The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; fpov; teen; chastity; collar; tease; naked; armbinder; gag; denial; maid; force; oral; spreadeagle; bedtie; cuffs; shower; rom; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 5

It had been 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes since Brianna Wilde had found herself first locked in a chastity belt. It seemed like a lot longer than it actually was when she thought about it like that but while objectively speaking she knew that her experience had been relatively short there were moments when it had felt like an eternity. If nothing else she had gained a new appreciation for how cavalierly Claudia had spoken of wearing her belt for months on end and, once again, she could not help but be impressed. Part of her wondered if she could manage such a feat herself, while another part wondered if she might get the chance to try. A daunting, but exciting prospect that she still wasn’t certain she relished or feared. When this had started she honestly hadn’t known what to expect and over the course of the week it had actually surprised her just how often her thoughts were drawn to the bands of steel imprisoning her loins, its familiar pressure a constant companion. The belt itself wasn’t painful, not truly, and she had more or less gotten used to wearing it, mastering the surprising number of techniques it took to walk and sit and move normally in the thing even if wearing a steel thong was still awkward at times. Truth be told, there were actually moments when she had almost forgotten about it, a testament to how accustomed to the device’s presence on her body she had grown. But such moments never lasted long. Always, always she would suddenly shift in a chair or stand up too quickly or try and twist at the waist and the metal bands would either press into her skin or brush against her imprisoned sex in a way that was still surprisingly pleasant. At first such instances had been a shock, often accompanied by a hiss or a wide-eyed gasp of surprise but thankfully she was getting better at controlling her reactions. Honestly, in those first days that had been her biggest fear, that some awkward movement or involuntary reaction on her part might give the game away even if some part of her was secretly turned on by the idea.

Luckily enough that had not happened and Brianna was actually a little shocked at just how readily she had been able to adapt to the presence of the chastity belt. Now she moved easily and smoothly, even when exercising or practicing her stretching, and the metal made not even the faintest sound as she did so. More than that she honestly marveled at just how unobtrusive the belt was and how readily she had been able to hide it under her clothing, barely a hint of its existence visible and then only if you knew what to look for. And if anyone had noticed that she had taken to wearing shorts and skirts more often? Well, that was just what people did in the summer. Truth be told, wearing a chastity belt was an odd experience, at once impacting seemingly every aspect of her life and daily routine while at the same time being a non issue for the most part once she had gotten used to it.

That was not to say that everything had been smooth sailing, of course. There were times when the belt was uncomfortable to wear and moments when she did not think she could stand it for even a second longer. But those moments too had passed and she could not deny that it had been a challenge. For example Brianna had quickly learned not to lay on her side for any length of time and her posture had certainly improved as slouching was… inadvisable. The rigid waistband made sure of that. And then there were the nights where she found herself shocked awake by some unconscious movement in her sleep making the steel dig into her flesh. Perhaps worse, on other nights she had gasped awake instead, hot and horny and aching with need, lost in the throws of a fading sex dream, hands groping between her legs only to find unyielding metal separating her aching pussy and desperate fingers. It was certainly ironic that, having been rendered unable to have sex, she found herself thinking about it quite often. Honestly these last few days she’d had sex on the brain, though perhaps that was just a result of going from having lots of it on a daily basis to having none at all. Or maybe that was just a natural consequence of wearing a chastity belt, a ‘wanting what you can’t have’ sort of thing. Something she’d have to ask Claudia about the next time they had a chance to speak. Whatever the case however, the inability to sate her surprisingly intense sex drive had been the hardest thing to get used to. It wasn’t just the inability to masturbate, though she did miss that very much, but rather how strange it felt to be without the daily routine of work, sex and bondage she had grown accustomed to.

Which perhaps came back to the true issue. Brianna found herself keenly missing Roxanna and Sofia’s presence, to say nothing of their touch or their passion. Of course, that was not to say that the pair had been completely incommunicado. Phones did exist after all and she’d spoken to them on a near daily basis but it just wasn’t the same, though part of her thought that it was a good foretaste of things to come when the summer ended. Roxanna had been remarkably tight-lipped about what she was actually doing on her trip, Brianna gathered it had something to do with the translation project she had been working on but that was about it, but both of her mistresses had been eager to share other details of their journey. And then there were the photos, a seemingly endless stream of pictures of busy streets, green parks, beautiful libraries and nice restaurants that added life to the descriptions and stories she’d been given. And then there were the… other photos of a far more racy nature. A shot of Sofia standing nude on their hotel balcony, her beauty framed by the cityscape beyond; or a candid photo of Roxanna just out of the shower, skin and hair still damp, body barely covered by a towel and clearly surprised to be photographed; or a shot of the two of them cuddled up together in bed, the disheveled nature of their hair suggesting that had just made love. Keenly wishing that she was there with them Brianna had felt the urge to respond in kind and had replied with some photos of her own such as shots of herself handcuffed and gagged or posing in front of her window in just the chastity belt while backlit by the sun or struggling on her bed in self bondage. While certainly enjoyable, given her currently raging libido Brianna sometimes wondered if such games were a reward or a punishment and exactly what it said about her given how eagerly she participated despite that.

Regardless, all of that combined with the awkwardness of using the bathroom and the daily chore of keeping herself and her belt clean had made the last 7 days or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes challenging. And yet… and yet, for all of the awkwardness and difficulty, for all of the discomfort and frustration, for all that Brianna feared that she might explode if she didn’t cum soon she could not say she hadn’t enjoyed the experience. The submissive part of herself, the part that had grown so much over the course of the summer, reveled in the experience of surrendering control of the most intimate parts of her body, of having her pleasure literally under lock and key. More than that she loved the essentially continuous bondage the chastity belt represented. While she had certainly continued to practice self bondage, as much to stay in practice as anything else, it just wasn’t the same. When she tied herself up, no matter how elaborate or tight the bondage, she knew that she could get out whenever she wanted. There was no challenge to it, not really, and while she was proud of her growing skills and happy to share the results with her lovers, it just wasn’t the same. Some of the thrill had gone out of it. In contrast, the knowledge that she would remain locked in this belt until her mistresses chose to release her, that there was nothing she could do about it save beg... It was, ironically enough, an incredibly arousing experience. She was so turned on by it all, so incredibly horny and yet with no means to relieve those frustrations, at once the perfect paradox. And beyond that one of the greatest joys she had found in submission was testing her limits and learning how to surpass them. If nothing else, the last week had certainly tested her limits in new and interesting ways and Brianna liked to think that she had risen to the challenge admirably. And as much as she had missed her mistresses during their absence, being away from them did not feel quite so daunting now. Part of her even idly fantasized about being locked away in chastity when she went away to college. After all, there would be all sorts of temptations and, as Sofia had said, one should keep their treasures under lock and key.

But those thoughts were distant now for her patience and endurance were soon to be rewarded, or so Brianna hoped. Late last night she had been jarred awake from a pleasant dream by the insistent buzzing of her phone. After a moment of tired confusion understanding had dawned in a flash of excitement and she’d lunged for the device, practically bursting with anticipation as she read the message she had been waiting 7 days, or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes for. It had been a simple note, Roxanna announcing their return and asking her to stop by in the morning to resume her “duties” if able, but it had still made her giddy. Sleep had been all but forgotten then as Brianna had lain down, still clutching the phone to her chest, and tried to get some rest but visions of what the morrow might bring refused to let her. Still, despite feeling tired and sore, Brianna had dutifully drug herself out of bed at first light, dressed and rushed over, unable to wait even a moment longer. Which was how she found herself here, once again on the familiar front porch of 137 North Hickory Lane with a duffle bag thrown over her shoulder, body practically buzzing with excitement and dark circles under her eyes. Biting her lip, and resisting the urge to tap her foot, she reached out and rang the doorbell.

