The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f+; fpov; teen; maid; collar; toys; gag; clamps; tease; oral; latex; catsuit; armbinder; buttplug; strapon; blindfold; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 3

As much as it was a cliché, Brianna definitely felt a smile on her lips and a song in her heart as she made the familiar trek down the sidewalk to 137 North Hickory Lane. Despite having made this trip nearly every day for weeks now she felt a strong sense of anticipation building within her. It was strange, in a way. The trip itself had become almost routine, setting off after breakfast for her neighbors’ house wearing simple and loose clothing, ostensibly to do various bits of housework while Sofia spent her summer painting shutters, trimming hedges and doing any one of the thousand little things she did to keep the house in shape and the yard in its usual pristine condition. Glancing at the colorful flower beds and recently cut grass it certainly looked like Sofia was doing her usual, marvelous job which was increasingly impressive with the heat of summer now upon them. Brianna could not help but shake her head at that. She certainly didn’t envy the woman her labors under this sun. Of course, in reality while Brianna did help out around the house her days at 137 North Hickory Lane generally included a great deal more sex and bondage than one might expect, hence the reason for her anticipation. The experience so far had been incredible. On the surface the deal they had worked out was quite simple. Roxanna and Sofia were now her mistresses and she, in turn, was their slave, sworn to serve and obey them. In practice it was far more complicated with dozens of details that had needed to be worked out, in everything from the daily schedule they would keep to what Brianna’s limits were and, of course, exactly what everyone expected out of this. Some of that was still being worked out. Brianna really hadn’t known what her limits were, still didn’t completely, and so much of the last month had been dedicated to finding out. Grinning, and blushing, just a little at that Brianna could not help but think back to the training she had undergone so far. Testing the limits of her flexibility and endurance, and enhancing both; being tied in dozens of different ways with rope, leather and steel; learning how large of a gag she could fit in her mouth (much larger than she would have expected); and experiencing a seemingly endless series of toys, devices and bondage gear. But all of that paled in comparison to the changes she could feel in herself as she began to truly understand what it meant to submit and how much she enjoyed being under the power of her lovers. If nothing else the experience had certainly been educational and Brianna could claim with certainty that she had learned a great deal about herself.

Finally at the porch, Brianna climbed the steps two at a time with the clump of sneakers on wood, the sense of anticipation and excitement nearly overwhelmed her as she did. Looking back on it, it was almost hard to believe that it had been nearly two months since this had all begun. In some ways it felt like so much longer, while in others it was as if her adventure had barely begun. Natural in a way, to the point where it would be strange to stop now. In fact, Brianna couldn’t imagine stopping. It wasn’t the sex that made things so incredible, well it wasn’t just the sex, but rather the sense of achievement and discovery. Of exploring herself and her desires, finding her limits, and learning how to surpass them. Perhaps this had all started as a way to, as Roxanna had said all those weeks ago, enjoy themselves but Brianna felt that it was growing into something more. Or at least she hoped it was. Shaking herself loose from those thoughts, Brianna paused to adjust the duffle bag slung over her shoulder then rang the doorbell. It didn’t take more than a moment before the door swung open to reveal Sofia herself standing there dressed in her usual work ensemble of faded jeans and button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, hair braided today and a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

The blonde immediately smiled at her and stepped aside slightly as she motioned for the girl to come inside, “Good morning! Come in, come in!”

Brianna returned the smile as she stepped through the doorway, “Thank you, mistress.”

Sofia leaned over to plant a kiss on her cheek, “We’re just finishing up breakfast. Your things are in the bathroom, change quickly, there is much to do today.”

It was testament to how well her training was coming along that Brianna immediately bowed her head, “Right away, mistress.”

Sofia offered no further comment, just giving a small nod and an encouraging smile before turning and heading back toward the kitchen. As much as Brianna would have loved to watch her go and steal yet another gaze of the woman’s perfect body she had been given her instructions. Quickly making her way down the hallway she stepped into the master bathroom and closed the door behind her. As promised, sitting on the counter top was a neatly folded bundle of black cloth and a pair of highly polished stiletto heels. Her uniform. In truth Brianna had been half joking when she’d asked for a uniform but, lo and behold, when she’d shown up for the first time the pair had somehow dug up a rather stereotypical sexy French maid outfit for her. She still didn’t know where it had come from, or how they had known her sizes, but she didn’t question it, stranger things had already happened. And, truth be told, she rather liked wearing it.

Smirking just a bit at that thought, Brianna slipped the duffle bag from her shoulder and placed it down on the counter as well before unzipping it. She quickly kicked off her shoes and placed them inside the bag, followed by the t-shirt and shorts she was wearing and then her underwear. On the surface the simple ensemble she wore would be perfect for someone expected to do housework all day, but the truth was her mistresses had been quite insistent that she only wear what they provided for her while in the house and so she needed to be able to dress and undress quickly depending on circumstances. Once she was completely nude, Brianna zipped the bag up again and placed it on the floor, sliding it out of the way with her foot, before picking through the clothes that had been left for her. Besides the dress itself there was a pair of stockings and a garter belt. No bra of course, though that was typical, but there was a pair of underwear today the sight of which, little more than a patch of cloth and some string, made Brianna’s face heat up in a combination of embarrassment and excitement.

Sighing to herself, but with a smile on her face, Brianna slipped the g-string on before fastening the garter belt around her waist. The sheer black stockings followed, Brianna taking her time to make sure the seams were lined up perfectly before clipping them to her garters. By now she was getting pretty good at it but it had taken more than a little practice, and she could not help but chuckle softly at the memory of her first few fumbling attempts. Picking up the dress at last, Brianna stepped into it and pulled it up her body, slipping her arms through the short sleeves and seating the straps on her shoulders before reaching behind herself and zipping the garment up. Rounding it all out she tied a lacy white apron around her waist, placed the hat (she was not actually sure what it was called and had never thought to ask) on her head and, finally, strapped the stilettos onto her feet. Last but almost certainly not least she picked up a collar made of black leather and fastened it around her throat. It was a simple thing, if much finer than the dog collar she played around with at home, but both the collar and the symbolism of placing it on herself made the transformation complete. She was no longer Brianna Wilde but an obedient servant, a slave to the will of her mistresses ready to obey their every order and sate their every desire.

She shivered unconsciously at that thought as she reached up to touch the cool leather, relishing the feeling of the material against her skin.

Taking a final moment to straighten out her skirt and make sure the cloth fell in place evenly Brianna looked into the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. Even though she had worn this dress many times, the sight of herself in it always took her breath away. The cut seemed to perfectly flatter her figure while the sinfully short skirt barely covered her ass and the low cut of the neckline not only showed off more cleavage than anything else she owned but also made her glad for her modest bust. After all, were her breasts any bigger she'd likely be in danger of popping out whenever she moved. And though it had taken a lot of practice given her limited experience with high heels, and was a little uncomfortable, the stilettos made her long legs look amazing. All in all wearing this made her feel incredibly sexy, even if she’d have been mortally embarrassed if anyone other than her mistresses saw her in it, but when combined with the collar? That made her feel incredibly submissive as well. She smiled brightly at her reflection. All in all the final effect was stunning and it certainly put on a hell of a show. Although, as she smoothed down the front of the dress and straightened her cap Brianna considered that putting on a show seemed to be a pretty big part of her training.

