The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: FF; F/f; F+/f+; fpov; teen; college; chastity; club; bond; corset; gag; collar; rope; cuffs; naked; tease; cons; X

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Part 6

The heat of the summer had finally faded as August bled into September and began to turn cold as the days of October slowly passed. Brianna was honestly of two minds about that. On the one hand she certainly didn’t miss the heavy and often oppressive heat, to say nothing of how easily her pale skin burned in the sun, but on the other hand she couldn’t deny that after this last summer? It had certainly become her favorite season and she was sad to see it go. Even thinking back on it now brought a smile to her face and a shiver up her spine. Of taking that desperate plunge and admitting her desires, finding them returned and experiencing a whole new world of sex and bondage, pleasure and self discovery as she submitted to her mistresses and their relationship slowly formed as they spent more time together. The memories of it were never far from her mind and even now it all mingled together to create a warm and nostalgic feeling in her chest. Of course time had moved on, as it always did, and the day that Brianna had dreaded came at last. The summer ended and she packed her bags to continue her education. It had been a tearful departure but Roxanna and Sofia had never been anything other than encouraging and, as with so many other things in life, the anticipation had proven far worse than the actual event. Even so as the weeks passed she found herself thinking about it more and more often, the memories lingering in the back of her mind and the ghostly sensations she could still feel on her skin combining in a way that was both pleasant and distracting. Truth be told she’d caught herself daydreaming about it more than once, to say nothing of her actual dreams about all the things they had done. Some were so intense that she still woke up sweaty and panting and, for that brief instant between wakefulness and sleep, thinking she was still there in their bed and in their arms.

But it was on this particular Friday that the realization hit her hard. On the surface there was nothing special about the day, no reason it should stand out in her mind. Like many other Fridays it saw her lazily making her way back to the dorms, the familiar weight of a backpack dangling from her shoulders and bundled up in a hoodie against the approaching winter’s chill. It was still early in the afternoon, her classes done of the day, for the week, and the sun was still bright in the sky as she moved among the hordes of students shuffling to and fro. Fridays usually saw the Quad packed as it bustled with people returning from morning classes or heading in to begin their afternoon schedules while others lingered in scattered groups taking advantage of any and all available surfaces to sit. It was quite the cross-section of humanity and despite becoming familiar with it Brianna still found the disparate groups fascinating. Some studied, others tossed balls or frisbees, but most socialized. Fridays usually meant plans for the weekend, an intangible sense of excitement in the air as gossip spread about dates being planned and parties being thrown. Nothing she hadn’t seen before, but on this day, as she made her way down the press of humanity along the sidewalks, the very familiarity of the scene struck her. For all that college had seemed an almost frightening prospect from the outside it had now become almost mundane, a comfortable routine and that realization struck her hard. That it had been more than two months since that first, difficult day. That thought brought her up short. Had it truly been so long?

Brianna would never have called herself the best student, far from the worst of course and she had never hated school like some did, but she had never loved it either and the challenge of returning after such a carefree summer had been one of her biggest fears. And it had certainly taken some getting used to, adjusting to an all new academic environment that somehow felt both more relaxed and more strict at the same time while also coping with being away from home and on her own. To say nothing of the somewhat unique challenge of being away from her mistresses with no definitive schedule of when she would be able to see them again, save for the end of the semester which had seemed so very far away and still did when she thought of it. But she had adapted, it was something Brianna had discovered she had a talent for, even if she had faced some altogether different challenges than most. Her collar had been the first such challenge, or rather keeping its presence hidden in some manner. Of course the metal around her throat was certainly noticeable unless she was wearing a high-necked shirt, which she rarely did, but few had commented on it so far and none had divined its true nature. Most likely assumed it was a necklace of some sort, just as Sofia had claimed when locking it on for the first time, and a few had even complimented her on it. Brianna had always been unable to suppress a wry smile when that happened. Her chastity belt on the other hand… that was an entirely different beast all together.

There was no mistaking the stainless steel thong locked around her hips for anything other than what it was. The prospect of wearing the thing to college, her mistresses still holding the keys, had figured prominently in her fantasies when first wearing the thing but when the reality of it approached it had weighed on her in the last weeks of summer. She had honestly been torn between being incredibly aroused at the thought, a part of her reveling in the idea of her body being so completely under her mistresses’ control, and fear of potentially months without even being able to touch herself. She had tried, valiantly, to resist her body’s desires and spend those weeks chaste, to complete her “punishment” but it had been in vain, as she knew it would be. Bondage simply turned her on too much and the frustration of pleasuring her mistresses while being denied relief herself had been the final straw. She’d barely lasted a week before breaking down and begging for an orgasm, which Sofia and Roxanna had been more than happy to provide. And they’d kept providing, carefully tallying her climaxes one by one and dutifully adding weeks to her sentence. Brianna honestly preferred not to think about just how many more weeks she’d added in those 14 days. Oh, she knew it was just another game of course and they would not have truly pushed the issue had she objected or asked them not to but the fantasy of it had enthralled her, still did, and she had dutifully accepted the unspoken challenge. It was kind of funny in a way. Among the many rumors and stories she’d encountered about chastity belts, one that seemed to come up again and again was of girls being forced to wear them to college by fearful or conservative parents. She doubted the truth of most such stories, though it was a big world. Some of them were probably true, but she had to smile a little at the parallels and just how different, and yet similar, her own situation was.

That was not to say that she hadn’t enjoyed the experience, even if it had been far different than what she had expected. The physical challenges of wearing the belt were honestly second nature by now as was the task of keeping it clean even if she had to be extra careful in the communal showers, usually choosing to use them late at night or early in the morning just in case. She had also gotten a lot better at hiding its presence under her clothing and, as far as she knew, no one was any the wiser for its presence. No, the actual challenge had been the way her body itself had adapted and reacted to the belt. There had been hints of this in her first week of chastity, the way she had become so desperate and horny but part of her had thought it was just the shock of sudden denial, that as time went on she’d learn how to manage. That had not been the case, at all. Again, during her research into long term chastity she’d also come across various accounts of the effect being belted had upon the sex drive. Some women who had experienced this sort of thing reported a general decline of the libido with a few truly long-term wearers describing a sort of near asexuality as the final result. Brianna’s experience had been almost the complete opposite. Each day she remained belted seemed to make her hornier and hornier to the point where, at times, she was almost afraid she was becoming a nymphomaniac. Well, not really but she could not deny feeling incredibly aroused most of the time and she’d spent many nights under the covers playing with her own breasts or trying in vain to touch her aching pussy to no avail. It didn’t help matters that there had been damnably few opportunities for any kind of relief. Other than Labor Day weekend, when she’d managed to slip home for a few days and squeeze in a few sessions with her mistresses (and add a few more weeks to her sentence) Brianna had simply found herself too busy with everything to manage another trip. Even her self bondage had fallen mostly to the wayside from a lack of both privacy and free time, though she managed to stay in practice in little ways.

And the truth was, Brianna realized somewhat glumly as she readjusted her backpack, that situation was not likely to change anytime soon. It was not like she was out of touch with her mistresses, of course. They still called one another, still shared texts and pictures, but adjusting to her new schedule and the pressure of coursework had taken up so much of her time. Even now, as she looked out at hordes of students planning their weekend, her mind was occupied with reading assignments and the looming deadlines of research papers. No one ever said academia was easy, but she hoped that in time she’d get a better handle on things for the sake of her own sanity at least. Letting out a sigh and lost in such thoughts Brianna did not immediately notice when a figure slipped behind her to lean in close, but she did freeze in her tracks when a smokey and achingly familiar voice practically whispered in her ear.


Jolted into action at that simple word Brianna spun around quickly to find Claudia’s wiry form standing right behind her, so close they were almost touching. The other girl’s thin lips were twisted into a smile and those familiar brown eyes danced with amusement as the wind tousled her already wild hair. Brain still a few steps behind Brianna opened her mouth to reply but no words came out even as her eyes darted to the familiar steel band around the woman’s neck, just visible above the collar of the old army jacket she was wearing, confirming that this was in fact Claudia. Visibly amused, the slightly smaller girl certainly had no compunction about taking advantage of this and wrapped her arms around Brianna’s waist before capturing her gaping mouth in a kiss.

As soon as those lips touched her own instinct kicked in and Brianna threw her arms around Claudia, pulling her close even as she kissed back, deftly ignoring the handful of cat calls the pair of them elicited. They were hardly the first couple to make out on the Quad, probably not even the first today, and right now Brianna definitely had more important things on her mind. It was interesting, some part of her noticed in an almost detached manner as the rest of her focused on the slim body in her arms, how different kissing Claudia was when compared to kissing Sofia or Roxanna. With her mistresses Brianna always felt as if she was submitting to their kisses, gladly ceding control to them and eagerly letting them take charge as if possessing her with their lips. Not so with Claudia, with Claudia it felt more like a struggle, if in a playful way. The two of them, not exactly fighting for dominance, but more like competing, kissing each other like a pair of equals testing their partner. It certainly felt that way as they remained locked in that kiss for what seemed like a very long time, tongues dueling as their lips pressed together, until Claudia at last gained the upper hand by slipping her hands down Brianna’s spine and into the back pockets of her jeans to squeeze her ass. Brianna started at that, surprised by the sudden sensation and sensing an opportunity Claudia pressed her advantage, driving her tongue deep into the taller girl’s mouth. Almost grinning into the kiss Brianna did not try to fight back, ceding control to Claudia and enjoying the sensation of strong hands massaging her ass and a pierced tongue practically down her throat.

When the kiss did finally end though, a bit breathless and lips tingling, she could not help but whisper, “Cheater.”

“All’s fair in love and war.” Claudia quipped back, her smile returning.

Brianna smiled back, but as much as she had enjoyed the kiss and the feeling of Claudia’s body pressed up against her she could not help but wonder, “What are you doing here?”