It couldn't have been more than a minute before the sound of soft footsteps reached her ears and the old deadbolt clicked open, but wound as tightly as she was it still felt like an eternity. As the heavy wooden door swung open to reveal Sofia’s familiar figure standing there, dressed simply in a blouse and jeans, Brianna felt herself smile at her mistress, the woman being very much a sight for sore eyes. She had barely begun to open her mouth to say hello before the blonde, apparently equally enthusiastic about the reunion, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her inside in one sharp motion. Caught off guard Brianna could not even utter a word of protest as she stumbled forward before strong arms enfolded her in a tight embrace and a pair of lips found her own, kissing her intensely. Closing her eyes and moaning in delight she threw her arms around Sofia’s toned form and returned the kiss just as intensely, parting her lips to allow the older woman to explore her mouth. They stayed like that for nearly a minute before Sofia finally broke the kiss in order to let them both breath but she did not loosen her grip in the slightest. Brianna was certainly in no mood to protest as she let her eyes flutter open again, a silly but satisfied grin plastered on her face as she leaned against the taller woman’s body.

“Welcome home, mistress.” she said at last, “Did you miss me?”

Sofia grinned, “Very much so devushka, though you are a bit earlier than usual.” Loosening her grip she broke the embrace and then frowned slightly as she took in the dark circles under Brianna’s bloodshot eyes, gently cupping her cheek, “Brianna dear, are you alright? You don’t look well.”

Smiling a little sheepishly Brianna nodded as best she could, “Yes mistress. I’m just tired.” she bit her lip then, a touch embarrassed, “I was too excited to sleep.”

Sofia laughed softly, looking both touched and amused by the sentiment, and withdrew her hand, “I see. You can take a nap if you like, I’ll make up the bed for you.”

“No!” Brianna responded, more forcefully than she had intended, shocking herself a bit before looking down with another faint blush, “I mean, no thank you mistress. I’m fine.”

Sofia smirked for a brief instant before shaking her head fondly, “Very well devushka, I shall take your word for it. I suppose I should be impressed by such devotion, but I imagine instead that you wish to reap the rewards of your fortitude, yes?” She emphasized the question by reaching down and placing a hand on Brianna’s hip, brushing her fingers along the edges of the chastity belt’s waistband as she did so.

Although still a little embarrassed, both by her outburst and by being so transparent, Brianna nodded nevertheless, “Yes, mistress.”

Sofia just smiled again, “You will be amply rewarded, I assure you, but a new challenge completed requires a special reward, and a special reward requires a special game.” she leaned in, to kiss the girl on the cheek before whispering in her ear, “You know what to do.”

Blushing fiercely, and shivering slightly at that familiar, husky tone Brianna nodded again, “Yes mistress, thank you.”

With that Sofia withdrew and began to drift toward the kitchen, “I’ll get some coffee while you get dressed.”

Nodding again Brianna made the familiar trek to the bathroom far more quickly than usual, already stripping off her t-shirt before the door had even closed. Her skirt and sandals followed right after, each article of clothing being unceremoniously stuffed into her duffle bag as she went. It was only as she pulled off her bra that Brianna noticed that something was amiss. There was clothing waiting for her on the counter top as there usually was, but it was far less than expected, just a familiar pair of stilettos with some stockings and the cap from her maid uniform, nothing else. A quick check under the sink and in the towel closet confirmed it and, biting her lip again, Brianna could only wonder. A special game, Sofia had said. One that apparently required her to be mostly naked. Wetting her lips, Brianna picked up the stockings and, with practiced ease, slipped them on one at a time, carefully straightening the seams before buckling the shoes onto her feet, pleased with how much more comfortable she was on high heels now. Twisting her long blue hair up into a loose bun she carefully set the cap on her head and almost instinctively moved to collar herself before pausing. The leather collar she had worn for weeks now was gone, no longer necessary with its new steel replacement locked around her neck. It was ironic that, preoccupied as she was by the chastity belt, Brianna had almost forgotten about the second, far more significant gift she had also been given. Touching the metal ring circling her throat Brianna smiled at its presence, at the symbol of the new life she had chosen for herself. Checking herself over in the mirror she had to gasp at her own reflection. Naked save for the chastity belt locked around her hips, its polished steel and blue liner standing out against her pale skin, the device seemed to emphasize her hips and the stilettos certainly made her long legs stand out. Beyond that the collar drew attention to her throat and chest as well as her bare breasts, her pierced nipples standing out proudly. When combined with the maid’s cap on her head and the dark stockings sheathing her legs Brianna thought she looked like she’d just stepped out of the pages of a fetish magazine. God but did she feel sexy right now. Taking a moment to admire the image, and clasping her hands behind her back to strike a submissive pose, Brianna felt herself flush again.

She was ready, she was definitely ready.

Despite how short of a walk it was to the kitchen Brianna felt her anticipation rise with each step to the point that when she finally entered the room, her heels clacking on the tile, she could barely contain herself. As was usually the case her mistresses were there, waiting for her. Roxanna, clad in a simple dress with her hair loose, was leaning surprisingly casually against the counter drinking tea while chatting about something with Sofia, the blonde in turn stirring a cup of coffee as she listened.

Clearing her throat to draw attention to herself and bending her knees in the imitation of a curtsy Brianna bowed her head and repeated the now familiar phrase, “Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia, how may I serve you this morning?”

Roxanna reacted first, twisting slightly to look at her, brown eyes raking up and down her nearly naked form and Brianna felt herself blush again under that hungry gaze. The woman clearly liked what she saw and smiled under the rim of her teacup, “And a good morning to you, korítsi. I trust you enjoyed your time off?”

“It was uneventful, mistress.” she answered.

“No difficulties?” the olive-skinned woman prompted as she set her cup down.

Realizing easily enough what she was truly asking Brianna just shook her head, “Nothing I couldn’t deal with mistress.”

“Good, good.” the older woman commented as she pushed off the counter and closed the distance between them, “Sofia said you looked tired, and I have to agree. Are you absolutely certain you’re feeling alright?”

Brianna nodded, “Yes mistress, I...” she bit her lip, hesitating for a second, “I’ve missed you.”

Roxanna smiled softly and cupped her cheek making Brianna smile a bit herself as she leaned into the touch, “And we have missed you as well.” she assured before planting a gentle kiss on the girl’s lips, eliciting a slight blush, and slowly circling behind her. As if responding to some unspoken cue, Sofia, who had been strangely silent until now, began to approach the pair, coffee cup in one hand and a bundle of black leather in the other. Roxanna wordlessly accepted the bundle before continuing, “A week in chastity is certainly an achievement for a beginner, but I think you would agree that simply letting you out would be no fun. Hands behind your back if you please, korítsi.”

Brianna swallowed then nodded, placing her hands behind her back like she had been told and waited for the games to begin. She wasn’t exactly surprised by the sentiment, especially given how much the pair enjoyed teasing her, and she could hardly say she was disappointed but part of her had still hoped to be allowed some relief first. As she felt the familiar sensation of smooth, cool leather being drawn up her arms Sofia offered a small grin of encouragement before lifting the cup to her lips. Brianna smiled back and gratefully accepted, relishing the bitter warmth of the coffee. The armbinder suddenly cinched tight and Brianna gasped, and then moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain as her elbows were forced to touch. It seemed that today was going to be an intense day and the thought made her heart beat faster in a way that had nothing to do with caffeine. And yet she could not help but notice that this armbinder was different than the one she usually wore. The end was open leaving her hands free, though the way it pinioned her arms behind her back left her just as helpless. Curious. She had no more time to contemplate that as Sofia set the cup down and presented a ball gag. Like the lining of her chastity belt and her hair it was bright blue, it was also quite large, easily two inches in diameter marking it as one of the bigger gags she had ever worn. Today was definitely going to be intense then, but Brianna had never been one to back down from a challenge. With slightly shaky lips she opened her mouth as wide as she could but even then it took some work to seat the gag properly behind her teeth, stretching her lips wide around it, before the straps could be tightened. Almost immediately Brianna could feel a faint tinge of discomfort as her jaws were wrenched open but despite that, or perhaps because of it, her pussy clenched in sympathy as arousal shot through her. It really had been far too long since she had been properly bound and gagged.

