The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; F+/f+; bond; straitjacket; tease; punish; straps; collar; armbinder; oral; strapon; sex; gag; tattoo; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 8

It was almost hypnotic, the way the flames seemed to leap and dance over the logs in the fireplace, crackling all the while as sparks floated lazily up the chimney in a steady stream. Having not grown up in a house with a fireplace Brianna could admit that she found the experience strangely fascinating, almost relaxing, and for the first time could understand the appeal of sitting around the fire in the dead of winter. There was something warm and almost nostalgic about the experience even if, in her case, that wasn’t really true. Still, as she watched the fire from her supremely comfortable position Brianna felt her eyes grow heavy, almost as if the display might lull her back to sleep again. Or perhaps that had more to do with the gentle warmth of the quilt enveloping her or the softness of Roxanna’s body pressed up against her as she sat contentedly on the woman’s lap. Smiling a little at that, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the faint pine scent from the fire combining with the lavender of Roxanna’s shampoo in a way that somehow felt like home. Snuggling a little deeper into that glorious embrace, relishing the feel of the woman’s breasts against her back and the gentle rise and fall of her chest with each breath, Brianna decided that taking a little nap like this wouldn’t be bad at all though, in truth, it was more a supreme sense of relaxation rather than any real tiredness that gripped her at the moment.

As she sat, eyes closed and drifting in the darkness, the comfortable silence that had settled over the pair as they sat together quietly seemed to stretch on forever, interrupted only by the soft rustle of turning pages as Roxanna continued to read and the beating of the woman’s heart. It was perfect, it was absolutely perfect. Eventually, however, as Brianna cuddled up to her lover while holding herself tightly in a straitjacketed embrace, an arm lazily wrapped around her waist and floating in that sea of wonderful sensations, she could feel Roxanna’s body begin to shift under her ever so slightly. Prompted by that, Brianna opened her eyes slowly, blinking a few times to readjust to the cool morning light, and glanced to her left to see Roxanna’s face still perched over her shoulder, a fond smile on the woman’s lips even as her deep brown eyes danced with amusement.

“Am I boring you, korítsi?” she asked, voice light.

Brianna shook her softly with a smile of her own, “Never mistress. I was just… enjoying the moment. You’re very comfy.” As if to emphasize the point she leaned back a little more.

“What a strange compliment.” Roxanna mused with a soft laugh as she closed her book and set it aside again before slipping her free hand under the covers to snake both of her arms around Brianna’s waist to hold her close.

Closing her eyes again Brianna sighed a little in contentment as she reveled in the feel of the older woman’s slender hands on the bare skin of her stomach and the sensation of being encircled by the wondrously soft cardigan she was wearing. Roxanna kissed her cheek but said nothing, allowing that familiar and comfortable silence to descend upon them again, the soft glow of the fire and the faint lights of the Christmas tree painting the scene like some sort of kinky holiday card. That almost made her laugh. After a moment or two Brianna felt her mind begin to wander again in the way that one often did while supremely comfortable and she could not say why, exactly, but as she relaxed in her mistress’ embrace a thought suddenly occurred to her, prompting her to break the silence.

“Mistress?” she wondered softly.

“Yes, korítsi?” Roxanna replied, equally softly.

Brianna bit her lip, unsure for a moment, “I was wondering…?”

“Yes?” Roxanna prompted, “Do you need something?”

Brianna quickly shook her head, “No, no,” she assured, “It’s just… there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask and I guess it just never really came up and right now it just sort of popped into my head.”

“Something weighing on you then?” Roxanna asked as she tightened her grip a little, encouraging her lover to go on.

“Not weighing exactly.” Brianna said before taking a breath and plunging ahead, “That night we went to Delirium...”

“A very fine night indeed.” Roxanna interrupted with a fond smile.

Brianna could not help but return that smile, “Yeah.”

“Go on, korítsi.” Roxanna prompted, “Did something happen that night?”

“Sort of.” Brianna answered, “I met the owner that night. Claudia introduced us.”

“Did she now?” Roxanna mused, nodding in understanding, “Murial is certainly an… interesting sort.”

Brianna could only nod herself at that, “Yeah. But, Claudia mentioned that she was involved with one of your colleagues, one of the reasons they knew each other, and I remember when they were talking the name Kiera came up. It just sort of hit me then that, back in August, you mentioned corresponding with a Kiera and I was wondering...”

“If they were the same person?” Roxanna finished.

Brianna nodded again, rambling a little as she tried to explain, “It just sort of stuck in my head, but with everything that happened it kind of slipped my mind that night and I wanted to ask in person, so...”

Roxanna cut her off again, with a kiss this time, “You have a good memory, korítsi. And it is certainly no great secret. To answer your question, yes. Kiera, or rather Kiera Brennan, the woman I was working with is indeed the same woman Ms. du Sang is… Well, let us not put too fine a point on it. Kiera is the woman she is sleeping with.”

“Thank you, mistress.” she responded, almost instinctively, to the compliment as she pondered that information, “I thought I was imagining things, or that it was a coincidence or something.”

“Oh?” Roxanna wondered, “And why would you think that, korítsi?”

Brianna pursed her lips slightly, “I don’t know. I suppose I envisioned anyone you were translating a book for as one of those staid, academic types and I guess that’s just not the sort of person I would have expected to be in a place like that.” Or to be with a woman like Murial, but that thought remained unsaid.

Roxanna chuckled a little and kissed her on the cheek again, “To be perfectly fair, korítsi, were we not intimate I suspect you would not have expected to find me in a place like that either.”

Brianna looked down, a slight blush coloring her cheeks, “I… I suppose not, mistress.”

“And perhaps, you would not have envisioned me as the dominatrix type either.” Roxanna continued, clearly teasing at this point.

Although her blush darkened, Brianna could not help but smile, “I don’t know about that, mistress. You always had a very… commanding presence.”

“My, my korítsi.” Roxanna mused as she leaned in to whisper in the girl’s ear, making her shiver ever so slightly, “Flattery will get you everywhere.” Another kiss followed before Roxanna pulled away slightly, “Besides that I believe that if you were ever to meet, Kiera might surprise you. ‘Staid’ is certainly not a word I would ever use to describe her.”

“Will I?” Brianna asked, perking up a little, “Get to meet her, I mean.”

Roxanna just shrugged, “Perhaps. I would not say that we are close but we do stay in contact from time to time.”

Brianna nodded, eyes slightly far away as she mulled that over. Ever since meeting Murial and her rather commanding presence she could admit to being curious about the woman, but more so curious about whoever it was she submitted to, part of her still wondering if Claudia wasn’t having fun at her expense. That train of thought derailed almost instantly as Brianna felt her mistress’ soft fingers begin to trace nonsense patterns over the skin of her stomach, somewhere between a caress and a tickle. Gasping at the sensation, Brianna bit her lip as she felt those fingers begin to wander lower in lazy circles threatening to dip between her legs but never quite managing it. Feeling a fire light up in her core again, she squirmed in Roxanna’s grasp, shaking her hips and silently begging her mistress to touch her more.

“All this talk of other women when you belong to us,” Roxanna whispered, voice husky, “such a naughty girl.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna gasped back, not really even certain what she was agreeing with, all of her focus on the fingers trailing over her skin and how much she wanted, needed, them to go lower.

With painful slowness Roxanna’s fingers did begin to drift as she spoke, “And you do belong to us, don’t you korítsi?”

“Yes!” Brianna cried out, desire and frustration warring within her, “Yes mistress! I’m yours, all yours! Anything you want!”

“Anything?” Roxanna asked, practically breathing in the girl’s ear as she did so.

