The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; rope; oral; collar; spreadeagle; bedtie; gag; strapon; sex; tape; mum; tease; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 9

Ever since stepping out of the shop, into the ever darkening night it had surprised Brianna just how busy the city was even now. Despite the darkness and the cold the town seemed to have come alive, the roads heavy with traffic, even if the pedestrians had mostly vanished, and storefronts blazing with lights. Combined with the passing headlights of other cars and the ubiquitous blinking lights of holiday decorations it felt like passing through a hive of activity, so different than the fierce storm that she had trudged through just a day earlier. Even so, as the car sped on down the streets on their long journey back out into the suburbs Brianna was only vaguely aware of it all, her thoughts drifting in all directions. Honestly it was hard to focus on anything. She felt strangely energized, barely able to contain herself and completely unable to sit still, fidgeting in her seat or bouncing her leg to some non-existent beat. At some point Claudia had turned the radio on in an attempt to fill the silence, neither of them much in the mood to talk it seemed, but even that seemed faint and unimportant, mere background noise to her spinning thoughts. In all honesty Brianna could not say why she felt so energized, almost manic in fact, but the feeling persisted. Perhaps it was the lingering endorphins of her recent brush with the tattoo needle, perhaps it was eagerness to show off her new tattoo to her mistresses, or maybe it was just the same sort of keen anticipation that often filled her when dreaming of games soon to be played. Perhaps it was some heady mix of all three lifting her up into a bundle of twitching energy just waiting to be unleashed. That thought made her smile just a little bit, almost in awe of how much her life had changed in such a short time.

But the one thing that her mind kept returning too, time and time again, was the fresh ink now hidden beneath layers of clothes and bandages. A hot tingling in her skin and a lingering soreness underlined the presence of the tattoo, of course, but it was more than that. Brianna felt good, almost incredibly so, despite the lingering pain. It may have been a minor thing in some ways but finally, after months of thought and consideration and anticipation she had finally taken the step, finally marked herself indelibly not with simple art but with meaningful symbols that she had so painstakingly selected. Symbols that represented everything she had gained and everything she had learned about herself in this crazy journey that felt more like a lifetime than a mere six months. Had it really only been six months? Part of her still could not believe it. And perhaps that also helped to explain her anticipation, her eagerness to share. She hoped her mistresses would understand what she had done and why she had done it, grasped the symbolism she had chosen and why and some part of her trusted that they would, but the waiting was nearly unbearable though she knew from experience that anticipation only made the eventually rewards all the sweeter. And, if nothing else, if there was one thing she had learned it was at least a degree of patience. Glancing over at Claudia, perched behind the steering wheel as she navigated the icy streets, another smile graced her lips. As important as her mistresses were to her Claudia truly was the fulcrum on which so many events in her life seemed to turn, this event in particular, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite her efforts Brianna knew she could never fully express the depths of her gratitude to the woman but she would most definitely try.

“So,” she said at last, both eager to finally break the odd silence that had fallen since their embrace in the waiting room and honestly curious, “is there some sort of story about Zoe?”

A bit startled by the sudden question, Claudia glanced over at her, “What do you mean?”

Brianna shrugged a little, “I mean, I know you haven’t introduced me to a lot of people, but so far they’ve all had some weird, kinky connection to somebody else I sort of know. I just find myself wondering.”

Claudia grinned a little at that, but shook her head, “Nothing so interesting, I’m afraid. I wanted a tattoo and her shop had good reviews. It’s just, you spend as many hours as I have on one of those tables and you get to know the person repeatedly stabbing you with a needle.” She laughed a little, as if at some private joke, before turning her eyes back to the road, “Zoe’s cool, we’ve become friends and I guess we have shared a lot of stories but it’s not like we’re super close or anything.”

Brianna found that she could not help herself, “So she doesn’t moonlight as a dominatrix or dance at Delirium or anything like that?”

Claudia actually laughed out loud, delighted by that and taking a moment to regain control of herself before answering, “It’s never come up, but I guess I could ask next time we talk because that would be pretty awesome.”

Brianna grinned a little herself, easily able to imagine Claudia asking a question like that, “She’s definitely an interesting person. Talented too.”

“In more ways than one.” Claudia added with a waggle of the eyebrows while suggestively cupping a hand against her chest.

Feeling her cheeks heat up slightly, and well remembering getting a very good look at Zoe’s tattooed cleavage, Brianna felt her lips quirk into a slight smile, “I mean, I guess, if you’re into the top heavy goth types.”

“Who isn’t?” Claudia asked, her question playfully rhetorical.

Equally playfully Brianna smacked her on the shoulder, though part of her could not help but agree that if Zoe had been asking she probably wouldn’t have said no. Part of her also wondered exactly what that said about her. Still it was more than just the woman’s, admittedly impressive, physique. “It’s hard to put into words but, I don’t know, I just felt weirdly comfortable there. Zoe, she just has some kind of aura about her, made me relax despite, well, everything. Not bad, just unexpected.”

Claudia nodded, “Yeah, she’s definitely good at making people feel comfortable. Honestly not sure how she does it, but probably a good draw in a business like that.”

“You know,” Brianna added, “at the time I thought it was weird that she didn’t even react when she walked in on me cuffed to the table, but now that I think about it I suppose that’s not even close to the strangest thing she’s ever seen.”

Claudia chuckled again, “Not even by half.”

Brianna waited a moment before speaking again, certain that there had to be more than that, “What, not going to share?”

“Maybe later.” Claudia responded, tone teasing, “If you’re a good girl.”

Brianna rolled her eyes but, despite that, smiled, “You are such a brat.”

“Guilty.” Claudia quipped, clearly not at all ashamed.

