The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F+/f+; fpov; bond; naked; armbinder; oral; rom; cons; X

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Part 12

From her position, slightly curled up in the chair as if to make herself as unobtrusive as possible, Brianna watched as Kiera took another step into the room and her smile widened just a little as she did so. It was not the sort of teasing or mischievous smile she might have expected in this situation but rather it seemed as if the woman was honestly happy to be here and perhaps just a bit amused at the knowledge that she was interrupting something. As she stopped, about a pace away from Roxanna’s barely covered form, she paused for a brief moment as her golden brown eyes roamed over the other woman’s body, paying special attention to the amount of cleavage that Roxanna’s robe exposed, but the olive-skinned woman did not seem moved at all by the attention, just continued to fix the unexpected guest with an almost flat stare as she waited for her question to be answered. Still not deigning to speak just yet, Kiera’s eyes briefly glanced across the room and Brianna felt her face heat up with a heady mix of embarrassment and a flush of arousal as those eyes spotted her peaking just over the back of the chair she was sitting in. Although part of her wanted to duck down and hide Brianna found herself unable to move, pinned in place by those oddly intense eyes like a deer in headlights. At that the dusky woman’s smile shifted into a tiny smirk, her soft pink lips parting slightly as she turned her head back toward Roxanna. Letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding Brianna felt herself relax as those eyes finally left hers, but her heart was still racing and her body practically on fire.

The blue-haired girl had long since come to terms with the fact that she had an exhibitionist streak, a fairly large one truth be told, ever since Claudia had called attention to that fact and then proceeded to, literally, drag her on a leash into a fetish club (the irony that said club’s owner was just a few paces away was not lost on her). Hell, her first meeting with her mistresses had involved having sex in their backyard and earlier this very day she’d literally had sex on the beach, but never before had she been so completely exposed and helpless beneath the gaze of a stranger. More than once the possibility has reared its head that someone could see her naked, or bound, or in the throws of passion, or even all three but there had never been any indication that someone actually had. Even on that wonderful, magical night in Delirium she’d been more or less covered (barely perhaps, but still covered) and had the anonymity of a mask to hide behind. While it was technically true that, right now, the furniture blocked Kiera’s view, the woman need only take another step to catch a clear sight of Brianna’s completely naked and bound body. And the truth of it was that the idea turned her on so fiercely that she was honestly shocked.

Trying her best to focus on something other than her own state of growing arousal Brianna looked around the room. Sofia was still slowly stirring from her nap, she and Claudia were laid out together on the couch, and Roxanna was still waiting patiently for Kiera’s answer (a testament to how little time had actually passed for all that it felt like an eternity) with her arms crossed over her chest. Just behind them Brianna once again caught sight of Murial as the woman stood on the porch, her slender body sheathed in a halter top of red so dark it seemed almost black in the dim light and a pair of shorts so tight they almost looked painted on. The pale redhead seemed not to notice however, paying virtually no attention to what was happening with a hand on her hip and an almost bored expression on her face though Brianna thought there was a tiny spark of amusement in her bright green eyes. It was at that point that Kiera finally spoke up, quickly drawing the girl’s attention back to her.

“We just happened to be in the area.” the dusky woman said in a surprisingly ordinary voice, a fact that caught Brianna a bit off guard, “Had some business to take care of and we thought that we might as well stop by on the way home and see how you were doing, make sure the cabin was working out.”

Kiera’s lips twitched a little as she spoke and Brianna had a feeling that there was a lot more to the story than that, though she did not know the woman well enough to say what, if any, hidden meaning was buried within those words.

Roxanna clearly seemed to agree as the woman’s flat expression did not change save for one elegant brow rising slightly, “Really? A strange coincidence. But we are fine and this place is quite pleasant. We appreciate your assistance in arranging the rental.”

That caught Brianna’s attention. Neither of her mistresses had mentioned having help in arranging this trip, though in the excitement of the moment she had never really thought about it and they had clearly not deigned it important enough to share but it was still curious. Another fact to try and slot in to what little she knew about Kiera. She had never really been able to pin down just who the woman really was, until now little more than a name mentioned almost in passing, and what exactly her relationship with Sofia and Roxanna entailed. The most she had ever gotten was that she and Roxanna had worked together from time to time, that she could be frustrating, and that the woman might surprise her if they ever did meet. And, Brianna could admit that this woman with her casual clothing and undercut hair did not really fit with any of her preconceived notions. But then again, what was it that Claudia had told her not so long ago? It takes all kinds?

“What are friends for?” Kiera returned, still smiling, interrupting Brianna’s thoughts, “But I was wondering. It took a little longer than I planned to get things sorted and it’s getting late. I hate to drive in the dark, would it be too much trouble to let us crash on the couch tonight? I promise we’ll be gone in the morning and we’ll try not to get in the way of anything.”

The way the woman’s tone shifted, a light teasing note entering her voice when she said ‘anything’ immediately brought the blush back to Brianna’s face full force as it was obvious what the woman was implying and for a moment she wondered just how much Kiera actually knew about them and their relationship. Then her eyes drifted back to Murial and she realized that was a stupid question. Given the eyeful both she and Claudia had given the redhead in her club a few months back, and given the fact that the pair were girlfriends, Brianna realized that the cat was probably very much out of the bag. She felt a shiver run up her spine at the thought and closed her eyes. She really was a kinky bitch at heart, wasn’t she?

Oblivious to her slave’s thoughts Roxanna let out a little sigh, though her expression morphed into a tiny half smile, “I suppose it is the least we can do to repay what we owe you.”