“What?” Claudia asked, tone playful, “I can’t just stop by to say hi to my girlfriend?”

That word seemed to lodge in Brianna’s ear and linger there. Girlfriends. Was that what they were? In truth, much like Claudia’s relationship with their mistresses, they’d never really felt the need to define it. They were fellow submissives who shared similar interests and experiences, who had been intimate, and who deeply loved the same beautiful, wonderful women. She wasn’t sure girlfriends was quite the right word, but then again she supposed there wasn’t really a word for what they were and it made her smile all the same. Girlfriends, it was as good a word as any.

“Well,” she managed at last, “if that’s how you say hello, we need to do it more often.”

Claudia chuckled at that, but then leaned in to kiss her on the cheek and whisper in her ear, “We’ve missed you too.”

That brought a small blush to Brianna’s cheeks but she said nothing. Finally at some point they broke their embrace, but Claudia kept an arm firmly wrapped around the small of her back, hand resting on her hip as she began to guide Brianna in the opposite direction, away from the crowds.

“I really am glad to see you,” Brianna said after a moment, “but I can’t believe you came all the way out here for a kiss.”

“Well,” Claudia began with a sly smile, “you are a pretty good kisser, even if it's not my lips I wish you were kissing.” She laughed as Brianna’s blush returned and pulled the girl closer, “But it’s been months since the last time we saw you and, like I said, we missed you. It also seemed like you might be a little overwhelmed with everything and we were worried, but Roxanna couldn’t get away and Sofia is definitely glued to her hip so I took it upon myself to come check on you.”

Brianna felt a warmth in her chest even as she smiled, “Thank you I appreciate it, I really do, but I’m fine. You didn’t need to go to all that trouble.”

“You’re certainly no trouble.” Claudia countered.

“That… thank you.” Brianna said at last, feeling a pleasant warmth bloom in her chest, “But I really am fine. It <em<has been a challenge to adjust to a new schedule and a new environment, and… other things, but I’m getting used to it. Really.”

Claudia shot her a sidelong look that said she didn’t completely believe that, but didn’t press. Instead she patted Brianna’s hip, or more specifically the waistband of the chastity belt that ran just above her hip bone, “And speaking of other things, you’re well on your way to beating my record. Worthy of celebrating, don’t you think?”

That almost brought Brianna up short but she kept walking, instead turning her head slightly to glance at Claudia, “Where are we going?”

“The parking lot.”


The woman relented, though her grin threatened to split her face, “It’s simple. We’re young, we’re hot, it's a Friday night and Halloween is just around the corner. We’re going back to my place to get ready, and then we’re going out.”

Going out, like a date. It struck Brianna then that she had never gone on an actual date with any of the women she was currently involved with. That probably would have struck most people as odd, it would have struck her as odd once upon a time, if perhaps the least odd thing about the direction her love life had taken, but there had never really been the time or opportunity with everything that had been going on. Just being together had been enough. But now that she thought about it she certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea though at the same time wondered what the other girl had in mind. She had not spent that much time with Claudia in comparison to their mistresses and, as she thought about it, Brianna realized that she was not really sure what the sometimes quite blunt woman did for fun. She could not help but feel a keen sense of curiosity and a touch of nervousness.

Of course, there were more practical considerations, the big one that Claudia lived in another town, one much closer to home, and Brianna had to reluctantly shake her head, “That sounds fun but, I mean, I have homework to do and a paper to work on…”

“How fortunate for you,” Claudia interrupted, “that you just happen to be sleeping with one of the smartest women I have ever met.” her grin turned wicked for an instant, “I’m sure that if you get down on your knees, and ask real nicely, she’ll help you out.”

“I…” Brianna stuttered, not sure how to respond, face once again blazing at that not so subtle innuendo even as her eyes darted about to make sure no one was in earshot.

“Please?” Claudia asked, eyes suddenly earnest, “You need a break, I can tell, so let me help you. You’ll have fun, I promise.”

Letting out a breath and feeling herself relax a little, Brianna nodded and answered softly, “Okay.”

Claudia smiled back just as softly, “Okay.”

They continued on in a comfortable silence after that, Claudia’s arm still threaded around Brianna’s waist in a way she found rather pleasant as they made their way across campus, the crowds progressively thinning until the well manicured lawns and towering brick buildings gave way to the asphalt expanse of a public parking lot. Meandering their way through the myriad parked cars gleaming under the sun Claudia only pulled away from her companion when they walked up to an old blue Chevy, it’s paint liberally strewn with scratches and dings. As she watched the slender girl fish keys out of her pocket Brianna could not help but raise a brow in surprise. There was nothing particularly wrong with the car, though it had certainly seen a great deal of use, but at the same time… Honestly she wasn’t sure exactly what she had been expecting but this? This most certainly was not it.

Claudia seemed to notice as she unlocked the doors, “What?”

Brianna bit her lip for a second even as she opened one of the rear doors to throw her backpack inside, “I don’t know, I just… I just always imagined you riding a motorcycle for some reason.”

Claudia snorted, “I wish, but as much fun as the thought of you clinging tightly to me while we speed down the road is, it’s not really practical.” she patted the roof of the old car almost affectionately before opening the driver’s door to get in, “She might not be much to look at, but she’ll get you where you’re going.”

Brianna nodded then hurriedly followed, almost scrambling into the passenger’s seat and barely managing to get her seat-belt buckled before Claudia started the engine. With a small *thud*, the transmission engaged and the car began rolling. At that moment Brianna glanced out the window, watching the campus recede as Claudia drove through the artificial maze of parked cars before pulling out into traffic, weaving her way through the crowded streets toward the highway. In the weeks she had spent here Brianna had slowly begun to explore the city, cautiously wandering further and further from campus to visit the various shops and restaurants that catered to students. As time went on some of the new friends she had made in class and in the dorms had even introduced her to the clubs that didn’t check ID’s that closely but despite her wanderings she still felt very much like a stranger in some ways. That would probably fade with time, after all the campus itself had felt strange at first too and now it felt a little like home, but Brianna could not fully shake the feeling. While she hadn’t exactly grown up in the middle of nowhere the quiet little suburb where she had spent most of her life was a very different beast and, sometimes, when she gazed out at the seemingly endless blocks of buildings and the skyscrapers rising up in the distance it was almost uncanny how alien everything seemed. Lost in thought, staring out the window to watch the traffic and the pedestrians and the slowly lengthening shadows of the fading afternoon was almost hypnotic. Brianna could not say exactly how much time had passed before the silence was broken.

“We’re going to need to make some small talk,” Claudia said suddenly with an amused grin, “or this is going to be a long trip.”

“Sorry,” Brianna apologized, reflexively, suddenly jostled back to the present and turning away from the window, “just lost in thought, I guess.”

“Must be deep thoughts.” Claudia mused, “So, how’s the college life treating you?”

“It’s fine,” she answered, “took a little getting used to, especially dorm life, but I really like some of the classes and I’ve made a few friends.”

“What are you studying?” Claudia wondered, sounding actually interested.

To that Brianna just sighed a little, “I don’t know. I mean, I’m just doing introductory courses now and I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. Nothing really stands out, you know?” at Claudia’s nod she continued, “I feel kind of stupid actually. First semester is half over and I still have no idea what I want to major in.”

“Well,” Claudia began in a teasing tone, “I suppose if push comes to shove you do have two sugar mommas to fall back on.”

Brianna felt her face heat up and she hugged herself instinctively, the thought making her smile regardless, “Live in bondage maid and sex slave, I don’t think there’s a degree for that though.”

“Not from any accredited university anyway.” Claudia agreed playfully.

“The worst part is,” Brianna continued, tone turning a bit more serious, “that I think they would be willing. And I would be lying if I said the idea of being their plaything all the time wasn’t appealing, but I also don’t want to be a kept woman. I want to stand on my own, you know?”

“I understand.” Claudia turned her attention back to the road and took a few long seconds before continuing, “Look I don’t really know, but I think it’s like that for a lot of people and there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to figure out what you’re interested in and what you’re good at. Maybe that’s why so many people end up changing majors, they rush in thinking they have to pick.”

Brianna found herself nodding absently, “Was it like that for you?”

“Kind of.” Claudia admitted, “I mean I hated school and was generally bad at it, it just never really clicked, but I went to college because that’s what was expected. I had a hell of a time with it, frustrated me to no end and I was miserable. Of course, if not for all of that I never would have met our mistresses so I guess it all evens out.”

Brianna smiled a little at that, “So what did you major in?”

Claudia just shook her head, “Nothing, I ended up dropping out.”

Brianna actually started at that, a little surprised by the answer and it suddenly dawned on her that she really didn’t know that much about Claudia’s life beyond their shared intimacies. She found herself surprised by how much that bothered her.

“Sorry.” she said, voice soft, a bit worried she might have embarrassed the girl.

If Claudia was phased she didn’t show it, just made a dismissive gesture with her hand, “No need. College just wasn’t for me, some people are like that too. I won’t say it was easy to come to terms with though. I struggled with that decision, thought I’d be letting everyone down if I didn’t finish, but Roxanna and Sofia helped me understand there was no shame in it and that I had to live my life for myself and not for other people. Or at least, if I do live for other people it’s because I want to.” she smiled softly then, “I’ll always be grateful to them for that.”

Brianna shifted in her seat to get a better look at the girl, taking a moment to find a comfortable position that accommodated her chastity belt, “You know, I don’t think we’ve ever actually just talked about ourselves. I don’t even know what you do for a living.”

Claudia just shrugged, “Well, when we’re together we’re usually gagged, or,” she grinned wickedly at her passenger, “our tongues are otherwise occupied so not much time for conversation.” Brianna blushed at that, which only made Claudia’s grin widen, “As for what I do?” she dramatically pressed a hand to her chest, “I’m professionally sexy.”