Brianna nodded, almost desperately, “Anything!”

Without reply Roxanna’s arm suddenly tightened around Brianna’s waist, pinning her tightly in place on the older woman’s lap as her fingers finally dipped between the desperate girl’s legs. Brianna clenched her eyes shut and moaned, throwing her head back as she felt those soft fingers begin to gently brush against her sex. It was wonderful, electrifying as her mistress touched her in all the right places, skilled fingers sending trills of pleasure up her spine as she squirmed in the firm grasp holding her. Yet, as she felt Roxanna stroke her labia with maddening softness and trace along the edges of her clit it became quickly apparent that her mistress had no intention of letting her cum so easily and every intention of teasing her ruthlessly. Groaning in frustration Brianna bit her lip again and thrust her hips forward as best she could, silently begging her mistress for more. If anything Roxanna seemed amused by the reaction and her ministrations seemed to slow even more.

“Anything I want, yes korítsi?” the woman asked, tone amused and just a touch cruel as she kissed the curl of Brianna’s ear, “Right now? Right now I want to punish you for being such a naughty girl.”

“Please mistress,” Brianna begged, almost desperately, “please!”

For a brief instant Roxanna seemed moved by the plea, her pace quickening as she teased and pleasured the bound girl in her lap with practiced ease. Brianna’s breath quickened, practically panting as she felt an orgasm slowly rise up within her as her mistress worked her body with all the skill of a maestro directing an orchestra. But just when she felt herself reach the peak Roxanna stopped just as suddenly, refusing to allow her to crest and Brianna could do nothing but cry out in frustration, practically whimpering as her mistress left her high and not so dry. A half dozen heartbeats passed before Roxanna’s fingers dipped between her legs to begin the long and painfully slow process of winding her up again. Brianna could not say how long this torturous pleasure lasted as she whimpered and pleaded and fought against the grip holding her, struggling desperately against the straitjacket binding her arms as her mistress edged her again and again with cruel precision.

Faced flushed and whining deep in her throat she could do nothing but beg, “Please! Please mistress!”

“Sofia is right.” Roxanna mused, smiling at the display, “You do make the most wonderful noises, korítsi.”

Practically sobbing now Brianna pulled hard against her straitjacket until the leather actually creaked as she fought to touch her mistress, herself, anything to relieve the torment, “Please.”

Roxanna gently took the bound girl’s earlobe between her teeth, nipping her slightly and eliciting a gasp, before whispering, “Do you want to cum, korítsi?”

“Yes!” Brianna forced out, “Please mistress!”

“Hmm.” Roxanna pondered, “But do you deserve it?”

She could only whimper in response and for a brief, agonizing moment Brianna feared that her mistress might deny her but all of a sudden the quilt fell away, letting a gust of cool air wash over her nearly naked body as the arm holding her around the waist loosened.

“But perhaps, if you are willing to pay for it later...” her mistress teased.

Brianna nodded, “Yes mistress, anything!”

Roxanna chuckled softly at that, “So careless.”

Before she could even think to comment Brianna felt the hand teasing her stomach reach up and clamp over her mouth, silencing her as Roxanna began to finger her more aggressively. Clenching her eyes shut, honest tears of relief pouring down her cheeks and a muffled cry of thanks escaped her throat, Brianna began to rock her hips as best she could, moaning in delight and ecstasy at the touch of those wondrously skilled fingers. Despite the lingering soreness of her early morning adventures and explorations in the shower it didn’t take long before Brianna’s pussy clenched around the fingers thrusting deep into her and a toe-curling orgasm rocked her frame making her body spasm in her mistress’ lap as she went stiff. A scream of absolute ecstasy managed to escape her gagged mouth, so loud that her throat felt sore in the aftermath, as she rode the wave of pleasure to its crest before collapsing like a puppet with its string cut. Eyes still clenched shut and breathing harshly through her nose Brianna fell into a boneless heap in Roxanna’s lap, whimpering again as aftershocks assaulted her body. As she slowly came down from that wonderful high she could not help but gasp and jerk slightly as those fingers slid free from her and brushed against her overstimulated sex one final time before retreating from between her legs. At the same time Roxanna began to pepper her neck and jaw with gentle kisses, the soft sensations of her lips a wonderful contrast to the waves of pleasure still echoing within her, making Brianna mewl with delight. After a few long moments, once her breathing had finally normalized, the hand fall away from her mouth letting her speak once more.

“Thank you, mistress.” she gasped out as soon as she could.

“It’s alright, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, “Winding you up would be no fun if I did not let you go, eventually.”

Brianna’s lips twitched into a grin at that as she slowly opened her eyes, a response ready on her tongue before she froze in place. As the room came back into focus she could only stare, wide eyed and mouth gaping at the sight of Sofia standing in front of the door, slowly unbuttoning a woolen coat and grinning at the scene. Having been lost in the pleasure of Roxanna’s touch she hadn’t even heard the door open. But Sofia’s return had been expected, what really caught her attention and left her stunned was a familiar figure in an equally familiar Army jacket just behind the taller woman, hands clasped behind her back, brown eyes dancing with amusement and more than a bit of lust.

“Please don’t stop on our account, devushka.” Sofia commented all of a sudden, breaking the tension like a hammer blow.

Jerking upright Brianna’s arms tugged at the straitjacket holding her, unconsciously trying to cover herself as she blushed down to the roots of her hair at the realization of the show she’d just put on, and how much the thought of Sofia and Claudia watching her bound and helpless body being teased to orgasm turned her on.

“Welcome back, stríngla.” Roxanna replied, voice amused while she patted Brianna’s hip reassuringly, “And I see that you found another guest.”

Slipping off her coat and hanging it up, revealing a flannel shirt underneath, Sofia laughed and put her arm around Claudia’s shoulders, pulling the smaller girl close, “Indeed, dorogoy. Two surprises in as many days. How fortunate.”

“Fortunate indeed.” Roxanna agreed though her expression suggested that she had been expecting this.

Taking off Claudia’s coat and hanging it up beside her own, Sofia’s smile widened, “We will be with you in a moment, but I must help our new guest… settle in first. Come along, kotenok, don’t want to keep the others waiting.”

Claudia smiled as well, her eyes never leaving Brianna’s blushing and nearly naked body, as she allowed herself to be led away, “Yes, mistress.”

Both mortified and aroused, Brianna watched the pair disappear up the stairs before turning her head to glance at Roxanna. To the unspoken question in the girl’s hazel eyes Roxanna just shrugged, “I may have called Claudia early this morning before you woke and asked her to stop by. You should spend the holidays with the ones you love, yes?”

Brianna could not help but smile broadly at that, nodding firmly as a warm feeling grew in her chest, incredibly happy that all four of them could be together like this. It was the best present she could have imagined. Never had she wanted to hug her mistress more. “Thank you, mistress. Thank you so much.”

“No need for that.” Roxanna assured, gently caressing her hip again before planting a brief kiss to her lips to silence her, “Now, let us get you ready.”

Before she could even think to ask what her mistress meant, Roxanna’s hands gripped her waist gently and Brianna felt herself being slid off the woman’s lap and onto the couch’s soft cushions. Standing then, Roxanna stretched, moaning in delight as her spine popped before taking Brianna by the shoulders and guiding her down onto the floor and onto her knees. Kneeling down beside her Roxanna then began to unbuckle some of the straps of her straitjacket, releasing Brianna’s arms from the self-embrace they had been trapped in. She had no chance to enjoy this newfound freedom, however, as Roxanna quickly pulled her arms behind her back and tightened the straps down again, leaving her bound in a firm box tie that pulled her shoulders back slightly. Testing the new position, a bit surprised that the straitjacket could be reconfigured like this, Brianna grinned in anticipation. But she had little time to consider, however, for as soon as she was finished re-binding her slave, Roxanna stood a bit stiffly and, in one smooth motion, pulled off her cardigan to bare her torso and a familiar black lace bra to the world. Brianna found herself captivated by the woman’s body, as she usually did, and a beautifully seductive smile etched onto Roxanna’s face as she began to work off her tights to reveal a matching thong that just barely preserved her modesty, such as it was.