“Great.” Kiera said brightly, as she tried to take another step forward, “We can…”

She was cut off instantly when Roxanna’s hand shot out and pressed flat against the other woman’s chest, just below her throat, halting her progress. Taking a step of her own the olive-skinned woman basically forced Kiera back out the door, “However, my companions and I have just finished showering. Wait on the porch a moment while we get dressed.”

For a brief second Kiera’s face showed an expression of bewilderment but it was equally clear that she did not resist being pushed back outside and from the tiny smirk on her lips Murial certainly found it amusing. Regaining her bearing quickly Kiera smiled again, “Shower huh? Is that what we’re calling it now?”

“We won’t be but a moment.” Roxanna shot back as she ignored that comment and closed the door, just a touch forcefully. A moment later, as if thinking better of it, she locked the door as well before leaning against it and letting out a sound that was half way between a sigh and a laugh.

“An unexpected development, eh dorogoy?” Sofia asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

Slightly started Brianna looked over to see that the blonde had finally woken and managed to sit up on the couch at that point, Claudia practically in her lap as she carefully began to free the girl from the armbinder which held her.

“Unexpected indeed.” Roxanna agreed as she straightened up and began to limp back over to where Brianna was sitting, “I suppose tonight shall be less eventful than we had thought, but then again after the last few days perhaps a short break is in order.” she smiled slightly, “Wouldn’t you agree, korítsi?”

Brianna blushed a bit at that, looking away at the grin that Claudia shot her and Sofia’s accompanying chuckle as Roxanna carefully sat back down in the chair. She remained silent for another moment or two as she felt her mistress’ fingers begin to loosen her own monoglove. Truth be told Brianna was a bit disappointed. Despite the last few sleepless days and today’s earlier exertions she had found herself looking forward to spending more time with all of her lovers, curious as to what else her mistresses had planned and eager to touch them properly after days of mummified frustration. However, she could not deny that Roxanna had a point. Even if they had not been interrupted, a bit of rest would probably do her some good and, if she were being honest with herself, Brianna could admit that their unexpected guests did fascinate her more than a little.

“Yes, mistress.” she answered, finally, as she felt the smooth leather of the monoglove slide off her arms, releasing the pressure on her shoulders. There was a bit of lingering stiffness but not much and Brianna was proud of the progress had made in that regard though she still moaned in delight when Roxanna’s soft hands began to massage sore muscles. For several long moments she just reveled in the sensation of those hands on her skin as they kneaded away the last traces of of discomfort, so much so that Brianna actually whimpered softly when Roxanna finally stopped.

Embracing her from behind, the olive-skinned woman planted a kiss on her cheek before whispering in her ear, “Go take Claudia back to your room to get dressed.”

Reluctantly pulling away from that heavenly touch Brianna uncurled her legs and managed to stand up, a bit wobbly from sitting for so long. Turning back briefly in Roxanna’s direction and lowering her head slightly she answered, “Yes, mistress.”

Without further comment she crossed over to the couch and silently offered her hand to Claudia, who took it with a grateful smile, and helped the smaller girl to her feet. Still holding her hand, Brianna then began to make her way to the hall and down toward the guest room leading Claudia behind her. Stepping through the threshold she closed the door behind them and finally let go of Claudia’s hand. For a brief moment she just looked around the simple room that she’d spent the last several days bound helplessly within, finally getting a chance to see it with her own eyes and take in the simple architecture and surprisingly comfortable bed. Brianna found herself smiling a little at the fond memories until the creak of Claudia crossing the wooden floor finally drew her back to the here and now. Glancing over in her direction she saw that Claudia had already crouched down in front of her suitcase, shoved against the far wall, in a way that showed off the lovely curves of her back and drew attention to the black lines of the tattoo emblazoned down her spine. Despite having seen her naked numerous times Brianna still found herself watching raptly as the smaller girl casually dug through the clothing she had brought, looking for something appropriate.

Shaking herself slightly, and quickly making her way over to her own pack, Brianna felt the sudden urge to fill the silence, “So, uh… that was a thing.”

Pausing in her search Claudia shot her a slightly amused glance, “Definitely.”

Blushing a little in embarrassment Brianna soldiered on, “I just mean, of all the things I expected to happen this week, house guests wasn’t one of them.”

At that Claudia just nodded as she stood and began to shimmy into a pair of fairly plain underwear, “I wonder just how unexpected it was though.”

That made Brianna pause as well, brow furrowed as she looked over at the other girl, “Do you think they planned this?”

Claudia shook her head after a moment and bent down to pick up a shirt, “Our mistresses? No, I doubt it. They seemed just as surprised as anyone, but I really don’t think that Kiera and Murial were just ‘in the area’ by chance.”

Brianna nodded at that and for a long moment said nothing as she finally settled on a pair of shorts and one of the old t-shirts she preferred to sleep in when she actually wore anything at all to bed. However, as she began to dress she glanced over at Claudia again, who was buttoning up an oversize shirt that just barely reached her thighs. Brianna bit her lip, both at the abbreviated outfit and in indecision as she debated whether or not to ask the question that was perched right on the tip of her tongue.

Eventually curiosity won out though, “Claudia? I have a question.”

“I might have an answer.” the slightly smaller girl teased as she fastened the last few buttons.

Although she rolled her eyes at that Brianna still took a few heartbeats to gather her thoughts, trying to figure out the best way to put it into words, “Kiera… I’ve heard her name a few times and I’ve kind of wondered about her since meeting her girlfriend, but this is the first we’ve ever actually met. She definitely wasn’t what I was expecting but I still have so many questions and…” realizing that she was rambling she took a breath to center herself, “What I’m trying to ask is what exactly is her relationship with our mistresses?”

