The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; collar; hood; catsuit; armbinder; oral; strapon; anal; buttplug; gag; tease; catheter; straitjacket; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 7

The storm had blown in shortly after sunset and had been raging for hours. Thankfully the fierce winds had died down somewhat but the snow still fell in heavy flakes and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. As she trudged through the thick sheet of white that blanketed the ground, hugging herself tightly against the cold, Brianna Wilde had the thought that this might not have been her best idea. Despite two layers of clothing and a heavy coat over that the chill wind still seemed to bite into her, making her shiver uncontrollably. More than that, the snow clinging to her hair and clothing was slowly being melted by her body heat letting freezing cold water soak her to the bone. She honestly could not remember ever being so cold in her entire life and it felt as if her entire body was on the verge of freezing. Maybe worse, the cold seemed to make time stretch on, as if she had been walking for hours even though she knew there was no way that could be true. By this point her toes were nearly numb and, despite thick gloves and tucking her hands under her arms, her fingers were quickly following. The pack on her back felt uncomfortably heavy and her shoulders ached from the strain, compounded by the tenseness of her muscles, as if her entire body was instinctively trying to curl up on itself against the relentless cold. And yet Brianna trudged on, squinting against the wind and steadily placing one foot in front of the other, the trail of footprints behind her being quickly swallowed by the relentless snow as she passed. It wasn’t as if she really had any other choice, but she took hope as well. Even in the darkness of a winter’s night, the only illumination cast by the orange glow of street lamps, she had begun to recognize the landmarks. Hickory Lane was close, she just had to keep going a bit longer.

It had sounded like such a simple plan on the surface of things. The fall semester was finally winding down to a close and all of her hard work at last seemed to be paying off. Final exams had come, leading to a frantic week of activity and last minute studying among the student population, with the promise of a long break afterwards. In the midst of her own preparations Brianna had received some good news. Her last exam, which had been scheduled on Friday annoyingly enough, was canceled. Or rather, students with a high enough grade in the course were given the option of opting out and, much to her delight, she had made the cut. That had immediately gotten the wheels spinning in her head. Her original plan had been to catch a bus home on the following Monday to spend the holidays with her parents. It would be nice to see the extended family again. Being an only child it was always an interesting experience to be surrounded by aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, even if it was not an experience she cared to have too often. And on top of that she was honestly looking forward to seeing her parents again, having been a bit surprised at how much she honestly missed them over the last months. Of course, she also could not deny that the thought of seeing her mistresses again would make a fine Christmas present on top of everything. It really had been too long and she ached for their presence, especially since that amazing night in October was the last chance she’d really had to spend any time with them. Claudia had managed to venture out to visit a time or two since then, for which she was greatly appreciative, but it just wasn’t the same. However, she had also known that while winter break beckoned with the promise of returning to Hickory Lane and the opportunities it would present, it still would have been difficult to spend more than a few stolen hours with them. Of course she would have been grateful for any length of time, but it was still disappointing. However, an extra day off was a golden opportunity and it had struck her that she could slip away early and spend the weekend with her lovers before showing up at home on Monday. A special Christmas surprise for the women she loved. She’d jumped without hesitation.

The practical problem was that Brianna had already bought a ticket nearly a week in advance and trying to change it to an earlier time at the last minute had been difficult. She’d managed, but only by accepting passage on one of the last buses to run tonight. That hadn’t seemed like much of a problem at the time, a bit annoying perhaps but manageable, then the storm had blown in. In truth Brianna could admit that even if she had bothered to check the weather report in advance that probably wouldn’t have been enough to stop her, but she was honestly lucky that the trip hadn’t been canceled with how bad the roads were getting. The second problem, one which she could only blame herself for, was that the bus didn’t actually go to Hickory Lane, but to a nearby stop that, on paper, didn’t seem too far away, a long walk but certainly nothing unmanageable. What she had not counted on was making the walk in a blizzard, which made it feel more like a Marathon. Still, it was too late to turn back now.

As she continued down the street Brianna could just see a heavy thicket of trees ahead, the dull gray bark of the hickories blending in with the snow while thousands of gnarled branches reached up, as if clawing for the sky. In the dark the sight almost looked sinister, but even so it brought a smile to her face. Adjusting her pack and curling her toes to try and preserve some heat, Brianna picked up the pace as best she could. Just a little further now. Still, that last little jog still felt like an eternity before the cluster of hickory trees finally gave way to the wide open spaces of the housing development beyond them, the familiar rows of homes bringing a pang to her heart. Instinctively her eyes fell on one particular house, the first house on the block next to the copse of trees, an achingly familiar two-story structure in which so many good memories resided. The shutters were closed tight and the roof was heavy with snow, a curl of smoke just visible from the chimney, but faint golden light seeped out of the large bay windows of the living room and the porch light was on. Brianna felt her heart swell at the sight and despite chattering teeth and an uncontrollable shiver warmth blossomed in her chest as she raced up the path, trudging through the snow drifts and up icy stairs onto that oh so familiar porch. Feebly brushing some of the snow from her pants she rang the doorbell and the chime seemed to thunder in the night. A long moment passed, then a second before a frown etched its way onto Brianna’s face. Were they not home, or had they already gone to bed for the night? She had not actually thought to call ahead, wanting her visit to be a surprise and Brianna had the sudden, sinking feeling that this might have been her third mistake. Still, if push came to shove she could just walk next door to her parent’s house though that would be disappointing. She rang the bell again, determined to wait a bit longer just in case.

Finally, just audible over the howl of the wind, Brianna could hear the loud footsteps of someone approaching and, all of a sudden, the door flew open with more force than she had expected, actually making her jump. Stranding there in the doorway, barefoot and clad in nothing but a tank top and shorts, as if totally indifferent to the cold, was Sofia. A slightly annoyed expression was painted on the blonde’s lovely face and just behind her Brianna could see Roxanna’s form perched on the couch hastily closing her robe over a rumbled nightgown. It was almost painfully obvious that she had interrupted something and despite being freezing she could feel her face heat up.

For a split second no one spoke, Sofia’s expression of annoyance melting into one of confusion, as if she could not believe her eyes, “Brianna?”

