The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; fpov; teen; bond; collar; gag; straitjacket; chastity; oral; naked; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 4

Brianna found herself floating in darkness, her mind strangely quiet while her body was distant and relaxed. She thought she could feel something warm and pleasant pressed tightly against herself and there was a faint sense of pressure, almost like being wrapped up in a blanket on a lazy afternoon, but it was vague at best. It was nice though. All that she really, truly felt was a sense of contentment and an all consuming weariness that felt right and comfortable somehow. Time was impossible to tell as she drifted through the darkness, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, until a new and foreign sensation reached her. It was slight at first, distant, like something pressed against her shoulder, but it slowly grew, demanding more and more attention from her consciousness. It felt almost as if someone was shaking her arm. There was a sound as well, one growing louder and louder as it echoed in the darkness. Curious, she focused on the sound, trying to puzzle out why it was so familiar to her drifting thoughts. Eventually the sound resolved itself into a voice, though the identity of the speaker danced just outside of her perceptions.

“Brianna?” the voice asked, softly, “Brianna, dear, wake up.”

In that moment, as if called by the voice, Brianna jerked awake and, for a split second, panic filled her. Try as she might she could not move as a tight, almost claustrophobic pressure encased her body and pulled her arms sharply behind her back. She tried to cry out but something was stretching her jaws wide and filled her mouth, rendering her mute and helpless. Heart hammering in her chest she tried to open her eyes, to see what was happening, but the blackness did not fade. ‘A blindfold.’ she realized, ‘I’ve been blindfolded.’ Her consciousness roused by growing panic she suddenly became aware of numerous aches and pains radiating from her shoulders and jaw as well as a dull and steady ache from between her legs. She tried to squirm free of whatever it was that had trapped her but the encasement held firm and a weight pinned to her chest anchored her in place.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the voice suddenly returned, accompanied by the sensation of a hand gripping her shoulder gently, “Wake up dear, it’s okay.”

The soothing sounds of that achingly familiar voice as well as the soft touch helped a great deal and Brianna relaxed a little, the ball of fear in her gut loosening as she did so. As the panic faded, and her thoughts became more clear Brianna’s mind finally managed to throw off the last lingering wisps of sleep and catch up with events. More fully awake now she recognized Sofia’s voice cutting through the darkness and remembered just where she was and what was happening. She was at her lovers’ house, in the guest bedroom upstairs, bound tightly to the mysterious Claudia after a rather intense session of bondage and lovemaking. Exhausted by Claudia’s passion, as well as the woman’s seemingly inexhaustible appetite, she must have drifted off the sleep or something like it. Feeling her breath calm and her heart slow down, as well as Claudia moaning softly and squirm against her having been awakened by her partner’s thrashing, Brianna was at last able to relax. Slightly embarrassed at her panic she blushed, glad that within her encasement no one could see.

“Are you alright?” Sofia’s familiar voice asked and Brianna managed to moan out a reply. The blonde then began to stroke her head gently, “Stay still, I’ll get you loose.”

Nodding as best she could and doing as she was instructed, not that there was much else she could do, Brianna felt deft fingers unbuckle the gag that she was wearing before a pair of scissors began to slowly cut away the cocoon of tape that held her tight. As the last of the tape snapped loose Brianna heard the shackles unlock and felt herself roll to the side, the dildos pulling themselves free from her body as she landed on her back, somewhat uncomfortably pinning her bound arms behind her. A moment later fingers entered her mouth and popped the jaw spreader closed before pulling it free. Groaning slightly in relief Brianna licked her lips and worked her jaws as best she could to try and chase away the stiffness. In that same instant the blindfold vanished and, even in the dark bedroom she was laying in, Brianna had to squint against the sudden influx of light. As her vision began to clear Brianna looked up into the face of her mistress, the blonde grinning at her.

“Comfy?” Sofia asked.

Feeling her own lips twitch into a smile in response, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Smirking at her again the blonde gently grabbed her shoulders before slowly lifting her up until Brianna found herself sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the heavily curtained window. In near silence, interrupted only by the faint creak of leather and the protests of the bed springs, Sofia went about her work. A few moments later Brianna found herself free of her collar and cuffs before a strap was loosened and the monoglove binding her arms went slack, freeing her from the tight elbow bondage she had been confined in. Moaning in relief as the pressure on her shoulders released itself, Brianna was only vaguely aware of the various other straps being removed and the armbinder joining the slowly growing pile of bondage gear on the mattress. Stretching her neck and rolling her shoulders Brianna let out an involuntary sigh of relief as she was at last able to begin working the dull and throbbing cramps that had been building in her muscles. As she was enjoying this newfound freedom Sofia suddenly pulled the hood off of her head and undid the zipper at her back. Taking her hands gently, Sofia prompted her to stand and Brianna closed her eyes as the blonde began the slow process of peeling the catsuit from her body.

Nude now, with matted blue hair clinging to her scalp and feeling suddenly cold from the faint rush of conditioned air over sweat covered skin Brianna shivered slightly. Sofia, whom she now noted was still naked herself, gripped her gently around the waist and pulled her into a soft embrace.

As much as she welcomed the touch Brianna found herself squirming slightly in that embrace, “Please don’t mistress, I’m a mess.”

Sofia gripped her chin gently and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, “You are beautiful, devushka.” the woman insisted before sniffing dramatically, “Though you could use a shower.” Brianna pouted playfully at that before a sudden pinch to her rear made her yelp in surprise and Sofia leaned in to whisper in her ear, “It will make you feel better.”

Nodding her agreement, Brianna felt Sofia’s arms slowly loosen and fall away but she still hesitated for a moment. Twisting slightly, she looked down at the bed again, down at Claudia’s prone form still encased in latex, slim frame squirming and moaning in its tight leather bondage, while a pair of dildos protruding awkwardly from her body. Inexplicable Brianna found herself biting her lip as she studied the woman whose face she had still not yet seen.

“What about…” she began.

“Do not worry, devushka.” Sofia interrupted, “I will take care of her. Go. Clean up and get something to eat. We will join you soon enough.”

Taking one last look at her mistress’ gorgeously nude body, and Claudia’s enchantingly bound form, and feeling her face flush for entirely different reasons, Brianna nodded and slowly began to make her way to the bathroom. Legs a bit shaky from a combination of her extended encasement and a lingering soreness between her legs, mute testament to just how wildly she and Claudia had thrashed against each other in their passion, Brianna had to grip the railing tightly as she practically limped down the staircase. Still, despite the lingering aches and pains, pleasant though they were, she found herself smiling for entirely different reasons as she ducked into the master bathroom and locked the door behind her. If nothing else Brianna could say with certainty that the day’s events had caught her off guard in a most unexpectedly pleasant way. Of all the thoughts and fantasies she had contemplated while walking to “work” this morning she had certainly never dreamed that she would meet Claudia, the infamous bound woman, in person much less get an opportunity to… well, to do all the things they had done together. A reward, Roxanna had called it. More like a long cherished fantasy come to life with an intensity that put even her darkest dreams to shame.