Brianna tried to shoot Claudia a glare, but it failed almost instantly when she could not help but burst out laughing. That was a very definitely a Claudia answer. The other girl joined in laughing soon after. “Seriously?” Brianna managed to force out between laughs, “That’s what you’re going with?”

“What?” Claudia asked, a mock wounded tone in her voice, “You don’t think I’m sexy enough for it?”

“I think you’re incredibly sexy.” Brianna answered matter of fact, noting just a touch of color rising on Claudia’s cheeks and pleased to have the upper hand for once. “But not a lot of jobs pay for something like that. And if you are a stripper or something? I am incredibly disappointed you didn’t tell me because I would love to go watch you.”

Claudia cleared her throat, clearly not expecting that and trying to regain her footing, “No, nothing like that. I work in a small shop, not exciting but it pays the bills.”

Given how often her lovers had enjoyed making her blush Brianna found herself enjoying having the shoe on the other foot and wasn’t quite ready to let it go just yet, “Pity, I was really looking forward to getting a lap dance.”

Claudia remained studiously focused on the road after that, just a tiny hint of a blush still on her cheekbones and the scene made Brianna smile, just a little. It felt surprisingly good to be the one doing the embarrassing for a change, especially given Claudia’s enthusiastic greeting earlier, but she chose to let it go, letting a moment of silence pass before mercifully switching back to more mundane topics. For the rest of the drive the two made inane small talk. Brianna talked about her classes and shared some of the more humorous anecdotes of dorm life, especially how someone had apparently managed to break one of the elevator doors clean off. That provoked a disbelieving stare and another bout of laughter. Claudia in turn described the resale shop she worked in and the increasingly bizarre things that turned up on the shelves as well as ranting about some of the more colorful customers that walked through the door. It was utterly mundane, and not unlike a hundred other conversations she’d had, but Brianna found herself enjoying it nonetheless. This simple sharing, this window into each other’s lives took on a whole new dimension in light of the intimacy of their relationship and somehow made the connection between them feel more substantial, more real. However, the time flew as the conversation did and before she knew it the sun was low in the sky, casting the world in brilliant shades of red, as Claudia pulled into a small apartment complex and parked amid the handful of other cars there. Truth be told Brianna hadn’t really been paying attention to exactly where they were going, but a quick glance at the clock revealed they had been driving for nearly two hours. That caught her by surprise, it certainly hadn’t felt that long.

Letting out a little sigh as she turned the engine off, Claudia glanced at her, “Be it ever so humble.”

Gazing out at the collection of two-story brick buildings Brianna nodded, “Nice place.”

“Nice enough.” Claudia said with a shrug before unbuckling her seat-belt and opening the door, “Come on.”

Brianna moved to follow, taking a moment to grab her backpack out of the back seat before climbing out of the car. It was a short walk across a small grass courtyard and up a set of wooden stairs with wrought iron railing to reach the second story. Glancing around the place honestly reminded Brianna of an old motel she had stayed at when on vacation as a child and left a strange sense of almost deja vu. After a few short minutes of navigating the second story walkways Claudia stopped in front a green painted door with old brass numbers reading 236 tacked to it. Fumbling with her keys for a second, the shorter girl opened the door, reaching in to flip on the lights before entering. Brianna followed close behind. The living room was simple enough, plain white walls and ceiling, a coat closet near the front door and a couch set against the far wall while a television perched across from it on an old cabinet with an antique looking coffee table in the center of the room atop a colorful rug. Numerous pictures hung from the walls while a bizarre collection of knick knacks were scattered about. It was chaotic but well kept and it gave off a vibe not unlike their mistresses’ home. Whatever the case something about it just seemed right to Brianna and she felt herself smile.

Oblivious to her musings, Claudia opened up the closet and shucked off her coat, revealing a simple black t-shirt underneath, before hanging it up and turning back to Brianna, “You can keep your backpack in here if you like.”

“Sure, thanks.” Brianna answered somewhat absently as she closed the front door behind her, handing the pack over without a second thought.

Tossing it inside and slamming the closet shut, the door stuck apparently, Claudia smiled at her again, “Well, I can give the ten cent tour if you like, but there’s not much to see.”

Brianna just shook her head, “It’s fine, much nicer than the dorms.”

“Uh.” Claudia groaned, “Dorm life, a first hand experience in what being a sardine feels like.”

Brianna had to suppress a giggle at that, though her lips still twitched into a smile of her own, “It’s not so bad. So, going to tell me where we are going and what we have to do to get ready? I didn’t really bring a change of clothing.”

Motioning for her to follow, Claudia set off down the narrow hallway that ran from the corner of the front room along the entire length of the apartment, past a small kitchenette and the bathroom, before terminating in a bedroom at the back, “There’s a club not too far from here, Delirium. Pretentious name, but I know the owner so getting in won’t be a problem. Place is a little wild, especially in October, but it’s always a good time. As for not being dressed for it? Don’t worry, where we’re going we won’t need clothes.”

Brianna stopped dead in her tracks at that, “Claudia…” she said in a warning tone.

“I’m kidding.” Claudia assured, “Sort of. The dress code is pretty lax.”

Truth be told Brianna did not exactly have a lot of experience with the “club scene” beyond some stories and rumors and so was not quite sure what to make of that. Still, she could make a few guesses, “What, is this some kind of fetish club?”

Claudia’s smile grew impish, “Maaybe.”

Her imagination went a little wild with that admission and Brianna felt a heady mix of mortification and arousal washed over her. Stumbling over her words she hesitated, “I…”

Claudia stepped closer and took her hands gently, “Hey, if you don’t want to go we don’t have to, but I really do think you’ll have fun.” she smiled a bit playfully, tone shifting, “Besides, you can’t tell me you don’t have a bit of an exhibitionist streak.”

Brianna felt her face head up at that, unable to deny the observation. She bit her lip for a moment and, voice barely a whisper, asked, “What if someone recognizes me?”

“Well, if anyone does I think they’ll also have a lot of explaining to do,” Claudia assured, “but if it worries you we can hide your face.”

For a slip second Brianna was still torn, indecision wracking her, but she also could not deny that the idea fascinated her. What would such a place be like? What would she see there? What would they do there? The mind boggled at all the possibilities. Once again, as she had so many times recently, Brianna decided to take the plunge, “Okay.”

Smiling brightly, Claudia leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips, “I promise you won’t regret it.”

Grinning playfully Claudia stepped backwards into the bedroom, still holding her hands tightly and tugged Brianna in after her. She barely had time to take in the furniture scattered around, a desk and a dresser with a bookshelf pushed into the corner, before Claudia pulled her onto the single bed. Almost as soon as she hit the mattress Brianna felt the smaller girl’s weight atop her, long fingers weaving themselves into her hair as Claudia’s thin lips found her own in a much more intense kiss. Kissing back, Brianna reached up and grabbed Claudia’s ass, pulling her slender frame closer. Lost in the kiss, tongues dueling, Brianna began to squirm a little in her position, pinned between Claudia’s firm body and the soft mattress, nipples hard and pussy aching to be touched. Claudia was a wonderful kisser, perhaps not as good as their mistresses but still talented, and it had been so long. At some point, Claudia’s fingers disentangled themselves from Brianna’s long blue hair and settled on her waist before grabbing the edges of her hoodie. Breaking the kiss, face flushed with desire and eyes alight, Claudia pulled back slightly and tugged the shirt up, Brianna arching her back to help.

However, when the shirt was almost half off Claudia suddenly stopped at what she discovered. Instead of a bra Brianna had a length of rope tied around her chest and over her shoulders in a snug harness around her breasts. Pausing to run her fingers over the rope, testing the knots and the way they bit into the pale skin beneath, she smirked, “Naughty girl.”

Brianna bit her lip, “I like to keep in practice, and my tits are small enough that no one really notices as long as I have a heavy shirt on.”

Claudia, who was definitely flat-chested in comparison, stroked the side of her face softly, “Your tits are perfect.”

Shifting in position, and reluctantly taking her hands off Claudia’s firm ass, Brianna wiggled a little to change position and took the hem of her hoodie in hand. With some awkwardness, and more than a little help, she managed to pull it off, tossing the garment aside casually before collapsing back onto the bed, arching her back a little in silent invitation. Now naked from the waist up, Claudia ran her hands over the milky smooth expanse of Brianna’s stomach and cupped her breasts, massaging the mounds softly and making the blue-haired girl moan under the attention. She bent down, her short brown hair tickling sensitive skin as she took one of the girl’s nipples into her mouth, sucking softly and transforming a moan of pleasure into a deep groan of pure need. Smirking again at that reaction, Claudia ran her hands down Brianna’s sides, tickling her ribs and making her squirm. As she reached lower Claudia suddenly started and stopped what she was doing, as if surprised when her hands brushed up against the waistband of the girl’s chastity belt.

Sitting up quickly, though still straddling Brianna’s legs, she looked apologetic, “Sorry, got a little carried away there. Forgot in the moment that you can’t really…”

Disappointed that the touching had stopped, and finding the apology strangely endearing Brianna smiled and noted both Claudia’s flushed face and the way her nipples poked proudly through her t-shirt, “That’s okay, I like being teased and I love being touched. But I don’t mind helping you out if you’re a little too worked up.”

Claudia shook her head and lifted her shirt just a bit to show that she was belted as well, “No can do. I uh… I asked our mistresses to keep me locked up too. Didn’t seem right to cum when you couldn’t.” she glanced to the side, “I just really wanted to make out with you and got a little too into it.”

That was sweet, in a decidedly kinky way, and Brianna could not help but smile, “I really wanted to make out with you too.” Claudia returned the smile and Brianna propped herself up with her hands, “So, what are we wearing to this club of yours? Or I guess not wearing.”

Carefully climbing off of the bed, Claudia went over to the closet and pulled a suitcase out before turning and setting it down on the bed so Brianna could see. “I didn’t think anything of mine would fit, so I may have borrowed a few things.”

