The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 11

If she was being completely honest with herself Brianna knew that on that long ago winter morning when she’d lain naked and bound on her mistress’ couch with Claudia, equally naked and bound, lying on top of her she had not fully believed the other girl’s tale of being mummified and edged for an entire week. It wasn’t that she’d thought Claudia was lying, she believed that the event had happened but she hadn’t really been able to wrap her mind around it. Brianna certainly had a frame of reference, she’d been confined in very strict bondage numerous times and even been mummified more than once, in fact she’d discovered that she really liked being mummified, and certainly knew what it felt like to be edged. That seemed to be her mistress’ favorite pastime some days and she’d certainly experienced a wide variety of toys that both Roxanna and Sofia seemed adept at using to bring her to the very brink of climax and hold her there for as long as they liked. Hell, she’d spent the very night she’d heard that story as a mummified body pillow, Roxanna clinging to her helplessly wrapped form while a vibrator buzzed away inside of her. Even so Claudia’s almost visceral descriptions of being so horny she felt as if she were about to burst and, when it was over, cumming so hard she’d passed out had felt so strangely unreal. Oh, if she looked back at her experiences Brianna could sort of understand. The incredible frustration and overwhelming need for release as well as the strange way that denial seemed to amplify the intensity of her pleasure, Brianna had experienced all of these things to varying degrees. But when the seed of the idea of recreating Claudia’s experience had formed, to know for herself what such incredible and total submission felt like, she hadn’t really known what to expect. And though she doubted that she would ever admit it part of her was certain that Claudia had been exaggerating.

She didn’t think that any longer.

She honestly wasn’t certain if there were words to describe the experience of being trapped in darkness and rendered so utterly helpless for days on end. She had been so excited when Sofia and Roxanna had told her about the little Spring Break trip they were planning that she’d been practically giddy and unable to contain herself when trekking to their house (thankfully in much better weather this time) only to be greeted by Claudia at the door. Shocked and overjoyed at the familiar sight of the other girl and what her presence must have meant she’d simply pounced then and there, hugging and kissing the slender young woman as soon as they’d met face to face, overjoyed that the four of them would get the chance to spend an entire week together when normally a few hours, or a day or two at most, was all they could manage. After being ushered inside she could barely even remember the rest of that day as the four of them had packed and prepared for the trip before settling in for a light dinner of soup (both she and Claudia had been on a mostly liquid diet for a few days in preparation for their mummification adventure) and an early evening’s rest. Of course while they might have gone to bed early, sleep wasn’t exactly on the menu. It wasn’t the first time all four of them had piled onto their mistresses' big, soft bed together but it had been the first time that neither she nor Claudia had been bound while doing it. What had followed was some of the most sensuous lovemaking Brianna had ever experienced. It had been a little awkward at first as the four of them tried to find some rhythm but, eventually, they had. Brianna didn’t really remember many specifics of the experience, truth be told, just the sensation of warmth and soft skin and hands, so many hands, running over every inch of her body and lips kissing her over and over again until the whole thing became one big blur of touch and taste and pleasure.

Panting and exhausted the four of them had then lain together in a pile of limbs, embracing and touching each other softly, basking in the warmth of each other’s presence and the lingering afterglow of really great sex. But then, eventually, Roxanna had told both her and Claudia to take a shower, that there was one more thing planned before they could sleep and the two of them needed to clean up. She’d allowed Claudia to go first, but after that Brianna didn’t think she’d ever showered faster in her entire life, eager to finish and find out just what the surprise was. But, when she’d finally stepped back into the bedroom she could remember freezing in place at the sight of Claudia’s mummified form laying on the bed, the girl encased in shiny black rubber and what looked like miles of tape with only her breasts left bare, blindfolded and gagged and with tubes and wires snaking out from between her tightly bound legs. More than that she had been breathing somewhat heavily, moaning softly through her gag and squirming at the sensation of a vibrator locking inside of her. Neither of her mistresses had offered an explanation but an explanation wasn't really needed, Brianna knew exactly what was happening and exactly what was about to happen to her, it was what she had been waiting for after all. Her pulse racing Brianna had slowly approached and just bowed her head in silent supplication, nervous and excited at the same time as her mistresses had proceeded to encase her in exactly the same way and lay her down gently on the bed.

Time had become… fuzzy after that and Brianna honestly could not say how long she had spent in this state. Unable to see or speak or move her entire world had been reduced to one of sense and sensation. The sensation of her bondage squeezing her body tightly and pinning her arms and legs in place, the feeling of the jaw spreader holding her mouth open and the gag strapped tightly over her lips, the still curious sensation of the catheter snaking its way inside of her to drain her, and the overall sense of fullness from the butt plug her mistresses had included for good measure. But none of that could compete with the overwhelming feeling of the vibrator slowly and relentlessly teasing her without pause.

Brianna was no stranger to vibrators, she owned several and had used them regularly until she began spending long periods of time in a chastity belt, to say nothing of the many and varied ways her mistresses had used vibrators on her, Claudia and themselves during their games. She was also familiar with the sensation of being teased for long periods of time but something about this experience was different. She expected the teasing to be constant, and it was, but at the same time there was a shocking amount of variation as well which made it impossible to get used to. While the vibrator itself was set to a constant, low level buzz the intensity waxed and waned. When the batteries began to run low the vibration would steadily dim, becoming less intense until either Roxanna or Sofia replaced them and the buzzing jumped suddenly in intensity which always made her moan helplessly and fight her bonds no matter how tired she was. Moreover, while she could barely move, reduced to little more than squirming like a snake if she tried, at the same time every tiny twitch of her body seemed to shift the vibrator’s position, changing the sensations in ways both subtle and gross, teasing and stimulating her aching pussy in new ways every time.

Not that any of it granted her the release she craved.

The experience was almost overwhelming, especially with almost nothing else to focus on besides the sensations coursing through her body. She had never wanted, never needed, to cum so badly before, never craved an orgasm with every fiber of her being to the point where it was all she could think about at some points. Squirming and writhing and begging to no avail. Her skin was so hot it almost felt like it was on fire inside her catsuit, her nipples and clit ached and her pussy throbbed with need, squeezing the vibrator in a death grip in the hopes that it might just be enough to push her over the edge. It never was. And then there were the ways her mistresses added to the sensations. Their bonds were checked several times a day, ostensibly so they could not work their way loose though Brianna was not sure that was even possible, but such “checking” always included several long minutes of hands running teasingly across her body, groping her breasts and playing with her nipples driving her even wilder. She craved that touch though, eagerly pressing her body against those hands, silently begging for more, but always to no avail. She loved it, it was driving her mad but she loved it. At the same time it drove home just how helpless she really was and in its own way that was even more of a turn on. In her current state Brianna knew she had no hope of freeing herself unless her mistresses let her go, and the knowledge that she was completely at their mercy was arousing enough, but it was more than that, she’d been inescapably bound before. No, the truth was she was quite literally helpless. She could not feed herself, could not use the bathroom on her own and could not even get out of bed unless carried. She was completely under the power of her mistresses to the point that even most of her body’s functions were under their control. And that reality, to be so utterly dependent on another, to trust someone so much to be willing to give them that kind of power… It was an incredible sensation, arousing in its own way, and it made Brianna feel so very loved.

Though none of that changed the fact that she really, really, really wanted to cum. Although she did not know for certain Brianna thought that they had been like this for at least two days now, maybe more. It was hard to tell given how irregular and fitful sleep had become, to say nothing of the fact that she was completely blind, but she could guess based on a few things. The first night had ended with both of them being carried like sacks of potatoes and locked in the trunk of Sofia’s car the next morning. While that had been a bit of a boring day she did appreciate getting to spend hours cuddled up with Claudia and it had been exciting to imagine that they were being kidnapped, hapless victims captured and carried off to an uncertain future of slavery and bondage. If only she had been able to touch herself. Then there was the arrival, being carried from the car and their first dinner in bondage before being allowed to sleep on a sinfully soft bed with Roxanna’s naked form cuddled up between them. Compared to that the day after had been shockingly uneventful, being checked over and fed several times with each meal followed by a “dessert” course of oral sex, only for things to get interesting again at nightfall when, after dinner, Sofia and Roxanna had made love between them. Despite the fact that she had been unable to see it, had not been a participant in any way shape of form, just listening to the pair of them moan and kiss and touch as they whispered to each other in their native tongues and drove each other to orgasm after orgasm, the whole bed shaking all the while and tossing its helpless occupants like ships in the sea, had been… Perhaps it was just an effect of being so horny herself but it honestly brought to mind the first time she had, somewhat inadvertently, spied the two of them together and how it had been one of the most arousing things she had ever witnessed. Now here she was again, reduced to a voyeur, a mute observer and wishing so desperately that she could join them.

That night, last night she thought, more than ever Brianna was glad to have Claudia by her side, immensely grateful that the other girl was willing to share this experience with her and lend the comfort of her presence. While they could not see or speak to each other, she could feel the weight of Claudia’s body on the bed and hear her own soft moans of frustrations as she writhed in her bondage. More than once they had wriggled their bodies together, as if to confirm that the other was still there, and even just a simple touch of their hips was comforting in the darkness. It helped to know that she was not alone.

