called, ‘Seven-thirty, my dear girl.  Seven-thirty.’ 

I blinked my eyes as the blindfold was removed.  Soon I was free of all restraints.  Both Lucinda and Mr. Stanton refused to answer any of my questions about the mysterious stranger.  Finally Mr. Stanton rewarded my persistence with this nebulous response. ‘I think this way will be the best for everyone concerned.’  I bridled at such an answer and countered it by requesting, ‘At least tell me if I was wearing the blindfold because he is hideous looking, or something terrible like that.’  Lucinda snorted at my comment.  ‘Sharon, you should know that we wouldn’t pair such a cute creature as yourself with anything so cruel’, she admonished me.  Then she put her arm around an uncomfortable looking Mr. Stanton and said, ‘No, she doesn’t have to worry about that at all, does she... Arch’.  Mr. Stanton cleared his throat and said, ‘Aahhhh, no, of course not’. 

‘It is five o’clock now, my dear’, Lucinda remarked.  ‘Why don’t you take off and prepare for you big evening.’  I blushed once again; because she knew exactly what preparations I intended to take.  Then she did something that really surprised me.  She reached over and pulled me towards her, giving me a hug.  ‘Good luck’, she whispered in my ear.  ‘Oh, and one last bit of advice.  Don’t put on the ‘stimulator’... I don’t think you will be needing it tonight!’  I blushed redder, hugged her back quickly and ran for the door. 

The drive to the cottage seamed to take forever.  Once inside I found myself running around from one place to another like a spinning top.  The excitement was almost too much to bear.  I was breathing so hard that I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.  My stomach was in knots.  I had to do something to calm down.  Running through my normal evening routine was the only thing that I could think of. 

I quickly stripped off my ‘slave auction’ clothes, as I had come to think of them.  Putting on my spandex workout suit I went through three quarters of an hour of my normal aerobic exercises.  I followed this with a steaming shower and soon felt better.  Looking at the clock I could see that it was already six-thirty.  My breathing quickened immediately and the knots in my stomach returned.  The thought that I was finally going to meet my ‘imaginary lover’ was making me feel faint.  My heart pounded so hard that I thought I would have a heart attack. 

Trotting naked into the kitchen I poured myself a good portion of white wine, and took a healthy swallow.  Then walked back into my bedroom.  At Lucinda’s behest I had cleaned up everything in the morning.  I pulled off the quilt bedspread and folded it neatly into the corner.  Then I attached the nylon restraints to each of the four posts of the bed.  I laid the gag and sleep mask down on the soft flannel sheets. 

Quarter to seven, my heart pounded.  I took another large swallow of wine.  I did not want to get drunk or even tipsy, but I knew that wine mellowed me out.  Already I could feel its warm glow spreading through me.  My breathing slowed a little and the knots in my stomach receded some.  I laid out my sexy bustier outfit on top of the dresser, everything from hose to frilly gloves.  Then I re-applied my make up.  Brushing out my auburn hair I let it fall loosely about my shoulders. 

I slipped into the baby blue bustier.  After the read corset it no longer seemed to fit into the ‘tight’ category, now I thought of it more as form fitting.  The touch of the silky crotch less panties sliding up my thighs was heavenly.  I bit my lip to keep my hands away form my flaming love orifice.  My hard nipples showed clearly through the transparent material.  Another swallow of wine and then I unrolled the powder blue stockings unto my shapely gams.  Their attendant garters were fastened into place.  I flexed my toes and slid into my soft yummy black leather slippers.  The frilly gloves went on last. 

I walked over to the mirror on the back of the bedroom door and check my outfit.  Smoothing a little here and tugging a little there, minor changes a most.  Satisfied I finished my wine and took the glass into the bathroom.  I rinsed it out and set it besides the sink.  Not wanting to smell of the sweet grape, I brushed my teeth and gargled with some Scope.  Snapping my fingers I ran back to the dresser and retrieved my White Shoulders from the top draw.  I had almost forgotten it!  A couple dabs behind my ears, between my breasts and even down near my lately ever-hot furnace.  All the places I would love to see him nuzzle! 

It was ten after, definitely time to apply my restraints and other accessories.  Being well versed now, in the proper procedures I had little trouble connecting my widely spread ankles to their respective posts.  I opened my mouth wide and accepted the hard rubber ball.  I had thought of using the soft beanbag gag, but had decided against it.  My coffee colored lips stretched tautly around the bright yellow ball, was a much more sexy site.  I bound my left wrist into its nylon cuff and then slid the black satin mask over my eyes. 