Early on in their relationship she had confessed her experiments in self-bondage to her lovers and what had inspired her to do so. Unsurprisingly they had been quite supportive, enthusiastically so, and encouraged her to continue, even giving her a few things to help out. Well hidden under Brianna’s bed was a small wooden box, locked with the key equally well hidden away. Inside were some leather cuffs, a few padlocks and a small ball gag. Rather plain considering some of the things she had been introduced to since, but cherished regardless. Of course, there was a small price tag to this generosity. At times she was expected to put on a show for her mistresses, to allow a peek into her intimate life just as she had been granted an unintended view of theirs. On those nights she stood in front of her window to wait for a signal to begin, usually when Sofia or Roxanna opened the curtains to their own bedroom. At that signal, Brianna slowly stripped, baring every inch of her body to her lovers as they watched. Sometimes they added to the performance and gave instructions via text message. Messages that Brianna was very careful to delete as she had no desire for anyone else to find them. The specifics varied but followed a simple pattern, to touch and tease herself, to play with her breasts and sex, to collar and gag herself, to cuff her wrists all while under the eager gaze of her mistresses. Finally, after what felt like hours of maddening exploration of her own body the faithful order always came: to masturbate but not to cum without permission. At that point Sofia and Roxanna often made love, she in turn allowed to watch them as she stood, fingers deep within herself, silently begging for release but knowing that permission would not come until they had finished and sometimes not even then. Those nights when she slipped into bed, still bound and gagged and screaming for release were the worst and the best. Even the memory of it turned her on so much.

With a gasp Brianna’s eyes shot open as she realized that her hands had unconsciously slipped between her thighs as she had become lost in the memory. Blushing a little in embarrassment, and bringing her hands back to her sides, she gave herself one last look in the mirror and turned for the door. Sofia had told her to be quick after all and it would not do to disobey instructions this early in the day.

Taking one last moment to center herself, Brianna opened the door and with hard earned grace walked back down the hallway on her precariously high heels and entered the kitchen. As she arrived Sofia was just setting the dishes in the sink while Roxanna, surprisingly dressed in a silk blouse and skirt today, sat comfortably at the table sipping a cup of tea and reading the newspaper. Hearing the click of her heels upon the floor, both women stopped what they were doing and looked over at the entryway. Once Brianna likely would have frozen under the scrutiny of the pair but now she felt herself grin slightly as she curtsied, likely flashing both of them as she did so.

“Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia.” she said softly as she held the curtsy, “How may I serve you this day?”

It was Sofia who responded first, “Beautiful and eager, I approve.”

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia.” Brianna returned before standing straight with as much poise as she could manage.

A grin suddenly curled the blonde’s lips before she glanced in Roxanna’s direction, “Polite too. Don’t you agree, dorogoy?”

“Indeed.” Roxanna answered simply before setting her tea down and pulling a small box out from under the table and setting it down in plain sight, “Come here, korítsi.”

At that command Brianna silently crossed the room until she stood at Roxanna’s side, clasping her hands behind her back and looking down submissively, keenly aware of Sofia walking over to join them and gaze drawn to the box and the mysteries it held. Much like her uniform this was another of the rituals that had come to define her daily routine here. Once she had changed and presented herself to her mistresses for inspection each one would then add one or two toys or pieces of bondage to her uniform. Part of her ongoing training, but also a way to set the tone for whatever games would be played later on. Roxanna seemed to savor the anticipation and let it build slowly before finally opening the box, though careful to keep the lid angled in such a way that Brianna could not see inside, not yet anyway. Heart pounding in her chest the whole time, Brianna gasped when, suddenly she felt Roxanna’s soft hand on her thigh. Fingers brushed along her skin slowly and she had to fight down the urge to fidget under the attention before Roxanna at last lifted her short skirt out of the way. Her breath caught in her throat then as she watched the olive-skinned woman’s free hand reach into the box and slowly pull out a pair of ben wa balls with a wicked grin. Brianna had to bite her lip to stifle a moan as the woman pulled her g-string aside and slowly inserted the orbs into her heated core, the cool metal making her shiver slightly.

“To keep you company during the day.” Roxanna commented, clearly enjoying the girl’s reactions as she smoothed her clothing back into place.

“Thank you, Mistress Roxanna.” she managed to gasp.

Any further words were cut off when Sofia cupped her chin gently and forced her to look up. Silently the blonde ran her thumb over Brianna’s lips before gently pressing on the cleft of her chin to prompt her to open her mouth. As soon as she did so Sofia presented a modestly sized ball gag, bright red in color, and slipped it behind her teeth with a soft pop before buckling it snugly in place. Probing the rubber ball with her tongue, Brianna bit down gently to test its size and firmness. She had been slowly working up to wearing larger and larger gags over the summer as well as training to wear them for longer and longer periods of time. While not the largest she had ever managed, a gag of this size she could easily wear for hours, if not the most comfortable of hours, and she had a feeling that today might push her limits. Something that, in all honesty, she was always eager to do. Her mistresses, it should be noted, were equally eager in that regard.

“You can be rather… loud when we tease you.” Sofia offered by way of explanation before pressing a soft kiss to the gag.

Brianna blushed just slightly at both that comment and the gag kiss but remained obediently silent, even if she mentally rolled her eyes a little. Sofia was one to talk about being loud, when the woman let loose she was a real screamer. Still, Brianna could not help but wonder what other surprises the day might hold. She did not have to wonder long as Roxanna ran a finger down her sternum and hooked the neckline of her dress before pulling down sharply to bare her breasts to the world. Brianna has to stifle a moan as felt the brunette tug on her piercings playfully before gently pinching and teasing her nipples to hardness. A process which did not take long given both how aroused she already was and the feeling of the toys fillings her vagina. That moan became a wince a moment later as a pair of clamps bit down on her sensitive nubs, the swaying weight of the chain connecting them tugging on her flesh in a way she found both pleasant and painful.

Finished with her work Roxanna stood and whispered in Brianna’s ear, “A little pain to go with the pleasure, korítsi.”

“PHhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.” Brianna managed around the gag.

Giving her a slight smile Roxanna nodded, “I will be busy most of the morning, but I will be in the den if you need anything.”

“Mmph, mnphphrmphph.” Brianna answered.

“Good girl.” Roxanna said as, with a playful squeeze of her ass, which made Brianna jump a bit in surprise, she took her leave.

Sofia chuckled softly at her reaction and suddenly placed a hand on Brianna’s shoulder drawing her attention away, “There is a list of chores on the counter for you.” the woman suddenly smiled slyly, “And if you happen to get everything done before I return? I think that a small… reward might be in order.”

Eyes lighting up at that statement Brianna nodded enthusiastically, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

The blonde laughed and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze before heading out the patio door leaving Brianna alone in the kitchen. Taking a moment to reign in her excitement, Brianna made her way carefully to the counter, mindful now, not only of the high heels she was perched upon but also the toys filling her, muscles clenched to hold them in place. An interesting, if unconventional exercise routine to be sure. Worse still with each step the weighted orbs seemed to shift and move inside of her driving her to distraction and making her moan into the gag. Part of Brianna was still surprised at how sensitive she was and how little it took to drive her to the edge, the rest of her just enjoyed the experience. One thing that she had learned, over and over again, was that her mistresses had an unhealthy obsession with edging and orgasm denial and rarely did one of their games not involve such things. Not that she was complaining of course, in fact Brianna had discovered that she rather enjoyed the experience and the sheer intensity of the release that followed. Moaning again, keenly aware of the ben wa balls filling her and how they were teasing her, Brianna grabbed the edge of the counter to let it support her weight as she tried to focus. She might enjoy it, and might have a lot of practice but that didn’t make it any easier either.