Claudia’s fingers paused on the last button as she gave Brianna a slightly pensive expression, “You know this is probably the sort of thing you should be asking them.”

Brianna felt her cheeks heat up a little before she finally answered, voice soft, “I’m asking you.”

For what felt like a very long time Claudia just stood there and for a moment Brianna wondered if she’d crossed some sort of line before the other girl nodded slowly, “Look I don’t know all the details, I mean I’ve only really met Kiera maybe half a dozen times myself, but I do think there’s more to it. They’re definitely friends, although she’s more Roxanna’s friend than Sofia’s, but I’m honestly not sure how close they are. At the very least, they’re not the type of friends that call or text each other all the time,” she suddenly grinned, “though I could definitely see Roxanna sending formal letters typed on that typewriter or hers.”

Brianna could not help but giggle a little at that, well knowing Roxanna’s old fashioned tendencies. In truth she found them rather endearing.

At some point Claudia continued, “I don’t really know what sort of work they do together, I honestly never really cared all that much, but I think that’s been going on for a while. Roxanna likes to downplay the connection and often acts annoyed or exasperated with Kiera but, at the same time, she acts like that with Sofia as well. Maybe it’s just one of the ways she shows affection?”

“Do you think?” Brianna asked suddenly, stopping herself for a moment before plunging ahead, voice softer, “Do you think they’re intimate?”

Claudia shook her head, “No, or at least if they were it was a long time ago. Might be one of the reasons for the tension though.” she grinned a little, “I mean, we both know that Roxanna is definitely the kinky sort but she’s certainly not the type to show it. A bit too much of a proper lady for that. She’s not embarrassed or anything, but doesn’t really think it’s anyone else’s business. Kiera on the other hand?” Claudia let out an amused laugh, “From what I’ve seen that woman is very open about who and what she is.”

Brianna considered that for a moment before nodding slowly, “I suppose that does make sense.”

“Although,” Claudia continued, “whatever the case I definitely think there’s something more than friendship involved.”

That caught Brianna's attention, “What makes you think that?”

Suddenly stepping up to her and pressing their hips together, Claudia snaked an arm around Brianna’s waist and pulled her close. Standing up on her tiptoes to whisper into the blue-haired girl’s ear the amusement in her tone was obvious, “Because there are certain things that ‘just friends’ don’t normally do together.”

Feeling her face heat up and her imagination run wild Brianna instinctively threw her arms around Claudia’s slender form to pull the girl’s body even tighter against her own, “What sort of things?”

“Let me tell you a little story.” Claudia offered, voice husky and grinning wickedly the whole time, “It was one of the first times I’d been to Delirium after Murial’s invitation and the first time I’d convinced our mistresses to join me. We enjoyed the atmosphere, watched a show and got an invitation to use the back rooms. You remember those, right?”

Face definitely flushed now Brianna just nodded, not trusting her voice at all.

“And guess just who was waiting there for us?” Claudia asked, somewhat rhetorically, grinning a little wider at the way Brianna’s body went stiff in her grasp, “We didn’t have sex.” she added, quickly, “Instead Murial and I got dominated side by side. They even switched off here and there to show off their techniques. Kiera is amazingly good with ropes and definitely a no nonsense sort of dom, if a little rough for my tastes. Then again, Murial is feisty as all hell and as much as she loves to be dominated she wants to make you work for it. With a sub like that you’d need to be a little strict I suppose. Like I said, we didn’t have sex or anything but it was such a turn on and there were a few times when I thought I’d cum.”

At this point Brianna feared that her blush might have become a permanent feature and she swallowed to try and find her voice, rock hard nipples proudly pointed out from beneath the thin material of her shirt, “That’s…”

“Hot?” Claudia supplied, helpfully.

Unable to help herself Brianna barked out a laugh, “Yeah. I really wish I could have seen that.”

“Maybe you’ll get the chance if you ask real nicely.” Claudia murmured as she snuggled a little closer and allowed one of her hands to dip lower to caress Brianna’s thigh, making the other girl hiss softly, “Kiera and Murial have a pretty open relationship. They apparently do that sort of thing all the time, bring in another person or two to keep things… interesting.”

Despite her embarrassment and the growing heat pooling in her stomach, Claudia’s comment from their night in Delirium so many months ago suddenly popped into Brianna’s head and she found herself whispering, “Out hunting.”

“You remember that?” Claudia asked with a smile, clearly pleased.

“Yeah.” Brianna admitted only to have her breath catch in her throat again as she felt Claudia’s hand slide ever so slowly up the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

“Looks like someone is getting a little hot under the collar.” Claudia mused, “Does the thought of little old me all tied up and helpless turn you on that much?”

Brianna just bit her lip and closed her eyes, saying nothing.

Leaning in a little closer until her thin lips were practically touching Brianna’s ear, Claudia whispered, “Want a little help with that?”

At that Brianna could not help but moan, “Please?”

All of a sudden Claudia pulled away, “Probably shouldn’t, not without permission anyway. Besides that, we’ve left our mistresses waiting long enough for us to ‘get dressed’ don’t you think?”

Groaning loudly, Brianna’s body practically slumped as she opened her eyes and shot Claudia a glare, “Tease.”

“You love me.” Claudia answered with a grin.

