The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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Part 13

Slumped helplessly against the wall, only vaguely aware of the rough hewn wooden paneling digging into her back and the hard floor beneath her, Brianna found herself paralyzed by the sheer intensity of the emotions she was feeling as hot tears poured down her face. Try as she might she simply could not get a handle on the swirl of fear and doubt plaguing her mind. Instead she slowly drew her legs up and hugged them tightly to her chest, burying her face in her knees in a vain attempt to stifle the sobs that continued to escape her. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two at most, and probably far less than that, since she’d fallen to the floor but time was the last thing Brianna was aware of at the moment. At some point, however, at the edge of her consciousness she could hear the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching but she ignored them, just hugged herself even tighter until a pair of hands gently grabbed her by the shoulders. Almost instinctively she looked up, eyes red and puffy to see Sofia’s lovely face twisted with worry and perhaps a trace of fear in those bright blue eyes.

Her voice was low, heavy with concern, “Brianna, dear, what’s wrong? What happened?”

Brianna opened her mouth to try and respond, to try and explain but words seemed beyond her at the moment. With a cry and a fresh wave of tears she lunged forward and clung to the blonde for dear life, burying her face in the woman’s chest as she sobbed, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Although clearly confused Sofia instinctively embraced the smaller girl, holding her tight. Somewhat helplessly she could only whisper, as if afraid to spook the girl in her arms, “I don’t understand.”

Voice reduced to a hoarse whisper Brianna just tightened her grip, “I’m sorry.”

For a long moment Sofia just held her, gently stroking her shaking back to try and calm her down while whispering soothingly in her ear. Slowly, incrementally Brianna stopped shaking and her death grip loosened just a little. Taking that as a good sign, Sofia adjusted her posture slightly and stood, cradling the girl to her chest and holding her close as she slowly made her way back to the living room. With all the commotion Claudia and Roxanna had already come to investigate, standing at the end of the hall with concerned looks on their own faces but Sofia just shook her head silently at the unasked questions hanging heavily in the air. Instead she walked over to the couch, her lovers trailing along behind her silently, and carefully sat down. Positioning herself carefully she shifted Brianna’s tightly curled form to let the girl sit in her lap, never once breaking her embrace and continuing to whisper softly. Once they settled into place Sofia began to softly run a hand through Brianna’s hair before allowing it to trail down her spine in long strokes as if trying to sooth a skittish cat. Roxanna was instantly at her side, curled up against Sofia’s shoulder, while Claudia flanked her, kneeling on the couch cushions and clearly just as lost as everyone else. Still, the familiar presences seemed to help and slowly, incrementally Brianna began to relax, her desperate sobs trailing off into the occasional sniffle though she continued to cling to Sofia as if her life depended on it and refused to look up from where she had buried her face in the blonde’s shoulder.

Slowly, tentatively, Roxanna reached out and placed a hand on Brianna’s back, the girl flinching slightly at the unexpected contact, “Please talk to us, korítsi. What is wrong? Are you hurt?”

Brianna managed to shake her head, but otherwise gave no response, but even so the touch seemed to calm her a little more, some of the tension draining from her shoulders as the olive-skinned woman gently rubbed her skin.

“I am glad you are not hurt, korítsi.” Roxanna said softly, trying her best to smile reassuringly, though the blue-haired girl was still not looking at her, “But please, please tell us what has upset you so.”

For a long, agonizing moment the girl said nothing, but eventually Brianna nodded to herself ever so slightly and drew a shaky breath to try and explain, “When I went outside to tell them, they were… I mean, Kiera and Murial they weren’t, uh, they weren’t stargazing.”

Despite everything she still blushed a little more at the memory of what exactly she had caught the pair doing. Claudia seemed to pick up on the hidden meaning first and quickly brought a hand to her mouth to stifle a chuckle, though a moment later Roxanna just rolled her eyes a little and muttered, “Of course they weren’t.” before her eyes narrowed slightly, a hint of anger in her voice, “Did they shout at you, korítsi?”

Brianna quickly shook her head, her voice growing a bit steadier, “No, mistress they weren’t… they weren’t angry. Amused maybe? Kiera teased me a little, but… but that’s all.”

Still stroking her hair gently Sofia carefully shifted so that Brianna was looking up at her face, “If not that, when what? Please, devushka, tell us.”

Rubbing circles on her back Roxanna leaned in a little closer as well, “I understand if you are embarrassed, but you have done nothing wrong korítsi. Especially if those two were foolish enough to do such things where anyone could see them.”

The reassuring statement seemed to have the exact opposite of the desired effect and a fresh wave of tears welled in Brianna’s eyes as she once again hid her face in the crook of Sofia’s neck, “I did, I did! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Caught off guard that by the sudden, visceral reaction it was Claudia who managed to find her wits first and tentatively reached out to take Brianna by the shoulder, “It’s okay…”

“No it’s not!” Brianna interrupted, voice hoarse and struggling to force out words between sobs, “I saw them… I saw them and I wanted them! I love you, I love all of you, but I want them! And I don’t, I can’t…”

Even as she struggled to put it into words Brianna felt her voice crack as it trailed off into more incoherent sobbing. Clenching her eyes shut she pressed her face even tighter against Sofia's warm body, drawing comfort from the familiar sensation even as she felt her heart sink. A part of her, a part that had never truly been forced to deal with heartbreak before, was deathly afraid now that she had confessed the truth, terrified to look up and see the disappointment on the faces of these wonderful women who had given her so much. For a few agonizing seconds nothing seemed to happen, an almost deafening silence filling the air interrupted only by the faint hum of the kitchen fan and the frantic hammering of Brianna’s heart. Finally, Sofia began to shift slightly in her seat and Brianna could feel the arms encircling her move as the blonde embraced her even more tightly before running a hand through her hair.

Leaning forward the woman rested her chin on the crown of Brianna’s head and whispered into her ear, voice soft, little more than a breathy sigh, “Oh Brianna, my poor, poor dear.”

Caught off guard Brianna could do nothing, confused by the response. That confusion only grew a moment later when Roxanna leaned over and encircled the pair in her own arms, pressing her body against Brianna’s back. Close behind her, Claudia joined the hug, pressing herself to the blue-haired girl’s trembling form and doing her best to wrap all three of them up in her embrace. Blinking in confusion, even as her body instinctively relaxed into the soft warmth surrounding her, Brianna felt some of the tension drain away, cold fear giving way to something soft and warm. A comfortable silence descended and for perhaps a few more minutes no one dared to move before Brianna felt Claudia pull back slightly and a hand cupped her cheek, gently forcing her to look to the right. Blinking away tears, Claudia’s thumb gently caressing her cheek, she could only stare blankly as the slightly smaller girl leaned in and locked their lips together in a kiss. Caught off guard by the act Brianna froze in place for a split second before her body took over. Moaning, she instinctively leaned into the kiss, returning it even as she parted her lips to allow Claudia’s tongue into her mouth and for what felt like a small eternity the tattooed girl did exactly that.

