The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 10

The late afternoon sun was just starting to dip into the western sky, though its rays still painted the world in bright shades and it would be hours yet before darkness truly started to fall. From her position lounging somewhat uncomfortably in the passenger seat of their car after what felt like hours of driving, Roxanna took a deep breath and closed her eyes, sighing in contentment at the warmth that seemed to seep into her very bones. Heat always seemed to bring her to life and chase away aches she had long ago learned to live with. After sparing a moment to relish the feeling of the sun’s rays playing across her face Roxanna opened her eyes again with a faint smile to gaze upon the scenery. The tall grasses lining either side of the winding road swayed in the wind, the flowers interspersed within seeming to dance in time with some unknown rhythm, and the green trees in the distance painted the horizon in brilliant shades. All of it combined with the ever lengthening days was a sure sign that spring was finally here. And for that Roxanna Kormou was extremely grateful because spring, in her not so humble opinion, was the best season by far. For the most part Roxanna would say that she very much enjoyed the life that she and Sofia had built for themselves, unexpected surprises very much included, but one thing she did not think she would ever truly get used to was the cold. No matter how long she lived, no matter how many winters she managed to weather, that one fact would never change. As beautiful as she could admit the freshly fallen snows were (and how she had stared in wonder upon seeing the land blanketed in white for the first time), she was not sad to see them gone. Although, she supposed, winter did have its advantages, like sharing a blanket with someone you loved or sipping hot cider in front of the fireplace. Or enthusiastic young lovers showing up at your door in the middle of a storm as a holiday gift. Her smile turned a bit rueful at that and she shook her head.

Speaking of loved ones she glanced to her side at the driver’s seat where Sofia almost casually lounged, one hand upon the steering wheel and the other resting on the stick shift as she navigated the country highway. Unlike her own rather plain attire, a comfortable white blouse unbuttoned over a tank top and a pair of khaki capris, the statuesque blonde wore nothing but a bikini top and a pair of shorts, dark sunglasses perched upon her nose to shield her eyes from the glare and hair casually twisted into a bun as if she could not be bothered to spend and more time on it. Roxanna felt her smile widen just a little more as she allowed her eyes to roam over her lover’s body, not even trying to hide her attention. The somewhat daring outfit certainly drew attention to Sofia’s strong arms and shoulders as well as displaying her toned torso and legs beautifully, to say nothing of the way the top struggled to contain her marvelous breasts. While the blonde certainly had no qualms about showing off her body Roxanna knew that was only half the reason she was wearing so little, merely a pleasant side effect. In some ways Sofia was her opposite and one of the most obvious of those ways was her own dislike of the heat. Cold did not much bother Sofia, she practically delighted in the snow and had no trouble answering the door barefoot, but the heat? She very much did not like the heat save for stretching out under the sun after a nice cool swim. She had learned to endure it, of course, much as Roxanna had learned to live with the cold but that did not change her opinion on the matter. Case in point, as far as Roxanna was concerned today was a gloriously beautiful day, pleasant and even slightly cool, but Sofia had chosen to wear as little as possible using the heat and the fact that they were going on vacation so she might as well dress the part to justify her decision. Of course, given her penchant for swimming nude, Sofia didn’t need much excuse to start taking her clothes off and while she certainly found it amusing Roxanna equally certainly had no objections either.

After an indeterminate amount of time studying that perfectly sculpted form, Sofia very much acting as if she didn’t notice all the while shifting her body just slightly to give a better view, Roxanna at last tore her gaze reluctantly away and cast it back out the front windshield to the world beyond. Truth be told it felt glorious to be out of the house, riding the roads to locations unknown (well not exactly unknown of course, but it still felt that way) with no responsibilities or schedules to keep. It really had been too long since she’d taken a true vacation and not some sort of business trip. It truly felt wonderful and despite her stiff joints and aching muscles from being cooped up in the car for hours Roxanna found that she could not contain a growing sense of excitement as she watched the scenery roll by. And now, after winding their way south for most of the day, she could already spot palmetto trees in the distance and, even though she was certain it was just her imagination, the gentle warm breeze seemed to carry just a hint of salt. The ocean was close, she knew it in her bones. Squirming just a little in her seat, stiff muscles protesting the action, Roxanna took a deep breath, savoring the scent and felt her smile return. It was a faint thing, a distant memory, but the warmth and the sun and the salt all combined in a way that made her think of distant Mediterranean shores and a misspent youth wandering the beaches and overlooking the endless blue sea from atop rocky cliffs. Good memories, if bittersweet.

It was Sofia’s voice that cut through the daydreams and drew her back to the here and now, “Thinking deep thoughts, dorogoy?”

Glancing to her left Roxanna shrugged with one shoulder, “Just thinking how wonderful it is to be out of the house.”

Sofia chuckled, “I tell you these things, dorogoy. A vacation will do you some good after a winter stuck inside.”

Roxanna could only nod absently, “I can smell the salt in the air, feel the heat on my skin, I… It has been far too long since I have seen the ocean, I had not realized how much I had missed it.” she reached out and placed a hand on Sofia’s, “Thank you, stríngla.”

Lifting her hand up from the stick shift, taking Roxanna’s with it, Sofia kissed her knuckles gently, “It has been my pleasure, dorogoy.”

Roxanna smiled softly and squeezed Sofia’s fingers, “You are too good to me.”

“Nonsense.” Sofia protested with a smile of her own, “But I do hope that the girls will appreciate our surprise as well.”

With a nod Roxanna withdrew her hand gently. Now that was the question, wasn’t it? Ever since Christmas the two of them had been trying to think of something special to do for Brianna, a way to show how much they appreciated her. Even now Roxanna could see it in her mind’s eye, the way that beautiful and bold and yet in some ways still shy young woman had stripped down, swaying and twisting her body in ways designed to catch the eye, to show off her new tattoos, seeking the approval of the one’s she loved. The flowers had not exactly been a surprise, but Roxanna had been touched by the symbolism. She did know flower language, or at least enough of it to recognize what blue roses symbolized: love at first sight and achieving the impossible. To her eyes the message had been clear, not just a simple declaration of love but rather a thank you, a deep and heartfelt thanks for accepting her and her love, for welcoming her and loving her in turn. She could not help but be touched by that. But then Brianna had held up her hand, showed off the tiny heart on her ring finger and Roxanna did not ever think she would forget how it had taken her breath away. To bear a symbol like that on the finger that traditionally held a wedding ring, in the same blue as the roses… Well, it did not take a genius to understand the declaration being made there, though with a trembling smile the girl had vocalized it anyway. Promising to be theirs forever, and silently begging them to accept. In the face of such earnestness, such love, how could they not?

Truth be told, it still surprised Roxanna, and warmed her heart just a little, at how quickly and how easily Brianna had become a part of their lives, and how natural it felt to hold and kiss and love the girl. She also could not deny that Brianna’s incredible submissiveness and her eagerness to try new things was an immense turn on in and of itself. Case in point, as a Christmas gift Sofia had told the girl that the debt of her punishment had been paid, that she was no longer required to be locked in chastity, and while Brianna had certainly been grateful at the time on the last day of vacation she had come over and practically begged to be belted again. It hadn’t exactly been a surprise, both she and Sofia had assumed that their chastity games would continue in some form, after all in the months they had been together it was no great secret that Brianna loved to be bound and craved being controlled, but they had apparently underestimated the intensity of that desire. Another wonderful discovery about the equally wonderful young woman they were privileged to love. Of course they had happily complied with that request, carefully locking their slave away once again and, as a test of resolve, had not allowed Brianna to cum since but if the girl in any way regretted her decision she had shown no signs of it.

