The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 2

The problem, Brianna decided after weeks of thought and indecision was that something that made sense while half asleep often didn’t hold up to scrutiny in the morning. The dream, the hope, of being with her neighbors, of becoming their lover, their plaything... It was a wonderful dream, long cherished and long dismissed as impossible but then there was her discovery, the discovery that had changed everything. Even now she could easily summon up the images when she closed her eyes, the incredible sight of the two women she had wanted for so long engaging in a BDSM threesome with an unknown woman in heavy bondage. Just the thought of it made her knees weak and lit a fire in her very core. The sight may well have been the most arousing thing she had ever seen and each night she replayed it in her mind over and over, fingers deep within herself as she fantasized about being in that woman’s place, of being cruelly bound and gagged and used. Even just thinking about it now left her feeling a bit flushed and horny. Thankfully no one had noticed her little distracted daydreams, but the truth remained. And yet, for all that she hoped and dreamed and prayed that this discovery might mean she had a chance at making those fantasies, both old and new, come true Brianna still hesitated. Even if Sofia and Roxanna were in an open relationship, even if they were willing to indulge in a threesome on occasion (and the proof seemed fairly conclusive) what was she going to do? Knock on their door, mention she had been spying on their sex life and ask if there was room for one more? The very idea sounded ludicrous, even in her head. She wasn’t exactly a blushing virgin but Brianna’s romantic experience was still somewhat limited and while she couldn’t say for sure, she had a feeling that was a less than ideal method.

And yet she could not simply bring herself to abandon those dreams either. Ever since that night her fantasies had begun to grow increasingly intense and elaborate. She’s stolen a few bits of rope and a roll of duct tape from the garage, and picked up an old dog collar at a thrift store to begin experimenting with self bondage. It had been… awkward to say the least and the Internet had been both more and less help than she would have liked, but she had learned. She’d picked up a few knot tricks and learned how to tie her wrists together somewhat clumsily. Many nights she had put the collar around her neck and lain in the darkness on her bed, tying her wrists and ankles before stuffing her mouth with something and placing tape over her lips. On her most daring nights she stripped naked first, the thrill of potentially being caught somehow more intense than the bondage. On those nights, clumsily bound and gagged, she could close her eyes and imagine that it was Sofia and Roxanna who had bound her, that it was their hands that were touching and teasing and pleasuring her. Very early on she had come to appreciate being gagged, both for the fact that it thrilled her and that she tended to cum very loudly when masturbating like that. She’d even had thoughts of trying out some of those rope harnesses she’d seen pictures of and wearing that under her clothing sometime but she didn’t think she had quite enough courage for that. Besides, the few times she had practiced tying herself that way the ropes had either been too loose or too tight or both at the same time somehow. She was still trying to puzzle that one out.

However, as much as she had enjoyed and continued to enjoy that self exploration the elephant in the room continued to taunt her. But today? Today was going to be different, or so she hoped. Like so much else in her life, or at least in her fantasy life, it seemed sheer happenstance had once again reared its head. It was another lazy Saturday, the school year was rapidly coming to a close and Brianna had retreated to her room after breakfast to… well, she wasn’t really certain what she had been going to do. She was keenly aware of the summer’s rapid approach and there was no doubt she would go off to university in the fall and be away from both her home and the objects of her desire for the first time. She would probably try to get some sort of job over the summer as well, but that was a somewhat distant thought compared to the rest. No, what weighed upon her was the realization that time was running out, that if she was going to act it would have to be soon. Lost in those thoughts she had happened to glance over at her desk and seen the roll of tape sitting where she had casually tossed it the night before. Smiling slightly at the memories that evoked, she had wandered over and picked the tape up, spinning it around her finger idly when a flash of movement through the window caught her eye. Looking up she caught sight of Sofia carrying a basket of tools out of the shed and toward the gardens. It wasn’t a conscious decision, not exactly, but something about the sight of the woman hardened her resolve and in that instant Brianna decided that she had delayed and doubted enough. And so she had dropped the tape once again and begun tearing through her dresser and closet for something more appropriate to change into.

Which was how she found herself, some twenty minutes later, standing in front of an old, full length mirror that sat in the corner of her room and checking over her appearance. She honestly didn’t know what she was going to do exactly, but putting her best face forward seemed like a pretty good first step. And, as she studied herself, Brianna thought she had done a pretty good job of it. She would never have described herself as beautiful, certainly nothing compared to the striking women whose eyes she hoped to catch, but at the same time she thought she managed to look good. Placing a hand on her hip Brianna smiled a bit at her reflection. Perhaps her breasts were a bit on the small side and, perhaps, she was not as fit as she might have liked but she thought the outfit she had chosen flattered her figure. It was nothing fancy, just a simple sundress with an equally simple pattern, but it fit her well and the short skirt drew attention to her long legs. She also liked the way the dress left her arms bare while the neckline drew attention to what little cleavage she had. Under it she’d been certain to don some of her more risque underwear, just in case. Since neither Sofia nor Roxanna seemed to wear much makeup, she had been careful to apply only a bit in order to highlight her best features and had left her long, bright blue hair loose to fall over her shoulders. Some earrings, a simple necklace and a pair of sandals rounded it all out and, as Brianna smoothed out her dress and checked over everything one last time she could not help but smile. In her own humble opinion she thought she looked pretty good.

That smile became a touch brittle as she, once again, grappled with exactly what she was planning to do and all the ways it might go wrong. “Okay,” she whispered to herself, taking several deep breaths to try and calm her nerves a bit and still the butterflies in her stomach, “you can do this.”