I laid my right wrist into the final restraint, but found myself hesitating.  If I bind my last wrist correctly, there would be no way out.  I would be putting myself totally at the mercy of a man I don’t even know!  The dice I had been rolling lately had all been coming up as winners, I thought to myself.  Not once had craps been the result of my risk taking.  Starting with my current job, which quickly got my mind off of what his name.  Then trying out bondage and finding that I really liked it.  And now just over the last few days, each of my successive bondage encounters had turned out wonderfully....  Well, the whipping ended up wonderfully, because I gained a true friend. 

One more throw of the dice.  I grasped the cuff with my fingers and expertly wrapped it about my wrist.  I made no attempt to leave it at all loose and a few pulls against the restraint showed that it was securely fastened.  I tested all of my bonds, now.  What a terrible thing that would be if after all of my hard work and gut wrenching one of the bindings would fail!  Fortunately they were all tightly intact. 

There isn’t too much that you can do to make yourself look sexier, when you are tied spread eagle upon a bed.  But, I did my best.  Flattening my back, arching my breasts and pelvis upwards.  I straightened my legs and arms as much as possible.  Lastly I just lay back and relaxed. 

Oh, shit.  How is he going to get in!  I had locked the door on my way in as I always do.  Damn it, I should have thought about that.  I’ll be lying her all night long waiting for him to come and he’ll be locked out!  Great, another night of sexual frustration! 

Without warning I felt my slipper being lifted off my right foot.  Strong hands began to massage my sole and heel areas.  ‘Hmmmmm’, I murmured around the gag.  This was heavenly.  His hands slid over the soft stocking and took up residence about my toes and toe pad.  He flexed my toes and rubbed the pad just at the right places.  If it weren’t for the gag, I would have bitten my lip to keep myself from crying out in delight.  A young lady must appear demure and chaste even in the most intense circumstances.  Of course at the moment I was a bound and gagged slave so I yelled without abandon, ‘Yesssss... Yesssss... Ohhhhh.... Yeesssss’.  Finishing on my right foot, he chuckled at the sound emitting from my gag as he replaced my leather slipper.  I flexed my sated foot sensuously in the soft slipper, loving the feel of the warm leather against my skin.  ‘Oh, so you like these slippers, do you?’, he remarked observantly.  I nodded my head and flexed my foot once again.  ‘Well, then such a pretty covering on such a lovely appendage should be rewarded’, he warmly announced as his hands once again took up their ministrations.  He pressed the soft leather against my flesh as he kneaded my heel, sole and finally toes.  ‘Aaarrrrggggghhhh’, I groaned delightedly.  What he was doing to me was so wonderful, so sensuously sweet, so.... It was almost as good as sex! 

He moved on to my left foot.  As he lifted off the slipper he gave me a little tickle with the tips of his fingers against my captive sole.  I jumped a bit surprised and wiggled my foot in its restraint.  I began to tense wondering if this was a prelude to some type of tickling session.  ‘Relax Princess’, his warm voice said soothingly as his dexterous fingers worked over my loving left ped.  ‘I figured you could use a good massage after all you’ve been through this week.  Especially your poor abused feet.  After Da.... Arch, told me what he had done with you.’  I couldn’t see him, but I had the feeling he was shaking his head.  ‘Those two should have taken it easier on such a neophyte.  But, knowing them, once they get into their one up-man ship mode... well you ended up taking the brunt of their ego’s.’  I listened to the concern in his voice and wanted to both reassure him and clear names of the two gentlemen.  ‘It wasn’t that bad’, I mumbled through the thick yellow ball.  ‘I even liked most of it.’  He laughed, and said, ‘I’m glad that you feel that way, but what Da. Arch did wasn’t even remotely fair.  Making you stand in six and a half inch heels, in a pair of pumps that generally run tight, must have been hell.’  Damn it, I knew it.  Those bloody heels were a half size to small!  His wondrous fingers made me forget all about it though as he removed every little kink from my grateful ped.  Replacing the slipper he once again rubbed my foot and if anything it was even better than the first time. 