And to think, if that amazing young woman had not marshaled the courage to walk into their backyard and attempt a clumsy seduction of Sofia, awkwardly but honestly confessing her feelings when called up on it, none of this would have happened. It truly was funny the way the world worked sometimes. Glancing over at Sofia again she felt herself smile at that thought, well aware that it wasn’t the first time the world had surprised her and that, at the time, she never could have guessed that her first meeting with the beautiful blonde would blossom into all the wonderful things it had become.

Realizing that she had not yet answered Sofia’s implicit question Roxanna shook her head slightly to clear it, “I do not think there is any danger of that, stríngla. It will be a wonderful week, you and I will make certain of that.”

Sofia’s grin grew just a touch mischievous at that declaration and she gave a firm nod before turning her attention back to the road. Truth be told it had actually been Brianna’s idea to take this trip, though she did not actually know that and, thus far, they had decided not to share that particular tidbit. It had been an innocuous thing, a casual comment during one of the many phone calls they had shared over the last few months that Spring Break was coming up and that she would like to visit during her time off from school. They had agreed of course, more than delighted to see Brianna again and get a chance to spend some quality time together after months apart, but that comment had also planted the seed of an idea. Between the pair neither Sofia nor Roxanna had really ever given much thought to Spring Break. Sofia herself had never attended university and Roxanna’s school days were well behind her, moreover the little corner of the world they had made their own was hardly a tourist hot spot and so the event generally passed them by quietly. But both were well aware of that particular right of passage among students and not long after that phone call the metaphorical light bulb had gone off. Brianna had been so kind as to surprise them by making a trip to their home for Christmas so why not return the favor after a fashion? And so they had scrambled to make plans to take a true vacation, to surprise Brianna with a trip, not to some crowded beach or tourist trap but to someplace quiet, someplace away from the world where they could truly be alone and be themselves, together. It hadn’t been easy, of course, but both Sofia and herself were determined people and it was good to have friends. And that hard work had paid off. They had managed to find a location and make arrangements for lodgings despite the difficulties, but the excitement in Brianna’s voice when they’d sprung that particular surprise, especially when they had made it known that Claudia had managed to secure enough time off to join them as well? That had made it all more than worthwhile.

Closing her eyes, Roxanna allowed herself to drift. In her mind’s eye she could see their destination, even if all she had to go on were pictures, a quaint cabin tucked into a hillside overlooking an isolated little stretch of beach too far away from any major cities or important locations to be widely known. A place just for the four of them, at least for the next few days. She made a mental note to thank Kiera again for her assistance, marveling a little at how she’d found this place, and wondering where she’d heard of it from. Ah, no matter. That was a thought for the future. Right now she simply allowed herself to daydream, smiling as she imagined all the games they could play without prying eyes to worry about and wondering at the possibilities that a private beach and kilometers of wilderness in every direction might provide. The mind boggled, but Roxanna liked to think of herself as a creative soul and was certain that she could rise to the challenge.

At some point daydreams became true dreams when Roxanna managed to nod off despite the discomfort of the passenger seat, dreaming of things to come. She could not say exactly when she fell asleep, or for how long, but the next thing she knew Roxanna felt a hand gently shaking her shoulder. Starting awake and sitting bolt upright, she instinctively looked to her left to see Sofia’s amused face, hand still on her shoulder, the blonde’s sunglasses pushed up onto her head and the world painted in the brilliant red shades that only late afternoon or early morning could bring.

“Welcome back to the world, dorogoy.” Sofia teased gently, “We have arrived. Perhaps you would like to stretch your legs?”

Wincing slightly at the kink in her neck and reaching up to rub sore muscles with her hand, Roxanna returned the smile and glanced out the window at the cabin they were parked in front of. The place certainly did not disappoint and as she ran her eyes over the squat building made of knotty pine tucked away amid the brush and trees, her smile widened. It was like something out of a book, with real cedar shingles covering the roof while a low, wide porch enclosed with spindly railings of the same gnarled pine loomed open and inviting. Thin white curtains covered the large windows while numerous bushes, flowers and vines planted along the foundation crawled up the sides and helped to make the place look like a part of nature that had been here forever. It was perfect.

“Marvelous” she whispered, not aware she had spoken aloud at first.

“Indeed.” Sofia agreed, “Your friend did not disappoint. I will start to bring the luggage inside if you would check the trunk?”

Roxanna just nodded, reaching up to pat the hand still resting on her shoulder, before opening the door to stiffly climb outside. Sofia climbed out a moment later and as the blonde opened the back door to begin pulling suitcases and packs from the back seat, Roxanna pressed her hands against the small of her back and spared a moment to pop her spine even as she took another deep breath. The smell of trees and flowers and the much stronger scent of salt washed over her, chasing away any lingering traces of tiredness. Closing her eyes for a moment to relish the sensation she strained her ears and was certain she could hear the gentle lap of waves upon the shore. Reluctantly opening her eyes again Roxanna adjusted her shirt, watching Sofia work out of the corner of her eye and admiring the way toned muscles moved under her skin, as she slowly limped around the back of the car. Hearing the latch pop as she approached, and nodding her thanks to Sofia who just grinned and got back to work, Roxanna carefully lifted up the trunk’s hatch and smiled down at the precious cargo within.

“Enjoy the trip, my dears?” she asked, loudly enough to catch the attention of their passengers.

At the sound of her voice both Brianna and Claudia, curled up together in tight bondage, began to squirm and moan into their gags. For a moment Roxanna just stood there and watched, letting her eyes run over the sight before her. The trunk had been carefully lined with folded up blankets to ensure it was suitably padded and the cargo within protected, though Sofia had also taken care to drive slowly and take back roads when possible, which was one of the reasons the trip had taken as long as it had. As well, they had taken care this morning to hide ice packs under the blankets to make certain that the girls would not overheat, an important concern given the increasingly warm weather and how thoroughly they were bound. Mirroring the last time the four of them had been together both Brianna and Claudia had been encased in latex catsuits, their faces hidden beneath hoods before being cocooned in tape to render every centimeter of their bodies, save their breasts, completely covered. Blindfolds and heavy panel gags finished the encasement, rendering them helpless and unable to do much of anything except wriggle in their mummification. To add to the experience, and to prevent them from becoming bored, each girl had a small battery pack taped to their hip with thin wires disappearing under the suits to power vibrators that were teasing the both of them relentlessly, carefully calibrated to keep them on the edge. Small openings in their gags ensured they could breath no matter what, and also allowed them to take fluids throughout the day as they’d stopped periodically to make certain their passengers were, well not exactly comfortable, but at least safe as well as check the tightness of their bondage and the charge of their batteries. Finally, for convenience, both of them had been fitted with catheters, the slender rubber tubes snaking from between their legs to reservoirs taped in place on their thighs, ensuring that they did not need to be unbound for a good long while.

At some point the two had nuzzled together, pressing their tightly encased bodies against each other as they fought their bonds, Claudia resting her head on her slightly taller companion’s shoulder. Whether it was out of a desire for companionship and comfort, or just a concession to the somewhat small space they had been confined in, Roxanna found the sight both adorable and arousing. Even now as the two girls tried to look up at her, blind and faceless behind the tight rubber hoods covering their heads, they continued to squirm and writhe in frustration, the soft buzzing of their vibrators surprisingly loud though perhaps that was just her imagination. As they twisted against each other Roxanna could see their pinned arms straining as they fought against the bondage, though whether it was to try and escape or to try and get their hands between their legs to relieve the frustration pulsing within them she could not say. Not that it mattered, as tightly wrapped as they were they had no hope of either. Roxanna felt her smile grow just a touch wicked as she imagined just how desperately horny the pair had to be at this point. While they had been driving all day both Brianna and Claudia had been sealed up early last night, nearly twenty hours ago now after an evening of slow and sensuous lovemaking, a final gift before the true games began. While both of the girls had known that an extended period of encasement was coming up, Brianna had tentatively broached the subject weeks before and Claudia, sensation junkie that she was, was willing to endure alongside her for moral support, neither of them had expected it to start so soon. Even now Roxanna could feel a heat grow between her own legs as she remembered helping to carry the squirming bundles to the car this morning, both girls moaning and writhing desperately. There were times when she wondered about herself, and how much pleasure she drew from teasing and edging her lovers only to deny them at the last moment but, having been blessed with two willing and eager submissives who seemed to enjoy it just as much as she did (even if they tended to complain at the time) she did not linger on the matter.