Sitting up on the mattress and scooting herself to the edge of the bed to see more clearly, Brianna watched curiously as the case opened and Claudia pulled out a handful of items and laid them out for inspection. A corset with deep blue inserts, a familiar set of stiletto heels, a black leather armbinder and a familiar blue ball gag. Shifting herself even closer, Brianna reached out tentatively and ran her hands over the corset to feel the touch of the cool leather on her fingertips. It was definitely a scant outfit and just the thought of wearing it in public (sort of) was tantalizing. Without a word she looked up at Claudia’s grinning visage and decided that she just couldn’t say no to that face. Standing up, she kicked off her sneaker and began to unbutton her pants, tossing the old jeans aside to join her hoodie on the floor. Almost completely naked now, Claudia stepped over to help untie the rope bra, massaging the faint red marks left behind, much to Brianna’s delight and frustration. Finishing with that task, she reached down to pick up the corset, holding it up for Brianna’s inspection. Wordlessly, she lifted her arms over her head, gasping a little at the slight chill of cool leather being pressed against her skin before biting her lip as the garment was tightened around her body.

“Too tight?” Claudia asked as she adjusted the laces.

Brianna just shook her head, “Tighter please.”

With an amused chuckle Claudia complied, pulling the laces tighter before tying them down. Brianna actually moaned at the sensation, the feeling almost reminding her of leather or ropes binding her body, while the steel boning of the garment held her rigidly in nearly perfect posture. Taking a shallow breath to center herself, Brianna gently ran her hands up and down the corset’s smooth surface, tracing the clasps and decorating patterns and marveling at the way it forced her body into a lovely hourglass figure to say nothing of how it emphasized her bust while also leaving her breasts bare.

“Like it?” Claudia asked as she stepped back to admire her work.

Brianna smiled broadly, “I love it.”

“Marvelous.” she patted the mattress, “Now sit down, I’ll help you with your shoes.”

“Do you have any stockings?” Brianna wondered as she carefully lowered herself back onto the bed, “I really love the way those look on me.”

Claudia pursed her lips in thought, “I think I have some fishnets.”

Brianna pondered that for a heartbeat. She had never actually worn fishnets before and could not help but wonder what that would look like. “Yes please.”

Nodding wordlessly, Claudia slipped past her and around the bed before kneeling down to dig through her dresser. After a few minutes of searching she found what she was looking for and tossed a wadded up pair of fishnets to Brianna. After fumbling the catch once or twice, Brianna bent down with some difficulty thanks to the stiffness of the corset and began to pull the stockings onto her legs as Claudia returned and picked up the shoes from beside the suitcase. After a few awkward minutes Brianna finally managed to pull the thigh-highs into place, struggling to center the seams before Claudia bent down to buckle the shiny patent leather stilettos onto her feet. Holding out her hands to silently ask for assistance, Claudia took them equally silently and Brianna felt herself being pulled to her feet.

Taking a moment to steady herself again Brianna felt her face and shoulders heat up again as Claudia’s eyes raked up and down her body, taking in every detail of the scant outfit she was wearing. Fidgeting a little and unsure what to do with her hands, Brianna finally asked, “So, how do I look?”

“You look great.” Claudia assured, gazing appreciatively at her body again as if to make sure, “Blue really is your color.”

Though still blushing Brianna smiled at that, “Thank you. Now, where’s the top to this outfit?”

“There isn’t one.” Claudia answered matter of factly, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Brianna’s eyes went wide at that revelation, mouth dropping open in surprise, and felt the slightly irrational urge to cover her chest even though she and Claudia had seen each other naked more than once. “I can’t go out like this!” she blurted.

Claudia chuckled a little, clearly amused by the outburst, but tried to reassure her, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution.” With that she reached into the suitcase and held up a roll of electrical tape. Without comment she quickly tore off several pieces and stuck them to Brianna’s breasts, covering her nipples with a pair of black Xs. “There we are.”

Looking down at her barely covered breasts Brianna almost protested but as she looked up happened to catch a glimpse in the mirror over Claudia’s dresser. The sight of herself clad in nothing but a corset, fishnets sheathing her long legs with only her chastity belt and some tape preserving her modesty made her gasp. She almost couldn’t believe her eyes. Was the devastatingly sexy woman in that reflection really her?

Claudia gently embraced her from behind and whispered in her ear, “You look absolutely amazing.”

“Yeah.” Brianna whispered back almost absently, still entranced by the tableaux in front of her.

Claudia loosened her grip and leaned around to give her a kiss on the cheek, “Help me get changed?”

Brianna nodded but did not otherwise answer, still staring at her own reflection for a moment before finally tearing herself away and turning back toward the bed. Claudia had already pulled her t-shirt off, revealing that she was also not wearing a bra, and was working on her jeans by the time Brianna reached her. Looking down into the suitcase at the remaining gear revealed a collection of metal cuffs of various sizes, numerous locks, lengths of chain, and a device she recognized as a chastity bra, all lined in black to match Claudia’s own chastity belt. At the smaller girl’s prompting Brianna began to pull the items out one at a time and hand them over. Wordlessly, Claudia locked a set of cuffs around her wrists before lifting her feet onto the mattress one at a time to lock a matching set of cuffs around her ankles. The stainless steel bra followed next, a set of chains crossing over her shoulders while a thin steel band wrapped around her back. Holding the metal cups in place over her small breasts, Claudia lined up the locking stud, prompting Brianna to fasten a small brass padlock to lock the device in place around her chest.

As she was helping fit the chastity bra Brianna felt the urge to fill the silence, “So, you said you know the owner of this club? How did that happen?”

“Funny story.” Claudia answered as she picked up several pieces of chain and began to lock them in place on both her chastity bra and the waistband of her belt, “Kind of a ‘friend of a friend’ situation. My tattoo artist, who I still need to introduce you to by the way, maybe for Christmas?” not waiting for an answer, she continued, “Anyway, I was in the shop one day when she came in to get a tattoo herself and I got introduced. I later learned she’s also involved with one of Roxanna’s colleagues, so small world I guess.”

“Really?” Brianna wondered, a bit surprised both at that coincidence and not having expected one of the people that Roxanna corresponded with to be involved with a fetish club owner, but then again she wasn’t exactly in a position to throw stones herself, “Takes all kinds I guess.”

“The world would be pretty boring otherwise.” Claudia agreed as she ran the chains connected to her bra across her body and fastened them to the waistband of her belt before using the pair of chains dangling from the waistband as metallic garters to hold a pair of stainless steel bands in place around her thighs. “I’ve got a pair of silver heels in the closet, could you get them for me?”

Brianna nodded, “Sure.”

Her inability to bend over at the waist thanks to the corset made the task more awkward than it needed to be, but by dropping down to her knees Brianna was able to find the shoes in question without too much difficulty, a modest set of open-toed high heels that were indeed a bright shiny silver in color. Turning around, shoes in hand, Brianna watched as Claudia finished locking the metal onto her body and carefully lowered herself down onto the edge of the bed.

“I’ll put them on for you.” Brianna offered.

“I appreciate it.” Claudia responded, holding up one foot and then the other as Brianna buckled the heels in place.

Finally dressed, Claudia set her feet firmly on the floor and pushed herself back up before crossing over to the dresser to inspect her own ‘outfit’ in the mirror. Twisting back and forth to check from every angle and make sure all of the locks and chains were in place and sized correctly Brianna was given a front row seat to Claudia’s slender, tattooed frame locked in so much shiny steel, her shapely ass perfectly displayed the rear band of the chastity belt she was wearing.

Noting the rapt expression on Brianna’s face Claudia glanced over her shoulder with a satisfied smirk, “So, what do you think?”

Not sure exactly what to say, Brianna just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “You look like a heavy metal goddess.”

Claudia laughed at that, clearly amused. “That’s a new one.” she mused while striking an overly dramatic pose, “I like it.”

Grinning a little, and a little embarrassed by her response, Brianna didn’t say anything.

Placing a hand on her hip, Claudia turned to her, “Come here, we need to put on the finishing touches and get moving. The night’s not getting any younger.”

Glancing out the bedroom window and surprised to note that the sun had indeed set, Brianna just nodded and walked over to the dresser. At Claudia’s prompting she closed her eyes while the other girl touched up her makeup and set her long blue hair into a bun. Claudia then gently grabbed her arms and urged her to place her hands behind her back. Wordlessly complying, Brianna bit her lip as she felt the familiar sensation of an armbinder sliding over her skin. She took a breath and braced herself as the monoglove began to tighten, slowly pulling her arms closer and closer together, tight enough to thrust her modest bust out even further and almost make her elbows touch, but not so tight as to be painful. Opened her eyes again to see Claudia smiling encouragingly at her, Brianna opened her mouth obediently when the familiar blue ball gag was presented. Feeling a tingle of excitement about being properly bound after so long without, she moaned in sheer delight as the gag popped into place with some effort, forcing her jaws open before the familiar pressure of the leather strap tightening over her cheeks pulled the gag deeper into her mouth, stretching her lips into an ‘O’ of surprise. The sight of her bound and gagged visage staring back at her from the mirror almost took her breath away, or perhaps that was the corset.

“Damn,” Claudia muttered as she stepped back, “normally you have to pay money to see something this sexy. I’m not sure who everyone is going to be more jealous of. You, for being so drop dead gorgeous, or me for walking in with you.”

Brianna blushed a little but could not help but smile around her gag at that compliment.

“One last finishing touch.” Claudia announced as she opened up one of the top drawers of her dresser and fished out a simple black domino mask, carefully placing the mask over Brianna’s eyes to make sure she could see properly, “There we are.”

It was a little bit silly, but as she studied her masked reflection Brianna thought she looked like an attendee at a fantasy fetish masquerade. Then again, for all she knew, that’s exactly what she was. And yet… and yet the woman who looked back at her in the mirror was so sexy, so exotic, so confident, so different from her normal, ordinary self that she could easily believe that no one would recognize her.