An inane thought suddenly popped into her head and Brianna could not help but grin slightly around her gag, ‘I wonder what people would think if I told them I let a pretty girl get balls deep inside of me?’

A muffled laugh suddenly filled the air and Brianna had to take a moment to catch her breath. Still chuckling a bit she shook her head and finally turned her attention to the first and most difficult duty of the day: reading Sofia’s handwriting. It was actually kind of amazing, and another example of how different the two women were. Where Roxanna’s writing was fluid and graceful, like someone trained in calligraphy, Sofia wrote in an almost frenzied chicken scratch though one that Brianna was more or less used to deciphering. Mirroring the somewhat blunt style of the woman herself the list was short and to the point. Clean the dishes and tidy up the kitchen, dust the living room and vacuum the rugs. Nothing too terribly difficult, but in truth Brianna was rarely called upon to do any serious house cleaning for the simple fact that the ensemble she wore, while looking amazing, wasn’t really well suited to serious physical labor. No, mostly her job was to handle minor chores to ease Sofia’s workload as well as to keep herself… available for anything her mistresses might need. That made her grin again, ‘Not that I’m complaining, but I suppose I wasn’t hired for my skill with a feather duster.’

Knowing that she was wasting time, and lamenting that the house did not have a dishwasher, Brianna got to work. She knew it was an old house and Roxanna seemed to love the antique theme they had going, but the only concession to modernity in the kitchen seemed to be a new-ish refrigerator, even the stove looked to be older than her own house for crying out loud! Letting out a sharp sigh, Brianna turned on the water and carefully began to rinse and scrub the plates. Normally such tasks, while time consuming, were relatively easy to focus on, even strangely relaxing in their monotony but today was different. Today Brianna could not help but be keenly aware of the orbs filling her, orbs that seemed to dance and shift with even the lightest twitch of her muscles. It wasn’t so bad while working at the sink but as she moved about the room to clear the table, clean the stove and sweep the floor the sensation grew and grew. A sense of pleasure, of pure need, radiating from her sex combined with the sting of the nipple clamps as they swayed with each step. A combination of pleasure and pain that she was intimately familiar with, and one that never failed to drive her wild, but today seemed so much more intense than usual. She tried to focus but it was increasingly hard. By the time she moved to the living room, leaning and stretching and bending over to dust the shelves and polish the tables, her thighs felt clammy and her underwear was soaked. Some time later, as she began the long trek to the hall closet to retrieve the vacuum cleaner, it was overwhelming. Stumbling into the closet door, tightly gripping the doorknob to steady herself, Brianna found herself panting softly, cheeks flushed and legs shaky at the sheer intensity of the sensations flooding her. She could not help but moan through her gag and clench her eyes shut as she fought down the urge to masturbate right then and there. Part of her couldn’t believe how intense this felt and reasoned that these ben wa balls must be some new type of toy. She was certainly no stranger to being teased, and it was far from uncommon for her to wear toys of various types while going about her duties, but this was ridiculous!

Brianna didn’t really know how long she spent leaning there, breathing deeply through her nose as she tried to get control of herself, but she eventually managed it enough to open the door and drag the vacuum cleaner out into the living room. Focusing on her breathing, and on taking small, controllable steps to try and minimize the sensations Brianna managed to get back to work. Fortunately, like washing the dishes, there was a certain calming monotony in the repetitive actions of vacuuming the large rugs thrown over the living room floor. Unfortunately, so focused was she on that task and trying to control her reactions that she did not notice Roxanna walk down the hallway until, as she was bending over to vacuum under a table, the woman spoke.

“A fine view, korítsi. Perhaps I should watch you work more often.”

Yelping in surprise, and face reddening as she realized exactly what the woman was talking about, Brianna whirled around and quickly curtsied, eyes immediately widening as she had to bite back a moan. The ben wa balls had just shifted in a very interesting manner.

If Roxanna noticed her reaction, the woman didn’t comment. “I’m going to make some tea.” she announced, “But I find it is better when shared. Join me?”

Though it was framed as a question, Brianna well knew that it was an order and nodded her agreement. Not that she would have ever turned down an opportunity to spend time with one of her mistresses. With a smile Roxanna walked into the kitchen to put on a kettle as Brianna quickly finished with her vacuuming. A few minutes later the woman emerged again carrying one of the many teapots she owned, along with a matching cup, and headed back down the hallway. Shutting off the vacuum cleaner, Brianna followed along as best she could with an increasingly awkward gait. Their destination, the den, was dark though that was more an effect of the rich hardwood paneling that covered the walls and the thick red carpet than anything else. Ornate bookshelves built into the walls dominated the room, stuffed full with everything from ancient looking leather bound volumes to oft-read paperbacks, while what little free space was left was filled with paintings ranging from classical to the wildly abstract and taxidermied animals. An ancient looking oaken desk was pushed up under the room’s largest window decorated with fossilized shells, polished rocks and few random odds and ends like a pendulum and a radiometer. Right in the center of it, on top of a large green blotter, was an honest to goodness manual typewriter, a silent testament to Roxanna’s old fashioned ways. Though she thought it a little silly, the woman most certainly was not that old, Brianna sometimes wondered if she’d find quill and ink if she looked hard enough. But the overall effect was interesting. On the whole the den managed to be both the creepiest and most interesting room in the house and, when she was younger, Brianna had always had the strangest sense, as if she were entering into the lair of a wizard. Yet she could not deny that the space suited Roxanna. Sitting at that old desk the olive-skinned woman looked very much at home.

Without comment Roxanna crossed the room, moving aside a stack of papers and several open books on the desk before setting down the teapot and lowering herself into the wooden chair, the antique thing creaking under her weight as she did so. Smiling to herself the woman filled her cup and took a deep breath of the steam rising up from it, sighing softly in contentment as she did so. Although she was not nearly enough of a connoisseur to identify the blend, Brianna could admit that the tea’s rich aroma did smell good.

After a moment Roxanna glanced back at her and then motioned to the floor right next to the chair, “Sit.”

Brianna obeyed the command silently, lowering herself onto the surprisingly soft carpet with as much grace as she could manage before carefully smoothing her skirt out over her legs and folding her hands in her lap. Roxanna studied her for a moment before taking a sip of her tea and then reached down with her free hand to unbuckle the gag and pull it from Brianna’s mouth. She then offered the cup and Brianna dutifully took a sip of her own.

“Thank you, Mistress Roxanna.”

“I have heard it said that sharing a cup is like an indirect kiss.” Roxanna said, smiling slightly, “What do you think?”

“It seems a bit silly, mistress.” Brianna admitted.

The woman surprised her by laughing, “It does, doesn’t it? And besides that, you and I have done far more than kiss.”