But, as she rose out of the fitful sleep she had fallen into, an involuntary twitch of her body pressing the vibrator against a particularly sensitive spot making her stiffen and moan in frustration, Brianna was also ready for this particular experience to be over. As if in response to her waking she felt Claudia shimmy over and press her slender body against her side and Brianna relaxed a little, murmuring thanks as best she could to which Claudia responded by curling up against her. While a concrete time for this little adventure had not been set, her mistresses had agreed that two or three days would be the most that it would last, both in deference to Brianna’s own inexperience with this sort of extreme game and the fact that they only had a week to enjoy their vacation. That gave Brianna some hope that if her calculations were correct she might soon get the relief she craved. Still, as they slowly came back to wakefulness in the darkness of their blindfolds the room was silent other than the faint creak of the bed springs and the soft rustle of the sheets they lay on.

After what felt like a small eternity of waiting, the irregular sound of someone limping down the hallway reached Brianna’s sensitive ears and she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was Roxanna. A moment later a second set of more regular footsteps followed and, literally tingling with anticipation, Brianna lay with bated breath as the door creaked open and those footsteps got closer and closer until she felt a familiar hand rest on her forehead. Moaning softly at that touch Brianna did her best to lay still as her gag was removed and the short, thick plug stuffed in her mouth was pulled loose, though the jaw spreader remained firmly locked in place.

“Good morning, korítsi.” a familiar voice called out softly, “I trust you are well?”

Nodding a little Brianna answered as best she could, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

She could feel Roxanna’s soft smile in the response, “Wonderful. You are doing so well my dear, so well. We are very proud of you.”

Although she could not really smile at the moment Brianna definitely felt as if her heart might burst at those words, “Ghhanch you, nhihghuehh!”

“It is merely the truth, korítsi.” Roxanna assured softly as she continued to gently stroke the bound girl’s head, “Now lay still, I have your breakfast.”

At that Brianna felt the familiar sensation of a funnel being placed between her lips before Roxanna carefully fed her some orange juice. She actually sighed a little in contentment at the familiar, slightly bitter flavor, glad to have something to drink as well as something to help get the taste of rubber out of her mouth. After drinking carefully for a few minutes more the funnel was removed as her mistress began to feed her in earnest, spooning what tasted like sweetened cream of wheat through the gag. That was one thing that Brianna would definitely not miss about this adventure when it was over, the seemingly endless parade of thin, bland and mostly liquid foods that had formed her diet for the past couple of days. She understood the necessity of it of course, and nothing that her mistresses gave her was bad exactly, but she was getting tired of the lack of variety. Still, she was hungry and ate as eagerly as she could under the circumstances. As it often did the meal proceeded slowly as both Brianna and Claudia had some difficulty swallowing while wearing jaw spreaders, but at this point both also had a great deal of practice and so the process went fairly smoothly. Eventually however they finished breakfast and Brianna lay as still as she could, thankful that at least one of her appetites had been sated, and listened to the clink of dishes as her mistresses gathered things up again. However, when Roxanna made no move to replace her gag or to mount her for “dessert” she began to wonder. Were they just moving slowly, allowing anticipation to build? Or were they planning something else?

Heart hammering in her ears and anticipation growing to an almost unbearable degree the relief was almost palpable when Sofia’s voice cut through the eerie silence as the older woman sat down on the edge of the bed, “My dears, we had planned on unwrapping you this evening, a present to you and ourselves but, upon consideration, we have a different proposal for you.”

Brianna’s ears perked up at that and she could feel Claudia shift on the mattress next to her, but neither said anything.

“It is quite simple.” Roxanna continued, “You may spend the rest of the day as you are, enjoying the experience if you wish, or we can let you free right now if you are willing to pay a penalty.”

“Think carefully.” Sofia added before either of them could even think of responding, “Each of you may decide for yourself, it will not affect the other.”

It was a game they had played before many times, accepting a reward now in exchange for some punishment later. A game they had played for months while she wore her chastity belt and a common feature of her training long before that. And honestly? It was one of Brianna’s favorite games since she usually enjoyed the “punishments” as much as the rewards.

Without hesitation she nodded as best she could, “Chueahe uegh nhe cunh nhihghuehh!”

Sofia laughed a little at that, “Always so eager, devushka.” shifting slightly on the bed she addressed Claudia, “And you, kotenok?”

Although more subdued Claudia’s response was no less eager, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

Almost instantly Brianna felt the plug she had been wearing almost constantly shoved back into her mouth and the panel gag strapped in place tightly over her lips. At the same time the vibrator that had been merrily buzzing away within her roared to life with sudden intensity. After days of teasing, some part of her had found the sensation of the toy within her to be overwhelming against her hyper-sensitive flesh but when faced with what felt like its maximum setting? In the brief instant before she lost herself Brianna realized just how wrong she was even as a small part of her noted that Claudia had been correct again. She was so much more sensitive now after days of teasing and the way the vibrations seemed to echo up the catheter deep inside of her body was strange and yet shockingly pleasurable. Not that she had long to dwell on anything. As on edge as she was it only seemed to take a few seconds for the vibrator to push her to her first orgasm and Brianna screamed into her gag, thrashing in her encasement as a climax of truly monstrous proportions seemed to tear loose from her spasming pussy. It was certainly not the last however. The toy continued to pleasure her relentlessly, the continued stimulation overlapping with her orgasm to make her cum again and again, hammer blows of ecstasy exploding in her mind faster and faster, harder and harder to the point where it actually began to hurt. But it did not stop, if anything the sensations almost grew more intense, as if the vibrator had even higher settings she was just now being exposed to, and her orgasms seemed to bleed into each other until she was not sure where one ended and the other began or if she was simply trapped in one never ending climax.

In the midst of it Brianna felt soft hands grip her breasts firmly before fingers pinched her sensitive nipples hard and tugged on her piercings firmly. She came again as soon as they did, crying out into her gag and arching her back into the sensation, begging for more. Roxanna was more than happy to oblige that silent plea and continued to play with Brianna’s tits, pushing her further over the edge until she feared she might be lost. Brianna had never truly been pushed beyond her limits like this before, never experienced pleasure so intense that it was almost painful. It was too good, too much, and as she writhed and moaned and screamed not sure if she was trying to get away or begging for more everything but the sensations running riot over her body fell away. She was no longer aware of the feeling of her mistress’ hands on her or Claudia screaming and thrashing next to her or even the constant pressure of being mummified tightly, all of it was lost in the face of such overwhelming pleasure. In the darkness of her blindfold, for a brief moment Brianna thought she saw stars before she could practically feel her eyes roll back up into her head and the last of her control shatter. With one final, overwhelming orgasm Brianna’s entire body went taut before she collapsed, caught somewhere between subspace and unconsciousness.

She floated in that pleasant darkness for what felt like a small eternity, warm and comfortable and sated, before slowly coming back to herself and the myriad of sensations still echoing through her flesh, the vibrator now mercifully silent. Opening her eyes Brianna immediately closed them again, wincing against the unexpectedly bright light and realizing that her blindfold had been removed. After two and a half days in utter darkness it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust but when her vision finally cleared she looked up to see Roxanna’s smiling face, the olive-skinned woman dressed in a simple dull green blouse and stroking her brow gently.

“Feeling better, korítsi?” the older woman asked, softly.

Truth be told Brianna was still a little hazy from the experience, her body ached in a good way and her pussy was practically throbbing around the toy still buried within her but, at the same time, she honestly felt wonderful. She did not have words to describe what she had just experienced and was not sure if she ever would but it had certainly been everything she had dreamed of and so much more. Unable to do much else she just nodded once. Accepting that with a nod of her own Roxanna reached down and removed her gag again, but this time also pulled the jaw spreader from her mouth, finally giving Brianna the chance to stretch sore muscles. As she did the bound girl could only watch as Roxanna began to slowly remove her bindings, first cutting away the tape around her waist. Brianna whimpered a little as she felt the vibrator pulled from her still sensitive sex and had to bite her lip to stifle a gasp as the catheter was slowly drawn from her, blushing beneath her hood as she realized that in her current state she almost came from the sensation. That done, the rest of her bindings were then carefully cut away and Roxanna gently took her by the shoulders and helped her to sit up on the edge of the bed. Still stiff from lying mostly still for so long Brianna could do nothing but sit there limply, slouching a little as the hood and catsuit were literally pealed from her body and the overwhelming scent of sweat, sex and rubber washed over her. Glancing over her shoulder across the bed she could see Sofia working on freeing Claudia and was a little surprised at how rough the other girl looked. Her pale skin was covered with thin red lines where the seams of her catsuit had dug in while her hair was stringy with sweat and oil as well as matted to her skull. Then again, she imagined that she didn’t look much better but despite all of that Claudia offered her a warm smile, one she returned a bit shyly.

Now completely free Brianna felt hands grip her under the arms as Roxanna pulled her to stand on somewhat shaky l legs.

“Both of you need a shower.” the olive-skinned woman announced, wrinkling her nose a little playfully, “The bathroom is down the hall, your things are there.”

Smiling a little ruefully Brianna could only nod, she definitely wanted a shower, “Yes, mistress.” she whispered, voice a bit rusty from disuse.