‘This.’ she thought, a little awed, ‘This is the real me.’

It was only when Claudia clipped a leash to her collar that Brianna snapped back to the present, the brunette giving her an almost amused smile, “Time to go.”

Bound, gagged and leashed as she was Brianna had no choice but to follow as Claudia led her back out into the front room, pausing at the coat closet. As she waited, she watched Claudia dig out a small, fashionable purse into which she tossed her keys and both their wallets. Next she pulled on a fine black leather jacket that fell to mid thigh, zipping it up tight to cover most of the metal fetish gear locked onto her body. For a brief second Brianna feared that Claudia might parade her around like this, even if that thought brought with it an unexpectedly intense wave of arousal, but a second later the woman pulled an honest to God cloak out of the depths of the closet.

Gagged as she was, Brianna just lifted a curious brow.

Claudia shrugged, “I bought it on a whim and it turned out to be surprisingly handy. I like to wear it when I go out on one of my winter bondage walks.”

Although immensely curious about what exactly that entailed, Brianna really had no choice but to hold her tongue as Claudia wrapped the piece of soft black cloth around her body, pinning it in place at the shoulder to conceal everything but her gag.

Slamming the closet door shut for the second time, Claudia made one final check of her purse before slinging it over her shoulder, pulling the front door open and stepping out into the night. Trailing along behind Brianna felt a strange sense of nervous excitement. Despite the cloak the cool night air still made her shiver a little and it hammered home the fact that beneath it she was practically naked. More than that she was clearly gagged and being led on a leash. She felt her nipples harden even more at the thought. Was there anyone wandering around the property, or looking out through their windows? Could they see what was happening and, given Claudia’s predilections, was it something they had seen before? The other girl seemed completely unconcerned but was that confidence that they would remain unseen or indifference to the fact? With those thoughts swimming through her mind the short walk down the stairs and out to the parking lot seemed to take forever. With each step Brianna could feel her heart pound in her chest, hazel eyes constantly darting about until they finally reached the car with a practically palpable sense of relief. Giving her a reassuring smile, Claudia opened the passenger door and helped her inside, buckling Brianna’s bound form in place before walking around the car and settling into the driver’s seat herself.

Unlike the trip out here, it was a short drive into the more commercial section of town where rows of shops, bars, and restaurants clustered together hoping to lure in late night customers, the dark streets painted in garish shades by bright neon signs and flickering street lights. The thought of discovery still echoing in her mind, each car they pulled alongside and each group of pedestrians they passed made Brianna’s heart leap into her throat, wondering if they had seen, if they knew. She knew it was unlikely given how dark it was inside, to say nothing of how the light reflected off the windows in strange ways making it almost impossible to see through them clearly from the outside, but the thought would not leave her alone. What surprised her was how little the thought actually bothered her once she had calmed down. Ever since that first day when Sofia had commanded her to strip down on the back porch and the pair had swum nude together before having sex in the pool Brianna had suspected that she was more than a bit of an exhibitionist but she had never really dwelt on it. Now? Now she could think of nothing else. Soon she was going to step out of this car and be led on a leash into a nightclub. Once inside she was certain the cloak would be shed and she would parade around in front of who knew how many people with her tits and ass hanging out, wrapped up in leather and bondage gear. She could not help but squirm in her seat in excitement, moaning a little into her gag at the thought and how much a part of her wanted it.

‘I just keep learning things about myself today.’ Brianna mused as she tried to focus on the drive, watching as the crowds thickened and the traffic became more dense.

Finally, after perhaps twenty minutes of winding their way through busy streets, Brianna could clearly see a large red neon sign just ahead that read ‘Delirium’ in large, simple letters. Glancing over at the driver’s seat Claudia just gave a little nod of confirmation before changing lanes and turning into the entrance of a parking lot just up the street from the club, pausing only to take a ticket from the machine before pulling into the rows of vehicles to find a spot. Despite how crowded it seemed the search took no more than a few minutes. Shifting into park and turning off the engine, Claudia spent a few minutes checking everything over, making sure the headlights were off, and shoved the parking pass into her purse before stepping out of the car and slamming the door shut. Alone with her thoughts as she watched Claudia circle to the passenger side Brianna realized this was her last chance to pull the plug, the last chance to object or say no to whatever adventure Claudia had planned. It was then that she decided, despite her earlier misgivings and the butterflies still circling her stomach, that she was very much looking forward to whatever might lay ahead.

Opening up the passenger door and leaning in to unfasten the seat belt, Claudia looked her in the eye, “Ready?”

Without hesitation Brianna gave a firm nod and the other girl smiled warmly at that, taking her firmly by the shoulders and helping her bound companion out of the car. Locking the doors and putting away her keys, she took Brianna’s leash firmly in hand and began walking back toward the street. Standing tall, as if she owned the world, Claudia swept onto the sidewalk and into the stream of pedestrians traveling along it. Despite their coverings, heads turned at their passage and Brianna could hear mutterings of surprise and at least one low whistle of appreciation. Claudia ignored them and pushed on, Brianna struggling to keep pace behind her and careful to keep her eyes firmly forward and fixed on Claudia’s back even as she felt her face heat up in a heady mix of arousal and embarrassment. Stepping up to the corner, they paused only long enough to wait for the lights to change, before sweeping past the small group of people waiting there and stepping onto the crosswalk. More stares and whispers followed their passage but soon faded into the background noise of traffic. Once across the street they did not move to what looked like the front entrance where Brianna could already see a line of people waiting bundled up in coats and jackets, but instead Claudia took a sharp turn to circle the building, continuing on down the street to a smaller door in the club’s side. Without pause or hesitation Claudia opened it and stepped inside, pulling Brianna along behind her. Beyond was a small, poorly lit room with deep red carpet covering the floors. An ornate set of double doors was set into the far wall and surrounded by elaborate wooden paneling with the words ‘VIP Entrance’ painted above the frame in brilliant gold letters. That surprised Brianna a little, but on reflection she supposed it made sense if Claudia knew the owner of the place.

Next to the doors was what looked like a service booth built into the wall, brightly illuminated by a series of lights within in stark contrast to the dim room. Standing there in the opening, smiling serenely at them, was a well dressed young man with pitch black hair and brilliant blue eyes. He did not visibly react to their presence and Claudia walked up without hesitation.

The young man stepped up to the counter to greet her, “Ms. Reid, welcome. I’d heard you might be joining us this evening.”

“Johnathan.” she returned with a nod of familiarity as she stepped up to the counter, pulling a blushing Brianna with her, “How’s things?”

He shrugged, “Well enough I suppose, too early in the evening for any of the real excitement to have started yet. We are nearly packed though, so hopefully no one gets too rowdy. Shall I take you and your companion's coats?”

Claudia nodded with a playful smile, “Why, thank you.”

“No trouble at all.” the man, Johnathan, assured.

Without the slightest bit of unease Claudia then unzipped her jacket and shrugged it off to expose the collection of bands, chains and metal plates that covered her nearly naked body. After handing the coat over Claudia then turned to face Brianna. She found herself standing stock still, face blazing, as the other woman reached out to unpin the cloak she was wearing, unwrapping it slowly as if savoring the moment, to expose her own bound and barely decent form to this total stranger. For a brief moment Johnathan’s eyes raked over them both and his smile widened just a tiny fraction, but he quickly mastered himself, eyes shooting back to Claudia’s face as he took the cloak without comment. Brianna found herself extremely grateful for that, though it was probably nothing he hadn’t seen before.

Disappearing for a moment with their coats, Johnathan re-emerged from the back and handed Claudia a ticket, “I hope you and your lovely companion enjoy your evening.”

“Oh I’m certain we will.” Claudia returned with a laugh.

Without further ado the brunette turned and pushed open the double doors. The first thing Brianna noticed as they walked through the entrance was the heat, a rush of warm air that was shocking and almost oppressive compared to the chill outside. Next was the sound, the dull throb of music and hundreds of overlapping conversations combining into a nearly indecipherable cacophony that seemed to fill the space utterly. Then there was the smell, a heady mix of alcohol and smoke and sweat combined with dozens of different types of perfume and cologne with just a hint of something else underneath it all. It should have been overwhelming, but somehow all of it fit together in a way that seemed natural. Finally was the sight. The club was kept dimly lit, subdued lighting set into the ceiling combined with a snake pit of neon tubes that created an almost otherworldly atmosphere. The center of the room was dominated by a dance floor made of what looked like thick, frosted glass with pulsating lights set beneath it, its surface packed by a figurative sea of humanity thrashing about to the beat to form a great writhing mass of bodies. Perhaps three or four feet higher than the dance floor, almost like a catwalk sectioned off by railing, was the main floor, clusters of tables set along the railings to provide an overview of the dance floor while larger booths lined the shadowed walls offering privacy. It was equally packed, groups of people filling the tables or standing around in clusters while others milled about like schools of fish. As Claudia began to lead her through the crowd, navigating the place as if she was quite familiar with it, Brianna could not help but look around in awe. She had thought her college was a cross-section of humanity, but it was nothing in comparison to this place. The customers varied widely in appearance from suits and gowns to chic Rave wear composed mostly of fishnet, leathers ranging from skintight to biker chic, and a seemingly endless array of fetish gear. It honestly surprised Brianna how well the two of them fit in and, compared to some, how conservatively they were dressed! Just at a glance she spotted at least a dozen topless women and more pieces of bondage gear than she could count.

As such few paid them any mind, but Claudia smiled and waved at a few people as they passed, whether out of recognition or politeness Brianna could not say, and more than a few complimenting her on her “lovely slave.” Brianna blushed a little deeper at that, even as she unconsciously straightened her posture and swayed her hips, preening just a bit beneath the praise.

