Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 5 – Painful Lesson in Sisterhood
By the White Knight

The workday went much as it had the day before.  More meetings and more notes.  The tone of these meetings was positive and I took that to mean that Mr. Thatcher was going to get at least some of the concessions that he was looking for.  I was finally released from my duties at 4:00pm, in order to go back to the house and see if Lucinda had gotten there yet.  I drove as fast as the law would allow and than a few miles an hour faster hoping that I would beat Lucinda to the house.  I desperately needed sexual release by this point.  In fact throughout the day I had had to squirm in my chair a few times to relieve the pressure which still resided between my legs. 

There were lights on and a Mercedes in the driveway.  I had not won my race.  I went into the house looking for her.  ‘Lucinda’, I called.  Strangely I heard her voice coming from the direction of my bedroom.  When I walked in I was shocked and embarrassed by what greeted me. 

Lucinda had spread all of my toys on my bed.  The multi pack stimulator, the beginners’ bondage kit and even my crotch less undies.  She was dressed in a short leather jacket, a leather skirt and high-heeled boots.  She held her baton in both hands and looked at me sternly.  ‘I have been told that you settled a dispute between Mr. Thatcher and Mr. Stanton. Is this true?’  I didn’t know what she was so upset about and decided to ask her, ‘I don’t understand what the problem is Lucinda....’ I yelped and jumped backwards.  She had slashed my outstretched placating hands with her baton and it stung like the dickens.  ‘Silence’, she shouted.  ‘Is this true or not?’  I rubbed my burning hands and answered, ‘Yes, it’s true’.  Lucinda continued her questioning, ‘And in doing so did you sub for the two gentlemen?’  I looked at her blankly.  She rephrased the question, ‘Did you play the part of the submissive for the two gentlemen?’  I looked at her, if she had already heard the story than she should know that I had.  ‘Yes’, I answered not wishing to feel the bite of her stick again. 

‘Why, did you do that’, she asked me sternly.  I answered honestly, ‘I wanted a real bondage experience, with someone beside myself.  I thought what better place to start than with two experts, such as Mr. Thatcher and Stanton.’  She nodded her head accepting my reply.  ‘Did you try to seduce the gentlemen in anyway?’  Now I got mad, ‘I most certainly did not....’, I shouted. 

‘You stupid little girl’, she cut me off as she yelled at me.  ‘You wanted a ‘real’ bondage experience so you went to two married men.  Well, let me tell you what you actually got.  You got what they call, ‘love bondage’ from those two nice gentlemen.  Excluding the love making part of course.  They play with their wives, girl, they wouldn’t know ‘real’ B&D if it kicked them in the butt. ‘  She poked me in the ass with her wooden rod as she spoke.  ‘I led you down the road.  I gave you every opportunity to come to me and let me be your teacher and this is how you repay me?’  She made the last statement sound like a question.  ‘Lucinda’, I began.  ‘How could I know?’  The short cane landed viciously on my buttocks.  ‘OOOOhhhhhh’, I yelped. 

‘Open the box on the bed’, she commanded.  I had tears in the corners of my eyes but I did as instructed.  Inside was my new red and black satin corset.  ‘This was to have been the present I would give to you to introduce you to the B&D world, now it will be a mere portion of your punishment.’  She paused eyeing me, daring me to speak.  ‘Oh, yes’, she continued, ‘you will be punished for how shabbily you have treated me.’  She stared at me and commanded, ‘Strip naked immediately.’ 

I kicked off my flats and shimmied out of my pantyhose.  Skirt and blouse came next, leaving me in only my white bra and panties.  ‘All of it’, she commanded as I paused.  I unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties, letting them fall to my feet.  I self-consciously crossed my hands over my pubic hair.  ‘Hands at behind your neck’, Lucinda commanded.  I put my hands quickly in place.  She walked around me, running her short staff over my sensitive skin.  ‘You wanted a taste of true Bondage and Discipline; well here is your chance.  You will refer to me as Mistress and I will refer to you as.... slave.  You will do everything that I instruct you to do.  If you deviate in anyway from those instructions, you will be punished.’  She walked around to my front and looked me directly in the eyes.  I couldn’t help but lower my eyes to the ground, as I was stared down.  ‘Do you understand and except these conditions?’, she asked in a quiet cobra like hiss.  Lucinda was giving me an out.  Right now, one chance only.  Either I took whatever she wanted to dish out to me or I never learned what she meant by a real B&D experience.  I was afraid of my punishment, but somehow it excited me also.  My sex started to heat up when she had mentioned that word and had not cooled off since.  ‘May the slave ask a question?’, I asked quietly, keeping my eyes on the floor.  ‘You may’, she responded.  ‘If I agree is this for tonight or for always’, I dared to ask.  She laughed at my obvious discomfort, ‘you’re agreement is only for this evening’, she informed me.  ‘But, let me warn you, if you are truly a slave, you will be the one who wishes to continue this arrangement.  In fact you will beg to be allowed to continue to serve me or some other dominant.’ 

Was I truly a slave?  Is that why I loved to be bound and was excited by all of these things that would have sent shivers of fear down my spine only a few short weeks ago.  As for punishment, I had just survived breast bondage and the high heel torture.  And I found that either didn’t turn me off.  In fact I even like the breast bondage a little bit.  Did all of these things make me a slave?  And, if I am inclined in that direction did I really want to know?  ‘Yes, mistress’, I told Lucinda, ‘I agree to your follow your instructions.’  I needed to know. 