A sheepish smile on her face Brianna nodded, “Surprise?”

As if finally noticing that the girl standing on her doorstep was covered in snow and visibly shivering Sofia grabbed her by the hands and pulled Brianna inside, practically slamming the door shut behind her, sealing away the cold. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkened living room, only faintly lit by the fairy lights of a Christmas tree in the corner and the flickering orange glow of the fireplace, the faint scent of pine and the pleasant crackling of burning wood adding to the warm ambiance. The familiarity of it made her smile and as she was led over to the fire Brianna could not help but let out a deep sigh of relief as blessed warmth washed over her, a sigh that grew into a moan as the backpack was eased off her sore shoulders, allowing her muscles to finally relax.

Glancing back at the couch, a worried expression on her face as she set the backpack down Sofia asked, “If you would fetch some tea, dorogoy?”

Without comment Roxanna nodded and stood up from the couch, wrapping a quilt around herself like a cloak as she did so, and padded off into the kitchen.

“What are you doing here, devushka?” Sofia asked softly as pulled the cap from Brianna’s head and helped her slip off her coat, frowning a little at how soaked she was with melted snow.

“I managed to slip away early from finals,” Brianna answered, teeth still chattering a little, “I got the idea to start winter break early and spend the weekend with you, so I caught the bus and, well, here I am, mistress.” she looked down, “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Sofia’s frown deepened, “The bus stop is over a kilometer from here. You walked all that way, in this weather?”

“Not my best idea.” Brianna admitted, softly.

She shook her head, frown fading, replaced with a sort of fond amusement at how hard headed this lovely young woman could be, “No matter, as long as you are alright. But we have to get you out of these wet clothes.”

“That’s a really cheesy pickup line, mistress.” Brianna managed to joke, even as she rubbed her hands together and fought to get her shivering under control.

Sofia laughed at that, shaking her head again, but did not otherwise respond as she grabbed the hem of Brianna’s shirt. The girl dutifully lifted her arms over her head as Sofia pulled off her sweater and t-shirt, the sodden garments landing on the floor heavily. She tried to unbutton her jeans but had trouble gaining purchase with still numb fingers and Sofia had to help with that as well, somewhat embarrassingly. The blonde had dropped down to a crouch, granting both a fine view of both her perfect ass and the cleavage displayed by her low cut of her shirt as she pulled the boots off Brianna’s feet and helped her to ease the wet denim off her legs. Stripped down to just her bra and chastity belt in a matter of moments Brianna could much more readily feel the heat of the fire on her skin and began to relax. Standing back up, and frowning a little at the goosebumps that seemed to cover Brianna’s pale skin from head to toe, Sofia stepped closer and began to gently rub her calloused hands up and down the girl’s arms to chase away some of the chill. Almost purring at that touch Brianna did not notice Roxanna’s return until the olive-skinned woman pressed a mug of steaming liquid into her hands.

“Drink.” she instructed, “It will make you feel better.”

With a grateful smile Brianna took the cup in both hands, relishing the feeling of warmth seeping into cold fingers, and took a deep drink. The bitter taste and floral notes were heavenly and achingly familiar, but it was the wonderful sensation of heat blooming in her chest and spreading throughout her body that made her sigh in contentment, “Thank you, mistress.”

“It is no trouble, korítsi.” Roxanna assured as she opened her arms and enveloped the girl in a hug, cocooning them both together within the quilt, wincing at how cold Brianna’s skin was to the touch, “You’re freezing.” she muttered as she hugged the girl tighter, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, “I… I’m sorry to have worried you.”

“Do not concern yourself with us.” Roxanna insisted, “Come and sit with me and warm yourself.”

As Roxanna was leading their guest over to the couch, Sofia began to gather up the wet clothes, “I’ll put these in the drier.”

Roxanna nodded her acknowledgement and settled back down onto the couch, folding her legs under herself and practically pulling Brianna into her lap, still holding the half naked girl tightly and gently rubbing her arms. Relaxing into the embrace for a moment Brianna closed her eyes and let out another contented sigh as she leaned her head down on Roxanna’s shoulder, the older woman shifting her body to allow better access.

“I really am sorry.” Brianna continued, unprompted, “I just… I just missed the both of you so much, and I know I should have called or something, but I wanted it to be a surprise and...”

Roxanna cut off the rambling apology with a soft kiss, little more than pressing their lips together briefly, but it was enough, “Shhh, it’s alright korítsi. No one is angry and it is wonderful to see you again, we were simply concerned. But you are safe, and you are here, and that is all that matters.”

Brianna snuggled more tightly into the embrace, “Thank you, mistress.”

They pair stayed that way for a few more moments, embracing each other beneath the blankets in a comfortable silence until Sofia returned. Beckoning her over with the wave of a slender hand, Roxanna opened the quilt and the blonde, somewhat awkwardly, joined them in the cocoon, wrapping the both of them up in her strong arms. Sandwiched between her lovers, their hands upon her bare skin in a heavenly embrace, Brianna smiled widely as a combination of the heat of the fire and the heat of their bodies finally managed to drive the chill from her bones. For a moment she thought she could easily and comfortably fall asleep in this perfect embrace, caught between heavenly warmth and silky soft skin, without a care in the world. That thought made her purse her lips as she suddenly realized something.

Noting her change of expression Sofia asked, “Is something the matter, devushka?”

Brianna shook her head, “No mistress, I just… I just realized that I’ve never actually spent the night here before.”

“That is true.” Roxanna commented before an almost devilish smile touched her lips, “And now we have you all to ourselves for the entire weekend.”

“Indeed, a most wonderful holiday gift.” Sofia continued, voice low as she leaned over to kiss Brianna deeply, “I would offer you the guest room, but I have a feeling you would much prefer to share our bed this evening.”

“They say,” Brianna began as soon as the kiss ended, trying to make a joke even as she shuddered at Sofia’s husky tone and the memory of those soft lips, “that you should share body heat during a snowstorm.”

“Wise words.” Roxanna murmured, gently taking Brianna by the chin and bringing their lips together, making the girl moan under the kiss and nipping at her lower lip as she pulled back, “I always do hate to sleep alone on a cold night.”