Suddenly wincing as a hand unconsciously drifted between her legs, the sore flesh of her sex protesting the touch, Brianna shook her head to try and focus. Leaning into the tub she turned the shower on full blast and stepped back to let the water warm. Still though, she could not help but think back on the last hours and smile at the memory of how Claudia’s firm body had felt pressed up against her own, to say nothing of the way the petite woman had twisted and writhed and bucked against her in their encasement as if possessed, driving the pair of them to orgasm after orgasm. She could still feel the ghostly sensation on her skin and deep within herself. Brianna honestly wasn’t sure how long they had lain like that, tired and sore and mummified together in mutual afterglow, a moment that seemed to last both an eternity and an instant, and a sensation that seemed to exhaust and invigorate her all at once. Even though she had never seen the other woman’s face, or heard her voice, there was an undeniable… something about Claudia that drew her in. Shaking her head again, if still smiling like a fool, Brianna took a deep breath of the steam that was beginning to fill the air and stepped into the tub, shutting the curtain behind her.

Closing her eyes she ducked under the shower head, letting out a contented sigh as a curtain of warm water sluiced over her body. For a long moment she just stood like that, luxuriating in the sensation of blessed heat suffusing her form, chasing away aches in sore muscles and loosening tension she hadn’t even been aware of. Sighing in relief she tossed her head back, slicking long blue hair away from her face as she did so, and stretched her arms as far as she could until her fingers almost touched the ceiling and she felt her spine pop. Moaning in relief, Brianna placed her own hands on her shoulders and began to massage away the cramps that still lingered there. As much fun as it had been to spend the afternoon encased in latex bondage and sealed in a tight cocoon with Claudia she was glad to be able to stretch her limbs and ease sore jaws. Not that she regretted the experience, as extreme as it had been. Honestly, part of her wondered when, or if, she would get to do something like that again, even now almost surprised by how much the thought turned her on. Closing her eyes once more and ducking back under the spray of water to clear her head, Brianna groped blindly for the body wash and began to scrub the scent of sex, sweat and rubber from her skin almost mechanically. As she finished cleaning her body and began to wash her hair Brianna found her thoughts wandering to just what other surprises the day might hold. That brought a smile to her lips as vague fantasies began to swirl behind her eyes.

Rinsing the last of the soap from her hair, and spending more than a few minutes simply enjoying the feeling of hot water pouring over her body, Brianna at last turned the shower off and stepped out of the tub, soaking wet. Pulling a wonderfully fluffy towel off a nearby rack she quickly dried herself before stepping up to the sink and using the towel to wipe the steam from the mirror. Although her skin was flushed from the shower, her hair bedraggled and her face sans makeup Brianna could not help but smile at her reflection. Even showered, she had what Sofia referred to as that freshly fucked glow about her and, if she looked closely, she could see faint lines on her skin where the seams of the catsuit and hood had pressed into her. Bolder lines across her cheeks and down her chest betrayed where the straps of the armbinder and gag had bit in through the latex. Honestly she looked a bit of a mess but, even as she began to quickly finger comb her hair into a rough state of order, Brianna gently traced the marks of bondage upon her skin and felt more than a bit giddy. She knew from long experience that they would fade quickly enough but at the moment she was proud to wear these “war wounds” as she had come to jokingly call them.

Appearance loosely back in order Brianna stepped away from the mirror and carefully hung the towel back on the rack to let it dry before casting an eye about the room curiously. One thing was conspicuous in its absence: a change of clothing. There was nothing on the counter or in the towel closet and her maid uniform was still folded up in the guest room. Except for the duffle bag with her street clothes still sitting on the floor she had nothing to wear. Her mistresses’ instructions on this were quite clear, she was not allowed to wear anything within the house that they did not provide and as she looked around the bathroom again it was quite clear to Brianna that, right now, they had provided nothing. It wasn’t exactly unheard of for any or all of them to wander around the house naked but Brianna felt her face heat up again at the thought and wondered if she would be the only one nude this afternoon. She certainly hoped not. After glancing at her reflection one last time Brianna quickly crossed the room and opened the bathroom door, steeling herself against the rush of cool air that greeted her, and slowly made her way to the kitchen on bare feet.

Accompanied by the faint clink of dishes Brianna stepped into the kitchen to find Roxanna already there, standing at the counter and humming softly to herself as she assembled sandwiches. The olive-skinned woman was wearing nothing but a soft robe that barely reached mid-thigh, the thin material rendered almost translucent by the glow of the afternoon sun pouring in through the window and perfectly highlighting her slender form. Struck by the sight, Brianna paused at the entryway and took a moment to admire her lover, greedily running her eyes up and down that enticing silhouette. Noting that the woman seemed totally absorbed in her task and oblivious to her own presence, Brianna stepped onto the tile as softly as she could and carefully crept up behind her. Feeling a smile grace her lips, Brianna reached out and pounced, wrapping the older woman in a tight embrace. Roxanna started slightly and let out a gasp of surprise at the unexpected contact, but seemed to relax as the arms encircling her waist pulled her close to a warm and familiar body.

Turning her head to look over her shoulder, Roxanna smirked slightly as she caught sight of Brianna’s visage, “Someone is feeling affectionate, I see. I trust you enjoyed your morning, korítsi?”

Brianna tightened her grip a little more, “It was incredible, mistress. Thank you. Thank you so much. I never even dreamed of… of…” she trailed off, not entirely certain how to put all the things she wanted to say into words.

“You are most welcome.” Roxanna assured as she went back to preparing lunch, though she made no move to break the embrace she was caught within.

“It’s kind of strange though.” Brianna admitted idly as she began to stroke the soft material of the robe under her fingertips, captivated (and secretly proud) by the way the body beneath seemed to shiver at her touch. “I just had the most incredible sex with a woman whose face I’ve never seen, who I’ve never even spoken to. It feels… weird. Good, but weird.”

“Do not fret, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, “You will get the opportunity to see Claudia for yourself soon enough, and speak to your heart’s content.”

Burying her face in Roxanna’s shoulder Brianna found herself asking the question that had been rattling around in her head since she had been untied, “I never really thought to ask before, I mean it never really came up but Claudia kind of started this whole thing. If I’d never seen the three of your together I probably never would have…” she trailed off again for a moment, blush returning as she very much remembered what she had done and all that it had led to in the end, “What I mean is, it was always in the back of my mind but I never asked. Who is Claudia?”

Roxanna hmmed in consideration, “It is no great secret, I suppose. Claudia was a student of mine, once upon a time.”

“Student?” Brianna asked, curiosity piqued, “You were a teacher?”