Brianna blushed a little, but nodded.

“Still,” Roxanna continued, a strange nostalgic tone overcoming her, “I find something about it sweetly romantic.”

Not sure what to say Brianna just remained silent.

“You know,” Roxanna mused, “Sofia and I first met over a cup of tea.”

That caught Brianna’s attention, her mistresses had never really talked much about themselves and had never mentioned how their relationship had started. Looking up curiously at the woman she shook her head slightly.

A small smile curled Roxanna’s lips then and her voice took on a softer tone, “I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at a small cafe in Serres when a striking blonde woman suddenly sat down at my table, picked up my cup, made a face and asked what sort of aristocratic snob still drank tea when coffee was clearly far superior.” Brianna blinked at that, not sure if she had heard correctly. “To which I responded that, of course, a provincial barbarian would prefer such a thoroughly American drink.”

“You didn’t.” Brianna whispered, fighting down laughter. That certainly sounded like something Sofia would do, the blonde could be surprisingly mischievous when she put her mind to it, but she had never imagined a meeting like that between the two.

“I did.” Roxanna responded, still smiling softly, “Let that be a lesson to you, korítsi. Romance? It is not like in films, it tends to find us where we least expect it.” her smile suddenly morphed into a tiny smirk, “Such as a determined young woman showing up naked in your living room.”

Brianna blushed more deeply at that reminder.

“I apologize if I embarrass you.” Roxanna said, “In truth your resolve was impressive. I admit I had wondered if you truly understood what you wanted, if you were truly prepared for what it means to be a submissive, but…” She trailed off with a smile and reached down to cup Brianna’s cheek, “It seems I underestimated you, korítsi. You have made truly wondrous progress.”

Face now flushed for a different reason, Brianna still managed a smile of her own and resisted the urge to rub against that hand like a cat, “Thank you, mistress.”

Roxanna withdrew her hand, “No need to thank me, it is simply the truth.” Leaning back and crossing her legs, the woman took another sip of her tea, “I trust you are satisfied with your education thus far?”

“Oh, yes mistress!” Brianna answered, enthusiastically, “It’s been incredible and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

“Ah, an eager student, much like an eager lover, is always a joy.” Roxanna responded before filling up the teacup again and handing it to the girl kneeling beside her. “Still, sit with me for a while. You looked as if you could use a break earlier.”

Brianna nodded, “Thank you, mistress.”

“I trust your… friends aren’t giving you any trouble?” Roxanna asked.

Quickly realizing that the woman was referring to the ben wa ball she was wearing Brianna shook her head, even though she felt very much on edge, “No, mistress. It’s intense, but I can handle it.”

Roxanna shot her a doubtful look but accepted that response, “Very well. Let me know if anything changes.” And with that she turned her chair and began to type at the typewriter again.

With that the room was engulfed in a comfortable silence save for the rhythmic clack of the old typewriter’s keys, a sound that Brianna found strangely relaxing. An explanation, perhaps, for why Roxanna insisted on such archaic methods. Looking down at the cup in her hands, and feeling its warmth leech into her skin, Brianna took another long drink of the tea. It was strange. She had never really considered herself a tea drinker before this summer, finding most brews she had tried far too bitter to be enjoyable but her mistress had a deft hand when it came to brewing a pot. Not for the first time she wondered exactly what sort of tea this was with its mild flavor and faint aftertaste of fruit and spices. Unsurprisingly it reminded her very much of Roxanna’s kisses. ‘Or perhaps I’m becoming one of those aristocratic snobs Sofia was talking about?’ That thought made her smile, thinking back on the odd little anecdote she had been told. It was certainly a strange story, perhaps not the strangest she had ever heard of two people meeting, but still not what she would have expected. And yet she could somehow imagine her mistresses, years in the past, sitting at some cafe in some exotic and far aware place bickering playfully, Sofia’s mischievous wit and Roxanna’s dry humor sparring as they flirted in that strange way of theirs.

A sudden pause in the typing interrupted her thoughts and prompted Brianna to look up to see Roxanna with a pensive expression on her face. “Is something the matter, mistress?” she asked, curiosity filling her voice.

Roxanna glanced down, “Hmm? Oh, not really. I simply find myself unsure of how to proceed.”

“May I ask what you’re working on?” Brianna wondered.

“Nothing significant.” Roxanna said, “I received a correspondence from Kiera Brennan, an old… colleague of mine. She wished my opinion on a text she found. It has proven to be more frustrating than I anticipated.”

Brianna perked up slightly at that. It was a subject she had never really cared about, or even really considered before, but this was the first hint she’d had of whatever Roxanna’s career might actually be. Some kind of academic work it seemed, though that really just raised more questions. “I see.”

Roxanna sighed, “Kiera is certainly one of the more, ah, difficult individuals I have ever worked with. And this text? Ridiculously obscure, it’s going to be…” she trailed off and then shook her head, “Forgive me. This means nothing to you and here I am rambling on.”

As much as Brianna wanted to press on and gain a deeper window into Roxanna’s life, a wicked and, in her mind, far better idea occurred to her. So instead she straightened her posture and put on the sultriest tone she could manage, “Perhaps I may be of service in easing your troubled mind, Mistress Roxanna?”

Roxanna’s lips quirked into a slight grin, almost a smirk really, as she weighed the idea. Taking the meaning easily enough, she twisted her chair slightly before parting her knees, revealing both the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and probably one of the reasons why she was wearing a skirt. Easing out of her slippers, Roxanna slowly slid her foot between Brianna’s leg, making the girl gasp when she felt a toe softy graze her heated sex, “Perhaps you can at that.”

With that clear invitation Brianna clasped her hands behind her back and leaned forward to place her head between Roxanna’s thighs and capture her nether lips in an intimate kiss. The woman moaned softly at the contact and leaned back even further until she was almost slouching in her chair to grant better access. Over the course of the summer Brianna liked to think she had gained a fairly comprehensive understanding of her mistresses and both how to pleasure them and what they liked. Roxanna preferred things to be slow and methodical, drawn out just enough to enjoy even the lightest of touches to the fullest. Guided by the woman’s low moans Brianna lapped at her most delicate flesh, teasing her curves and folds before driving her tongue within that silky heat to tease the sensitive nerves within. A loud creak filled the air as Roxanna’s fingers gripped the armrest of her chair tightly, it’s antique frame protesting the abuse, the woman oblivious to the sound lost as she was in pleasure. Her toes continued to stroke at Brianna’s pussy and she had to fight down the urge to rock her hips and grind against them, having not been given permission to cum yet. It was so hard though, the way the gentle touch made her twitch involuntarily and those twitches made the ben wa balls dance within her.

Finally, after what felt like hours of marvelous torture, Roxanna’s thighs clamped onto her head, locking her in place, an unconscious signal that she knew meant that her mistress was ready to cum. Using a technique that she rarely employed, since it could not be done while wearing a ring gag and that was the usual means her mistresses employed when using her mouth, Brianna withdrew her tongue and locked her lips around Roxanna’s throbbing clit. The olive-skinned woman gasped suddenly, sharply, the muscles in her legs and abdomen tightening as Brianna began to suck on that nub of flesh, flicking it with the tip of her tongue repeatedly as she did so. Within seconds Roxanna threw back her head in a cry of pleasure, her body practically spasming and her hips lifting off the chair for a moment at the intensity of the orgasm. As she licked the panting woman clean Brianna could not help a slightly smug smile from forming, pleased to know that all of her hard work and training was clearly paying off. Now, if only Roxanna would be so kind as to return the favor.