“How fortunate for us.” Sofia whispered as she allowed her hand to roam over Briana’s stomach and up her ribs, tickling sensitive skin and making the girl squirm even more in their grasp, “I think tonight calls for something special, however.”

“What...” Brianna managed, finding it difficult to form words as she moaned again under the onslaught, “What did you have in mind?”

“I have some ideas.” Roxanna mused as her fingers traced the sensitive skin around Brianna’s chastity belt, “But, you have been such a good girl. So, simply ask of us anything you would like.”

“Yes,” Sofia practically breathed into her ear, “what do you want?”

Brianna’s breath hitched in her throat, inhaling sharply at the feeling of those fingers teasing her while another shiver raced up her spine as Sofia’s voice caressed her ear. It was so hard to think clearly right now while being touched and teased and kissed. Moreover the enormity of the question weighed on her. Anything she’d like, anything at all? How could she even begin to answer that? She had already experienced so much, learned so much about herself and what she liked, to say nothing of the dozens of fantasies her sex starved brain had dreamed up in the past months. It was impossible to choose.

“I...” she managed, struggling for words.

“Take your time, korítsi.” Roxanna soothed, pressed another soft kiss to her lips as she did so, “We have all the time in the world.”

Brianna managed to nod at that and tried to calm her racing thoughts. It wasn’t like there was a wrong answer to this question, but she recognized that her mistresses were offering something special and she wanted it to be special. An idea occurred to her then. There was one thing, something that had been floating around in the back of her mind for a long time now, a fantasy that she had never brought up before for a variety of reasons but here and now? Perhaps this was her chance.

“Back in May.” she began, clearly getting both of their attention with that, “Back in May, when I saw you with Claudia for the first time. You had her wrapped up in latex, bound and gagged so helplessly as you used her. I want…” she could not stop a blush from coloring her already rosy cheeks, “I want you to do that to me.”

“Are you certain?” Sofia asked.

“Please?” Brianna almost pleaded as she looked down, “Please use me, mistress.”

A smile bloomed on Roxanna’s lips as she disentangled her hands and cupped Brianna’s face softly, forcing their eyes to meet. Lost in those deep brown orbs Brianna could do nothing, frozen in place like a deer in headlights, heart racing as Roxanna bent down and captured her lips in a deep kiss, tongue probing her mouth. Brianna moaned into that kiss as her eyes slid closed, flushed and breathy, enjoying every second of being dominated by such a simple and familiar gesture. Roxanna broke the kiss after a moment, Brianna’s mouth still hanging open slightly, and whispered, “Your wish is our command.”

The trio slowly began to make their way toward the bedroom, Brianna being dragged along as much as anything as her mistresses stole kisses and touches along the way. As they went clothing was shed a piece at a time as eager hands roamed. The quilt was the first to go, awkwardly dropped to the floor and sprawled halfway across the couch before they even made it out of the living room with Roxanna’s robe not far behind. The climb up the stairs was made more difficult than it needed to be since all of them were far too distracted, and none of them wished to stop touching each other, but at some point Brianna felt her bra fall away and she managed to slip Sofia’s shorts down over her hips. As they finally stepped into that achingly familiar bedroom and reluctantly pulled away from each other Brianna felt as if her skin was on fire as a blush seemed to paint every inch of her red. Blood pounded in her ears, her nipples achingly hard and her pussy throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. Behind her Sofia stripped off her shirt, tossing it aside casually to leave herself totally naked while Roxanna offered one last kiss, soft and full of promise, before slowly padding over to her jewelry box to retrieve a small key. Breath shaky, every single ounce of Brianna’s focus was on that key as the olive-skinned woman returned and, with a sound that was so sweet to the ears, unlocked her chastity belt. As the bands of metal were pulled away Brianna bit her lip, suppressing a gasp at the feeling of cool air on wet and heated skin, and resisting the urge to touch herself even as hands slowly caressed her waist.

At some point a familiar catsuit made of shiny black latex was pulled out of the closet and Brianna’s mind immediately went back to the first time she had worn it, months ago now. The same day she and Claudia had met, and fucked, for the first time as well. The same day she had been gifted her collar and chastity belt. A smile graced her lips at the memory. Taking it in hand, and opening the zipper at the back, she struggled to pull the suit on, the skin tight material clinging to her like a glove. Still, between the three of them they managed to make short work of it and as she felt the zipper close slowly, Brianna glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Just like she remembered the catsuit emphasizing every curve of her body, the slick material practically gleaming in the soft light of the bedside lamp. With another kiss Roxanna reached up to fix her hair up in a tight bun, Brianna standing very still as she did so, before sliding a hood of the same shiny black rubber over her head. While the hood was being pulled into place Brianna could feel Sofia take her by the wrists and pull her arms behind her back to begin binding them. The achingly familiar sensation of a monoglove being laced up made Brianna smile, only for her to bite her lip with another moan as the straps were crossed over her shoulders, then slowly tightened to pull her elbows together. Lost in the heady mix of pleasure and pain that came from being bound so tightly, to say nothing of the sheer excitement of being under her mistresses control again, Brianna could do nothing but open her mouth obediently when Roxanna presented a large ring gag and set it behind her teeth before fastening it firmly into place.

Utterly and completely helpless now, Brianna moaned softly as Roxanna shot her a coy look and slid the straps of her nightgown down her shoulders just enough to expose her breasts, the hardness of her nipples betrayed just how excited the woman was. Attention locked onto that beautiful sight she jumped a little in surprise as Sofia’s hands fell upon her hips, gently caressing her for a moment or two before her grip tightened, pinning Brianna in place. She moaned again, much more loudly this time, as Roxanna then ran a hand down her stomach, the touch feather light through the latex, and slowly opened the zipper between her legs to expose her aching pussy to the world.