Despite it all Brianna’s own lips twitched into an almost smile as she suddenly lunged forward and captured Claudia in a crushing embrace, pulling the smaller girl’s slender frame tightly against her own. Before the other girl could even think to react to the sudden touch Brianna leaned down and pressed her lips hard against Claudia’s, kissing her fiercely. Claudia seemed to melt into that kiss and instinctively opened her mouth with a moan. In response Brianna deepened the kiss then as she felt arms encircle her, slender hands running across her back and down her spine to cup her ass. Heart hammering in her chest Brianna simply held her girlfriend there for several long moments, eagerly plundering that sweet mouth even as she felt Claudia almost writhe against her in delight. Finally, after what felt like an eternity she loosened her embrace and pulled back, unable to keep a smirk from her face at the sight of Claudia’s breathless and blushing form.

Leaning down to give the slightly dazed girl a soft peck on the forehead, Brianna pulled her close again and whispered in her ear, “Yeah, I do.”

A dozen more heartbeats passed in silence as the pair simply held each other before finally pulling away. Smiling broadly now Claudia looped her arm around Brianna’s and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before prompting the taller girl to follow her back out of the door and into the hall. Arm in arm and grinning at each other the pair slowly approached the living room only to find the place seemingly empty, though the sound of a fan and the clink of utensils led them around the corner and into the spacious kitchen where their mistresses were hard at work. At some point during their earlier conversation the older women had taken the opportunity to dress as well. Sofia, standing in front of the stove tending a pot of boiling water, had opted for her own sleeping clothes as well, a loose tank top that clearly revealed her lack of a bra and a pair of rather short, and gloriously tight, shorts that showed off her strong legs. In contrast Roxanna, busy chopping something at the counter, had thrown on a simple dress that fell almost to the knee while leaving her arms bare, a look that both drew attention to her graceful build and the numerous scars that patterned her skin. Engrossed in their tasks neither woman seemed to notice when their playthings returned and for a moment both Brianna and Claudia just stood there, admiring the pair and allowing their eyes to roam.

Eventually, however, Claudia cleared her throat loud enough to be heard over the chopping and the drone of the vent fan, “Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia? Do you need anything?”

It was Sofia that reacted first, the blonde looking over her shoulder with a warm smile, “Ah, welcome back! Claudia, would you be a dear and set the table?” even as the girl nodded and broke away to begin her task Sofia shifted her gaze over to Brianna, “I think that Roxanna could use a hand with a few things,” with a teasing smile her eyes flickered over to the olive-skinned woman, “couldn’t you dorogoy?”

Roxanna huffed slightly but did glance back at Brianna and smiled slightly, “It would be appreciated.”

Sparing a moment to watch Claudia make her way over to the far cabinets to start collecting plates, Brianna just nodded and silently slipped over to the counter to stand at Roxanna’s side. Now that the woman’s body was no longer blocking her view she could see an array of vegetables from onion and peppers to olives and mushrooms laid out on the cutting board where her mistress was chopping away.

As if in answer to her wordless question Roxanna slid a knife over to her, “If you would slice the onions for me I would appreciate it, korítsi.”

Brianna nodded absently even as she began to get to work, “Yes mistress.” a pause, “What are we making?”

“Nothing fancy.” Roxanna explained, “Just some pasta,” a faint smile twisted her lips, “we, perhaps, slept longer than intended.”

Thinking back to not more than ten minutes earlier, when she had sat bound and naked while curled up in her mistress’ arms Brianna could not help but smile as well and blush just a little bit at the memory. A thought suddenly popped into Brianna’s head and, looking over at Roxanna, she asked, “Mistress? Where are our guests?”

“They decided to wait on the back porch.” Roxanna explained as she began to slice mushrooms, “Enjoying the stars or some such. I did not ask.”

A bit surprised by that answer Brianna mulled it around in her head for a moment. Part of her wondered if the pair were simply trying to give them some space given the sudden intrusion or if there was something else going on. Of course, given how little she actually knew about either Kiera or Murial it was impossible to actually know. Hell, perhaps they really were just big fans of stargazing and wanted to take advantage of the clear country skies.

“Why the interest?” Roxanna asked, almost casually, interrupting that train of thought.

Focusing back on her task Brianna shrugged a little, “Just curious, I guess.”

Glancing at her out of the corner of her eye Roxanna smirked ever so slightly, “Oh? Should I be worried given your track record with curiosity and beautiful women korítsi?”

Some part of her knew that her mistress was just teasing, especially given her light tone and softly mischievous look, but even so Brianna could feel herself blush down to the roots of her hair. Still, she tried to stammer out an answer, “No, mistress! I mean, I would never…”

With an amused smile Roxanna silenced her ramblings by leaning over and kissing the blue-haired girl, making Brianna calm almost instantly, “I am merely teasing you, korítsi. No need to be embarrassed.”

Although still blushing a little Brianna looked down, suddenly finding the onion she was working on very interesting, “Yes mistress, thank you.”

“Think nothing of it.” Roxanna assured, “Besides that, even if you did find them attractive you would still have no need to be embarrassed.”

Tentatively looking up Brianna fixed the woman with a curious stare, “Mistress?”

“Did you think we would be angry, korítsi?” Roxanna asked, concern tinging her voice, “I am sorry if we have given that impression. As I said so many months ago this is not the most conventional of relationships on any level. From time to time Claudia has entertained other lovers and, besides that, we welcomed you into our bed despite our connection with her.” with a shrug she smiled softly, “I see no sin in finding others attractive, for I know that your heart is ours.”

Brianna could not help but smile widely at the woman, “Always, mistress.”