Claudia mirrored her as she was also pulled to her feet, voice rough from screaming, “Understood, mistress.”

Steadying herself carefully Brianna began to stumble toward the door when a playful smack on the ass made her jump a bit in surprise. Wobbling a little she thought she might fall for a moment but Claudia caught her. Sharing a small smile and leaning on each other for support, the pair slowly made their way to the bathroom, stiff muscles slowly loosening as they moved. The bathroom itself was easy to find, there weren’t that many choices in the short hallway after all, and the lights had been left on for them. Neither girl gave the room, a fairly standard white tile affair, much thought but instead headed for the surprisingly large shower enclosure straight away. Without much ceremony Claudia opened the door and turned the water on full blast, stepping under it without even waiting for the temperature to rise. Somewhat more prudently, Brianna gave it a moment or two before following, shutting the door behind her and sighing in contentment at the feeling of warm water running over her sore body. For another moment she just watched Claudia, the other girl simply standing still under the shower head with her eyes closed and head back, allowing the water to rush over her in a wave as if relishing the sensation. Smiling a little, an idea forming in her mind, Brianna grabbed the soap and stepped closer.

Claudia jumped a little in surprise, quickly turning and opening her eyes as soon as she felt hands on her skin, but Brianna just offered a little smile, “Let me help you.”

Claudia said nothing in response, though she smiled slightly herself before closing her eyes again and biting her lip, clearly enjoying the sensation of Brianna’s hands running over her. And if the blue-haired girl spent perhaps a bit more time than necessary lathering Claudia’s slender and toned body, massaging her shoulders or lingering on her small breasts and firm ass, neither felt compelled to comment on it. However, it was as she was washing Claudia’s messy brown hair that the other girl finally spoke.

“So,” she asked, voice still soft and just a bit rough, “was it everything you hoped for?”

The question didn’t exactly surprise Brianna, though the suddenness of it did. She pondered for a heartbeat, unsure of how to put it into words but then simply decided to be direct, “It was incredible, you were right.”

Claudia smirked a little, “I usually am.”

Brianna rolled her eyes but decided not to comment, “I didn’t think it was even possible to cum that hard, for it to be that intense. I don’t think I passed out, exactly, but…”

“Yeah.” Claudia said softly, voice far aware, “I know exactly what you mean.”

“I guess you do.” Brianna answered with a chuckle, “And that was what? Two days? Two and a half? I still can’t believe you spent a whole week like that.”

“Definitely taught me to be careful what I wished for.” Claudia quipped, “Though I can’t say I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime, if someone special was willing to join me?”

Brianna felt herself blush both from the invitation and the compliment, flattered and honestly tempted, “I need a lot more practice first. I think I’d go completely insane otherwise.”

“You’ll get there eventually.” Claudia assured, “But hey, worse comes to worse and you do go crazy? We can keep you in that cute straitjacket of yours.” her voice lowered to a husky, seductive tone, “I promise to take good care of you.”

Brianna blushed again and her mind briefly conjured up the image of her mistresses keeping her forever bound with Claudia, in a sexy nurse outfit, taking care of her. It was a surprisingly appealing thought and made her blush deepen even more. Claudia took pity on her though and slowly broke away from her grasp, rinsing off the last of the soap before turning and gently taking Brianna by the hips to spin them around the switch positions.

“Here, let me help you now.” the slightly smaller girl said.

It was Brianna’s turn to gasp in pleasure then as Claudia’s slender hands began to run over her heated skin. Of course Claudia was far more blatant about what she was actually doing, lingering on Brianna’s most sensitive spots and playing with her breasts as she slowly and carefully explored the blue-haired girl’s body. Moaning both at the glorious feeling of warm water rushing over her as well as the way skilled fingers massaged stiff muscles and teased her erogenous zones, Brianna gasped and moaned again as she felt one of those hands trail between her legs to make sure she was thoroughly washed while the other squeezed her ass playfully. Despite some lingering soreness Claudia knew just how to touch her and for a brief moment Brianna thought the other girl might actually get her off before her moans trailed off into a whimper of disappointment as the touching stopped. Eyes still closed she pouted as Claudia began to wash her hair, the other girl’s chuckle of amusement only making her pout more, though it did feel good to have her hair gently untangled and the feeling of Claudia’s strong fingers massaging her scalp was nice.

When the soap was rinsed away a few moments later Brianna leaned out of the water and finally opened her eyes only to narrow them again as she caught sight of the faintest smirk on Claudia’s lips. Two could play at that game. Lunging forward she caught the other girl by the shoulders, Claudia’s eyes widening in surprise for a second as she was practically slammed into the tiled wall of the shower and Brianna crushed their lips together in a searing kiss. Almost instinctively Claudia’s hands wrapped around her, fingers digging into her back but Brianna did not let up, only pressed harder into that kiss and ran her tongue along the other girl’s lips until Claudia gave in with a moan and opened her mouth. Pressing her advantage Brianna deepened the kiss, practically shoving her tongue down Claudia’s throat as she explored that familiar mouth. Moaning again, Claudia practically went limp in her grasp and Brianna took the opportunity to drop her hands to the other girl’s bony hips, holding her firmly in place even as she pressed the kiss even deeper.

Finally breaking away to take a breath Brianna smirked down at the blushing and softly panting form in her grasp, “If you’re going to get me worked up like that,” she said, “be prepared to take responsibility.”

Still a little stunned at the sudden aggression, but clearly turned on by it, Claudia just nodded and twisted her hips to slip a knee between Brianna’s legs, shifting in order to grind her thigh against the other girl’s sex. For her part Brianna reciprocated, shifting her own position to be able to return the favor even as she leaned in for another kiss. For a brief instant Brianna was reminded of her first time with Sofia in the pool, the feeling of water enhancing the sensation of skin sliding against skin as the two of them had ridden each other to orgasm. The situation was different this time, of course, and she was the aggressor but she could not deny that the feeling of Claudia’s body in her arms, and the smooth sensation of tattooed skin running against her own felt just as glorious. There wasn’t much technique involved, neither was really interested in that, just a seemingly endless string of kisses while hands eagerly roamed and groped as they ground against each other, panting and moaning as they moved closer and closer to orgasm. With one final thrust Brianna felt Claudia stiffen in her arms, kissing the other girl deeply to swallow her screams as she came, and bucking her own hips wildly to bring herself off at the same time. For a long moment they just stayed like that, lips locked together as they rode out of the waves of pleasure before finally parting, clinging to each other almost desperately.

It was Claudia who finally broke the silence, forcing out words between pants as she tried to catch her breath, “We… we really should finish up.”

“Yeah.” Brianna answered, panting herself but also not loosening her embrace in the slightest, “We should.”

Still, after a moment or two more of enjoying the feel of Claudia’s naked body in her arms, Brianna finally leaned back to shut off the water and in the almost deafening silence that followed Claudia climbed out of the shower and handed her a towel. Neither spoke as they dried off and fixed their hair, Claudia simply combing her dark brown curls into a messy wave that just touched the nape of her neck while Brianna took the time to blow dry and brush her own long blue hair into order. However, they did smile softly at each other, Claudia playfully bumping Brianna’s hip with her own, as they stood side by side at the sink while applying makeup. Brianna grinned a little and bumped back, but otherwise stayed silent. As they finished up it quickly became apparent that while many of their things had indeed been left in the bathroom the one thing of theirs that was definitely missing was clothing, not that Brianna was surprised by that. It had not been said, but she suspected that both Claudia and herself were going to be spending a lot of time naked over the rest of the week. Once that would have embarrassed her, but now? Now she was only excited at the prospect and wondered what might happen next. Brianna was a little proud of herself for that.

Hanging up the towels to dry Claudia glanced in her direction, “Ready?”

Checking her appearance in the mirror one land time Brianna nodded, “Yeah, I’m ready.”

Hand in hand, and naked as the day they were born, the two made their way out into the hall and toward the living room feeling far more human now. As they stepped out into the living room the first thing that Brianna noticed was just how spacious it was, the tall ceilings making the room seem almost huge while the large windows, covered with gauzy curtains to provide some privacy but also allow light in, lit everything up with a bright but soft glow. Beyond that the use of wooden paneling on almost every surface and the large fireplace made of smooth river stone that served as the centerpiece lent the entire thing a rustic, almost homey feel. It was honestly beautiful and for a moment Brianna was lost in that beauty. The second thing she noticed was the smell, the heady scent of baking sweets with just a slight undertone of pine from the cabin itself. An odd blend, but a nice one at the same time that only seemed to reinforce that sense of comfort the place gave off. Rounding the corner to bring the very modern kitchen into view, itself in sharp contrast to most of the rest of the building, the pair spotted Roxanna humming to herself as she busily packed a picnic basket, an apron thrown on over her blouse and khakis. Across the room, at the dining table, Sofia was busily loading an array of items into a large backpack, a tight tank top showing off her toned torso while a pair of shorts drew attention to her strong legs and shapely ass. Curiosity piqued at the scene Brianna glanced over at Claudia, who just shrugged.

“Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia?” she called out after a moment, as neither seemed to notice their presence.

It was Sofia who looked up from her packing with a broad smile, “Ah, welcome back my dears! You are looking much better.”