Any nascent thoughts of seduction and tawdry, forbidden romance died quickly when the olive-skinned woman shook her head, “Nothing so formal as that, no. I was… more of a tutor, I suppose you could say. In the course of her studies we grew close and, in time, our relationship became more intimate.” Roxanna smiled at that, “Claudia was a poor student in truth, but she discovered a great talent for, ah, submission under our instruction.”

Brianna bit her lip and remained silent as she considered that, a trill of excitement running down her spine at the thought. She could imagine it easily, a spark of arousal igniting as she envisioned the scenario and idly wondered if Claudia’s education in the finer arts of BDSM had been anything like her own? From personal experience she could certainly attest that her mistresses had a great talent in teaching that particular subject.

Oblivious to her thoughts, Roxanna playfully batted her hands away, “Now sit.” she ordered, “I imagine you could use a bite to eat after the morning you’ve had.”

Smiling, Brianna obediently loosened her arms and stepped back, holding up her hands in mock surrender as she pulled out a chair and sat down, “Yes, mistress.”

Roxanna’s smirk returned as she set down a plate with a plain looking sandwich on it, but any further comment was cut off by Sofia’s sudden entrance. The blonde strode toward the table confidently, her tanned and toned body covered only by the work shirt she had been wearing early, hastily thrown back on and partially buttoned up to show off both a generous amount of cleavage and reveal that she wore nothing underneath it. But that was not what truly caught Brianna’s attention or made her breath catch in her throat. Trailing submissively a few steps behind the blonde was Claudia. Now free of her latex imprisonment Brianna could make out the details of her rail-thin body more clearly. Skin nearly as pale as Brianna’s own, well toned legs that led up to the slight but still feminine curves of her hips and the faint ridges of muscle along her stomach. More than that, for the first time Brianna could look upon the woman’s uncovered face and take in her thin lips and almost delicate features along with deep brown eyes and equally brown hair, still damp from a recent shower and reaching the nape of her neck in wild waves. But even that paled in comparison to the bondage gear that clung to her body. A shiny steel collar circled Claudia’s neck while a bright red ball gag, easily more than two inches in diameter, filled her mouth though she seemed to wear it easily. In truth Brianna found herself a little impressed that such a small woman could tolerate such a large gag. Beyond that an item she instantly recognized from pictures as a bolero straitjacket made of skintight black leather pinned her arms into a helpless self embrace and left her small breasts on full display, but the thing that truly caught Brianna’s attention was a chastity belt of polished steel that circled Claudia’s hips and imprisoned her sex.

For a brief moment Brianna could not breathe and her face turned a hot pink as she took in the sight, feeling herself grow wet both at the tableaux before her and the thought of what it must be like to wear a chastity belt, especially given her mistresses penchant for teasing. She knew she was staring but she simply could not help it as Claudia was maneuvered into the chair right next to her, so close that their shoulders were practically touching, before Sofia sat at the end of the table grinning at the scene like the proverbial fox in the hen house. From where she sat Claudia tentatively glanced up at her, almost as if she were shy, before her own cheeks colored in a blush and she quickly looked down at her lap. Brianna felt like she should say something, anything, and could feel her mouth open but no words came out. She just stared, almost stupidly, at the woman next to her and tried very hard not to think about the fact that, naught but an hour ago, the pair of them had been wildly fucking. It didn’t really work and Brianna could feel her face heating up even more. The awkwardness of the moment was mercifully broken a heartbeat later when Roxanna set more plates down in front of them and then took her own seat at the other end of the table.

Eventually, her amusement having run its course, Sofia looked over her, “I believe Claudia could use some assistance. If you would be so kind, devushka?”

Almost jumping in her seat Brianna quickly nodded. “Yes, mistress!”

She could feel herself wince slightly at that answer, delivered perhaps a bit more forcefully than necessary, but nonetheless dutifully began to unfasten Claudia’s gag. This close, as she pulled the leather straps loose, she could see deep red lines pressed into the other girl’s cheeks, a testament to how tightly the gag had been buckled, and was surprised by the amount of force needed to dislodge the ball from her mouth, which finally came loose with a loud pop. Holding it in her hand now Brianna actually marveled at how massive the gag looked, honestly wondering how Claudia had even managed to get it in her mouth. The girl must be tough as nails, or at least have a jaw of iron.

Now free of her gag Claudia licked her lips and looked up at Brianna again, brown eyes meeting hazel, and gave her a faint smile, “Thank you.”

The voice surprised Brianna for a moment. It was deeper than she had expected, almost smokey, but pleasant all the same. She returned the smile, “You’re welcome.”

The silence returned then, interrupted only by the faint clink of dishes as the four of them ate. Or, more accurately, as three of them ate and Brianna found herself feeding the bound girl sitting next to her. It was interesting. More than once Brianna had been bound at the dinner table and fed by one of her mistresses, but she had never been on the other side of the equation before. But sitting here now she found the experience to be both sweet and faintly erotic, and she could certainly see the appeal. Mentally, however, Brianna was kicking herself. There were so many things she had wanted to say, to ask, about this situation and about Claudia now that she actually had the chance. Both mundane questions, like where she had gotten her tattoos or what subject Roxanna had been tutoring her on, as well as more intimate things, like thanking her for the amazing experience earlier or asking if her own performance had been equally enjoyable, or even to know if she actually had been bound and teased all night long. That thought brought Brianna’s blush back, though no one commented. Even just the chance to talk to a fellow submissive, to compare notes on their experiences as it were, was something she had never really had a chance to do before. But every time she tried she felt the words die in her throat, oddly embarrassed to speak. It was honestly strange, Brianna realized, how easily she could sit naked at the kitchen table and eat lunch with three other women, all of whom she’d had sex with, but still found herself too embarrassed start a conversation.

With no distractions the meal was finished in short order and Claudia suddenly licked her lips again, her eyes darting to Sofia for a moment, “May I please have dessert, mistress?” she asked, softly.

Sofia grinned at her. “I don’t see why not.” she answered after a moment, then glanced at Roxanna, “What do you think, dorogoy?”

The olive-skinned woman seemed to consider that request for a moment and then nodded her agreement.

Brianna felt Sofia’s arctic blue gaze lock with her own, “And what of you, my dear? Would you also like dessert?”

Brianna licked her own lips involuntarily, knowing well from previous experiences that it wasn’t food that anyone was talking about eating, and nodded, “Please, mistress.”

Sofia smiled at her, “Then do come over here, devushka.” Her eyes flickered over to Claudia again, “Be a dear and see to Roxanna, won’t you?”