‘Hold out your left hand’, Lucinda commanded me.  When I did so, the baton flashed so quickly that I didn’t even see it.  But I felt it.  ‘Ooooouuuuugggghhh’, I howled as I grabbed my wounded hand.  Now there were full tears in my eyes.  I shifted from foot to foot and put my sore hand under my armpit.  I looked up at her.  ‘Very good’, she said.  ‘I had to know if you were sincere.  If you had questioned my right to snap your hand or even asked why I had done it, then I would have had serious doubts about you.’  I wasn’t sure whether I had been complimented or insulted, so I remained quiet.  The baton stung like a school ruler, but did no lasting damage, so my hand quickly stopped hurting. 

‘The first order of business is to get you dressed’, Lucinda told me.  ‘Put these on’, she ordered.  I took the fine black silk hose form her and rolled one expertly.  Sitting on the edge of the bed I unrolled it over my calf and up my leg until the lace top rested upon my thigh.  The second stocking went on just as quickly.  She reached into the box and pulled out the lovely satin corset, then handed it to me.  ‘Hold it up in front of you, and turn sideways, while I work on lacing this garment.’  Doing as instructed I felt her thread the lacings throughout the entire corset.  First she did them loosely, just enough so that if I lowered my hands it would stay in place.  ‘Now, stand before the corner post of the bed and hold it with both hands’, she ordered.  When I was in position, she began to tighten the laces.  I was glad that the material was soft, because it tightened about me rapidly and I figured that leather wouldn’t be anywhere near as comfortable.  I groaned, as she pulled hard on the laces.  ‘Normally, I would let you learn your corset more slowly.  Reducing your waist size by only two inches or so the first couple of times...  But, lucky you, I’m going to let you have all four inches of pull on your very first try!’, Lucinda said snippily.  Putting her knee on my butt, she pulled with all of her might.  I groaned loudly in protest.  Try to imagine putting your waist and chest into a vice and then slowly turning the handle to tighten it.  This is what I was feeling.  I found that it was getting more and more difficult to breathe as first my diaphragm and now my chest was becoming tightly confined into the satin garment. 

Lucinda walked around me attaching each of the six garters to the top of its respective hose.  ‘Go look in the mirror’, she commanded.  I walked over and gasped at the sight.  ‘Oh my God, is that really me’, I stammered.  My normally small waist truly looked like the narrow opening of an hourglass that everyone associated with corsets.  The dip from my rib cage to my hips was no longer a gentle in turn, but was now more like a dramatic twin canyons. 

I looked over my shoulders at my back and saw that there were no gaps in the material.  My legs were covered with the silk hose and I visually checked the seams to make sure that they were straight.  The canyons at my waist seemed even larger when you looked from hips upwards.  My ass cheeks formed white globes of firm flesh above the stockings and below my red corset. 

I turned forward and ran my hands upwards over the taut satin until they reached the black half cups, which held my breasts.  I re-arranged them into the most comfortable positioning that I could find, but it was still a tight fit.  My twin mounds were forced upwards and together, making my chest appear to be one nearly flat shelf, jutting away from my body.  Only the dark line of the crack between breasts, gave even the hint of cleavage.  My dark aureoles peeked over the top of the material. The corsets constant pressure made it difficult to breathe normally, so I found myself taking more short intakes of air. This caused my pretty shelf of warm flesh to rise and fall to my quickened breathing. 

‘Do you like what you see in the mirror’, Lucinda asked in a raspy hiss.  ‘I love what I see’, I gasped in delight, ‘...Mistress.’ I added quickly.  I had learned from the gentlemen that failing to title your principle appropriately would lead to severe discipline.  ‘Do you love yourself or the garment’, Lucinda asked softly.  ‘I love the way the corset makes me look.  To me this is the apex of sexy, Mistress’.  Lucinda caressed my naked buttocks with her stick.  ‘Who do you want to see you, when you wear your sexy corset’, she asked sweetly.  Embarrassed, I didn’t answer right away.  ‘Ooooohhhhhh’, I cried as the hard wood met my buttocks, with a resounding crack.  ‘You must tell me the truth, or I will punish you further, slave’, she said sternly.  ‘My imaginary lover, mistress’, I groaned, dejectedly looking at my feet.  Walking in front of me she used her black rod to push my head upward and looked into my eyes.  ‘Is your imaginary lover a man, or... a woman?’, she asked with a look that worried me.  With growing trepidation, I closed my eyes and answered truthfully, ‘A man, mistress.’  I tightened my body expecting the blow that never came.  ‘Ah’, she said knowingly.  ‘And why do want to dress so sexily for this imaginary man’, she queried.  Now we were on familiar territory.  I had thought about these things quite a lot so my answers came more quickly.  ‘To inflame his desire of me, to match my own desire for him’, I replied.  Lucinda smiled, ‘so you wear this garment that you ‘love’, because it excites your imaginary lover.  Does it excite you, also?’  I blushed and looked down.  ‘Yes, Mistress’, I responded softly. 