Closing her eyes and taking another breath Brianna nodded firmly and, before her doubts could return, turned on heel to stalk out of her room. Slipping down the stairs and through the kitchen, careful to make sure no one could see her leave, Brianna headed out of the house and into the back yard. Doing her best to ignore that the butterflies had returned, and brought reinforcements, she forced herself to make a beeline for the old wooden gate that separated her own yard from that of her neighbors. With each step her nerves trembled all the more and, several times, she almost stopped and turned back but somehow managed to clamp down on the instinct and push ahead. She knew that if she stopped now she’d never find the courage to try again and, one way or another, this ended today. Almost without realizing it she found herself standing at the gate, hand on the latch. This was it, the point of no return. Clenching her free hand and closing her eyes Brianna opened the gate and stepped through barely hearing it creak closed behind her. Slowly opening her eyes again she blinked a few times against the bright sunlight and took in the sight. The yard beyond was immaculately kept, as it always was with the grass trimmed neatly and well kept beds of flowers laid out all along the old wooden fence. The pool, clear and inviting, dominated the center of the space butted up against the covered patio and its collection of chairs. The overwhelming scent of flowers filled the air and Brianna spared a moment to take it all in, smiling faintly at the nostalgia of it. It had been… a long time since she’d stood here.

Sparing only a moment to reminisce, she finally began to scan the green expanse and found what, or rather who, she was looking for. There, by the vegetable garden in the back, was Sofia Petrovna. Just as beautiful as ever the older woman was on her knees pulling weeds, her blonde hair tied up in a messy bun and dressed in a set of well worn jeans with a simple button-up shirt, seemingly lost in her own world. Blushing just slightly at the sight of that perfect ass perfectly framed in a pair of tight jeans, and fighting down yet another urge to flee, Brianna forced herself to walk forward and tried to focus on a plan. ‘Just talk to her.’ she thought, ‘Be friendly, flirt a little and see how things go.’ She almost laughed out loud at how ridiculously simple it all sounded. Heart pounding in her chest like a drum Brianna’s thoughts stopped as she at last found herself standing not more than a few feet from the woman she desired so ardently. And yet, it seemed as if Sofia hadn’t noticed her approach. Biting her lip in a moment of indecision, Brianna placed a hand on her hip and struck what she hoped was a sexy pose before clearing her throat.

The noise seemed to startle Sofia slightly, shaking her out of her focus, and the woman quickly glanced over her shoulder, a curious frown etched onto her features, “Brianna? Is that you?”

Brianna smiled back, trying her best to look confident, “Hi Sofia. It’s me.”

Sofia smiled broadly in return and stood in one smooth motion, dusting dirt and bits of grass from her jeans as she did so. “My word, with that dress and that hair I barely recognized you!” Sofia laughed gently and then seemed to look her up and down, “You’ve grown into a lovely young woman.”

“Thank you.” Brianna answered with a blush, hoping that was a good sign, “Sorry it’s been so long I guess I’ve just been… I don’t know. Busy with other things.”

Sofia waved that concern away, “Think nothing of it, I understand how things are. So, what can I do for you? Come for a swim perhaps? The pool should be clean.”

Brianna shook her head slightly, “Maybe later. It’s… I was hoping that we could talk, maybe?”

“Is something wrong?” Sofia asked, a note of concern in her tone.

“No, no.” Brianna assured, “Nothing like that. I was just, I had some things I was wondering about.”

“Ah, I understand.” Sofia said with a nod, pulling off her work gloves as she did so, “I’m sure I can take a short break.” with that she waved vaguely in the direction of the patio, “Let us have a seat.”

Brianna smiled and nodded back, slightly spellbound as she followed Sofia, trailing a few steps behind in order to enjoy the view. As soon as they were under the shade of the patio roof, as Sofia was tossing her gloves onto a nearby table and pulling up a pair of chairs, Brianna leaned against one of the posts and shifted her hips slightly, letting the hem of her skirt ride up just a little to expose more of her pale thighs. Subtle, but not too subtle.

“You know, I should be jealous.” she said.

Sofia looked back at her (and Brianna thought it might be her imagination but she thought the woman’s gaze dipped down to her legs for a moment), “Oh?”

“I mean, here you are wearing work clothes and weeding the garden but you still look ready to strut down the catwalk.”

She chuckled at that, “You flatter an old woman.”

“Hardly.” Brianna returned with a smile of her own, “I’m flattering a beautiful woman.”

An odd look came over Sofia then, her lips dropping into a frown as if confused for a fraction of a second before a strange glint seemed to enter her eye. Brianna found herself caught short by that look and felt her heart leap into her throat when Sofia smiled, smirked almost, and practically stalked foreword in two broad steps until the woman was standing almost uncomfortably close.

“Brianna Wilde.” she said, purred really, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

Brianna jerked as if electrocuted at both the statement and how the woman’s lilting accent seemed to caress her spine. She opened her mouth to try and reply but the words stuck in her throat, “I...”

“Bold.” the athletic blonde continued, ignoring Brianna’s sputtering and leaning in ever closer as she did, “Far bolder than any of the others.”

“Others?” Brianna managed to squeak.

Sofia grinned, “I may be blonde, but I’m not blind. I know how half the boys in the neighborhood, and more than a few of the girls, look at me. You’re subtler than most, but not that subtle.”

Brianna found herself swallowing, face burning with embarrassment and keenly aware that she and the other woman were practically touching, while trying to think of something, anything to say.

Sofia didn’t let up, however. She leaned in, even closer, and practically whispered in Brianna’s ear, “And then of course there were the times I saw you behind the curtains.”

Brianna practically jumped out of her skin, face suddenly going pale in mortification that one of her biggest secrets apparently wasn’t so secret, “You... you saw me?”

The older woman leaned back slightly, grin both amused and almost predatory, “Did you enjoy the show?”

“You’re not mad?” she managed in a weak voice.

“Mad? No, I am not mad. Curiosity is no sin, not to me anyway. And I am certainly not shy.” Sofia purred, once again making the girl shiver, “Indeed, if not for all these silly taboos I suspect I’d be naked most of the time.”