Finished with their work her mistresses switched places, Sofia slowly circling her, the woman’s calloused hands resting on Brianna’s hips to hold her in place gently while Roxanna stepped in front of her and ran soft fingers up her stomach and chest before lifting her chin to lock their gazes. She could not help but shiver at the touch, eyes sharply focused on the woman’s deep brown gaze.

“Today’s game is simple enough,” the olive-skinned woman announced, “We have a few chores for you to complete. Being bound as you are, they may prove challenging, but we have full faith in your abilities. After all, korítsi, you have much experience in being bound, and your hands are free. But when you have finished?” she prompted with a pause, continuing a moment later with a sharp smile full of promise, “Then you will receive a thorough reward.”

Brianna felt herself flush again at the way Roxanna had emphasized the word, possibilities dancing in her mind’s eye as she wondered exactly what her mistresses would do to her, but she managed to nod nonetheless. Simple enough so far.

“There shall be two caveats, however.” Roxanna continued, “First, you may request an orgasm from either of us at any time and we will grant it, but for each orgasm you take before completing your duties, you must accept a punishment. Understood?”

Brianna nodded again, grateful but curious. Punishment aside, that was an unusually generous offer and it made her wonder what the catch was.

Roxanna smiled, “As for the second... A chastity belt is an interesting toy not only because of the belt itself, but because it can serve as a… framework I suppose you might say for other toys.” the woman’s smile became almost mischievous, “In time we look forward to familiarizing you with all of them but for today we have a very specific toy in mind, but I suppose it is easier to show rather than tell.”

Sofia, who had remained silent the entire time thus far, responded in an amused tone, “Very much so, dorogoy.”

With that Roxanna held up a tiny object for the younger woman to see. Brianna felt her brow furrow slightly as she took the device in, utterly failing to recognize it or divine its purpose. It looked for all the world like a small piece of wire bent into a U shape with small prongs on the ends and the majority of its length covered in what looked like soft rubber. Without explanation Roxanna took a key and bent down to open one of the locks on Brianna’s chastity belt. Surprised, the girl dropped her gaze to watch and felt herself shiver slightly as the secondary shield was removed and cool air brushed over her heated sex. That shiver became a gasp of pleasure as she felt one of Roxanna’s fingers brush against her labia, still protruding from the slot in the belt’s primary shield. That gasp became a moan, her hips twitching involuntary, held in place only by Sofia’s grip, as Roxanna brushed her clitoral hood out of the way and slipped the wire around her aching clit, slotting the prongs into a pair of small holes in the belt to lock it in place, leaving the tiny nub of flesh to ride in the device like a stirrup. Feeling the gentle but insistent pressure of the clip and the sensation of the soft rubber brushing against her most sensitive flesh Brianna’s eyes went wide as she suddenly realized exactly what the toy was for. The belt shifted and moved naturally as she did and, connected as it was, the tiny clip would tease her with even the slightest movement. When combined with its constant, stimulating pressure the devious thing would edge her continuously even if she was standing still. In her current state Brianna could not think of a more perfect torture.

Seeing her mistress begin to lock the secondary shield back on, Brianna shook her head, “Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph!” she forced out around the gag as best she could, “Pmmnphm mmnnph!”

Roxanna did indeed pause, “Is something the matter, korítsi?”

Brianna nodded and tried to make herself understood around the massive gag filling her mouth, “N nmmn phn cnm, pmmnphm. Pmmnphm, mmph mm cnm fnrphph!”

The woman seemed a little surprised but also seemed to understand, “Oh I see. You want an orgasm now, before we begin.”

Brianna nodded again, more vigorously this time, “Pmmnphm!”

Sofia chuckled, “You did say any time, dorogoy.”

“I suppose I did.” Roxanna agreed with a tiny smile, “Oh very well korítsi, I’ll spoil you. But this does mean you agree to take the punishment, yes?”

Sagging slightly in relief Brianna nodded once more, “Mmph mnphphrmphph, phhnnh mnn mnphphrmphph.”

“You are welcome.”

Sofia’s grip tightened then as the woman molded herself to Brianna’s back, holding her firmly in place as Roxanna’s fingers began to stroke the girl’s captive pussy. She moaned deep in her throat, eyes fluttering closed as those delicate and talented fingers teased the lips of her labia with deliberate softness. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of torment under that feather-light touch she felt the tip of a finger press against her eager clit. Her knees went weak at the sensation, prompting Sofia to shift her stance until the entirety of her weight supported by the strong arms encircling her as Roxanna began to slowly but insistently rub the tender flesh in a vaguely circular motion. Biting into her gag and breathing heavily through her nose Brianna moaned again, much more loudly this time as the combination of sensations overwhelmed her. Caught between the sweet torment of Roxanna’s fingers pleasuring her and the added stimulation of her clit being made to rub up against the wire holding it she strained against the armbinder and tried to work her hips to enhance the sensation, but Sofia’s grip held fast leaving her to squirm helplessly in the other woman’s arms. Even so it did not take long for a week’s worth of delayed desires, captive fantasies and throbbing need to force its way to the surface. No more than a moment or two after it began Brianna seemed to spasm in her mistress’s grip, throwing her head back and screaming into the gag as the blessed relief of an orgasm washed over her in a wave of ecstasy. Still breathing harshly, moaning and twitching as aftershocks assaulted her body, she barely noticed as Roxanna locked the secondary shield back on and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

She could not say how long she spent lost in that sea of pleasure, her body distant and yet heavy at the same time, but the one thing she did know for sure was that Claudia had been right, chastity did indeed seem to make the orgasms more intense. She wanted to laugh out loud at the revelation, giddy as she often was in those first few glorious moments after sex. As she came back to herself, eyes focusing and aware now of her body still being held gently but firmly in Sofia’s arms, the blonde whispering soothing sounds into her ear as if she was some spooked animal, Brianna wanted to laugh again. Instead she just gathered her legs back under herself to support her own weight again.

Sensing the shift Sofia loosened her embrace slightly, “Better?”

Still flushed, Brianna nodded almost tiredly, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Very good devushka.” the blonde commented, “Are you ready for your first task?”

She nodded again, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

With that Roxanna, who had walked across the room to the small broom closet in the hallway, returned holding a simple dust mop, “The kitchen floor could use a cleaning. Do be thorough, korítsi, and fetch one of us when you are finished. Understand?”

She held out the mop and Brianna had to turn slightly to take it. While her hands were free, allowing her to grip the mop with her fingers, it was still somewhat awkward given how tightly her arms were bound. After taking a moment to make sure her grip was secure she bowed her head, “N nnnmrphphnnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“Good.” Roxanna said with a nod, “I will be doing some reading, you know where to find me should you need anything.”

“And I suppose I should finish the wash.” Sofia added with a smile and another kiss on the cheek, “Good luck, devushka.”

As she watched Roxanna limp down the hall and Sofia slip into the basement, flush fading and knees still a bit shaky, Brianna glanced around the room. Truth be told the floor seemed fairly clean already, Sofia was nothing if not thorough after all, but many of the tasks she was given were like that, more about the challenge or the thrill of doing housework as a sexy bondage maid rather than real necessities. Not that she was complaining of course. Still, her mistresses had told her to be thorough but as Brianna began to move toward the edge of the room to get started she instantly regretted it. Eyes widening a little, a soft gasp escaping her tight gag in the process, she froze in place as the sensation of the clit clip rubbing against her struck like a hammer blow. As much as Brianna had desperately wanted an orgasm, and as relieved as she was to have received one, she had not counted on how hyper-sensitive the aftermath would leave her. While the sensation of the clip might not have been nearly as intense as some of the other toys she had experienced in the past months, a combination of the lingering effects of last week’s chastity as well as her current sensitivity rendered the innocuous little thing into a devious tool of torment. It certainly helped to explain why her mistresses had been so cavalier about offering her pleasure whenever she wanted it. It was the perfect trap, one that punished her with her own desires, leaving her torn between the choice of suppressing her raging libido and waiting for the promised rewards or accepting additional orgasms to ease the strain at the cost of enduring the torment of their aftermath. Sofia had promised a special game and Brianna could not deny that this certainly qualified, once again marveling at their devious imagination as a fresh wave of arousal washed over her.