It was Claudia who answered as she released Brianna’s hand and bowed her head a little, “We’re feeling much better, thank you mistress.”

With a broad wave of the arm Sofia beckoned them over, continuing to speak as they approached, “That is wonderful news, my dears, I am very glad to hear it, but please, come here, there is much to be done today.”

Before either one of them could even think to respond to that Sofia stood and Brianna felt something shoved into her hands. Looking down she found herself holding her running shoes, a pair of socks shoved inside. Frowning in confusion she looked up to see Sofia hand Claudia another pair.

As if in response to the unasked question the blonde turned to her, “The forest outside is beautiful and I found a particularly lovely spot while jogging the other day. I showed it to Roxanna and she quite agreed with me that we simply have to share it with you two. Besides that, after laying around for the last few days I suspect you could do with some exercise. So, put your shoes on girls, it is a long walk.”

While that answered some questions it still left a few others, but seeing Claudia silently kneel down to slip on the socks and shoes she had been given Brianna mentally shrugged and bent over to put on her own shoes, careful to give both of her mistresses a good view of naked body and trying her best to pose in the somewhat awkward position she found herself in. Neither commented but she could swear that she felt their gazes on her and it brought a small smile to her lips. Still, after tying her shoes and straightening up a moment later Brianna could not deny that she felt a little awkward standing there in shoes and socks and nothing else, very much aware that while it hadn’t been said this particular nature walk/picnic would be conducted with half of its participants in the nude. Intellectually she knew that there was virtually no chance that anyone would see, that they were alone here, but just the thought of being truly naked in public brought a slight blush to her cheeks and made her nipples harden.

As they stood side by side, as if presenting themselves for inspection, Sofia approached again and, still grinning, slowly affixed the collar back around Brianna’s neck before repeating the process for Claudia. The simple metal adornments had been removed for their little mummification adventure, the first time that Brianna could remember being parted from it for any length of time, and as she felt the familiar pressure settle around her throat again she had not realized just how much she missed it and how glad she was to have it back.

As they were being collared Roxanna crossed the kitchen and set the basket she had been packing down on the table. Without preamble she spoke, “However, there is still the small matter of your punishment.”

Honestly, between the excitement of the morning and the pick me up in the shower Brianna had almost forgotten that their early release (in more ways than one) was conditional, but she bowed her head obediently, “Yes, mistress.”

Claudia echoed her, a mix of curiosity and eagerness coloring her tone, “Yes, mistress.”

Gently lifting her chin Roxanna placed a soft kiss on Brianna’s cheek, a tiny smile touching the girl’s lips as she did, “Such a good girl.” Turning slightly she took an unassuming box off the nearby counter, “Pleasure granted now is pleasure denied later, korítsi. Put this on.”

As the box was presented to her Brianna looked down to see her chastity belt, freshly cleaned and polished, the lock sitting just beside it. It surprised her a little to see the belt, having not expected to wear it over the course of the week, some part of her having presuming that this vacation was a reward in part for her previous months of chastity but, as she picked up the device she actually did gasp in surprise at the addition of a sizable stainless steel plug to the primary shield, four smooth metal spheres stacked into a sort of cone shape. She felt her face grow pink at the sight, less out of embarrassment and more out of imagining what it would be like to wear such a thing, to have the belt literally fucking her every moment she was wearing it for however long her mistresses decided. She felt herself grow damp at the very idea while the thought that this was now an ‘un-chastity belt’ flashed in her mind.

Roxanna shot her an amused look, clearly pleased with her reaction, before her expression morphed into a stern one, “What are you waiting for korítsi? Put it on.”

Glancing to her side to see Claudia in the process of belting herself, legs spread and eyes closed with an expression of bliss on her face as she slowly slid a similar plug into herself, Brianna looked down and, after a moment’s more hesitation, wrapped the belt around her own waist. Carefully seating the rear cable before positioning the primary shield and lifting it into place she gasped a little as the plug first touched her, surprised at how cold the metal felt against her heated skin. Shifting slightly she braced herself and pulled on the shield, forcing the surprisingly large plug into her body, unable to keep herself from moaning a little as she did so. Despite some lingering soreness the smooth, cool metal and its wavy surface felt almost shockingly good as it slid into place, the strange shape and design of the toy stimulating her in ways she had not thought possible. Before she could think better of it, Brianna quickly fastened the waistband to the primary shield and clicked the small padlock into place, the belt tightening as she did which pushed the plug even deeper into her body eliciting another moan. Almost unconsciously she cocked her hips from side to side, exploring the range of motion and whimpering a little at the way the plug seemed to dance within her as well as the incredible sensation of fullness that accompanied it. It felt wonderful even if some part of Brianna both dreaded and craved how much she knew it would tease her.

Brianna hadn’t realized she’d closed her eyes as she was exploring these new sensations until the feather-light touch of hands on her shoulders made her start in surprise. Turning sharply Sofia’s grinning face filled her vision as the blonde stroked her arms gently.

“I did not mean to startle you, devushka.” she said, “But please place your hands behind your back, I am going to bind you now.”

Quickly glancing to her left to see Roxanna, rope in hand, binding Claudia she nodded quickly and obediently placed her arms behind her back. As soon as she did Sofia took her wrists and pressed them together before cinching a rope snugly around them. A moment later she moaned softly and bit her lip as more rope circled her arms and tightened to draw her elbows together until they managed to touch. Another thing that Brianna was very proud of for it had taken months of practice to gain the flexibility necessary for such tight bondage to say nothing of the endurance needed to tolerate it. She closed her eyes again and gently tugged at the ropes, testing her bonds and reveling in how helpless it made her feel as Sofia circled around her and drew the remaining rope over her shoulders to bind her modest breasts in an elaborate harness. She shivered then as the rope bit into her and calloused fingers brushed across her sensitive skin to pinch her nipples playfully. Gasping in surprise then biting her lip to suppress another moan Brianna opened her eyes again to see Sofia grinning at her as she held up a modestly sized ball gag. Opening her mouth Brianna accepted the gag without comment, the bright red rubber ball popping behind her teeth easily and stretching her lips wide. Sofia brushed her hair out of the way to tighten the strap down and Brianna could not help but moan a little as the gag was pulled deeper into her mouth.

Finally the blonde clipped a leash to her collar and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before gently brushing a stray lock hair over her ear, “You always look so incredibly sexy when gagged, devushka. It is a shame we cannot keep you like this all the time.”

Blushing a little at the compliment, and very much agreeing with the sentiment, Brianna nodded her head, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“No need for thanks, korítsi.” Roxanna chimed in as she led Claudia’s identically bound and gagged form over to Brianna’s side, “It is simply the truth.” she glanced at Claudia then with a smirk, “Wouldn’t you agree, my dear?”

In response Claudia just leaned over to nuzzle Brianna’s cheek with her gag in a parody of a kiss, amusement twinkling in her eyes, “Nhphnmnphmmm, mnphphrmphph.”

“There, we are all in agreement.” Roxanna added as she took the picnic basket in hand and loosely wrapped the end of Claudia’s leash around her wrist before tilting her head in Sofia’s direction, “Shall we be off?”

Quickly slinging the backpack she had been preparing over her shoulders and readjusting her grip in Brianna’s leash, Sofia nodded firmly, “But of course, dorogoy. We have much yet to do before the day runs out.”

With that Brianna could only watch as her two mistresses shared a soft kiss before walking side by side to the front door, towing their bound companions along behind them and out onto the porch. As soon as she stepped outside a warm breeze tickled Brianna’s skin, raising goosebumps across most of her body and driving home the point that she was now standing in the open wearing nothing but a steel thong. It still shocked her, just a bit, how much that knowledge turned her on. Oh, from looking at maps she knew that they were most likely alone, with no one for miles in any direction but that did not stop a faint blush from coloring most of her body at the idea that most of her kinks were now on display. Still, there was little time to dwell on it as Sofia and Roxanna stepped off the porch onto the gravel driveway, leading the bound pair along behind them. Circling around the cabin and past a large deck led them to a small path carved in the woods, clearly well kept but also unmarked. Stepping out of the yard and into the woods was like entering a different world. Underneath the canopy the scent of greenery was overwhelming and the heavy leaves of the trees cast them into shadow with only the occasional shaft of light to illuminate the forest floor while a seemingly endless tangle of bushes, vines, flowers and ferns lent an almost primordial air to the land. It was an odd feeling, almost as if they were the only people on earth. A feeling that the stillness only intensified since, for the most part, they walked in silence with nothing except for the occasional call of birds or the chirping of insects to intrude on the moment.