Reaching up to unclasp her bra, but not removing it just yet, her smile widened ever so slightly, “Like what you see, korítsi?”

Brianna nodded, almost numbly, “Yes, mistress.”

Seemingly pleased with the answer Roxanna allowed her bra to fall away, joining the rest of her clothing on the rug before slowly pushing her underwear down past her hips to leave her scarred body on full display in the cool winter light. Drinking in the olive-skinned woman’s curves, her nipples hard and shaved sex glistening with want, Brianna unconsciously licked her lips, eager to kiss and touch and taste every inch of her as she had done so many times before. Footsteps from across the room broke the spell for a moment as Roxanna glanced to her left, Brianna’s gaze following to see Sofia walk back down the stairs. The blonde was as naked as her lover, her tan having faded a bit in the winter months but her body as toned and perfect as it always was. Claudia trailed a step or two behind equally naked save for the collar around her throat, faint red lines across her waist and between her legs betraying where her chastity belt had just been removed. To complete the picture a monoglove of shiny black leather imprisoned her arms tightly behind her back and forced her elbows to touch both making her small breasts stand out as well as emphasizing her narrow waist and the faint ridges of muscle across her stomach. If the sight of Roxanna’s nude form had been captivating all three of them together was practically magnetic. Brianna found her eyes glued to the sight as they roamed over the trio, almost unable to believe she was lucky enough to be in this room and to call all three of these amazing women her lovers.

Smiling much more softly, Roxanna turned away and began to limp across the room to meet the pair half way. As soon as she did, the olive-skinned woman wrapped her arms around Sofia’s waist and pulled the blonde close to bring their lips together in a deep yet gentle kiss, a kiss that spoke of long years of affection and intimate knowledge of each other.

“You are freezing.” Roxanna murmured as the kiss broke.

“It is winter.” Sofia returned, her smile amused and a touch wicked, “But I am certain we can find some way to warm up.”

“Hmm.” Roxanna mock pondered with a smile of her own, “An idea or two occurs to me.”

With another brief kiss the pair separated and Roxanna made her way lazily back to the couch, lowering herself down upon it with an almost imperceptible wince. Sofia followed on her heels, Claudia still trailing behind her obediently. Placing a hand on the bound girl’s shoulder Sofia guided her down onto the floor until she was kneeling next to Brianna who glanced over almost shyly before offering a small smile, one Claudia returned. Stepping around the kneeling pair, Sofia sat down on the couch herself with a soft sigh and much less grace eliciting a fond, if somewhat put upon shake of the head from Roxanna. Wasting no more time, and with an almost hungry expression on her face Sofia spread her legs and reached out to take Claudia’s face in her hands before twining her fingers into the girl’s messy brown hair and pulling her close. Almost immediately the blonde closed her eyes and leaned back against the couch, arching her back and moaning in abject pleasure.

Feeling the fire in her core blaze even higher at the display Brianna squirmed a little before she felt her long blue hair being roughly pulled back into a ponytail, a hand gripping it firmly like a handle. Looking up she barely had a chance to catch Roxanna’s own hungry expression before her face was pulled between the woman’s scarred thighs. Roxanna’s achingly familiar scent was almost overwhelming as Brianna took a breath, a new spike of arousal shooting through her body at this proof of how much her mistress wanted her. Not wishing to disappoint she kissed the olive-skinned woman’s sex, eagerly exploring her curves and folds, eliciting soft gasps and moans that were music to her ears. Teasing her gently, in all the ways she had learned that the woman liked, Brianna slowly worked her mistress to the edge before swirling her tongue softly, almost delicately around Roxanna’s throbbing clit. The hand holding her hair tightened and Brianna could hear a deep moan from above, a sound that brought a brief smile to her face before she dove in for the kill. Withdrawing her tongue she latched her lips around that delicate nub of flesh and sucked with all her might, stroking with her tongue as she did so. Roxanna’s body jerked slightly at her touch, the woman’s hips briefly lifting off the couch as she cried out in pleasure. Taking that as a good sign, Brianna redoubled her efforts only to feel her hair pulled even tighter and strong thighs clamp around her head.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes of this assault before Roxanna screamed, her muscles going stiff as she came, hard, practically grinding Brianna’s eager mouth against her to try and enhance the sensation.

Though throaty and raw and panting her voice was still clear as she spoke, “Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop, korítsi.”

Ever obedient Brianna did as she was told, gladly and reverently worshiping the goddess she was kneeling in front of, drawing orgasm after orgasm from her quaking body as she licked and sucked. Her own body throbbed in sympathy, a heady mix of lust and need thrumming through her veins as Roxanna’s screams and cries of pleasure washed over her. Beside her Sofia howled in delight as Claudia worked her own magic, adding to the symphony. Finally, after reducing her mistress to a quivering mass of pleasure, and more than a little proud of herself for that, the woman muttering something in her native tongue even as her hips bucked and her grip grew even tighter, Brianna went in for the kill. Opening her mouth she thrust her tongue as deep into Roxanna’s pussy as she could manage, swirling it against the silken heat within. Roxanna tensed up instantly, her body tightening around the intrusion as she threw her head back and screamed. Almost immediately Brianna felt the insistent tug on her hair pull her head back to reveal Roxanna’s flushed face, eyes clenched shut and lost in ecstasy.

She had to fight down the urge to smirk at that when Roxanna’s eyes suddenly snapped open and locked onto her own hazel ones, freezing her in place. The woman leaned forward then and for a moment Brianna thought they would kiss when the hands holding onto her hair let go and took her by the shoulders before Roxanna practically lunged forward. A cry of surprise escaped Brianna’s throat then when those hands roughly pushed her back and turned her around before she found herself unceremoniously bent over the low coffee table. Before she could even catch her bearings a pressure against her lips prompted Brianna to open her mouth as a sizable ball gag was thrust into place and secured tightly, silencing her. A slight shaking of the table and a soft noise to the right prompted her to glance over only to see Claudia now laying next to her gagged as well. Thought abandoned her then, a low moan deep in her throat as Brianna felt a dildo slide into her wet and eager pussy. Roxanna’s soft hands gripped her about the waist and she was lost when she felt her mistress’ hips thrust against her own, driving the dildo in deeper. With deliberate skill Roxanna then began to slowly work her toward the peak but not quite enough to let her crest, stopping just long enough to let her tumble back down the hill before pushing her upwards again.

It was incredible, it was overwhelming, it was torture. She loved every minute of it.

Mewling into her gag, practically begging, Brianna wiggled her own hips as best she could, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm fnch mm hnrnmr mnphphrmphph!”