Her leather-gloved hand reached down between my legs.  I gasped as her fingers ruffled through my pubic hair and briefly touched my cunt lips.  She raised the glove to her eye level, so that we could both see that it was glistening with my juices.  ‘Tsk, Tsk, Tsk’, she said.  ‘My you are a little bitch in heat aren’t you?’  I took this as a rhetorical question and did not respond.  ‘You’ve barely been touched and you are hotter than a furnace.’  She paused and smiled at me.  ‘You are hot, aren’t you slave?’ she asked.  Feeling miserable at my increased embarrassment, I moaned, ‘Yes, mistress.’  Her smile widened, ‘And just how hot are little slave girl.’  Just thinking about it was making it worse.  ‘I’m burning up, mistress!’ 

‘Put your hands behind your neck and spread you legs’, Lucinda commanded.  She stood in front of me; the baton tucked under one arm.  Using both leather-encased hands she slowly caressed the insides of my thighs.  ‘Ooooohhhh’, I groaned in pleasure.  She ran her hands around my legs, sliding them over the soft silk of my stockings, playing with the elastic of the garters, but always ending near my lower mouth.  With both of her hands caressing my thighs just below my hungry lips, she asked, ‘Do you like this?’  My breathing was becoming ragged, ‘Yes, mistress.  I love it!’, I responded not opening my eyes.  ‘Then you would like me to continue rubbing you... at least enough to let you have an orgasm, wouldn’t you?’, she asked in that snake-like whispering hiss of hers.  ‘Yes, mistress.  Please, mistress let me climax,’ I begged.  Her hands continued to touch my inner thighs, but only lightly brushed against my mound from time to time. ‘How long has it been since you last came.’  I blushed.  ‘You know’, she continued since you last jerked off’.  She used the crude male term for the act, but I was so sexually frustrated that I didn’t care.  ‘Last Friday’, I moaned. 

‘So what would you do for me if I allowed you to achieve climax’, she asked.  I didn’t like the way she said allowed and I definitely didn’t like the way this conversation was turning.  ‘What would mistress, want me to do?’, I asked quietly.  The Cheshire cat smile returned.  ‘Why, dear slave I would want you to knell between my legs, put you head under my skirt and eat me until I came, of course.  When I am finished I would like you to clean me off with your tongue, so that all of my juices are swept away.’  I stiffened as her fingers now boldly rubbed my aching sex.  ‘Do you want me to make you come’, Lucinda asked me slyly.  ‘Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh’, I moaned in frustration.  ‘No, mistress.  I do not want you to make me come.’  Her smile faded and she removed her hands from my sex.  ‘A fair answer, but truthfully not the one I expected.’  She paused then asked, ‘If I had been a man, would you have knelt in front of me and sucked my cock?’  I raised my eyes until I was looking into hers and responded, ‘If you were my male lover, then yes, I would have done so.’  She sighed and said, ‘Ah well, so much for fun and games.  Its time to get back to your punishment.’ 

‘Pick up the red heels from the chair over there and put them on’, Lucinda ordered.  There were two open boxes on the chair by the door.  One held the red heels and the other the white heels from the night before.  I went to bend to retrieve the red ones, and I almost busted a gut.  Or at least broke some ribs.  ‘Stupid slave’, she chastised me.  ‘When you are wearing a corset like yours you never try to bend at the waist.  If you are very athletic you could bend at the hips, while keeping your back straight, but most women dip.’  I looked at her perplexed.  ‘Crouch straight downwards, until your butt is just over your heels.  The key is to keep your back straight’, she informed me.  I did so balancing on the toe pads of my feet as my heels came off the ground.  I extracted both of the heels from the box and stood up. 

I had not had time to closely look at these pumps before and now I could see their obvious differences from the black and gold pumps.  This pump had a thick red ankle belt to top it off, graced with a bright gold buckle.  The spike heel was not as tall as yesterday’s selection either, probably around five inches or so.  Higher than I liked, but better than the six plus inch heels on the black pumps.  Of course now that I had them, I couldn’t figure out how to get them on.  I knew that I couldn’t bend over that far, what was I to do? 

‘Oh, sit down on the end of the bed’ Lucinda said realizing my predicament.  She knelt before me and slid my foot into the steeply arched interior.  Once my toes were firmly in place she buckled the soft leather tightly about my ankle.  The left foot followed next.  ‘Stand up’, she ordered.  Doing my best to keep my back straight and only bending at my hips, I balanced myself on the tall heels.  Using my hands, I levered myself forward off of the bed into a crouching position and then rose into a standing position.  She threw the red satin gloves to me and said, ‘Put these on and then march down to the basement, slave’, Lucinda commanded me. 

The soft satin flowed onto my arms.  I walked awkwardly in my new heels.  These were much more comfortable than the black pumps and I wondered if yesterdays shoes had been cut a half size to small.  I decided that I would check it out and return them if necessary.  ‘Ooouuuccchhh’, I yelped and almost stumbled as her wicked rod slammed across my naked white moons.  ‘Your posture is terrible’, Lucinda informed me.  ‘Straighten that back and walk properly.  You look like you have some type of dysfunctional disease.’  I straightened my back, but I was having trouble mastering the heels. 

‘Stop here, and just walk back and forth’, she ordered.  For the next ten minutes she treated me like a sergeant and a recruit learning to march.  Walking right along side of me, she would switch a leg or buttocks at each faulty step.  Crack. The thin wood rod would land against my soft flesh.  I quickly got used to the pain and only winced now, at each stroke.  ‘Come on, slave’, she chided me.  ‘You’ve worn high heels before.  The concept isn’t any different now, you just have to concentrate more.’  Come on heel and toe land at the same time.... One foot in front of the other...  These and other like implications rained upon me.  ‘In time you won’t even have to think about it.  Wearing them will become as second nature as wearing any pair of heels’, she assured me.  Finally, I made two passes properly, so she called a halt and ordered me into the basement. 