Strong hands moved up and around my ankle. Caressing the smooth nylon as they flowed over my restraining cuff.  The tips of firm fingers plowed furrows in my skin, up and down the sides of my calf.  ‘Besides being a delight to look at, your legs are in excellent shape’, he commented.  ‘There is something about a shapely female leg graced by pretty hosiery that is extremely sexy’, he continued warmly.  With one hand he gently pulled on and let snap back one of the taut garters holding up my stockings. ‘These of course are the icing on the cake.’  He resumed his massage of my left calf and just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more he moved his attentions over to my right leg.  ‘Ohhhh, Goddddd’, I moaned dreamily.  All of the anxieties and tenseness that had earlier filled me, dissolved into nothing.  Warmth spread through my body.  His expert manipulations, the glass of wine and the ‘freedom’ of being bound helplessly left me more relaxed then I had ever felt before.  I didn’t have to worry about responding to his caresses, because I could not.  Everything was in his hands.... and they were warm, tender and inviting. 

‘If my hands were free, I would applaud your wondrous legs’, he said with that rye chuckle that I was quickly thinking of as his trademark.  ‘They seem to go on forever and they are.... perfect!’  I stirred languidly from my mellow funk.  ‘Thank aerobics’, I said into my mouth-filling gag.  His hands had moved up over my knee and were kneading the fleshy part of my thighs.  The muscles were tightly stretched there, because of my widely spread ankles.  ‘Actually, I prefer to thank you’, he remarked non-chalantly.  ‘Aerobics may be the exercise that made your legs look this good, but you are the one who should be proud of your achievement.’  My fogged mind registered something as out of place, but I couldn’t quite place it.  Then it hit me!  He was responding to everything that I was saying.  How could this be?  Even knowing what I had said, my ears couldn’t make sense out of the inconsistent sounds that made it through the gag.  ‘What are you telepathic’, I demanded into the yellow ball.  His laugh resounded in the room, ‘Nooo.  Of course I’m not telepathic.  I am just unusually good at understanding gag-speak.’  What the heck was he talking about?  ‘What’s that’, I asked.  He stopped his massaging of my right thigh. I could feel his weight shift on the bed between my legs.  ‘This will never do’, he said in a mock angry tone.  ‘You getting all tense again and over nothing. If you kept this up I am going to have to replace your ball gag with a penis gag, because not even I can understand a women when she has her throat full of rubber cock.’  His hands again found my legs, now with one on each thigh.  He started running his hard fists up and down my inner thighs, working specifically on the tensed muscles that joined at my crotch.  ‘Ohhhh, yessss’, I murmured as his dug furrows up and over my blue stockings and then upwards across my naked inner thighs.  ‘Please, Please...’, I moaned.  I so wanted him to put his hands to work on my love mound.  ‘That’s it just relax, Princess’, he said softly.  ‘And just to ease your mind of all of those questions you were so anxious to ask about, don’t worry.  Unless something drastic happens, I firmly believe we will have a long night together and I promise there will be plenty of time to ask anything you want.’  His hands were dangerously near my love mound now.  He had changed his manipulations so that he was now using the tips of his powerful digits and every once and a while they would brush against the lace trim of my baby blue crotch less panties. 

‘I must apologize though’, he said warmly.  ‘Because I am the one leading you into trouble.’  He paused and I wondered what he was referring to.  ‘All of my gabbing has of course made you wonder about different things’, he continued.  ‘So now I will make you a promise to remedy the situation’, he breathed in a very sexy tone.  ‘From now on, no more unnecessary words.  I promise to let my hands, lips and perhaps just one other part of my anatomy do my talking for me.’  I smiled to myself, as there could be nothing more pleasing to me. 

True to his word his powerful hands began to work their magic.  ‘Ohhhh yyyyeessss’, I groaned as his attention shifted to my pelvic region.  He did not go directly for my love mound, but instead loving massaged all around it.  His hands slowed their movements and then softly I felt his first kiss against my inner thigh.  Warm juicy kisses rained upon my appreciative upper legs.  With his teeth he would pull playfully at the top of a stocking or garter belt whenever they seemed to get between his hungry lips and me. 

‘Aaaarrrrggghhh’, I screamed as I strained against my bonds.  The bed creaked as I used all of the strength in my body to free my arms.  I had to get free.  I had to be able to grab his head and plug into my love canal.  I moaned in disgust as the tough nylon and tight cuffs remained secure, despite my best efforts.  Breast bondage was not torture.  Six inches heels were not torture.  Even Lucinda’s whipping was not torture.  This was torture.  Knowing that you will climax, but not when your master will let you reach that peak.  ‘Oh God help me.  Pleaaaasse, get between my legs’, I screamed. 