Perhaps that was enough because Roxanna seemed to take pity on her and after being pushed to the edge perhaps a half dozen times Brianna moaned in relief as her mistress began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and harder. Even so it was still a surprise, part of her having expected to be let down again, when Brianna felt her body go stiff as she was finally allowed to climax, cries of relief muffled by the gag filling her mouth. She had long ago discovered that bondage seemed to make sex so much more intense, or at least it did for her, but one thing Brianna had learned that she absolutely loved was cumming while gagged. She couldn’t really explain it, but somehow her orgasms were just so much more… so much more when her mouth was stuffed. Roxanna was not satisfied with pushing her plaything to a single orgasm however. As soon as the bound girl came she paused for only the briefest of moments before thrusting her hips again, slowly at first but steadily building up speed as she worked the girl’s overstimulated body to a second climax. It did not take long. But, as Brianna howled in delight as another orgasm washed over her, the waves of pleasure intermingling with the lingering traces of the first in a way that felt oh so incredible her mistress was already pushing her toward a third. Glancing to her right again Brianna could see Claudia, the girl’s eyes clenched shut and her face flushed, her whole body shaking as Sofia thrust into her with ever increasing intensity. Each of her lovers had a very different style when it came to sex. Sofia was rough and a little untamed while Roxanna preferred to be deliberate and methodical and, the few times they had made love, Claudia was simply wild and passionate. Truth be told Brianna could not say that she preferred any of them, rather that she preferred all of them. Variety was the spice of life after all, especially one’s sex life.

Minutes that felt like hours passed as the pair of them were fucked senseless on the coffee table. After the third or fourth orgasm Brianna honestly wasn’t aware of anything but sense and sensation, so deep in subspace that she couldn’t even form a coherent thought much less say anything but helpless cries of pleasure and murmured pleading for more. The thing that finally signaled it was over was the sensation of the dildo being withdrawn from her almost hypersensitive sex and a pair of arms lifting up her trembling body into a tight embrace. A gentle kiss touched her brow as her body slowly calmed and Brianna was vaguely aware of being carried up to the couch again and the gag being pulled from her mouth. Still flying high she could not have commented even if she had wanted to as she slouched into the sinfully soft cushions beneath her, sated and exhausted and oh so satisfied. At some point the feeling of a presence beside her prompted the girl to open her eyes again and Brianna could see Claudia, flushed and looking equally sated, sitting next to her. The girl smiled widely at her and she smiled back, words still beyond her.

Sofia suddenly crouched down into their line of sight, a gentle and reassuring smile on her face, “Feeling better?”

“Yes, mistress.” Claudia answered with a tired but pleased voice.

Brianna just managed a nod.

“We are going to go make some lunch.” Sofia announced, “I imagine we could all use something to eat after that. Shout if you need anything, and be certain to behave.”

Despite her exhaustion a mischievous smile seemed to curl Claudia’s lips, “Oh, we will mistress.”

Sofia chuckled at that, clearly not quite believing her but choosing to say nothing. Standing, she casually hugged Roxanna around the waist, snuggling up against her lover as the pair made their way to the kitchen.

Letting out a sigh before collapsing as if spent, Claudia muttered, “Oh lord, I needed that.”

“Yeah.” Brianna managed, at last able to form words, “Me too.”

Humming softly in response Claudia slumped over and laid her head down on Brianna’s shoulder, closing her eyes and sighing comfortably.

Frowning slightly Brianna gently tried to shove her away, “Get off.”

“Already did,” Claudia answered with a tiny smirk, “and I’m basking in the afterglow.”

Although she could not help but smile at that, somewhat fondly exasperated, Brianna rolled her eyes and pushed Claudia away again a bit more insistently this time. The girl obliged with a frown and without waiting for a response Brianna immediately shifted her weight and let her body slide to the left to collapse down onto the couch, twisting her hips as she did so to lay flat and lifting her legs up to stretch them across Claudia’s lap.

The brunette raised an eyebrow at that, “Hey! If I can’t lay on you then get your legs off me.”

Squirming a little to find a comfortable position for her bound arms Brianna chose to ignore that and closed her eyes, “I’m just gonna take a little nap now.”

Not exactly one to back down from a challenge, Claudia responded by shifting her own body as well, squirming out from under Brianna’s legs, a task made considerably more difficult by her tightly bound arms. Still, she managed it and, wiggled up beside Brianna like an overly eager puppy, Claudia then rolled over to lay her slender form atop Brianna’s own, pillowing her head onto the slightly taller girl’s breasts with a satisfied smirk.

Wincing a little as the hard edges of Claudia’s hips and ribs dug in as she squirmed into place, Brianna protested, albeit with a playful edge to her voice, “Move your bony ass.”

Claudia lifted her head and stuck out her tongue, “My bony ass is happy where it is, thank you very much. You make a great pillow. And besides that, you love my ass.” As if to emphasize her point she shook her hips playfully.

Brianna bit her lip to stifle a laugh, before letting out a fond sigh, “Yeah I do.” a heartbeat later she continued, “I really am happy to see you. I didn’t expect that.”

“I guess Christmas came early.” Claudia replied playfully, “Or was that us?”

Brianna did laugh at that, wishing that she could hug the girl laying on top of her as she shifted her hips again a little to try and find a more comfortable position. After a few long moments of enjoying the quiet company and the amazing sensation of Claudia’s soft skin rubbing up against her own, the warmth of their bodies a pleasant contrast to the cool air of the house, Brianna slowly lifted her head.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“You just did, but sure.” Claudia answered with a grin.

Rolling her eyes again Brianna continued, “It was something Roxanna mentioned, said I should ask you. A particularly eventful vacation I think she called it?”

Claudia’s expression was a blank, “You’re gonna need to be just a tiny bit more specific than that.”

Brianna flushed again as she laid her head back down and glanced up at the ceiling, voice soft, “It may have er… involved a, um, a catheter.”

Claudia’s expression shifted to confused for a moment, “How in the world did that come up?” but almost as soon as she spoke her expression morphed again into one of understanding and a sly grin twisted her lips, “Oh I see, did you get…?”

Biting her lip Brianna just nodded.

“So?” Claudia prodded, “What did you think?”

“It was weird,” Brianna admitted, cheeks a bit warm, but she could not help but smile a little, “but I can’t say I disliked it.”

“You kinky little thing you.” Claudia teased.

Brianna twisted her head sharply to smack the other girl with her hair, eliciting a soft protest, and tried to shoot her a glare, “Pot. Kettle.”

“Okay, that’s fair.” Claudia conceded as she shifted positions to free herself from the strands of long blue hair tickling her face, “And anyway, the vacation in question was a few years back, before higher education and I decided to, uh, part ways.”

“What happened?” Brianna asked.

Claudia shrugged as best she could, “Spring Break was coming up and I had a crazy idea. What if I spent the whole week in bondage? And I don’t mean spend the whole week playing bondage games, I mean spend 7 days, all 168 hours, tied up without a break.”

Brianna blinked, “That’s...”

“Crazy?” Claudia prompted.

“I was going to say hot.” Brianna admitted, “But crazy works too.”

“Our mistresses were skeptical, but I was insistent.” Claudia admitted, “Honestly I was kind of a brat about it.”

“I can’t imagine.” Brianna teased, tone mildly sarcastic.

In response Claudia stuck out her tongue again and dropped her head back down onto the girl’s chest somewhat forcefully.

Brianna let out a surprised ‘oof’ and lifted her head to look at the brunette incredulously, “Did you just headbutt my boobs?”

Choosing not to dignify that with a response Claudia continued her story, “They eventually agreed, wrapped me up in bandages from ankles to shoulders like a mummy and while my arms were pinned Roxanna stuck a catheter in me.”

“And you spent a whole week like that?” Brianna wondered, a little amazed.

“Yep.” Claudia answered, “But they also kind of wanted to teach me a lesson and make sure I got exactly what I asked for. As she was wrapping my legs up Sofia inserted a vibrator, one turned down real low to make sure I couldn’t cum, and they didn’t turn it off.”

“No.” Brianna gasped, incredulously.