With deliberate and almost cruel slowness, Roxanna moved closer and closer until Brianna could feel the woman’s breasts pressed up against her own. She leaned in then to capture her slave’s helplessly gagged mouth in a kiss, probing deeply with her tongue and eliciting another moan. Sofia’s grip tightened just a little then and she could feel the blonde’s hip press tightly against her ass before Roxanna reached between her legs and began to slowly tease her labia with long, delicate fingers while deftly and deliberately avoiding her clit. Brianna groaned into the kiss and squirmed in her bonds, desperately trying to rock her hips. She was close, so wonderfully, awfully close but it was not to be. Sofia held her firm and, after several long, slow moments of that sensuous torture the kiss, the touch, all of it stopped with Roxanna withdrawing, a cruel smile now curling her lips. Brianna whimpered but could do nothing as the olive-skinned woman turned and began to walk toward the bed. As she watched that lovely sight Sofia’s hands left her hips and she gasped in surprise around her gag as a blindfold suddenly covered her eyes, plunging her into total darkness.

Completely blind now, reduced to nothing but touch, Brianna began to breathe heavily as Sofia’s hands returned to her hips and began to trace up the sides of her body and over her ribs before cupping her breasts, squeezing softly for a brief moment. She moaned at the sensation, every nerve in her skin tingling as if being blind and helpless supercharged her sense of touch. After a few tantalizing seconds of having her breasts teased Sofia suddenly pinched her nipples firmly, making her gasp before her head was turned sharply to the side and a pair of lips crashed into her helpless mouth once again. Sofia kissed her deeply, possessively, plundering her mouth eagerly and leaving her dazed and aching for more, a soft groan escaping her gagged lips as she was awkwardly guided toward the bed herself, having no choice but to trust her mistress in her utterly helpless state. Eventually, after a few shaky steps, Sofia’s arms around her waist holding her firmly, Brianna felt her knees hit the edge of the mattress and her body was half lowered, half carried onto the bed until she was practically sprawled across it.

Roxanna’s familiar hands then grabbed her under the arms and Brianna felt herself being pulled forward, the slick material of the catsuit allowing her to practically glide over the sheets. She was vaguely aware of a cloth falling over the back of her head, but it was not until she felt Roxanna’s shapely thighs close around her face and her gagged lips gently kiss the woman’s damp sex that she realized it was the hem of her nightgown. Without prompting she began to lap at the delicate flesh before her, a low and deep moan from above sending another shot of arousal through her as those same delicate hands gripped her tightly and held her in place. Once, Roxanna would have needed to guide and instruct her but that was no longer necessary. Now, after months of eager practice Brianna knew her mistresses and their bodies as well as she knew her own, knew all the right spots to lick and tease to drive the older woman wild with desire. As she traced up and down Roxanna’s curves and folds, the woman practicality panting and muttering something in her native tongue, Brianna made sure to pay special attention to her clit and occasionally dip her tongue into the silken heat within to tease all of her mistress’ most delicate and sensitive spots. With deliberate care she probed the woman’s delicate inner walls before lapping at just the right spot… Almost instantly she felt the woman stiffen, her vaginal muscles tightening around the tongue penetrating her as she came with a loud cry, arching her back and pulling Brianna’s helpless body even tighter against her own. Brianna did not stop, eagerly lapping up Roxanna’s fluids, the woman’s scent filling her nostrils, as she once again teased her throbbing sex toward another climax.

As she worked, a sudden weight on the bed announced Sofia’s return. Strong hands cupped and squeezed and caressed Brianna’s ass, making her squirm in appreciation, shaking her hips in encouragement, before the zipper between her legs was opened further. As a second orgasm thundered through Roxanna’s frame, the woman’s hips jerking as she cried out in ecstasy, Brianna gasped loudly and, for a split second, lost her concentration as she felt the length of a dildo slowly being inserted into her ass. While not her favorite way to make love Brianna certainly did not hate it and Sofia was more than skilled, it simply frustrated her no end that it was enough to drive her mad but rarely enough to make her orgasm. She moaned, almost pitifully at the nearly overwhelming sense of fullness as Sofia forced her to take the entire length before fucking her in earnest. Normally Sofia preferred to be a bit rough and, in general, Brianna had discovered that she rather liked things that way, but right now she was immensely grateful that her mistress chose to take things slowly, thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace. Moaning as Sofia thrust particularly deep, and frustrated by the way it made her pussy ache even more to be touched, Brianna felt the fingers holding her head in place tighten, a silent rebuke to get back to work. Dutifully she began to lap at the soft flesh beneath her again. Trapped as she was between her mistresses, Roxanna practically mewling in pleasure while Sofia held her hips firmly and fucked her with increased vigor, the woman’s breath growing labored as she worked herself closer to the edge, Brianna felt as if her entire body was burning with desire. The sensation was indescribable. Blind and bound and helpless, Brianna had been reduced to an object, a toy to be used for her mistresses’ pleasure and nothing else, exactly as she had begged to be. She loved every moment of it.

Trapped in the darkness an eternity seemed to pass, her tongue tired, her ass sore and her clit throbbing so hard she thought it might explode. She could not say how many times she had brought Roxanna to climax, or how many times Sofia had brought herself off. It all blended together in a grand melange, their cries of pleasure a symphony that mocked her desperate horniness. All she knew was that, almost as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped. After one last cry, her body practically shaking, Roxanna wrenched Brianna’s eager tongue away from her, breath heavy as she fought to regain control of herself. At the same time Sofia pumped into her two or three more times before thrusting deep with a shuddering moan making Brianna arch her own back in response. For a brief moment they stayed like that, held almost in suspension, before Brianna let out a gasping breath as she felt the dildo being pulled from her body. A moment later she moaned, loudly, as the familiar cool mass of a butt plug slid in to replace it, her catsuit being zipped up just enough to seal the plug in place while still leaving her pussy exposed. Disentangling themselves, Brianna felt strong hands on her hips and delicate ones on her shoulders as her mistresses carefully flipped her over until she was laying on her back again. Brianna could do nothing but squirm a little, silently begging to be touched, pleading for an orgasm as she felt several belts being tightened around her legs, pinning them together. Once she was secure her gag was removed, surprising her for a split second, but almost immediately a new gag replaced it, a tight leather panel sealed across her lips and a smaller and much more comfortable ball in her mouth, silencing her utterly. A small tube through the gag allowed her to breathe easily and Brianna knew she could wear it for hours, which was almost certainly the point. As she tested her new bonds Brianna felt a pair of warm bodies curl up on either side of her, hands roaming over her latex encased form as her mistresses settled into comfortable positions. Unbidden, it brought back a memory of the first time she had ever slept in this bed, sandwiched between her mistresses as they rested after making love for the very first time and planned their summer. The thought made her smile, despite her frustration.