When they finally parted, Claudia still holding her face and smiling broadly, Brianna blinked a few times to clear her thoughts, “Wha…”

“I kissed some sense into you.” Claudia interrupted, a touch playfully, “Seemed to be the best way to calm you down.”

“I don’t understand.” Brianna whispered.

Taking both of her cheeks in hand Claudia leaned in a little, “Brianna, listen to me. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But, I…” the girl protested.

“Shh.” Claudia cut her off, shifting one hand to press a finger to Brianna’s lips, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“She is right, korítsi.” Roxanna agreed, softy, “You have done nothing for which you should feel ashamed. In fact, it is I who am sorry.”

Brow furrowing, Brianna turned slightly to look at the olive-skinned woman, “I don’t… Why would you be sorry?”

Roxanna smiled, almost sadly, “You are wonderful korítsi. Kind, caring, lovely, but it is easy to forget that you are still so young, that all of this is so very new to you. We should have spoken more, made certain that you understood. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course.” Brianna agreed, instantly, even if she still felt lost.

“Consider this,” Sofia added, trying to explain, “think back to the day when all of this began.”

Brianna nodded slowly, a small smile touching her lips despite it all as she recalled that perfect summer day that felt like so long ago.

“You desired me then, yes?” the blonde asked.

Brianna nodded again, face heating up slightly, as she answered in a small voice, “Yes.”

“But you wanted Roxanna as well.” Sofia pointed out, “Did you consider that to be a betrayal of me, or of her? Was it unforgivable to want us both?”

“Well, no, but…” Brianna trailed off, grasping in part what her mistress was saying, but still wanting to protest that this was different.

“And what about me?” Claudia chimed in, “When you found me tied down to that bed you can’t say you weren’t eager to have me. We’d never met and you’d been with them for months by that point.”

Face shifting from pink to bright red at that reminder Brianna sputtered a little, “But that… That’s different! You were already with them, and they knew, they set it up!”

“Would it make you feel better then if we set you up with Kiera?” Sofia asked with a tiny smile.

Brianna’s eyes went wide at that, “No!”

Sofia’s smile fell, “I am sorry, devushka. I should not tease at a time like this. But consider this. You believe we should be angry with you but would you hate me if I expressed attraction and desire for another?”

Brianna shook her fiercely, almost instinctively answering, “Never.”

Sofia’s smile returned, “That is kind of you, devushka, and I am happy to hear it, but why should the rules be different for yourself?”

“To feel attraction, desire, lust, whatever you wish to call it, these things are natural.” Roxanna continued, “The nature of our relationship does complicate things slightly and I know that what we have likely flies in the face of much of what you were taught that love is, but it is no less real for all of that. We love you, korítsi, all of us do. Do you love us?”

“Always.” Brianna whispered.

“As for Kiera and Murial, you desire them, but would you ever act upon that desire without speaking to us?” the olive-skinned woman asked.

“I would never.” Brianna said, firmly.

Roxanna nodded with a smile, “Then no more needs to be said.”

“Trust.” Claudia clarified, seeing the confusion still written in Brianna’s eyes, “So what if you find someone else attractive? In a way, that’s how the four of us ended up together, and besides that we trust you. And I hope that you trust us too.”

Although she still felt like a mess, her mind and her heart in turmoil, Brianna could admit that she did feel a bit better now, the fear that had twisted in her gut giving way just slightly. Trust. It made a certain sort of sense when she thought about it. In a way the very foundation of their relationship was based on trust, trusting her mistresses with power over her and they, in turn, trusting her to be honest about her desires and her limits. With a watery smile she nodded and hugged Sofia tightly again.

“You have such a big heart, devushka.” Sofia whispered, returning the hug, “We are lucky to have it, but it would be equally selfish of us to try and keep it all for ourselves. Do not be ashamed of what your heart wants, never be ashamed of that.”

It took a moment for Brianna to find her voice, “Thank you.” she said, softly, “Thank you so much.”

Leaning in to embrace the pair again Roxanna gently stroked the girl’s hair, “You are very welcome, korítsi. Feelings are messy things sometimes, especially when we are still discovering ourselves, but I promise that we will always be here for you.”

Brianna just smiled a little at the olive-skinned woman but said nothing, just closed her eyes and leaned into her touch, practically purring as those delicate fingers massaged her scalp. She really was the luckiest girl in the world.

In the midst of it all Claudia decided to join the group hug, once again molding her slender form against Brianna’s body and wrapping her arms around all three of them as best she could, “Maybe we should have dinner now?” she suggested after a moment, “Before it gets cold.”

Face buried in Sofia’s firm bosom Brianna turned her head slightly to the side to speak, “Could we…? Could we just stay like this? For a little while longer?”

Tightening her arms Sofia patted her on the back, “Anything you want, devushka, anything at all.”

Silence returned then as the four of them lay together, awkwardly but comfortably piled together on the couch, luxuriating in the warmth and softness of each other’s presence. For her part Brianna was still a bit shaken from the swirl of fear and self doubt that had surrounded her earlier, but rapidly found herself relaxing in the gentle embrace of her lovers, their bodies surrounding her on all sides as if shielding her curled up form. In fact, Brianna was so comfortable that she felt her eyes grow heavy and decided that she could easily take another nap right here and now. Eventually, however, Roxanna stirred and extracted herself, shakily climbing off the couch and taking a moment to stretch her back before smiling gently down at the group and offering Brianna her hand. Smiling back, the girl took it and allowed herself to be pulled to her own feet. Once she was standing Brianna felt arms circle her waist as Roxanna pulled her close and brought their lips together in a kiss, which she returned with equal enthusiasm. Distracted with each other they did not notice as Sofia, grinning at the display, suddenly scooped Claudia up and gave her a kiss in turn. Standing suddenly, easily lifting Claudia’s slender form and making the girl in her arms giggle, Sofia paused to give her another brief kiss before setting her down. Wrapping her arms around Roxanna and Brianna, once again pulling the four of them together in a hug, Sofia turned to give each of them a kiss on the cheek in turn before gently nudging them back toward the kitchen table.