But even as she affirmed that truth Brianna could not help but wonder, thoughts spurred on by her mistress’s reassurance. Did she find Kiera and Murial attractive? Objectively she supposed that she did. Both were striking women, different from her lovers but bold and confident and proud in many of the same ways, but she didn’t know them at all really. Bearing witness to a few conversations (that she hadn’t even really been a part of, honestly) she’d had no real interaction with either of them. It was the mystery that they represented that enticed her curiosity, these unknown figures that seemed to hover in the background of Claudia and Roxanna and Sofia’s lives, connected in some nebulous way that she did not fully understand. It was that which held her attention. She didn’t want them, they were practically strangers after all! Although, a traitorous part of her whispered, how well had she really known her mistresses on that fateful day when she’d walked into their backyard? Moreover she’d never even seen Claudia’s face, much less known her name, the first time they’d had sex. Blushing again Brianna shook her head to try and clear it, biting her lip a moment later as she tried to focus. Curiosity really was going to kill her one of these days, she just knew it. Even so, maybe it was finally time to take Claudia’s advice and actually ask.

“Mistress?” she finally asked in a soft voice, “I’m sorry I keep asking, but I just… I just want to know. Who are they, really?”

Despite the poor wording Roxanna seemed to understand what she was driving at. Pausing in her own work the woman absently cleaned her hands on a dish towel and seemed to ponder her answer, “Kiera was one of the first friends I made upon coming to this country.”

Having not fully expected an answer Brianna went stock still, eyes locked on Roxanna as she took in every word.

“I was brushing up on my English you see. I discovered I had a… knack I suppose for research and translation.” she smiled almost ruefully, “Not exactly a field in which one will become rich, korítsi, but it pays the bills as they say and it is work I can perform from home.” Roxanna shook her head a little, “That is how we met. Kiera is… an author of sorts you might say. Not the sort to put novels on the shelf, mind, more the type to write articles on, well, just about anything. I honestly cannot say I understand it really, but at that time she needed the services of a translator and could not afford to pay the rates that most demanded. I, being in need of cash, agreed to take on the project.”

“And you became friends?” Brianna asked, honestly curious.

Roxanna laughed, “Oh my no, we clashed almost immediately. I found her to be brash and irritating, to say nothing of how much she seemed to enjoy needling me. In turn she found me to be ‘stuffy and boring’ I believe was how she put it.”

Brianna actually gaped a little at that. While Roxanna could certainly be old fashioned and there was definitely an old school grace about her ‘stuffy and boring’ would certainly not be words she would ever use to describe the woman. Although, given all the things they had done together she was, perhaps, a little biased.

Sighing softly, as if fondly exasperated by the memory, Roxanna pushed on, “One day it was overly hot in the office and I took off my jacket without thinking much about it. After seeing my scars Kiera stopped teasing so much and, while she did not say anything, I think that was when things began to change. We got to know each other a little better, and discovered that we shared some common interests.” she suddenly smirked, “Of course, catching Sofia and I kissing perhaps a bit more passionately than we had intended might have had something to do with it. After that, oh how did she put it? Ah yes, ‘anyone who could land a blonde that hot can’t be all bad.’ That one was does not mince words.”

As if by magic Sofia appeared before Brianna could even think of responding. Having just drained the pasta in the sink, the blonde set the pot back on the stove and wrapped her arms around Roxanna’s slender form, “Telling stories about me, dorogoy?”

Turning in that embrace to kiss the woman holding her Roxanna smirked slightly, “And if I am, stríngla?”

Sofia said nothing, just smiled back and leaned in for another kiss even as she allowed her hands to draw lazy circles along Roxanna’s back. When their lips finally parted Roxanna leaned against Sofia, molding her body to that wonderfully athletic frame, and turned her attention to where Brianna was still watching them, cheeks pink.

“To make a long story short, korítsi, Kiera and I stayed in touch after that.” Roxanna explained, “She still sends me work from time to time and we have had cause to meet socially on occasion. As for Murial? I was not even aware of Ms. du Sang’s existence until Claudia invited us to her club. That she and Kiera happened to be involved is simply coincidence.”

“Thank you for telling me, mistress.” Brianna said, smiling a little at the story as she did.

“It is no trouble.” the olive-skinned woman assured, “And speaking of our guests, would you be a dear and let them know that dinner is almost ready? They are welcome to join us, if they wish.”

Nodding, she quickly agreed, “Of course, mistress.”

With another smile from Roxanna, and a quick pat on the back from Sofia, Brianna spared a brief glance to where Claudia was just finishing up setting the table. The other girl gave her a knowing look and a wink before she turned away and once again began to make her way back down the hall. As the sounds of the kitchen slowly faded behind her, the hardwood floor pleasantly cool on her bare feet, Brianna could not help but wonder. Bit by bit, step by step, she turned the recent conversation over in her head. It had been a nice story, sweet and a little funny, but while she certainly trusted her mistress to tell the truth, part of her could not help but think that there must be more to it than that. After all, if what Claudia had told her was also true, and she had no reason to think otherwise, the phrase ‘cause to meet socially’ was a bit of an understatement. Had Roxanna deliberately underplayed the true extent of her relationship with Kiera? It was possible, she supposed, though she could not be certain why the woman would do that. Unless… Her mistresses had never lied to her, but there were subjects that, if not forbidden, were at least sensitive. Usually stories related to their pasts in point of fact. On the other hand, given how obviously embarrassed Brianna had been earlier it was equally possible that Roxanna simply wished to ease her into the subject, or at least not make a big deal about it while Kiera and her lover were actually here. Then again, maybe it was simpler than all of that and Roxanna simply didn’t consider the matter that important.