After a few moments of simply watching the beautiful sight Roxanna carefully reached down and stroked the shiny black rubber that covered Brianna’s hair. Almost instantly the girl stilled at her touch, “Easy now, korítsi. We have finally arrived. Sofia and I will help you inside shortly. Please stay still, we would hate to drop you.”

Brianna twisted her head slightly, pressing herself more firmly against the hand still petting her brow, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh.”

“Good girl.” Roxanna offered before turning her attention to Claudia, “And you, my dear? I trust you will also behave yourself?”

Claudia seemed to groan, arching her back as she tried one last time to move her arms before collapsing and nodding her head, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh.”

“Excellent.” withdrawing her hand Roxanna could not help herself, “Don’t go anywhere, my dears. We will be right with you.”

Gagged as they were she was not certain if they groaned or chuckled at the, admitted poor, joke but as she straightened up Roxanna caught sight of Sofia striding out the front door and back over to the car. As she circled around to the open trunk the blonde wrapped an arm around Roxanna’s waist, pulling her closer and planting a kiss on her cheek before smiling down at their bound companions.

“I trust everything is well, dorogoy?” she asked.

“It would seem that our passengers survived.” Roxanna returned, a playful hint to her voice as she allowed herself to lean into that embrace, “Though I suspect they might appreciate being made a bit more comfortable.”

Sofia’s grin widened and she chuckled a bit, “You may be right.”

Dropping the embrace Sofia reached into the trunk with a great deal of care and took Claudia by the shoulders, gently lifting her upright. Roxanna moved to the side and took the girl’s feet and the two carefully lifted her out of the car together and began to carry her into the house. As they walked, carefully watching their step as they navigated the porch stairs, Roxanna had to fight down a smirk at the thought of what they must look like had anyone actually been watching the display. Probably like the introduction of a particularly salacious porno, or a very kinky kidnapping, which wasn’t necessarily wrong, but did it still count as kidnapping if your victims were both eager and willing participants? As the pair passed through the front door and began to move toward the back house, Claudia’s prone form still slung between them, Roxanna spared a moment to look around. The cabin was much smaller than their own home, which was to be expected, but it somehow felt bigger despite that. The front room, kitchen and hall all flowed together to form one large space while tall vaulted ceilings towered overhead. Every surface from the floors to the walls to the ceiling were paneled in clear varnished wood, exposed roof beams and wrought iron fittings lending it all a very rustic feel. Rugs were scattered about the space and a pair of couches facing a fireplace made of smooth river stone, flanked on either side by small tables, filled the living room making it seem warm and comfortable. The kitchen beyond was brightly lit, stainless steel appliances and polished stone countertops crammed into the space along with ornately trimmed cabinets. It was beautiful, different from what she was used to and not how she would personally decorate a house, but still lovely and a nice change of pace for a few days.

Noticing her wandering eye Sofia grinned, “Kiera certainly has good taste.”

“She has her moments.” Roxanna conceded, though her lips quirked into a slight smile even as she did.

Carrying their gift wrapped captive down the wood-paneled hallway Sofia steered the way into a small but well appointed bedroom. A dresser and nightstand next to a wide wood-framed bed filling the space while a large curtained window flooded the room with afternoon light. Carefully laying Claudia down on one side of the bed, Sofia leaned over and gently stroked the girl’s cheek while Roxanna carefully checked to make sure none of the wires or tubes had come loose. Satisfied with their inspection the pair made their way back outside and repeated the process with Brianna’s equally helpless form, carrying her down the hallway and setting her down right next to Claudia.

Dorogoy?” Sofia asked suddenly, breaking the silence that had thus far been filled only by footsteps and the soft buzz of vibrators, “Would you be so kind as to grab the last bags while I start unpacking? We should leave the girls to enjoy themselves.”

Roxanna bit her lip to hide a grin as she watched the two bound forms settle into place, pressing their bodies together again, clearly glad to be laying down on the soft mattress but also squirming in frustration. Still, she nodded at the request, “Of course, stríngla.”

Sofia smiled at her, “I will be in the master bedroom, it is at the end of the hall.”

Making her way out of the room and limping down the hall, the sore muscles in her back and legs finally working themselves loose, Roxanna passed back out through the living room, gently trailing her fingers along the back of one of the couches, admiring its plush texture before walking back out onto the porch. Once there she paused, sparing a moment once again to appreciate the impressive vista they had been blessed with. Surrounded by wilderness on all sides, the call of birds and the distant crash of waves filling the air, for a brief instant Roxanna could imagine that they were the only people on earth. No responsibilities, no schedules, no work, nothing but each other and all the time in the world to enjoy themselves. It was a heady feeling. Sighing contentedly she slowly made her way back down the steps and onto the gravel drive. Crossing over to the car she closed the trunk before slowly circling the vehicle, checking each of the doors and that neither of them had left anything behind on the dash before reaching into the back seat and pulling out a pair of duffle bags. Slinging the bags over her shoulders she checked the back one last time before shutting the door and heading inside. Closing and locking the cabin’s front door behind her Roxanna made her way back down the hall looking for the master bedroom, although she paused for a heartbeat at the guest room’s doorway to watch the moaning and squirming bundles on the bed as Brianna and Claudia desperately tried in vain to find some relief.

Smiling a little at the display, Roxanna reluctantly tore her attention away and continued to limp down the hallway. Just as Sofia had promised, the master bedroom was set at the very end and, for the most part, it looked much like the guest room she had just left behind. A little larger and with more windows, as well as an attached half-bath, but cozy and comfortable all the same. At the moment their suitcases were spread out wide open on the bed while Sofia busied herself tucking cloths and other knick knacks into the dresser. Setting the bags down besides the open cases Roxanna crept around the bed to embrace Sofia from behind, relishing the feel of the blonde’s muscled torso and smooth skin under her touch. Pausing what she was doing Sofia gently placed her calloused hands on top of Roxanna’s own soft ones, swaying her hips slightly before twisting her head to glance over her shoulder. Roxanna met her half way and their lips met in a soft kiss.

“Feeling affectionate, dorogoy?”

Roxanna hmmed softly, “To spend all day unable to touch you, unable to kiss you, while you are dressed like this? You should appreciate my self control in not simply ripping your clothes off right now.”

Sofia smirked at that, “My, my dorogoy, if you wished to see me naked you had only to ask and I would have gladly put on a show.”

“What?” Roxanna asked, playfully, “While driving, stríngla?”

“If you were willing to make it worth my while.” Sofia returned, equally playfully.

Roxanna actually snorted as she suppressed a laugh, “Perhaps on the way back Brianna or Claudia would be willing to go down on you while driving, they are both young and flexible after all, but that would be murder on my spine.”

Turning gently in her grasp Sofia kissed her again, a wicked smile on her lips, “I would hate to do anything that would injure your flexibility, dorogoy.”