Perhaps taking pity on me, he slowly worked his way up to my vagina.  His fingers brushed aside the damp fabric of my panties and parted my burning lower lips.  A warm skilled tongue darted in and went right to work on that most sensitive little mound of flesh.  Back and forth he lashed me.  Each stroke driving me further and further into a sexual frenzy.  I was a volcano and I was finally going to be allowed to blow. 

His tongue maintained its steady brisk strokes, pushing the little piece of flesh between my legs up and down or side to side.  Every once in awhile he would divert his attention to suck on one or the other of my lips.  I loved my gag.  I knew if it weren’t in my mouth right now I would have bitten through my lip. 

Never, ever had I experienced anything this great.  I started to squirm as my orgasm finally began to rumble to the surface.  ‘Nooooo.... Nooooo....’, I screamed into the gag as he levered himself upright and his tongue left my aching pussy.  ‘Pleaaaassseee... Pleeeaaasse, let me cum’, I wailed.  I felt him getting off the bed and now I was desperate.  I again struggled fruitlessly against my restraints.  ‘Aaannnnnything... Annnyyything... I’ll do anything you want.  Pleeeaasse’, I begged shamelessly. 

‘Now, now dear slave’, he said soothingly.  ‘Only I can decide when it is time for you to achieve orgasm and you need to learn that’.  I could feel his tugs and pulls against the restraints at my right ankle and then it was free.  The cuff was still on my ankle, but the nylon strap must have been released from the pole.  ‘Besides’, he continued warmly, ‘you really didn’t want your first orgasm as a slave to be so mundane... did you?’  As my left leg was freed I kicked them both up and down on the bed in anger and frustration.  ‘Mundane’, I screamed into my gag.  ‘You call that mundane?’  Now his rye chuckle made me angry.  ‘Princess, calm down and quit acting like a kid’, he said sternly.  ‘I am not like anyone you have ever known, so you can either trust me or you can take a hike.  Which will it be.’ 

It was like getting hit with a pail of cold water.  He was right I was acting like a spoiled brat, wanting to get my way.  Here I am playing the submissive and yet I still wasn’t willing to give up control.  I stopped my kicking and said, ‘Sooorrryyy’, into my heavy rubber mouth covering.  He patted my leg and continued warmly, ‘That’s better, because I think you are going to really like this part.’  Holding my legs together he lifted them up into the air, from my left side.  As he came the point where they were straight up toward the ceiling, he asked me, ‘Can you hold you legs like that for a moment.’  I nodded my head, yes and I felt him let go.  In a couple of seconds I could feel a slight tug against the cuff on my left ankle.  I heard him move to the other side of the bed where I felt a similar jerk against my right ankle restraint.  I shifted my legs slightly forward and realized that they were now tethered somewhere behind me. 

Slowly, my right leg was pulled from its right angle (90 degree) position. Not straight backwards, but rather towards the corner post.  110 degrees, 120 degrees, finally at 130 degrees he stopped.  If he was trying to fold me in half, he was succeeding admirably.  It was very difficult to kept my left leg straight, with my right pulled back so awkwardly.  I didn’t have to worry for long as he quickly ‘helped’ me out.  My left leg was the next to be dragged back towards its appropriate post.  In fact I think he went even a little further with this leg than he had with the other.  Apparently he also thought so.  Moving back to my right leg he adjusted it just a tad tighter, making them even. 

‘Straighten your legs’, he admonished me.  My legs had buckled at the knee during this process.  I tried to do what he asked, but I met with no success.  Laying flat on the bed with my legs spread this widely was taxing.  To straighten my legs while in this position seamed impossible!  ‘Arch your feet like a ballet dancer so your toes point towards the wall and not the mattress.’  I did so and found that this did help me to meet my goal, but I wasn’t quite there yet.  ‘Now, slide your butt forward and tilt your pelvis upwards’, he instructed me.  Sure enough, I felt my knees lose their flex and my legs straighten into position.  I was a little startled when I felt my toes touch something.  With a little wiggling of each foot I was able to identify the object as the posts to which they were attached! 