Finally they broke through the crowd to reveal a large bar set at the back of the building, a long strip of mirror polished hardwood that took up over half the wall. A huge collection of bottles back lit by soft lights sat behind it and clusters of patrons pressed in around it, sitting on bar stools or standing in place as they ordered drinks. Circling around them at a leisurely pace, and walking over to the far end of the bar, Claudia slipped into an empty spot and waited. She did not have to wait long. Within perhaps thirty seconds a woman, presumably one of the bartenders, walked up to them and as her eyes fell upon this woman Brianna thought that she perfectly encapsulated everything she had seen here this night. She was slender and graceful in the same way Roxanna was with long limbs, shapely hips and small but firm breasts. She moved with an effortless, almost regal grace and yet in sharp contrast wore next to nothing, little more than a slender thong to preserve what passed for modesty. Despite that she seemed so incredibly nonchalant, as if parading around topless was so completely natural that it did not even warrant mention. The result left huge swaths of almost unnaturally porcelain pale skin, so pale in fact that Brianna was sure she was wearing makeup, exposed. In stark contrast to that pale flesh were a pair of piercing green eyes and bright red hair, loosely pulled back in thick, messy curls that gave way to dreadlocks as it tumbled past her shoulders and down her back. She was, in a word, striking and Brianna found that she could not turn her eyes away.

“My, my, my,” the woman began as she reached their corner, leaning down on the bar to offer both a better view of her bare breasts as well as revealing a tattoo on her left shoulder, a stylized rose wrapped around what looked like a nail. Grinning widely she looked Claudia up and down “Look what the cat dragged in. And here you are holding the leash this time, has kitten finally grown some claws?”

Claudia grinned at that and instead turned to her companion, “Brianna, this is Murial, Murial, Brianna.”

The redhead straightened up, a slight smile on her lips, “Ah, I see. So this is your new friend,” Brianna felt her blush return as the woman looked her up and down, “and what a lovely specimen she is. Murial du Sang, owner and proprietor of this little slice of marvelous madness, at your service.”

Although it surprised her a little that this was the owner of the place, having not expected her to be working the bar topless, at the same time it somehow seemed to fit as well. There was something about the woman. Her stance, her tone, the look in her bright green eyes that clearly said that she was in charge. At her greeting Brianna reflexively bowed her head and bent her knees, offering this woman, this Murial, a mock curtsy as she often did to her mistresses.

“So well trained,” Murial mused, glancing back at Claudia as she spoke.

“Behave,” Claudia admonished with a tone that spoke of familiarity, “She’s new so go easy on her.”

Murial chuckled, eyes flashing with amusement, “A virgin then? How delightful.”

Brianna had not thought she could blush any deeper, but once again was proven wrong. Claudia, who for her part seemed amused as well, had the good grace not to laugh and changed the subject, “So, how’s business?”

Placing a hand on her hip, Murial gestured toward the dance floor like a queen overseeing her court, “Two things will always sell my dear, sex and debauchery. How fortunate we’ve managed to combine both. Speaking of, can I get you anything?”

Claudia shook her head, “Nothing right now, it wouldn’t be fair since my companion can’t partake herself.”

“It would require removing that gag, which would be a shame.” Murial agreed.

“Are you alone tonight?” Claudia asked, “Or is Kiera skulking about somewhere.”

“She’d be very cross to hear you accuse her of skulking.” Murial replied with a chuckle then gestured to the dance floor again, “She’s somewhere out there, no doubt looking for something tasty to bring home.”

“Ah,” Claudia said, nodding a little, “out hunting then.”

“She’s quite the animal.” Murial agreed with a fond smile.

Brianna, who had been following the conversation silently, frowned a little in confusion around her gag. That name sounded familiar. Wait, Claudia had said that this Murial was involved with one of Roxanna’s associates and… of course! Months ago now Roxanna had mentioned corresponding with a woman named Kiera and had even described her as frustrating. She only really remembered because that was the same day she and her mistresses had made their relationship more official, not to mention meeting Claudia face to face for the first time, and every detail of that day was etched into her memory. Either it was one hell of a coincidence, or it really was a small world. Then again, going back to before last summer and all of her discoveries since then, coincidence seemed to be playing an increasingly large role in her life of late. She’d have to remember to ask about this when she got the chance.

“So,” Claudia began after a short lull in the conversation, “I know this is kind of a big thing, but I was wondering if I could ask for a favor.”

“You can always ask.” Murial quipped with a wan smile, “Whether or not I’ll agree is another matter entirely.”

Claudia actually rolled her eyes, “I was wondering if we could use one of the back rooms later? I have,” she glanced over at Brianna with an almost seductive grin that made the girl swallow nervously, “a little surprise for my friend here.”

Murial tapped her chin and seemed to consider that request before shrugging, “Oh I suppose. It’s early yet and there are a few free, so I can’t see any harm in it.” And with that she reached under the counter and slid a key across the bar.

Claudia took the key, “Thank you.” she said, gratefully, “I really appreciate it.”

“What are friends for?” Murial asked airily then shooed them away with her fingers, “Now run along and have fun you two. And be sure to tell me all about it later.”

Claudia nodded with a wicked grin, “We will, and I’ll think about it.”

“One last thing,” the redhead commented as Claudia began to turn away, “You might want to check out the theater now that you’re here. There’s quite the crowd already, and I’d hate for you to miss anything.”

Claudia gave the redhead a playful salute, before giving Brianna’s leash a faint tug, prompting the bound girl to follow her as she set off back into the crowd. As they disappeared into the masses of people she pulled Brianna closer in order for her voice to be heard over the noise, “She’s something, isn’t she?”

Brianna could only nod at that. Something was an understatement.

“Would you believe that she’s actually submissive?” Claudia added.

Brianna did a double take at that, brow furrowed in confusion, certain that she must have misheard. There was no way that woman with her regal stance and piercing eyes, whose very posture seemed to radiate authority was submissive. It just didn't seem possible.

At her confused look Claudia chuckled, “Hard to believe I know, but it’s true. She puts on a good show for the customers, but behind closed doors? She prefers to be the one wearing the ropes,” she shrugged, “Takes all kinds, right?”

Still a little surprised Brianna just nodded again. She supposed that, more than most, she should know better than to judge a book by its cover, but it was still hard to wrap her mind around that revelation. While still pondering that curious encounter Claudia continued to weave through the crowd until they came to another set of intricate wooden doors directly across from the entrance they had used, a man in an immaculate suit and tie standing next to it. Wordlessly the doorman nodded to Claudia, who nodded back, and opened the door to reveal a much smaller and much quieter space, the noise of the dance floor behind them cutting off almost instantly as soon as the door closed again. A large stage with several brass poles, set slightly above floor level, dominated the space, starting at the curtain covered back wall and extending to nearly the midpoint. Small circular tables were clustered around the stage with booths against the outer walls. Although certainly not as full as the main floor, there was still a large number of people either sitting at the various tables, standing in small groups or, she noted out of the corner of her eye, in the balconies that formed the room’s second story.

More subdued music played here with only a hint of quiet conversation as all eyes were directed to the stage itself, brightly illuminated by overhead lights in stark contrast to the general dimness of the rest of the room. Twirling around one of the poles in an elaborate costume of leather and lace was a buxom, dusky skinned woman with a mysterious yet clearly pleased smile on her face. Her inky black hair, done up in an elaborate set of braids, seemed to shimmer under the lights, and she moved with a smooth and easy grace despite the extremely high heels she was wearing, testament to long familiarity with them and plenty of practice. Although she had never seen one in person before, Brianna knew enough to recognize this as a burlesque show and found herself entranced by the performance. The woman was pretty enough to be sure, but the way she moved was incredible, her body twisting and bending and swaying effortlessly in time with the music. She was honestly not certain how long she spent staring before an insistent tug on her collar drew Brianna out of her trance. Shaking herself, and a little embarrassed, she carefully followed Claudia deeper into the room, moving steadily along the outer perimeter between the tables and booths past numerous other patrons who paid them virtually no mind as they passed.

As they walked further into the dim recesses of the theater, moving toward some unknown goal, Brianna noticed two patrons standing near an empty booth just in front of them, their backs facing the pair as they watched the stage themselves. The first, a blonde woman, had her hair done up in a French braid and wore a tight vest of black leather that showed off strong arms and shoulders, equally tight pants framing a truly perfect ass while sandals with modest heels were strapped to her feet. Her right arm rested comfortably on her companion’s hip, another woman with rich mahogany hair that seemed almost black in the shadows. A long dress of deepest burgundy clung to her slender frame so tightly that it was clear she wore nothing underneath it, its backless and armless cut leaving huge swaths of olive skin exposed while a slanted hem left her right leg bare to the hip. For a brief instant Brianna thought her eyes were playing tricks on her in the shadows, that this pair couldn’t possible be who she thought it was, but as they drew closer she could clearly see the snake-pit of scars etched into the woman’s olive skin, leaving absolutely no doubt as their identity. Her heart leaped into her throat in excitement and sheer joy at the realization as the blonde turned her head slightly to reveal glittering blue eyes and a familiar, vulpine grin. Instinctively she looked at Claudia, wide-eyed, but the other girl just smiled at her.

“Surprise.” she whispered.

Without further explanation Claudia bowed her head and silently offered the leash to Sofia who removed her hand from Roxanna’s hip and took it without comment. Alerted by the hand being moved Roxanna also turned to face them and Sofia passed the leash on to her before leaning in to give Claudia a kiss on the cheek and whisper something in her ear. Whatever it was Claudia seemed pleased, nodding her head and smiling before opening her mouth to reply. Whatever was said Brianna didn’t hear, however, as Roxanna stepped closer and the olive-skinned woman’s body suddenly captured the entirety of her attention.

“You look incredible, korítsi.” the woman practically purred as she slowly ran her eyes over Brianna’s bound form, paying special attention to her nearly bare breasts.