Brianna felt her smile widen but chose not to comment, just turning her head slightly to look out the window again as the two of them allowed the silence to return. By now the center of town was behind them, the buildings fading into sparse patches separated by vast empty expanses of parks and barren farm fields as the old Chevy began to snake its way back out into the suburbs. At some point in the day the thick gray clouds that had blanketed the sky had parted to reveal a beautiful panorama of twinkling stars and the bright sliver of a waning moon against the endless black of the night sky. The pale light seemed to paint the world in stark monochrome shades, the seemingly endless waves of snow drifts sparkling like some alien landscape broken up by the spindly forms of barren trees and the much more steady light of the occasional house or tower in the distance. It never ceased to amaze Brianna just how different the world looked at night, especially in the winter and somehow it brought to mind a dozen different ghost stories, an ambiance that the almost unnatural lighting and the distant howl of arctic winds only added to. Shaking aside such random thoughts she just continued to watch silently as the world moved by, stealing occasional glances at Claudia as familiar terrain once again began to slowly reveal itself. The tense energy of anticipation returned with a vengeance when Brianna caught sight of that oh so familiar copse of trees that had always announced home since she was a child, even if she had found that her definition of “home” had changed slightly. By the time Claudia turned into an almost painfully familiar driveway, the snow-clad bulk of 137 North Hickory Lane almost looming before them, she felt as if she might explode from sheer nervous energy.

Claudia wasted no time in throwing the car into park before she practically threw herself out the door, clearly just as excited. Brianna followed, fumbling with the seat belt a time or two with nervous fingers before she managed to release herself from the car’s grip and step back out into the cold. Truth be told she barely felt the chill air as the pair made their way over the shoveled walk and up the steps to the porch. Not even bothering to knock, as soon as she walked up to the front door Claudia simply opened it and barged inside, Brianna hot on her heels, a theme with them now that she thought about it which brought a faintly amused smile to her lips. Like earlier in the day the living room was only dimly lit, though now with the sun down the faint light of the Christmas tree and the handful of dim lamps scattered about lent the room a warm and cozy glow, a look that just felt so very appropriate for the old fashioned feel of the house. Not that Brianna spared much time to consider the aesthetics of it as all of her attention was focused on the sole occupant of the room. Bent down to feed the fire merrily burning away, once again wearing a warm and soft looking flannel shirt, was Sofia. Ever alert, the woman had already turned her head toward the door as soon as it opened, favoring the pair with a smile as she began to stand.

“Welcome back, my dears,” she greeted, warmly as she absently brushed her hands clean on her pants.

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna returned, smiling almost shyly in response as Claudia took her coat.

“I trust everything went well?” the blonde asked.

Claudia answered for them as she hung their coats up, “Yes mistress, everything went perfectly.”

“Wonderful.” Sofia answered, her smile widening, before she turned slightly to shout down the hall, “Dorogoy? The girls are back!”

In her heart of hearts it amused Brianna just a bit the way Sofia acted sometimes, never able to pin down exactly if she just enjoyed messing with people’s expectations or if, on some level, she had just refused to grow up completely. Then again, she supposed that knowing the answer to a mystery made it just a little less special and if there was one thing Brianna knew in her heart of hearts it was that her mistresses were special, in different and similar ways, and she loved them both for it. Glancing at Claudia her smile brightened just a bit, Claudia… Claudia was special too, if in a very different way, and there were moments still when Brianna could not believe how incredibly fortunate she was to have met and be loved by such amazing people. As much as it warmed her heart, Brianna’s introspection was cut short by the sound of someone making their way down the hall, the slightly irregular footfalls a signature of Roxanna’s stiff steps. A moment later the woman herself emerged, having donned her clothes from earlier as well, hair still confined in its thick braid.

The olive-skinned woman smiled softly at the pair as soon as she rounded the corner, though for a split second she shot Sofia a look before shaking her head slightly. Sofia in turn simply smiled back at her innocently and Brianna could swear that she saw Roxanna’s lips twitch just a bit. Shifting her attention back to the pair of girls standing in the entryway she slowly approached but remained silent, as if weighing her words carefully. Finally, as she stood no more than a few steps away from Brianna she spoke, “It is good to have you home, korítsi. I trust you enjoyed your day?”

Brianna nodded with perhaps a bit more enthusiasm than she intended. She wanted to reach out and hug this woman, to confess that she knew the part they had played in the day’s events, to express how truly grateful she was, but in the end all she could manage was a simple, “Yes, mistress. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Roxanna certainly seemed to understand the unspoken words reflected in the blue-haired girl’s eyes and reached out to cup her face, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead before continuing, “You are most welcome. But perhaps you might finally enlighten us as to this mysterious present of yours?”

At first she thought the woman was just playing along, but it occurred to Brianna that even though both she and Sofia knew in broad terms what had transpired Claudia might not have shared all the details. Briefly glancing at the other girl, who just nodded encouragingly, she smiled, “Of course, mistress.”

Grabbing the hem of her dress to pull it up Brianna felt herself freeze as Sofia’s voice suddenly cut in, though it was clear she was speaking to Roxanna, “It would be simpler to just take everything off, wouldn’t you agree, dorogoy?”

“A marvelous suggestion.” Roxanna agreed, even as her smile grew just a touch wicked, “Please undress, korítsi. In the interests of getting a clear view, of course.”

Brianna felt herself blush at the idea, not out of embarrassment, not exactly, being nude in front of her lovers was not exactly a new experience, but rather from excitement. The decision was solidified a moment later when Claudia stepped up behind her and she could feel the other girl’s hands on her shoulders.

As they did a familiar, smokey voice whispered in her ear and sent shivers up her spine, “I’ll help.”