“After the first couple of days I was out-of-my-mind-horny.” Claudia continued, “I was begging for an orgasm so they gagged me for the rest of the week, used one of those panel gags with a breathing tube through it so they could feed me with a funnel. By day seven I honestly thought I was gonna explode.”

For a moment Brianna was speechless. She’d had a hard time wrapping her mind around what her mistresses had insinuated last night, keeping her bound and teased for a day or two, but this? This was almost unbelievable. “And you didn’t use your safeword?”

“Nope.” Claudia responded, sounding proud of that fact, “As crazy and frustrating and difficult as it was I kind of wanted to see if I could do it. Though I came close the first time they decided to make love on the bed next to me.”

Brianna bit her lip at that admission, face heating up, the thought of her mistresses having sex next to her bound and helpless body was incredibly hot, but she shook her head to clear it, “I don’t think I could ever do something like that.”

“Never say never.” Claudia said, “I never would have thought I could do that either, but here we are. And I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. When they finally let me cum I legitimately passed out from sensory overload. I also discovered an interesting fact.”

Brianna at last looked up again, curiosity written on her face, “What’s that?”

“That a strong enough vibration will travel up a catheter and that feels really, really good.” she said, simply.

“I’ll, uh… I’ll keep that in mind.” Brianna answered, blush returning.

Claudia smiled slightly, nestling a little deeper into Brianna’s cleavage before continuing on in a soft voice, “But anyway, ‘particularly eventful vacation’ sums it up pretty well.”

Brianna remained silent for a moment, thinking that ‘particularly eventful vacation’ actually undersold it a great deal, but when she lifted her head again Claudia’s eyes were closed and, given the peaceful expression on her face, it looked as if the girl had drifted to sleep. Understandable given both how vigorous Sofia tended to be and how intense the first orgasms after months in chastity were. Smiling a little at the sight Brianna carefully laid back and closed her eyes but despite everything she found herself unable to sleep. Claudia’s story kept circling in her head and she simply could not let it go. The thought of being bound so helplessly, completely under the control of another and endlessly teased for days upon days, reduced to a toy and not even a toy to be used but one to be tormented until she could not stand it any longer and when she finally reached her limit? To be gagged and teased even more. Even the idea of it made her shiver with a strange sort of terrified delight, and part of her could not help but wonder what it would be like to experience such a thing herself. Perhaps not an entire week, that… that would be a bit much, but to spend a few days helplessly bound and gagged, under the complete control of her mistresses… Brianna smiled at the thought. Spring Break would be coming up in a few months and, well, who knew what opportunities might arise? Something to keep in mind at least.

At some point during these pleasant musings the soft sound of bare feet across the hardwood floor prompted Brianna to open her eyes to see Sofia crouched down next to her. She smiled at the sight, a smile her mistress returned, even as she allowed her eyes to roam over that gloriously naked form.

Reaching out to stroke her hair Sofia spoke softly, “You look comfy, devushka.”

Glancing down at Claudia’s still sleeping form sprawled across her own she smiled again, “Yes mistress.”

Sofia reached out and ran her fingers through Claudia’s messy hair before gently prodding her shoulder, “Wake up, kotenok. The day is young yet.”

It took a moment, and several more prompts, before Claudia jerked awake, taking a deep breath and jumping up slightly as if confused about where she was. Blinking rapidly as she regained her bearings she glanced up at Brianna’s face, a small grin on the girl’s lips, before looking over at Sofia, “Mistress?”

“Time to get up, my dears.” Sofia supplied, “Lunch is ready.” she smirked slightly then, “I did not think I wore you out quite so much.”

Claudia actually blushed, very faintly, at that and looked a bit bashfully at Brianna, “Sorry.”

For her part Brianna just shrugged as best she could, “It’s fine.”

Smiling fondly at them both Sofia reached out and gently took Claudia by the shoulders, helping her sit up and disentangle herself from Brianna’s bound form before helping the blue-haired girl in turn. Quickly and efficiently she loosened the bonds holding them, releasing Claudia from the tight monoglove that imprisoned her arms before untangling the web of straps keeping Brianna trapped in her straitjacket. As their bonds came free the two girls spared a moment to stretch and massage lingering cramps from their muscles before Sofia took them each by the hand and helped pull them to their feet. Still holding their hands Sofia smiled again and began to escort the pair into the kitchen. Roxanna was already there, waiting for them, the olive-skinned woman standing at the stove stirring a pot wearing an apron and nothing else. Brianna felt her eyes glued to the sight as she was led to the table. It was such a cliché, something seen in hundreds, perhaps thousands of pictures and cheap novels but she could not deny how enticing and arousing the sight of Roxanna’s graceful form both barely covered and completely exposed was. It was a cliché for a reason it seemed. In fact, her eyes were still glued to the sight as she and Claudia took their seats and Sofia crossed over to the stove herself to help her lover carry bowls of soup over to the table.

As the pair took their own seats Brianna glanced down at the bowl of steaming broth in front of her, taking a deep breath of the unfamiliar scent, “Mistress? What is this?”

“Solyanka.” Sofia provided a fond, almost nostalgic smile on her face, “The next best thing for warming up on a cold day.”

Nodding, but still having no idea what that was, Brianna picked up her spoon and tentatively tasted the soup. It was a bit saltier than she normally liked and the taste was a bit strange, like nothing she had ever had before but it was good all the same. She had been introduced to a wide variety of foreign foods since entering into a relationship with her mistresses, a fringe benefit as it were, and some small part of her thought that these culinary experiences were an interesting metaphor for the relationship as a whole. Trying a wide array of new and strange things only to develop a taste for them.

“Do you like it?” Sofia prompted.

Smiling a little Brianna nodded, “Yes mistress.” she then glanced at Roxanna, “Thank you, mistress.”

Roxanna accepted the thanks with a small nod, “You are very welcome.”

Save for the soft clink of silverware against porcelain silence descended on the room as the four of them ate. Claudia in particular seemed ravenous and Brianna had to fight down a smile at the sight, stealing glances here and there as she ate, while their mistresses were far more restrained though Sofia’s enthusiasm certainly stood in contrast to Roxanna’s more elegant manners. And yet… She could not quite put her finger on it at first, but something about the scene struck Brianna. It was far from the first meal that she had enjoyed in the nude, an experience that was still a little incongruous if quite enjoyable, but it was exceedingly rare for the four of them to be together like this. Glancing at her mistresses to either side and Claudia across from her, all of them sitting comfortably and casually as if the situation did not even bear commenting on, it made her smile. There was something warm and pleasant about it, spending the day with this strange little family she had been fortunate enough to become a part of. It dawned on her then that yes, she very much did consider these women her family and Brianna felt herself freeze at the realization. It was an astonishing thought, one that felt so good to say even in the confines of her own mind, and for a moment her lips unconsciously twitched into a smile and her eyes almost welled up with tears. It was almost overwhelming to consider but so incredible at the same time.

She was spared further introspection when Claudia suddenly broke the silence, “Mistress Roxana, Mistress Sofia? I have a request.”

“Yes, my dear?” Roxanna asked.

“I have a present for Brianna.” the brunette said, simply.

Upon hearing that Brianna looked up, still a little distracted by the emotional gut punch she had just experienced, and felt a stab of surprise. A gift? They had never really talked about giving gifts, the thought had never even crossed her mind. She had honestly considered Claudia’s presence quite a gift in and of itself, but to hear that the girl apparently had something else specifically for her? It certainly made her curious, but at the same time Brianna also felt a little bad that she could not reciprocate.

“That was thoughtful.” Roxanna continued with a slight smile, “But your request…?”

“Apologies, mistress.” Claudia said, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’d like to take Brianna to go and get it.”