Suddenly, in the darkness, she heard Sofia’s voice whisper in her ear, “Sleep well, devushka.”

“Mmhnph?” Brianna managed.

“Have you forgotten?” the blonde teased, “On that long ago night, we did not allow Claudia to cum.”

Brianna froze, realizing in the moment that, in the excitement of her fantasies she had indeed forgotten that part. And she had asked them to do to her exactly what they had done to Claudia... A sinking feeling suddenly grew in her chest.

“Indeed.” Roxanna noted, whispering in her other ear in an amused tone, “Perhaps I should also mention that we did not leave her bound all night long.”

“Rmnmmm?” Brianna wondered, though thinking back on it she supposed she had only seen a brief slice of that evening.

“Indeed not,” Roxanna continued, “in fact we kept her bound for several days.”

“Nnmph?!” Brianna gasped, going stiff as a board.

“Oh yes, korítsi.” Roxanna answered, the devilish smile on her face clearly evident in her tone, “Days. And we do have you all to ourselves this weekend...”

“Pleasant dreams, devuhska.” Sofia teased, tone amused, “Perhaps if you are a good girl, we may take pity on you.”

Brianna could only groan, torn between immense frustration and incredible arousal as she collapsed back onto the mattress, pinned there by her mistresses as they encircled her with their arms. They wouldn’t really keep her like this all weekend, would they? She knew that they liked to tease her, and Brianna readily admitted that she liked being teased, but nothing like this. Even the most intense edging sessions, such as the ben wa ball or the clit clip, had been no more than a few hours at most and those had nearly driven her mad with need. To spend forty eight or more hours being bound and teased and denied... She didn’t think she’d ever been more turned on in her entire life. For a brief moment her safeword was on the tip of her tongue, even gagged Brianna knew from experience that if she shouted her mistresses would understand her, but she stopped herself. It was a challenge, perhaps one of the most intense she had ever faced, and if there was one thing Brianna had discovered she enjoyed it was a challenge. To be bound and helpless and horny for an entire weekend, even the thought of it made her shiver in delight. Despite that resolve, between her bondage and the throbbing in her loins, sleep did not come easily. Trapped in the darkness of her blindfold and utterly helpless to do anything about it Brianna could only lay still and wait. She drifted off a time or two, could even vaguely remember dreaming, but each time a sudden twinge, or the feeling of one of her mistresses shifting in their sleep snapped her awake, groggy and disoriented. Once she even woke to find herself thrashing against her bonds, only for soft murmured words and a gentle touch to lull her into a calm sleep once again.

After what felt like hours it was the sensation of the blindfold being removed that at last pulled Brianna out of the half asleep, half awake state she had been trapped in. Rapidly blinking against the sudden influx of brightness, the bedside lamp and the soft light of an early winter’s morning streaming in through the curtains stabbed into her bloodshot eyes. Slowly, as her eyes adjusted, a familiar room came into focus and she found herself exactly where she remembered being, laying on Sofia and Roxanna’s bed bound up in leather and latex with a gag in her mouth, a plug up her ass and a desperate need to cum. The gag was pulled away next and she glanced over to see Roxanna, still clad in her nightgown, smiling gently at her.

“Good morning, korítsi.” the woman greeted, “How are you feeling?”

Stretching her mouth to work out the cramps in her jaw and rolling her shoulders as best she could Brianna took stock of herself. Besides the jaw cramps her arms were definitely sore from being bound so tightly and she felt both hot and sweaty from being encased in latex all night but all in all she didn’t feel too bad. She had, in fact, experimented with sleeping while bound before, though never something as intense as this and was pleased to find herself none the worse for wear. Honestly she felt pretty good about that, even the soreness was a welcome sensation, a familiar friend that she had long missed. Though her very full bladder did represent a small problem.

“I really need to pee.” she finally said, somewhat sheepishly.

Nodding in understanding Roxanna reached down to begin unfastening the straps holding her legs together but paused as soon as she touched the first buckle, “Perhaps you might be willing to try something new?”

“Mistress?” she asked, frowning in confusion.

“I can take you to the bathroom if you wish.” Roxanna assured, “But, if you are willing, I can insert a catheter instead.”

Brianna felt her eyes go wide, having certainly not expected to hear that of all things. She was vaguely aware of medical themed bondage but it had certainly never been a part of her relationship with her mistresses and it had honestly never been something she really considered. Then again, the submissive part of herself was a little intrigued by the idea of surrendering even more control of her body.

“It is perfectly safe.” Roxanna continued, perhaps mistaking Brianna’s confusion for concern, “During my recovery I became intimately familiar with the procedure.”

Squirming a little in her bonds Brianna bit her lip, more turned on that she liked to admit by the idea, then asked in a soft voice, “Will it hurt?”

“It will feel strange.” Roxanna answered with a soft smile, then reached down to gently stroke Brianna’s forehead, “And it can be uncomfortable, but not unpleasant if done properly. And I promise I will be gentle, korítsi.”

Closing her eyes for a moment to mull over the thought Brianna at last nodded slightly, voice still soft, “Okay.”

With a small nod of her own Roxanna stood and left the room at a sedate pace. Completely alone now and still bound helplessly Brianna could do little but stare at the ceiling and wonder about what she had just agreed to. Nervousness tinged with excitement stirred in her stomach. She was usually willing, often eager, to experience new things and had rarely been steered wrong by that instinct but even so the thought of being penetrated in some new way was daunting. She was still lost in those thoughts some minutes later when Roxanna returned carrying a package and knelt down on the edge of the bed. Unable to help herself, Brianna swallowed, a bit intimidated as she watched her mistress pull on a pair of surgical gloves and take the tube that would soon be inside of her out of the package. She almost called out for the woman to stop, but bit her lip, determined to at least try.