Taking her seat, Brianna simply watched quietly as Claudia and Roxanna took their own seats, the olive-skinned woman offering a final, gentle squeeze of the hand as she did so, which brought a smile to Brianna’s lips. Rather than sitting, Sofia took a moment to fetch the bowl of pasta they had been working on earlier, carefully setting it down on the table before joining them. For a moment it seemed as if everything that needed to be said had been said. No one spoke as they filled their plates and ate in contrast to the often lively discussion that usually accompanied meals. Even so Brianna found herself relishing the silence, the comfortable presence of her lovers a balm to her heart as her feelings began to settle. It was amazing how easily her mistresses could put things into perspective, how they grasped things that seemed so daunting to her, to say nothing of how easily their presence and calm words reassured her. The truth was that, most of the time, Brianna didn’t really think about the fact that her mistresses were older and much more experienced than she was but at times like this she was incredibly grateful. Once again she could not help but smile to herself at how lucky she was. And then there was Claudia. Glancing at the slightly smaller girl, who caught her gaze and returned her smile briefly before returning to her food, Brianna felt her smile widen. It was strange, Claudia was so different from her in so many ways but at the same time they shared so many of the same desires, understood each other on a level that even her mistresses couldn’t fully match. She had never said it out loud, and she loved them all fiercely, but she felt particularly close to Claudia and her earlier talk about trust had been extremely helpful.

Before she realized it they had mostly finished with their meal when Roxanna suddenly spoke, “Are you feeling better, korítsi?”

A little caught off guard by the question Brianna quickly nodded, “Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

Setting down her fork slowly, Roxanna tilted her head slightly, expression open but serious, “I am sorry if this seems blunt, my dear. If you do not wish to speak of it please let us know, but I ask this honestly. Is being intimate with Kiera and Murial something you would truly wish to try?”

Brianna felt her eyes widen a little. If the last question had caught her off guard, this one was so unexpected for a brief moment she wasn’t certain she had heard correctly. She opened her mouth to try and form a reply but no sound came out.

“We do not wish to make you uncomfortable, devushka.” Sofia quickly added, reaching out to take Brianna’s hand in a comforting grip, “And we certainly do not judge, but we are also curious. If it is too much, too soon, I apologize.”

“I…” Brianna began, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Just be honest, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, “We have always encouraged you to explore your desires. If this is something you want, it is something you want. As we have said, never be ashamed of that.”

As if sensing her lingering apprehension Claudia reached across the table to take her other hand, “It’s okay.”

Smiling softly, and squeezing both Sofia and Claudia’s hands in silent thanks, Brianna closed her eyes and took a breath. The truth was both far simpler and more complicated than she wanted to admit. She could still feel that lingering desire, echoes of the sheer want that had overwhelmed her upon stepping back inside. In her mind’s eye she could still see the pair of them. Murial, kneeling and bound in a strangely submissive stance that somehow seemed odd and yet perfect at the same time while Kiera, her face locked in an expression of pure ecstasy, held her lover’s hair tightly as the redhead pleasured her. In fact, Brianna was not sure she would ever forget that as long as she lived. She could admit that the pair fascinated her, so unlike anyone she had ever known and yet with a common thread that connected them in their shared interests in bondage and submission. And then there was Claudia’s story, of experiencing submission as Kiera’s hands. What would it be like to experience such a thing for herself? In what ways would it be similar to her own mistresses' attentions? In what ways would it be different? Heaven help her, she wanted to know. But even so, despite her lovers’ assurances a trace of that guilt still lingered as well, a quiet voice that told her that she was betraying Roxanna and Sofia and Claudia with her desires.

As if sensing the dark turn her thoughts were taking Brianna felt the hands holding hers squeeze softly in silent reassurance. Smiling a little she reached her decision. Taking another breath Brianna opened her eyes. Whatever her doubts might be, she knew in her heart of hearts that all three of these wonderful women loved her, they had proven it again and again in all the time they had been together, and besides that being honest about her desires had yet to fail her. That, despite it all, brought a small smile to her lips.

Finally, after what felt like a long time in contemplation Brianna nodded softly and gave her answer, “Yes, mistress. It is…” she paused to gather her courage, “It is something I would wish to try, if I can.”

Roxanna returned her smile, “Then I suppose I shall have to have a little chat with my old friend.”

With that she stood up from the table and Brianna felt her eyes go wide in shock. She had thought the question more theoretical than anything. Did… did her mistress seriously mean to try and set this up? She looked up at the woman, almost bewildered, “Mistress?”

With a playful smile that would have done Sofia proud, the olive-skinned woman actually winked at her, “We need to have words as I am still rather cross at her for upsetting you so. An apology is warranted I think, and perhaps… recompense to be paid.”

As the woman walked away Brianna could only stare, almost unable to believe the turn this conversation had taken. Was her mistress actually trying to get her laid? It felt so surreal she was certain that she must have missed something somewhere along the way. Or it was all a dream, that made more sense. She had fallen asleep while cuddled up against Sofia’s chest and her mind was playing tricks on her.

Sofia laughed softly at her obvious confusion, but squeezed her hand again before standing from the table herself, “Come along Claudia. We should clean the dishes.”

Grinning like the cat that had just eaten the canary, Claudia nodded, “Of course, mistress.” With that she too stood but, before following the blonde into the kitchen proper, turned to Brianna with a wink of her own, “Someone’s in for a wild night. Have fun, and don’t forget to tell me all about it in the morning.”

Brianna tried to respond, but all she could manage was a fierce blush, eliciting a giggle from Claudia as she took the dishes and practically sashayed to join Sofia in the kitchen. A few moments later Brianna was still sitting at the table in something of a stupor when Roxanna returned with Kiera in tow, the dusky woman looking pensive if a little amused. It was only as the pair of them pulled out chairs and sat down on either side of her that Brianna was finally shaken back to reality. She glanced back and forth at both women, not sure what to say or if she should say anything at all, before Roxanna looked past her and made a vague ‘get on with it’ motion with her hand.

Kiera smirked at that for a split second, “So impatient.” Even so, her expression grew more serious after that as she looked at Brianna, golden brown and hazel eyes meeting once again, “Guess I owe you an apology.”

“It’s okay.” Brianna managed, still drawn to those eyes but not quite as mesmerized as she had been.

Kiera shook her head, “No, it’s not. I admit that I like to get a reaction out of people, and you really are cute when you blush, but that’s no excuse. I’ve got a bad habit of talking without thinking and I didn’t mean to upset you.”

True to form Brianna did blush at the compliment, but even so she managed an answer, “Apology accepted.”