Without comment Claudia immediately slipped under the table in an impressive display of dexterity given that she did not have use of her arms. A heartbeat later Brianna scrambled along after her, crawling on the cool tile floor until she reached Sofia, who eagerly opened her legs in silent invitation. As she crawled into position Brianna could hear a low moan behind her that she instantly recognized as Roxanna’s, but she put that out of her mind as she gently kissed Sofia’s bare sex, grinning a bit despite herself as the woman’s calloused hands wove through her still damp hair and pulled her in closer. Roxanna might like having her pleasure drawn out but Sofia most definitely did not. She much preferred things to be hard and fast and intense, and often a bit rough, as if testing her own endurance and how much she could take. With months of practice under her belt (or was that under her tongue?) Brianna knew exactly what the older woman liked and immediately began to lap at her sex, plunging her tongue deep inside Sofia’s warm flesh until she arched her back and moaned. Once again taking advantage of the fact that she wasn’t gagged Brianna immediately changed tactics and locked her lips around Sofia’s hard and eager clit, sucking almost desperately while she swirled the tip of her tongue around that sensitive nub. Sofia’s thighs tightened around her head and Brianna could feel the fingers in her hair clench almost instantly, a much louder moan filling the air as the woman’s hips twitched beneath the pleasurable assault.

Brianna could not help but grin at the reaction and redoubled her efforts. It would take more than that to push Sofia over the edge, but even if it did take a fair amount of effort to push her to the peak she could also stay there for an impressive amount of time. With muscular thighs pressing on her skull almost like a vice and fingers both stroking and pulling her hair, Brianna continued to lick and suck as Sofia’s moans grew louder and louder until every muscle in her body seemed to go taut as steel and she screamed as she came. Brianna did not let up, sucking more intensely as the blonde goddess she was currently worshiping began to babble something in Russian even as she howled in ecstasy at the string of orgasms being torn from her. Sofia could be quite loud unless she was trying to control herself, and right now it seemed she saw no reason to try. Brianna found herself quite thankful that the fence kept most people out of the back yard, for anyone that close would almost certainly hear everything that was happening. For a moment she tried to imagine the scene that anyone looking through the patio doors would see, a pair of half naked woman sitting at the kitchen table eagerly receiving oral sex from a pair of girls, one bound tightly and the other completely nude. The thought turned her on immensely and she could feel her pussy clench in sympathy. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the tension suddenly faded and Sofia’s body went slack, slumping in her chair even as Brianna felt strong fingers pull her mouth away from her lover’s glistening sex. Tongue still sticking out of her mouth, Brianna looked up as Sofia, face flushed and breath heavy, pushed the chair back and drew her up into a kiss. Closing her eyes, Brianna moaned into that kiss as she felt a warm and insistent tongue enter her mouth.

She could not say how long the kiss lingered, but when it broke Brianna slowly opened her eyes to see Sofia’s smiling face looking back down at her. Silently her mistress stood and held out a hand, which she took without invitation, and the older woman helped pull her to her feet. As she stood, Brianna turned slightly to see Roxanna in the process of helping Claudia to her feet as well. The olive-skinned woman smiled at her then glanced at Sofia before saying something. Brianna found herself frowning softly as the two carried on a short conversation in their native tongues, wondering what they were talking about. But, given the way Sofia’s expression morphed from slightly puzzled to extremely eager in the space of a heartbeat she had a feeling it was going to be… interesting. And while interesting was usually good in this house, it was also usually intense.

Still, whatever had been decided Sofia suddenly stepped over to Claudia’s bound form, scooping up the ball gag from the table as she did and presented it. The brunette obediently opened her mouth and, once again, Brianna found herself marveling at how effortlessly the gag slid into place and how easy Claudia made it look. Truth be told she was a bit jealous.

Sofia then took the bound girl by the shoulder and began to guide her from the room, “Come along, kotenok, I believe you could use a nap.”

Claudia just nodded and allowed herself to be led away but Brianna’s attention was distracted as Roxanna’s voice suddenly called out to her, “Would you be so kind as to help me with the dishes, korítsi?”

“Yes, mistress.” she answered instantly, just a bit startled by the request, but immediately began to help the olive-skinned woman pick up the plates.

It took no more than a minute to gather what few dishes there were into the sink, but as they began to wash them a pensive look overtook Roxanna’s features. “I have been thinking…” the woman said suddenly, “Well I have been thinking of a great many things of late. The end of the summer is almost upon us.”

Brianna opened her mouth to deny it, to point out that there was nearly a month left but she stopped herself as soon as she was about to say it. That really wasn’t that much time, she realized, and it would certainly go quickly. Taking a breath, she nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

The olive-skinned woman continued, “When this began I said that we would have to see where things took us,” she cocked her head to the side and grinned, “and they have certainly taken us to some interesting places, yes?”

Brianna found herself smiling softly, “Very much, mistress.”

Roxanna paused then, as if carefully deciding on her next words, “My dear, I want you to understand that I ask this not as your mistress, but just as Roxanna. Are you happy with the way things have turned out so far?”

A little concerned at the tone, and unsure of the direction this conversation was taking, Brianna nodded slowly, “I am.” A sudden, ugly thought occurred to her and Brianna found her voice dropping to a whisper, “Are you not happy?”

Roxanna immediately turned to her, “Oh no, please do not think that.” she reached down and grabbed Brianna’s hand, “Having you here has been wonderful.”

“Then, what…?” Brianna trailed off.

“I have been thinking about the future.” Roxanna admitted, “And the truth is that, very soon, the point of decision will be upon us and we will have to decide what all of this means, and where it is going.”

Brianna nodded slowly once again, understanding exactly what her lover was saying. Truth be told it was something that she had been grappling with for some time, and at the same time trying very hard to ignore. The summer had been almost like a dream so far, a wonderful fairy tale and as much as it pained to admit it, even to herself, Brianna knew it couldn’t last forever. At least, not as it was now. Eventually, like it or not, reality would intrude on this wonderful little bubble she had managed to live in.

“I’ve been thinking about it too.” Brianna said, softly, “And I know things will have to change, sooner than I’d like and I don’t know what will happen. But I do know that I don’t want to lose you, either of you.”

Roxanna hmmed softly, “You are a treasure, korítsi, truly. Sofia and I have spoken of this at length as well. When we first invited you into our bed, I counseled you to think carefully, that you were young yet and had all the time in the world to decide what you truly wanted.” she smiled ruefully then, “It seems I am not capable of following my own advice. Forgive an old woman for being selfish, but having you here these months has been incredible and I must confess that we miss you terribly when you are gone. Indeed, it is… difficult to think of a future where you are not here.”

Brianna felt her heart leap into her throat, “I know that I’m supposed to go back to school soon, but part of me doesn’t want to if it means I have to leave you, both of you, behind.” Then there was the new issue of Claudia and if… whatever it was that had happened today was a one time thing or, potentially, the start of something else.

Roxanna smiled at her, “You should go, I would hate for you to sacrifice your education for us, as flattering as that is.” Brianna opened her mouth to reply, but Roxanna continued, “But that does not mean you must leave us behind. You are moving down the road, not across the world. There will be considerably less sex, of course, and that will be a shame, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.”

After a long moment of consideration Brianna conceded the point, “That is true. And I suppose it won’t be forever. It’s just…”

“This is new, and fun, and exciting.” Roxanna supplied, “I understand, I was your age once upon a time myself you know.”