Brianna was no stranger to the wilderness of course, she’d grown up in front of a patch of woods and like most children she had picked flowers and climbed in trees and played in the dirt, but this felt different somehow. This place felt far older than the little copse of hickory trees she’d once played in, more real in a way as if never touched by human hands even if the presence of the path, to say nothing of the house and road not too far behind them, gave lie to the idea. Still, it was beautiful and strangely humbling and Brianna could definitely see what Sofia had meant. Of course the wonders of nature did not hold her attention for long. Just as Brianna had feared (hoped) the plug affixed to her chastity belt shifted within her with every step, slowly and methodically fucking her in a way that felt amazing but, she knew, would not actually be enough to bring her to orgasm. Even with the slow pace set by Roxanna’s limp within perhaps ten minutes of hiking Brianna’s whole body felt warm and she could swear that the surprisingly loud *squelch* of the plug shifting inside her increasingly damp core could be heard even over the sound of her footsteps. Biting down on the gag to suppress a whimper she looked over at Claudia to see that the other girl’s pale skin looked flushed as well and her thighs were damp while there was a far away look in her eyes even as the corners of her mouth quirked into a grin around her own gag. Feeling her own face heat up at this proof of just how turned on Claudia was, Brianna quickly looked away but at just that moment Sofia glanced back over her shoulder with a knowing look.

Blushing even deeper Brianna looked down, hunching her shoulders a little and instinctively tightened her muscles to try and hold the plug still as she walked but to no avail. The devious thing continued to dance within her. The world faded a little at that point, every bit of Brianna’s attention focused on the insistent teasing of the plug and the continued tug of the leash on her collar, urging her forward, each step sending a trill of frustrated pleasure up her spine. It was far from the most intense edging she had ever experienced, perhaps not even in the top ten, but when combined with the lingering excitement of being bound outside and just how much being on a leash actually turned her on it was still a challenge. Some part of Brianna knew that she would adapt to it given time, but even so she could not stop herself from moaning into her gag with each little movement of the toy or breathing harshly through her nose. Mercifully just when she thought she might burst her mistresses came to a stop, so sudden in fact that Brianna almost marched right into Sofia’s back. While still a little hazy she straightened up and looked around with some confusion. This spot didn’t really seem all that different from any of the others they had passed, why stop here?

It was Sofia who provided the answer, after a fashion, when she placed a hand around Roxanna’s waist and asked, concern in her voice, “Do you need to stop, dorogoy?”

Roxanna nodded as she set the basket she was carrying on a nearby rock and worked her shoulder a little, “For a moment at least.”

“Think nothing of it, dorogoy.” Sofia insisted as she took Claudia’s leash as well, “I will get the girls settled, I am sure they could use a bit of rest as well.”

Shooting her bound companions a sidelong glance Roxanna smirked slightly, “You may be right.”

Turning back to them the blonde smiled mischievously, “Come along my dears, let us find some way to amuse ourselves.”

With that she tugged sharply on their leashes and led the bound pair over to a nearby tree. Inspecting it for a moment Sofia nodded to herself before depositing her backpack onto the ground and crouching down to dig through it which, Brianna noted, offered a fine view of firm and shapely ass. Pulling out a bundle of rope Sofia smiled in satisfaction and proceeded to tie its center around the tree’s trunk before looping the long ends over one of the lower hanging branches. Taking their leashes again Brianna and Claudia were maneuvered under the branch and, positioned side by side, the blonde then tied the loose ends of the dangling rope to the cords already binding their wrists. Although she suspected what was about to happen the sudden jerk of the rope pulling her wrists and arms straight up still caught Brianna by surprise, a small squeak escaping her gag as she was forced to bend over at the waist to relieve some of the pressure on her shoulders. A moment later Claudia followed, groaning loudly as she was forced into a similarly restrictive strappado, clearly enjoying the experience. Once the rope was then secured the two could do nothing but dangle there, Brianna trying her best to flip her long hair out of the way from where it had fallen over her face only to catch clear sight of Roxanna as she did. The olive-skinned woman had her hands on the small of her back as she popped her spine, the arch of her body pressing her breasts forward against the tight blouse she was wearing and showing off both a glorious amount of cleavage as well as highlighting her slender curves. Although fully clothed the woman was an entrancing sight and Brianna found herself watching intently as she continued to stretch.

The feeling of fingers between her shoulder blades instantly drew her attention back as Sofia leaned in close to her ear, “A lovely sight indeed, devushka. I cannot blame you for looking.”

Brianna moaned a little as she felt her mistress gently run a knuckle down her spine, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Or perhaps you want me to punish you, for being such a naughty girl?” Sofia continued as she cupped the bound girl’s ass only to softly smack one cheek then the other, “Perhaps a spanking is in order?”

“Pmmnphm?” Brianna managed while shifting her hips slightly from side to side, the sensation of Sofia’s hands on her skin as well as the plug moving within her an overwhelming combination.

Sofia just chuckled softly before reaching over to run her other hand down Claudia’s tattooed back, “And what of you, kotenok? You have been very quiet. Are you in need of some punishment as well?”

In response Claudia wiggled her hips a bit more eagerly, “Mmph mnphphrmphph, N'fm hmmn fmrm nnnghphm.”

“Very naughty you say?” Sofia asked, somewhat rhetorically, “Well then, I suppose I have no choice.” With that she gave Claudia’s ass a firm smack, which made the other girl moan in appreciation before turning back to Brianna and caressing the soft skin of her shapely behind before giving it another smack, “Do not worry, devushka, I have not forgotten about you.”

True to her word, for the next several minutes Sofia alternated between the two, teasing and playfully spanking her bound playthings in turn. She ran her fingers down their backs and trailed over the bumps of their spines, eliciting shivers and soft whimpers, before caressing their hips and legs to cup their asses, squeezing firmly before playfully spanking them only to repeat the process again and again. A time or two she allowed her fingers to roam between their legs, teasing the sensitive skin of their inner thighs and along the edges of their chastity belts, or to play with their firmly bound breasts to tease hard and eager nipples. Brianna reveled in that gentle touch, moaning in delight as strong hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts or pinched her nipples, only to whimper in frustration as those same fingers came within inches of her wet and eager pussy but never close enough. She tugged on the ropes binding her, biting into her gag as she tried to control herself, still shaking her hips to try and grind the plug against a particularly sensitive spot even as she begged her mistress for more.

In the midst of that little game Brianna was surprised when a hand cupped her chin and lifted her face to look forward while another brushed hair from her eyes to reveal Roxanna, apparently finished with her stretching, standing there with a grin, “Having fun I see.”

Brianna blushed but Sofia just laughed and gave Claudia one last playful smack before answering, “Just passing the time, dorogoy.”

“So I see.” Roxanna quipped as she then carefully removed Brianna’s gag. Surprised at that turn of events she did not even get a chance to respond before Roxanna held up a canteen, “Thirsty, korítsi?”

Whetting her lips Brianna nodded slowly, “Yes mistress, thank you mistress.”

“No need to thank me.” Roxanna assured as she softly stroked the girl’s hair and pressed the canteen to her lips.

The cool water felt wonderful on her tongue as Brianna sipped carefully, having not realized how thirsty she actually was. For several long moments she continued to drink, swallowing slowly so as to not overwhelm herself as Roxanna’s free hand continued to play with her hair and she could feel Sofia’s fingers drawing nonsense patterns on her lower back. Finally, when she’d had her fill, the canteen was withdrawn and with one final gentle brush of fingers across her cheek Roxanna stepped over to Claudia’s bound form and raked the girl’s messy brown hair away from her face.

“And what of you, my dear, thirsty as well?” she asked. Claudia nodded eagerly, though with a certain glint in her eyes that seemed to make Roxanna smirk, “In more ways than one I imagine, knowing you. Water will have to suffice for now, though.”

With that she pulled the large red ball gag from the girl’s mouth, Claudia stretching her jaws a little and licking her lips much as Brianna had done, before the canteen was presented and she eagerly drank as Roxanna toyed with her hair, the girl almost purring under the touch. Watching this scene out of the corner of her eye Brianna was taken by surprise when the rope holding her in strappado suddenly went slack and she would have fallen on her face if not for Sofia’s quick reaction in grabbing her by the arms and pulling her upright. Heart still beating a little fast from that close call, as well as being held in Sofia’s strong arms, Brianna barely had time to open her mouth to thank her mistress before a pair of lips found hers. Sighing in contentment she allowed herself to relax in that embrace, parting her lips even wider in silent invitation which Sofia gleefully accepted, plundering her mouth with a deep and searing kiss that stoked the lingering fire in her core. Dazed and lips still parted when that kiss broke she barely noticed the ball being forced back into her mouth and buckled in place, though she did blush a little when Sofia grinned down at her and kissed her gag softly. Blinking a few times she glanced to her left to see Claudia in the process of being re-gagged as well, having also been freed from her strappado as Sofia gathered the rope and stuffed it into her backpack.

Once she was finished Sofia once again took her leash and a gentle tug urged her back onto the path, “Not too much further now, devushka.”

Taking a deep breath, Brianna followed along obediently but as she fell back into step next to Claudia’s bound and nearly naked form the other girl gave her a teasing, sidelong glance to which she did her best to look innocent in response. An attempt which did not last long, with both of them giggling as best they could around their gags. Still, as they pressed on down the path Brianna felt strangely different. She was just as horny as before and the plug was still teasing her with every step but a feeling of anticipation gave her new focus. While she could not deny that the weather was marvelous and the forest was indeed beautiful she doubted very much that her mistresses had taken both Claudia and herself out into the woods, helplessly bound and gagged to simply admire the scenery. No, they had something planned and if Sofia was telling the truth and their destination was indeed close that meant that they would very soon be finding out what that plan was. Brianna had never once been disappointed by any of their surprises and, honestly, could not wait to see what this one was.