Shaking her head as she reached the end of the hall, Brianna smiled to herself ruefully. She was probably just overthinking things, a bad habit of hers truth be told, and resolved to put it out of her mind for the time being. Opening the back door to step out into the night air she was about to call out when she suddenly froze at the sight before her. Kiera and Murial were indeed on the porch but they certainly weren’t stargazing. Rather, Kiera was leaning against one of the porch rails, the dusky woman slumped forward slightly with one hand gripping the wood tightly while her jeans had been unbuttoned and awkwardly pulled open. In turn, Murial was kneeling down between the other woman’s spread legs, the pale skin of her bare arms and shoulders almost glowing in the moonlight while her hands were loosely bound behind her back with a studded belt. Kiera’s free hand gripped Murial’s red curls in a tight grip, just past where the flowing hair gave way to dreadlocks, and held her tightly in place with a look of utter ecstasy on her face. It did not take a genius to figure out what they were doing and Brianna felt her face turn bright red at the sight before her. She knew that she should close the door or turn away or something but she found herself unable to move, feet practically rooted in place as she stared, wide-eyed. Yet even as she stood stock still in shock, the voyeuristic part of herself, a part that she was none too proud of most days, thrilled at the sight, a tingle of excitement running up her spine and a pleasant heat growing in her loins.

Kiera suddenly tilted her head back, biting her lip to stifle a loud moan, before gasping out in a breathy tone, “Just like that pet, just like that.”

Despite her current position and the hand gripping her hair Murial managed to tilt her head back just slightly and practically glared at her lover, her green eyes almost flashing in the dark. It seemed that she did not like being called that.

Cracking her own golden brown eyes open Kiera smirked and tightened her grip, pulling the other woman’s mouth even more tightly against her nether lips, “What’s the matter, pet? Don’t like me calling you what you are? You’re mine, to do with as I please. Now, are you going to behave or do I have to punish you?”

For a long moment the two just stared at each other, a silent test of wills, before Murial slowly relented, lowering her gaze submissively and, eyes half lidded, began to lap at her mistress’ most sensitive flesh again.

With a throaty moan Kiera threw her head back and squeezed her thighs tightly around Murial’s head, “That’s it pet, that’s it, put your tongue in me!”

For her part Murial obediently picked up the pace, plunging her tongue deep into Kiera’s body as she pushed her mistress closer and closer to the edge. From her position Brianna could not say just how long the pair had been doing this, but given how quickly Kiera seemed to come undone she suspected it had been awhile. Biting her own lip and unconsciously squeezing her thighs together Brianna could not help but squirm in place as Kiera slowly lost herself in pleasure. Panting hard the dusky woman began to moan and closed her eyes, jaw clenched as she struggled to maintain control over herself but Murial clearly knew her task well. Mere second later Kiera’s moans began to grow desperate, almost whimpering as she shifted her hips, grinding against Murial’s face with abandon. Brianna felt herself grow wet as the scene unfolded, nipples hardening beneath her shirt and incredibly turned on by the raw display. Part of her desperately wished it was her, though whether or not it was Murial’s tongue she wanted to enjoy or Kiera’s bronze body she wanted to worship she could not say. The idly fantasy was suddenly shattered when Kiera’s body stiffened, the woman twitching as she finally reached the peak. In that instant her control snapped and Kiera arched her back in a way that looked painfully as she cried out, a spasm wracking her body as she came, loudly, Murial still eagerly lapping at her curves and folds all the while. The woman stayed suspended in that moment for a handful of heartbeats more, still breathing harshly through her nose as she rode out the waves of pleasure washing over her before slowly opening her legs and releasing Murial’s hair.

A self satisfied smirk plastered onto her lips as she pulled away, Murial spoke, tone even and still strangely regal despite everything, “Another, mistress?”

For a handful of heartbeats more Kiera said nothing, eyes closed and obviously still riding the high of her orgasm, before she finally answered, “That would be lovely, but,” she suddenly looked to the side, golden brown eyes locked onto Brianna’s own hazel orbs with an amused and knowing look, “we seem to have gathered an audience.”

Until that very moment Brianna had never really appreciated the phrase ‘I practically jumped out of my skin’ but when Kiera’s gaze fell upon her and that voice, husky and raw from recently screaming, caressed her ears Brianna felt herself jump. She struggled for half a moment to speak before finally blurting out, “Sorry! I didn’t realize…!”

Kiera cut her off with an honestly amused laugh, throwing back her head and letting her reddish brown hair tumble down her back again. Still chuckling she looked Brianna up and down, eyes glittering with amusement, “Oh we don’t mind. Did you enjoy the show? Or maybe,” she let her voice trail off suggestively before dropping her tone into an almost seductive purr, “you wanted to join in?”

Murial, still kneeling with her hands bound behind her back smirked at that, but said nothing.

Somehow, impossibly, Brianna felt her blush deepen even as her pussy clenched a way that betrayed just how tempting that invitation was, “That’s not, I mean…”

Kiera chose to show a bit of mercy then, her smile softening into honest amusement, “I’m just teasing you, that blush goes pretty well with your complexion. You should close the door though, don’t want to let bugs in.”

Grateful for the distraction Brianna nodded, perhaps a bit too eagerly, “Right.”

Quickly closing the door, and realizing that there was now no quick escape from the situation she found herself in, Brianna slowly turned around to find Kiera buttoning her jeans back up. Murial, meanwhile, had worked her hands loose from their bonds, proving that the restraints had been more for show than anything, and handed the belt back to her mistress who fastened it around her waist before smoothing her shirt out. In that brief moment of silence Brianna allowed herself to study the two women. The truth was that the pair of them were like night and day. Murial was pale and slender with modest but clearly feminine curves and wild red hair while Kiera, in contrast, was a dark bronze with ample curves and well defined muscles hidden beneath her simple clothes. Similar, in some ways, to Sofia’s physique but different too in some undefinable way. As the dusky woman finished dressing Murial leaned her head against Kiera’s hip, closing her eyes with a soft sigh, a look of utter contentment painting her sharp features.