“Enough talk.” Roxanna whispered, harshly, “I need you, right now.”

Sofia wet her lips, “We still need to unpack…”

Roxanna leaned forward and kissed her again, harder this time, “You could have me, right here and now, and you would prefer to work? I do not believe you, stríngla.”

That seemed to do the trick and as the last of Sofia’s self control fell away Roxanna felt herself swept up in a tight embrace, lips upon her own in a fierce kiss as she was pushed back toward the bed. As they practically stumbled backwards Sofia’s hands clumsily slid her blouse off of her shoulders and Roxanna could feel hands reach down to cup her ass playfully before sliding up her back and under her shirt, pulling it up to reveal that she had neglected to wear a bra today. With a sweeping gesture their mostly empty suitcases crashed to the floor and they fell back onto the mattress. As they did Roxanna managed to run her hands up Sofia’s sculpted torso and practically ripped the bikini top from her chest to expose her perfect breasts, kneading those soft mounts with her fingers and teasing the woman’s hard nipples, eliciting a moan as she worked the blonde’s sensitive spots. Straddling her now Sofia reached down and finished tugging off her lover’s tank top before Roxanna placed her hands on the woman’s back and played her fingers down her spine, making the blonde shiver in pleasure, before slipping her shorts down her hips. With fingers made clumsy by excitement Sofia struggled to unbutton Roxanna’s pants and eventually she reached down to help, wiggling her hips to work the capris off, kicking away the garment to leave her body clad only in a simple black thong.

Sofia leaned down to kiss her again and Roxanna closed her eyes, kissing her back as she felt a hand tangle in her hair and another gently caress her side, playing along her ribcage and down onto her hip. The heat of Sofia’s body looming above her and those soft lips on her own were heavenly and Roxanna felt herself moan even as she pulled the blonde’s hair out of its bun and carded her fingers through those locks as they curtained around them both, massaging the sensitive spots along Sofia’s scalp as she did so. The other woman practically purred into the kiss at her touch and Roxanna smiled a bit at the reaction. While it was true that both she and Sofia were very dominant people when the two of them were together that didn’t seem to matter. It honestly amused her, just a bit, the few times she had watched Claudia and Brianna together, the way the two submissives playfully fought to dominate each other, but when she was alone with Sofia there was none of that. Perhaps it was a result of the years they had spent together, perhaps it was because of the special place each had in the other’s heart, or maybe they just got it all out of their systems playing with Brianna and Claudia, but whatever the case when they made love it was simply a meeting of two people, each earnestly seeking to give the other pleasure.

Roxanna’s introspection was cut short when Sofia’s lips suddenly left her own and she found her hands tightening their hold on the blonde’s shoulders as the other woman began to kiss along the edge of her jaw and neck, teeth scraping sensitive flesh. Sofia’s lips suddenly locked onto her throat, sucking hard in a way guaranteed to leave a mark, and Roxanna gasped at the sensation only to bite her lip to suppress another moan as she felt her underwear being pushed aside and a pair of strong fingers slide into her wet and eager pussy. Her body clenched around the intrusion as Sofia began to thrust into her, her fingertips exploring the velvet heat within to touch all the right spots. Roxanna gasped at the sensation, only to arch her back with a loud moan as she felt a calloused thumb reach up to brush against her aching clit in a vaguely circular motion. One of the things Roxanna had hated most, after her injuries, was the way that most people seemed to treat her like she was made of glass but Sofia had been the first to truly understand that just because she was scarred she was not going to break. As the fingers within her began to thrust, faster and faster, the thumb on her clit pressing down harder and harder, Roxanna moaned even louder and ran her hands down onto Sofia’s strong back, pulling the other woman’s body down on top of her own, forcing their breasts to touch and reveling in the feel of all that soft, warm skin against her own. Eyes clenched shut, Roxanna squirmed and writhed and moaned as Sofia’s pace quickened and then quickened again until the dam within her burst and the olive-skinned woman threw back her head and screamed, body quaking as an orgasm washed over her, muscles tightening hard around Sofia’s fingers as she did. Sofia instantly slowed her pace as soon as her lover came, but did not stop completely, thrusting into her two or three more times as Roxanna rode the wave of aftershocks.

Almost whimpering as she felt those talented fingers slip from her body Roxanna spent a moment just clinging to Sofia, breathing hard as she slowly came down. When she finally opened her eyes, blinking away faint tears, she looked up to see Sofia smirking down at her, clearly pleased with the results of her performance. Smiling slyly at her lover Roxanna took her by the shoulders again and, in an unexpected move, flipped them both over until she was the one straddling the blonde’s shapely body, confusion written on Sofia’s face at the sudden change of position. Smile widening, and not giving her a chance to recover, Roxanna tangled her fingers in Sofia’s hair and leaned down to kiss her, hard, doing her best to pour all of her love, all of her thanks, into that kiss. The message seemed to be received as, when she pulled back again, Sofia was smiling and a bit flushed. Kissing the woman on the cheek, then along her jaw and throat Roxanna began to work her way down the perfect body stretched out beneath her. The blonde squirmed a little at the feel of those lips, moaning softly at the sensation as feather light kisses trailed along her collarbone and then down her sternum. Removing her hands from the woman’s hair, Roxanna cupped both of her lover’s breasts, squeezing gently before taking a nipple between her teeth and biting softly before sucking with her lips. Sofia did moan at that, arching her back and thrusting out her chest as her own hands played down Roxanna’s spine to cup her ass and massage her shapely figure. Switching breasts, Roxanna spent a few more moments worshiping her lover’s chest before resuming her journey, running her tongue along Sofia’s ribcage before branding her stomach with a series of kisses, working ever lower until finally reaching her destination.

With but the slightest touch Sofia eagerly spread her toned legs to display her cleanly shaved sex. Pausing a heartbeat to admire her lover’s body Roxanna gently brushed her fingers over Sofia’s damp sex, exploring her curves and folds and drawing forth the most delightful little moans of pleasure and anticipation. Eventually, deciding she had teased the woman enough, Roxanna brushed back her long mahogany hair and bent down to capture Sofia’s pussy in a kiss. The blonde actually jumped slightly at that, perhaps not expecting Roxanna to go down on her, but quickly moaned in delight, clenching fistfuls of blanket in her hands as the olive-skinned woman licked and teased her labia before that soft and skillful tongue began to gently swirl around her throbbing clit. Roxanna spent several agonizing moments teasing and exploring her lover before finally taking Sofia’s clit between her lips and sucking while at the same time sliding her own fingers into the woman. Sofia cried out, moaning in delight at the sensation and grinding her hips as she silently begged her lover for more. Roxanna was happy to oblige, using her tongue to enhance the performance even as she curled her fingers slightly to reach just the right spot, pleased at the way Sofia’s strong muscles clenched around her as she did. Normally it took a great deal of effort to bring Sofia to climax, the blonde’s impressive physical stamina translating to that department as well, but it was a testament to both how worked up she was, as well as the skills that Roxanna had earned through long practice, that within moments the beautiful blonde’s hips bucked hard and her back arched in a way that looked almost painful as she howled in ecstasy.