It was hard to say for certain without a watch, but perhaps twenty minutes later, as the path began to wind its way up a shallow hill and Brianna’s legs began to get a little tired from the climb the four stepped out into a small clearing to stand on the hill’s apex. Beyond it was the seemingly endless blue expanse of the ocean. Brianna’s eyes went a little wide at the sight as she took in the vista. She had never seen the ocean before and the experience now was almost overwhelming. The crash of waves against the narrow strip of pristine sand, the cry of birds overhead, the faint hint of salt in the cool breeze and the way the sunlight sparkled off the water was… it was incredible. Some part of her thought that she could stand here forever, marveling at the display, lost in the beauty of the world even as she felt Sofia’s arm wrap around her waist and pull her close, the taller woman practically molding against her side. Next to her Roxanna pulled Claudia’s slender form close, embracing the bound girl from behind, even as she leaned close enough to Brianna that they were practically touching. Taking a deep breath of the salt air, the warmth of the sun and the warmth of her lovers standing in pleasant contrast to the cool ocean breeze, Brianna allowed herself to be lost in the moment. For what felt like an eternity the four of them just stood there, no one willing or able to break the tableaux. Eventually, tentatively, Brianna opened her eyes and glanced to the right to see Roxanna with a distant expression on her face, a tiny smile on her lips even as her eyes seemed to glisten slightly. As if she could sense it somehow Roxanna tilted her head to return the look, gracing her with a watery smile before reaching out to brush her fingers against Brianna’s cheek.

“Beautiful, is it not korítsi?”

Brianna could only nod, very much in agreement.

Roxanna’s gaze turned back toward the ocean and her voice became soft, “It reminds me so very much of home. I had… I had almost forgotten.”

It was Sofia who stepped closer, wrapping them all up in her arms and bringing them together in a somewhat awkward, but very welcome, group hug, “We are your home now, dorogoy. Please do not doubt that.”

For a split second Brianna thought the olive-skinned woman might cry but instead she just smiled and turned her head to catch Sofia’s lips in a kiss, the blonde eagerly leaning into her as she did. When their kiss broke Brianna felt fingers begin to remove her gag again even as Roxanna reached up to free Claudia’s mouth as well. No more words were spoken, none were needed, as they took turns kissing each other, huddled close together in silent affirmation of Sofia’s sentiment while slowly losing themselves in passion to the point that Brianna very much wished her arms were free right now so she could return the embrace she was given and touch these wonderful, beautiful women she was fortunate enough to be side by side with. Eventually, reluctantly, they broke away from each other and Roxanna bent down to pick up the basket she had been carrying and took Claudia’s leash in hand again.

“I do not know about the rest of you, but I find myself quite hungry. Anyone else fancy a picnic?” she asked.

Sofia, one hand on Claudia’s hip and the other still resting on Brianna’s shoulder, grinned, “A wonderful idea, dorogoy. Don’t you agree, my dears?”

“Absolutely, mistress.” Claudia supplied.

Brianna nodded, they hadn’t had much for breakfast after all, “I am a bit hungry, mistress.”

With that both Sofia and Roxanna began to work their way down the hill toward the beach, their two bound playthings trailing obediently along behind them, not that they had much of a choice leashed as they were. Eventually the two older women stopped at a spot just past the treeline where the sands were beginning to take over but the broad canopy overhead still cast a comfortable shadow. Setting down the basket again Roxanna opened it up and withdrew a large checkered cloth, spreading it out over the ground with a bit of a flourish before carefully sitting down upon it to begin unpacking. Sofia led both of the girls over to the spot and guided them to lay down on the blanket, turning them over until they lay on their stomachs and proceeded to remove their shoes and socks. Curious as to what she was doing, Brianna understood a moment later when Sofia shucked off her backpack and pulled out two lengths of rope. With an ease clearly born of much practice she quickly tied their legs together in turn, at the ankles as well as above and below the knees before folding them up and binding their wrists and ankles together leaving the pair helplessly hogtied side by side. Claudia somewhat eagerly wriggled in her bonds, testing them and clearly enjoying the experience of being bound so tightly, while Brianna strained her arms to test her own range of motion, not at all surprised to discover that Sofia had done an excellent job and that she could barely move in her current predicament.

By the time she settled back down again Claudia had turned her head to look at her, a grin on her face, and for a moment Brianna struggled to think of something to say, feeling an urge to fill the silence, “So, uh, you come here often?”

It was a stupid joke and they both knew it, but Claudia’s grin widened and in a display of dexterity that suggested she had far more experience with this type of thing, the slender girl managed to scoot across the blanket until she was pressed up against Brianna’s side, their faces practically touching, “Not really, but I have high hopes for later.”

Stretching her neck Brianna managed to lean in just enough to plant a kiss on the corner of Claudia’s mouth, clearly catching the other girl by surprise, “Thank you, for being here I mean. It means the world to me, I just wanted you to know that.”

“Well,” Claudia began, eyes twinkling and smile playful, “I’m glad you appreciate my sacrifices. I mean, going on a free vacation and getting my brains fucked out by beautiful women? It’s absolute torture.”

Brianna pressed her lips together to suppress a laugh, but only partially succeeded.

“But you’re very welcome.” Claudia said after a moment, far more serious, “I like spending time with you.”

“I like spending time with you too.” Brianna answered softly, a smile on her own lips.

“And what are we, korítsi?” Roxanna cut in, voice playful, “Chopped liver?”

Starting a little in surprise and looking over to where Roxanna was setting out several plates and cups Brianna shook her head and babbled a little, “No, mistress! I love spending time with you too…”

Roxanna’s soft laugh cut her off, “I am merely teasing you, korítsi.”

Sofia, who was sitting next to her lover and helping with the setup, unscrewed the cap of a thermos and began to fill the cups, “No need for that, dorogoy. I am certain that Briana would be more than happy to make it up to us,” she glanced, almost lazily, in Brianna’s direction with a grin, “wouldn’t you devushka?”

Blushing a little, Brianna had to fight to keep a grin of her own off her face, “Of course mistress, anything you desire.” she let her voice drop a little, “Anything at all.”

“Careful with such promises, korítsi.” Roxanna cautioned, “You never know when we may hold you to them.”

“I’ll be glad to help with that, mistress.” Claudia supplied shooting Brianna an amused, sidelong look.

“Such a good girl you are.” Sofia said with a grin, “You should thank her, devushka.”

Never one to disobey an order, Brianna leaned over to give Claudia another, much more serious kiss this time, nipping at the girl’s lower lip and playing with her tongue as the kiss slowly deepened. Claudia accepted eagerly and kissed back just as hard, forcing her tongue into Brianna’s mouth in turn as she tried to turn the tables. Lost in that kiss the two continued to make out for another moment or two beneath the amused and hungry gazes of their mistresses as the older women finished setting things up. When their lips finally parted Brianna gave her companion a small, shy smile which Claudia answered with an eager grin and one final peck on swollen lips. At that point Brianna felt herself pulled away and turned somewhat awkwardly onto her side. Twisting a little at the waist in order to lay her head on Roxanna’s lap, the olive-skinned woman brushed her hair out of the way and gently caressed the curl of her ear. Brianna shivered a little under the touch as, across from her Sofia pulled Claudia her own lap and lazily tangled fingers into her messy hair.

Roxanna said nothing, just smiled and reached into one of the tins she had set out and withdrew what looked like a cookie. Taking a bite, and closing her eyes in pleasure as she chewed, the woman offered it to Brianna in turn who tentatively took a bite of her own, as always a little turned on by being fed like this as well as finding the gesture of sharing food just a bit romantic. The taste of almonds struck her immediately and Brianna was honestly surprised at how good it was, face lighting up at the discovery.

Roxanna seemed pleased as she took another bite herself and offered the rest of the cookie to Brianna, who accepted eagerly. “Amygdalota,” she said, reaching for one of the cups, “an old family recipe. I trust you approve?”

Brianna took a sip from the offered cup, the hot tea sweat with milk and honey a fine complement to the cookie, and nodded, “It’s really good, mistress.”

“Now we see your insidious plan, dorogoy.” Sofia interjected as she reached out for a cookie of her own, feeding it to Claudia, “To assemble a harem with the power of your cooking.”

Brianna snickered a little at that and Claudia clearly struggled not to laugh with her mouth full but Roxanna just smiled mysteriously, “It seems to have worked. Though a sample size of only three is somewhat poor scholarship on my part. Perhaps more testing is required.”

Sofia laughed out loud before taking a drink of her own tea, “Careful, dorogoy, or you will make me jealous.”

Roxanna returned that laugh with another smile and a comfortable silence descended as the four simply sat together and continued to eat, sharing tea and cookies and small, bite-sized pork dumplings that Brianna found absolutely delightful. As they relaxed beneath the shade and the gentle ocean breeze, truth be told, Brianna felt very much like a pampered and overly large cat sprawled in her mistress’ lap while the woman casually stroked her hair and fed her slowly. From the way she seemed to have been reduced to a half asleep puddle in Sofia’s lap, Claudia certainly seemed to approve of the treatment.