Roxanna pondered that for a moment, glancing over at Sofia who shrugged with a smile of her own, “Will you be gone long?”

“Probably most of the rest of the day, mistress.” Claudia admitted.

“Hmm, I find myself wondering what sort of present this is.” Roxanna mused, “Ah well, I do not wish to spoil the surprise either. Very well, do be safe.”

“Thank you mistress.” Claudia said with a bright smile before turning her attention to Brianna, “Ready?”

Although still a little off guard about what was going on, not to mention suffering a touch of emotional whiplash, Brianna glanced down at her mostly finished soup and then nodded, “Uh, yeah, sure.”

Claudia smiled at her and then immediately pushed her chair back and stood up from the table, “Go get dressed, I’ll meet you in the living room. Oh, and don’t wear underwear.”

“Now I find myself very curious about this mysterious present.” Sofia interjected with a delighted laugh and a teasing tone before turning her attention to Brianna, “I left your things in the master bath, devushka.”

Brianna blushed at that, even if she very much agreed with the sentiment, and quickly stood from her own chair, “Thank you, mistress.”

As she began to move around the table Sofia’s hand shot out and caught her arm gently, stopping her, “A kiss for the road, devushka?”

With a smile Brianna leaned down and kissed the woman softly, “Of course, mistress.”

With a playful grin Sofia let go, “Have fun.”

Brianna nodded then jumped with a gasp of surprise as she turned to walk away and felt a hand playfully smack her on the ass. Turning back quickly, a slight blush on her cheeks, Brianna was greeted by the sight of Sofia giving her an innocent look that was not convincing in the slightest and Roxanna biting her lip to hold back laughter. Smiling almost fondly at the scene, and rubbing the red spot her mistress had left behind, Brianna just shook her head and continued on her way. By the time she made it to the bathroom Claudia was nowhere to be seen and, realizing that she had already wasted enough time, quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind her. A quick scan of the room revealed her pack leaning up against the vanity, as promised. Pulling the bag up onto the counter Brianna opened it and began to digging for something to wear. Remembering her instructions to ‘not wear underwear,’ and blushing a little as she again wondered exactly what this present was and why that would be necessary, she settled on a simple long-sleeved dress with a shirt skirt and a pair of tights. That should be comfortable enough given the circumstances. Dressing quickly she spared a few moments to wash up and brush her teeth before combing her long blue hair into some kind of order. Checking her appearance in the mirror Brianna hesitated for a moment, biting her lip in indecision, before deciding to apply makeup. She honestly didn’t know what was coming and wanted to look her best, just in case.

By the time she finished up and headed back out again Claudia was waiting for her in the living room, dressed once again in a simple shirt and jeans, taking her coat off the wall. Walking over to the door quickly Brianna hunted down her shoes before taking her own coat from the wall and slipping it on

Glancing at her as she approached Claudia offered a smile as she finished buttoning up her jacket before reaching out and offering hand, “Shall we?”

Brianna nodded and took the hand with a smile of her own, “Yeah.”

With that Claudia practically dragged her out the front door and onto the porch, quickly climbing down the stairs and through the paths that Sofia had shoveled earlier to the driveway where her car sat patiently. Although the speed caught her by surprise Claudia’s obvious, eager enthusiasm brought a smile to Brianna’s face almost as if she could not contain her excitement. That in and of itself only fueled the speculation in her mind of exactly what was waiting for her but her companion was still silent about that fact. Letting go of Claudia’s hand and walking around the car to climb into a familiar passenger seat Brianna was once again caught by surprise when Claudia began to pull out of the drive before she had even finished buckling herself in. Fasting her seat belt with a frown, but saying nothing, Brianna leaned back and just enjoyed the scenery for a moment. Despite the familiarity of it, the old neighborhood still felt new after being away for so long. More than that the snowy world looked so much brighter, and so much less sinister under the light of day. In fact it was almost picturesque, the sight of snow covered roofs and trees, curls of smoke drifting lazily from chimneys into the gray skies, and the scattered Christmas decorations put up by the more dedicated home owners painted a picture practically right out of a movie. Beyond that there were also plenty of signs of activity, from shoveled sidewalks and drives to the armies of snowmen that neighborhood children had left in their wake. Again a familiar wave of nostalgia washed over her and Brianna closed her eyes, lost for a moment in memories of winters past and her own adventures in the snow.

After a few moments of silent introspection she opened her eyes again and glanced at Claudia before finally deciding to ask, “Do I even get a hint of where we’re going?”

Claudia grinned for a second before shaking her head, “Nope.”

“You know, you didn’t have to get me anything.” Brianna said, looking down at her lap, “I mean, just you being here is the best present I could have asked for.”

“Careful girl,” Claudia warned playfully, “you’ll rot your teeth if you keep being that sweet.”

Although that made her smile Brianna quickly grew serious again, “I mean it Claudia. You didn’t have to do anything special for me and I feel kind of bad that I didn’t think to do anything for you.”

Tearing her eyes away from the road, a soft expression on her face, Claudia reached out to take Brianna’s hand again, “Hey now, none of that. I’m not doing this because I expect anything in return, I’m doing this because I want to. And look, I still don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it will make sense when we get there. Trust me.”

Squeezing the hand holding hers Brianna smiled a little, “I do trust you, although you are infuriating when you get all mysterious like this and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m not wearing underwear.”

“Because it’s hot.” Claudia quipped, prompting Brianna to smack her playfully, “I kid, I kid! There’s a reason, and not just ‘cause I wanted to see if you would, trust me.”

Rolling her eyes a little, but feeling better, Brianna nodded, “Okay.”

With that settled Claudia offered once final squeeze of the hand before turning her attention back to the road. After a moment of silence Brianna tried to turn on the radio, but other than a few weather reports and some holiday music, which neither of them were really in the mood for, she switched it off and went back to watching the scenery. As they drove the open fields, parks and cookie-cutter housing of the suburbs slowly gave way to the more built up regions of town dominated by small businesses, shopping centers, fast food restaurants and office parks. Despite the cold and the recent storm, traffic was heavy and a surprising number of pedestrians trudged along the sidewalks and through parking lots, bundled up against the weather as they rushed from place to place. Finally, after perhaps a half an hour of driving deeper and deeper into the heart of the snowy urban jungle Claudia pulled off the main road and into the parking lot of a strip mall, the cedar shingled shop fronts belying just how old this development was. Brianna frowned just slightly as she glanced over the nondescript storefronts, wondering if this was truly their final destination. Were they here to buy something, pick something up? So many questions and still no answers. However, as Claudia pulled into an empty spot in front of one store in particular, its glass front covered by semi-transparent screens that granted privacy to those within, Brianna glanced up at the small but highly stylized sign over its door, ‘Bound by Design: Tattooing and Piercing.’

For a split second Brianna was frozen in place before it finally clicked in her mind and she quickly looked over at Claudia, speechless. They had talked about her desire to get a tattoo a number of times, discussed ideas and made tentative plans. Claudia had promised to set something up months ago, around Christmas she had said, but that was the last Brianna had heard of it and she’d mostly put it out of her mind, too focused on other things. But here they were. Honestly? This was the absolute last thing she had been expecting.

Smiling broadly as she turned off the engine Claudia winked at her, “Surprise.”

With a squeal of delight that would probably have embarrassed her under different circumstances Brianna lunged across the center console and enveloped Claudia in a hug, “How in the world did you set this up?”

Claudia returned the embrace and just patted her on the back, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. Now, what do you say we go inside?”

Brianna hugged her a little tighter, “I can’t thank you enough for this.”