Kiera smiled at that but then leaned forward a little, some of her previous playfulness returning, “But you know, I really do hate to see a pretty girl cry and I never want to make a pretty girl cry.” she reached out to touch Brianna's arm, voice dropping to a husky whisper, “But I’m sure I can make it up to you, if you like.”

Brianna swallowed hard, glancing down at the hand on her arm and feeling her blush darken in response. She knew exactly what Kiera was doing, and was very well aware of what she was suggesting. It wasn’t a surprise exactly, but even so it struck her like a physical blow, heat once again flooding her body. This was happening, this was really happening. With one last glance at Roxanna, who offered a tiny smile of encouragement, Brianna at last managed to lift her gaze to meet Kiera’s.

Voice soft but firm, a fact that Brianna was rather proud of all things considered, she gave her answer, “I’d like that.”

A wicked smile blooming on her lips, Kiera allowed her hand to trail down Brianna’s arm, making the girl shiver at the feather-light touch, to intertwine their fingers together. Without a word she stood and gently guided Brianna to follow her. As she was being led away, Brianna spared one last look over her shoulder. Roxanna was still sitting at the table, turned slightly in her chair to watch the pair leave with that same encouraging smile on her face. In the kitchen Sofia paused in cleaning the dishes to give her a cheeky wave while Claudia, standing next to the tall blonde, gave her a thumbs up to which Brianna could only smile and roll her eyes just a little at the woman’s antics. But, soon enough, the insistent hand guiding her on at last pulled her around the corner. Her view was cut off as they entered the hallway Brianna was slightly surprised that they walked straight into the guest room. The lights had been turned low to the point where she could barely see anything, especially once Kiera shut and locked the door behind them, with an almost ominous *click*.

It took a moment for her vision to adjust, but when it did Brianna felt herself freeze in place, her heart jumping into her throat. Kneeling at the foot of the bed with her head down was Murial. Even in this simple pose she was stunning, deathly still as she obediently sat with her hands clasped in her lap. In the dim lighting her skin seemed almost unnaturally pale, standing out in sharp contrast to the darker colors of her clothing which almost managed to disappear into the shadows, while her hair was like a cascade of fire down her back. Unconsciously licking her lips, Brianna glanced back at Kiera to see the woman’s eyes practically glowing in the darkness as she sauntered over to the dresser and leaned casually against it. A smirk decorating her lips, Kiera crossed her arms over her chest and let her gaze wander over both of them and Brianna had to fight the urge to look away even as her heart hammered in her chest and anticipation trilled up her spine, making her shiver.

“Both of you,” Kiera ordered, her voice losing the playful lilt of earlier to be replaced with something firmer, more commanding, a tone that demanded obedience without being overly harsh either, “strip.”

Almost instinctively Brianna straightened up and grabbed the hem of her shirt, “Yes, ma’am.”

In contrast Murial stood in one smooth motion, as if her body was uncoiling itself, voice cool and soft, “Of course, mistress.”

Despite the fact that she seen nearly everything before given the rather scant attire that Murial had been wearing on their first meeting Brianna still found herself entranced, fumbling with her own clothing as she watched the other woman undress. With sinuous and impossibly graceful movements the redhead reached up and slowly untied the halter where it circled behind her neck, allowing the dark red cloth to fall and expose her firm but modest bust. With a tiny smile she then reached behind her back, arching her shoulders to emphasize her breasts as she untied the final bow holding her top in place. The garment instantly fell away, drawing attention to her slender form, smooth stomach and narrow waist. Tossing her head to flip her hair back Murial then proceeded to bend over, slowly, running her hands down her sides as she did so in order to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and slide the tight black garment over her hips to reveal perhaps the tiniest g-string Brianna had ever seen. Winking at Brianna with those vivid green eyes of hers, making the girl blush as red as the other woman’s hair, Murial allowed the last of her clothing to slide down her legs leaving her pale and hairless body on full display. Almost imperiously, Murial then placed a hand on her hip and favored Brianna with a grin that made the girl's stomach flip-flop.

Realizing that she had been far too entranced with the pale woman’s striptease Brianna flinched and, despite feeling the eyes of both women upon her as if being branded, she quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head and slipped off her own shorts, grateful that she had decided against putting on underwear earlier thus making it easier to undress quickly. By the time she was finished, and had brushed her long blue hair out of the way, Brianna was again stunned when she saw that, at some point during their performance, Kiera had decided to partially undress as well. Her shirt and jeans now laying in a pile at her feet, the woman wore only a set of shockingly elaborate lingerie made of ornate black lace and translucent silk that displayed what seemed like miles of smooth, tanned skin and drew attention to Kiera’s well toned limbs and abdominal muscles as well as her firm breasts and generous hips. A golden piercing with a small ruby dangling from it hung from her navel while a set of similar rings, gold and ruby, pierced her clearly erect nipples with a third just barely visible between her legs. Brianna allowed her eyes to roam over that perfect body, drinking in every detail. She had found Kiera to be fascinatingly exotic before but like this? Like this she was absolutely stunning.

Grinning at the obvious effect she was having upon the girl Kiera stalked forward to place a hand on Brianna’s hip, pulling her close even as her other hand reached up to cup her chin and force their eyes to meet, “Like what you see?”

Brianna managed a tiny nod, “Yes, ma’am.”

Gently caressing the girl’s hip Kiera’s smile only widened at that response and the soft moan her attentions elicited, “I thought you were cute before, but now?” she leaned forward slightly to press their lips together softly in an almost chaste kiss, voice low and husky, “Now I could just eat you right up.”

Shivering a little both at those words and the woman’s soft touch Brianna swallowed, hard, “Please?”

Chuckling a little at that response, Kiera continued, “So tell me, pretty girl, what’s your safeword?”

Brianna blinked a few times, just slightly caught off guard by that question even though it made perfect sense. It had been a long time since she had needed to tell anyone her safeword given that both of her mistresses were well aware of what it was. As a point of fact, now that she thought about it, it had been a long time since she had even used her safeword, but she remembered it easily enough, “Emerald, ma’am.”

“Emerald.” Kiera repeated, Brianna nodding in confirmation, “And are you the type to be able to make yourself understood through a gag?”

Cheeks going pink Brianna nodded again.

An almost wicked smile curled Kiera’s lips, “Good.” she purred while brushing her thumb across the girl’s chin, “So tell me, pretty girl, what do you like?”

Brianna wet her lips, “I… I like to be bound.”

“Hmm.” Kiera pondered, still gently stroking Brianna’s chin and pleased by the way the girl seemed to shiver under her touch, “And what else?”