Eventually, after several long moments of that comfortable silence, Roxanna spoke again, “I trust you are enjoying yourself, korítsi?”

Brianna nodded contentedly, “Absolutely mistress. Thank you so much for all of this, it’s wonderful.”

“You are more than welcome, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, “You more than deserve it and we are happy to be able to share such things with you.”

“Indeed, devushka.” Sofia interjected, “We are truly blessed to have you and Claudia in our lives. It is only right that we pamper you every once in a while. Besides that, we love you and any time spent together is time well spent.”

It was hardly the first time such words had been spoken but Brianna still felt herself tear up a little, voice a touch shaky, “Thank you Mistress Sofia, Mistress Roxanna, thank you so much.”

“No, my dear, thank you.” Roxanna insisted.

Sofia grinned a little and reached down to card her fingers through Claudia’s hair, “We love you too, kotenok, as stubborn as you can be.”

“I know.” the slender girl said with a smile of her own, “But I still like hearing it.”

By that point the food was mostly gone and as Roxanna offered the last of the tea to Brianna, who gratefully accepted, she said aloud, “I think I am going for a swim. Would anyone care to join me?”

“Careful, dorogoy.” Sofia cautioned, “Should not one wait after eating?”

While that was something of an old wives’ tale Roxanna seemed to consider it with almost mock seriousness, “Ah, perhaps you are right stríngla.” she said at last, before asking, somewhat rhetorically, “However shall we pass the time?”

Almost as if in answer to that question Brianna suddenly found herself released from her hogtie, though her arms and legs remained firmly bound, and gently rolled off of Roxanna’s lap onto her back. From her new position, somewhat awkward though it was, she watched as the other woman began to undress with almost mechanical precision. Unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a familiar black lace bra Roxanna folded the garment and set it aside before removing her bra to bare her perfect breasts to the world. Shifting onto her knees she removed her belt and unfastened her pants, sliding both them and her underwear down her hips in one smooth motion, removing them with some difficulty and setting them aside with her shirt to leave her beautiful, scarred form on display. Though enraptured by the scene a quick glance to the side revealed Sofia far more enthusiastically pulling off her shirt and wriggling out of her shorts as Claudia lay next to her. Drawing attention back to herself Roxanna then shifted her position to straddle Brianna’s waist, her slender, perfect body looming above the bound girl and granted a marvelous view of her full breasts and cleanly shaved sex. Licking her lips Brianna looked up into the woman’s deep brown eyes, shivering a little at the naked lust written there even as she felt her whole body heat up in response.

“Normally one takes their tea after sweets, to wash them down.” Roxanna announced with a tiny smile as she gently shifted her hips forward to press her glistening pussy against Brianna’s lips, “But I think we can make an exception this time, korítsi.”

Unable to respond directly Brianna instead embraced those nether lips in a kiss and began to explore her mistress with her tongue. Roxanna’s breathy sigh was music to her ears as she worked, pleasuring that oh so familiar body even as she reveled in the familiar taste of the woman’s arousal. After slowly licking and teasing Roxanna’s labia, making the woman pant softly as she reached up to play with her own breasts, eye closed as face locked in an expression of bliss, Brianna dove in and began to lap at the velvet heat within, slowly pushing in deeper and deeper, making Roxanna’s breath hitch in her throat as she worked ever closer to the woman’s g spot. Finally, after feeling her mistress’ body tense and clearly on the edge of snapping, Brianna shoved her tongue in that last little bit to tease Roxanna’s most sensitive spot. The older woman’s self control shattered like glass as she shoved her hips forward with a scream of pleasure. Withdrawing her tongue as quickly as she could, feeling her mistress tighten around it in resistance, Brianna latched her lips onto Roxanna’s clit, lapping and sucking at that tiny nub of flesh and forcing the woman’s quaking body to cum a second time before Roxanna wrenched her hips away with a cry. Bending over practically double at the waist the olive-skinned woman tangled her fingers into Brianna’s hair and crushed their lips together in a kiss, thrusting her tongue into the bound girl’s mouth and tasting herself there even as aftershocks continued to assault her body. A curtain of dark hair falling around her and blocking out everything else Brianna melted into the kiss, closing her eyes and savoring her mistress’ touch even as she, vaguely, heard Sofia’s own howls of pleasure as she no doubt rode Claudia’s face in a similar manner.

After a long, breathless moment Roxanna finally pulled back, breath still heavy, and gently stroked Brianna’s face even as she smiled down at the girl, “Care for that swim now, korítsi? I think we could both stand to cool off after that.”

Brianna bit her lip then nodded, “Okay, mistress.”

With that Roxanna moved aside and carefully rolled Brianna onto her stomach before slowly beginning to unbind her. Sighing a little as she felt the pressure on her arms and legs begin to loosen, Brianna just watched quietly as Claudia finished servicing Sofia, biting her lip and struggling not to squirm in place as the toned blonde arched her back and cried out, tightening her fingers in Claudia’s hair and grinding against her. By that point the last of the ropes binding her fell away and Roxanna turned her onto her back, offering a hand as she climbed somewhat shakily to her feet. Taking the hand Brianna allowed herself to be pulled upright and was immediately swept up into an embrace, moaning in delight as she found her nearly naked body pulled up against Roxanna’s equally nude form, their lips meeting again in another searing kiss. Throwing her arms around Roxanna’s waist Brianna returned the embrace, opening her mouth and allowing the taller woman to explore her, moaning again as she felt hands run down her back to squeeze her ass playfully.

A few heartbeats later she was shocked out of that kiss when a hand unexpectedly fell on her shoulder. Quickly looking to her left she came face to face with Sofia’s grinning visage before the blonde took a handful of hair at the back of her head and leaned in for another kiss. Roxanna’s hands still caressing her body and Sofia’s lips on hers in an almost bruising kiss, Brianna lost herself in the sensation of their bodies intertwined and so much soft, warm skin against her own. Breathless and dazed Sofia broke their kiss and gently untangled her fingers from Brianna’s long blue hair, but before she even had a chance to recover yet another hand cupped her chin and forced her to look in the other direction, her hazel eyes meeting Claudia’s brown ones, rope marks clearly visible across the girl’s arm and chest while deep red lines from the gag’s strap indented her cheeks. It was Brianna who pushed forward this time, kissing the slightly smaller girl who responded eagerly. Caught in the center of that mass embrace, feeling her mistresses pepper her neck and shoulders with kisses while fingers trailed over her body and her lips remained locked with Claudia’s, Brianna felt herself drift away in pure bliss.

The kiss was finally interrupted by Sofia pulling away from the group, planting a kiss on Roxanna’s cheek, and announcing with a grin, “Race you.”

With that she took off across the sands toward the water. A heartbeat later Claudia winked at Brianna and gave her a final kiss as well before taking off in hot pursuit of the athletic blonde. Chuckling under her breath at their antics Roxanna tightened her embrace briefly before pulling back and gently intertwining her fingers with Brianna’s own.

“Shall we, korítsi?”

Brianna gently squeezed the hand holding hers with a smile and then nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

At a much more sedate pace, and still holding hands, the pair began to walk across the beach, the feel of warm sand beneath her feet and sun on her naked skin a pleasant contrast to the cool breeze and shade of the forest. When they finally reached the waterline and Brianna first felt the waves lap gently over her feet, the wet sand squishing between her toes, she could not help but shiver, stopping in her tracks.

“It’s cold.” she said, almost surprised by that given how warm the day was.

Roxanna just nodded, still holding her hand as she stepped a little deeper in, “The sea is often like that. We can stop if you like.”

Remembering how struck Roxanna had been by the mere sight of the ocean earlier Brianna shook her head, “It’s fine mistress, I was just surprised.”

Smiling reassuringly at her and squeezing her fingers again Roxanna slowly led her deeper into the water. As it began to rise to her knees, her waist and finally to her chest Brianna realized that while the water was cooler than she had expected it wasn’t so bad and the contrasting sensation of the waves pushing her back and the undertow pulling her forward was pleasant, almost as if the water itself was massaging her skin. Closing her eyes and tilting her face toward the sun Roxanna smiled at the sky, looking very much at peace and quite clearly enjoying the sensation, before finally releasing her hand.

“You have never been in the ocean before, have you?” Roxanna asked all of a sudden.

Brianna just shook her head, “No, mistress.”

Roxanna nodded at that, “I had thought not. I am going to swim out a little deeper. I do not recommend you follow as it is not like anything you are used to. Besides that, salt water is unpleasant to get in the eyes if you are not prepared.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna conceded, having not considered that angle.

Leaning in to kiss her on the cheek Roxanna said nothing as she took a few more steps until she pushed off to glide through the water. It occurred to Brianna then, as she watched her mistress that she had never actually seen Roxanna swim before but as she gracefully cut through the waves, the lingering stiffness of her injuries seeming to vanish in the sea’s embrace, she could not help but regret that. Behind her Sofia and Claudia played in the surf, splashing each other and giggling like children to which Brianna could only smile in a combination of amusement and affection, but save for a brief glance she never took her eyes off Roxanna’s slender form as her mistress dove beneath the waves only to surface again in a lazy backstroke. As she just stood there, enjoying the sensation of the water caressing her body Brianna felt her heart swell at the sheer joy on the older woman’s face, like a mermaid brought to life by the surf. That sight alone made all of this worthwhile. Still, all good things must end eventually and after a short time Roxanna returned, casually swimming up to Brianna before finding her footing again, her body damp and her hair slicked back against her skull in ringlets. They embraced again right there in the water, kissing softly one last time, the taste of saltwater lingering on Roxanna’s lips. Still grinning as they parted ways, the pair linked hands again and began to trudge their way back to the shore where Sofia and Claudia joined them, arm in air as they headed back to their little camp to gather up their things.