A tiny smirk graced Claudia’s lips, “Well, if you need ideas I’ll gladly accept payment in orgasms.”

Although Brianna did feel her face heat up at that she managed to lower her voice into an imitation of Sofia’s sexy purr and whispered in the girl’s ear, “Be careful what you wish for.”

It was Claudia’s turn to blush as she pulled away from the embrace, “Come on, this might take awhile.”

Nodding in agreement Brianna unfastened her seat belt and opened the door, so excited that she barely noticed the rush of cold air that washed over her as she climbed out of the car. Waiting a moment for Claudia to join her she followed the slightly shorter girl across the parking lot and up to the store front, heart pounding in her ears. As they stepped up onto the curb and under the awning Brianna frowned as she saw a much smaller sign hanging on the door that simply read ‘closed.’

Catching the frown out of the corner of her eye Claudia just patted her on the shoulder and simply said, “Don’t worry.” before reaching up and knocking on the glass, tapping out a rhythm with her knuckles.

Perhaps another minute passed before the door suddenly swung open and Claudia stepped inside, seemingly without a care in the world, with Brianna hot on her heels. Although she had never actually been in a tattoo shop before Brianna could admit that she’d had certain preconceived notions but, as she looked around, the place seemed fairly ordinary. The front area was clearly a waiting room of some type with plastic chairs scattered around with low tables between them piled with newspapers and magazines, while a familiar counter and cash register separated the space from the rest of the shop while some curtains behind it provided more privacy. The only real hint as to its real purpose were rows upon rows of artwork along the walls. As she was finishing her inspection Brianna glanced back toward the door and finally happened to see the woman who had opened it. She was of a height with the two of them with thick black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and muddy brown eyes that seemed almost black when coupled with the dark makeup she was wearing around them. Full lips painted ruby red, in stark contrast to her fair skin, made the silver ring through her lower lip stand out and, although she was wearing long sleeves appropriate for the weather Brianna could just make out the black lines of tattoos at her wrists and along the neckline of her shirt. The thing, or perhaps things, she truly noticed however, which brought a blush back to her cheeks, was the woman’s narrow waist, curvy hips and impressively large bust which, she was certain, was a testament to the woman’s surgeon.

Already opening her coat Claudia smiled easily at the woman, “Sup bitch.”

The woman snorted with laughter, “Charming as ever.”

“Aw, Zoe, you know you love me.” Claudia teased.

The woman, Zoe, rolled her eyes a little, “You owe me for this one Claudia.” her demeanor changed, a friendly smile gracing her lips when her attention shifted to Brianna, “And you must be Brianna, my new customer.” she offered her hand, “Name’s Zoe, nice to meet you.”

Brianna took the offered hand, “Hello, that’s me. I mean, yes I’m Brianna.” her blush deepened, sure she was making a fool of herself, “Sorry, I’m a little nervous.”

If anything Zoe seemed amused and shook her hand firmly, “Don't worry about it, perfectly normal for a first timer.”

With that she released Brianna’s hand and walked behind the counter, disappearing behind it for a moment as she bent down to retrieve something from a lower shelf. For a moment Brianna stood in place, unsure of what to do with herself, until she felt a hand gentle press to the small of her back. Startled at the unexpected sensation she glanced to her side to see Claudia give her a reassuring smile, one she returned gratefully, before the girl gently guided her to walk over to the counter herself. As she stepped up to the Formica surface Zoe re-appeared with a binder in hand. Setting the book down on the counter top she opened it and began to flip through the pages, as if looking for something.

“Normally this kind of thing would involve a lot more personal consultation.” Zoe explained as she continued to flip through pages, “But based on the pictures your girlfriend here gave me I made a few sketches. See if you like any of them. If not, we can discuss details.”

Once again Brianna felt herself smile, ever so briefly, at being called Claudia’s girlfriend and part of her wondered just how much this woman actually knew of their relationship. Shaking her head Briana put that thought aside, now was not the time, and reached out to take the binder, sliding it close to herself. Scattered on both of the open pages were a handful of drawings, all of blue roses in different configurations, each one she recognized as an idea she or Claudia had tossed about in the last months. However, as she scanned the page a single image stood out to her, a pair of roses next to each other set at a slight angle, their short stems curling out to either side in an elegant swirl. It was perfect.

Brianna’s finger immediately slid across the page, “That one.”

Leaning over the counter, which did marvelous things for her chest, Zoe noted which of the images that Brianna had selected and nodded, “Yeah that’s one of my favorites, glad you like it. You still want it on the pelvis, just below the waistline, right?”

Brianna nodded.

“Alright, I’ll take a few measurements and make a stencil.” Zoe explained, then glanced over at Claudia, “Once I’m finished you can take her back to one of the tables.”

Claudia offered a mock salute, “Aye, aye captain.”

Zoe just smirked ever so slightly before shaking her head with fond sort of exasperation and pulled a measuring tape from her pocket as she circled back around the counter. Brianna said nothing, just stood stock still as the woman took a few measurements then disappeared into a side room. As soon as she did Claudia took her by the hand and Brianna found herself taken back behind the curtain into the shop itself. Brightly lit, the main area was far more utilitarian with shelves covered in various tools and devices that she did not recognize along the walls as well as a few mirrors scattered about. And then there were the tables that Zoe had mentioned, black vinyl affairs that reminded Brianna of something she would see in a doctors office. Leading her over to one of them at random Claudia helped her climb onto the thing. Finding it surprisingly comfortable Brianna leaned back, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves and wrinkling her nose slightly at the strong scent of disinfectant that greeted her.

Siting down on a convenient stool next to the table Claudia put on a reassuring smile, “Nervous?”

“A little bit.” Brianna admitted.

“It’ll be fine,” Claudia assured, “I’ve done this a bunch of times, it’s not so bad.”

Although Brianna nodded at that, appreciating the encouragement, it didn’t do much to settle the butterflies in her stomach.

Claudia’s smile suddenly grew just a touch mischievous, “Well, I do have an idea for something that might relax you.”

Curious, but also not liking that smile, Brianna frowned, “What?”

Reaching down to open a pack that she had not realized the girl was carrying Claudia held up a pair of handcuffs.

Brianna just stared, “Seriously?”

Claudia just shrugged, “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s this: bondage makes just about everything better.”

Brianna snorted at that, it was half a joke but only half, “So what? Are you saying you get tattooed in bondage?”

Claudia’s grin just widened, “Now, now a girl’s got to have some secrets.”

Brianna’s cheeks lit up as she imagined Claudia stretched out and bound tightly as her skin was being worked on, although in her mind’s eye the girl was also gagged and naked and… She clamped down on that thought as hard as she could, feeling herself grow damp at the unexpectedly hot fantasy. Shaking her head to clear it she took a breath, “Okay.”

Grinning at the display, and seemingly pleased with the response, Claudia wasted no time, taking Brianna’s hands and pinning them above her head before somehow cuffing them to the table itself. Feeling the cuffs close around her wrists Brianna closed her eyes and tested her bondage, finding it as inescapable as ever.

“I have a gag too, if you want.” Claudia commented.

Before she could even think to answer that Zoe returned from the front, a rolled up paper in hand, and paused for a moment as she took in the scene before her, looking more curious than anything else to see her new client tied up. Brianna felt her face light up under the scrutiny but she could not say she didn’t like it.

Zoe just raised a single brow in response, “I’m not even going to ask, though now I know why you wanted me to come in on my day off. Wish you’d told me though, I might have complained a lot less.” Claudia said nothing, looking far too pleased with herself, and Brianna honestly did not think she could have responded even if she wanted to. With a shrug Zoe crossed the room and pulled up another stool, pulling on a pair of latex gloves as if this was business as usual, “Before we get started do you have any medical conditions I should be aware of? Are you taking any medication? Scared of needles?”