Brianna could feel her brain short circuiting at that statement, her imagination conjuring up any number of rather pleasant images. Her nipples hardened involuntarily and she squeezed her legs together as her face went red. When had she lost control of this conversation and just who was seducing who now?

Giving her no time to recover Sofia continued, “In truth I found it rather flattering and honestly thought nothing of it. But here you are, bold as brass, trying to catch my eye. You are trying to catch my eye, yes?”

Swallowing hard Brianna could do naught but nod.

At that Sofia moved in for the kill, voice once again dropping to a husky whisper, “So tell me, Brianna Wilde,” she shivered unconsciously at hearing her name pronounced like that, “what did you do as you watched me climb from the pool dripping wet and shed my clothes to lay out under the sun?”

Brianna tried to answer, she really did, but words seemed beyond her as the blonde shortened the distance between them until their bodies were practically touching.

“Did you touch yourself?” Sofia asked.

Brianna bit her lip, face blazing, and nodded.

Sofia leaned in until her lips were practically against the other girl’s ear, her breath tickling her skin, “Did you cum?”

Self-control failing her at last Brianna let out a low moan, “Yes.”

Looking rather pleased with herself Sofia grinned, “What a naughty girl you are. Perhaps I should punish you.”

“Yes.” Brianna whispered, clenching her eyes shut, trembling and afraid to move, “Punish me, please.”

“And what sort of punishment do you think you deserve?” Sofia asked, “What do you want, Brianna Wilde?”

“I want you.” Brianna breathed, surprising even herself with that admission, “I want you to bind my arms as tight as you can. I want you to touch me and tease me, to edge me until I beg you to let me cum.”

“And do I?” Sofia wondered, voice husky.

“No.” Brianna said, somehow unable to stop talking, “You shove a ring gag in my mouth, force me down on my knees and make me eat you out.”

“And then?” Sofia prompted.

Embarrassment fading as she lost herself in the fantasy, Brianna continued, “Then you fuck me, hard, in any and every way you want until my eyes roll back in my head and I can’t take anymore.”

Silence dominated for a moment after that, only the faint sound of the breeze and the pool pump filling the air. Breathing slightly heavily, thighs damp, Brianna opened her eyes to look upon Sofia again. A faint blush colored her cheeks and, glancing down briefly Brianna thought she could see faint outlines of the other woman’s nipples, and yet she felt herself swallow involuntarily at the intense look Sofia was giving her. For a brief moment she though the older woman might shove her down and take her right then, but she seemed to shake herself from whatever she was thinking.

“What an imagination you have.” Sofia said at last, “But I already have a lover, you know.”

“I want her too.” Brianna admitted, softly.

“Do you now?” Sofia asked, pulling away slightly.

A small tendril of fear shot through Brianna as Sofia began to pull away from her, cutting through the lust like a knife, and the words suddenly rushed out in a torrent as she tried to explain, “I saw you!” Sofia’s brow furled in confusion at that, but Brianna didn’t stop, “Last month, I saw you. The curtains were open and I saw you and Roxanna with the woman bound in latex. And you...”

A finger suddenly pressed to her lips silenced her and Brianna watched, heart pounding as Sofia suddenly looked contemplative. “You saw that, then?” Brianna just nodded. Sofia actually smiled just slightly for a brief moment and withdrew her finger, “The curtains open? How careless of me. Hmm, perhaps…” she trailed off for a long moment, expression betraying nothing before nodding to herself, “Very well then, my dear. Take off your clothes.”

Brianna just blinked in confusion at that, “What?”

“Your clothes,” Sofia confirmed, “take them off.”

“Here?” Brianna asked, shakily, “Outside?”

“Consider it a test of your resolve.” Sofia offered, “Besides you’ve seen all of me, it seems only fair to return the favor.”

Brianna felt herself turn bright red again as embarrassment flooded her and part of her wanted to refuse, to protest that someone might see, but the rest of her was so incredibly turned on. As… strange and sudden as all this was, a voice screamed at her that she was on the verge of getting what she had so desperately wanted and so, with shaky fingers, she reached behind herself and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. Slipping the straps off of her shoulders she allowed the garment to fall away, pooling around her feet until she was left standing in only her underwear. Despite the heat of the day Brianna felt goosebumps rise on her skin and she had to resist the sudden urge to cross her arms and cover herself as the sheer material of her lacy black bra and matching panties did little to hide her pierced nipples or damp sex, shaved smooth in imitation of the two women she wanted so badly.

She started in surprise as one of Sofia’s hands suddenly came to rest on her shoulders while the other fell on her hip, caressing the skin softly. “You have excellent taste in lingerie,” she said while running a finger down one of the bra straps, “And you wear a thong well, but I believe I told you to take off your clothes. All of your clothes.”

If anything Brianna’s blush grew even more intense, but she managed to give a brief nod then reached up to undo the clasp between her breasts and shrugged off the bra before reaching down to slip her underwear over her hips letting the last of her clothing join her dress on the ground. Before she could say or do anything else Sofia suddenly pulled her close into a tight embrace and pressed their lips together. Brianna’s eyes widened for a second before she allowed them to slip closed and moaned into the kiss, bringing her own arms up to wrap around Sofia’s waist, keenly aware of the feeling of the taller woman’s clothing brushing against her naked body. Returning the kiss eagerly she obediently parted her lips at Sofia’s prompting and allowed the woman’s tongue into her mouth. While it was certainly not her first kiss, as far as Brianna was concerned it was the best and most anticipated kiss she’d ever had.

After several long moments Sofia broke the kiss, making Brianna whimper slightly at the loss of contact, and gently loosened her embrace. “I’m going for a swim,” she announced, suddenly, “Join me?”