Nodding her agreement Brianna began to awkwardly kick off her boots, casually tossing them aside with flick of the toes as Claudia slowly unzipped the back of her dress. Working one of her arms out of the sleeve Brianna was about to let the garment fall to the floor when she stopped, an idea suddenly occurring to her. If her mistresses were so eager for a show, then why not give them a show? Pressing her free hand to her chest to hold the dress in place, Brianna let a smile curl her lips, doing her best to imitate the seductive grins that Sofia and Roxanna often favored her with, smiles full of promise and hints of deeper things. She doubted that she completely succeeded, lacking the seemingly effortless sensuality the older women possessed, but given how intently they watched her it seemed to be working regardless. Working her other arm free Brianna slowly lowered the dress, exposing her bare breasts and hard nipples, her piercings glinting in the firelight. Bending over slightly she worked the dress lower, down past her rib cage and over her abdomen before bending over even further, shaking her ass just a bit playfully as she slipped the garment past her waist and finally allowed it to fall to the floor leaving her clad in nothing but a set of tights pulled sheer in places around her curves. Even though she could feel her face and chest grow warm with a spreading blush, and it was a little awkward to work her tights down her legs, the looks of appreciation and even open lust she was receiving made it all worthwhile.

At last naked in the firelight, Brianna straightened back up, running her hands up her body and splaying her fingers through her hair before raising her arms over her head and stretching, carefully arching her back to thrust her breasts forward. Closing her eyes and twisting her hips, holding that pose for a just a moment, Brianna slowly crossed her arms and brought her hands down onto her shoulders, sliding them down her chest and cupping her breasts for a brief instant before running her fingers back down her body again and at last pulling away the piece of gauze covered her new tattoo. As she did, shivering a little as cool air rushed over tender skin, she opened her eyes to find her captive audience entranced. In that instant, under those eyes that looked at her as if she were the sexiest creature in the world, Brianna Wilde felt incredible.

Just as quickly the spell broke as Roxanna took a slow, almost hesitant step forward. Reaching out tentatively, as if afraid she might be burned, the older woman gently touched Brianna’s hip before running the tips of her fingers over the ink etched into her skin with infinite softness.

“Beautiful.” the olive-skinned woman whispered, though whether she was referring to the tattoo or the woman bearing it neither could say.

Suddenly shy all over again after her previous boldness, Brianna smiled, “Thank you, mistress.”

Sofia agreed as she stepped up beside her lover, “Beautiful indeed.” she shifted her gaze to Claudia, “Your friend is most talented.”

“I’m sure she will appreciate that, mistress.” Claudia commented.

Still gently exploring the intricate lines of ink that made up the blue roses Roxanna smiled softly, “Love at first sight, eh korítsi?”

Returning the smile, feeling her heart melt just a little that her mistress understood the symbolism and the message that she wanted to convey, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.” she hesitated for a brief instant, biting her lip in a moment of indecision before resolving to push forward, “There is something else, though.”

“Oh?” Roxanna wondered, removing her hand.

Carefully peeling the band-aid off her finger Brianna held out her left hand, clearly displaying the small heart tattooed on her ring finger. Perhaps it was a trick of the light but Roxanna’s eyes seemed to grow watery, her expression just a touch stunned at the sight. With hands practically shaking Roxanna reached out and took Brianna’s hand in her own, holding her fingers tightly as she stared at the tattoo before looking up at Brianna’s face. It was the first time she had ever seen her mistress at a loss for words.

Smiling at her, Brianna just nodded, “I’m yours, for as long as you want me.”

Without comment Roxanna brought the captive hand to her lips and kissed the small heart before enveloping the smaller girl in an almost painfully tight embrace. Sofia joined in a moment later, wrapping her arms around both of them and Brianna could feel Claudia’s slim form press up against her back turning it into a true group hug. Being at the center of so much warmth, so much love, was incredible and Brianna just closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation and returning their embrace as best she could.

“Truly a treasure.” Sofia whispered as she nuzzled Brianna’s cheek, the girl just blushing a little deeper at that honest display of affection.

After what felt like an eternity of floating in pure bliss, none of them willing to part from each other, Brianna spoke from within the center of the hug, “Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia? I have a request.”

“And what might that be, devushka?” Sofia whispered into her ear.

“I wish to express my appreciation properly to both of you, and to Claudia,” she said, blushing despite herself, “May I please lick her pussy?”

At that Sofia did loosen her grip just a little to catch Claudia’s eye, “I suppose you do deserve a present of your own, kotenok.” she glanced over at Roxanna, “What say you, dorogoy?”

Roxanna just smiled indulgently, “I suppose a light snack will not spoil your dinner too much. Very well.”

Although still blushing fiercely Brianna could not help but grin, “Thank you, mistress.”

At that the four finally disentangled themselves and Sofia took Claudia by the hand, practically dragging her up the stairs in her eagerness. Roxanna lingered for just a moment, giving Brianna one last look thick with emotions before taking her newly tattooed hand again and following the pair. However, while Sofia led her charge down the upstairs hall and into the guest room Brianna found herself pulled into the familiar master bedroom instead.

Leading her to the center of the room Roxanna finally released her hand, “Wait here a moment, korítsi.”

Brianna just nodded, silently watching as Roxanna limped over to the closet and pulled out a bundle of rope. Smiling wickedly, the woman held up her prize and stalked back toward Brianna’s naked form. Feeling herself grow warm once again in a way that had nothing to do with embarrassment Brianna just stood stock still, silent and obedient, as Roxanna slowly walked behind her and began to wrap the ropes around her body. She began with the torso, encircling Brianna’s chest and shoulders, binding the base of the girl’s modest breasts in a snug harness, squeezing them just enough to make the delicate mounds perk up. The pressure of the ropes made Brianna shiver a little as she took a deep breath, the cords tightening around her rib cage in a delightful way as her lungs expanded. A moment later she felt Roxanna take her wrists and gently pull them behind her back. Obediently the girl went limp, allowing her arms to be folded into a firm reverse prayer position and bound in place tightly before her wrists were secured to the breast harness, rendering her completely helpless. Testing the knots in a few place and apparently satisfied Roxanna circled her bound captive again and cupped Brianna’s chin before kissing her softly.