Smiling, perhaps a bit smugly as Sofia collapsed in a boneless heap, Roxanna spared a moment to lick her lover clean, enjoying the familiar taste of the other woman’s body before crawling over her prone form to cup her cheek in one hand and bend down for another kiss. Although still spent, Sofia returned the kiss eagerly, smiling widely as Roxanna settled down next to her, laying at her side and throwing an arm over her body in a soft, half-embrace. For several timeless moments the two just lay there, basking in the warmth of each other and the lingering afterglow. Smiling softly, Roxanna closed her eyes and sighed as she felt Sofia’s arm curl around her body and a hand settle onto her right hip, fingers gently caressing her skin and absently tracing the scars found there. It was something that Sofia did often, probably almost unconsciously now, tracing her scars. Once upon a time Roxanna could not fathom that anyone would want to even look at her much less touch her but with each gentle caress, each tracing of the marks that ran across her body, Sofia reaffirmed something she had told Roxanna again and again until the olive-skinned woman had finally believed it, that she was beautiful regardless of the marks she carried. As frustrating and borderline childish as she could be at times Sofia was still perhaps the most amazing person Roxanna had ever met and she owed the woman more than she could ever possibly repay for her kindness and her love. In silent thanks Roxanna tightened her grip and snuggled deeper into Sofia’s shoulder and, in turn, the blonde held her equally tightly in silent acknowledgment.

After a long moment Sofia finally caught enough breath to speak, “Feeling better, dorogoy?”

“Much better now, stríngla.” Roxanna replied, lazily, before kissing Sofia on the cheek, “I love you.”

“I know.” Sofia answered, smiling a little at the pout that Roxanna gave her, “And I love you.”

Roxanna hummed softly and lazily traced her fingers over Sofia’s skin, “Do you think the girls heard that?”

Sofia chuckled, “Dorogoy, I think everyone back home heard that.”

“You are rather loud.” Roxanna agreed with a smirk.

Sofia seemed to accept that, not in the least embarrassed, but her own smirk clearly communicated that she was not the only one. Even so, she changed the subject, “Speaking of the girls, how much longer do you think we leave them as they are?”

Roxanna half shrugged as best she could in her current position, “At least one more day, more if they misbehave.” she smiled thinly, “Brianna needs to learn to be careful what she wishes for, yes?”

“So cruel.” Sofia mused playfully, amusement dancing in her eyes.

“You cannot say that it does not turn you on.” Roxanna returned.

“I did not say that.” Sofia agreed, “But I must ask, have you any plans?”

“Not really.” Roxanna admitted, “I thought it best if we simply see where the weekend takes us. There are plenty of trails, perhaps a nice long bondage walk and picnic.”

“That will be tricky.” Sofia warned, concern written on her face, “I know it is difficult for you to walk long distances.”

“I will be fine.” Roxanna assured, “As long as I stretch properly and take plenty of breaks.” she smiled then, “And I am certain there will be enough landmarks and trees to play a few games here and there while we wait.”

Sofia nodded in agreement, “We should go down to the beach at some point as well.”

“We should.” Roxanna said with a much brighter smile, “To lay on the beach or swim in the ocean… It has been far too long. Though as pale as Brianna and Claudia are we will need to be careful.”

“True enough.” Sofia agreed, “Plenty of sunscreen and an umbrella I should think. We would not want to leave, ah, difficult to explain tan lines.”

Roxanna laughed softly, “Indeed not. If I had my way they would not be unbound for a moment longer than necessary.”

“I have no objections to that.” Sofia interjected.

Letting the conversation drop, Roxanna laid her head down on Sofia’s shoulder with a contented sigh, “I think I could very comfortably never move from this spot.”

“I have no objections to that either.” Sofia teased, “But I think it would grow awkward eventually. Despite your, very convincing, arguments I do need to finish unpacking and, I do not know about you dorogoy, but I am starving.”

“It has been a long day and we have just expended a great deal of energy.” Roxanna mused and then reluctantly began to pull away, “I will go make you something to eat then, it is the least I can do. Any requests?”

Still stretched out lazily on the bed Sofia just shook her head, “Surprise me, dorogoy, I have yet to be disappointed by your prowess in the kitchen.”

Roxanna smirked as she sat up and stretched her shoulders, “My mother did always say I would make a fine wife one day.”

Sofia chuckled at that and shook her head again, this time in amusement, “One thing though, dorogoy. Would you be so kind as to check on the girl’s before you get started?”

“Of course, stríngla.” Roxanna agreed as she stood up, glancing back to admire Sofia’s nude form, “It is no trouble.”

Stretching again Roxanna took a moment to slip off her now damp underwear, making sure to bend over suggestively as she did in order to put on a show, smiling to herself as she watched Sofia’s gaze follow her out of the corner of her eye. Pausing only long enough to scoop up one of the satchels that had been shoved to the floor in their haste, she slung the bag over her shoulder and stalked from the room, stopping at the door in order to blow Sofia a kiss, which the woman caught somewhat dramatically with a grin. Smiling back she turned away and limped the short distance down the hallway to the guest room. Reaching her destination at last, Roxanna slipped in through the door frame, flipping on the lights as she did since by now the sun had set enough to cover the room in long shadows. Not that the two occupants could tell, blindfolded as they were. Much as she had left them earlier both Claudia and Brianna were snuggled up together on the bed, squirming as they fought their bondage though some combination of exhaustion, acceptance or perhaps the comfort of the mattress had reduced their struggles to a fraction of what they had been. Then again the two had to be nearing exhaustion at this point. Quickly crossing the room Roxanna carefully set the bag she was carrying on the nightstand then planted on knee on the bed in order to lean over both of the tightly bound girls. The pressure of her leg pressing down on the mattress at last alerted them to her presence and both Brianna and Claudia shifted positions to face her as best they could, moaning to try and get her attention, unsure of exactly who it was that had joined them.

Smiling softly at the sight Roxanna reached out and gently cupped Brianna’s cheek with one hand and stroked Claudia’s brow with the other, “No need to worry, my dears, it is just me. I trust you are enjoying your accommodations?”

Claudia just groaned at that question but Brianna began to struggle more fiercely, practically mewling into her gag, “Hrmrhm mnhhrmhh, N nmmn hr crm! Hrmrhm rmh mm crm!”

Though a great deal of practice Roxanna was quite adept at translating gag-speak and as she watched her poor slave beg her smile sharpened even as she began to caress Brianna’s face, “I know, korítsi, I know. You wish to cum so badly, but do not forget, you cum when we say, not a moment before. Understood?”

Brianna groaned loudly but nodded nonetheless, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh.”

“Good girl.” Roxanna praised, “Now, would either of you like some water?”

Claudia, perhaps resigned to her fate or perhaps simply having a better understanding of what she was in for, simply nodded. Brianna, on the other hand, struggled a bit more, her body writhing on the mattress until she finally collapsed in defeat and nodded in turn. Patting them both playfully on the head Roxanna leaned back off the bed and opened the pack she had brought with her. Digging through the tools and toys she had brought for a few moments before she finally found what she was looking for and brandished a small funnel and a bottle of water. Unscrewing the cap she set the bottle aside on the table for a moment before carefully leaning over the bed again. The gags that Claudia and Brianna were wearing had been chosen for a number of reasons such as their secure fit and relatively small size that would allow them to be worn for extended periods of time without too much discomfort, but perhaps most important was the tube that ran through them. While doubling as an emergency measure to ensure that both girls could breath easily, the primary purpose of that tube was demonstrated now as Roxanna fitted the funnel into place on Brianna gag and carefully gave her a measure of water, pouring slowly and taking frequent breaks to make sure she could swallow without issue. After a few moments she switched over to Claudia and repeated the process. It took a fair amount of time, perhaps twenty minutes in all, but eventually, after moving back and forth several times, both girls had been sufficiently watered and Roxanna put the funnel away, setting the now empty water bottle aside as she did.