Perhaps sensing her distress, Roxanna put on a reassuring smile, “Please do not be worried, korítsi. I have done this to Claudia more than once.”

“Really?” Brianna asked, somehow both surprised and not by that revelation.

“Oh yes.” Roxanna answered, “Perhaps next time you speak, you might ask about a particularly eventful vacation she spent with us.”

Brianna felt her lips twitch into a grin, imagination already running wild with possibilities. She wanted to ask more, but also knew that was as much as her mistress was willing to reveal at the moment.

Face turning a bit more serious, Roxanna looked her in the eye, “Take a deep breath and try to relax. If anything hurts, tell me immediately.”

Nodding once Brianna did as she was instructed, letting her muscles go slack and taking a deep breath only for it to catch in her throat with a gasp as she felt a strange sensation. She fought down the urge to tense up and slowly let out the breath she was holding, trembling a little as the tube gradually slid into her. It was honestly like nothing she had ever felt before, cold and mildly uncomfortable but also strangely pleasant in a way she could not describe. She almost moaned at the feeling, surprising herself a little, and had to force herself to lie still. After what felt like an eternity she could swear that she felt a faint pop as the catheter seated itself deep inside of her, the pressure on her bladder growing almost unbearable for a split second as Roxanna inflated the tip to lock it in place before releasing almost immediately. She actually did moan in relief at that, blushing a little at the tiny grin Roxanna gave her.

Casually stripping the gloves from her hands Roxanna gathered up her things, “There, not so bad.”

“No mistress,” Brianna agreed, “not so bad.”

Leaning over to give her a kiss on the forehead, and granting another glorious look at those lovely breasts, Roxanna patted her on the shoulder, “I will get you something to eat.”

Smiling her thanks, Brianna watched her mistress leave for a second time, eyes glued to the way the silken material of the nightgown barely covered her ass, before letting out a sigh and trying to find a comfortable position. After a moment or two, growing a bit bored and distracted by the new sensations she was feeling, Brianna lifted her head up from the pillow as best she could to gaze over the shiny expanse of her helplessly bound body. It was oddly fascinating to see the rubber tube snaking from between her legs to connect to what looked like an over-sized hot water bottle sitting on her bound thighs. She could feel the thing inside of her, her muscles tight around it, and the odd warm sensation of fluid being drained from her bladder into the slowly filling reservoir, warmth settling onto her legs as it did so. Perhaps the strangest part, though, was the fact that she had absolutely no control over the process, and could not stop it now even if she wanted to. All she could do was watch, effectively helpless as she was basically being siphoned. It was weirdly a turn on, not the sensations exactly though those weren’t necessarily unpleasant, but rather that this most basic function of her body was now completely out of her control. Perhaps they really could keep her bound up like this for days if they so wanted. Letting her head fall back down to the pillow again, Brianna closed her eyes and bit her lip. Maybe it was just because she was so worked up already, but the feeling of pressure slowly being drained from her was almost heavenly. Squirming a little more she could not help but moan as the catheter shifted inside of her in interesting ways. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, she squirmed again, eliciting another moan.

As she was still exploring these curious new sensations an amused voice called out from the door, making her freeze in place, “Enjoying ourselves I see.”

Quickly looking to the side revealed Sofia standing in the doorway, once again dressed in the simple shorts and tank top she had worn last night, holding a tray with an amused expression on her face. Brianna felt her face heat up, thankful that the hood she was wearing covered the reaction, “Mistress, I...”

A soft laugh cut her off as Sofia padded across the room, settling into a chair next to the bed and setting the tray in her lap, “I do not mean to embarrass you, devushka. I simply volunteered to bring you breakfast while Roxanna showered. Hungry?”

Brianna nodded, thankful for the change in conversation, “Yes mistress, thank you.”

Taking a steaming bowl of oatmeal and a spoon in hand, Sofia began to feed the helplessly bound girl. For her part Brianna devoured the food ravenously, surprisingly hungry after last night’s exertions, to say nothing of her long walk through the snow. Although clearly amused, Sofia refrained from comment until the bowl was empty. Setting it down again she carefully picked up a glass of orange juice, positioning it so that Brianna could drink through the straw, “Was last night everything you hoped for devushka?”

Taking another deep drink, and relishing the cool tartness of the juice, Brianna nodded with a fond smile, “Yes mistress, it was… it was incredible. I just...”

Setting the cup down, Sofia mirrored her smile, “Yes? Is something the matter?”

“It’s just...” Brianna began, “Please mistress, please please may I cum?”

Expression unreadable for a moment Sofia set the tray aside on the nightstand and leaned over with one knee on the bed, gently stroking Brianna’s forehead for a moment before a small smile bloomed on her face, “Perhaps we can work something out, devushka. I need to go shovel the walk, and could use something to keep me warm in the cold.”

Without further comment Sofia tugged her shorts off, leaving herself naked from the waist down, and moved to straddle Brianna’s bound form until she was riding the girl’s face. Brianna took a deep breath of that familiar scent and without prompting kissed the woman’s nether lips gently. Thrusting her tongue into Sofia’s eager sex, relishing the soft, warm heat within Brianna probed and teased and swirled her tongue until Sofia moaned, closing her eyes and clenching her mouth shut to try and stay quite while gripping the headboard tightly and grinding her hips against the captive mouth beneath her. Amused, aroused and frustrated by how much work it always took to get Sofia off, Brianna continued to tease the soft flesh of her inner walls, plunging her tongue in as deeply as she could until she felt the woman above her twitch ever so slightly. Spurred on by that silent signal, one of Sofia’s tells that she had learned to recognize early on, Brianna withdrew her tongue and latched her lips onto the woman’s throbbing clit, sucking as hard as she could. It did not take long then, Sofia’s body practically quaked under the intensity of her orgasm, making the bed rock as her hips jerked, a throaty scream filling the air despite her best efforts.