Brianna blushed a little and smiled around her gag as best she could at that compliment, a little elated to once again have it reaffirmed that her mistresses, so striking and exotically beautiful in their own ways, found her attractive. She also found herself silently thanking Claudia for convincing her to come here and wear this daring outfit. Despite all of that she could not help but stare at Roxanna’s bare arms and shoulders, to say nothing of the way the plunging neckline of her dress showed off an incredible amount of cleavage. She had never, in all the time they had known each other, seen the woman wear anything so revealing outside of the bedroom. And yet here she was, baring her scars to the world, seemingly without a care.

Roxanna seemed to notice and smiled softly at her, gently brushing her fingers across Brianna’s cheek, “Tonight, korítsi? Tonight we do not hide who we are.”

Something about that touched Brianna’s heart and she felt her eyes soften as she realized what it meant. Roxanna was sensitive about her scars and rarely showed them to those she did not trust and had confided that they had once bothered her greatly until Sofia had helped her to love herself again. It had to have been incredibly hard for her to do this and yet she had, perhaps in some small way to make Brianna herself more comfortable in showing off her own body in a way she never had before. In that instant the mask she was wearing felt incredibly uncomfortable and a bit cowardly.

Drawing comfort from the warmth of the soft fingers brushing against her cheek Brianna swallowed and tried to speak as best she could, emphasizing her words in hopes that her mistress would understand them, “Mnphphrmphph, pmmnphm phnhm nff mm mnphh?”

It never ceased to amaze how readily both of her mistresses could understand her gag-muffled speech, but once again Roxanna seemed to divine her meaning without difficulty. Offering an encouraging smile she reached up with both hands and Brianna closed her eyes as the domino mask was gently pulled away. As she opened them again Roxanna, still smiling, smoothed her hair back down before cupping her face and pressing a soft kiss to the rubber ball wedged between her lips. Brianna could not help but moan, practically melting. As always, being gag kissed was such an incredible turn on.

“There’s that beautiful face.” Roxanna whispered, still smiling herself.

The intimacy of the moment was broken a second later when she felt arms encircle her. Brianna squawked in surprise as Sofia swept her up into a tight embrace, hands squeezing her ass playfully while her face was pleasantly buried in the ample cleavage the taller woman’s vest left exposed. “So wonderful to see you again, devushka.” the blonde greeted, “And dressed so stunningly.”

As Sofia loosened her grip Brianna, face now flushed, took a breath and glanced over her mistress’ shoulder to see Claudia standing a few paces behind, her hands now cuffed behind her back and a large ball gag, bright red in color, filling her mouth. Looking back at Sofia she smiled as best she could. The blond returned it and bent down to kiss both of her cheeks before mirroring Roxanna and pressing a kiss to her gag. With that, the now bound pair was led to the empty booth and Brianna was slightly surprised when she found herself suddenly pulled into Sofia’s lap, the blonde’s arms gently wrapped around her waist. Not that she minded the position in the least. With far more grace Roxanna sat down next to her and demurely crossed her legs, leaning happily against Sofia’s shoulder. In contrast, Claudia submissively sat on the floor next to the olive-skinned woman. Not a word was spoken then as the four of them returned to watching the performance continue.

Once again Brianna found herself entranced as the woman on stage continued to twirl and sway to the music, moving between the poles and spinning around them with incredible flexibility and poise. It was honestly one of the most impressive things she had ever seen. It was hard to say just how long the dance continued but eventually the woman slowed and finally stopped as she took a deep bow to the audience. Applause erupted immediately, both Sofia and Roxanna joining in, and Brianna very much wished she could add her own approval. But the show was not over just yet. As the applause began to die down, the bright crimson curtains at the back of the stage parted enough for another woman to appear. This woman, close-cropped hair dyed a bright neon pink and skin covered in tattoos, wearing nothing but a tiny g-string, crossed the stage, her hands held behind her back. The dancer immediately turned to face her, hand on her hip as if waiting for something. The new woman suddenly fell to her knees, head down, and held up a thick bundle of rope as if offering tribute to a goddess. Perhaps she was, for the dancer took the rope, nodded once, and with a sharp gesture of her free hand commanded the nearly naked woman to stand. The dancer turned dominatrix then began to bind the other woman, first tying a snug harness around her breasts and then the rest of her body, pulling a crotch rope tightly between her legs, strategically placed knots digging in to her barely covered sex. The woman being bound bit her lip, the expression on her face revealing just how tight the ropes were, and just how much she enjoyed it. The woman’s arms were then pulled behind her back and tied into a reverse prayer, the ropes wrenched brutally until her elbows actually touched in a display of incredible, almost unbelievable, flexibility. In response the pink-haired woman actually threw back her head and moaned loudly in a way that sounded practically orgasmic.

Seemingly satisfied, the dominatrix then forced the bound girl to her knees before taking a handful of her short hair and shoving her down onto her stomach. Her legs were then bound, calf to thigh, before her ankles were secured to her wrists in a hogtie so severe it actually forced her back to arch. As this was happening a chain with a large ring on the end lowered from the ceiling, appearing out of the shadows to stop a few feet above the prone body laying bound upon the stage. Taking the last of the ropes the dominatrix secured her victim to the ring and, rising to her feet, made a careless, upward motion with her hand. In response the chain began to rise again, pulling the ropes taut and lifting the pink-haired woman with it until she was suspended perhaps six feet above the stage, the lights glimmering off the thin sheen of sweat covering her skin and revealing a look of pure ecstasy on her face. As if triggered by some silent cue the curtains at the back of the stage parted again and another woman appeared carrying a large metal box. In contrast to the first woman this girl had bright green hair with severe bangs that fell straight past her shoulders, though her skin was equally adorned with tattoos and piercings, and she wore only a leather harness that left her breasts exposed and barely covered her shaved sex. Like before she approached the dominatrix slowly, almost reverently, before dropping to her knees, setting the box down and prostrating herself before the goddess in leather and lace before her.

Staring imperiously down at the green-haired girl the dominatrix reached out with a foot and tapped the woman, prompting her to look up. She pointed at the box and the prostrate woman immediately scrambled back to her knees and opened it. Reaching in she grabbed something and held up the offering in cupped hands. The goddess seemed pleased and took the items, a pair of nipple clamps with lead weights dangling from them, and stalked back to the suspended woman. She played with her captive’s breasts for a moment, squeezing and tugging on her nipples, making the woman gasp and moan in her suspension, before snapping the clamps into them one at a time eliciting a hiss heavy with pleasure and pain. Smiling now the dominatrix batted at the clamps for a moment, making them sway back and forth, before placing a hand on the bound woman’s thigh and gently setting her to spin slowly in her confinement for all the audience to see. Stalking back she slowly circled the kneeling woman, the girl’s chest rapidly rising and falling in some combination of nervousness and excitement as a hand gripped her hair and forced her to look down. Once again the dominatrix pointed at the box and the kneeling woman quickly began to pull more objects out of it, this time a collection of leather cuffs and straps, and hand them off to the woman standing behind her. Another sharp gesture prompted the green-haired girl to climb to her feet and the dominatrix began to bind her as well. Leather cuffs secured her wrists behind her back before a leather belt was tightened around her arms to make her elbows touch. Another set of cuffs pinned her ankles while a second belt fastened above the knees locked her legs together. Finally a leather collar was secured around her throat, the dominatrix weaving a finger through the metal ring set into the front of it to pull the bound girl close before pressing a kiss to her ruby red lips.

Stroking her face gently with long red nails, the dominatrix then forced the girl back down to her knees before using a padlock to secure her wrists and ankles together, pinning her there. Circling around her plaything one last time, she knelt down in front of the box herself and retrieved a second pair of nipple clamps, this set connected together by a chain, and began to toy with her captive’s breasts, making the girl bound in leather moan at her touch before the clamps snapped into place, eliciting a hissing gasp from the woman. Stroking her face gently, as if to calm her, the dominatrix reached back and produced a black leather blindfold, setting it in place before she took the girl by the collar again and pressed another kiss to her lips. As she pulled away, the bound girl’s mouth still parted slightly as if sad for the kiss to end, a cruel smile twisted the dominatrix’s lips as she pulled one last item from the case and held it up for the crowd to see. A panel gag connected to a web of straps with a sizable dildo attached to it, one that seemed far too large to fit in the poor girl’s mouth. As the audience watched with bated breath, the dominatrix took her captive by the hair again and shoved the dildo between the woman’s parted lips, holding her in place so she could not get away and forcing her to take the entire length before strapping it in place tightly. The green haired girl seemed to spasm at the intrusion, twisting and writhing in her bonds, fighting to escape and moaning helplessly as she shook her head back and forth in a vain attempt to free herself from the gag.

“Enjoying the show, devushka?”

Despite being spoken in a whisper, the sudden sound struck like a gunshot and Brianna found herself jumping in surprise, so focused had she been on the performance in front of her. Twisting slightly she looked back to see Sofia’s face, the blonde grinning ear to ear and her eyes dancing with amusement. In that instant Brianna realized she had been squirming in Sofia’s lap, her body practically throbbing with arousal. She felt her blush return full force and looked down in embarrassment but still managed a small, shaky nod.

Sofia planted a kiss on her cheek, “I must admit it is a… fascinating performance.” she chuckled softly, as if at some private joke, “But I think I have a better idea. Come with me, devushka.”