“Wha…?” Brianna managed as her eyes fluttered open, squinting a bit at the light, only for her breath to catch in her throat as her vision cleared just in time to see Sofia casually throw off her shirt revealing her tanned and toned torso as well as the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. As many times as she had seen Sofia naked, as many times as she had admired those firm breasts and athletic frame she could never get over just how stunning the woman was. Without pausing Sofia unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down her legs, along with her own much plainer underwear, to leave herself standing completely naked as well. The older woman seemed well aware of the effect her body was having on her guest and she offered a sultry grin before practically sauntering to the edge of the pool and diving in.

Shaking herself out of her stupor, Brianna scrambled to follow, kicking off her sandals as she did so and jumping into the pool herself with a far less graceful cannonball. Clenching her eyes shut as she hit the surface Brianna struggled not to gasp as the cool water enveloped her, the sensation almost freezing against her heated skin. For a moment she floated in that cold embrace until she felt her toes touch the bottom. With a quick push she burst through the surface, almost gasping as she took a deep breath, and slicked her long hair out of her face. Before she could even open her eyes a familiar pair of arms embraced her and a pair of lips found her own again. She once again melted into the kiss, the sensation of Sofia’s firm, warm body pressed against her own, a pleasant contrast to the cold water. Still blind, she felt herself being pushed back until she was pressed against the pool’s tiled wall, Sofia pinning her in place as the kiss deepened. Brianna found herself moaning at the feeling of Sofia’s firm, full breasts pressed up against her own smaller ones to say nothing of the sensation of what felt like, miles of smooth, naked skin sliding against her own nude frame.

With an involuntary gasp Brianna broke the kiss when she felt a toned leg slip between her thighs and press firmly against her pussy. Sofia then shifted slightly to straddle one of Brianna’s legs in turn before twisting her hips to grind against the other girl. Brianna threw her arms around Sofia’s shoulders to steady herself and moaned loudly at the pleasurable sensations flooding her.

With a smile Sofia pulled her close until the younger girl’s head was practically resting on her shoulder. “Don’t make me do all the work.” she whispered, “Move with me.”

Wordlessly Brianna dropped her hands down to grip Sofia’s firm and shapely ass and urged her foreword while thrusting her own hips as well. Part of Brianna could not help but marvel at the situation, and the sensation. That she was, at long last, able to touch the object of her desire, to be able to hold Sofia’s beautiful body close and give her pleasure while receiving pleasure in turn. To say nothing of the sudden, unexpected exhibitionist thrill of doing such things here, out in the open, when anyone who looked might see their nude bodies writhing against each other in the water. Most of her, though, could only moan and whimper at the unexpected intensity of the contrasting sensations. The cool embrace of the water lapping against her skin, the warm body in her arms and the increasingly hard thrusts that not only ground wondrously against her heated sex but slammed her back against the smooth tiles of the wall behind her again and again. Practically panting she moaned like a bitch in heat and tightened her grip, urging Sofia to move faster. It was incredibly, so much better than touching herself or the few fumbling attempts at sex she’d tried before and then, of course, there was the trill of excitement she felt from how incredibly forbidden this all was. It was too much, it was all too much. All too soon she felt herself reach the peak and Brianna buried her face in the crook of Sofia’s neck to stifle her cries of pleasure. Sofia just tightened her grip in turn, holding her close, and began to rock her hips even more vigorously until her own panting breath gave way to a gasp of shuddering release moments later.

“Sorry,” Brianna gasped out, still panting and trembling and clinging to Sofia, “I’m not… I’m not usually that fast.”

The blonde chuckled softly, “Fast can be good.” She then planted a soft kiss on Brianna’s temple and whispered in her ear, making her shiver in a way that had nothing to do with the water, “Besides, I’m nowhere near done with you yet.”

With a soft smile Sofia slowly began to untangle their bodies and pulled away, grasping Brianna’s hand as she did so and gently pulling the other girl into the center of the pool. Smiling herself, Brianna squeezed the older woman’s hand and allowed herself to be led out into the deeper water. It felt good, the cool water on her heated skin, even if it felt much colder now without Sofia’s warmth grasped to her. For several lazy moments the pair just sort of floated there, enjoying the sun and the peace of the day, and Brianna closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. A soft tug at her hand prompted her to open her eyes and Sofia tilted her head slightly to indicate the steps that led up to the patio. Nodding, Brianna followed as the pair emerged from the pool, water dripping from their bodies as they did so. A warm breeze was blowing but despite that Brianna shivered slightly as the wind blew across her naked skin. Sofia seemed to give no mind to the breeze however, and ignoring the pile of clothes they had left behind led Brianna to the large glass doors that separated the patio from the kitchen beyond. Sliding them open, and apparently heedless of the water they were trailing behind them and onto the floor, Sofia stepped inside the house.

If she had thought the breeze outside had been cold it was nothing compared to the arctic chill of conditioned air that seemed to pour through the doorway. Brianna instantly felt goosebumps rise on her skin and her hair felt like a cold mass pressed against her skull. In fact she had to struggle not to let her teeth chatter, though again Sofia seemed unaffected by it all. To distract herself Brianna took a moment to look around the room as they walked. It had been a long time since she had been inside 137 North Hickory Lane but despite that it seemed almost unchanged from her memories. The house felt old, antique even, the kitchen especially. Vintage appliances that stood in stark contrast to the shiny and new machines in her own home, countertops and cabinets decorated with all manner of jars, bottles and other knick knacks that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in an antique store only fed into that sense. Wordlessly, Sofia trudged on however, pulling Brianna along behind her as the pair made their way past the finely polished wooden table and ornate chairs that dominated the center of the kitchen and through a large archway into the living room beyond it.