The wooden frame and all of the restraints that we had used last night were still out.  Lucinda didn’t waste anytime and quickly buckled cuffs around my wrists and ankles.  Unlike last night she attached a spreader bar between my wrists, which separated them by about three feet.  A similar bar, set at the same width, also fettered my ankles.  She attached the twelve o’clock cable to the eyebolt in the center of the spreader bar separating my wrists.  Using the winch my wrists were drawn above my head, but she stopped it well before they had last night. 

‘OOOOOhhhhhh’, I screamed and jumped forward.  She came from behind me and showed me the whip that she had just used to blister my butt.  ‘This is referred to as a short bladed whip’, my mistress instructed me.  It had a foot long braided leather handle and a dozen or so short strips of leather branching from the top. ‘It’s best used against breasts, inner thighs anywhere the skin is tender and prone to easy damage.  These softer and wider blades do no permanent damage to these sensitive areas, but I am sure you will find them effective.’  She disappeared behind me.  I closed my eyes and tensed my body, pulling my butt forward as far as possible.  ‘No, no, no slave’, Lucinda said snappily.  ‘Move your legs back here, then bend forward and give me a good target, otherwise I’ll try this next whip on a more sensitive location.’ 

Oh God, oh God, oh God, I muttered to myself.  She was going to whip me.  That was my punishment, I now realized.  I slid my feet backwards and leaned forward.  My back was forced to stay straight because of the corset and my legs were taut like cables because of the spreader bar and the heels.  My strained shoulder blades were holding most of my body weight.  Bright ringlets of hair fell forward about my bowed head, which hung between spread arms.  My hands balled into fists and I closed my eyes expecting the worst.  It seemed like an eternity waiting for the blow to be struck. 

‘Aaaaiiiiieeeee’, I screamed.  This whip was much worse than the last.  My entire rear end felt like it was on fire.  Again Lucinda proceeded to show me the cruel weapon.  ‘This is also a multi bladed short whip, but the strands are braided and narrower and at the end of each is a knot.  The braids are worse the leather strips, but it is the knot at the end that really makes this one so dangerous.’  She slid behind me again.  ‘You’ve moved again slave’ she called. ‘Back into position.’  Biting my lip, I moved my aching posterior back where she wanted it.  Thwack! ‘Aaooohhhhhhh’, I gasped as I sucked in air.  The initial pain of this weapon had not been as intense as its last counterpart, but the pain in my buttocks continued to build and build.  I winced in continued discomfort as Lucinda showed me the paddle she had used on me.  ‘This is obviously a paddle, the same type used by many prep schools to initiate members into their fraternities.  As you can see though it has been slightly modified.  Holes have been drilled over the entire surface.  This means that the air will not be allowed to form a cushion between you and the paddle.  It is much more efficient this way, my dear slave.’ 

She walked in front of me tapping the paddle into her second leather-covered palm.  ‘Your punishment will consist of three dozens strokes.  One dozen with each of the whips you have just experienced.’  My eyes widened and I gasped.  Three dozen, oh my God!  ‘All slaves are initiated into their submission, by the formal administration of a whipping.’  She paused looking at me perhaps waiting for me to object. ‘This will be your initiation to slavedom, and you are to follow these rules:  First, you will count each stroke as it lands, saying the number and than thanking me for whipping you.  Finally you will ask for another.  Second, you must not loose count of the strokes that have fallen upon you; otherwise we will start over at one.  Third, if at any time during the proceedings that you decide that you do not have what it takes to be a slave, then you are to say ‘mercy mistress’.  Any other imprecations, such as stop, no more, I beg you... will be ignored.  Only ‘mercy mistress’ will stop your punishment.  Do you understand these rules?’ 

Taking a deep breath, I answered, ‘Yes, mistress’.  I couldn’t stop now.  I had to know where I fit into this B&D / S&M scene.  I had already determined that I loved bondage.  The more painful aspects that I had already encountered hadn’t seemed so bad.  In some ways they were exciting.  But, now submitting to a whipping... by a woman mistress, no less.  My curiosity told me that I had to find my place.  Bowing my head between my arms, I prepared for the worst. 

‘Oh, one last little indignity that I forgot to mention’, she started.  Ding, ding, and ding.  I looked up to see her shaking two small brass bells in her hand.  ‘These will be attached to your nipples.  I am sure that you will find that they produce a most interesting sensation when worn in this way.’  Her hand reached down to my chest and pushed under the tight material of my half cups.  Finding my left nipple, she squeezed and rolled it between thumb and forefinger.  When my nipple hardened to her manipulations, she pulled it painfully upwards and outwards.  ‘Oooohhhhh’, I winced.  She followed a similar routine with my right nipple.  Soon both distended nipples were a full inch above the tight half cups.  I watched as she took the clamp attached to one of the bells and let it close slowly over the nipple.  My eyes widened, as the pressure of the clamp was released on the sensitive skin.  ‘God Lord, that hurts...mistress’, I stammered.  She applied the second clamp and then brushed her hands against both of the small bells making them ring.  ‘AAArrrrrgggghhhh’, I yelled staring down at the small little seemingly inoffensive clasps that were causing me such pain.  My rasping breathing, made my chest rise and fall rapidly.  I saw the bells swing and sway to this motion, pulling on the tender tip of my nipples.  Unbelievably I felt the painful pressure send almost electric shocks into excited sex organs.  I had almost forgotten how much I was dying to orgasm, being so concentrated on my upcoming ordeal.  Now, my fire was back with a passion.  ‘Uuuuugggghhhh’, I moaned in frustration. 