Closing her eyes and biting down on her gag to focus, Brianna drew a breath to steady herself and took another step, if a much smaller and more cautious one this time. Again a shock of pleasure ran up her spine, but this time she expected it which helped somewhat. Glancing around at the size of the floor she was supposed to mop, and considering for a moment how many other tasks might be waiting after that, Brianna whimpered a little. This… this might be more daunting than she had imagined. Still, there was nothing much to be gained by waiting either. She would never get done if she kept delaying and even standing still the clip edged her faintly. The longer she waited, the longer she would have to endure this torment. Moaning just a little and bracing herself as best she could Brianna shuffled awkwardly, both from a combination of the high heels and trying to minimize her movement, as she began to clean the floor. Even as cursory as it was, the task proved to be surprisingly difficult. Under normal circumstances a simple dusting like this would have taken no more than ten minutes or so but now? Now the task had been reduced to an ordeal by the ungainliness of trying to hold the mop with her arms tightly bound and unable to see her hands. On top of that the awkward grip forced her to move backwards as she worked, each step made shaky by the tall stilettos she was wearing to say nothing of the continued waves of sensation that radiated out from her aching sex as the clip continued its devious work. Every few minutes she had to stop and collect herself, often clenching her eyes shut and whimpering into her gag as she did so. Even worse in some places, such as when trying to clean under the table or around the stove, she was forced to bend over or twist sharply to get the mop into place and each time she did so the clip teasing her throbbing clit shifted sharply leaving her wet and on edge.

She honestly could not say how long she spent in that strange dance, face and chest painted crimson by a growing blush, as she struggled to finish her appointed task accompanied only by the clack of heels on tile and her own ragged breathing. Still she pushed on, almost robotically, trying to focus on anything but the raw need building within her but by the time the end finally seemed in sight it felt like hours had passed though that was probably just a trick of the mind. Eventually, at long last, she reached the other side of the room and with a sob of relief almost staggered into the wall as she slumped against it for support, dust mop clattering against the cabinets as she bit into her gag again and tried to bring her breathing under control as she waited for another pang of arousal to pass, her nipples almost painfully hard and her pussy begging to be touched. Despite that she could not help but be amazed. Of all the toys she had experienced thus far, of all the ways she had been bound and teased and driven wild with desire Brianna could not help but marvel with a certain wry amusement that all it took to reduce her to this was a little piece of wire. And apparently the clip was only the first of many toys that could be used in conjunction with her chastity belt, the first of many toys Roxanna had promised she would be introduced to and no doubt become intimately familiar with in time. She almost shuddered at the thought, torn between fear and intense excitement.

The sudden sound of a door opening drew her out of those swirling thoughts and rising fantasies and, glancing over her shoulder, she saw Sofia emerge from the basement, a basket full of laundry in hand. Part of Brianna marveled. Had she really been cleaning the floor for that long? Humming softly to herself, Sofia seemed oblivious as she artfully balanced the laundry basket on one hip and closed the door behind her, making her way for the stairs.

Pushing off against the wall and quickly turning toward the blonde, wincing slightly as the sudden movement shifted the clip against her, Brianna called out as best she could, “Mnphphrmphph!”

Freezing instantly, Sofia glanced in her direction at the sound but then smiled at the bound girl before making her way into the kitchen and setting the basket down on the table, “Finished, devushka?”

Brianna nodded, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Stepping closer the blonde’s expression softened before she took Brianna by the hips and pulled her into a gentle embrace, holding her close. Slumping into that embrace Brianna sighed softly as she pillowed her head against the taller woman’s breasts. “Do you need to stop?” she asked softly.

“Nn, mnphphrmphph.” Brianna mumbled. Yes, she was desperately horny and both her shoulders and jaw had begun to throb dully from the intensity of her bondage but she definitely did not want to stop. Honestly she reveled in the experience, part of her almost shocked by how much she enjoyed being bound and gagged so tightly and teased so insistently. Absence, it seemed, truly did make the heart grow fonder. Although the reminder that all of this was ultimately a game, a game that she could end at any time, certainly helped as much as it fueled her desire to rise to this challenge as she had the others.

Sofia hmmed thoughtfully at that, “I see. You are ready for your next task then?”

Brianna nodded as best she could, but then her blush intensified just a bit, “Mnm N cnm pmmnphm fnrphph, mnphphrmphph?”

Sofia chuckled a bit, understanding her easily enough, amused but not surprised by the request, “Another orgasm already devushka?”

Blush growing even deeper Brianna nodded again, “Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph?”

“I never was very good at denying you it seems.” Sofia mused, a soft smile painted on her lips, “Ah well, we did promise, did we not?”

Brianna’s face lit up at that pronouncement but before she could even mumble her thanks she found herself gently turned around until Sofia was embracing her from behind. Firm body pressed against her back and strong arms encircling her at the waist once again, Brianna could not help but shiver as calloused fingers stroked the bare skin of her stomach. That shiver became a moan as those hands began to roam slowly up her body until they cupped her breasts, kneading and massaging gently for several long moments. Eyes fluttering closed Brianna moaned again in pleasure under her mistress’ insistent touch before Sofia switched tactics, pinching her nipples sharply. The sudden pain made Brianna gasp into her gag even as her pussy clenched in sympathy.

“So sensitive.” the blonde mused with a devious grin as she continued to tease the moaning and squirming captive in her grasp. 

Whatever response she may have offered was lost then as Brianna felt her knees go weak and her eyes flutter closed as Sofia’s hands suddenly abandoned her tits and trailed down her sides and hips before running up the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. A deep, almost desperate groan escaped her throat, her hips jerking involuntarily as Sofia’s cruel fingers began to trace along the edges of her chastity belt’s primary shield. The desperately horny girl could do nothing but squirm helplessly, moaning into her her gag and tugging against her armbinder in a futile attempt to do… something, all too aware of how maddeningly close those fingers were to her aching core and equally aware of the steel bands sealing her throbbing clit away. It was torture, pure and unadulterated torture to be held in Sofia’s arms like this and teased so cruelly. She never wanted it to end even as she begged for exactly that. Perhaps amused by the display Sofia’s chest rumbled with soft laughter as she playfully nipped at Brianna’s ear, making the girl moan even louder.

“You are at your most beautiful when you are like this, devushka.” the blonde whispered, eliciting a whimper, “Stripped bare and aching with need, so desperate to cum and yet so helpless to do anything about it.”

“Pmmnphm,” Brianna begged through the gag, “pmmnphm mnphphrmphph...”

“And you truly are helpless,” she continued, ignoring the plea as she continued to idly stroke the girl’s sensitive skin, “completely under my power. I could do anything to you, anything at all, and you could not stop me.”

“Pmmnphm.” Brianna whispered desperately though the gag, unsure exactly what she was begging for even as she felt herself become somehow, impossibly even more aroused.

“It is remarkable,” Sofia mused as she continued to trace the edges of Brianna’s chastity belt, fingers suddenly dipping between the bound girl’s legs to find a particularly sensitive spot, “how you come alive when we dominate you. To be bound and gagged and controlled… you need it, don’t you?”

Brianna jerked suddenly at that touch and moaned loudly even as she frantically nodded her head in agreement. It was the truth, after all, something that the two remarkable women who had accepted her into their lives had helped her to understand. And it was that knowledge of herself that she had gained, perhaps more than anything else, that explained why she loved them so much.

Regardless, Sofia said nothing as she trailed kisses across Brianna’s neck and shoulder before withdrawing one of her hands and slipping it into a pocket to retrieve a small key. Still caught between ecstasy, desperation and raw need Brianna did not notice this movement at first until a familiar *click* reached her ears as the secondary shield of her chastity belt came away once again to expose the soaking flesh of her nether lips. Shivering for reasons that had nothing to do with the cool air now flowing over her, all thought fled Brianna’s mind as Sofia’s talented fingers began to stroke and tease her throbbing clit. Almost immediately, a testament to both just how far gone she really was and how direct Sofia preferred to be when she got down to business, Brianna felt herself go tense as an orgasm tore itself free from her overstimulated body. Sofia did not stop, however. Almost instantly, before she could even begin to recover from her first climax, a second followed. She screamed into her gag so loudly that her throat felt sore afterwards, her bound form bucking hard in Sofia’s grasp as pleasure wracked her frame. Eyes clenched shut and tears pouring down her cheeks she spent what felt like an eternity lost in a sea of sensation, the clit clip teasing a seemingly endless stream of aftershocks out of her. Panting and exhausted, legs reduced to jelly leaving her slumped in Sofia’s strong arms, Brianna opened her eyes while the blonde held her tightly and whispered into her ear.