‘Thank you’, I said sincerely around my gag.  I wouldn’t say that I was comfortable, but his helpful advice made sure that it wasn’t torturous either.  ‘I call the position that you are now in the ‘back-breaker’’, he informed me.  ‘Being as you now have first hand knowledge of this position, I am sure that you can see the accuracy of the name.’  I felt a rope passed under my waist and cinched tightly over my diaphragm.  ‘Even though you are in good shape, you will not be able to maintain that position for long, so I am working up a little prop to help you out,’ He informed me as he slid a rope about my stomach.  Twisting the rope he made sure the knot was below the center of my back.  The rope trailing from the knot was pulled under my rear end toward the foot of the bed.  ‘There are two ropes coming from the one wrapped to your waist.  What I am doing is tying off each of them to the corner posts at the foot of the bed.’  I felt first a tug towards the right and then one back towards the left.  The rope over my waist dug tightly into the baby blue nylon mesh covering my diaphragm.  The pressure reminded me of my previous experience with my new corset.  Everything he said though was true.  Regardless of the ropes slight discomfort, the strain on my back arms and legs was largely reduced. 

I heard a rustling of material and then felt him ‘walk’ on his knees up the center of the bed.  If someone had painted a bulls-eye directly over my cunt, it could not have been any more the center of attention than I am sure it was now.  My legs formed a big wide V right to the heart of my heat.  Despite everything else, all I could think of was now he had to let me cum.  There is nothing that he could possibly do that could make me more helplessly available to whatever he desired. 

He laid a hand on each widely spread leg just above the knee and stroked me slowly downward.  Caressingly his hands followed the trail of my powder blue stockings towards my exposed sex.  Agonizingly they parted around my mound, like Moses parting the waters.  I squeezed my eyes closed beneath my satin mask and stifled a cry of frustration.  He kneaded my twin cheeks and casually let his fingers stray towards my burning bush, every now and again.  Finally his digits found there way back to my clit and I felt him part my lips.  Please, God let him eat me again, I prayed. 

I was justly rewarded as his lips began to kiss my legs from one nylon-sheathed knee to the other.  His kisses worked there way downward, slowing at the lace tops of my stockings.  He loved playing with my garter belts and teasing me as he closed upon the area of my body that demanded attention.  Next his teeth pulled at my split briefs.  I groaned in frustration.  It was so difficult learning to be totally submissive to my new master.  I wanted to demand for him to service me, but I knew that I could not.  He was in complete control and through the agonizing wait I learned the beauty of my position.  When his lips finally found my lower lips I almost cried in delight.  His experienced tongue once again brought me to the edge of climaxing.   I went to scream as he stopped his ministrations, when.... 

Something heavy was placed against the opening to my love canal.  Whaaattt.... my thought was interrupted as I felt his firm thick manhood drive into me.  ‘Oooooffffffff’, I gasped as the air was pushed form my body.  I had been hot for so long there was no problem with lubrication and with one swift piercing stroke he had embedded his weapon to the hilt.  I had never been probed so far before.  I didn’t know if this were do to the fact the he was exceptionally long or because of the advantageous position he had bound me into.  All these thoughts ran through my head, but all I could think of was... Thank you lord!  He began deep penetrating inward and outward strokes as he gave one of his chuckles, ‘You really don’t have to call me lord, my dear, and master will do just fine’.  I hadn’t realized that I had said it out loud, but right now I couldn’t careless. 

His hefty member plunged downward and than slowly was drawn backwards until only the head of his cock remained within me.  I gasped each time that he buried himself into me.  Oh, god it felt sooooo good.  His hard rod was touching places within me that had never been touched before.  But, it wasn’t his length, size or width that was the most outstanding part of his performance.... it was the motion.  Slow measured strokes.  The way he would slowly bury himself within my love canal and than stop for a second or two.  He would somehow cause his ever-hardening member to twist within me and then he would begin his equally slow withdrawal.  At the apex of his movements, when only a small portion of him was inside my burning lips, he would perform his little twisting act again.  Shivers ran up and down my body when he did this, as he was rubbing right up against that tender little g-spot of mine. 