Smiling at the display, Kiera reached down and began to stroke her girlfriend’s crimson mane before glancing back over her shoulder, “You’re Brianna, right?”

Started by the sudden question Brianna managed a nod, “Ah, yes, that’s me.”

“Nice to meet you at last.” she continued, “I’ve heard a few stories but I have to say you’re a lot cuter in person. Although,” she suddenly smirked again, “Murial tells me that you pull off ‘devastatingly sexy’ quite well.”

Feeling her blush return Brianna wasn’t quite certain what to say to that, “Thank you?”

Kiera laughed softly at her reaction before her gaze suddenly sharpened and Brianna could swear that those golden brown eyes were looking right through her, almost as if the woman were about to devour her whole. It was a surprisingly arousing look, but it passed just as quickly. “I’m dying to know,” Kiera finally said, tone once again light, almost joking, “which one of them seduced you?”

If this conversation kept taking sudden and unexpected turns Brianna was afraid she might end up with whiplash. Still, somewhat used to being teased and familiar with how conversations with Sofia could meander in strange ways, she managed an answer, or at least part of one, “I mean, it wasn’t exactly like that…”

“It was Sofia, right?” Kiera interrupted, “I can’t imagine that Roxanna would be that brazen.”

“I live next door to them.” Brianna said after debating for a moment if she should say anything at all, eventually deciding that it was only fair to share her story, “My bedroom is on the second floor and, sometimes, if they left the curtains open I could see them with each other and… with Claudia.”

For a moment Kiera’s expression shifted, as if she hadn’t expected that answer, before she laughed out loud in delight, “You little voyeur you! And here I almost believed that walking in on us was an accident!”

“Hidden depths, mistress.” Murial chimed in, “This one is delightfully kinky.”

Brianna tried, somewhat in vain, to defend herself, “That’s not…”

“That can’t be all though.” Kiera continued, interrupting her again.

Although a little annoyed at the interruption Brianna relented with a nod, embarrassment finally beginning to fade in the face of Kiera’s friendly teasing, “No. Eventually I decided to come clean and confess everything. I ran into Sofia working on her garden and we talked. Next thing I knew we were having sex then she wanted to talk to Roxanna, and, well…” Brianna suddenly tailed off, a tinge of pink returning to her cheeks as she thought of that wonderful, magical day.

“The three of you had sex?” Kiera provided, helpfully.

Brianna just nodded, a tiny grin on her lips.

Kiera grinned back at her, “And so now you’re their slave?”

“I’m their…” Brianna paused there, struggling to find the right word before her smile suddenly broadened, “I’m theirs.”

Kiera’s expression seemed to soften, “That’s sweet.” she glanced down at Murial, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Disgustingly so, mistress.” Murial agreed, a tiny smile on her lips and a strange twinkle in her vivid green eyes.

Kiera playfully swatted her on the side of the head, “Behave, or I’ll have to punish you.”

“Is that a promise?” Murial inquired.

Tangling her fingers in the woman’s red hair, Kiera sharply tugged Murial’s head back to force their eyes to meet, eliciting a sharp hiss, “That’s definitely a promise, pet.”

Given the smoldering gaze that passed between them, for a brief instant Brianna thought that the pair might have sex again right then and there, but a moment later Kiera slowly released Murial’s hair and the pale woman settled back against her thigh.

Still feeling a bit awkward Brianna decided to try and start a new conversation, “So, Roxanna tells me that you’re a writer?”

Kiera started ever so slightly, as if surprised by the sudden question, but she nodded as she glanced lazily over at Brianna again, “Something like that. I specialize in folklore, mythology, urban legends, that sort of thing.”

“Sounds interesting.” Brianna said, honestly curious, “Anything I would have read?”

With a rueful smile Kiera just shook her head, “I doubt it. It’s a pretty narrow field.”

“I’m the breadwinner.” Murial chimed in, a trace of the haughty, commanding tone that Brianna remembered entering her voice, “I just like to let her think she’s in charge.”

Once again Kiera reached down and playfully swatted the woman, “You just love to push my buttons, don’t you pet?”

In an instant Murial’s face became a vision of pure innocence, “Whatever do you mean, mistress?”

Glaring at the kneeling woman for a moment Kiera finally chuckled under her breath and slumped against the railing, idly brushing her fingers through Murial’s wild hair again as she turned back to Brianna, “So, has Roxanna told you a lot about me?”

“Not really.” Brianna admitted, “I mean, your name had come up a few times here and there but nothing too specific.”

Scoffing slightly Kiera just shook her head, though the faint smile never left her lips, “That’s fair, I suppose. Our friendship had kind of a rocky start. She seemed a bit too stiff when we first met and, I admit, I enjoyed trying to get under skin maybe a little too much.”

“What changed?” Brianna asked softly, curious to hear the story she had been told from the opposite perspective.

Kiera seemed to mull over her answer for a moment, “You can’t help but get to know someone, just a little, when you work together and I guess we ended up having a lot more in common than I realized. Of course, it certainly didn’t hurt that Roxanna is actually pretty damn good at what she does.”

“She is pretty amazing.” Brianna agreed.

Kiera’s eyes suddenly looked her up and down again before a fond smile curled the woman’s lips, “You really love her, don’t you?”

Idly rubbing the small heart tattooed onto her left hand Brianna returned the smile with a firm nod, “I do.”