Panting hard, the woman slowly sat back until she was straddling Brianna’s waist, taking a moment to compose herself before climbing off the bed and retrieving her discarded shorts. Before Brianna could even think to say a word Sofia’s mouth was on her, tongue deep in her mouth as her mistress branded her with a kiss. She moaned into that kiss, eagerly allowing her mistress to take from her whatever she wanted. When those marvelous lips left hers Brianna groaned a little in disappointment, craning her neck as if begging for another kiss, only to squawk in surprise, eyes shooting open, as she felt the panel gag slam back into place.

Sofia smirked a little at her as she finished tightening it, “You have earned your orgasm, devushka.” she assured, “But you need to be quiet, let us keep this between us, yes?”

Nodding eagerly Brianna moaned into the gag, every muscle in her body going taut as one of Sofia’s hands trailed between her legs, familiar calloused fingers brushing against her eager sex. There were no games, no teasing, no tricks, just pleasure as Sofia fingered her roughly, rubbing her aching clit with ever increasing intensity. Even muffled as they were Brianna’s eager moans still filled the air as she twisted and bucked, arching her back and thrusting her hips against Sofia’s fingers as best she could. As worked up as she was, it did not take long before an orgasm erupted from within her, the first she’d had in over two months, and Brianna screamed into her gag in blessed relief, eyes clenched shut as her body spasmed and tears ran down her cheeks. Sofia was not done. Instead she only increased her pace, continuing to finger the bound and helpless body beside her. Trembling as aftershocks from that first, glorious climax continued to rock her body Brianna screamed again as another orgasm tore its way loose. It was overwhelming, like lightning shooting through her veins and for a moment Brianna thought she might have blacked out.

As she came back to herself, shivering and trembling, mewling softly into her gag as small jolts of pleasure continued to assault her, Sofia withdrew her fingers and gently stroked Brianna’s face, whispering softly in her ear, “It’s alright, devushka. I’ve got you, just ride it out.”

As she finally began to relax Brianna felt the tension leave her body all at once and she collapsed back onto the mattress in a boneless heap, spent and sweaty and gloriously sated. Although it was difficult given how hard she was breathing, she tried to speak, to express her appreciation, “Phhnnh mnn, phhnnh mnn mnphphrmphph.”

“Shhh.” Sofia soothed, “It was my pleasure. Now rest, devushka. You’ve had a long night and the day is just beginning.”

She vaguely remembered nodding at that as well as watching Sofia plant another kiss on her brow before setting off to shovel snow, but it was all hazy. As she lay there in silence, the hiss of her breath and the faint creak of leather the only sounds to be heard, Brianna wanted to smile. Between the pleasant tingling in her body and the wonderful sensation of being embraced tightly by her bonds she felt warm and safe and content. Reveling in these wonderful sensations Brianna felt her eyes grow heavy and she slowly nodded off as her breathing stilled and her body calmed. Not sleep, not exactly, but the rest her exhausted form needed. Brianna rarely remembered her dreams, save for the most vague impressions, but right now in that partially asleep state her thoughts ran wild with anticipation of what else the day, the weekend, might hold. Sofia’s words echoed in her ears, that the occasion called for something special, and while being bound tightly and used roughly certainly counted she did not think that would be the end of it.

At some point the faint creak of old hinges, the sound of the door opening, drew Brianna back to full awareness in time to see Roxanna slip back into the room, the woman’s hair now in a thick braid and dressed in a long cardigan and a pair of tights. Noting that she was awake, Roxanna smiled at the bound girl and limped over to the bed before leaning over and gently stroking her cheek. Brianna practically purred at the soft touch, smiling a little around her gag as she did so.

“I see that Sofia tucked you in for a nap, korítsi.”

Brianna nodded a little, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

At that Roxanna slowly unbuckled the gag and pulled it loose from her mouth before cupping her cheek again, “As much fun as it would be to keep you like this all day, I do not think you are quite ready for that.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna agreed, a little disappointed but she could not exactly disagree, her arms were starting to hurt.

With a brief smile and another pat on the cheek, Roxanna set to work freeing her, loosening the belts holding her legs together before carefully removing the catheter, Brianna wincing a little at the strange combination of pleasure and pain. Roxanna took her by the shoulders then and helped her to sit up before releasing the buckles and loosening the laces trapping her within the tight armbinder. At that Brianna could not help but let out a low moan of relief as the pressure on her shoulders was finally relaxed and she could begin to work the kinks out of her muscles. Finally, taking Roxanna’s hands in her own, Brianna managed to stand and the pair of them began the somewhat difficult procedure of peeling the layers of sweat-soaked latex from her body, Brianna wincing again in discomfort as the hood pulled on her hair and the catsuit stubbornly stuck to her skin. Still it did not take too long before she was free and Brianna found herself standing naked, skin wet and clammy, shivering a little in the cool morning air. A hand on her shoulder, steadying her, Brianna moaned one final time as the butt plug she had been wearing was pulled free, leaving her to blush a little in embarrassment.

“Go take a shower while I clean up, korítsi.” Roxanna instructed, “You will feel better. I did not have time to get any of your things, but I left my bathrobe there, you may use it.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna acknowledged, softly as she made her way out into the hallway and down the stairs, legs a little stiff from lying still for so long.

A few moments later she walked into the master bathroom and locked the door behind her, taking a moment to let her hair out of the bun it had been twisted into last night, before turning on the shower. Having been used recently it took almost no time for the water to heat up and Brianna gratefully stepped under the steaming hot spray. A hot shower after an intense bondage session was one of her favorite little pleasures. Washing away the sweat and sex was nice, it left her feeling clean and refreshed, but even better was the way the heat chased away the last of the tension in her body and the stinging spray of the water seemed to massage her sore muscles. After slicking back her hair and taking a few moments to simply enjoy the water sluicing over her naked frame Brianna began the process of cleaning herself, washing and conditioning her hair as well as scrubbing her skin with scented body wash. As she washed between her legs Brianna bit her lip at the lingering soreness there as well as the trill of pleasure she felt. Almost unbidden temptation rose within her. It had been over five months since she’d last been able to masturbate and she hadn’t exactly been forbidden from doing so…