“I like to be gagged and teased and used.” Brianna continued, voice steadying a bit as she lost herself in that touch, body growing warm, somehow unable to stop talking once she started, “I like to be forced to eat pussy. I like to be fucked and controlled, edged and made to beg for release.”

“And do you like it rough?” Kiera wondered, almost idly.

“Just…” Brianna began, breath hitching in her throat as Kiera’s fingers wandered over a particularly sensitive spot, “Just a bit.”

There was perhaps a flash of disappointment in Kiera’s eyes but, if so, it vanished just as quickly and she smiled again, “I think we can manage that. Are you ready, pretty girl?”

Brianna just bit her lip and nodded, every fiber of her being as taut as piano wire in anticipation. But suddenly, inexplicably, Kiera pulled away and Brianna could only watch in slight disappointment as the dusky woman took a step to the right and reached out to cup Murial’s cheek, the pale woman leaning into the touch eagerly.

“We’re going to try something a little different.” Kiera announced as she slowly slid her hand around the back of Murial’s neck before once again taking hold of her hair and forcing the pale woman’s head back slightly, eliciting a hiss, “And you’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you pet?”

A flash of defiance lit Murial’s emerald eyes for a brief second, her lips dropping into a momentary frown before another sharp tug at her hair forced her to look down obediently. “Yes, mistress.” she said, softly.

“Good girl.” Kiera whispered back as she slowly loosened her grip and stroked Murial’s hair affectionately before turning back to Brianna with a smile, “What do you think, pretty girl? She’s something, isn’t she?”

Brianna could only nod at that, unsure of where this was going and honestly loving every moment of it.

Eye flashing with mischief Kiera let her hand drop back to her side, “Glad you agree, she’s yours.”

“Mine?” Brianna asked, confusion evident in her tone, “I… I don’t understand.”

Stepping away to pick up a small pack, and granting an amazing view of that wondrous ass clearly displayed by the thong she was wearing, Kiera tossed the bag onto the bed and smirked, “I want you to take charge while I watch. Here’s some toys, be sure to use your imagination because I want to see just how kinky you really are. Murial will do anything you want her to,” she speared the redhead with a stern gaze, “or else.”

Murial smirked in amusement but said nothing.

The offer, the order, caught Brianna off guard. After everything, especially after those questions, she had expected Kiera to dominate her, to bind and tease and use her like she had confessed to wanting, but it seemed the woman had a much different game in mind. And, truth be told, it was an intriguing one. She had never, in all of her experiences, been the one in charge. Always, she had been the one wearing the ropes, submitting to someone else and it had never failed to drive her wild, satisfying her in ways that were hard to explain. Not even in her wildest fantasies had she imagined being the one to hold the leash, and yet… And yet, as she took in Murial’s graceful form, her posture radiating defiance and amusement in equal measure with an almost challenging smirk on a face framed by a wild mane of red hair Brianna could not deny that the idea was incredibly appealing. To tame this beautiful lioness, to have this exotic woman under her power… Brianna felt a new wave of arousal wash over her at the thought, a little surprised at how much it turned her on even if what she really, truly wanted was to be under Kiera’s power. Glancing briefly at the woman, and catching sight of her almost hungry gaze, Brianna’s face flushed a bright red. The realization that Kiera would also be watching every moment of what was about to happen only added to the experience. As much as she had thought and dreamed and fantasized about being watched while bound or in the throws of passion this was, as far as she knew, the first time it would actually happen. Just the very thought of it made her wet and, biting her lip again, Brianna tried to clamp down on her body’s reactions and focus. Even if this wasn’t exactly how she had always imagined it happening, and even if her own experiments with self-bondage were the limits of her experience in dominating someone, she was so turned on that she feared she might burst at any moment.

Eventually taking a breath to calm herself, Briana turned to face Murial and drew herself up as best she could, “Understood.”

Without further comment she stepped over to the bed and picked up the pack, opening it and peering inside. Scanning the contents in the half light she found a small collection of toys and gear, some cuffs and coils of rope as well as a few gags and some other odds and ends. Nothing too fancy, but possibilities nonetheless. Brianna had certainly been bound in some interesting and creative ways by her mistresses, which helped to give her ideas as she thought back to some of her favorite sessions, but having never actually been called upon to bind someone she had to admit that she lacked the practical knowledge needed to pull most of it off. More than that the selection of restraints at her disposal was rather limited, but she supposed that was probably for the best all things considered. Regardless, as she went through the gear, occasionally glancing back at Murial’s pale form and spurred on by the woman’s smirk, Brianna was determined to put on a good show.

Setting the bag down on the nightstand, she tried her best to meet Murial’s eyes and commanded, “Lay down on the bed.”

For a split second the woman did nothing, but suddenly her smile widened and she stepped toward. However, rather than walking around the bed frame, the redhead bent over the foot-board and crawled across the mattress with easy, sensuous grace. Lowering her body down slowly Murial brought her arms up to rest her hands behind her head, arching her back and twisting her hips into a model’s pose as she did so. The casual eroticism of the display almost took Brianna’s breath away and when the woman turned her head to spear her with an emerald gaze the blue-haired girl felt her pussy clench.

With a self-satisfied smile Murial pitched her voice low, “Like this?”

Possessed of the sudden urge to wipe that smirk off her face Brianna pulled several sets of cuffs out of the bag and resolutely mounted the bed herself, straddling the pale woman’s waist and, feeling as if Kiera’s gaze was burning a hole in her back, went to work. With some difficulty, and only a bit of resistance, she managed to cuff Murial’s wrists and ankles to the four posts of the large bed, leaving the woman’s body splayed out spread-eagle with her limbs pulled taut, clearly displaying the ridges of her ribcage and the sharp edges of her pelvis. And yet, despite her utter helplessness, that taunting smile still painted Murial’s lips. Undaunted, Brianna offered a grin of her own and reached over to retrieve a ring gag while cupping Murial’s chin with the other, feeling an almost electric charge pass through her body at finally being able to touch this woman, and forced her to open her mouth before shoving the gag behind her teeth. It took a bit of work given how thick the redhead’s hair was, but after some fumbling Brianna was able to buckle the gag in place, pulling the strap as tight as she could in the process eliciting a soft moan and a gentle fluttering of eyes. Brianna blushed a little at the reaction but could not help but smile. Murial was supposed to like it rough after all.