Roxanna parted her lips and for a brief instant it looked like her mistress wanted to say something but seemed to think better of it, simply closing her mouth and looping a finger through the d-ring in Brianna’s collar to lead her bound companion back out into the hall and down the way slowly. Her heart pounding in anticipation, wondering just what they would find, Brianna was not disappointed when they crossed the threshold into the equally familiar guest room. Sofia had clearly been busy. Claudia had been stripped naked and stretched out spread-eagle on the bed, ropes circling her wrists and ankles and binding her limbs tightly to the four bedposts, her pale tattooed skin on full display and her toned muscles highlighted by the tension pulling her slender frame taut. A large, cherry red ball gag was stuffed deep into her mouth to silence her, the straps cutting into her cheeks in a way that looked painfully and made it impossible to work loose without help. Sofia, who was practically looming over the helpless girl and stroking her hair softly, glanced over at the door and let her arctic blue eyes run over Brianna’s own nude and bound form, making the girl blush a little more at the appreciative grin she received from the beautiful blonde.

Without a word Roxanna guided her over to the bed and motioned for Sofia to help, the blonde standing and crossing over to them equally silently. Brianna then felt her mistresses gently set her on the bed between Claudia’s widely spread legs and begin binding her own legs with more ropes, above and below the knees and at the ankles, before she was folded into a hogtie, wrists and ankles bound together to hold her in place, the ropes tightened enough that she was forced to arch her back to accommodate the pressure. At the familiar bite of the ropes Brianna felt her pussy clench in sympathy as she moaned in delight, reveling in the pressure of her bonds and the feeling of utter helplessness that washed over her. Looking up she could see Claudia had awkwardly lifted her head off the pillow to watch, grinning around the gag as best she could. Feeling her face heat up again, Brianna looked down at the lovely view of Claudia’s cleanly shaved pussy and the delicate white flowers tattooed just above her pubic arch. Not exactly a mirror image of her own, brand new ink but the inspiration for the flowers that she now bore and a symbol just the same.

Satisfied that she was now secure Brianna felt Roxanna’s familiar, slender hand run through her hair as Sofia playfully smacked her hip before speaking, “We will go prepare a light meal. Enjoy your appetizer, devushka.”

With the next best thing to an engraved invitation Brianna did not waste any time and dove in, locking Claudia’s eager pussy in a soft kiss, running her tongue over that delicate flesh as she did. It had been so, so long since she’d last had the chance to do this and took her time, savoring the taste of her fellow slave. For her part Claudia moaned loudly through her gag at the feel of that delicate tongue running over her sensitive skin, throwing her head back and thrusting her hips forward as best she could in her tight bondage as she silently begged Brianna for more. Brianna was more than happy to comply, nipping and kissing and teasing the other girl’s labia for several long moments before lapping at the heat within and wrapping her lips around Claudia’s aching clit. As soon as those lips were on her Claudia seemed to spasm, moaning even louder as she strained against her bonds and squirmed with all her might as Brianna’s tongue began to swirl around her clit, pausing in her ministrations only long enough to suck on that tender flesh eagerly. It did not take long for what little resolve Claudia had left to shatter and her body seemed to tense, her toned muscles tightening like steel wire beneath her skin as she came, screaming into her gag in blessed relief. However, as she began to lick the other girl clean Brianna decided that she was not done yet, not by a long shot. Partially out of a desire to make the experience last, since both of them were likely to go back into chastity belts soon, partly out of a desire to truly test Claudia’s impressive stamina, and partly to make good on her earlier promise she dove back in, shoving her tongue deep into Claudia’s body and lapping at her most sensitive flesh, making the shuddering girl tighten about her even as she could feel the quivers of aftershocks shoot through her body. With Claudia’s gagged moans music to her ears Brianna licked and lapped eagerly, swirling her tongue in all the ways that had never failed to drive her lovers wild, pushing the toned and slender girl over the peak to a second orgasm in minutes.

With an almost cruel smile Brianna withdrew her tongue and latched onto Claudia’s throbbing clit again and sucking for all she was worth even as the other girl was still writhing in pleasure from her recent climax. Shocked at the sudden sensation against her already hyper-stimulated sex Claudia sucked in a deep breath through her nose and arched her back, almost as if trying to get away, before she moaned again, wrenching her eyes shut and tensing for a brief instant before screaming in ecstasy. Keeping her lips firmly in place even as the bound girl bucked and writhed wildly beneath her, Brianna continued to kiss and lick and tease as she delicately, almost playfully drew orgasms from Claudia’s increasingly frazzled body. Time honestly seemed to pause, her nipples almost painfully hard and her own throbbing pussy wet and eager, the world reduced to nothing but Claudia’s overwhelming scent and her increasingly frantic thrashing and cries of painful pleasure. Or was it pleasurable pain?

Body flushed and tattooed skin covered in sweat Claudia could do nothing but mewl pitifully, her breath reduced to a ragged pant as she whipped her head from side to side, eyes clenched shut and tears streaming down her cheeks, lost in the overwhelming sensation of Brianna’s eagerly skilled mouth and not sure if she was begging for it to stop or continue. Neither of them could remember how many times she had cum and at this point neither cared, but eventually even Claudia’s impressive endurance reached its limits. In an instant everything changed and something seemed to break within her. Claudia’s entire body went stiff, her eyes shooting open as she arched her back and sucked in another deep breath, suspended on the precipice for the briefest instant before she clenched her eyes shut and screamed, screamed so loudly that even through the gag it shocked Brianna out of her rhythm as a truly monstrous orgasm tore its way free from the poor girl’s body, Claudia’s taut form spasming so hard it actually shook the bed frame she was tied to. And, just like that it was over, the slender girl collapsing back onto the mattress like a puppet with her strings cut, her breath evening out as the tension in her muscles finally let loose.