Climbing fully onto the bed now Roxanna began to inspect her slaves’ bondage but at the same time decided to have a little fun with it. Exploring Brianna’s body first she ran her hands over the rows and rows of tape that formed a flexible yet inescapable cocoon binding the girl, its smooth surface warm beneath her touch. The girl squirmed under her fingers as Roxanna applied a bit more pressure and ran them over her shoulders and down her sides, teasing the edges of her ribcage and down the curve of her hips and thighs. Brianna moaned and tried to thrust her hips forward, silently pleading with her mistress to touch her more but Roxanna had other ideas in mind. Sliding her hands up the girl’s hip and onto her waist, steadfastly ignoring her pussy in the process, she began to tickle the girl’s sensitive stomach as she worked her way back up, eliciting a strangely muffled giggle from behind the gag. Smirking just slightly at the faint vibrations she could feel through that quaking flesh Roxanna at last homed in on her target. Brianna and Claudia both had been bound in such a way as to leave their breasts bare, the only part of their bodies save the tips of their noses not to be covered, and as she cupped those delicate mounds Brianna stiffened in her bonds and moaned at the touch. Kneading her slave’s breasts, making the girl squirm and moan even louder as she arched her back and pressed into that touch, clearly enjoying the sensation of her mistress’ delicate hands teasing her sensitive skin, Roxanna playfully pinched the girl’s rock hard nipples and tugged gently on her piercings making her moan even louder. While it was true that Brianna liked being touched in just about every way she had always been particularly susceptible to having her boobs played with. Very much enjoying the reactions she was eliciting, Roxanna spent several long minutes teasing and exploring Brianna’s breasts, winding the poor girl up even tighter until she was practically panting and begging again.

“Hrmrhm mnhhrmhh, hrmrhm, hrmrhm!”

Smiling almost cruelly, Roxanna withdrew her touch almost as suddenly as she had offered it, leaning down to kiss the girl’s forehead, but offered nothing else. Brianna threw her head back into the pillow with a frustrated groan but in her current position there was nothing she could do. Switching to the other side of the mattress Roxanna inspected Claudia’s own bindings in turn, again spending several long moments checking the wrappings around her shoulders and chest, before teasing her sides and running her hands along those hips before teasing the slightly smaller girl’s thighs. Wriggling a little under her ministrations Roxanna worked her way back up and traced the faint edges of Claudia’s abdominal muscles before shifting attention to her breasts as well. Much as Brianna had done Claudia moaned under the touch, thrusting her chest forward as Roxanna squeezed and kneaded and caresses her small breasts but her reaction was more subdued overall, squirming just a little as her mistress touched and teased her but staying relatively quiet and holding herself as still as possible. Part of Roxanna wondered if that was just because Claudia was less sensitive, or if she hoped that good behavior might earn a reward sooner and the thought made her smile. Clever girl. Unlikely, but still clever.

Finished with her inspection and somewhat reluctantly climbing off the bed again Roxanna moved to check their battery packs. At first she was a little surprised to see the status lights flashing red, indicating that the batteries were almost out of charge, but in retrospect she supposed it made sense. The vibrators had been running non-stop for almost twenty-four hours now. Digging a pack of fresh batteries out of her bag Roxanna pulled off the tape holding the power packs in place and opened them in order to remove the old batteries. Both girls stiffened slightly in surprise and moaned questioningly as the relentless vibrations within them suddenly ceased for the first time since their encasement had begun. But, if they were expecting some type of reprieve they would be sorely disappointed. Smiling wickedly to herself at what was about to happen Roxanna slipped fresh batteries in and the vibrators roared to life again, much louder. Both girls moaned loudly at the sudden sensation, arching their backs against the vibrations as they resumed their earlier struggles, squirming and moaning and fighting their bonds. It seemed they still had plenty of energy, good to know. As she carefully taped the packs back in place Roxanna had to suppress a chuckle. That certainly explained why the pair had seemed so subdued upon her entry, the sensations must have tapered off as the batteries ran down. Shaking her head, and having only one thing left to do, Roxanna circled to the foot of the bed to check the girls’ catheters. The tubes themselves seemed fine, no signs of leaks or obstructions, but she did note that the reservoirs were nearly full. Putting on a pair of rubber gloves she retrieved a fresh set from her pack and carefully made sure all the valves were shut before disconnecting the old bags and peeling away the tape holding them in place before plugging a fresh set in and securing them.

At last finished with her work she circled back around the bed and stowed all of her supplies, packing away the water bottle to refill later and leaning in once again to give each of the squirming, moaning bundles a kiss on the gag, “I need to start making diner now, my dears. I will bring you something to eat soon, you must be famished.”

Barely listening as the pair moaned and begged, Roxanna padded from the room toward the kitchen, making a brief detour into the bathroom to empty the reservoirs before throwing them, along with her rubber gloves, into the trash. Pausing only long enough to wash her hands she slipped back out into the hallway and rounded the corner into the kitchen. The feeling of cool tile was pleasant on her bare feet, though it took a moment or two for Roxanna’s eyes to adjust to the bright lights, and she had to smile again as she noted that an apron had been left on the counter. Picking up the garment she slipped it over her hand and tied it in place around her waist, barely covering her naked body, before digging through the cabinets for pots and pans and utensils. A moment later she found herself before the open refrigerator, surveying the various groceries that Sofia had put away earlier and pondering over what to make. It was getting late and while late dinners were not unusual for them she was not in the mood for anything too complex but at the same time she wanted to properly inaugurate their first day of vacation with something a little special. After what felt like an eternity of indecision she at last gathered various odds and ends and sat them on the counter to get to work. As she began to chop ingredients and heat up the oven Roxanna felt herself relax a little more. Much like reading, or typing, there was something about cooking that she had always found soothing. The combination of rote and creativity giving rise to unique creations had always been a fascinating process to her and it also always brought back warm memories of learning at her grandmother’s elbow years ago.

Perhaps twenty minutes later, as marvelous smells began to fill the room and the skillet sizzled away, Roxanna felt a pair of strong arms encircle her from behind and a familiar body mold itself to her back. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, tilting her head just slightly to allow Sofia to kiss her neck, Roxanna sighed in contentment.

“You should be careful not to startle the cook.” she teased, softly, “Especially when she is working with hot oil.”

“My apologies.” Sofia whispered, “But you look so beautiful standing here, dorogoy. What am I to do?”

“Flatterer.” she whispered with a smile.

Sofia just kissed her neck again, and then her cheek, “Perhaps. That smells lovely. What are you making?”

Opening her eyes again Roxanna turned her attention back to the stove as she answered, “Spanikopita and tomato fritters.”

She could practically feel Sofia’s grin at that announcement, “Now who is spoiling who, dorogoy?”

“I suppose that would be me.” Roxanna admitted, “But you are just so cute, how can I help myself?”

“Just cute?” Sofia asked, slipping her hands under the apron as her voice became low and breathy, “And not devastatingly sexy?”

Roxanna bit her lip again at the feel of those hands teasing her stomach, “Go set the table stríngla, I am almost finished.”

With a final kiss to the cheek Sofia disentangled herself and as she continued to cook Roxanna could hear the sound of drawers being opened and the clink of dishes and silverware being set down. Perhaps fifteen minutes later she flipped the last of the fritters out of the olive oil and onto a platter before grabbing a towel and pulling the spinach pie out of the oven. Taking a deep breath of the heavenly scent Roxanna carefully carried the food over to the small kitchen table, curious to see that Sofia was nowhere in sight and wondering where she had gone. Shrugging, the blonde would turn up eventually, she set the food down on hot pads before removing her apron and pulling out a chair. No sooner had she finished sitting down when Sofia emerged carrying a pair of wine glasses and a bottle.

Placing the glasses on the table she handed over the bottle with a grin, “A little present for you, dorogoy.”

Frowning slightly in confusion Roxanna reached out and took it, “I am certainly thankful, stríngla, but what is the occasion?” Before Sofia could answer Roxanna’s eyes went a little wide when she read the label, “A real Cretan retsina! Where did you find this?”