“That’s right devushka,” the older woman soothed, “just ride it out.”

Breathing harshly through her nose eventually Brianna managed to focus enough to thank her mistress as best she could, “Phhnnh mnn, phhnnh mnn mnphphrmphph.”

“Shhh.” Sofia soothed, “It’s alright devushka, no need to thank me. Just relax, I’ve got you.”

As those words washed over her, Brianna did feel herself begin to relax, leaning her weight against Sofia’s strength until her body calmed and her pulse slowed, warm and content in that embrace as the embers of pleasure slowly cooled within her. In fact, for a moment she felt as if she might nod off in Sofia’s arms as a wave of exhaustion seemed to overcome her, the aftereffects of those intense orgasms and her sleepless night combining like an inexorable wave. Perhaps she did nod off as, an instant later, she jerked back to awareness as she felt herself begin to fall, twisting slightly in surprise in Sofia’s arms until she realized that the woman was slowly lowering them both to the floor. Kneeling down on the tile, Sofia pulled the bound girl into her lap, arms still loosely draped about her waist. Glancing over her shoulder, Brianna saw the blonde smiling at her gently before brushing a few strands of bright blue hair from her face where they had come loose from her bun.

“I love the sounds you make.” Sofia announced suddenly, “There is just something about making a gagged woman cum that…” her smile turned mischievous, “Well, I cannot really explain it, but it certainly does it for me.”

Brianna felt herself blush a little as the older woman’s fingers brushed her lips before trailing across the rubber ball wedged between them.

“And you do look so incredibly beautiful like this.” Sofia continued, making Brianna’s blush deepen, “Some mouths are made for wearing gags devushka. Yours is certainly one of them.”

All of a suddenly Sofia’s hands reached behind her head and Brianna felt the leather strap holding the gag in place come loose and, with a soft *pop*, the ball was pulled from her mouth. Before she could even think of responding Sofia’s hands cupped her face and their lips met in a hard kiss. Despite the awkward position of it Brianna felt herself melt into that kiss, eyes closed as she eagerly welcomed that questing tongue into her mouth as her mistress claimed her once again.

After a long moment Sofia broke the kiss, but continued to cup the bound girl’s face, her voice a husky whisper, “But right now, devushka? Right now I need your mouth on me.”

Brianna could do nothing but nod numbly, still a little dazed from the kiss as she was guided to her knees. Sofia’s hands drifted to her shoulders as the blonde stood in one swift motion, deftly unbuttoning her jeans as she did so. Somewhat unceremoniously the woman shoved her pants down to reveal that she had neglected to wear underwear this morning and Brianna bit her lip as she took in the familiar sight, somewhat marveling at how wet Sofia was as the heady scent of arousal assaulted her. It occurred to her in that moment, as Sofia’s fingers twined in her hair, further ruining her bun and drawing her mouth closer, that her mistresses had missed her, had longed for her, as much as she had for them. The thought made her smile even as she eagerly kissed Sofia’s pussy, licking and teasing and sucking in all of the ways that she knew the beautiful blonde loved. Sofia certainly seemed to appreciate the effort, throwing her head back with a moan of pleasure even as her hips twitched and she began to grind her sex against her slave’s eager mouth. Spurred on by that, Brianna only redoubled her efforts, sucking on her blonde’s eager clit even as she lashed the sensitive nub with her tongue, drawing out an orgasm with all the skill she could muster even as she felt her own arousal bloom once again in response. For once, however, Sofia seemed to be trying to restrain herself, the woman’s muscles tense as she bit her lip to try and stifle her cries and moans.

Such self control did not last long, however, and within moments the blonde jerked hard, letting out a strangled gasp as she tried to quiet her own scream of pleasure with some degree of success even as she ripped Brianna’s eager mouth from her. Lips still parted slightly, and hands still holding her head tightly, Brianna just looked on silently at Sofia’s flushed and panting face as the woman slowly came down from the peak, a certain sense of smug satisfaction building within her at the reaffirmation that, as easily as her mistresses could reduce her to a quivering pile of pure need, she was just as capable of returning the favor.

After what felt like an eternity Sofia’s eyes fluttered open and her grip loosened as she somewhat awkwardly pulled up her jeans with one hand, not bothering to tuck her shirt in, as she continued to stroke Brianna’s hair with the other. Suddenly falling to her knees again Sofia crushed their lips together in a bruising kiss, hands once more twining through the bound girl’s hair as she explored her slave’s mouth, tasting herself there. Brianna returned the kiss with as much ardor as she could, arms straining against the monoglove as she longed to embrace her mistress in turn. When the kiss finally ended, leaving her breathless, Brianna could not help but smile with swollen lips as they rested against each other, Sofia’s fingers still tangled in her hair holding them together, foreheads touching.

“I missed you.” Sofia said softly.

“I missed you too.” Brianna answered, just as softly.

They stayed in that strange embrace for several more comfortable moments until Sofia finally leaned back, the blonde’s expression fond yet strangely somber as she gently cupped Brianna’s cheek and brushed a thumb across the dark circles still visible under her eyes. Brianna leaned into the touch with a sigh and watched silently, wondering just what the blonde was thinking as she gazed into those stormy blue eyes.

Sofia’s expression suddenly shifted as she reached some sort of decision, “No more games, that is not what any of us need right now.”

Blinking in surprise at that statement, Brianna opened her mouth to ask her mistress what was going on when, without explanation, Sofia suddenly stood and Brianna let out a squeal of surprise as she was lifted off the floor into a bridal carry. Rendered temporarily speechless she could only marvel at that casual feat of strength. While there was no doubt that Sofia was in excellent shape, as her lean and muscular figure clearly showed, and Brianna herself was hardly a large woman, the ease with which her mistress lifted her was a little astonishing. Clearly the woman was stronger than she looked. Not that the position wasn’t enjoyable and Brianna felt her cheeks color again a little at how much she enjoyed being manhandled like this.

“Mistress?” she asked as Sofia began to carry her down the hallway, “What’s going on?”

“You are exhausted, devushka.” she explained with another soft smile, “You are clearly not used to being teased so aggressively, and to do it after your first week in chastity… We were lost in the excitement of the moment, too ambitious. I am sorry, it was cruel of us.”

Brianna blinked in surprise at that, “It’s fine, mistress. You don’t need to apologize.”

“My dear, brave girl.” Sofia returned before leaning in to kiss her forehead softly, “That is kind of you to say, but you know what I say is true, you could barely walk earlier.”

As much as she was a little relieved to know that her current torment, even if she had sort of liked it, would soon be over, a part of Brianna could not help but be disappointed in herself. She had never backed down from any of the challenges her mistresses had placed before her and yet she could not deny that Sofia had a point. Perhaps in her current state she simply wasn’t fit to be pushing herself so hard. With a little sigh Brianna nodded her head in consent and rested her head against Sofia’s shoulder, nestling against the woman’s chest as they continued their journey toward the den at the end of the dark hall. Without pause, and without announcing herself, Sofia nudged the door open with her foot to reveal Roxanna sitting comfortably in the heart of her web of books, rich brown hair practically set aglow by the muted sunlight fading in through the curtains. In her element like this, idly scribbling down notes as she thumbed through a leather-bound volume of some sort, Brianna could not help but think she looked incredibly beautiful, though she would be the first to admit that her opinion on the matter was hardly impartial.