Shocked, and a little concerned that perhaps she had pushed the girl too far, Brianna tentatively lifted her head, rocking back on her hips to get a better look at Claudia’s face. Eyes closed and head slumped to the side she looked almost peaceful as she lay there, mouth stuffed full and limbs splayed out wildly. Had she actually passed out? Part of Brianna couldn’t believe it. She’d heard stories that it was possible to push someone so far into orgasmic overload that they simply blacked out, and Claudia had hinted that after her week-long edging adventure something similar had happened, but part of her hadn’t actually believed it. But here they were. Had she actually done that, actually made Claudia cum so hard and so much that she lost consciousness? Truth be told Brianna didn’t know whether to be concerned or impressed with herself.

Wetting her lips she tentatively called out, “Claudia? Are you okay?” There was no immediate response and Brianna actually began to grow alarmed, wondering if she should call for her mistresses, fearful that something might actually be wrong, “Claudia? Talk to me, please! Are you alright?”

Whether that got through to her or she simply roused on her own, Claudia twitched slightly, waking with a jerk as her eyes opened. Blinking a few times to clear her sight and moaning in a combination of satisfaction and exhaustion she rolled her head to the side and, frazzled hair plastered to her sweaty scalp and clinging to her face, Claudia managed to quirk the corners of her lips up into the imitation of a smile around her gag. Dropping her head back down to the pillow she then moaned again before closing her eyes.

Relieved, but also a little smug, Brianna rested her own head on the girl’s thigh, “You’re welcome.”

That elicited a brief chuckle but no other response as Claudia continued to lay still, recovering from the sensory overload still wracking her body. They both rested in companionable silence after that, the only real sound Claudia’s still labored breathing, and Brianna was glad she had been able to repay, in some small way, the kindness that the other girl had shown her. Still, as she squirmed in her own bonds and tried her best to ignore the throbbing heat between her legs she found herself wishing that she too had been able to cum. But there was nothing for it now, given how tightly bound the pair of them were, except to wait for their mistresses to return and hope. Although she was more than happy to simply enjoy Claudia’s company without a clock anywhere visible it was impossible to say how long they laid there, enjoying their bondage. At some point Claudia drifted off to sleep, more than a little exhausted by the experience, and for a moment Brianna thought she might drift off as well when the door suddenly opened with a soft creak before Sofia stepped inside.

Grinning at the pair as she took note of Claudia’s disheveled state, the blonde stalked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress. Running her fingers through Brianna’s long, blue hair, the girl practically purring under the ministrations, Sofia spoke, “I trust you managed to repay your debt, devushka?”

Blushing again Brianna nodded as best she could, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good girl.” Sofia said simply before withdrawing her hand.

Slowly and with great care her mistress began to loosen the knots holding her wrists and ankles together, releasing Brianna from the tight hogtie. Stretched back out again Sofia then slowly removed the ropes binding her knees and ankles, freeing her legs, but Brianna noted that her mistress very deliberately left her arms firmly bound in place. With that the lovely blonde carefully helped her sit up on the edge of the bed. With a brief peck on the cheek, which made Brianna smile at her, Sofia then shifted to the front of the bed and gently brushed some stray hair from Claudia’s forehead, rousing the girl from her light nap before pulling the gag from her mouth.

“Perhaps we will have to consider more extreme gags in the future if you can still be that loud, kotenok.” Sofia teased.

Working her jaw for a moment and wetting her lips Claudia nodded, a faint blush on her cheeks, clearly liking the suggestion, “Yes, mistress.”

With a chuckle Sofia got to work untying Claudia, freeing her wrists and ankles to reveal darkening bruises and rope burns where she had thrashed against her bondage in orgasmic overload. Brianna felt a little guilty about that but neither Claudia not Sofia commented, as if not surprised to find such marks or at least not finding them noteworthy. As soon as she was free, Claudia propped herself up on her arms and pulled her legs under her until she was sitting up on the bed. Suddenly she grinned and, before anyone could think to stop her, she darted forward and took Brianna’s face in her hands before mashing their lips together. For a moment Brianna just sat there, wide-eyed and stunned at the sudden development before she returned the kiss, eagerly dueling the pierced tongue invading her mouth.

When she finally pulled back Claudia was still grinning like a madwoman, “Damn, I don’t know who taught you how to do that but please tell me you’ll do it to me again sometime?”

Although still a little stunned by the sudden kiss Brianna managed a grin of her own, “I’ll think about it.”

“Brat.” Claudia shot back, her smile growing playful.

“Guilty.” Brianna returned, mirroring their conversation from earlier.

Sliding up behind the pair with a chuckle and gently taking Claudia’s arms before pulling them behind her back, Sofia cut in, “That is enough of that, my dears. There will be time to play later, yes?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, still smiling

Claudia nodded her agreement and bit her lip, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling softly at them again Sofia then bound Claudia’s arms with a pair of soft leather cuffs, in deference to the marks on her wrists, and helped the girl to her feet, legs still a bit shaky after her earlier experience. A moment later she gently slid her hands under Brianna's arms and helped her to rise as well, a task made much easier by the fact that the securely bound girl felt as if she was bursting with energy. Pulling the both of them to her sides, and throwing an arm over their shoulders, Sofia gave each of them a kiss on the cheek, playfully nipping at Brianna’s ear as she did so.

“Despite your snack, I am certain both you girls managed to work up quite the appetite by the sound of things.” Sofia announced and both of them blushed, “Shall we depart?”

They nodded again and, with that, the beautiful blonde led her two firmly bound companions back down the stairs and into the kitchen once more, moving slowly in deference to Claudia’s trembling muscles, though by the time they reached their destination the tattooed girl seemed to have found her bearings again. And once more Roxanna was waiting for them, busily setting the table, though unfortunately this time the olive-skinned woman was not just wearing an apron much to Brianna’s silent disappointment. It honestly surprised her a little, on reflection, just how much she wanted to see that again and for a brief instant the blue-haired girl wondered if she’d discovered a new fetish. Something to consider for the future. The pressure of Sofia’s arm across her shoulders as the blonde carefully steered her charges to the table shook Brianna out of her thoughts and she smiled thankfully as Sofia pulled out a chair and helped her sit down before repeating the process for Claudia on the other side of the table.