It was a command, not a request, and Sofia’s grip tightened around Brianna’s waist, lifting the bound girl back to her feet as she stood. Taking the leash back in hand, Sofia pulled her deeper into the theater without any further explanation. Within a moment they reached several smaller doors cut into the side wall, the dark wood almost lost in the shadows, set between the booths at seemingly random intervals. Opening one of them, Sofia pulled her into a narrow but well lit hallway beyond. At a guess the hall seemed to run the entire length of the theater with perhaps a dozen doors set into the opposite side, each one numbered with a Roman numeral. Fishing a key out of her pocket, a key that Brianna recognized as the one Claudia had been given earlier, her mistress opened the door marked VIII and walked inside. The small room they found themselves in was well kept but also plain, though it sported the same rich red carpet as the rest of the club and had wooden paneled walls. However, as she ran her hazel eyes over it Brianna noted a number of details that hinted at the room’s purpose. A padded bench sat next to the door, offering a commanding view of the entire suite, while a set of huge sliding doors covered the far walls. A brass pole ran floor to ceiling in the center of the room and all across the walls and the ceiling were numerous rings and anchors where a person could be restrained.

As Brianna took in these sights, Claudia’s earlier words when receiving the key of having a little surprise echoed through her mind. It seemed she’d had some sort of private show planned and passed that along to their mistresses. She followed silently as Sofia grabbed a sturdy looking wooden chair from the corner and set it down in front of the brass pole. Wordlessly her mistress guided her to sit, her helplessly bound arms hanging over the chair’s low back, before removing her leash. Heart pounding she waited for several agonizing seconds, resisting the urge to turn around and look as she heard the sliding door behind her open. Another moment of silence followed before the whisper soft sound of sandals on carpet announced Sofia’s return before the blonde stepped back into view holding a coil of rope. Still silent, Sofia began to bind her slave to the chair, securing her arms in place before wrapping a loop of rope around her waist and just under her breasts to hold her in place. Finally she prompted Brianna to open her legs before binding her knees and ankles to the chair’s own legs, locking her in that position. Face as red as a beat and breathing heavily, both in anticipation of what might follow and from the lewd position she was bound in, Brianna could do nothing but wait, anticipation pricking at her skin, as Sofia stepped back to admire her helpless form but gave no further hint of what was to follow.

A few moments later the door opened again and Roxanna’s elegant form appeared but Brianna barely noticed that, for the olive-skinned woman had her hand on Claudia’s shoulder, guiding her into the room. The girl’s gag and chastity gear had been removed, leaving her completely naked save for her collar and cuffs, faint red lines on her torso and cheeks all that remained of their presence. Once they entered Roxanna removed her hand, shutting and locking the door behind her, before walking up to Sofia and wrapping the blonde in an embrace and pulling her into a kiss. Sofia returned the gesture, holding the other woman close, and the two remained like that for several long heartbeats before they silently moved apart, smiling at each other, and made their way to the bench. As their mistresses settled in, Roxanna gave a nod to Claudia who returned it and suddenly moved forward, a smile on her lips. She paused with a hand on her hip perhaps two paces from Brianna, the bound girl staring in wonder and shivering in anticipation barely able to contain herself and yet forced by her bonds to do just that.

“You said you wanted a lap dance.” Claudia announced, her smoky voice practically caressing Brianna’s ears, making her shiver. “You also said you liked being teased, and loved being touched.” Brianna involuntarily swallowed, hard, “So, the rules are simple. I can touch you as much as I want, but you can’t touch me.”

Brianna actually whimpered at that, straining against the ropes as Claudia crouched down slowly, spreading her knees wide to keep her entire body visible while she did so, before leaning forward and crawling that last few feet. She ran her hands up Brianna’s legs, caressing the girl softly, and smiling at the way her muscles clenched, before leaning in and kissing up and down the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and running her tongue along the edges of her chastity belt. Brianna mewled helplessly into her gag at the sensation, squirming and fighting her bonds in helpless desperation but to no avail. The ropes holding her may as well have been made of iron for all the progress she made. With one final kiss to Brianna’s hip, Claudia lifted herself up and settled into the bound girl’s lap, pressing their bodies together gently before gripping her shoulders and arching back to show off her small breasts. Still squirming helplessly, Brianna could do nothing but watch as Claudia began to grind her hips against the captive ones beneath her in a vaguely circular motion, moaning in agonized ecstasy as Claudia’s body rubbed sensually against her own. Across the room, just past the girl sitting in her lap, Brianna could see her mistresses watching, arm in arm and eyes glued to the spectacle before them. She felt her pussy clench and nipples throb even more at the thought of those eyes upon her.

Oblivious to being watched, and seemingly finished humping her lap, Claudia stilled and opened her eyes again. Smiling with soft cruelty she bent forward and wove her fingers into Brianna’s hair, gently holding the girl’s head in place as she pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and then to her gag, eliciting another soft moan. Slowly beginning to grind her hips again she kissed the girl’s brow before sliding her hands downward to cup Brianna’s breasts, brushing her fingertips over sensitive skin, and kneading those soft mounds with increased intensity. Brianna groaned pitifully at the touch, biting into her gag and closing her eyes as she tried to shift her own hips or shake her chest, anything to enhance the wonderful sensations filling her but again the ropes held her fast. With a truly wicked grin Claudia then began to slowly peel the tape from Brianna’s chest, one piece at a time, until her aching nipples were exposed, the studs piercing through them glinting in the half light. Still grinning Claudia slid back just a little and bent down to take one of those nipples between her lips and suck. Brianna seemed to spasm in place, fighting her bonds with almost desperate intensity as Claudia worshiped her chest. It felt so wonderful but it was too much. She was so wet, so horny, so desperate, she needed to cum, she needed to cum so badly it was driving her insane. She tried to plead, tried to beg, but it was impossible to form coherent thoughts, much less words, as those soft lips and pierced tongue teased her relentlessly, reducing her to nothing but a puddle of frustrated arousal and aching need.

“Stop.” it was Sofia’s voice.

Although not loud, the word seemed to shatter the spell and, as suddenly as it began, the sensations stopped as Claudia pulled away and sat up. Brianna went slack in her bonds, still panting and moaning and not sure if she was grateful or disappointed. Opening her eyes, and blinking away tears, she looked up to see Sofia looking at them intensely while Roxanna seemed to be whispering in her ear

“Mistress?” Claudia asked as she twisted in place to look back at them.

“I believe that Brianna would very much like to cum.” the blonde stated simply, “Isn’t that right, devushka?”

She nodded, almost frantically.

“And you are willing to pay the consequences?”

Without hesitation she nodded again. Another week, another month, another year, she didn’t care, she needed to cum right now. Nodding back Sofia stood and approached them, Claudia climbing down and kneeling on the floor between Brianna’s legs as she did so. Gently taking Brianna by the chin and offering an encouraging smile, Sofia pressed a soft another kiss to her brow before reaching down and unlocking the secondary shield on her belt, exposing her soaking labia and throbbing clit.

Straightening back up Sofia glanced down briefly, “Claudia.”

Understanding the command well enough, she nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

All other thoughts left Brianna’s mind at that moment and she became unaware of anything except for her own body and the truly marvelous sensation of Claudia’s skilled lips on her most sensitive flesh. When that wicked, pierced tongue began to swirl around her clit, the paradoxical sensation of soft flesh and hard metal shooting up her spine Brianna knew she was lost, thrashing against her bonds and throwing back her head to scream into her gag as a truly monstrous orgasm tore its way free of her. Afterwards she could have sworn she passed out for a second or two because when she came back to herself, breath short and tears running down her face, Sofia was pulling the gag from her mouth. Licking her lips, she tried to form some sort of reply but words seemed beyond her at the moment.

Cupping her face gently and kissing her softly, Sofia just shook her head, “No need for words, devushka. Just rest.”

She nodded at that and went slack in her bonds as she slowly regained control of herself. That had been intense, truly, insanely and wonderfully intense. After a long moment Sofia pulled her hand away and reached down to help Claudia to her feet. As soon as she did so, she locked the girl’s hands behind her back again and gave her a kiss as well. She then began to slowly untie Brianna from the chair and guided the girl down onto her knees. Staring up at Claudia’s naked body she had a feeling she knew where this was going.

“It is only fair to return the favor, yes?” Sofia asked, rhetorically.

With a nod, Brianna leaned forward to capture the girl’s nether lips in a kiss of her own, elated by the soft hiss of pleasure her touch elicited. Taking a few long moments to lick and tease, Brianna finally dove in and took the poor girl’s clit between her lips and began to suck and lap at the sensitive flesh. It seemed that Claudia was just as turned on by this little game as she had been because it did not take more than a few minutes before her own hips bucked, muscles tense as she cried out loudly in pleasure. A tug at her hair prompted Brianna to pull away as Claudia’s shaking body was guided back down to its knees and, leashing them both, Sofia led the pair somewhat awkwardly over to the bench where Roxanna was still sitting, her striking brown eyes alight with desire. Reaching into her purse to produce a pair of ring gags, Roxanna leaned over to gag them both.

“You two owe each other some thanks.” the olive-skinned woman announced, “A kiss would be appropriate, yes?”

Without hesitation the two of them turned toward each other and leaned in to obey, pressing their lips together. It was certainly a strange sort of kiss with both their mouths wrenched open by gags but, as they played with each other’s tongues, tasting themselves in each other’s mouths, Brianna could not deny that the concept of a double gag kiss was definitely an exciting one. A heartbeat later a soft tug at their collars prompted both girls to break the kiss, their faces flushed, and a pair of soft hands cupped Brianna’s cheeks, thumbs caressing her cheekbones and forcing her to look up.

“I believe it is my turn now.” Roxanna announced, voice husky, as she opened her legs revealing both that the high cut of her dress allowed for easy access and confirming that Brianna’s suspicion was correct, she was not wearing anything underneath it.

Wetting her lips again Brianna leaned forward obediently, burying her face between the woman’s scarred thighs to get to work, Sofia’s throaty moan indicating that Claudia was already hard at it next to her. As she began to lap at her mistress’ sex, teasing and licking and kissing in all the ways she knew that the woman liked, fingers tightening in her hair to hold her in place, only one thought dominated Brianna’s mind.

Whatever misgivings she might have had, she was so, so glad she had agreed to come here tonight.


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