Pausing in her note taking to glance over her shoulder at their entrance Roxanna certainly looked surprised to see them. Or perhaps it was the method of their arrival that was surprising. In any case the olive-skinned woman set her pen down and took in the scene before her, eyes darting across the pair as a small, worried frown formed, “Is something wrong?”

“Not wrong exactly dorogoy,” Sofia assured, still balancing Brianna’s weight without apparent difficulty, “but the poor girl is exhausted, though she is too stubborn to admit it.” Sofia smiled fondly at that and Brianna buried her face a little deeper into the crook of the woman’s neck as her blush intensified. “Besides that I think we have pushed her too far, too quickly. Now is perhaps not the best time for such games.”

One of Roxanna’s elegant brows raised slightly at that and, not for the first time, Brianna sensed some sort of silent communication pass between the two women. A testament to the years they had spent together. Tentatively she looked up at her mistress and as she did Roxanna’s deep brown eyes locked onto her own. Like so many other times she felt paralyzed by that gaze wondering what, if anything, she should say. It didn’t seem to matter, whatever Roxanna saw seemed to convince her as the olive-skinned woman’s expression softened a little and her lips twisted into a wan smile.

“Perhaps we were overly eager.” she agreed after a moment of contemplation, “Take her up to the bedroom, stríngla. I shall meet you there.”

A tiny smirk twisted Sofia’s lips, “Such a slave driver.”

But even as Roxanna scoffed playfully, the blonde had already turned on her heel and began her way back down the hall, Brianna’s bound form still perched in her arms.

“What now, mistress?” Brianna wondered softly as she was carried up the stairs. 

“Now?” Sofia answered, “Now you get some rest, devushka.”

“Oh.” Brianna said, deflating a little in disappointment.

“Of course, we will likely need to help you,” Sofia continued, lips quirked into a playful smile even as her tone turned sultry, “But I am certain we can find some way to make you relax.”

Brianna felt her smile return, a familiar shiver of anticipation running up her spine, “Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.”

No more words were spoken for the rest of the short trip as Brianna was carried into her mistresses’ familiar bedroom, a room that she had missed almost as much as the women who slept there. It felt strange to be nostalgic for something she had only spent a week away from, but this was the place where so many good memories had been formed and not just the sex and bondage. This was the place where the three of them had forged, and affirmed the odd relationship they had found themselves in. Where they had laughed and cried and held each other as they slept, comforted by the warmth of familiar bodies. As the comfortable silence stretched on Sofia set her down on the bed before kneeling down and carefully removing her stilettos one at a time. Stretching her feet gratefully, Brianna wiggled her toes and idly made a note to paint her nails again soon. She had forgotten how hard these shoes were on the finish, though that was a small price to pay for how amazing they made her legs look. Climbing onto the bed herself, Sofia settled in behind her and Brianna felt fingers begin to loosen the straps on her armbinder. Not enough to remove it, but enough to let her out of the tight elbow bondage she had been in. Closing her eyes the girl let out a sigh of relief and worked her shoulders as best she could. While she was getting used to having her arms bound so tightly, and she very much liked the way a tight armbinder made her breasts stand out, Brianna could admit that she still had a long way to go before she could do as Claudia did and have her elbows touching for hours without difficulty.

Opening her eyes again Brianna looked up and froze in place as she saw Roxanna striding through the doorway. Lost in contemplation and contentment she had not heard the woman enter. Eyes smoldering, her limp not at all diminishing the grace of her steps, Roxanna reached behind herself and unzipped her dress allowing it to fall from her shoulders and pool on the floor as she walked revealing her slender form perfectly displayed by a set of lacy black underwear. Feeling her mouth go dry at the tableau, Brianna could only watch as Roxanna’s smile turned sultry, the woman slowly closing the distance between them as she reached up to unclasp her bra, the garment fluttering to the ground as unceremoniously as the dress. With deliberate slowness Roxanna then slid her hands down her sides, hooking fingers in the waistband of her thong before pushing it down over her hips as she took one last step until she was so close that Brianna could have reached out and touched that glorious and tantalizing body had her arms not been bound. The leather holding her creaked as she involuntarily tried regardless.

“Like what you see, korítsi?”

Brianna nodded a bit dumbly, “I… uuhagh!”

Whatever she had been about to say was cut off as Sofia took the opportunity to jam a ring gag into her mouth the moment it opened. Pulling the straps tight to secure the gag in place the blonde chuckled a little at the indignant squawk Brianna made, but even as she tried to turn her head to shoot the woman a playful glare one of Roxanna’s hands suddenly cupped her cheek, freezing her in place, while deft fingers untied her bun letting long blue hair cascade down her back. Smiling fondly, the olive-skinned woman spent a moment carding her fingers through Brianna’s hair before taking hold of a handful of it and pressing their mouths together. Closing her eyes again Brianna moaned into the kiss, helpless to stop the older woman from plundering her mouth, not that she would have tried in any case. Brianna loved to be gag kissed, something about it was an incredible turn on, but this? This was something else. Being locked into a French kiss while ring gagged was by far her favorite, a combination of helplessness and openness that just spoke to her on some deeper level and made her feel oh so very submissive. Especially when her arms were bound and her hair was being pulled.

At some point during the kiss Sofia had returned to working on her bonds though her mind only barely registered it when the binder slid loose, freeing her arms. Letting the kiss linger for another few heartbeats longer Roxanna pulled back slightly and then gently took her by the left hand while Sofia took the right. Still a little dazed from the intensity of the kiss Brianna offered no resistance as the two women guided her to lie down and fixed leather cuffs around her wrists before locking them to the bedposts. Leaning back Sofia then began to unbutton her shirt before throwing it off to bare her naked torso to the world while Roxanna began to fiddle with the chastity belt. The clit clip came away first, Brianna letting out an involuntary sigh of relief as the maddening pressure on her aching flesh was removed, before the waistband was unlocked and opened. It was awkward work in her current position, laying down with her hands pinned, but Brianna managed to lift her hips enough for Roxanna to work the belt off, exposing her wet and aching pussy at long last. Free from her steel thong for the first time in 7 days, or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes Brianna lifted her head slightly from the pillow to look, taking in the faint red lines around her waist and between her legs where the steel had pressed in and was pleased to note that her body seemed none the worse for wear. Chastity belts could apparently leave some impressive marks if the fit was improper, she’d seen pictures. She also noted that her skin was still smooth and stubble free despite a week without shaving. The depilatory cream that her mistresses had recommended apparently worked like a charm. While she inspected herself, Roxanna set the belt on the floor and gently traced those lines, rubbing softly at the bound girl’s skin as she inspected for injury. While she had always been sensitive, in that moment Brianna felt hyper-aware of her mistress’ touch and could not help but moan, wiggling in place even as she silently begged them to touch more intimate places. Clearly amused by her antics, and finished with the inspection, Sofia and Roxanna moved to fix leather cuffs to her ankles and pinned them to the footboard, leaving her stretched out helplessly across the bed in a full spread-eagle.

Sofia stood then to begin removing her jeans but Brianna’s view of the show was blocked almost immediately when Roxanna moved to straddle her chest. The bound girl’s gaze was instantly locked onto that slender and graceful body dominating her view, drinking in the familiar sight of soft olive skin marred by numerous scars, every inch of which she kissed and touched and worshiped. Grinning wickedly, Roxanna leaned down to grant her captive a better view of her firm and perfect breasts even as she stroked Brianna’s neck and shoulders with long fingers before trailing them down her sternum with a spider light touch. Whimpering at the touch Brianna craned her neck back to grant better access even as she tried to thrust her chest forward, silently begging her mistress to touch her more.

“It is time for your reward, korítsi.” Roxanna mused as her hands wandered back to Brianna’s throat, one of her thumbs tracing the girl’s gagged lips as she did so, “The rules are simple. You will use that marvelously skilled tongue on me and while you do Sofia shall… well, I will not spoil the surprise, but you will enjoy it, I promise. In any case, as long as you keep licking me she will keep fucking you and when you stop, she stops. Simply, yes?”