“I do apologize for the poor spread.” Roxanna said as she once again set down bowls of steaming soup, a familiar scent filling the air, “We were not expecting guests so soon.” Brianna had the sense to look a bit sheepish at that, admittedly playful, admonition but Roxanna just smiled, “So I heated up the soup from lunch, I do hope there are no objections?”

“No, mistress.” Brianna answered with a shake of the head.

“Not at all.” Claudia agreed.

Of course, unlike lunch earlier neither she nor Claudia could actually feed themselves right now with their arms bound and so, as soon as she finished setting the table, Roxanna pulled one of the remaining chairs over to Claudia and sat down next to her. At that same time Sofia took the remaining chair and slid it next to Brianna, sitting down close enough to bump her hip playfully. Still brimming with energy and feeling playful Brianna bumped back, eliciting an amused smile. Sofia began to stir the soup gently before lifting a steaming spoonful up and Brianna obediently opened her mouth, allowing herself to be fed, enjoying the strange but pleasant taste of the soup before Sofia took a bite of her own, the same expression of bliss crossing the blonde’s face that she had seen earlier in the day. Glancing across the table she could see Roxanna and Claudia mirrored the actions. It was nothing new of course, being fed while in bondage, in fact Brianna had found herself on both sides of this game at one time or another, but the wonderful sense of helplessness combined with the feeling of being taken care of never failed to turn her on something fierce. The intensity of her arousal at the moment did surprise her just a bit, although that might have had more to do with the lingering excitement of feeling Claudia thrash and cum beneath her ministrations earlier. Even just thinking about it brought a rush of blood to her face and a new ache between her legs.

After a moment or two of eating in near silence Roxanna spoke up, “I must apologize for not saying this earlier, korítsi. I was too overcome. Never think that we do not want you, and know that you will always have a place here as long as you wish it.”

Although she had, on some level, known that, guessed as much from the expression on Roxanna and Sofia’s faces earlier, hearing the words was an entirely different matter. Brianna felt more than a little overcome herself. Eyes glistening she smiled shakily, “Thank… Thank you, mistress. I love you, I love all of you.”

As tears actually began to run down her cheek Sofia reached over and embraced her in a somewhat awkward side-along hug, “Do not cry, devushka. We love you as well.”

“Always.” Roxanna confirmed with a gentle smile of her own.

Claudia nodded, “People who can put up with me are rare, I’m definitely not going anywhere.”

That heartfelt, but irreverent comment made Brianna chuckle within her mistress’ embrace, breaking the tension just a bit, “Thank you.” she said, voice cracking just a bit.

Sofia just tightened her embrace and held the smaller girl.

After a long moment Brianna was able to get her emotions under control again. Glancing down at the mostly empty soup bowl she whispered, “Mistress? I don’t think I’m hungry anymore.”

Sensing the change in mood Sofia grinned just a little, but did not loosen her embrace, “Oh?” her voice dropped low and husky, “A pity that. We had a very special dessert prepared for the both of you.”

Brianna bit her lip, “Well, maybe I have a little room left.”

No sooner had she said then when Brianna felt the arms that had been holding her pull away and a large gag press against her lips. Surprised by the suddenness of it she instinctively opened her mouth and the large rubber ball was pushed past her teeth, stretching her jaws to the limit. Leather straps pulled tight, forcing the ball in deeper and she moaned at the familiar feeling of fullness as the gag was locked in place. Hands gripped her around the waist then and half pulled, half guided her out of the chair and bent her over the table. Looking up awkwardly she saw that Claudia had been forced into a similar position, once again grinning in delight around her gag. Brianna returned the smile, a familiar feeling of anticipation growing in her chest as her mistresses cleared the dishes from the table. A moment passed, then two, the tension growing as she wondered what was happening behind her. All of a sudden she felt familiar, calloused hands grip her around the waist and a knee force itself between her legs, gently prodding her feet apart.

“Claudia mentioned earlier that you said something about, how did she put it?” Sofia mused and she slowly slid her hands up Brianna’s body, “Oh yes, you wished to ‘break in’ the kitchen table I believe.”

Blushing fiercely, and fiercely excited, her body tingling in anticipation, Brianna answered as best she could, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

One of Sofia’s hands suddenly gripped her shoulder, pressing her down against the table while the other took a fistful of her hair, tugging slightly and making the bound girl moan as her head was pulled back, “An amusing idea.”

Sofia thrust her hips forward then cutting off any possible reply and making Brianna moan even louder as a dildo was slowly pushed into her wet and eager body. As soon as she had been forced to take the entire length Sofia grip tightened just a little and the older woman pulled back slightly to thrust hard into her helplessly bound lover. Groaning around her gag in absolute ecstasy Brianna thrust her own hips back to meet her as Sofia began to fuck her in earnest, slowly building up a rhythm as she thrust harder and harder. Vaguely she could make out Claudia’s own moans as Roxanna pleasured her, but that was very much a secondary concern as the entirely of Brianna’s attention was focused on the ropes binding her, the toy filling her and the steady slap of flesh on flesh as Sofia pounded her with ever increasing intensity. Skin flushed with pleasure and the table literally shaking in time with each hard thrust into her eager pussy she could only moan and struggle against the hands holding her down and pulling her hair as she bucked her own hips as much as she could to enhance the sensation. Sofia’s technique was fairly simple, but when combined with her impressive strength and stamina it was effective and while Brianna always appreciated Roxanna’s tricks and skills as well as her slow and sensuous approach, right now? As tightly wound as she was, right now Brianna didn’t want tricks. She wanted to cum, she needed to cum.