Perhaps it was no surprise that temptation carried the day and Brianna moaned low in her throat as she slid a pair of fingers into herself. Hugging herself with her free hand as she began to thrust her fingers in and out Brianna moaned again, louder this time. She had missed this so much, had nearly forgotten how good it felt to touch herself like this. Introducing a third finger and increasing her pace Brianna groaned loudly, cupping her right breast with her free hand as she threw her head back, catching sight of a familiar eye-bolt set into the ceiling as she did so. The memory of being cuffed to it while Sofia teased and pleasured her body rose within her and Brianna felt her vaginal muscles tighten around her fingers, making her gasp. She redoubled her efforts, thrusting harder into herself as she remembered that long ago day, the day her odyssey in chastity had truly begun. Part of her wished that Sofia was here right now. No, as the fantasy unfolded she wished that both of her mistresses were here. Clenching her eyes shut Brianna again could imagine it, herself helplessly dangling from the ceiling, Sofia behind her and Roxanna in front. Both of them running their hands over her, kissing and teasing her body as she moaned and begged and pleaded before they finally took her. Sofia pounding her ass relentlessly while Roxanna worked her pussy with slow and deliberate cruelty, reducing her to a panting and helpless mess as she begged even more pitifully until, at long last, they finally allowed their pet to cum.

The last shreds of Brianna’s self control failed her at that point and she doubled over, free hand quickly clamping itself over her mouth to stifle the scream that ripped its way out of her throat at the unexpectedly intense orgasm that washed over her. Leaning against the cool tile wall, panting and trembling, Brianna whimpered as she slowly drew her fingers and closed her eyes, struggling to catch her breath as the water continued to pour over her. She had not expected it to be that intense. Eventually as her breathing evened out Brianna straightened up, blush still painting her features as she filled away that fantasy for future reference. Maybe one day she’d bring up the possibility of a threesome in the shower with her mistresses, when she’d earned another reward. Shaking her head and realizing that she had already taken up too much time Brianna spent a few minutes quickly shaving, marveling a little that the hair removal cream her mistresses recommended she use left her skin silky smooth and had barely allowed stubble to grow under her belt where she hadn’t been able to properly groom in some time, and rinsed herself off. Turning off the water and climbing out of the shower she dried off with one of the wonderfully fluffy towels hanging from the rack and took a few more minutes to brush and dry her hair, having always hated the feeling of wet hair in the winter, before finding the bathrobe Roxanna had left for her in the closet. Slipping the delightfully warm garment around her body and trying the sash tightly, Brianna stepped back out into the hall.

Not exactly sure where to go next, Brianna slowly made her way back to the living room to find Roxanna waiting there for her, sitting casually on the couch reading a book. The olive-skinned woman looked up at her as soon as she entered and smiled softly. Brianna smiled back and carefully walked over to her, watching the woman put her book aside and stand up stiffly as she did so.

“You look much better, korítsi.” the woman commented.

“I feel much better.” Brianna answered, “Thank you, mistress.”

Stepping closer, Roxanna ran her fingers down the hem of the bathrobe that Brianna was wearing before slowly and deliberately untying the sash holding it closed. Brianna felt her breath hitch just a little as the robe was opened slightly, the tingle of cool air on her skin warring with excitement as she wondered what her mistress was planning. Carefully setting her hands on Brianna's hips, Roxanna then slowly brushed up her sides and teased the edges of her breasts, eliciting a soft moan from the blue-haired girl before slipping the robe off of her shoulders, allowing it to pool at her feet. Naked now, and trembling in anticipation Brianna bit her lip, lost in the deep brown depths of Roxanna’s eyes. Taking a moment to gently caress the girl’s shoulders, Roxanna removed her hands and reached down for the coffee table. Brianna’s gaze followed and she started a little to find a folded up bundle of black leather sitting there, nearly blending in with the deep brown stain of the table’s wooden surface. As Roxanna picked up the garment, little more than a collection of straps and a pair of sleeves, Brianna recognized the device as a Bolero straitjacket, a type that she had seen Claudia wear before. Some part of her idly wondered if it was the same one.

Holding up the restraints, Roxanna smiled thinly, “Turn around, korítsi.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, almost reflexive as she moved to obey.

With the ease born of much practice, Roxanna slipped the garment onto her slave and began to wind and buckle the straps around her body until the smaller girl was trapped in a helpless self-embrace. Brianna moaned a little as the straitjacket tightened on her body, surprised at both how little it allowed her to move and how comfortable it actually was. Taking her by the shoulders and turning her around again, Roxanna’s lips found her own in a deep kiss before Brianna could even think to respond. Instead she simply closed her eyes and opened her mouth, eagerly inviting her mistress’ tongue as slender arms circled her waist and pulled her close, the material of Roxanna’s cardigan pleasantly soft on her bare skin. Eyes glazed and a smile on her face Brianna continued to say nothing as the kiss broke and she was led over to the couch. As she settled back down Roxanna practically pulled the bound girl into her lap and pulled her close. Still holding her tightly with one hand, Roxanna wrapped them both up in a quilt again, much as she had done last night. Resting her head on the bound girl’s shoulder Roxanna then retrieved her book and laid it down in Brianna’s own lap, open to the page she had been reading.

“Sofia should be finished soon.” Roxanna whispered into her ear, “And I am certain she would dearly love for us to warm her up again. Sit with me while we wait?”

A little distracted by Roxanna’s slender body pressed against her back, to say nothing of the hand gently caressing the bare skin of her stomach, Brianna managed to nod, not that it had really been a request, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling a little, Roxanna said nothing but simply held up the old book with her free hand to begin reading again. Bound and warm and content, bundled up in Roxanna’s grasp, Brianna smiled to herself. Although incredibly mundane compared to some of the things they had done together, even some of the things they had already done today, as she snuggled a little deeper into Roxanna’s lap Brianna realized that she didn’t care. She would have been content to spend the rest of the day just like this, happy to be in the presence of the woman that she loved. Of course, she had no doubt that as soon as Sofia returned the day would grow exciting again, it always took a lot of work to keep her lovers satisfied after all, and the back of her mind whirled with anticipation, but right now? Right now this was more than enough.


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