Dark was the first impression that Brianna got as they crossed the threshold. The living room, a surprisingly small space dominated by a large couch and several chairs that shared the same antique look as the rest of the furniture, looked cluttered, perhaps even cramped compared to the size of the house. There were paintings on the walls, a fireplace, a small bookshelf and several end tables but no television. A large bay window dominated the front wall, looking out onto the covered porch, but decorative wooden shutters on the inside had been pulled mostly closed letting only a trickle of light through. A single lamp was on, however, and sitting beneath its pale light, curled up on the sofa with an old leather bound book in hand was Roxanna, barefoot and dressed in a plain long-sleeved shirt and slacks that covered most of her scars. Hearing them approach the olive-skinned woman set the book down in her lap and looked up, brow furling slightly in confusion as she took in the pair, rich brown eyes darting across their nude forms as if trying to parse what she was seeing. Despite the chill Brianna felt herself blushing bright red and had to fight the urge to hide behind Sofia.

Finally, the brunette’s expression seemed to even out and she let out a soft, almost put upon sigh, “Dare I ask?”

“No need to be like that, dorogoy.” Sofia said with a slight smile, “Miss Brianna and I were just… enjoying the pool.”

Roxanna arched a single brow, “And I suppose you both forgot your swimsuits?” she glanced down at the floor with a small frown, “And towels too, it would seem.”

At that Sofia grinned like the cat that had just eaten the canary and began to speak in a language that Brianna could not understand. It startled her, slightly. Of course she had known that English was not Sofia’s first language, not Roxanna’s either, but she had never heard either of them speak anything else. Still, even if she could not identify it the unfamiliar words (Russian perhaps, many said that Sofia was Russian) sounded beautiful. Still, whatever was being said it certainly seemed to get Roxanna’s attention, the brunette following the conversation carefully and occasionally firing back questions in what, to Brianna’s ears, sounded like yet another language before the pair seemed to reach some sort of understanding. Letting out another sigh, though this one sounded amused, Roxanna shook her head, set her book down on the coffee table and stood somewhat stiffly. She then limped over to the pair and once again Brianna had to fight the urge to hide, or to step back as Roxanna reached up and took her face between soft and delicate hands. Roxanna studied her for a moment, and Brianna found herself swallowing involuntarily, butterflies once again taking flight in her stomach under that intense scrutiny. Finally though Roxanna seemed to find what she was looking for and with a faint smile of her own, leaned in to kiss the younger woman softly.

The kiss was not deep or particularly passionate, though Roxanna’s lips were as soft as Brianna had always dreamed and she tasted faintly of tea and spices, but she nonetheless started slightly at the unexpected contact. Once the kiss broke she found herself staring into Roxanna’s bottomless eyes, “Does that mean…?” she trailed off.

Roxanna chuckled slightly and tilted her head slightly toward Sofia, “I may sometimes accuse this little vlákas of thinking more with her vagina than her brain...”

“Hey!” Sofia protested, albeit playfully with a pout.

But,” Roxanna interjected to forestall further comment, “I trust her judgment. And so I welcome you into our home, and into our bed.”

“Thank you.” Brianna whispered, barely able to contain herself and partly unable to believe that all of this was happening.

“Do not thank me yet.” Roxanna cautioned, “You may find that I can be… demanding of my lovers. And so, since Sofia has already sampled the goods as it were, it would now be my turn, yes?”

Unbidden Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.” She could not say exactly what prompted her to say that, but it felt appropriate.

Roxanna smiled slightly, “Good girl.” With that she took a step back and began to head for the stairs, “Now come along, both of you. The only thing worth interrupting a good book for is good sex.” She glanced back over her shoulder, “Don’t disappoint.”

Still a little dazed Brianna just nodded and looked over at Sofia, who grinned and gave her hand, which she was still holding, a reassuring squeeze before leading her up the stairs as well. Once again Brianna allowed herself to be led, barely noting in the back of her mind that this was the first time she had actually been on the second floor of the house. However, by the time Sofia pulled her into the bedroom all rational thought was pushed from her mind at the sight of Roxanna shedding the last of her clothes. Brianna spared a moment to drink in the sight. Roxanna lacked the toned, firm curves of Sofia’s athletic form, but she possessed all the slender curves of a classic beauty and there was something about her stance, the way she carried herself that made her seem almost regal in spite of the web of scars carved into her body.

The olive-skinned woman grinned at them and placed a hand on her hip, “Like what you see?“

Brianna could only nod dumbly at the sight, only barely aware of Sofia releasing her hand and stepping away, “Beautiful.”

“A charmer this one.” Roxanna mused as her smile turned sultry and she limped over to the younger girl and placed her hands on pale shoulders, gently caressing Brianna’s collar bone before running a finger up her throat, making the girl shudder at the sensation, “But there’s something else, isn’t there? I can see it in your eyes, you want more than just sex. You want to be dominated.

Brianna let out a shuddering whisper, “Yes, mistress.”

Roxanna nodded, “That can be arranged. But, before we begin I need you to pick a safeword. You know what that is, yes?” At Brianna’s nod she continued, “If you become uncomfortable, if anything hurts or you need to stop for any reason, say that word and everything stops. Do you understand?”

Brianna nodded again, “Say the safeword and everything stops.”

“Good. Now, your word?”

After a moment of thought Brianna spoke, “Emerald.”

“Emerald.” Roxanna repeated, as if testing the word, “And what happens when you say that word?”

“Everything stops.” Brianna answered.

“Correct, do not be afraid to use it.”

No sooner had that been confirmed when Brianna felt a pair of calloused hands grab her from behind and pull her arms behind her back. A loud clicking noise followed a second later as something tightened about her wrists. ‘Handcuffs,’ she realized, a spike of arousal shooting through her body. Those hands then fell on her hips, ghosting up her sides and tickling her ribs before cupping her modest breasts and squeezing playfully. Brianna moaned at the sensation, then gasped again as Sofia’s firm body seemed to mold itself against her, the woman’s breasts pressed up against her back.

Watching the display Roxanna stepped even closer, placing her own hands on Brianna’s hips, “You like to be touched, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.” she whispered.