Brianna nodded as best she could, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

Although her reply was garbled by the gag, the intent was clear enough and Roxanna smiled down at her as she removed her hands and shifted her hips forward, gripping the headboard as she did so to steady herself. Brianna wasted no time, immediately plunging her tongue into the silky heat of her mistress’ sex and relishing the familiar taste. Although something of a joke, at least Sofia found it highly amusing, Brianna had always sworn that Roxanna tasted just a little bit like tea and she had playfully mused that it explained her new attraction to the beverage. Intimately familiar with both of her mistresses’ bodies by now, and well aware of where and how they both liked to be touched, it did not take long for Roxanna’s back to arch and her hips to press down as she moaned long and low. As she began to lap at the olive-skinned woman’s clit Brianna felt her own body spasm in surprise, hips bucking as the unexpected sensation of a dildo sliding into her struck. It took every ounce of self control she possessed to continue licking as the dildo began to vibrate but even then she moaned deep in her throat, though gagged much more thoroughly by Roxanna’s flesh the sound was reduced to little more than a faint whimper.

The bed shifted then as Brianna felt the familiar weight of Sofia’s body settle onto her hips, the curious but pleasant sensation of the dildo shifting inside of her indicating that the device was double ended as the free side slid into Sofia's own body. Brianna moaned again, much more loudly this time, fingers and toes curling as she pulled against her bonds when the smooth, hard plastic of another vibrator pressed tightly against her clit. Almost immediately Sofia’s hips began to grind against her in a faintly circular motion that made the dildo connecting them practically dance as they rode the vibrator together. Tears in her eyes Brianna felt pleasure explode across her body at the intensity of the sensation, arms and legs pulling hard against her bonds as she thrashed against the weight holding her down. More on instinct than anything else she kept licking Roxanna’s flesh with a shaky tongue, feeling more than hearing her shudder in a climax of her own. As she worked Roxanna’s quivering body she saw Sofia’s free arm slide around the other woman’s middle, pulling her back somewhat awkwardly and freeing up Brianna’s vision enough for her to watch the two kiss intensely. She could feel Roxanna’s sex tighten around her tongue as the kiss deepened and she probed the woman’s deepest and most sensitive spots, another orgasm rocking her body even as her cries of ecstasy were swallowed by Sofia’s lips, the blonde’s own hips jerking foreword sharply to signal her own climax which managed to push Brianna ever the edge for a second time. Still, nowhere near sated, Brianna’s body demanded more even as her mind reeled from the hammer blows of pleasure that seemed to echo up her spine making her thrash wildly against her mistresses which only seemed to intensify the sensation of the vibrators on and within her. It was so hard to focus, but a single thought crystallized in her mind kept her going, that all of this would stop if she did.

She did not want it to stop.

The world seemed to shrink in on itself, as if nothing else outside of this room, outside of this bed, existed, everything reduced to sense and sensation. The wet and eager pussy riding her helplessly gagged mouth, the strong hips thrusting and grinding against her own, and the weight pinning her in place as the vibrators did their work. It was all too good. As time passed the three of them seemed to blend together, just sensation and touch and flesh. Brianna could not hope to keep track of how many times she came, didn’t even try, but at some point it was hard to know just who was cumming, whether it was herself or Roxanna or Sofia or all three of them together. Their pleasure seemed to echo each other, to wash over them all and merge together into one great wave of ecstasy. It was bliss, pure and absolute bliss. But, all good things must come to an end. After who knew how long Brianna finally reached her limit, the fires of her libido guttering as something seemed to break loose within her. Gasping, and tongue stilling for the first time, Brianna felt her body go tense, every muscle straining as she fought against her bonds with all her might, fingers and toes curling into claws as she tried, desperately to reach for something, anything, to steady herself. Unable to contain herself any longer she threw her head back and screamed. It was, perhaps, the most intense and overwhelming orgasm Brianna could ever remember having and for a brief wonderful, terrible moment she thought she might pass out from the sheer magnitude of her climax but the storm passed and she felt her body go slack all at once, collapsing back into the bed a panting and sweaty mess, utterly spent.

She barely felt her mistresses move off of her but the sensation of the ring gag being pulled from her mouth shocked Brianna back to awareness and she looked up to see Roxanna’s face, also flushed and sweaty, smiling down at her.

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna croaked out, throat sore, as she blinked tears from her eyes, “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you...”

“Shh,” Roxanna soothed as she gently brushed damp hair from the girl’s brow, “it’s alright korítsi, it’s alright. Rest now.”

Brianna nodded, relaxing beneath that gentle tone and soothing touch, suddenly immensely tired and unable to form a reply as she felt fatigue pull her eyelids down, the exhaustion of a sleepless night combined with the afterglow of their lovemaking finally allowing her to sleep. In the last moments before she drifted off, however, Brianna could swear she felt the touch of a pair of lips on her brow in a gentle kiss and Roxanna’s soft and accented voice whisper in her ear.

“Sleep well, korítsi. We love you.”

She felt herself smile at that as consciousness finally faded and she slipped into a deep and pleasant sleep and in that state she dreamed of an olive-skinned beauty and a blonde goddess who owned her mind, body and soul. But, no good thing lasts forever and eventually wakefulness returned. Slowly, Brianna’s eyes fluttered open to look out at a very familiar room painted in brilliant shades of red by the sun, the fading remnants of pleasant dreams leaving a lingering warmth in her chest and deep sense of contentment. Smiling at that as well as the lingering soreness in her body, well remembering the cause, she tried to stretch out the kinks in her muscles feeling rested and relaxed and very much like herself again only to find that she could not move. Once that would have caused her to panic, and occasionally still did, but she was getting more and more used to the experience of waking up to find herself restrained. A quick glance at her arms, followed by lifting her head to check her feet, confirmed that she was still bound spread-eagle to the mattress though a quilt had been drawn over her naked body at some point.

Seemingly prompted by her movement a voice called out from her left, “Welcome back to the world, devushka.”

Turning her head to the side Brianna could see Sofia’s familiar form leaning back in a chair, still completely naked, a sight which brought some color back to her cheeks. Still a little groggy, and her throat a touch sore, she managed to ask, “How long...?”

“About seven hours.”

Brianna blinked at that in disbelief, “Seven hours?”

“You were clearly more tired than you thought.” Sofia answered simply, a tiny smile on her lips. 

“Yeah.” Brianna mused softly, still a little surprised, “I guess I was.” She certainly felt a great deal better than she had this morning, like she had just gotten a good night’s sleep (which she sort of had honestly), though at least some of that was the result of relieving the tensions of the last week as it were, but she certainly hadn’t expected to nap that long. Hell, could you even call it a nap anymore?

“Yes, the day is practically gone, though it was certainly a good morning.” Sofia returned, flashing a wicked grin that deepened Brianna’s blush as she lifted herself slowly out of the chair and crossed back to the bed. Stroking the bound girl’s hair, eliciting a small smile in return, she continued, “If you are feeling up to it devuhska, it is time to get cleaned up. And I’m certain Roxanna would be willing to fix something for you to eat, you must be hungry.”

Brianna’s stomach chose that moment to growl, making her blush in embarrassment this time, and she nodded quickly, “Yes, mistress.”

Chuckling a little, Sofia quickly moved to unbuckle the cuffs holding her wrists and ankles, leaning over Brianna’s prone body as she did so, granting the girl a much closer view of her firm abs and shapely breasts. It was a sight that Brianna decided she would never get tired of, no matter how many times she saw it. Taking her by the now free hands Sofia practically pulled her out of the bed in another display of the impressive strength contained within her athletic frame. With a final kiss to the temple the taller woman wrapped an arm around her waist to steady her before guiding her to the stairs. Brianna didn’t really need the help to stay steady, but as she leaned into that half embrace she certainly wasn’t complaining. However, when they reached the master bathroom things took a slightly different turn. Rather than leaving her to her own devices to shower and change, Sofia accompanied her into the bathroom, arm still wrapped around her waist, before closing and locking the door behind them.

The taller woman grinned at her confused look, “Since things did not go quite to plan today, I thought perhaps one small game to finish things. What do you think, devushka? One more for the road as they say?”