TWACK.  ‘OOOOOWWWWWW’, that was the hardest shot yet.  TWACK.  My body jerked forward, my mouth opened but I held in the cry.  TWACK.  My rear end burned across both cheeks.  ‘Well, I guess you like being spanked so much that you don’t want me to stop’, Lucinda said lightly.  ‘So far we are going for fifteen strokes, unless you decide not to count the next one that land also’.  TWACK.  ‘One’, I cried realizing my error. ‘Thank you mistress, may I have another.’  TWACK. ‘Ohhhhhhh’, I moaned.  This one was worse as she only hit the right cheek.  ‘Two’, I groaned.  ‘Thank you mistress, may I have another.’  TWACK. God, the left cheek.  ‘Three’, I pried out between my gritted teeth.  ‘Thank you mistress, may I have another.’ 

The paddle continues to land on my bare ass.  Each stroke heightened the pain in my posterior and at the same time shook me enough to cause the bells to ring.  The burning pain across my pink buttocks and the pleasure / pain shocks from the nipple clamps made my sex ache.  I hurt so badly.... and it made me so hot.  God, I wanted to climax. 

TWACK.  ‘Nine’, I whined breathlessly.  ‘Thank you mistress, may I have another.’  I tensed my buttocks muscles for the next stroke.  It didn’t land.  I could feel my muscles quivering from the tension of trying to remain clenched.  TWACK.  ‘Oooooowwwww’, I yelled.  She must have used both hands and swatted me against both cheeks.  My buttocks were pushed forward by the force of the blow and my knees nearly buckled.  ‘TEN’, I snapped anxiously, beginning to straighten.  ‘Thank you mistress...may I have another.   As soon as I had managed to bring myself even closely into position...TWACK.  ‘Arrrrgggghhhh’, I groaned in pain.  This time my knees did buckle and all of my weight was being supported by my twin-cuffed wrists.  ‘Elllevvvveeenn’, I stammered, from my crouched position.  My rear end was positioned directly over my spread ankles, rotating of it own accord.  The pain was incredible.  TWACK.  Without even waiting for me to regain the proper posture, Lucinda sent a sizzling under hand cut upwards against my butt.  My tired legs found the strength to spring me to attention as I screamed, ‘TWELVE’, through the pain.  The paddle had clipped a piece of my pussy and the pain from that was so great it was like all the others before hadn’t counted. 

‘Oh, poor baby’, she crooned.  ‘It seems that I went just a little bit too far with that last stroke.’  My body was still in shock, legs taut as cables standing straight up.  Lucinda began to gently rub my sex and another jolt passed through my body.  All of the pain seemed to transfer into the sexual heat burning between my legs.  It was like someone had switched the current from DC to AC.  Her hand rubbed back and forth over my love mound.  ‘Ohhhhh, yes’, I groaned closing my eyes and relaxing.  I felt something hard slide between my wet pussy lips, it felt like a dildo with a head and a stiff body.  ‘Yes, Yessss, Yesssss’, I moaned in ecstasy as she pushed and pulled the stiff penis in and out of me.  I quickly began to squat down to meet her thrust and impale myself further on the hard rod.  It wasn’t as pliable as my own dildo when it went deep into my love canal, but I loved its every movement.  ‘Yessss, Yesss... Oh Yeessssss’, I moaned as my breathing quickened and my orgasm neared.  Even the bells bouncing on my chest were adding to my unbridled excitement.  Lucinda slowed her movements, ‘Beg slave.  Beg so that I will let you cum.’ Her manipulations had almost stopped.  My wrists suspended me as I hung as low as I could, doing everything possible to push the dildo into me.  ‘Please, Please.... Pleaaaaaseee, mistress’, I wheedled and whined in frustration.  ‘Please make me cum.’ The Cheshire smile was back, ‘of course I will dear slave... If you will eat me.  What do you say?  Yes or No.’ I threw my head back and screamed in anger and frustration.  ‘NO, MISTRESS’, I cried as tears slid down my cheeks. 

She immediately pulled the object out of my cunt and said easily, ‘Assume the position, slave’.  I continued to cry frustrated tears.  The whipping had hurt like hell, but it hadn’t made me cry.  This sexual teasing had though, and it was wearing me down.   I tensed my quivering butt muscles once again.  Crack.  ‘Aaaaaiiieeeeeeee’, I screamed once more.  The blow had landed on my back this time.  If was definitely the braided whip and while some of the strands had landed on the thick protecting satin, the rests landed across my naked shoulder blades.  When I finally regained my breath, I stammered, ‘One.  Thank you mistress may I have another.’  Swish. CRACK.   I was thrust against my bonds by the weight of the blow.  ‘Two’, I said through gritted teeth.  ‘Thank you mistress may I have another’.  Swish.  CRACK.   ‘OOOoooowwwwoooo’, I moaned.  ‘Threeeee’, I whined and then I thanked Lucinda and asked for the next stroke. 