“All in due time, my dear,” Roxanna assured, “all in good time.”

With that she began to explore Brianna’s body more thoroughly, running her hands up the girl’s side before gliding splayed fingers across her stomach, making her squirm and giggle when she found a sensitive spot, before tracing down her legs and up her inner thighs slowly, oh so slowly. Brianna moaned and opened her legs in silent invitation, thrusting her hips forward as if begging the olive-skinned woman to touch her aching core but, for the moment, Roxanna refused. Letting out a low whine deep in her throat, Brianna felt Sofia place her chin on her right shoulder and plant a series of kisses on her neck as she continued to massage her breasts. Tilting her head to the side to grant the other woman better access Brianna moaned even more loudly when Sofia began to nibble on her ear and tease her pierced nipples.

The blonde chuckled a bit at the reactions they were getting out of the younger woman before addressing her lover, “It is more than that I think, dorogoy. She does not like to be touched, she loves to be touched.” she twisted her head slightly to whisper in Brianna’s ear, “Don’t you?”

“Oh yes, mistress.” Brianna managed, voice rough with need, “Please, please touch me more.”

Trembling, Brianna bit her lip then as Roxanna’s hands ghosted up her thighs with a spider light touch before a pair of fingers brushed against her pussy, exploring her damp folds and aching clit with maddening softness. She moaned again, loudly, and tried to thrust her hips against the source of her pleasure, but each time she did Roxanna eased back just enough to make sure she could get no further sensation from it. It was maddening, the feeling of Sofia’s body pressed against her, grinding against her ass and playing with her sensitive breasts, while Roxanna’s hands explored her skin and teased her sex with such gentle, cruel playfulness. It was everything she had ever wanted, ever dreamed of, and she never wanted it to end. For a moment she wondered if this was what it had been like for the woman bound in latex. It was impossible to tell how long she remained suspended on the edge like that, a growing orgasm building within her and yet always denied just on the peak, leaving her moaning and writhing and straining against her cuffs, reduced to a wet and begging mess.

“Please mistress, please!” she forced out, “Please let me cum!”

As if waiting for that cue, Sofia’s hands suddenly left her breasts and a moment later Brianna felt something jammed into her mouth, behind her teeth, making her squawk in surprise as a pair of straps were pulled tight against her cheeks. Using her tongue to trace the edge of the steel ring wrenching her mouth open Brianna felt her pussy clench, a blush spreading down her face and onto her chest as she realized she’d been ring gagged and what that probably meant.

Still behind her Sofia leaned in and kissed her on the check, “A wonderful look for her, wouldn’t you agree.”

“She wears a gag beautifully.” Roxanna agreed, her left hand gently rubbing Brianna’s hip while she brought her right hand between the girl’s legs, making her gasp as a finger slipped inside of her, “And she must like it, she’s soaking wet now.”

Brianna could only look down, blush intensifying as Roxanna withdrew her fingers and Sofia gripped her shoulders softly. A gentle, but firm, pressure prompted her to drop down to her knees. Roxanna then cupped her cheek and forced the younger girl to look up at her, granting both a magnificent view of her body from this angle but also forcing their eyes to lock.

“Tell me,” Roxanna prompted, “have you ever gone down on a woman?”

Brianna hadn’t thought her blush could get anymore intense, but it seemed her body was intent on proving her wrong. Still, she managed a nod.

“Then let us see if your previous lovers taught you anything of value.” Roxanna mused, “For you see, korítsi, if you wish to cum, you must to earn it.”

The meaning was clear enough as Brianna felt Roxanna’s hands tangle in her still damp hair and draw her gagged lips to the other woman’s sex. While she hadn’t lied about having experience with this sort of thing, she and her first (and to date only) girlfriend had gone down on each other, the world “fumbling” was a pretty accurate description of the experience. And she had certainly never worn a ring gag before. Still she tried to recall as much as she could about that night as well as the pictures and videos she had seen and began to stroke the soft flesh before her with her tongue.

“Easy now.” Roxanna instructed, “Slow down and take your time, it isn't a race. Explore your lover, find her sensitive spots,” a soft gasp made Brianna think she'd found one of those spots, “then use the tip of your tongue to tease them.”

Taking the advice to heart, Brianna did as she was instructed. She explored, running her tongue up and down Roxanna's pussy, tracing the folds of her labia and lapping at her clit, noting each time the woman gasped or twitched or gave some indication that a particular spot felt good. Using that rough map she was building, Brianna then returned to those spots, brushing and swirling the tip of her tongue across them. A deep moan and hands tightening in her hair gave every indication that she was doing a good job.

Panting a bit Roxanna let out another moan before continuing her instruction, “You learn quickly, korítsi. Now,” another gasp, “put your tongue inside of me.”

Brianna hesitated for a split second before doing as she was told, snaking her tongue into the woman, marveling slightly at the silky heat she found there, a wave of arousal washing over her as Roxanna tightened around the intrusion.

“Good girl.” Roxanna gasped out, “Now go as deep as you can, keep exploring with the tip of your tongue, until...” Whatever else she was going to say was cut off by a long, loud moan, “Oh, just like that, just like that! Don't stop!”

Apparently having found the right spot, Brianna used the tip of her tongue in a somewhat awkward motion to lap at that spot repeatedly. Roxanna's hands tightened again, mashing their bodies together as she moaned and trembled with pleasure. A moment, perhaps two passed but then, just when it seemed as if Roxanna was on the verge of orgasm Sofia stepped forward and embraced her lover, capturing the woman’s slightly parted lips in a deep kiss and sandwiching Brianna’s kneeling form between them. Caught between a deep kiss exploring her mouth and an insistent tongue worshiping her pussy Roxanna came, hard, Sofia swallowing her cry of pleasure as Brianna continued to obediently lap up her fluids. Sofia broke the kiss then and Roxanna, taking a moment to get her breathing under control, loosened her grip and gently pulled Brianna’s mouth away from her. Tongue still sticking out from between the gag, Brianna looked up at her mistresses and took in Roxanna’s flushed face and Sofia’s wide grin.