With a smile that screamed ‘pleased with herself’ Sofia pulled out a chair of her own and sat down across from her lover, “I have my ways.”

“You shouldn’t have.” Roxanna said even as she got up to fetch a corkscrew.

“I like to do things for you, dorogoy.” Sofia answered simply, warmth in her eyes, before smirking ever so slightly, “And to you.”

Honestly blushing, Roxanna chose to stay silent as she uncorked the bottle, letting it breath for a moment before carrying it back to the table and filling both glasses. As she sat down again and took her glass in hand, Sofia mirroring the gesture, she looked over at the smiling blonde, “What shall we drink to?”

Sofia pondered that for a moment, “To life, to love, and to the kinky young women we are fortunate enough to have in our lives.”

Roxann chuckled, “I’ll drink to that.” she said before raising her glass in a toast, “Eviva.”

Vashe zdorov'ye.” Sofia mirrored.

As she raised the glass to her lips Roxanna closed her eyes and relished the taste of the wine, the faint tang of pine resin standing in stark, but pleasant, contrast to the underlying sweetness. It was an odd flavor, an old flavor, but somewhat like cooking it was a taste that brought back pleasant memories. Setting the glass down with a soft sigh, and gracing Sofia with another smile of thanks which the woman returned, Roxanna proceeded to cut the pie and serve up wedges though Sofia herself wasted no time in snatching up one of the fritters like a kid in a candy shop. Roxanna made it a point not to fry things too often, but on special occasions like this she would indulge with some tomatokeftedes and it still made her smile to see how eagerly Sofia seemed to enjoy them. Early on in their relationship one of the greatest joys they’d had, other than exploring each other physically and emotionally, had been the sharing of cultures as they both broadened their horizons and deepened their bond. And while it was old hat now Roxanna still got a little thrill out of the way Sofia’s face lit up just a bit at the sight of her favorite foods and how her lips curled into a delighted smile at taking the first bite. An experience she was equally glad to be able to share with Claudia and then Brianna now. It was partly because of this that Roxanna had taken it upon herself to do most of the cooking around the house, sharing the foods she had grown up with and putting effort into learning how to make the things Sofia had shared with her, figuring it was the least she could do for the woman who already worked so hard and did so much for her.

Smiling herself and picking up a fork Roxanna chose not to comment as she started eating as well, though she did offer a playful wink after spearing a fritter just as Sofia was reaching for it. Both of them ended up sharing a laugh at that, but as they were already exhausted from the long trip (what was it about riding in a car that sapped one’s energy?) and the late hour, to say nothing of their spontaneous lovemaking earlier, there was little said as they relished the spanikopita and washed it down with sips of wine. Gazing past the counter as the hour grew later and the food slowly vanished, the fading sunset gradually disappearing through the large windows of the living room, Roxanna felt her smile grow. Such a simple thing, really, but it truly was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Still, the moment ended eventually and after they had both eaten their fill Roxanna stood to begin clearing the table, Sofia quietly helping her put away the leftovers before they moved the plates and pans and silverware into the sink. Standing side by side as they shared the task of washing and drying the dishes, a task they often shared in the late hours of the evening, Sofia suddenly spoke.

“That was wonderful, dorogoy. Thank you.”

Quickly giving the other woman a kiss on the cheek, Roxanna casually brushed her hair back, “No need to thank me. How did you put it? I enjoy doing things for you, and to you.”

Sofia laughed and hugged her briefly, pressing their naked bodies together, “This was a wonderful idea, dorogoy. It feels good to be away.”

“It does.” Roxanna agreed, “We should be certain to thank Brianna properly for the inspiration.”

Sofia nodded, “I am certain that we can come up with something, though at the moment I am certain I know what she would want.”

“True.” Roxanna conceded with a sly smile and, after luxuriating in that embrace for what felt like a long time, she gradually loosened her grip, “Speaking of, I promised the girls dinner as well. There is some soup in the refrigerator, would you be so kind as to heat it up while I finish the dishes?”

“But of course.” Sofia said with a smile of her own as she withdrew her arms and stepped out of the embrace.

For another moment Roxanna allowed herself the luxury of watching Sofia’s nude form as she dug through the refrigerator, the cool air raising goosebumps on her skin while the back light almost seemed to make her glow. Finally, reluctantly, she tore her eyes away from that lovely sight and returned to the more mundane task of rinsing and drying the last of the plates, not that there were many left. Humming to herself as she worked, by the time Roxanna finished setting the last plate in the rack to dry Sofia had found what she was looking for and was leaning against the counter as she watched the microwave, the container of soup spinning inside as it re-heated. Drying off her hands an idea suddenly occurred to her and Roxanna quietly crossed the distance to embrace her lover again, reversing their earlier positions by pressing herself against the woman’s toned back. As she felt arms encircle her once again Sofia immediately turned in that embrace only to find herself caught in a deep kiss, a kiss she returned gladly as both eagerly lost themselves in the sensation. Tongues eagerly probing as they playfully explored each other’s mouths time simply seemed to slip away until the loud *ding* of the microwave seemed to startle them both back to their senses.

Blushing a bit from the intensity of the kiss Roxanna smiled softly but did not let go, “I am certain that both Brianna and Claudia must be quite hungry. We really should see to them.”

“We should.” Sofia agreed, though at the same time made no move to actually remove herself from Roxanna’s embrace.

Biting her lip for a moment Roxanna finally darted in for a quick, and much softer, kiss before she stepped back with a sigh to fetch some spoons. When she returned Sofia had already poured the soup, a simple broth filled with very finely diced vegetables, into a large ceramic bowl and set it on a tray. As she walked back over the blonde offered a quick kiss of her own, darting in and grinning widely at Roxanna’s surprised reaction before picking up the tray and carrying it from the room. Shaking her head a bit, though smiling as well, Roxanna trailed along behind her out of the kitchen and into the hall, careful to turn off the lights behind them. In stark contrast to the darkened hallway light still poured out of the doorway to the guest room and, as they entered, the bright light from the ceiling fixture made both Brianna and Claudia’s encasement shine like polished stone, strange patterns of glare and shadow playing off the tape as they writhed and squirmed. Walking over to the moaning pair without hesitation, Sofia set the tray down and spent a moment simply admiring the sight, eyes roaming over the two tightly bound young women wriggled helplessly in their bondage.

Limping up beside her, Roxanna once again threw an arm around Sofia’s waist and leaned into her, “A beautiful sight, yes stríngla?”

Sofia nodded while slowly snaking her own arm around Roxanna’s waist in turn and resting a hand on her hip, “Beautiful indeed, dorogoy. I must confess, that seeing them like this? I never want to let them go.”

Both of the bound forms began to squirm even more vigorously, clearly protesting that statement, and Roxanna laughed softly, “That would indeed be something. Not possible, I am afraid, but what a thought.”