After a long moment to get her breath under control, Roxanna gently nudged Brianna to lean back, breaking contact between them. Eyes still alight with pleasure the olive-skinned woman smiled slightly as she straightened up in her chair, withdrawing her foot much to Brianna’s annoyance, then bent over to capture the girl’s mouth in a deep kiss. Surprised for a moment, Brianna returned the kiss, closing her eyes and allowing her mistress to explore her mouth, a moan deep in her throat. The kiss did not last long, leaving Brianna to whimper a little when those soft lips left her own, only for her to practically squawk in surprise, eyes shooting open as the gag she was wearing earlier was jammed back into her mouth. After securing the gag snugly Roxanna stood, gripping Brianna by the arms and helping her to her feet in the process, the younger woman wobbling slightly on legs stiff from sitting for so long. No sooner had she caught her balance, Roxanna’s hands lingering on her arms to keep her steady, the woman opened one of the desk drawers and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, quickly securing Brianna’s wrists behind her back before offering the girl another smile.

“Such an eager servant deserves a reward, yes?” the woman asked.

Eyes lighting up as all the possibilities danced in her head, keenly aware of the heat between her legs, Brianna nodded.

Roxanna seemed to ponder for a moment, “We should fetch Sofia. We had been considering something special and I think you deserve to be spoiled, just a little.”

Brianna smiled around her gag in response and, with that, the woman looped a finger around the chain connecting her nipple clamps and gave a playful tug before leading her out of the room. Brianna scrambled behind, struggling to keep her balance on her high heels while also keeping the pressure off of her nipples to say nothing of the toys rattling around inside of her with the remarkably quick pace that Roxanna was setting despite her limp. Still, after a short walk they emerged out of the darkness of the hallway into the relatively bright light of the kitchen only to find Sofia unexpectedly there, the blonde looking slightly disheveled and sitting at the table drinking a glass of water. Watching their approach with keen blue eyes, an almost vulpine grin twisted the woman’s lips as she took in the sight of Brianna’s bound and gagged form, face flushed and still damp with Roxanna’s fluids, being led by her clamps.

“I was going to chastise you for leaving the vacuum out,” Sofia began, “but I see that you have been busy with… other duties.”

“She was helping me with a small problem.” Roxanna supplied.

Sofia laughed softly, even as she stood from the table, “I suppose stress relief is an important part of work. In fact, I believe I have told you this many times, dorogoy. It is good to know that you are taking my advice in this.”

“But of course, erastís.” Roxanna assured, “Miss Brianna has become quite talented in that regard and I think she deserves something special for all her hard work.”

Eyes lighting up Sofia smiled widely at Brianna, the girl returning the gesture as well she could around her gag, suddenly and inexplicably nervous, “You are going to enjoy this, devushka, I promise.”

With another tug at her nipples clamps, Roxanna still using the chain as a leash, Brianna found herself being led to the staircase. Legs still a bit shaky and without her arms to balance her Brianna struggled up the steps until Sofia grabbed her hips to steady her. She glanced back over her shoulder and smiled softly at the woman in thanks as they slowly but surely made their way up the stairs. Guided by the insistent tug upon her nipples, biting into her gag to suppress a moan as, with each step, the ben wa balls made their presence felt, Brianna could not help but wonder what exactly was waiting for her. Roxanna had promised something special and her mind spun with possibilities, imagination running wild. Suppressing another moan, and clenching her muscles even more tightly to try and hold the toys within her in place, to little real avail, Brianna tried to focus on just walking, but it was difficult. Ever since Sofia’s kiss this morning she had wondered what sort of reward might be in store for her but, between Roxanna’s husky promises and the positively wicked grin that Sofia had given her just now, it was hard to focus on anything else.

When they finally reached the upstairs hallway Brianna was slightly surprised that Roxanna led her right past the door to the master bedroom. That was where the three of them usually played their games. Instead she was guided all the way to the guest room at the end of the hall, a room she could not remember ever entering before. As they reached the door Roxanna paused a moment to glance back over her shoulder and offer Brianna another sultry smile before opening it and pulling her inside. Brianna’s first impression upon entering the room was that it was strangely dark for this time of day. It was also a strangely spartan space with plain off-white walls lacking any manner of pictures or paintings save for an old clock. An antique looking brass bed and a small wooden dresser made up the only furniture while thick curtains pulled over the windows diffused the light to almost nothing. Everything was painted in stark tones by a plain glass light fixture hanging overhead that made the shadowed hallway seem positively bright by comparison. Any yet, as her eyes adjusted, Brianna was only vaguely aware of these details as every ounce of her attention was focused on the bed and the achingly familiar figure tied to it.

As the young woman stood, rooted in place, Roxanna let go of the clamps, slowly walked over to the bed and lowered herself down upon it. “I believe you are familiar with our guest, yes?” Even had she not been gagged Brianna did not think she could have replied. “You called her the bound woman, I believe? An apt description.” She ran her hand down the woman’s stomach, making her squirm a little in her bonds, “This is Claudia, an… intimate acquaintance of ours.”

Even with that confirmation Brianna had a hard time believing her eyes. Was this truly the woman she had seen all those weeks ago? The one whose very presence had started it all, so to speak? The thin but still clearly feminine figure certainly looked the same. Leather cuffs circled her wrists and ankles, held in place with small padlocks, that stretched her out into a tight spread-eagle on the mattress, but that was only the beginning. A hauntingly familiar catsuit made of smokey-gray translucent latex clung to every curve of her body like a second skin, a zipper (currently closed) granting access to her crotch and a pair of openings on her chest left her small a-cup breasts exposed. An opaque black hood of equally skintight latex covered her head, a blindfold pulled tight over her eyes leaving her completely helpless while a panel gag strapped harshly over her mouth silenced her. Indeed, the only visible opening in the hood was a pair of small holes for the nostrils rendering the woman squirming in both her restraints and under Roxanna’s touch completely featureless. Brianna did not know how long she just stood there, staring at the incredible sight before her, but it felt like hours. She had never really asked about this woman, this Claudia, and neither of her mistresses had ever brought it up, but the woman was always there in the back of Brianna’s mind, the image of her bound and helpless form seared into her memories. In her wilder and darker fantasies she’d imagined that the woman was a prisoner, a bound and helpless captive that Sofia and Roxanna kept stashed away in a closet or locked in their basement, taken out and used like any other sex toy. A blush crept up her face as she remembered masturbating to such fantasies, or the thought that her mistresses might one day seal her away in tight, confining bondage as nothing more than helpless sex slave. Those were always intense nights.

Brianna felt herself jerked out of her thoughts and half remembered fantasies as Sofia’s hands found her hips again and the blonde whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you take a closer look? In her current state Claudia certainly doesn’t bite.”