“That certainly looked fun.” Sofia commented while idly stroking Roxanna’s hips.

“She has talent.” Roxanna agreed, “Lacks experience, but quite enthusiastic.”

“Don’t be greedy, dorogoy.” Sofia returned, leaning in for another, much softer, kiss, “Is it not polite to share your toys?”

“Get on the bed.” Roxanna commanded, “And spread your legs.”

With another sultry grin Sofia did as she was told, climbing onto the mattress on all fours before twisting to lay her body down languidly, taking a moment to make herself comfortable before spreading her legs wide, demonstrating her flexibility. “Like this?” the woman asked in a sultry tone.

Ignoring the blonde’s comment, Roxanna released her grip on Brianna’s hair, taking a moment to card her fingers through damp locks before stepping behind the girl and gripping her under the arms in order to help her to her feet. Standing a little unsteadily after kneeling on the hard floor Brianna moaned again as she felt Roxanna press her body against her back and loosely wrap her arms around her waist, “A beautiful sight, yes?”

Brianna could only nod as she took in Sofia’s prone body, toned thighs spread wide to put her glistening sex on full display.

“Would you like to taste her?” Roxanna asked.

Brianna could not help herself, she moaned softly around the gag at the thought as another wave of arousal shot through her.

Roxanna chuckled a bit and glanced over to Sofia, “I think that was a yes.”

“One way to find out.” Sofia agreed.

With gentle pressure on her sides, Brianna was guided to the bed and, given that her arms were bound, climbed onto it with some difficulty. Roxanna hands steadying her, the girl was forced to lay on her stomach with her head between Sofia’s thighs. Grinning at her, eyes alight with lust, the blonde reached down and stroked her cheeks softly for a moment before Brianna felt her gagged mouth being guided onto Sofia’s pussy, their lips embracing in a soft kiss. Immediately she began to lick and explore the blonde’s most intimate places when she felt Roxanna’s hands on her thighs, pulling them apart.

“Open your legs korítsi, I want to see you.”

Blushing fiercely, but not breaking rhythm, Brianna did as she was told, spreading her legs as wide as she could to put her own aching pussy on display. Caught between Sofia’s hands stroking her scalp and playing with her hair, while Roxanna massaged her thighs and ass, Brianna could not help but squirm as she worked Sofia ever closer to orgasm, the blonde letting out the occasional contented sigh, soft moan or involuntary twitch to mark her growing pleasure. Brianna took note of Roxanna’s hands leaving her skin for a moment, but gave it no mind until those hands gripped her firmly about the waist and pulled her hips up into the air, forcing her somewhat awkwardly onto her knees with her legs still spread, and something firm and slightly cool pressed against her sex. No more than a second later Brianna gasped as she felt the length of a dildo slide into her without resistance, her muscles gripping the intruder tightly. As horny and desperate as she was Brianna could not help but arch her head back, breaking contact with Sofia’s body, and moan loudly through her gag.

Instantly a hand grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back harshly enough to cut through the pleasure. “You were not told to stop.” Roxanna said, sternly, “You cum when she cums korítsi.”

Nodding as much she could with her hair held tightly, Brianna tried to answer around the gag, “I’nh houuy! I’nh houuy!”

Seemingly satisfied with her apology, the hand released her hair and Brianna leaned back down to continue her work, clenching her eyes shut and moaning again as she felt Roxanna’s hips press against her ass and begin to work her with the double dildo. It was hard, so very hard, but Brianna managed to focus through the haze of pleasure as Roxanna began to fuck her slowly, oh so very slowly. With her tongue trembling she began to lick Sofia again, the blonde sighing appreciatively at her efforts, as Roxanna thrust into her at first shallowly then deeply, fast then slow in a maddening pattern that left her just this side of orgasm. Whimpering a little, and silently begging Roxanna to speed up, Brianna redoubled her efforts, exploring and teasing Sofia’s curves and folds and worshiping her clit in a desperate effort to bring the woman off as quickly as possible. The intensity of Sofia’s moans, and the occasional gasp that almost sounded like a growl, as well as the way her hips began to rock certainly spoke of her success, but the blonde stubbornly refused to cum. Brianna tried to thrust her own hips to get that last little bit of sensation that she needed to push herself over the edge, but Roxanna’s grip around her waist was surprisingly firm, holding her still. Finally, in desperation, Brianna thrust her tongue into Sofia’s pussy as deeply as she could, groping blindly in hopes of finding the spot that would finally push her over the edge. The blonde suddenly moaned, loudly, fingers tightening like claws in Brianna’s hair and back arching as she began to grind her hips against the bound girl’s face. Spurred on by this, she worked at Sofia’s sensitive inner walls until the panting woman practically howled as she came.

That apparently was the signal for Roxanna to begin thrusting into her harder and faster and Brianna found herself whimpering and moaning, muffled as she was by both the gag she was wearing and Sofia’s flesh still pressed tightly to her. Eyes closed and practically hyper-ventilating now, Sofia’s scent overwhelming in her nose, Brianna was lost in ecstasy as Roxanna fucked her in earnest. Already on edge it did not take more than a minute before her pussy seemed to explode in orgasm, a shock-wave of pleasure rocketing through her body as she screamed in blessed release. It seemed, however, that Roxanna was not satisfied with that as she continued to thrust into Brianna’s trembling flesh, increasing her pace as she did so and pushing the overstimulated girl to a second orgasm and then a third. Lost in a sea of overwhelming pleasure, the shocks of her multiple orgasms shooting through her, Brianna could do nothing but moan and scream and squirm until it was over. After what felt like an eternity Roxanna finally stopped, Brianna letting out a shuddering whimper as the dildo was pulled from her and she collapsed in a boneless heap, spent and sated, Sofia stroking her hair softly with a gentle and reassuring touch.