“You are not old.” Brianna returned, rolling her eyes a little at that old joke.

Roxanna just offered an enigmatic smile and went back to washing dishes, “There is another matter to be addressed though.”

Brianna looked at her curiously, “Oh?”

“This is not, and will not be, the most conventional of relationships.” Roxanna warned, “But if we go forward, if we choose to make this more than just a casual assignation things will change. Perhaps for the better, but also perhaps for the worse. There will be difficulties.”

“I don’t care.” Brianna said, firmly.

“Do not answer so quickly.” Roxanna responded, “We can leave things as they are and enjoy the summer we have left. You do not have to, ah, follow the rabbit hole deeper as they say. Think very carefully.”

Brianna felt herself freeze in place as she considered that. Part of her, a larger part than she liked to admit, wanted to play it safe, to enjoy a sure thing, as short as it may be, rather than risk the unknown. But another voice, soft but insistent, told her that she would never have gotten this far if she’d played it safe and so far that voice had not steered her wrong. Eventually, she took a deep breath and tried to put everything into words, “Ever since the night I saw the two of you with Claudia I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. What it would be like to be encased like that, bound and faceless and voiceless, to be totally powerless, to submit so utterly to someone else, to trust someone that much. You’ve given me that chance, you’ve given me so much and I trust you, both of you, but…” Brianna felt her voice hitch in her throat, “I want more.”

Roxanna’s gaze was still pensive, “Are you absolutely sure?”

Brianna squared her shoulders and gave her lover, her mistress, a reassuring smile, “I’m sure. At first, I don’t know, maybe it was lust or some childish crush that drew me to you. And I know our relationship has been largely sexual, but I feel that it’s become more than that. I really do want to be with the two of you even if you never tie me up or have sex with me ever again.” She could not help but blush and look down a little, “Although, um, for the record? I really want to keep doing those things.”

Roxanna laughed uproariously at that in a way that Brianna had never heard the usually reserved woman laugh before, startling her slightly, “Truly a treasure, and I assure you there will be no lack of either.” Roxanna sighed again, and shook her head slightly, “Sofia told me that would be your answer, but I was unsure.” the woman chuckled softly, “She is going to be insufferable about this now.”

“I’m sure it will be alright, mistress.” Brianna said, smiling widely and feeling as if her heart was about to burst in her chest.

“Perhaps.” the woman conceded with a smile, “So, shall we venture down the rabbit hole together?”

“I don’t feel like an Alice,” Brianna answered, “but I want to see Wonderland.”

With a nod Roxanna set the last of the dishes in the drying rack and held out her hand, “Then come with me.”

Brianna took the offered hand without hesitation and silently followed her mistress out of the kitchen and back up the stairs as they slowly made their way to the master bedroom that she had become so intimately familiar with in the past months. As they stepped inside the room she was not surprised to see Sofia waiting for them, the blonde casually lounging on the bed with the hastily donned work shirt still just barely covering her nudity. She looked up at the pair of them with bright blue eyes as she twisted and practically rolled off the bed and onto her feet. It seemed that she could read their mood clearly because, before either of them could say a word, a wide grin split Sofia's face as she stood.

“What did I tell you, dorogoy?” Sofia said, slyly, as she stalked toward the pair, “You should know by now to trust my judgment. I have good instincts about this sort of thing.”

Roxanna let out a put upon sigh, but even so her lips quirked into a slight smile, “Yes, yes stríngla, I should never have doubted you.”

Brianna felt those familiar calloused hands grab her gently by the arms, thumbs idly stroking her skin, “And you my dear, any second thoughts before we begin?”

Although she wasn’t exactly sure what was about to happen, Brianna knew there was no turning back now. She was practically bursting from anticipation and a whole swarm of butterflies had landed in her stomach. She just shook her head, “No mistress. Please, make me yours.”

Sofia leaned in then for a kiss, softer than the hungry one that had branded her lips down in the kitchen, but one that felt much more meaningful for all of that. The blonde then leaned back and stroked her cheek affectionately, “With pleasure.”

With that Sofia turned and crossed to the nightstand in two long strides and picked up an object that Brianna had not noticed sitting there earlier. Even so the sight of it made her breath hitch and her excitement grow. It was clearly a collar, but not the leather collar she usually wore, but rather one of solid steel polished to a shiny chrome finish. It was not a simple metal band like the one that Claudia had been wearing, but more resembled a thick wire or rod that had been bent into a circle, a hasp at the back allowing it to be locked in place while a much smaller ring dangled from the front. An attachment point for a leash or some other form of bondage. The symbolism of it was not lost on Brianna. A permanent collar, one that she could not remove on her own without utterly destroying it.

“Lovely, don’t you think?” Sofia asked and Brianna could only nod in response, “Also subtle enough to be passed off as jewelry to the uninitiated. Useful, no?” She could only nod again. Holding it up in the light, Sofia studied the collar for a moment before locking her arctic gaze with Brianna’s own hazel one, “Do you accept this, devushka?”

Brianna licked her suddenly dry lips then nodded slowly while bowing her head submissively, hands reaching up to lift her long blue hair out of the way, “Yes mistress. I accept your gift, and everything that comes with it.”

Without further comment the blonde stepped forward and slipped the collar around Brianna’s neck, fastening the hasp and sealing it with a small brass padlock, the faint *click* of the thing practically thundering in her ears. Twisting the collar to let the small ring sit at the hollow of her throat, Sofia stepped back to admire her work. As she did, Brianna let her hair back down and raised her head, unable to resist touching the collar, as if to confirm for herself that it was real. A smile suddenly bloomed on her lips, one mirrored on both Sofia and Roxanna’s faces.

“It suits you, korítsi.” Roxanna offered.

Brianna nodded at that and bit her lip, well aware of the various levels of meaning that statement implied, and offered a reply in kind, “Thank you mistress, both of you, for this wonderful gift.”

What happened next was a blur, but somehow the three of them made it to the bed, tumbling onto the mattress in a tangled pile of limbs. At some point her mistresses had shed what little clothing they were wearing and all Brianna was aware of was warmth and softness, of hands stroking her body, lips branding her skin, and sweet flesh writhing and shuddering beneath her own touch. There were no restraints, no gags, no toys, nothing but the three of them as they made love with reckless abandon, affirming a new stage of their relationship in the best way they knew how. She could not say how long it lasted or how many orgasms she had, Brianna’s whole world had been reduced to nothing but pure sensation, of hands caressing her breasts, fingers thrusting into her sex, lips on her aching clit, and the taste of her mistresses on her tongue again and again as she worshiped them. At some point the flesh met its match, no matter how willing the spirit remained, and the three of them collapsed into an exhausted but immensely satisfied pile. For a long, long moment they just lay there, panting and sore, sweat soaked skin slowly drying beneath the deepening afternoon sun as they reveled in the afterglow, no one quite willing to break the comfortable silence that had descended.