Now that the woman was thoroughly bound Brianna leaned back a little to admire her work, drinking in the sight of Murial’s graceful body helplessly bound in place beneath her, eyes drawn to the way the gag forced the woman’s mouth into an ‘o’ of surprise, waves of red hair framing her face like a halo of fire. Wetting her lips, and hesitating for the briefest of instances, Brianna planted her hands on either side of Murial’s head and slowly bent down to kiss her throat. Murial shifted beneath her touch, tilting her head to the side to grant better access and moaned softly as the sensation of soft lips caressing softer skin. Nipping at the woman’s delicate flesh Brianna slowly began to lay a line of kisses along Murial’s collar bone before working down her sternum. As she did, Brianna slowly moved her hands to run her fingers down the redhead’s sides, tracing the edges of her ribs one by one as she explored the woman’s perfect body, some part of her almost expecting the porcelain smooth skin beneath her touch to be cool and firm like marble as such an exquisite form had to have been carved by a master. Of course, hyperbole aside, the redhead’s flesh gave easily beneath her hands, smooth and soft and wonderfully perfect, the woman writhing in her bonds and moaning softly as Brianna probed her sensitive spots. Slowly allowing one hand to slide down to caress the woman’s hip Brianna began to explore Murial’s firm and perfect breasts. Peppering those soft mounds with kisses she used her free hand to tease and tickle and explore, squeezing and kneading while she slowly worked to the peak, pinching Murial’s pale pink nipples with her teeth before encircling them with her lips and sucking insistently. The redhead clearly enjoyed the attention, arching her back to press her breasts into the blue-haired girl’s face, moaning in delight through her gag and muscles tense as she writhed against her bonds.

Brianna could not say how long she worshiped that lovely chest, but as Murial’s struggles grew fiercer and her moans more insistent, the bound woman clearly enjoying the attention and silently begging for more, she began to move on. With equal slowness, allowing her long blue hair to tickle the helpless body beneath her as she moved, Brianna began to kiss down Murial’s stomach, working around her navel and dipping ever lower as her hands stroked the woman’s sides and hips and legs. Finally, planting one last kiss on the woman’s pubic arch Brianna pulled back ever so slightly to allow her breath to tickle the wet and eager pussy right in front of her, before moving directly to kiss the redhead’s inner thigh. Murial groaned in frustration at that, her limbs pulling fruitlessly at the cuffs holding her helplessly onto the bed, able to do nothing as her tormentor teased her body. Brianna smiled at that but she wasn’t quite done yet. Despite the soft moans and slight rustling behind her, clear evidence that Kiera was enjoying the show, she sat up and perched herself on Murial’s right side. Looking down at the beautiful redhead, pleased to see the glazed look in her emerald eyes and the submissive, almost pleading posture she had adopted Brianna leaned down again.

As she began to brand Muria’s stomach with another line of kisses, this one slowly working its way up to her bust, Brianna allowed her hand to move up her thigh, eliciting a shiver at her spider-light touch. Finally, as she once again took a firm nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, she began to stroke the bound woman’s pussy with her fingers. With deliberate slowness and as light a touch as she could manage, Brianna explored Murial’s damp and eager sex, probing the lips of her labia and gently brushing against the heat within before teasing her throbbing clit with her fingernails. As she explored, the woman’s struggles became fiercer, every muscle in her body pulled taut as she fought her cuffs, trying in vain to escape and desperate to touch herself. Bucking her hips and arching her back Murial’s moans grew deeper and more insistent as well as she silently begged for more. The knowledge that it was her touch, her kisses, that had done this, that she had been able to reduce this elegant and regal woman to a writhing and moaning mess, desperate and begging to cum sent a new wave of arousal through Brianna’s body. Her skin was practically tingling and the insistent throbbing between her own legs was almost unbearable.

Finally, after long and agonizing moments of this torment, working Murial toward the edge and pulling back just before she reached it (a tricky proposition as she did not know the woman’s body all that well), eliciting numerous moans and desperate pleas Brianna stopped what she was doing and propped herself up again. Practically looming over Murial’s helpless form she smirked down at the woman, “Do you want to cum?”

Murial nodded eagerly, almost desperately, “Pmmnphm.”

Brianna pretended to ponder that for a moment, lazily running a finger down the woman’s stomach and teasing the edges of her sex once again, “I don’t know. Have you earned it?”

Closing her eyes and throwing back her head in frustration while trying to wiggle her hips, Murial practically begged, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm uegh nhe cunh!”

Brianna grinned, very much enjoying this game, “Well, since you said please, I guess I can give you a chance to earn an orgasm.”

In one smooth motion Brianna mounted the woman’s chest and shifted forward, pressing her throbbing pussy against the captive mouth beneath her. Almost instantly Murial responded, lapping at her tormentor’s sex through the gag, licking and exploring and working with an almost desperate intensity. Unable to help herself Brianna moaned loudly, arching her back sharply and fondling her own breasts, kneading the soft mounds and tugging on her nipple piercings to enhance the sensation. If there was one thing that Brianna had discovered she absolutely loved it was oral sex, both giving and receiving, but such pleasure was a reward that her mistresses carefully rationed. True, she and Claudia had eaten each other out numerous times but, on those rare occasions when one of her mistresses used their mouth on her? Those were among some of Brianna’s most treasured memories, and certainly some of her most intense orgasms which was saying something given how masterfully Roxanna and Sofia could play her body. Murial was certainly skilled and definitely enthusiastic but, as the redhead’s tongue lapped at her in a vaguely circular motion, paying special attention to her clit in the process, Brianna could not help but think that it was more than the woman’s skill that made her writhe and moan and grind her hips with desperate abandon. Rather it was the knowledge that Murial was completely at her mercy, that the woman was helpless to resist and desperately pleasuring her in hopes of earning her own release that sent a spike of arousal directly into Brianna’s brain and between her legs. Biting her lip to suppress another moan and squeezing her breasts firmly Brianna honestly felt as if she might explode.

But it was at that moment, writhing and moaning and panting, Murial’s tongue on her and in her in the most wondrous ways, right at the edge of what felt like a marvelously intense orgasm that Brianna felt strong hands grip her around the waist and pull her back sharply away from that talented mouth. Landing somewhat awkwardly on her ass between Murial’s legs, and crying out in dismay at the sudden denial of pleasure, it took a moment before Brianna’s mind could grasp what was happening. Frustrated and aching for release of her own, she looked back to see Kiera looming above her, the woman having shed the last of her clothing at some point, putting Brianna at eye level with her full breasts and dark nipples, the gold and ruby piercings she had spotted earlier on clear display now. The sight of those perfect globes was almost worth being denied so cruelly.

Eyes alight with desire Kiera bent down just enough to kiss the blue-haired girl on the forehead, “Not bad, pretty girl, but nobody cums until I say so.”