Flushed, sweaty and still trying to catch her breath Brianna just lay limply as Sofia disentangled their bodies, effortlessly taking the bound girl in her arms and laying her head down on the pillow before pulling the gag from her mouth. Although Brianna was glad to be able to work her jaw and ease the soreness that was starting to build there she was also somewhat disappointed at its loss. Shifting slightly so that she was partly on her side to avoid laying on the handcuffs Brianna cuddled up against Sofia’s form as Roxanna joined them on the bed and curled up against her back.

Sofia began to play one of her hands over Brianna’s body in seemingly random patterns while Roxanna laid an arm over her shoulders. “Was it everything you dreamed of?” the blonde asked after a long moment.

“It was incredible.” Brianna said with a contented sigh, “I almost can’t believe that I’m not dreaming.” In response Roxanna reached down and gave her left nipple a firm pinch. Brianna practically yelped in response, “Hey!”

“There.” Roxanna said, “Now you know you’re not dreaming.”

Brianna could not help but giggle a little at that before, in a combination of the absurdity of it all and still being high on adrenaline and endorphins, she broke out into a full blown laugh. Her… her lovers joined in after a few heartbeats and embraced her, leaving the trio laying contently in a pile of tangled limbs and warm, naked skin.

After a long, lazy moment of silence Roxanna finally spoke, “Would you like me to take the cuffs off?”

“No!” Brianna blurted out, then blushed a little in embarrassment at her outburst, “I mean, no thank you. I’d just… I’d just like to lay like this, for a little longer.”

Sofia grinned at her reaction, “Well, I certainly have no objection.”

As they settled into a comfortable silence Brianna let her thoughts wander. Thinking back on where she was, on what had just happened, she could not deny that it had been an incredible experience, everything she had dreamed of except better. She felt both exhausted and energized, as if she could both run a marathon and sleep for a week. Yet part of her could not help but wonder why these two incredible, beautiful women had agreed to all this and that conversation downstairs, what had they been talking about? Had all of this just been a whim, a chance to have a little fun? Not that she wasn’t grateful, but at the same time it made her a little sad to think that might be all this was. Now that she had tasted the forbidden fruit she found herself wanting more.

“Is something wrong?” Sofia asked suddenly, drawing her from her thoughts.

“No.” Brianna said after a moment, “Not really. You were amazing, both of you, and I can’t tell you how happy I am but, I guess, I’m just a little sad that it’s over.”

“Who said anything about this being over?” Roxanna asked from behind her.

Brianna shifted a little to look over her shoulder at the olive-skinned woman, “What?”

“Who said anything about this being over?’ Roxanna repeated, “I mean, if you are happy to walk away having your fantasy fulfilled then I am glad to have helped, but this need not be the end. You certainly need a lot of training,” she emphasized the word in such a way that it made a shiver run down Brianna’s spine, “but as I’m sure you can guess Sofia and I are rather… dominant people and having a pretty, and better yet willing, submissive to play our games with is certainly a delight.”

Brianna gaped like a fish out of water, wondering if she had heard correctly, “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Roxanna confirmed, “But you are young yet, soon enough a bright girl like yourself will go off to college and meet people your own age. You may find someone you want far more than us, but who knows what the future holds? In any case we have the summer in front of us and I see no reason we cannot enjoy ourselves in the meantime.”

Brianna felt her eyes begin to water slightly, “Thank you.” she whispered, “Thank you so much, both of you.”

Sofia tightened her embrace and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, “You’re very welcome.”

Brianna smiled, “Of course, I’ll need some sort of excuse to suddenly start spending so much time here. The truth might be a little awkward.”

“Yes,” Roxanna said, dryly, “I imagine your parents would be less than pleased to discover you visiting the neighbors for kinky lesbian sex.”

Brianna grinned but said nothing.

“I may have an idea.” Sofia ventured, “The house needs to be painted this summer. I could certainly use someone to help take care of things inside while I work outside. It is good for a young student to have a summer job, is it not?”

Brianna couldn't help but wrinkle her nose playfully, “Here I thought I was bargaining for sex and you want to put me to work?” she joked.

“I'm certain we can find some way to, as they say, make it worth your while.” Roxanna responded.

Brianna nodded, “What sort of things would I need to do?”

Sofia shrugged, “Some cooking and cleaning, laundry perhaps, and sometimes run to the grocery store. That sort of thing.”

“Like a maid?”

“Something like that.” Sofia agreed.

“Can I wear a uniform?” Brianna asked, the idea suddenly popping into her head and yet another faint blush coloring her cheeks.

Roxanna laughed under her breath, “I’m certain something could be worked out.”

“Then, when do I start, mistress?”

The pair just smiled at her enthusiasm but didn’t bother to answer, not that she had expected them to. The details could wait because right now only one thing dominated Brianna’s mind. This had really happened, was really happening. There were still so many details to work out and some part of her doubted that she could truly appreciate the full implication of what she was doing, but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to care. Still, as amazing as this had been, as much as she wanted nothing more than to curl up with these two beautiful women and sleep the sleep of the well and gloriously fucked she really needed to leave, gather her clothes and head back home before anyone noticed that she was missing. Yes, she really should do that. But, all the same, Brianna couldn't bring herself to move right now. At the moment all she really wanted was to revel in the warmth of her lovers, of her mistresses as the memory of their passion burned in her chest. Apparently agreeing with her, the two made no move to loosen their embrace and Brianna felt herself smile as her eyes began to drift closed for a short nap. She had never really imagined that her dreams might come true but she certainly wasn't complaining.

The future? The future was certainly looking up.


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