At that prompting Brianna began to walk forward slowly. This close, despite the distortion of the latex, she could make out the woman’s features more clearly. Claudia wasn’t just slender, she was almost bony in places with her ribs and hip bones clearly visible with the way she was stretched out. Despite that she still had curves in all the right places and Brianna could make out the faint ridges of muscles on her stomach and the wiry, well toned shape of her arms and legs. What stood out most were the tattoos, confirming what Brianna had thought she had seen all those nights ago. A series of black bands of various thickness ran up Claudia’s left arm at random intervals while an intricate and abstract series of geometric shapes, all fitted together like a puzzle, covered her right arm down to the back of her hand. On her left side, covering the lowest ribs, were a set of words in three lines that Brianna could just make out. ‘In the silken grasp, Of the veil of night, I lay down my limbs for you.’ It sounded like a quote, though Brianna could not place it. Her gaze drawn to where Roxanna’s hand was beginning to dip between the woman’s legs she found a final tattoo on Claudia’s pubic arch, scroll work that looked like vines angling down from her hip bones terminating in a pair of six-petaled flowers just above her sex. That caught her attention, being so different from the others but she did not have time to ponder the mystery for long.

“We thought you might like to meet,” Sofia said as she rested her head on Brianna’s shoulder, “all things considered. We also thought you might like to play with her.”

That statement seemed to explode in her mind and Brianna suddenly felt her knees go weak and her mouth go dry at the thought. Swallowing around her gag she was unprepared for the sudden bloom of heat between her legs, more than a little surprised at just how much that idea turned her on.

“I am certain Claudia would appreciate it.” Roxanna offered, brushing a finger along the zipper over the woman’s crotch, making her squirm, “Like you she has some friends keeping her company.” Brianna quickly realized what that meant, still very much aware of the toys within her, “Unlike you, they’ve been keeping her warm all night.”

Brianna felt her eyes go wide at that as Claudia seemed to moan pitifully into her gag, thrusting her hips in a desperate attempt to gain some relief, though Roxanna’s fingers danced out of the way. There was no way that could be true, could it? That this woman had been lain out like this, bound and gagged and edged since last night? No, no that wasn’t possible but Brianna could not deny that the idea, the fantasy of it was intoxicating. And given the way she was reacting it was clear that Claudia had been like this for at least some time making Brianna shiver at the thought. She knew well what it was like to be teased until you could think of nothing but the raw, clawing need for relief. Her morning had been a little like that, but how much more intense might it be, to be edged so relentlessly while rendered so helpless? To be unable to move, or see, or speak with nothing to focus on but sensation and need? Brianna wanted so desperately right now to be free of her handcuffs, to be able to touch this woman, to know that she was real, to feel the heat of her skin and the twitch of her muscles.

Roxanna slowly stood from the bed and walked back to her, reaching out to casually remove the nipple clamps that had been swaying from Brianna’s breasts all morning. She could not help but wince, taking in a harsh breath through her nose as sensation rushed back into her stinging flesh. Roxanna then reached up and pulled the gag from Brianna’s mouth. “What do you say, korítsi? Would you like to play with her?”

Brianna worked her jaw a few times, then swallowed, “Yes, mistress.”

A tiny smile curled the edges of the olive-skinned woman’s lips, “Would you like to be bound like her?”

Brianna bit her lip, but nodded, “Please, mistress.”

With that, Sofia’s hands withdrew from her hips and removed her handcuffs, “Get undressed and leave your clothes on the dresser. Neatly.”

Brianna nodded again and, under the silent gaze of her mistresses, undressed as quickly as she could. Removing the cap from her head, she placed it down on the dresser before unzipping her dress and slipping the garment off her body. Bending down to pick it up, both moaning at the sensation of the toys shifting and blushing at being watched, she folded the dress carefully and placed the bundle of black cloth down next to the cap before stepping out of her shoes. It took a moment to unclasp her garters and work her stockings off but once she did so Brianna slipped the g-string down over her hips and let it drop to the floor before adding it, and her shoes, to the growing pile of clothing. Naked now, and carefully keeping her muscles tight to hold the ben wa balls within herself as she had not been instructed to remove them, Brianna clasped her hands behind her back and waited.

At some point during the striptease Sofia had moved over to the room’s small closet and pulled out an object that made Brianna’s breath catch in her throat. With a grin the blonde held up another catsuit, this one solid black and completely opaque but otherwise very similar to the one Claudia wore save that there were no openings in the suit save for the zipper at the crotch. Without a word the woman opened up the zipper in the back of the suit and handed it to Brianna, who took it with slightly shaking fingers. It had to have been made for her and she did not want to even think of what it might have cost but here it was, another incredible gift from her mistresses.

“Do you like it?” Sofia prompted.

“Oh, yes mistress!” she exclaimed, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Then let us help you try it on.” Roxanna practically purred, startling Brianna slightly as she had not noticed the woman sneaking up on her.

It proved to be a surprisingly complex procedure once they got down to it, making Brianna glad for the help rather than trying to puzzle it out for herself. First applying a lotion to her skin, a task that her mistresses undertook with thorough dedication making the girl moan a number of times as their hands lingered on her breasts and ass and between her legs. Then the difficult task of squeezing herself into a rubber suit that was meant to be tight while making sure that all of the seams lined up and nothing wrinkled. Still, as Roxanna zipped her up, Brianna looked down at the shiny black surface that was her body, running her hands curiously over the layer of latex now encasing her, marveling at the smoothness and the way the suit highlighted her every curve. It looked incredible and the feeling, the constricting smoothness that seemed to squeeze every bit of her in its inescapable embrace, cool at first but rapidly warming upon contact with her skin, was something else. But they were not done yet.

Sliding open the top drawer of the dresser, Sofia pulled out a hood made of the same black latex. Brianna bowed slightly to allow the other woman to remove her collar and pull the hood over her head, grimacing a little at the way it seemed to tug at her hair, but it fell into place quickly enough, the same tight slickness covering her face as well. Finished with that task Sofia replaced her collar and then reached down to brandish a hand mirror. As she looked into it Brianna felt herself gasp, eyes wide, at the alien looking creature that stared back at her. Only her eyes and mouth, and the tiny breathing holes for her nostrils, were exposed; the rest of her was one shiny mass of black rubber polished to a mirror sheen. She had to fight down the urge to reach out and touch the mirror, wondering for just a moment if it was truly her in the reflection that she was seeing.

“Marvelous.” Sofia announced, “We had to guess at some of your sizes, but it seems to fit you perfectly.” She lowered the mirror, “And you wear it well.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna responded, smiling softly.

“You are most welcome.” Roxanna said, “But we are not finished yet, korítsi. Hands behind your back.”

Obediently Brianna did as she was told, once again clasping her hands behind her back as Roxanna pulled an armbinder from the dresser. She bit her lip, eyes closed as the monoglove slid up her arms and the straps were tightened over her shoulders and across her chest to make sure she could not wiggle out of it. A low moan followed as the straps were tightened and her elbows pulled together until they almost touched. Truth be told, through long practice, Brianna had developed the flexibility to allow her elbows to touch but she could only endure that for a relatively short period of time. Given that Roxanna was not pushing those limits it seemed she might be bound like this for a while. That sent her imagination soaring once again and, not for the first time, Brianna wondered just what was in store for her. A quick glance at the bed and Claudia’s still struggling form only heightened that sense.