Clenching her eyes shut, feeling the orgasm she had been craving building within her, Brianna was lost. ‘Please, mistress, please fuck me!’ she thought, ‘Use me, fuck me, make me yours! Please mistress, please make your slave cum!’

Impossibly, almost as if the beautiful blonde could read her mind, Sofia increased her pace even more, thrusting so hard that Brianna could practically feel her body lift up off the table as her mistress took her, so hard that she thought they might actually break the antique piece of furniture. Those thoughts left her mind almost as quickly as they arrived as a dam within her seemed to break and Brianna felt herself spasm as she came, screaming in delight into her gag and she fought against the ropes binding her arms so tightly and pushed back against the hands holding her down, shaking her hips side to side wildly. Sofia’s own, nearly animalistic cry of pleasure followed a heartbeat later but the woman did not seem satisfied with that. Maintaining her rhythm even as they both came, Brianna’s eyes practically rolled into the back of her head as her mistress forced a second orgasm out of her and then a third and a fourth. Sweating, trembling, panting and screaming in absolute delight as her mistress pushed her so far over the edge that she was barely aware of anything except the overwhelming sensation of the dildo thrusting into her trembling body and the shattering pulse of climax after climax washing over her, some small part of Brianna’s mind wondered if this was payback for her “torment” of Claudia earlier. Another part of her made a note to torment the other girl more often if this would be the result.

Lost in overwhelming pleasure Brianna was barely aware of it when Sofia finally slowed, teasing one final orgasm from her trembling body with long, slow strokes before finally stopping and pulling out of her. Shivering a little she could do nothing but lay there, sated and exhausted, the entirety of her weight resting on the table as she did not think her legs, muscles reduced to trembling Jello, could actually support her any longer. Moaning into her gag, mumbling thanks to whoever might be listening as she lay still, Brianna could do little but pant through her nose and slowly come back down to earth. Eventually she calmed down enough to open her eyes, lifting her head up enough to look across the table at Claudia’s equally flushed and disheveled figure, the utter relaxation of her body radiating complete contentment. The other girl grinned around her own gag, eyes twinkling with a touch of amusement to see Brianna in a state not unlike the one she had found herself in not so long ago, and winked. For her part Brianna looked a bit sheepish but managed to return the grin. Just then she felt Sofia’s hands take her gently by the shoulders as the blonde woman helped her stand up on wobbly legs. Before she could even get her bearings Brianna cried out in surprise, which came out as little more than a muffled yelp, as the older woman picked her up and slung her body into a bridal carry.

“You have had a most eventful day, devushka.” Sofia mused as she cradled the bound woman’s form to her chest, “If we are going to make the most of tomorrow then we all will need some rest.”

Reveling in the soft, warm feeling of Sofia’s skin against her own Brianna just laid her head down on the woman’s shoulder, practically snuggling into her, and mumbled a response, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

With seemingly little effort Sofia carried her out of the kitchen and back up the stairs, into their bedroom and gently set her down on the sinfully soft bed. With deft fingers the blonde untied the knots holding her and Brianna felt her arms practically spring loose from the reverse prayer position they had been confined to and the pressure around her chest abate. Casually tossing the rope aside Sofia then carefully pulled the gag from her mouth. As she stretched her jaw wide to work out the cramps that had just started developing there Brianna started in surprise as Sofia darted in and caught her parted lips in a kiss. Almost instantly she relaxed into that kiss, moaning in delight as she threw her arms around the older woman even as the blonde’s own strong arms encircled her as well, gleefully surrendering to the familiar tongue probing her mouth.

No words were spoken as the kiss broke and, smiling softly at her, Sofia gently placed her hands on Brianna’s shoulders, taking a moment to massage sore muscles and elicit a sigh of relief before gently guiding her down onto the bed. Sighing again at the wondrous softness of the mattress beneath her Brianna practically collapsed, her muscles going slack in a state of absolute relaxation. Sofia leaned in one last time to place a kiss on her forehead and stroke her hair. Smiling at that, Brianna practically purred under the touch.

“We will join you soon, devushka.” Sofia promised, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at that command, in her current state she had no plans to get up anytime soon, Brianna just nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Even so, as her mistress departed Brianna turned her head to the side to watch Sofia’s nude frame gracefully stalk from the room, eyes roaming appreciatively over the toned muscles of her back and that glorious ass. Biting her lip at the sight, Brianna followed Sofia’s every movement, especially the way her muscles moved her her skin and the sway of her hips, until the older woman disappeared through the door. Turning her attention back to the ceiling Brianna idly lifted one of her arms, stretching out her fingers as if trying to touch the sky and studied the faint ropes marks pressed into her skin. Smiling at the familiar “war wounds” Brianna closed her eyes and let her arm collapse back to her side. Today? Today had been a very good day. She lay still on the bed for a few moments, breathing softly and just listening to the beat of her heart before the sound of footsteps prompted her to open her eyes again and glance over at the door. Sofia returned, Claudia’s slender and now unbound form slung in her arms, with Roxanna, just as naked as her lover, trailing a few steps behind and smiling faintly. Brianna smiled back but said nothing as Sofia crossed the room and gently set Claudia down next to her. Turning her head to favor the slightly smaller girl with another smile, Brianna reached out and softly brushed her fingers against Claudia’s own hand. Returning the smile Claudia took her hand and squeezed it, but offered no further comment as the both of them turned their attention to their mistresses.

As they lay there the two older women busied themselves gathering various supplies, Sofia stretched up on her tiptoes to raid the closet while Roxanna was pulling items out of the top drawer of the dresser and setting them in a small basket. Neither of the girls could see exactly what their mistresses were collecting but an almost electric sense of anticipation built within them. Finally, finished with their task, the two women drifted back over to the bed. Roxanna arrived first, setting her basket down on the nightstand before sitting on the edge of the bed next to Brianna’s prone form. Sofia followed a heartbeat later, grinning wickedly and carrying what looked like an armload of black tape which she carelessly allowed to spill onto the mattress between the two girls in a messy pile.