Still confused, but intensely curious now, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Sofia’s smile just widened in response as she reached over and pulled the shower curtain aside to reveal a familiar tub with one small change. Namely a pair of handcuffs dangling from an eye bolt in the ceiling. Brianna goggled at that. Had that always been there? Not the cuffs, obviously, she liked to think she would have noticed those, but had the shower always been rigged for bondage? She couldn’t say, though at the same time also knew that she’d not really had much reason to look up while showering before, but she could not help but be disappointed at the thought of all those missed opportunities. She also knew she was going to be checking every shower she got into now, just in case.

At Sofia’s silently prompting Brianna followed her into the tub and obediently allowed her wrists to be cuffed to the ceiling, standing on her tiptoes to make the task easier until she was left dangling there, arms pinned over her head. Standing to the side slightly Sofia then turned on the faucet making Brianna shriek in surprise as a spray of cold water struck her head on, though the blonde did not seem at all bothered by the temperature. Twisting in her bonds to try and get out of the way Brianna could only really squirm in place, unable to really go anywhere, though she still tried until Sofia took her by the hips and pressed their bodies together softly to hold her in place, clearly amused by her reactions. Pouting slightly, though glad for the warmth of the body pressed against her now, Brianna was left with no choice but to endure the arctic chill until the temperature adjusted. Offering a brief kiss as an apology, and perhaps wisely saying nothing at the glare Brianna offered, Sofia took the soap and began to slowly and sensually wash the bound girl’s body with her bare hands. Annoyance at the cold forgotten, Brianna bit her lip and closed her eyes as she sighed in contentment. They… they had never done anything like this before and the familiar yet somehow strange intimacy of Sofia’s hands running over her body made her blush darkly even as she relaxed into that touch. It was a little ridiculous given all the other things they had done, all the ways they had already shared each other, but at the same time this was new and different and both a little exciting and a little arousing as a result. All of a sudden Brianna had to bite her lip to stifle a moan as Sofia’s strong hands began to scrub her breasts and between her legs perhaps a bit more thoroughly than needed. Scratch that previous thought, it was a lot arousing and a lot exciting.

Putting on an innocent tone that was not at all convincing, Sofia wondered, “My my devushka, you cannot possibly still be horny, can you?”

Having to catch her breath after she bit back another moan, Brianna forced out, “If you’re going to keep touching me like that mistress, I’ll have to ask you to kindly take responsibility.”

Sofia laughed, “How bold.” She then leaned to whisper in her ear. “But, like I said before, it seems I am not very good at denying you.”

Whatever response Brianna might have had was lost as she moaned, loudly, her knees going a bit weak as she felt Sofia hand slide between her legs and a pair of fingers slip inside of her, body clenching around them reflexively. Sofia’s other hand pressed against the small of her back, teasing a sensitive spot there as she pulled their bodies together until their breasts touched. Without comment or ceremony the blonde began to thrust her fingers into Brianna’s tight and eager pussy with increasing vigor and speed. She moaned again at that, writhing in her bonds as Sofia’s fingers twisted and shifted within her, hitting all the right spots with each thrust, while the woman’s thumb brushed against her throbbing clit again and again. Although still a little sore from her earlier exertions Brianna found that she did not care, spreading her legs as best she could to encourage her mistress to go deeper and faster, moaning and groaning and whimpering with each thrust. Caught between Sofia’s firm and wet body pressed against her, insistent fingers plunging into her again and again and the woman’s free hand wandered down to cup her ass Brianna didn’t stand a chance. With more of a shuddered moan than a scream she came, her body seemingly collapsing as all strength fled her and her legs turned to jello, held upright only by the cuffs supporting her. Panting to catch her breath, she let out another whimpering cry of pleasure as Sofia’s fingers slid free. A cry that her mistress instantly silenced with another kiss.

For a handful of heartbeats she just hung there, dangling by her arms as warm water poured over them both, Sofia’s hand still cupping her ass, their lips locked together. Slowly she regained control of herself however and with Sofia’s help was able to steady herself and straighten her knees, taking the pressure off of her wrists. Standing there in warm silence, Brianna kept her eyes closed and just felt as Sofia pulled away and gave her a final once over before washing her face and rinsing off her hair. The water suddenly stopped then, but Brianna remained silent and kept her eyes still closed as she heard the shower curtain open, the rush of cool air making her shiver for a moment before a large fluffy towel was wrapped around her body and Sofia began to dry her off. When her mistress finished drying her hair, a somewhat awkward prospect, she finally opened her eyes, blinking a few times to clear her vision.

Smiling almost shyly at her mistress, Brianna said, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You are very welcome, devushka.” Sofia answered with a smile of her own. “But there is one more thing.” she said as she pulled the towel away and stepped out of the tub.

Brianna cocked her head to the side, “One more thing, mistress?” she echoed.

“Indeed.” Sofia confirmed, “We may have ended the game early, but we still played. You agreed to take a punishment for every orgasm you received this morning. If memory serves, you received three.”

“I only asked for two!” Brianna protested, feeling a little ridiculous to be arguing the point, especially when she was still naked with her arms pinioned above her head and cuffed to the ceiling.

“Perhaps, devushka.” Sofia conceded, before her grin once again turned wicked, “But you took three in any case and so you agree to accept three punishments. Rules are rules.”

Brianna almost laughed at that, honestly amused, but instead she just shook her head a little, not really minding all that much, and let out a fond sigh, “Yes mistress, I accept three punishments.”

At that Sofia then opened up the towel closet and pulled out, of all things, Brianna’s chastity belt. Ignoring the confused look she received, Sofia stepped back into the tub with the device. “Roxanna washed it while you were asleep. You did excellent work keeping it clean, devushka, but a truly thorough cleaning requires removal every so often.”

A little stunned by the unexpected sight of the thing, eyes flickering back and forth between her mistress and the belt, Brianna did not think to comment or question until Sofia began to lock the stainless steel thong back onto her body. Starting a little at the sudden feel of cool metal on heated skin, she let out a simple, “Mistress?”

Taking a moment to finish locking the belt and sealing the secondary shield in place before answering, Sofia reached up to stroke her cheek fondly, “Your punishment is simple, devushka. For each orgasm you accepted today, you owe us one additional week in chastity.” her grin turned mischievous, “But as we are generous mistresses, similar rules will apply. You may ask for orgasms, but each orgasm will extend your sentence by one additional week.”

Brianna gaped at that, quickly doing the math in her head, “But… three weeks is the rest of the summer!”

Sofia seemed to ponder that in mock seriousness, a playful look in her eyes, “Ah, so it is. Well then, I suppose you shall have to pick which option you prefer. To spend the remainder of your time here chaste, or to keep wearing your belt to university.”

‘At least she didn’t put the clit clip back on.’ Brianna thought as she digested that sentence, trying to find some silver lining even if part of her was actually kind of disappointed by the toy’s absence. But no matter how she sliced it, the reality was staring her straight in the face. Three weeks chaste. She knew that she’d never make it because even if she wasn’t having sex, they certainly would be. Being subject to her mistresses continuing bondage games, being made to serve and pleasure them while denied such release herself… She’d never be able to resist asking for orgasms, not for three whole weeks. The only question was how many more weeks of chastity she’d earn before the summer ended. She honestly couldn’t say, and if she factored in the occasional weekend home or holiday after that… It might be months, maybe years. Over the week she’d sometimes fantasized about what it might be like to be locked in extended chastity and now… Well, it brought to mind the old saying about being careful what you wished for. A familiar bloom of heat in her loins struck Brianna and she felt her face flush in response to just how turned on she was by the thought, ‘I really am such a submissive whore. What did I do to deserve finding these two and how am I so lucky to have them in my life?’

She did not voice any of those thoughts, however. Instead all she did was bow her head submissively while trying her best to fight the broad smile that threatened to split her lips but unable to completely suppress the tinge of excitement in her voice, “Yes mistress, I understand and accept this punishment.”

As Sofia then proceeded to release her from the cuffs Brianna allowed her mind to wander. The summer was definitely going to end with a bang, metaphorically speaking of course, and after that… God, and here she’d thought school would be boring.


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