I was burning up with sexual heat and abandon.  In fact I found it amazing that I had not cum yet.  Those slow beautiful strokes of his didn’t force an early explosion, but rather allowed the incredible fire within me to become even hotter.  The pressure that was building within me was so intense it was almost painful.  At one point I thought that I might even faint.  I had to work hard to breathe as deeply as possible through my nose to get enough air to keep me going.  Again I thanked my bonds, because I knew that if I wasn’t bound in such away that I couldn’t move... I would have been humping my pelvis against him until I came.  If I had done that or if I had been with another man, especially what his name, and I was this hot I would have come long ago.  Then I would never have experienced this excruciating ecstasy. 

I could feel it coming closer and closer to the surface.  There was a rumbling within me that reminded me of an oil well before it blows.  His steady piston like strokes just kept on fueling the fire.  Yes, hotter... hotter.... hotter, with each impaling pass.  ‘Oh, yes.... yeessss ... yeeeessssss!!!.  I bit down hard on the firm rubber ball and began to lose conscious thought.   ‘Oh my God... Oh my God, ....Ohhhh mmyyy GOD!’, I moaned and finally screamed as the tidal wave crested and swept over me. 

The relief and pleasure were so intense that, once again, I almost passed out.  Only the fact that Greg began to quicken his strokes, which threw a new stimulation into me kept me going.  Oh, yes, it was just so good.  The waves of pleasures just continued to roll over me.  One after another, after another.  At first I strained at my bonds, my whole body tensing to the massive explosion that passed over me.  With each successive wave the intense pressure, transformed into warm pleasure.  ‘Aaaahhhhhhhhh’, I finally sighed in contentment as my orgasms waned. 

Just because I was done, though didn’t mean that my master was finished with me.  He continued to pump in and out of me.  In and out he plunged, as if he could do this forever.  With my climax completed I now became more aware of my restrictive position.  The rope biting into my stomach and the nylon restraints that held me bent over nearly in half became the prevalent things in my thoughts.  My back ached.  My arms and especially my legs were strained beyond belief. 

Maybe he was telepathic....  When I was nearly at the point of feeling extremely uncomfortable, he reached forward between my spread legs and began to fondle my breasts.  Over the course of the past few days, they had become very sensitive.  His soft gentle movements began to re-kindle the fire within me.  Kneading both breasts, he pushed and pulled at the covering material until my nipples were free.  Together he twirled both of them between his thumb and forefinger. 

‘Ohhhhh, yes’, I groaned in delight.  During this entire time he had continued to pump me with pure pelvic strength.  His strokes had reduced in length, but had picked up quite a bit of speed. In fact he was now pounding into me like a trip-hammer.  Unbelievably, his wondrous actions were actually bringing me back to the point of climax.  Higher and higher I climbed....  ‘Ooooowwww’, I cried into my gag.  Both of his powerful hands had pinched the tips of my defenseless nipples, simultaneously.  The pain / pleasure response flew down into my cunny like a bolt of lightening. 

Boom.  A new and incredible orgasm, washed through me.  Within seconds I heard him grunting and his breathing become heavy.  He plunged his tensing cock to the hilt as he exploded into me.  The force of his cum was so heavy and so strong that I could actually feel it striking my soft inner walls.  He soon joined me in cries of ecstasy.  ‘Oh, yeah’, he cried out, ‘Squeeze me tight and drain me good...  Wwwwoooooeeeee’.  Doing my best in my awkward position, I used my pelvic muscles to clamp down on his pulsating rod as hard as I could.  ‘Oh, yeah’, he cried out again, ‘that’s great... just keep that up for just a little while more.’  He continued to pump more and more of his hot creamy fluids into me. 

Finally, he gave one of his rye chuckles and seemed to be finished.  He went to pull out of me, but stopped as he felt my pelvic muscles clamp on him even tighter then before.  ‘No yet’, I cried into my gag.  ‘Don’t leave me, yet.  Hold me.... please master.’  He didn’t try to pull out and soon I felt him gently caressing the insides of my legs.  Not in a sexy fashion, but more in a gentle and caring way.  ‘I can’t think of a good way to hold you in this position, Princess’, he said to me gently.  ‘When your free though I promise that you can have all of the cuddingly you take.  In fact, I should warn you I am a world class cuddlier.’ 

He laughed and I laughed into my gag.  I let him loose and basked in that warm after sex feeling, while he undid my bindings.  The rope went first.  Then my ankles were released from their cuffs and my legs were again allowed to lie on the bed.  My gag was removed next.  As I worked my jaw, the restraints were removed from my wrists.  He did not remove the black satin mask. 

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