Eventually, from her position sandwiched between her two lovers, Brianna found her voice, “I have some questions.”

“I suspected that you might.” Sofia returned, “Though right now is perhaps an odd time to ask them.”

Brianna shrugged, “I always seem to do my best thinking when I’m relaxed, and nothing relaxes quite like good sex.”

Sofia chuckled at that and began to idly stroke her thigh, making the girl shiver a little, “Reasonable. Ask, we will answer as best we can.”

Brianna bit her lip to stifle a moan as Sofia’s fingers continued to trace idly patterns on her skin, “I guess I just want to know more about the two of you. I mean, we’ve shared a lot but there’s a lot I still don’t know and if we’re going to be more than just, I don’t know, friends with benefits, I’d like to hear your stories.”

The brief silence that followed made Brianna fear that maybe she had crossed some sort of unspoken line with that question, but then Roxanna spoke, “That is fair, I suppose. Please understand that we have not hidden things from you out of mistrust or malice, and you have been kind enough not to pry, but it is… hard for me. I was hurt very badly by someone I trusted a great deal. I will not share the details, I do not like to remember, but my skin speaks them more clearly than I ever could.”

Brianna could feel the woman shudder slightly as she spoke and instinctively tightened her grip as best she could, pulling her close. A pain grew in her chest at the thought, at the confirmation that Roxanna’s scars were the work of deliberate cruelty, “I’m sorry. You don’t have to…”

Roxanna flashed a brief smile of thanks before cutting her off, “It is alright, korítsi. It took a long time to recover, physically at least. But it was Sofia that saved me. Not my life, not exactly, but my sanity certainly, my soul perhaps. I hated what I saw in the mirror and grew distant, convinced that no one could love the damaged thing I had become.”

Sofia cut in, shifting her body and wrapping an arm around both of them, “You are beautiful, dorogoy. Anyone who disagrees is a fool.”

Brianna just nodded and embraced the olive-skinned woman tighter.

Roxanna blinked away tears and nestled tighter into the embrace, “Thank you both. When I first met Sofia I found her incredibly annoying. Part of me thought she was mocking me, but she persisted and burrowed through my walls with single-minded determination.”

“No need to be so fancy, dorogoy.” Sofia interrupted, “You mean to say that I shamelessly flirted until you agreed to go to bed with me.”

Roxanna scowled playfully, “You ruin the mood, stríngla.”

“Let us not dwell on sad things,” the blonde countered, “this is a happy day.”

The olive-skinned woman hmmed again and gave Brianna a quick kiss on the cheek, “I cannot disagree with that.”

Brianna blushed softly, but smiled, “Thank you, for trusting me. I can’t… I can’t imagine how hard that was.”

Roxanna shook her head, “You have been brave enough to share all of yourself with us. I can do no less than return the favor.”

Silence fell again, but after a moment Sofia spoke, “Well, if we are sharing I suppose I might as well, though my story is not so interesting. I was born in a small, rural town where the most exciting thing to happen was a tractor being stolen. So one day I decided I wanted more and left to see the world. Hitchhiking from town to town, working odd jobs to survive. A dangerous life, but an exciting one. And then one day I saw the most beautiful woman in the world, sitting at a cafe and drinking tea like a snob, and knew that my wandering days were done.”

Roxanna actually snorted as she tried to swallow a laugh, and Brianna found herself biting her lip to stifle her giggles. “You have such a way with words.” the olive-skinned woman remarked, sarcasm thick in her tone.

“And you love me for it.” Sofia said confidently.

“I love something about that smart mouth of yours.” Roxanna shot back.

Sofia grinned, but did not say anything else.

“So, what about Claudia?” Brianna finally asked.

“What about her?” Roxanna prompted.

“I mean, you told me she was your student sort of, but I guess I’m just curious about her too.”

“Perhaps you should ask her yourself, devushka.” Sofia commented, “Someone should check up on her, it might as well be you.”

Before she could answer, Roxanna cut in, “Sofia, did you leave her tied up in the guest room?”

“Maaaaybe.” was Sofia’s only answer, though the way she playfully drew out the word, to say nothing of the smile etched onto her lips, said it all.

Roxanna sighed, and glanced over at Brianna, “If you would be so kind?”

Brianna gave a nod, honestly curious about getting a chance to speak with Claudia alone, and began to disentangle herself, “Of course.”

Sofia helped by rolling out of bed herself, “Before you go, there is one more thing. We have another present for you.”

“Oh yes.” Roxanna said in response, honestly surprised, “I had almost forgotten.”

Frowning curiously Brianna scooted to the edge of the bed and swung her legs down on the floor, watching silently as Sofia stretched her arms, which did marvelous things for her chest, and padded silently over to the closet. A moment later she emerged with a cardboard box and, grinning ear to ear, the blonde walked back and set it down on the mattress right next to where Brianna was sitting. At that silent prompting she reached over and opened the box slowly, an expression of curiosity morphing into a gasp of surprise at the collection of metal bands she found inside.

“A chastity belt?” she asked, almost in shock.

“Surprise.” Sofia offered, playfully.

Reaching in with almost shaky hands Brianna retrieved the device and held it in her lap, studying it. Like her collar the stainless steel bands had been polished to a mirror sheen and she could not help but run her hands along the waistband and trace the outline of the front shield, dragging a finger along the slot cut within it before examining the rear cable that transformed the whole thing into a steel thong. Tentatively she touched the rubber-like liner, the material a bright blue that matched the shade of her hair, marveling at its softness. Earlier she had found the chastity belt that Claudia was wearing fascinating, and had idly wondered what it would be like to wear such a device, and here she was.

She glanced over at Roxanna who explained, “A new game of sorts. We are well aware of how much you adore being teased, after all. And tomorrow? Tomorrow we must leave on business and will be away from the house for a week.” she smiled then, “Consider it a test of your resolve.”

“Besides, you do belong to us now.” Sofia continued, though her tone remained playful, “And one should always keep their treasures under lock and key.”

That sounded… daunting to tell the truth, but at the same time she didn't exactly hate the idea. In fact, the idea of being held in bondage by her mistresses constantly even though they would be miles away was actually incredibly arousing. To spend an entire week helpless and horny, unable to touch herself to gain even the tiniest bit of relief no matter how much she tried, how much she begged and pleaded…

‘That idea should not turn me on as much as it does.’ Brianna thought, a deep blush spreading across her face, ‘I am such a submissive whore.’ Eventually she managed a nod, swallowing hard, “Yes, mistress. Please lock me up.”