“Claudia shared a number of things while I was… preparing her earlier.” Sofia began, suddenly, “Including a desire for the two of you to be mummified together.”

Brianna blushed a little, remembering her whispered ideas after the pair of them had kissed at the tattoo shop, but nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Claudia’s own excited grin was answer enough.

“We rather liked the idea.” Roxanna continued, “So, close your eyes and we can get started.”

Brianna obediently did as she was told and bit her lip when she felt soft fingers trails down her breastbone and over her stomach. With a spider-light touch those fingers grazed over her sex and she could not help but moan a little, shifting her hips unconsciously. Her moan became a gasp when something smooth and cool and hard pressed against her, which in turn became an even deeper moan as the toy slid into her wet and eager sex. A brief pause followed and in the darkness Brianna thought she could hear the muffled sound of movement and what might have been tape being unwound next to her before a hand touching her thigh made her twitch in surprise. Those same wonderful, cruel fingers from earlier began to trace nonsense patterns on her skin, slowly following the curve of her sensitive inner thigh before an insistent pressure prompted her to part her legs just a bit. Trembling in anticipation Brianna gasped again, tensing instinctively for a second before forcing herself to relax as a sizable butt plug was gently but insistently pressed into her ass. Those hands left her again and Brianna had to fight the urge to open her eyes and see what was happening, especially at the continued sounds of movement coming from her right. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Roxanna cupped her cheeks, stroking her face with her thumbs and tracing her lips before gently pressing on the cleft of her chin, silently commanding Brianna to open her mouth. Once again the girl obeyed and was not surprised to feel a gag pressed back into her mouth, the same panel gag she had worn the previous evening. As it was strapped in place she took a deep breath, testing the breathing tube and giving a slight not to signal that everything was fine. Caressing her cheek one final time and brushing a curl of hair behind her ear, Roxanna pulled away and a slight shift in the mattress signaled that the woman had stood up again.

Eyes still closed, as she had not been commanded to open them again, but intensely curious Brianna strained her ears to listen. A few soft moans and gasps from Claudia, as well as the waves radiating through the bed as the girl shifted around indicated that something was happening but she could not tell what. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the sound and movement next to her stopped and the soft padding of feet on carpet followed her mistresses as they circled around the bed.

“You may open your eyes now, devushka.” Sofia announced, voice surprisingly soft and husky as well as clearly pleased with herself.

Obeying instantly, and blinking a few times to adjust to the light again, Brianna immediately turned her head to the side and froze at what she saw. Claudia's slim form had been completely encased from head to toe in shiny black tape pulled seamlessly taut over her thin frame, legs locked together and arms pinned to her side. Save for the tip of her nose, and her own gag’s breathing tube, not a single opening revealed itself. Other than the faint rise and fall of her chest the girl could barely move and Brianna felt her nipples harden and her face grow warm at just how snugly, securely and inescapably bound the other girl was. Unable to speak, she simply looked at her mistresses, a silent question and an equally silent plea both written in her wide eyes.

“But of course you will get to join her, korítsi.” Roxanna assured.

Nodding happily in acknowledgment Brianna allowed herself to go limp, offering not even the slightest resistance as her mistresses began to wrap her up with the remaining tape. Paradoxically the process felt as if it took forever, but also seemed to fly by in an instant as row after row, band after band of tape slowly wound its way around her body. At last the process came to an end and she lay completely encased next to her fellow slave, every bit of her covered just like Claudia save for one tiny detail, her eyes. Leaning in, Roxanna pressed one final soft kiss to her forehead before the olive-skinned woman’s fingers gently brushed her eyelids closed. Sucking in a deep breath through her gag Brianna just waited with eager anticipation as the last wraps of tape circle her head, finally trapping her in complete darkness. Silence returned then as Brianna simply lay still, helplessly mummified next to Claudia’s own equally helpless form, completely unable to move save for the tiniest of squirms, delicious pressure squeezing every inch of her body. She anticipated being wrapped up with Claudia next, their mummified forms cocooned together as they had been months previously, but it seemed that this night their mistresses had slightly different ideas.

Finally, after an eternity of waiting in the darkness the bed shifted as Sofia lay down on the far side of the bed next to Claudia. Rolling onto her side the blonde sighed softly in contentment as she spooned with Claudia’s encased form, strong arms holding the slim girl in place against her chest. A second later a faint, almost imperceptible buzzing sounded and Claudia moaned into her gag, suddenly wiggling fiercely in her mistress’ grasp. It did not take Brianna long to realize what was happening and felt her heart sink just a bit, hoping she was wrong. Soon enough Roxanna joined them, laying down next to Brianna’s mummified body, casually throwing an arm and a leg over her in a sensual half embrace and resting her head on the girl’s chest. Although a little amused to be used as a living body pillow Brianna had to admit that having her mistress’ form sprawled across her, arms and legs around her felt nice, especially when she was bound and gagged as tightly as she was. But then, just as soon as Roxanna had settled in to place and made herself comfortable the toy buried within Brianna’s own sex sprung to life, humming away with a faint but insistent vibration. It was Brianna’s turn to moan and squirm against her bondage then, painfully aware from long experience that such faint vibrations would drive her wild but never actually allow her to cum.

“None of that now, korítsi.” Roxanna admonished, softly, as she tightened her grip, “Behave yourself and we might let you cum in the morning.”

Although she let out one last groan, one mirrored by Claudia, Brianna acknowledged the command as best she could, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh.”

Bound tightly, held in Roxanna’s warm embrace and teased endlessly just inches away from Claudia’s own helpless and tormented body Brianna tried her best to relax but she knew it would be impossible. Sleep would be a distant and most likely absent companion tonight. In fact, it promised to be a long, frustrating, sleepless night for the both of them, but truth be told? Truth be told Brianna wouldn’t have it any other way.


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