‘Oh, my’, she said.  ‘You should see your back.  All these little pink lines running everywhere, with some larger pink dots where the knots landed.  I looks almost like a road map.’  Pink lines I wondered, hell they felt like open wounds.  ‘I don’t think that I would wear that see-through shirt of yours tomorrow.’ Lucinda finished with a smirk. 

Swish.  Crack.  ‘Four, mistress.  May I have another.’  She moved to my legs now starting at the top of my right thigh and working downward.  Each time the whip connected with my leg, the braided strands would wrap around it until the knot landed.  Four strokes down my right leg and four strokes up my left leg.  ‘Eeelllleeeveeen, mistress.  May I pleeease have another’, I stammered out tiredly.  ‘I don’t think that you should wear stockings tomorrow either, dear slave’, Lucinda teased me.  ‘Unless of course you want everyone to know that you were whipped the night before’.  The last one came down sharply between my shoulder blades, pushing the air out of my lungs in its intensity.  ‘Twwweeellvveee’, I groaned.  ‘Please mistress may I have another.’ 

‘Oh, you would like another’, Lucinda asked.  ‘Well, I thought that we were done with this whip, but... if you really want another one with it I would be happy to do so.’  My tired mind processed what she was saying and I screamed, ‘NOOO.  No thank you mistress.  May I please have another with the last whip.’  She smiled, ‘Of course you can slave.  But first I thought I’d try this again.’  Her hand began to rub my sex once more.  This time looking down I saw it was the handle of the whip that she was thrusting into me.  AC switched to DC, and my tired body doggedly began to respond.  ‘Nooo, Nooo, please don’t do that again, mistress’, I begged.  ‘But, you do want to cum, don’t you?’, she asked continuing her manipulations.  Yes, I wanted to cum so badly it hurt.  My resistance was crumbling about me. 

‘No animals, no groups... no women’, I mumbled to myself.  I had made this rule up when I was barely eighteen years old.  I had needed it after my disastrous first love affair.  At seventeen he convinced me to let him have me.  In only a few months he had convinced me that it was all right for me to give him blowjobs.  But soon he wanted more.  Unknown to me he had been seeing another girl.  A senior.  She was as desperately in love with him as I was; I found this out because he brought us together one evening.  My parents were out and when he arrived at my house, she was with him.  Right out he told us that he had been seeing, each of us separately, but now it had come time for us to serve him together.  I don’t remember how he convinced us, but he did it.  All three of us naked on the soft carpet went at it.  We alternated sucking his cock, riding it up and down from the top position, or kissing and fondling him while he screwed the other.  I wanted him so much, that it all seemed to make sense.  When he had come as many times as he possibly could, it had gotten nasty.  He started calling us sluts and ordered us to kiss each other.  If we complained he slapped us and finally ordered us to eat each other.   At the end of the evening after everyone had left, I decided that I had never felt worse about myself then just then.  In the shower I made up my rules.  I called up Ami and told her what I was feeling and that I couldn’t do this any more.  She agreed and finally we confronted our soon to be ex-boyfriend.  He laughed when we told him it was over, threatening us with public humiliation.  We laughed back and told him if he tried that we would tell, every girl in the school that we had almost went all the way with him, but when we saw how small his penis was we couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought he was going to hit us, but he just turned red and stormed away. 

‘No animals, No groups, No women’.  Lucinda continued thrusting the handle of the whip into my aching sex organ.  ‘Hmmmm’, she asked silkily.  ‘Are you ready to pay the fee for sexual release or shall we get back to your punishment.’  I hung frustrated and tired in my restraints.  ‘No women...’ I mumbled.  More determinedly I continued, ‘Please continue with my punishment mistress.’  I winced and bit my lip as the whip handle slipped out of my sex. 

‘Assume the position’, Lucinda ordered once again.  I straightened my legs and leaned forward.  I opened my tired eyes as I felt a cool wind blowing against my overheated love mound.  My eyes widened as I realized that the wind was coming from Lucinda’s remaining punishment instrument.   She was rotating the whip in such a way that the leather blades were revolving like the propeller on an airplane engine.  Worst of all though was that the leather fan was getting closer and closer to my poor cunny.  ‘No...no.... Your not going to whip me there?’ I stammered in disbelief.  She just smiled at me and raised the whip a little closer. The rotating blades finally met my love mound, in a constant slapping motion.  ‘Ohhhh..... Ohhhhh......Ohhhh’, I stammered again and again.  My body stiffened as each and every muscle tightened to fight off the flying fingers of pain. 

‘No... Not there’, I said more forcefully.  She smiled again and replied, ‘Oh yes, dear slave,....THERE!’  SNAAAPPP.  Lucinda slammed the whip upwards into my exposed sex.  ‘Aaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee’, I howled in pain.  My whole body jerked towards the ceiling, but there was no hiding from the intense pain that flashed through me.  Compared to the other strokes this one would have been considered light, but the tender skin that the thin leather strips smacked made the whole area burn. 

‘Count, slave’, Lucinda commanded.  I had almost forgotten as my mind was blanked by the newly experienced agony.  ‘One’, I shouted quickly.  ‘Thank you mistress, may I have another’.  I added more breathlessly.  My body had stopped taking in air for a few seconds and I almost had to remember how to do it.  Gasping, my chest heaved, sending the dangling bells to pealing brightly.  The disregarded discomfort of my nipples resurged itself until it was a prominent factor in my pain infested body.  Swish.  SNNNAAAAPPP.  I screeched and tried desperately to pull myself upwards and away from the incredible torment.  This one had been only as hard as the last, but only the tips of the whip seemed to find my furry love lips.  ‘Two’, I croaked and asked for my next stroke.  Lucinda took her sweet time between strokes.  Sweat was pouring down my now slick form. 