After spending a few moments packing, the now unbound girls assisting in the process, Brianna was surprised when they did not head back into the woods but instead their mistresses led them across the beach to a wooden staircase set into the hillside, hidden from plain sight by the brush. After perhaps five minutes of climbing, her skin feeling almost uncomfortably stiff as the saltwater dried, Brianna was surprised when they burst out of the canopy to find themselves in the cabin’s backyard. Almost incredulous, she just looked at her mistresses.

“We may have gone in a large circle.” Sofia admitted, smiling a little at her confusion, “Convenient, yes?”

Brianna could only nod at that, grateful to not have to make a long hike in her current condition, as they crossed the yard and mounted the steps to the large back porch, her mistresses depositing their packs on a patio table, before slipping in the door to find themselves in a familiar hallway.

“Now, let us take a quick shower, my dears.” Roxanna announced, “We need to wash the salt off.”

The bathroom was much as they had left it earlier and, as the four piled into the shower enclosure Brianna was very glad that it was as large as it was. She was equally glad a moment later when her chastity belt was unlocked and slipped from her body, biting her lip a little at the sensation of the large plug being pulled from her. But, before she could even think of seeking relief for the ache between her legs, Sofia drew her hands behind her back and locked them there with a pair of handcuffs. Across from her Claudia, also freed from her chastity belt, the slightly smaller woman groaning a little as the plug slid free from her body, quickly had her own hands bound by Roxanna. As soon as they were secured Roxanna reached back to turn the water on full blast and Brianna closed her eyes, lifting her face to allow it to pour over her and relishing the feel of salt being rinsed from her body. She moaned then, a moment later, when she felt Sofia’s strong hands trail over her body as her mistress gently cleaned her skin with a light body wash before reaching up to wash and condition her hair, moaning even louder as those fingers massaged her scalp in all the ways she liked. Those moans became a whimper as the shower proceeded, Sofia’s toned body pressing against her back while an arm circled her waist to hold her in place and skillful fingers slipped between her legs to tease her aching pussy. She continued to moan, writhing in that grip as her mistress continued to tease her, pushing her to the edge again and again but never allowing her to crest the peak.

“Please, mistress.” she whispered, voice soft and harsh, “Please.”

Sofia did not answer with words but instead pushed Brianna forward slightly, still teasing her all the while, until the girl felt something collide with her chest. Opening her eyes she saw Claudia’s flushed body pressed against her own, the other girl biting her lip to suppress a moan as Roxanna held her tightly, slowly and teasingly sliding a pair of fingers into her. Almost instinctively the pair kissed, tongue intertwining almost desperately as their mistresses edged them, silently pleading for release. Perhaps her mistress took pity on her, or perhaps it was unintentional, but whatever the case Brianna moaned loudly into that kiss as she felt the fingers between her legs speed up as Sofia increased her pace. It was enough to push her that last little bit over the edge and Brianna felt herself stiffen in the blonde’s grasp even as she cried out into that kiss, her scream silenced by Claudia taking advantage of her distraction to plunge her tongue deep into Brianna’s mouth. As if in response Roxanna began to thrust harder and faster into Claudia’s eager pussy, quickly bringing the slender girl to a climax of her own and breaking the kiss as Claudia arched her back to cry out.

Still trembling with pleasure the two found themselves gently lowered to their knees on the shower’s smooth tile floor, water still pouring over them. In that position Brianna felt her hair being gathered up into a fist and her mouth drawn to Sofia’s pussy. Instantly she began to lick and lap at her mistress’ sweet flesh even as the woman, in a rather impressive act of self control, began to wash her own hair with her free hand. Roxanna’s own, much softer gasps and moans told her than a similar scene was most likely playing out behind her but Brianna put that out of her mind, focusing on Sofia and making sure to lick and tease all the right spots until the beautiful blonde began to lose control, worshiping the goddess before her and eager to repay all the kindness, all the pleasure, she had been given. With everything that had already happened it did not take long to bring Sofia to orgasm, the blonde stiffening as she threw her head back with a scream, pulling Brianna’s mouth even more tightly against her body as the blue-haired girl continued to lick her mistress clean. Roxanna’s own cry of ecstasy was not far behind and in a tangle of limbs the two older women threw their arms around each other and kissed deeply, their bound playthings still somewhat awkwardly in between. They remained that was for what felt like house, kissing and embracing as Brianna and Claudia continued to pleasure them until, finally, panting and spent, they pulled back, grinning at each other for another moment or two before finally shutting of the water and bidding the girls to stop as they regained control of themselves.

Things happened in a blur after that. The bound pair were helped to their feet and out of the shower but their hands remained firmly bound as their mistresses dried them off and fixed their hair. It was only then that Brianna felt the cuffs around her wrists fall away but before she could even react to that she felt the smooth, cool leather of a monoglove slide over her arms. Forcing her muscles to go slack, Brianna just closed her eyes at the sensation, feeling the straps criss-cross her shoulders and chest, ensuring that she could not wriggle out of the device no matter how hard she tried, before the glove itself tightened for force her arms together, eliciting a moan when she finally felt her elbows touch behind her back. After a quick kiss on the cheek, and a smile from Claudia who was being similarly bound, Roxanna took her by the collar and Brianna felt herself being led into the living room, Sofia and Claudia trailing just a few steps behind. Without comment Roxanna immediately limped over to one of the large, overstuffed chairs set near the fireplace and sat down with a sigh, drawing Brianna down after her. The blue haired girl instinctively curled up at her mistress’ side, drawing her legs up to half sit in the olive-skinned woman’s lap even as she felt an arm circle her waist in a gentle half embrace, and rested her head on the woman’s shoulder. Exhausted by a combination of a sleepless night and the day's adventures, and lulled into relaxation by Roxanna’s gentle touch and the familiar scent of her shampoo Brianna felt her eyes close almost immediately as she nestled into that warm embrace. Today had been a very good day.

She did not think she had fallen asleep but, when she opened her eyes again, blinking rapidly to clear her vision, Brianna was surprised to find the lights on and the windows dark. Although still curled up at Roxanna’s side, Brianna frowned a little. Her mistress was still holding her gently, though the woman also had a book in her lap, eyes fixed on the pages as she read, clearly lost in the text. Trying to stay as still as possible to avoid disturbing her, Brianna managed to shift her head slightly and caught sight of the somewhat adorable scene of Sofia stretched out on the couch with Claudia’s slender, naked body tightly gripped to her chest with both arms as the pair napped together. Brianna was just about to say something when the harsh sound of a doorbell ringing suddenly echoed through the room. Both she and Roxanna started at that, the olive-skinned woman immediately turning her head toward the front door with a frown of confusion as Sofia snapped awake with a gasp and Claudia groggily opened her eyes.

“It is alright, stríngla, I will get it.” Roxanna assured.

Sofia seemed to relax at that pronouncement and Brianna felt her mistress shift in the seat, shooting her a reassuring smile, before carefully extracting herself. Limping slowly over to the door she paused only long enough to grab a short robe hanging from a coat hook, hastily tying it around her body, as she leaned in to check the peephole. Body language radiating surprise at whatever it was she saw the olive-skinned woman throw open the door to reveal someone Brianna had never seen before. Although blushing furiously at the thought of being seen by a complete stranger in her current state, and pressing herself into the chair to hide herself, immense curiosity nonetheless prompted Brianna to peek her head out just far enough to see what was going on.

The woman standing in the doorway was perhaps a few years younger than her mistress, though it was hard to tell, and had smooth, dusky tanned skin with brown eyes so light that they seemed to flash amber in the lamp light. Her hair was a strange, almost reddish brown that Brianna was certain was dyed, cut close on the left side but combed into a long wave on the right, falling just past her shoulders with a braided row running down the part. She wore a simple black t-shirt with a logo Brianna did not recognize emblazoned on the front and skintight jeans that showed off long legs and shapely hips. She was also grinning broadly, clearly amused by Roxanna’s almost shocked expression.

Quickly enough Roxanna seemed to rally, “Kiera? What in the world are you doing here?”

Brianna perked up at that only to see the grinning woman take a step across the threshold to reveal a pale redhead standing just behind her. Although she was wearing more clothing this time, Brianna did not think she would ever forget the sight of Murial du Sang and her slender, graceful figure. While still holding herself with an almost regal air, the woman seemed more subdued now, happy to let her girlfriend take the lead and the sight of a tight choker of black leather around her throat gave credence to the stories Claudia had told her. So this was the infamous Kiera that she had heard so much about. Definitely not what she had envisioned but Brianna could not help but be intrigued despite her embarrassment. Things, it seemed, were about to get interesting.


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