Sofia looked her in the eye, still grinning, and she nodded at the silent question, stepping away from her lover and circling over to the other side of the bed. Leaning over she quietly stroked Claudia’s face before carefully unbuckling the panel gag covering her lips and pulling it from her mouth. Across from her Sofia was repeating the process with Brianna, though the blonde also seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to grope the girl’s captive breasts, making poor Brianna squirm even more. The girl had always had very sensitive breasts and very much enjoyed having them played with but, after riding the ragged edge of an orgasm for more than a day Roxanna suspected that, at this point, it was as much a punishment as anything else. Though she could admit that the noises the bound girl made were certainly captivating. Shaking her head again Roxanna set Claudia’s gag aside and looked down at the mummified girl beneath her, her slender form lying mostly still though the occasional twitch betrayed the ongoing work of the vibrator within her, and reached down to stroke her face again. The black latex hood she was wearing covered her face completely but now that the gag was removed the cutout for her mouth was revealed, her thin lips stretched into a small ‘o’ of surprise by the small stainless steel jaw spreader she was wearing, a precaution to ensure that she would remain somewhat gagged no matter what, her white teeth standing in stark contrast to the glossy black encasement that covered almost every centimeter of her. Still gently stroking the girl’s face, as if to calm her, Roxanna looked up to see that Sofia had mostly finished playing with her own captive and carefully set the tray of soup down between them. Nodding again, Roxanna took one of the spoons and began the somewhat delicate process of feeding a woman wearing the equivalent of a ring gag.

Neither spoke as they worked, too focused on making certain not to make a mess as well as moving slowly to ensure that neither girl had a problem swallowing. Thankfully both Claudia and Brianna were both familiar with the procedure, even if Claudia had far more experience naturally, and so it went relatively smoothly. Both girls ate eagerly, clearly quite hungry after the day’s adventures, and after perhaps thirty minutes of carefully feeding them the bowl was empty. As Sofia moved the tray off the bed Roxanna picked up the gag again but as she was about to fit it back into Claudia’s mouth a voice stopped her.

“Do not be so hasty, dorogoy.” Sofia said as she moved to straddle Brianna’s prone form, “I think the girls would appreciate some dessert, wouldn't you agree?”

Glancing down at Claudia’s helplessly wrenched open mouth and then over at Sofia’s position it was not difficult to guess what the woman meant. A smile twisted her lips, “Why stríngla, I believe you might be right.” Carefully maneuvering herself onto the bed, wincing a bit as she strained her hip, Roxanna moved to straddle Claudia’s body in turn and gently took the girl’s face in her hands, “Would you like some dessert, my dear?”

The bound girl nodded as best she could, “Yeh, nhihghuehh!” she forced out around the jaw spreader. So beautiful, so submissive, so eager to please.

“Good girl.” Roxanna whispered as she shifted forward to press her wet and eager pussy against the helpless mouth below her.

Almost instantly Claudia’s tongue was on her and Roxanna was lost, closing her eyes and throwing back her head with a moan. From years of practice Claudia was quite adept at performing oral sex and when that experience and enthusiasm was combined with her twin tongue studs? Roxanna was a big believer in the idea that there was no one ‘correct’ way to make love, when it came to pleasure variety was very much the spice of life, but as much as she enjoyed Sofia and Brianna’s attentions she had never experienced anything else quite like this. The way the girl’s soft, warm tongue traced the curves and folds of her sex, the way she teased by running the lips of her mistress’ labia and her aching clit between those studs as she licked, it was quite simply out of this world. Roxanna eagerly gave herself over to the sensation, arching her back slightly to press down against Claudia’s face even as she cupped her own breasts, teasing and kneading and fondling herself as her slave worked her ever closer to orgasm. She was vaguely aware of Sofia’s own cries of pleasure, the blonde bent over with one hand braced on the mattress and the other gripping the headboard tightly as Brianna serviced her, but that was at best a minor concern compared to the incredible sensations washing over her as Claudia worked. Finally, after what felt like hours of that wonderful tongue teasing and working and pushing her ever close to the edge Roxanna felt herself gasp and her muscles tighten as Claudia pushed inside of her, those studs scraping her g spot with all the talent and precision of someone who knew her body intimately. Arching her back a little more and grinding her hips unconsciously, Roxanna squeezed her own breasts and bit her lip to stifle her moans as she felt an orgasm build within her.

All of a sudden, her eyes snapped open in surprise as she felt hands grip her firmly only to see Sofia, her face flushed and her eyes wild, suddenly lean in and capture her lips in a kiss. Twisted somewhat awkwardly to face her lover she threw her arms around Sofia’s toned form as the blonde’s tongue entered her mouth. Returning that kiss, and eagerly dueling that tongue even as Claudia’s own tongue continued to work her, she felt herself tense and her arms tighten as whatever restraint she’d had left failed and she came. Sofia only kissed her harder in response, swallowing her screams of pleasure and tightening her grip to hold her lover’s quaking body still as an orgasm rocked her in turn. Ever obedient Claudia continued to pleasure her mistress, wrenching a string of orgasms from Roxanna’s body as the olive-skinned woman clung to Sofia’s form and kissed her, almost desperately as she rode the waves of pleasure that seemed to make up her whole world.

After the fact Roxanna could not say when it stopped, her mind honestly seemed to go blank, but when she became aware again she found herself straddling Claudia’s waist again, Sofia’s strong arms around her, rubbing her back gently, as she rested her head against the blonde’s soft bosom. Slowly raising her head she looked up at Sofia’s face, the woman’s skin still sweaty and tinted pink from a lingering flush, and smiled at her. They lips met again, much more softly this time, before Roxanna rested her head on the woman’s shoulder.

“It is interesting, is it not, dorogoy?” Sofia asked softly after a moment.

“Hmm?” Roxanna asked in turn, finding her voice, “What do you mean?”

“These two lovely young women,” Sofia began, “the hornier they are the more… talented their tongues seem to become.”

Roxanna felt herself smile a little at that, true though it was, “You are right, stríngla, that is interesting. And worthy of study. Perhaps we should tease them all week to test it?”

Sofia smirked a little at that, but before she could say anything Brianna, still trapped between the blonde’s legs, began to buck even more fiercely against her encasement, shaking her head and trying to speak around the jaw spreader, clearly not liking the idea one bit. She could sympathize, before this had all begun they had decided on a few days at most and as much as Brianna liked being teased there were limits. Of course, for all of her protests the bound girl had yet to use her safe word and by this point Roxanna was certain that both of their playthings understood when their mistresses were kidding.

“Ah, devushka.” Sofia said with a chuckle as she slowly disentangled herself from the embrace to gag the girl again, “You will cum when we decide, not a moment before. But, be a good girl and we might reward you. Understood?”

Shifting her shoulders a few more times and arching her back as she strained against the tape, Brianna finally fell still and nodded, reluctantly, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh. N rnnmrhhrnn.”

Watching the display with silent amusement, Roxanna bent down to give Claudia a brief kiss of thanks for her performance, gently exploring the helpless girl’s mouth and tasting herself on those lips, before securing her gag back in place as well. With that she slowly lowered herself down onto the mattress until she was laying down between the two girls. Sofia, at this point having climbed off the bed shot her a curious look

Roxanna just smiled, “I am far too exhausted to move, stríngla. Perhaps I will join you in bed when my legs work properly again.”

Sofia laughed softly in turn, “It will be a challenge to sleep alone, but take your time. And I suppose someone should spend the night here.” she leaned over the bed to kiss her, Roxanna’s hands combing through her hair as she did, “Pleasant dreams, dorogoy.”

“Pleasant dreams.” she whispered back softly as the kiss ended.

With another quick kiss Sofia picked up the tray with the empty bowl on it and slowly walked out of the room, turning the lights off behind her as she went, plunging the room into darkness. Sighing softly Roxanna settled in between the bound pair, reaching up to gently stoke Claudia’s face even as she twisted her head to give Brianna a kiss on the temple, “Sleep well, my dears.”

As she leaned back with another contented sigh Roxanna barely heard their muffled replies as the two squirmed in place to press their thoroughly mummified bodies up against her own naked one. Luxuriating in the warmth and smiling at that display of affection, dreaming of what the morrow might bring, Roxanna felt her eyes drift closed almost instantly, the soft moans and tiny twitches of her bound companions lulling her into a deep and happy sleep.


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