‘Put your heels back on the floor, and get back into position’, Lucinda ordered.  Looking down at my feet I hadn’t realized that I was standing on my tiptoes like a ballerina.  The pumps themselves remained married to my feet by there strappy closures.  I slid back into position.  I could feel the muscles between my legs twitch uncontrollably, expecting the next slicing stoke.  SNNAAPPP.  I didn’t have long to wait.  I almost asked for mercy then, but I bit my lip and held on.  The cunt whipping and my counting continued.  In between the strokes Lucinda softly rubbed my clit and the little nub within.  Just as I would begin to relax and close in on that elusive orgasm... WHAP.  The next blow would land.  I thought at first that this would turn me off from wanting to climax, but it had exactly the opposite effect!!!  A sexual frenzy over took my confused mind.  That pleasure and pain line that they talk so much about began to blur.  I cried out as my cunt cringed at each blow and than breathlessly pleaded for her caress.  The kiss of the whip and the careful caressing just missed getting me off as I cried in total frustration, ‘Twelve’.  I yelled and pulled at my bonds.  ‘Please mistress, may I have another... Please’, I begged pitifully. 

At first she didn’t answer me.  Then dropping the whip on the table she emphasized the movement by saying, ‘No, Sharon.  Part of your punishment is that you won’t be allowed to orgasm.  Also I think its time that you and I had a long talk’.  Realizing that any further imprecations would be useless, I hung tiredly in my bonds and cried softly.  Now that the possibility of me achieving orgasm had been taken away, my entire mind turned to the pain.  My whole body felt battered and my lower lips felt like ground meat.  But, I knew that I had survived the first whipping.  Later I would decide what part of this new experience I would allow into my love life. 

Lucinda undid my bonds quickly and helped support me over to a soft love seat.  I winced as I tried to sit.  Knowingly, she pulled me towards her so that my tear streaked face rested in her leather-covered lap.  This allowed my weight to rest on my side and not my blistered bottom.  Her fingers flowed softly through my now tangled locks.  It was very comforting, almost motherly. 

‘When I was a young girl’, Lucinda began softly, ‘I had an awaking such as yours.  I was only nineteen, at the time though, so I was easily influenced to do whatever my master wanted.  All I wanted to do was please him.  Two years, while I was in college, I was this man’s slave.’  Her voice had taken on a dreamy, reminiscent tone.  ‘While I don’t think that I was ever quite as beautiful as you, my dear, I wasn’t bad either.  My long platinum blond hair, combined with my firm tits and lithe form made me the desire of many men.  But I only had eyes for one.’ 

‘He was the one who introduced me to whipping’, she continued.  ‘He took loving care to explain each of its many facets... and like you nearly found out, showed me that applied properly you can achieve orgasms.  Many of them even more intense then the pain, which had just been inflicted upon you.  In essence, he made me want to be bound and whipped... his love slave.’  She paused, realizing that I was no longer crying and listening intently.  ‘You dear Sharon’, she said softly. ‘Are at those same cross roads.  If the right person comes along I have no doubt that you will make him a wonderful slave.  But you must be very careful to pick the right person to be your master.’  She laughed a little, ‘I had thought that you might actually like a mistress to guide you into this new world, but you have obviously decided that only a master will do.’  Then she surprised me with a question I had only recently begun to think about.  ‘What do you want your fantasy master to be like?’  I gulped down air, blushing as I spluttered, ‘A lot like Mr. Thatcher... except younger.’ 

Lucinda chuckled.  ‘Of course’, she said.  ‘You really liked your little bondage encounter with those two.  Hmmmm, so it’s going to be a true ‘love bondage’ relationship for you.  Not bad, young lady.  Mike and Ann are very good role models.  She’s strong in many ways, like you, and I have never seen her act submissive to him in normal every day life.  Yes, that would be good for you.  I only wish I had been as smart about my own entrance into this type of life.’  She sat quietly for a moment. 

‘What happened to make you stop, being his.... love slave?’, my excessive curiosity made me ask. ‘You said you were only with him for two years.’  Lucinda breathed deeply.  ‘I should have known from the beginning that something was wrong with the whole relationship.  He was a history professor at the State College I was attending and quite a bit older than I.  The end was what he gave me for my twenty-first birthday... or actually who he gave me to I should say.  He lent me, or maybe sold me, to two other masters who were making a whipping film.  For four days and nights, myself and another young girl were scourged and screwed.’  She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts, before continuing.  ‘They were both true masters.  We were constantly in fear of not pleasing them and at the same time kept on the edge of imminent sexual climax.  Only when they were truly ready would they allow us to cum.’ She looked down at me and explained, ‘don’t misunderstand Sharon that is what an experienced master does for his love slave.  It is the wait and the anticipation that makes the final release all the better.  But these men weren’t our chosen master’s and they were more interested in inflicting pain upon the two of us then in any of the sexual gratification that they demanded.’  She shuddered.  ‘These men were truly sadistic.  One of them would jerk off on my reddened rump while the other continued to beat me.  Then they would switch places and repeat the process.  They did this multiple times to both of us and not just our asses were the targets of their wild whippings.’  Her eyes glared into mine.  ‘My back, my buttocks, my thighs... my chest and yes, even my cunt felt this treatment.  To add insult to injury, they even had us blow them to excite themselves enough, because they had come so many times that they couldn’t arose themselves through their own efforts.’  Lucinda’s gaze softened and she took on that lazy reminiscent attitude once again.  ‘After two weeks of recovering, I resumed my place as love slave to the professor.  Finals exams were do during the next few weeks and I was able to reduce my visits to practically nil.  As soon as finals were over and grades posted, I packed my car and left.  I didn’t even return for the graduation ceremony.  If fact I never returned.’  She paused thoughtfully.  ‘I am sure that he found some other young neophyte to serve him, but I couldn’t do anything about that.  You my dear I can help and if you will let me I will help you.’ 