No sooner were her arms bound than Sofia gripped her under the chin firmly and, with a slight pressure, prompted her to open her mouth. Brianna watched then as Sofia held up a device of some sort, a metal ring made of two halves held together by adjustment screws. As the ring was tucked firmly behind her teeth and the screws adjusted to wrench her mouth open even wider Brianna realized it was some sort of compact jaw spreader, a strapless ring gag in essence. Swallowing as best she could, and curiously exploring the device with her tongue, Brianna was given no time to adapt as Sofia slipped a panel gag over her lips, an attached plug sliding firmly into her mouth, and buckled it tightly into place making the gag blend almost seamlessly with the hood itself. It was not a large plug thankfully, as Brianna had little enough experience with that sort of thing, but still extremely effective at pinning her tongue in place and reducing her to only the tiniest of moans and whimpers.

Roxanna circled her bound and gagged form, gently running her fingertips along the latex clad skin of her torso before opening the zipper at her crotch. Brianna moaned then, the sound little more than a whisper, as Roxanna’s fingers plunged slowly, oh so slowly, into her wet and aching sex. With a surprisingly loud pop, followed by a second a heartbeat later, the ben wa balls slid from her, a mixed sense of relief and disappointment flooding Brianna as the toys were removed. Her mistress had one final addition to make, however. Reaching into the drawer Roxanna held up a stainless steel anal plug triumphantly, a wicked grin on her lips and Brianna felt her eyes go wide at the sight. Oh she’d had anal sex and worn toys before, in fact those were both firsts she had given to her mistresses but she still found the experience to be mildly uncomfortable. Not enough to signal for them to stop, though. Indeed, Brianna moaned again as the cool metal of the plug was pressed against her pussy as Roxanna lubricated it with her own fluids before she forced herself to relax as the plug was gently, but firmly, inserted into her ass. The sudden sense of fullness was almost overwhelming, and incredibly arousing despite the discomfort or, perhaps, because of it.

Closing the zipper partially to seal the plug in place but leave the girl’s pussy exposed Roxanna stepped back, “There, you look absolutely beautiful, korítsi.”

Brianna felt herself blush at that compliment, though she doubted anyone could tell at the moment.

“The rules of this game are simple.” Sofia said as she placed her hands on Brianna’s shoulders and guided her toward the bed, “Claudia has been a very bad girl, and so we have had to punish her. She wants to cum very badly,” she glanced down at the bed and the woman shackled to it, “don’t you Claudia?”

The captive woman moaned and nodded almost frantically.

“But of course, korítsi,” Roxanna picked up, “you know that orgasms must be earned. But this time, you will decide if Claudia has learned her lesson.”

With that Roxanna reached down and removed Claudia’s gag, revealing both a much larger plug than the one Brianna was wearing and that the woman also had a jaw spreader holding her mouth open. With both Roxanna and Sofia holding her arms, Brianna was prompted to climb onto the bed until she found herself straddling the bound woman, looking down at her latex-covered face. Down at pale pink lips wrenched into an ‘O’ of surprise by the jaw spreader, her teeth prominent around the ring, and a captive tongue that revealed not one but two small piercings side by side. Brianna shivered in anticipation. It was quite common for her to perform oral sex on her mistresses, indeed at times she thought the two women might be addicted to such pleasures, but receiving those pleasures in turn? That was a rare treat, a reward reserved for special occasions. As she lowered her hips, slowly pressing her bare sex to Claudia’s captive mouth her whole body felt as if it were on fire, as if every nerve sang with anticipation, her aching core practically throbbing.

All thought abandoned her in that instant as Claudia’s tongue struck like a viper and Brianna could do nothing but throw back her head and moan helplessly at the sensation. It was very clear that Claudia knew what she was doing as she licked and teased and explored, the contrast between her soft tongue and the hard metal of her piercings driving Brianna to distraction. Unable to help herself she began to rock her hips, grinding her pussy against the helpless mouth caught between her thighs, desperately seeking more sensation. Panting harshly through her nose Brianna strained against her armbinder, breath hitching as she felt Claudia’s tongue plunge into her, piercings scraping against frazzled nerves and driving her over the edge. Eye clenched and screaming into her gag Brianna finally, finally had the orgasm she had been craving for so long, an explosion of pleasure searing through her veins. Pressing down harder she began to thrust her hips even more vigorously. She wanted more, and it seemed that Claudia was more than willing to provide. Withdrawing her tongue from the woman straddling her, Claudia immediately began to lap at Brianna’s throbbing clit, trapping the nub of flesh between her two tongue studs as she did so to stimulate it from all sides. Having never felt anything like this before Brianna came again almost immediately, so hard she felt every muscle in her body tense, and bit down on her gag to try and stifle her scream. Claudia still wasn’t done though as she continued to obediently lap at the pussy pressed to her lips, dutifully drinking the fluids of the woman she was pleasuring as she came again and again.

At some point Brianna could have sworn that she passed out from sheer orgasmic overload and only came back to herself when she felt hands gently grip her and pull her away from Claudia’s head until she was sitting between the girl’s legs. Her face, what little of it could be seen, flushed and panting Brianna blinked away tears, whimpering a little as aftershocks continued to assault her body. Despite it all she could not help but laugh into her gag, still a little high on pleasure as she struggled to come back down. That had been incredible, truly and completely incredible. Looking to her left and right she could see her mistresses, who had both stripped as well at some point, giving her concerned looks even as they gently stroked her shoulders and hips as if calming down a wild animal. Brianna found herself chuckling again at the description, finding it incredibly apt somehow even as she reveled in the touch.

It was Sofia’s voice that reached her first, “Are you alright?”

Brianna nodded, still breathing a little heavily.

“Good, good.” The blonde smiled at her, “So then, did she earn a reward?”

A more vigorous nod followed.

Roxanna leaned over to stroke Claudia’s forehead, “It seems you are in luck today, Brianna is in a generous mood. You should thank her.”

“GHhanch, oou!” Claudia managed around the jaw spreader.

With a wicked smile Roxanna ran her hand down Claudia’s body before opening the zipper between her legs to expose her own wet and throbbing pussy, a faint silvery flash revealing that Claudia was also wearing an anal plug. Reaching into the girl, making her groan at the sensation, the olive-skinned woman withdrew a vibrator that had been buried deep within her. At the same time Brianna could feel Sofia unfastening her gag, pulling the panel away from her lips and the plug out of her mouth. The two women then forced her to lay down between Claudia’s legs, drawing her ankles up and cuffing them to a ring at the base of her armbinder, leaving her helplessly hogtied. Once she was in position Brianna felt herself being pushed foreword until the scent of Claudia’s musk was heavy in her nose and her wrenched open mouth was pressed against the poor girl’s aching sex, the unexpected contact making her jump slightly in her bonds.