Curious about that reaction, but not certain how to respond, Brianna just shook her head then frowned, “Wait, why would someone afraid of needles get a tattoo?”

Zoe shrugged, “You’d be surprised. Alright, so just lay back and breathe and try to relax. It won’t cause any problems if you tense up, but it will hurt more. Got it?”

Brianna nodded again and, with that, Zoe gently lifted her skirt and pulled her tights down just enough to expose the area she would be working on. Brianna could not help but gasp in shock at the sudden sensation of cold as her skin was carefully shaved to remove any trace of hair and the area was disinfected. Pressure across her waist signified the stencil being applied and once it was peeled away Zoe stood and went over to one of the counters to prepare her tools and mix ink. Feeling her nervousness grow as the seconds ticked by Claudia took one of her bound hands and squeezed reassuringly. Grateful for the contact Brianna smiled thankfully at her. A few minutes later the woman returned and Brianna did as instructed, laying back on the surprisingly comfortable table and taking deep breaths through her nose as she tried to relax, fighting the urge to flinch as she felt the woman’s hands on her waist and heard the mechanical buzz of the tattoo gun fill the air. When the needles at last touched her skin Brianna was proud of herself for not reacting. It was painful, a stinging sensation not quite like anything she had ever felt before, but not as bad as she had feared either. Still, the prospect of potentially hours of this was still daunting.

Clenching her free hand into a fist she looked over at Claudia, “I’d like that gag now, please.”

“Really?” Claudia asked softly.

She nodded without comment, just opened her mouth and closed her eyes. It took some doing given her current position, but Claudia was anything if not determined and soon enough managed to work a modest ball gag into Brianna’s mouth and fasten it in place. Eyes still closed Brianna bit down on the gag, testing it, and felt some of the tension leave her body. As she had hoped having something to bite on helped. It felt like hours passed as she remained like that, focusing on her breathing and lying as still as possible aware of little else save the sting of the needle running across her skin and the much more pleasant sensation of Claudia holding her hand and stroking her brow and hair. A few times she heard a voice quietly ask if she was alright but each time she nodded, refusing to open her eyes. While she had always been impressed with Claudia’s ability to endure tight bondage Brianna felt a new wave of admiration for her endurance now given the sheer number of tattoos the girl sported.

At some point, she could not say when or how long, the sensation of the needles stopped, much to her relief, but it was the feeling of the gag being pulled from her mouth that signaled to Brianna that it was all over. Opening her eyes, and having to squint against the harsh lights of the shop, she looked up to see Claudia giving her an encouraging grin. Smiling back, she turned her head to look at Zoe, who had put her tools aside and was taking off her gloves.

“All done, kid.” the woman said, “Want to have a look?”

Brianna nodded and at that prompt Claudia removed her handcuffs so she could prop herself up on her hands. Looking down the expanse of her body, to the somewhat red and angry strip of exposed skin between her dress and tights, Brianna could clearly see a set of blue roses etched into her body. The design was elegant, the work incredibly lifelike. Just the sight of it made her smile and made all the discomfort worth it.

Looking up at Zoe again Brianna offered her a much wider smile, “Thank you. It’s… just, thank you.”

“It’s what I do.” the woman offered casually, though she certainly seemed to appreciate the thanks and the implied compliment.

Taking some antibiotic gel off the counter Zoe began to clean and bandage the fresh tattoo, “Keep it clean and covered for a few days. It’ll take a little while to heal but you should be good to go, unless there’s anything else?”

Pursing her lips in thought Brianna considered that for a moment before glancing over at Claudia, “Could you give us a moment?”

Although caught by surprise by that Claudia nodded and gathered up her pack, “Sure, I’ll just wait out front.”

Curious now Zoe asked, “Something wrong?”

Brianna shook her head, “No, I was just wondering if you could do something else for me.”

Zoe shrugged, “Maybe, what’s on your mind?”

In response Brianna held up her left hand and pointed to the base of her ring finger, “Can you put a small heart here? Not filled in or anything, just an outline in the same blue.”

“Yeah, sure.” Zoe answered quickly, “That’s easy, can probably even freehand it. But that’s just skin on bone, it’s going to hurt a lot more.”

After a moment of consideration Brianna nodded, “That’s fine.”

Zoe just shrugged again and reached for a new pair of gloves, “Suit yourself.”

Unlike the hours it had taken for her first tattoo, Brianna’s second only took a few minutes, but Zoe had been correct, it hurt a lot more. Still, Brianna gritted her teeth and dug the fingers of her free hand into her thigh, determined not to stop. It might have been silly, but with all of the emotional revelations of the day, the sudden understanding of just how much she cared for her new family and how much being a part of their lives meant to her, to say nothing of the significant of the roses now tattooed into her skin and how they symbolized… well, everything, Brianna wanted something else, a token to serve as a constant reminder of everything she had gained and everything she had promised. An indelible mark to prove her dedication.

Not more than ten minutes later Zoe leaned back and put the tattoo gun aside for the second time, “There you go.”

Looking down at her hand, and the tiny heart on her ring finger, Brianna smiled again, “Thank you for everything. I know Claudia can be kind of a pain sometimes, and you said this was your day off, but I really do appreciate you doing this for me.”

Zoe’s expression softened as she pulled off her gloves, “Ah, don’t worry about it. ‘Tis the season, yeah? Besides that, Claudia’s been a pretty good customer and I get the feeling you’ll be back sooner or later.”

“You know what? I think I just might.” Brianna answered.

Nodding toward the front of the shop, Zoe shooed her away, “Now get out of here, your girl’s waiting.”

Taking a moment to fix her clothes, and allowing Zoe to wrap a band-aid around her finger, Brianna offered one last smile of thanks before making her way through the curtain into the front of the shop, both surprised and not to see that darkness had fallen at some point. She put that out of her mind though. As promised Claudia was there waiting for her, slouched in one of the chairs and reading a magazine.

Looking up as soon as she heard footsteps, she set the magazine down, “So what was that all about?”

Brianna just smiled mysteriously, “A girl’s got to have her secrets.”

Tossing the magazine aside and standing in one smooth motion Claudia actually chuckled to hear her own line thrown back at her, “You little tease.”

Not commenting on that Brianna quickly stepped forward and wrapped Claudia up in a hug, “I know I said it before but thank you so, so much.”

Returning the hug Claudia just answered, softly, “You’re very welcome. Now, what do you say we go home and show off your new artwork to our mistresses? Besides that, you won’t be able to wear a chastity belt for a few days, best to take advantage of that while you can.”

Strangely enough Brianna actually felt a little disappointed that she would be parted from her belt for a time, though Claudia was right, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. A thought occurred to her, “Did they know about this?”

“They may have helped to pay for it.” Claudia admitted.

“You three didn’t have to do that.” Brianna protested.

“We wanted to.” Claudia insisted.

“You’re too good to me.” Brianna whispered, softly, “Alright, new plan. We go home, show off your friend’s excellent work and then, if our mistresses agree, I thank all three of you properly for everything.”

Pulling back slightly Claudia grinned, “Oh? And what do you have in mind?”

Doing her best to mirror the expression, Brianna simply said, “It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten you out properly so I suppose we can start there, and then maybe afterwards we can break in another table. After that, I’ve dreamed about being mummified with you again like we did our first time together, maybe this time we can try for all night long.”

Claudia leaned forward and kissed her, “I think that we’ve created a monster.” she grinned widely, “And I think I like it.”


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