Brianna whimpered a little, body throbbing with need, “Yes, ma’am.”

Cupping her chin and stroking her cheek with a thumb Kiera smiled, “You’ll get your chance, but first I think it’s time to make you a little less comfortable.”

Brianna said nothing and offered no resistance, just closed her eyes and waited patiently as Kiera bound her torso and breasts in a snug harness of ropes before trailing the cords over her shoulders into an elaborate Shibari tie. The ropes were snug, tightening with each breath as her ribs expanded, and Brianna bit her lip in anticipation when her wrists were taken in hand. One at a time her arms were secured behind her back, her hands bound to the harness in an inescapable reverse-prayer, and she could not help but moan as she felt her elbows slowly drawn together inch by inch until they very nearly touched. She almost cried out at the incredible tension on her arms and shoulders, tempted for the first time in a long time to use her safeword, but stopped herself. She could handle it and, besides that, the incredibly tight bondage was a major turn on. After a brief pause, perhaps to see if she would object, those same strong hands grabbed her again, one at her hip and the other gripping the back of the harness, and forced her to shift position slightly. More ropes followed then, pinning her legs into a tight frog-tie, and leaving her utterly helpless. Testing her bonds, squirming in place and trying to move her arms or legs Brianna smiled a little. It would seem that Claudia’s assertion that Kiera was skilled with ropes was indeed accurate. Allowing her eyes to flutter open Brianna was just in time to see Kiera present another ring gag, identical to the one she had forced into Murial’s mouth earlier. Without comment she obediently parted her lips, stretching her jaws wide to allow the gag to be seated behind her teeth, moaning again as the straps were pulled tight, locking the thing in place and shoving it deep into her mouth in the process. Cupping her chin once again and forcing her to look up Kiera took a moment to admire her handiwork, gently tracing Brianna’s helplessly gagged lips as she did so and making the girl shiver.

Seemingly satisfied with her work, Kiera then propped a foot up on the bed and twisted her hips to put her glistening pussy on display, another gold and ruby ring pierced through her clit concealed amid the dark folds. Brianna did not have long to admire the view before a hand gripped her long blue hair and forced her to bend over sharply in order to press her helplessly gagged mouth against Kiera’s eager sex. Despite the awkward position Brianna dutifully extended her tongue and began to lap at the woman’s delicate flesh, eagerly exploring her in the careful and methodical fashion she had been taught so long ago. It was interesting, Brianna noted as she worked, grinning a little around her gag at Kiera’s breathy moans, but she had never actually pleasured a woman with a genital piercing before. It certainly made her rethink some of her techniques but, given the way that Kiera’s grip tightened and her muscles twitched every time she flicked that tiny ring with her tongue, it must add to the experience. Come to think of it, she was the only one of her lovers with any body piercings, wasn’t she? Perhaps she should consider getting more. Such idle thoughts did not last long, however, as Kiera moaned deeply and pulled Brianna’s lips even tighter against her body. This close, the woman’s scent was almost overwhelming, heavy and musky and lingering in the air accompanied by a faint, almost earthy taste different from the inexplicably sweet and almost spicy taste of her mistresses but no less pleasant despite that. Heat rising in her own body, nipples almost painfully hard, Brianna thrust her tongue deep into the woman, lapping at her soft inner walls before lavishing her pierced clit with attention and then thrusting back within her again. She marveled at the way the Kiera’s body tightened around her, muscles firm and unyielding even as they practically pulsed within the silken glove of her sex. When combined with the intense heat that was practically radiating from the woman’s core the experience was wonderfully intense and Brianna felt her own pussy clench in anticipation.

It was a little annoying just how long it took to bring Kiera off though. Brianna was rather proud of her skills but it seemed that either this woman had an amazing sense of self control or she hadn’t quite found her most sensitive spots just yet. Doing her best to mimic some of the techniques that Murial had used on her a few moments before, Kiera’s breath did seem to sharpen, her muscles quivering as she began to pant. Even so by the time she finally crested the peak Brianna’s tongue was rather tired, to the point where she actually wondered if it was possible to get a cramp there. Paying that no mind Kiera’s hands tightened into fists, pulling Brianna’s hair in a way that was almost painful and practically crushed their bodies together as she came, clenching her jaws shut to try and remain quiet to the point that her cries of pleasure almost sounded like growling. Brianna barely noticed, surprised at just how messy the other woman’s orgasm was as she was forced to swallow her fluids before gently licking her clean with soft, even strokes of the tongue. A sudden twitch and a sharp hiss announced that her ministrations had managed to tease a second orgasm out of the woman, a fact of which she was quite proud, before Brianna felt the hand holding her hair pull back sharply, practically ripping her mouth away from that quaking flesh. Tongue still protruding from her gag, Brianna looked up at Kiera’s flushed and sweaty form, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted and her face locked in a mask of pleasure. Slowly, incrementally the woman seemed to gain control of herself and opened her golden brown eyes to spear Brianna with an intense look even as she grinned down at the girl.

“Not bad, pretty girl, not bad.” Kiera managed, voice a bit rough, even as she loosened her grip and began to idly stroke Brianna’s blue hair.

Signing, indeed almost purring at that soft touch Brianna did not have time to even consider replying before Kiera knelt down on the bed. Casually running her fingers through Brianna’s hair one last time, she let her hand trail down the girl’s back to grip the rope harness binding her once again. With that, Brianna found her helpless body carefully maneuvered and slowly lowered until she was laying right on top of Muria’s prone form, face to face, practically nose to nose, with their breasts pressed together. Looking down at Murial’s pale face, the edges of her lips quirked up slightly in a grin around the gag holding her mouth open while a dangerous mix of lust and amusement danced in her emerald eyes, Brianna felt a blush creep across her own features. This woman, who she had been teasing until she begged for release not but moments before, who’d had a front row seat (such as it was) as Kiera bound and used her in turn, whose fate she now shared, was so incredibly beautiful like this. Possessed of the sudden urge to kiss her, Brianna slowly bent her head to press their lips together, Murial rising to meet her before her concentration was shattered. Brianna barely had time to gasp as she felt her hips being lifted up only to moan in delight as she felt the length of a dildo being slid deeply into her aching sex. Murial mirrored her moan a few seconds later as Brianna’s body was lowered back into place, the other end of the dildo filling her, connecting them together and making even the tiniest of movements send waves of pleasure through them both. Wiggling her hips to test the sensation, delighted both by the way the toy danced within her and the feel of Murial’s body shifting beneath her, Brianna grinned as best she could at the sound of the other woman’s moans. She did not know exactly what game Kiera had planned, but this was certainly an interesting start.