With that Brianna got to work, gratefully giving back the pleasure she had just been given. It surprised her, though, just how little it took to bring the girl to orgasm. Almost as soon as she began to probe and explore the woman’s delicate flesh with her tongue Claudia seemed to jerk in her bonds, arching her back in a way that looked terribly painful even as she screamed out in ecstasy. As much as Brianna was proud of the skills she had developed, to say nothing of the techniques that her mistresses had taught her, she certainly didn’t think she was that good. Just how horny was this poor girl? Feeling a hand on the back of her head holding her mouth in place, a clear signal that she was not done yet, Brianna put those thoughts from her mind as she continued to lap at Claudia’s quivering sex, alternating between short, fast licks and long, even strokes as she worshiped the girl’s pussy and probed deep inside of her. Muscles as tense as spun steel Claudia continued to thrash and buck in her bonds, throwing her head side to side as she moaned and screamed and came. Brianna could not say exactly how long they spent like that but at some point Claudia seemed to collapse, pushed to her limit and beyond, body relaxing as she went completely limp, moaning softly in abject relief through her gag even as small tremors continued to assault her thin frame.

At some point Brianna felt her ankles being released, her body uncoiling itself from the hogtied she had been confined to, even as hands gripped her about the waist and slid her back across the mattress. Somewhat awkwardly she was lifted over the foot of the bed, feet spread wide on the floor even as she was bent over the mattress. Looking up at Claudia’s prone body Brianna watched as Roxanna climbed onto the bed herself, her scarred back blocking the view as she slid the end of a double dildo into Claudia’s still quivering body before impaling herself upon it as well. Claudia moaned again at that point as Roxanna began to work her hips, fucking the girl in earnest while running her hands up the latex encased form and teasing her bare breasts. Brianna had little enough time to appreciate the sight before she found herself moaning as well as a dildo slowly slid into her own body, Sofia’s strong hands settling about her waist while the woman’s hips pressed against her ass. Normally Sofia preferred to be a little rough during sex but right now she was taking her time, working her plaything slowly and deliberately. Brianna felt herself moan again, eyes drifting closed, as the fires within her were slowly stoked, Sofia carefully increasing her pace bit by bit to shepherd those flames. Lost after what felt like an eternity of moaning and writhing in that wondrous haze of sensation Brianna felt herself go tense, straining against her armbinder and crying out loudly as overstimulated flesh was pushed across the peak of a truly monstrous orgasm. Increasing her pace, Sofia continued to thrust into her quaking form until the blonde crossed the threshold herself, hands tightening on Brianna’s waist as she rode out her own climax.

After what seemed like an endless moment riding that wave of pure sensation Brianna shivered as the dildo was pulled from her overstimulated sex. Blinking several times to clear her vision, still panting to try and catch her breath, she could see Roxanna’s now still form, breathing heavily and hair splayed wildly across her back, as she loomed over Claudia’s bound and moaning body. A moment later Sofia leaned over her to wrap her arms around Roxanna’s waist. The olive-skinned woman turned slightly in that embrace, their lips meeting in a tender kiss that lasted several long minutes.

“Our girls seem to get along quite well.” Sofia noted, the first to break the silence.

“Indeed.” Roxanna agreed, her smile widening slightly, “I think, perhaps, they would still enjoy getting to know each other a little better.”

Sofia’s face lit up then, “I might have an idea.” she said before leaning in and whispering something in Roxanna’s ear.

The woman perked up instantly, “How marvelously devious.”

With that Sofia helped her lover climb off the bed, once again granting Brianna a clear view of Claudia’s shivering body. The pair then began to release the woman from her bonds, untying her from the tight spread-eagle she had been trapped in and pulling her mostly limp form to her feet. Brianna could do nothing but watch as they then proceeded to lock Claudia’s ankles together before slipping an armbinder onto her own arms, tightening the monoglove until her elbows touched without resistance. Brianna found herself marveling at that seemingly effortless flexibility, and admiring the way the tight elbow bondage made her small breasts stand out in a rather flattering fashion. Still not finished, however, she continued to watch as Roxanna plunged a double dildo back into Claudia’s pussy, zipping up her catsuit as far as she could to hold it in place while Sofia slid yet another double dildo into the girl’s mouth. But that toy was a bit different, however, with a hole drilled through the midpoint to accommodate a pair of thin leather straps, one of which Sofia tightened around the woman’s head effectively gagging her. Seeing that Brianna began to have an inkling of what her mistresses had planned and felt herself squirm a little as the muscles in her sex clenched slightly, embers of arousal beginning to glow within her again. Seemingly satisfied with that preparation both of the women then grabbed her under the arms and Brianna felt herself lifted to her feet and guided her over to Claudia’s bound and latex encased form.

Roxanna gave her a slight, questioning look, silently asking for permission to continue and Brianna found herself nodding. With that she found herself pressed up against Claudia’s thin frame, their stomachs and breasts touching even as she felt the first dildo guided into her own pussy while the second slid effortlessly between the jaw spreader she was wearing. The second strap on the dildo gag was fastened around her own head, locking her lips together with Claudia’s into the strangest but most arousing kiss she had ever had. Their collars and ankle cuffs were then clasped together with padlocks, trapping them in that strange embrace before Roxanna dumped a truly ludicrous amount of electrical tape on the bed. Trembling in excitement Brianna watched silently as the two woman took the tape and spent several long moments mummifying the two latex clad figures into a tight and seamless cocoon that went from their ankles to their shoulders. The last thing Brianna felt before Sofia half drug and half carried them to the bed and laid them down on their sides, was a tight blindfold covering her own eyes that trapped her in total darkness and a soft kiss on her temple.

“Pleasant dreams,” Roxanna said in the darkness, “and rest well. We’ll untie you when lunch is ready.”

She heard footsteps on the hardwood floor then as well as the creaking sound of the door closing, though Brianna was fairly certain that at least one of her mistresses was still here keeping careful watch. Still as she lay in the darkness, her body pressed against Claudia’s thin form and trapped in an incredibly tight embrace, the only sounds the hiss of breath through her nose and her heart hammering in her chest, Brianna could easily imagine the two of them were alone. In her mind’s eye the fantasy unfolded, the pair of them together in cruel bondage, gagged tightly and unable to murmur even the slightest hints of comfort to each other, nothing but two helpless sex slaves waiting for the return of their captors. Brianna felt her nipples harden and her sex clench around the dildo filling it as her arousal grew again, but her thoughts were cut short when Claudia began to squirm in their cocoon, grinding their bodies together. There wasn’t much room but leveraging what little slack there was in the tape the woman eventually found a way to rock her hips against Brianna’s own in a way that made the dildo connecting them squirm in a fascinating way. Brianna gasped at the sudden sensation, then moaned, but Claudia only began to rock her hips more aggressively and made a soft noise that sounded like annoyance. Taking the hint quickly enough, Brianna began to rock her own hips as well, copying Claudia’s motions and gratified to hear the woman moan softly in turn. It felt like it took forever as they rocked and twisted and ground their bodies together, their latex encasement becoming almost uncomfortably hot as the motion of the two girls became even more vigorous. Mewling into their gags, louder and louder as the tension built, eventually the pair were able to squirm their way to a mutual orgasm, thrashing against each other inside their cocoon as they did so. But even as Brianna moaned loudly into the gag and felt her muscles go slack in satisfaction Claudia only redoubled her efforts. Part of her was taken aback, almost marveling at the fact that the woman was apparently still horny, but somehow Brianna found herself grinning around the gag at her enthusiasm and responded in kind. Perhaps there was some truth to the idea that the woman had been edged all night long?

Whatever the case she had a feeling there wasn’t going to be much rest going on this afternoon but, as she began to rock her own hips again, Brianna was certain that both of them would be quite relaxed by the time it was over.


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