Clearly quite pleased with the result, Sofia silently took the belt and helped her to her feet. Brianna closed her eyes and spread her legs as she felt the cool steel being applied to her body and reveled in the sensation. The way the waistband tightened around her, just above her hips, the way the cable settled between her cheeks, and the way the primary shield pressed snugly to her sex, the lips of her labia protruding through the slot. With a loud *click* a small padlock sealed the bands together at her waist before the secondary shield, a small strip of metal drilled through with dozens of tiny holes, was clipped in place over the access slot to ensure she could not stimulate herself in the slightest and locked there by a second padlock. When the procedure was finally over, Brianna opened her eyes and looked down at the belt now imprisoning her loins. Slowly, as if disbelieving what she was seeing, she reached out to touch the belt, running her fingers along it again, as if to prove to herself that it was real. Tentatively she twisted in place, testing the range of her movement. It felt… strange, but not bad, certainly not painful. Glancing up into the mirror over the dresser she caught sight of her pale, nearly nude frame with the belt locked around her hips and twisted again to get a better look, to view it from all angles. One thing was certain, Brianna could not deny that she looked, and felt incredibly sexy.

“Beautiful.” Roxanna commented at the show, “Don’t you agree?”

Sofia nodded, “Very much so.”

Brianna blushed again, “Thank you, Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia.”

“Try it out for a few hours.” Roxanna instructed, “We will check before you go home to make sure there are no problems, but let us know if there is any pain.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, bowing her head.

Taking her by the shoulders again Sofia graced her with another soft kiss, “Now, I believe you had something to do?”

“Of course, mistress.” Brianna responded, “May I take my leave?”

At Sofia’s nod Brianna bent down in the approximation of a curtsy, even though she was naked, and had to bite her life to stifle a gasp, her eyes going wide as the metal of the chastity belt brushed against her sex in an interesting way. Her mistresses did not seem to notice, or at least they did not comment, and Brianna quickly made her way to the door and down the hallway. Walking was surprisingly awkward at first with the way the belt constricted the movement of her waist, to say nothing of the way the stiffness of the rear cable made it absolutely nothing like any thong she had ever worn before, but by the time she reached the guest room Brianna had mostly adapted. Opening the door slowly to avoid the hinges creaking she glanced in to find the room much as she had left it. Same dim lights, same closed curtains, same plain walls and lack of furniture, and Claudia laying on the bed once again, seemingly asleep this time. Although this time she was also not tied to it and her gag had been removed, but she still wore both her own collar and chastity belt and the straitjacket still held her arms tightly. Slipping into the room as quietly as she could, Brianna closed the door behind her only to see the girl’s eyes fluttered open.

Claudia glanced over at the door, smiling slightly, “Hey.”

Brianna found herself returning the smile, “Hey.”

The girl’s brown eyes raked up and down her body, “Looks like you got some new toys. They look good on you.”

“Thanks.” Brianna said, a little shyly, “I guess they’re not new toys, but you look pretty good in yours too.”

“Thanks yourself,” Claudia returned, smiling a little wider.

“So anyway,” Brianna continued, “I’m supposed to check up on you, make sure you’re okay. Do you need anything?”

Claudia shifted her weight to partially roll onto her side, “Help me up, please?”

Nodding quickly, Brianna crossed the room in three quick steps and leaned over the mattress. Taking Claudia by the shoulders and helping her up into a sitting position, she got a brief glance at another tattoo on her back, what looked like a column of twisting and intersecting lines that ran all the way down her spine, before the girl leaned back against the wall. Taking a seat next to her, Brianna asked, “Anything else?”

Claudia shook her head and rolled her shoulders as best she could, “I’m good.”

A heartbeat passed, and then two before Brianna spoke again, “Thanks, by the way.”

Claudia looked at her curiously, frowning slightly in confusion.

“For earlier,” Brianna clarified, “when we were wrapped up together.” she felt her blush return even as she smiled, “I don’t think I’ve ever had sex that wild before.”

“I should be thanking you.” Claudia said with a smirk then leaned over to give Brianna a kiss, startling her slightly, “Seriously, I was so horny I thought I was gonna explode. Then in the darkness along came the lips of an angel.” This time it was Claudia’s turn to blush, “You’re pretty good at that, by the way. If I didn’t have this damn belt on I’d be begging you to lick my pussy again.”

“Thanks, I guess?” Feeling her face darken even more, Brianna quickly looked away, “You’re pretty good yourself. I’ve never had the pierced tongue experience before. Makes me think that maybe I should get one.”

Claudia grinned and stuck out her tongue playfully in response, showing off the two studs sitting side by side in pink flesh. “Nobody’s ever complained.”

“Did they,” Brianna started, “did they really have you like that all night long?”

“Not exactly.” Claudia said, “They told me about this little surprise they were planning last night, and I was all for it, but they just teased and teased and teased me before locking me up in this belt. Then this morning they tied my down all spread-eagle with that vibrating egg and, well… Just, again, thanks. You could have left me like that and I really appreciate that you didn’t.”

Brianna nodded, “Trust me, I understand.”

“I imagine you do if you’ve spent more than five minutes with that pair.” Claudia agreed, “So, I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced yet. Claudia Reed, at your service.”

“Brianna Wilde.” she returned with a smile, “I’d offer to shake your hand, but…”

Claudia laughed and tugged at her straitjacket, “Yeah, kind of tricky right now.

“So I guess there’s no easy way to start this,” Brianna said, “but, how much do you know about me?”

Claudia shrugged, “Not a lot. You caught the three of us en flagrante or something and I guess that started this whole thing. Which is kind of neat, I don’t think I’ve ever been somebody’s sexual awakening before.”

Brianna found herself blushing again, “Not exactly. It was more of my submissive awakening.” she paused, frowning, “Is that a term?”

“Makes sense,” Claudia said with a shrug, “so why not?”

Brianna nodded, “Right then. Anyway, my sexual awakening was some years earlier. Have you ever seen those bikinis that Sofia wears?”

“Oh my God, yes.” Claudia exclaimed, “She is so fucking hot in those.”

“I know.” Brianna exclaimed in turn, finding the awkwardness draining from the conversation the more they opened up, “I can’t tell if she has no idea and is just that uninhibited, or if she damn well knows and just loves showing off. I mean there are some asses that are so perfect that when you look at them? You instantly know what the inventor of the thong was thinking.”

Claudia smirked and made a show of checking Brianna out, “I don’t know, I’d say you look pretty good in that thing yourself.”

“Thanks.” Brianna managed, a touch of that blush returning, “It’s a good feeling, you know?”

“That first time you look in the mirror and realize you’ve got the ass to pull that look off?” Claudia asked, “That is a good feeling.”

“Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?” Brianna wondered.

“We’ve had sex.” Claudia responded in a matter of fact tone, “I’m pretty sure that skips us ahead to the ‘can ask personal questions’ phase.”

Brianna found herself smiling faintly at that blunt answer, and leaned back against the wall, “Where did you get your tattoos?”

That’s your question?” Claudia said, a little surprised, “And here I was expecting something hard. Why, you thinking of getting one yourself?”

“I’ve been thinking about it.” Brianna admitted, “And now that I’ve gotten a closer look at yours I kind of wondered if they mean anything special, or…” she trailed off.