She did not have to wait long to find out.

Within moments Kiera’s hands were on her waist, caressing the sides of her hips and up the small of her back before smacking her ass, soft playful blows interspersed with harder ones that made Brianna gasp and moan and squirm against Murial’s slender form, eliciting more delighted moans from the both of them as the dildo did its work.

“So tell me, pretty girl.” Kiera said all of a sudden, making Brianna jump a little, “Have you ever taken it up the ass before?”

Murial’s sudden chortle of laughter at that question made Brianna blush fiercely but even so she managed a tiny nod.

“Very good,” Kiera said as her fingers drew nonsense patterns all along Brianna’s back before dropping back to her waist to hold her in place, “that means I won’t have to be too gentle about it.”

Brianna gasped then as she felt the weight of a second, well-lubricated dildo come to rest between her cheeks, the silicone cold and damp against her heated skin. That gasp became a moan as Kiera shifted her position, pulling back then thrusting her hips forward to slide the length of the strap-on into Brianna’s tight ass. Arching her body into the sensation as best she could despite the hands holding her waist firmly, Brianna moaned again as her arms strained against the ropes binding them and her muscles clenched the pair of intruders filling her. Brianna could never remember feeling so incredibly full before, the pressure making her moan deepen and eyes flutter shut as the last few inches were forced into her. Heart hammering in her chest, even the tiniest twitch sending waves of sensation up her spine, for a few agonizing moments nothing seemed to happen. Then, all of a sudden, Kiera pulled back and began to thrust into her with long, steady strokes. The woman was insistent, each thrust hard but not rough, the rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh forcing Brianna’s body forward and back to grind against Murial’s splayed out form beneath her. The sensation was almost overwhelming, the feeling of soft skin gliding against soft skin and the dildo practically dancing wildly as they moved, to say nothing of Kiera’s steady thrusting, made both women moan almost pitifully. Brianna squirmed and wriggled, fighting against the ropes holding her and trying to work her own hips to enhance the sensation, though Kiera’s strong hands held her mostly still. Beneath the blue-haired girl Murial strained against her cuffs, muscles pulled taut and red hair flying wildly as she whipped her head back and forth on the pillow, arching her back as best she could to press her breasts even more firmly against Brianna’s own chest.

In the midst of all this the dildo connecting them suddenly sprang to life, vibrating madly with a low and insistent buzz. Both women stiffened at the sudden and unexpected sensation before moaning loudly and thrashing against their bonds and against each other with desperate abandon as they were pushed to the very edge. Just as suddenly the vibrations stopped and Brianna whimpered at being let down on the verge of the orgasm she so craved. Murial was not so restrained, throwing her head back with a groan of frustration before throwing her shoulders back to lift herself off the mattress and practically growling her displeasure. If Kiera noticed, or cared, she gave no indication, just continued to thrust into Brianna’s body with long, steady strokes, her breathing harsh but controlled. Moments later the vibration returned and, once again, worked both Brianna and Murial’s helplessly bound forms to the edge before letting them down at the cusp. After the third time they had been teased to the edge Brianna feared she might actually go mad, desperate for release and denied again and again. With tears in her eyes she begged as best she could but, between her gag and frazzled state, it was nothing but incoherent babbling. As if mocking her the vibrator roared to life for the fourth time and, either by luck or fate, it was enough to push Murial over the edge. The redhead gasped, stiffening momentarily before her body seemed to spasm, held in place only by the weight of Brianna’s own body pinning her down, as she screamed in ecstatic release. Brianna could not say why exactly, but in the midst of the woman’s orgasm she bent down and crushed their lips together, thrusting her tongue deep into Murial’s mouth and swallowing her screams. Almost as soon as their lips touched Brianna felt something within herself give way and an orgasm wracked her own trembling body. The distraction was enough for Murial to gain control of the kiss, pushing Brianna’s tongue back and exploring the girl’s mouth with her own.

Flushed and panting the two broke apart, Kiera’s heavy breathing and the steady creak of the bed as the dusky woman continued to thrust with ever increasing intensity mere background noise. Bending her head down again Brianna stuck out of her tongue, a gesture that Murial copied, as the pair slowly moved closer and closer. Almost tentatively touching their tongues together, their gagged lips met for another, much softer kiss. In the midst of this kiss the vibrations seemed to amplify to almost unbearable levels and they came for a second time, eye fluttering shut and the kiss deepening as Kiera’s own cry of pleasure filled the air, the woman thrusting forward to bury the full length of the dildo in Brianna’s ass once again as she rode out the waves of her own pleasure. For her part Brianna felt her eyes practically roll back in her head at the riot of sensations flowing through her and very nearly passed out. By the time she became aware of herself again both dildos had been removed, leaving her feeling empty and a bit disappointed, shivering softly in the cool night air as her body, having been rolled onto its side, curled up against Murial’s still spread-eagle form. Blinking away tears to clear her vision Brianna tried to shift her position but found herself too exhausted to do so. Instead she glanced up to see Kiera looming above her and tried to regain her voice.

“Phhnnh mnn.” Brianna managed, as best she could, trying to thank these incredible, exotic women.

“Shh, pretty girl,” Kiera soothed even as the dusky woman moved closer and gently brushed the hair from her face, “no need for that. Just relax, okay?”

Brianna managed to nod and, as she leaned her head back against the mattress did indeed feel her body begin to relax as the ropes binding her were slowly loosened. That… that had certainly been something. Definitely intense and a bit rougher than she normally liked, in fact that might have been the tightest she’d ever been bound, but at the same time not so different from some of her other experiences. She certainly couldn’t say that she hadn’t enjoyed it. And yet, her mind kept wandering back to Murial and those few, glorious minutes when she’d loomed over the other woman. Binding her, touching her, teasing her, using her… Brianna had never imagined that she had a dominant bone in her whole body and yet she could not deny how immensely turned on the experience had left her. She certainly wouldn’t mind doing it again some time, although she could not imagine asking her mistresses for such a thing. Even if they were willing it felt impossible, somehow, to ever truly dominate those beautiful, wonderful, incredible women who had already taught her so much. Claudia on the other hand… Well, she had already subbed for Claudia, more than once in fact, sort of, and it seemed only fair for the tattooed girl to return the favor. Barely stirring as she felt the gag pulled from her mouth, Brianna grinned at the thought as, mentally and physically drained from the day’s experiences, she slowly drifted off to sleep, visions of a slender, pale body stretched out helplessly before her dancing in her mind’s eye.


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