I didn’t know what to say.  All I did know was that bondage; even the agony of being whipped held a certain fascination for me.  They excited me beyond any other type of thrill that I had yet experienced in my young life.  ‘I think I would like that’, I replied guardedly.  ‘But, how will you be able to help me?’ 

Lucinda laughed.  ‘You see you are not all submissive.  That question is way to straightforward for a true submissive to ask.’  She helped me sit up, my crotch was extremely sore, but I could at least sit now.  Sliding her hands onto my shoulders and looking softly into my eyes, she said, ‘I can be your friend.... your sister, if you will.  You young lady are going to need a lot of advice as you enter this arena.   What limits should you set on how rough your B&D play will be?  How do you communicate this to your lover / master?  Even such simple things such as what to wear to really set him on fire.’  Looking at me with her big ice-blue eyes I could feel a warm that I had never known existed in them.  ‘I have plenty of people will to share my bed... but, I am running a little low on people that I can call friends.  What do you say honey?  Do you want big sis to help you out or not?’ 

It was tough to believe that this was the same women that had been whipping me so mercilessly just a few minutes before.  But now I understood that she was teaching me a needed lesson about the new world that I was entering.  It could have been a very dangerous lesson in the hands of the wrong person.  I felt a warm towards her that I had not felt in all long time. 

I put my hands onto her shoulders and beamed at her.  ‘Thank you, Lucinda’ I gushed.  ‘I think we are already friends.... but, to be able to share this new world with another woman, that would be wonderful.’  She helped me upstairs and got me out of my sexy costume.  Brooking no argument, she had me sit in the large tub while she bathed me.  A bottle of white wine and the warm water did wonders to restore me. 

I soon found myself asking her every question that I had ever imagined about bondage, both physiological and physical.  Her answers were wonderfully reassuring and informative.  Lucinda related anecdotes of adventures that I would never, could never have even dreamed up!  But, the feelings she spoke of... the overwhelming, almost additive feelings.  The desire to please and the need to be pleased all commingled into a steady flow and the promise of a beautiful relationship... with the right person of course. 

She helped me dry myself after my bath and kneaded soothing oils into my still aching flesh.  Knowingly, the remarkable woman steered clear of my sex and let me attend to that area myself.  I was still a little unsure of her ‘no strings attached’ attitude and this reassured me greatly.  After drying myself one more time, I slid into my silk pajamas and our discussion continued. 

When I was beginning to nod off she helped me back to my room and put me to bed.  ‘Do you trust me?’ she asked as I lay there.  Tentatively I replied, ‘Yes, I think, I do’.  She smiled at my less than enthusiastic response.  ‘Don’t worry I am not going to take advantage of you... despite how delicious that would be.  What I am going to do is bind you to your bed.’  I smile back at her and said, ‘That’s awfully sweet of you... but I don’t understand, why?’  Her smile widened.  ‘Very simply, because I don’t want you to cum.  You remember it was part of your punishment.  Of course, now I have two motivations.’  As she spoke she began to bind my ankles to the appropriate posts.  I didn’t try to stop her, or deny her right to bind me.  ‘And what is this second motivation of yours.... mistress’, I asked.  If I was being bound I should use the proper title for Lucinda and also I thought that I would get better results with honey.  ‘It simple really, my dear’, she said softly.  ‘I intend to make sure that you don’t have an orgasm until we find your Mr. Right!’  I looked at her incredulously as she finished tying off my final wrist, ‘You’ve got to be kidding!!!’ I exploded.  While my mouth was wide open she popped in the ball gag.  She laughed as she asked again, ‘Do you trust me, dearest?’  Taking my time, I slowly nodded my head.  ‘Good, because I think I know of the perfect person for you.  Oh, I could be wrong my dear, but I think he would fit the bill rather nicely.’  I pulled at my bonds and tried to squeal questions past the heavy rubber, but my efforts were useless.  ‘Relax, my dear.  You will find out his name and everything about him in due time.... but, for now you must be kept in the dark.’  With that and another laugh, she slid my satin sleep mask in place.  ‘Good night, dearest’, she called as I heard the light switch click.  ‘Pleasant dreams’, she chuckled as the door was closed. 

Taking deep breaths I calmed myself and my racing thoughts down.  There was nothing that I could do about anything just at the moment.... being bound and gagged spread eagle to a bed does have that effect.  Resigning myself to another sexually unfulfilling night, I let the warmth of the comforter surround me and drifted off to a dreamless sleep. 

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