“She’s lucky to have you.” Kiera added, a response that made Brianna tilt her head slightly in curiosity. The woman sighed softly, “It took me a while to figure it out. At first I thought she was just unfriendly but, eventually, I realized that she has trouble letting people in. So it makes me happy that she has people like you and Claudia and Sofia in her life.”

In that instant Brianna realized that maybe, just maybe, once upon a time Kiera had wished for more than just friendship with her mistress and that Roxanna might not ever have realized it. It was odd to think of, that this woman who seemed so bold and unashamed had never reached out, but at the same time it felt right somehow. It was a realization that made her a little sad and Brianna felt her heart go out to the woman, knowing well that, under different circumstances, she herself would be living with similar regrets.

Still, she chose not to say it out loud, instead merely acknowledged the trust she had been shown, “Thank you.”

Kiera nodded, clearly understanding the thanks for what it was, “Anyway, after I caught her in the arms of that fox, tongue down her throat, I guess the ice broke and things just sort of fell into place.”

Given the story she’d heard earlier, Brianna assumed it was Sofia that was being referred to, though ‘fox’ seemed like a rather old fashioned way to talk about a beautiful woman. Although, on reflection, it did fit given her mistress’ mischievous nature and frequent, amused smiles.

“And I guess it doesn’t hurt that I like Sofia. She’s definitely not the sort of person I would have imagined Roxanna ending up with, but they’re good for each other I think. Though I would love to interview her sometime.” she added, almost wistfully, as she tilted her gaze up to look at the stars.

“Sofia? Really?” Brianna wondered, curious what she meant, “Why’s that?”

Kiera looked at her then and for a brief instant Brianna could swear that the woman was frowning at her, confusion written in her golden brown eyes, but before she could be certain it was gone. Instead the woman just shrugged, “I mean, I’ve never really looked into Russian folklore and she grew up in a pretty rural area. I just wonder what kind of stories she was told and really would love to hear them.”

“Oh,” Brianna answered, still wondering if she’d imagined that look, “that makes sense.”

In deference, perhaps, the heavy conversation that had just passed a brief, almost awkward silence descended for a moment before Kiera spoke up again, “So, not to be rude, but was there a reason you came out here?”

“Right, sorry.” Brianna answered reflexively, a little embarrassed that she had forgotten even if, under the circumstances, it was understandable, “Dinner is almost ready. You’re welcome to join us, if you want.”

An amused smirk suddenly split Kiera’s lips, her earlier humor clearly returning, “Thanks for the invitation, but we already ate.”

Brianna felt her face heat up again and she wondered if the double entendre was intended given what she had walked in on them doing, though the matching smirk on Murial’s lips suggested that it was. “Right, I’ll… I’ll let them know.”

As she turned to beat a hasty retreat, and just as her hand gripped the door knob, Kiera’s voice called out again, “But you know, maybe we can be convinced to join in for dessert.”

The metaphor was not particularly subtle and part of Brianna suspected that the woman was just teasing her again given the way their conversation had already gone, but at the same time she could not help but wonder. Pausing in place she asked, without turning around, “Is that why you’re really here?”

Kiera laughed a little, clearly delighted by the response, “No, but I admit you’re a lot more interesting than I expected. I know that Claudia is a lot of fun to play with and I wonder, are you just as much fun?”

The sudden wave of heat that washed over Brianna’s body was unexpected, yet strangely pleasant. It was an intoxicating idea and a part of her thrilled at the thought that Kiera might want her. True, she reminded herself, it was probably just more teasing as the woman seemed to enjoy getting a rise out of her, but that didn’t diminish the fantasy of it. Even more, in her mind’s eye, she could still clearly see the sight of the exotic woman, lost in the throes of passion as Murial knelt between her legs, worshiping her goddess. And she did not think she would ever forget the sound of the woman’s cry as she came, voice raw and unbridled, uninhibited and unashamed even though she clearly knew she was being watched. It was incredible, it was terrifying, and as Brianna stood there, frozen in place a thousand and one thoughts rushed through her head. Once again blushing down to the roots of her hair in a heady mix of arousal and embarrassment she steadfastly did not turn around. Saying nothing in response instead she finally managed to muster the will to open the door and slip through it, muttering a faint goodbye as she stepped back into the cabin and closed the door behind her. Only then did Brianna at last allow herself to slump against the wall, a dramatic breath escaping her lungs as she leaned her head back with a soft thump.

Heart hammering in her chest Brianna just stood there, weight supported by the wall as she tried to calm her racing thoughts. Glancing to her left she could hear the faint sounds of conversation echoing from the kitchen and her heart ached. It was honestly frightening just how much she hoped that Kiera was being serious, just how much she wanted the two women. How keenly the thought of worshiping and serving them, of being bound and used, turned her on. The lust, the sheer animal magnetism that the pair seemed to project still pounded in her veins and Brianna had never felt anything quite like it before. It certainly wasn’t love, nothing like what she felt for Claudia or their mistresses, but that almost made it worse. In spite of Roxanna’s earlier assurances, in spite of her knowledge that none of them were truly exclusive with each other, she could not help but feel like she was betraying her lovers. The tiny heart tattooed on her finger, the symbol of her love and devotion, a symbol she had been so proud to wear, felt as if it was burning her skin. Clenching her eyes shut Brianna brought a hand to her mouth and, for a brief instant, she feared she might start to cry. It was stupid, it was all so stupid, she knew that, she knew it, but that didn’t make her feel any better. All of a sudden her entire body seemed to give out and Brianna found herself sliding down the wall until she landed on the floor with a loud thud. The tears she had been so desperately fighting started then and she could do nothing but hug herself and sob.

For the first time in what felt like a very long time, Brianna Wilde didn’t know what to do.


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