“No big deal,” Claudia assured, “and I can take you to my artist if you like. As for meaning… Well, the ones on my arms and back are just patterns I thought looked cool. The ribs are a jumbled paraphrase of poetry I read once upon a time. As for the flowers, though… tell me, do you know any flower language?”

“A little.” Brianna said.

“The ones on my pelvis are rainflowers.” Claudia explained.

Brianna wracked her brain for a moment, “I don’t think I know those.”

“Kind of obscure.” Claudia admitted, “They have a double meaning, both ‘I love you’ and ‘I must atone.’ Seemed appropriate for a sub like myself who likes her bondage tight and spends a lot of time on her knees.”

“You’re very blunt.” was the only thing Brianna could think to say.

“One of my many character flaws.” Claudia agreed with another shrug, “So, question of my own. What kind of ink are you thinking of getting?”

“Flowers, ironically enough.” Brianna answered, “That’s why I was looking into flower language. I liked the idea of getting some blue roses since they mean ‘love at first sight’ and ‘achieving the impossible.’ Like you said, it seemed appropriate.”

“That is so sappy.” Claudia said, though she also smiled encouragingly.

“Yeah.” Brianna admitted, a little sheepishly, “I wasn’t sure at first, but now that this thing with Sofia and Roxanna is getting more serious I started thinking about it again. And I really like the way your flowers look.”

“Hey, I’m a big believer in following your heart and doing what you like.” Claudia encouraged, “If you want a tattoo, especially one to commemorate an important event in your life, then I say you should go for it.”

“Thanks.” Brianna said, “I appreciate the advice.”

“And you are very welcome.” Claudia answered, “So anything else? That can’t be the only thing you want to ask me.”

“Roxanna told me that you were her student, or that she tutored you or something and that’s how you met.” Brianna began, “I guess I’m just curious about you, what your relationship with them is, and what your experiences have been like.” she paused for a moment, trying to explain, “It’s just, I’ve never really had the chance to talk to another submissive face to face before.”

Claudia seemed to consider that for a moment then shrugged again, “No sweat, I don’t really mind talking about it. I was never a very good student honestly, but a friend of a friend recommended Roxanna as a tutor. I don’t know all the details, but I guess they worked together on some freelance project or another. I was a little intimidated at first, Roxanna can be a very stern figure when she wants to be.”

Brianna nodded, that was true enough.

“But despite my continued failings as a student she was surprisingly patient with me and we started to open up to each other.” Claudia continued, “I guess I started to develop a little bit of a crush, but I’d also seen her kiss Sofia more than once and so I just ignored it at first.” Brianna nodded again, she could definitely understand that, “But even so I started to idly fantasize about her and honestly? I got a little jealous of what they had. One night, after a particular intense dream about both of them, I realized things were getting out of hand.”

“What did you do?” Brianna asked softly, practically holding her breath.

Claudia sighed, “I went in the next day and I told her everything, and then I apologized and said that I understood if she didn’t want to instruct me anymore.” She leaned a little closer and smiled slyly, “And do you know what happened?”

Brianna just shook her head, though she had some pretty good guesses.

“She just kind of smirked at me, amused, and said that I wasn’t nearly as subtle as I thought I was.” Claudia said, “And that she was wondering if I was ever actually going to say anything or not, but that she appreciated the courage it took to come clean. You can guess the rest, but it was one hell of an afternoon, I can tell you.”

Feeling a fresh flash of arousal as her imagination went a little wild, Brianna looked down and clasped her hands in her lap, “I can imagine.”

“Yeah.” Claudia replied, somewhat wistfully. “I mean it wasn’t my first submissive relationship and I certainly wasn’t a bondage virgin, but it was different, you know? I’d never been tied up by professionals before, okay not professionals exactly but you know what I mean, and I’d certainly never been dominated like that. They did things to me that I’d never even dreamed of and I discovered that I liked it. Hell, the first time they cranked my elbows together I damn near came.”

“It’s addictive.” Brianna offered, idly, “They push you a little further each time, and every time you think you’ve hit your limit but you find out that you’re nowhere close. And you want more, you want to know, no you need to know, just how much further can I go?”

“That’s… yeah.” Claudia agreed after a moment, “That’s exactly what it’s like. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you, of all people, get it.”

“How serious is it?” Brianna wondered, eyes widening a second later as she realized what she’d asked, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine.” Claudia interrupted, “Really. And honestly? We’ve never felt the need to define it. I mean, I’m not exactly the gimp living in their closet,” she leaned over to bump Brianna’s shoulder with her own, “not that I haven’t had that fantasy.”

Brianna just smiled a little, so had she.

“But I do wear this collar,” Claudia continued, craning her neck slightly, “and I always seem to come back to them in the end.”

“Thank you, for telling me.” Brianna said and then, with a sigh, leaned back against the wall herself, “And I just realized how incredibly insensitive that was. I never even thought to ask you if you were okay with me pursuing them. I just, I didn’t see you again after that one night, not until today, it just never occurred to me, and I’m sorry if…”

“Hey now,” Claudia interrupted again, “it’s okay, really. It’s not like they didn’t talk to me about this and I don’t mind, promise. Besides that I’m the last person to give you grief over something like that, I mean we’re not exactly exclusive.” She suddenly grinned, “And truth be told? It’s a lot of work satisfying those two so having someone to share that load with is greatly appreciated. And if that someone is a cute girl with the lips of an angel, the tongue of a devil and fucks like a wildcat? All the better.”

Despite her blush returning with a vengeance, Brianna found herself smiling as she laughed out loud in a combination of humor and relief before wrapping the other girl in a one armed embrace, “Thank you.”

“Hey, life is too damned short for regrets.” Claudia said as she leaned over to rest her head on Brianna’s shoulder, “Trust your heart and if you find something that makes you happy, go for it.”

A long moment of comfortable silence passed, the two girls leaning on each other, before Brianna finally spoke, “So, I imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other in the future. Do you think that we’ll get to, ah, do more of the things we did today?”

Claudia leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I certainly hope so.”

Brianna found herself shivering a little at that husky tone, thick with promise and pleasure, but she smiled nonetheless and could not help but agree. “Can I ask you another question?”


“What’s the longest time you’ve ever worn a chastity belt?” Brianna wondered.

“Six months.” Claudia answered without hesitation.

Brianna felt her eyes go wide, “Six months!?”

“You get used to it.” Claudia said, nonchalantly, then grinned again, “How long have they got you locked up for?”

“A week.” Brianna answered, feeling a little silly to say it now.

“Ah that’s nothing.” Claudia said, “You’ll be fine. Besides, absence may make the heart grow fonder, but chastity? Chastity makes the orgasms so much more intense.”

“I… I guess.” Brianna conceded.

Claudia gave her another kiss on the cheek, “Welcome to Wonderland, Alice. Enjoy your stay.”


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