The Exit Interview

by Kitsune71

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© Copyright 2023 - Kitsune71 - Used by permission

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"Today was definitely not going like I'd hoped it would," I thought to myself as I left my boss's office.

The clicking of my high heels echoed down the long hallways of the law offices where I was currently employed.

I had just finished attending an impromptu meeting with Mr. Wolfe, it hadn't gone well…

A little about me, my name is Marie Davenport, I'm 5 foot 2, and most I think would consider me pretty. I have light brown eyes, I'm fairly well-endowed with a curvy figure and toned legs. I'm a natural brunette, with skin the color of milk chocolate.

I do have a temper I have to keep in check, and often have to work twice as hard just to be taken seriously. The place is such a boys club so I knew moving up in the firm was going to take ages.

As an aspiring paralegal, I worked tirelessly to prove myself through fetching files, making appointments, and catering to the whims of many stuffy entitled clients.

While my job certainly wasn't the career I studied for, everybody has to start somewhere. So at twenty three years old, I started working for Mr. Wolfe as his secretary hoping to move up in the law firm eventually.

Of course, I would dress smart to look the part. A black blazer, a sleeveless red turtleneck sweater, a short black business skirt, and black nylons were my attire today.

Always, of course, a pair of high heels to make up for my short height. Today I picked a pair of black 4-inch peep toe slingbacks, a mix of sexy and professional.

I had begun to wonder if bringing up the account books with my boss was such a good idea. It wasn't often the files I was occasionally asked to retrieve pertained to anything financial in any way, so when Mr. Wolfe had asked me to retrieve the file in question. I saw an opportunity to put my degree to use and try and impress my boss. Just maybe he'd see my value to the firm lay beyond my secretarial skills.

However the moment I mentioned the financial oddity in the file I'd been asked to retrieve for him that morning, the look of admiration I'd hoped for was missing. Instead there was a distinctly cold calculating look I'd never seen before, and certainly not directed at me.

I don't know why, but instead of dropping the subject I kept talking.

"And… so like I said I was reviewing the accounts you asked for and I noticed there's a discrepancy…" For once I noticed as I spoke, he wasn't staring at my legs. "I figured I'd bring it up with you, in… in case you hadn't noticed." My confidence waning at his stare.

"Now I'm well aware of what you went to college for Ms. Davenport. However, I hired a secretary not a paralegal. I asked you to retrieve the files not to review them, what about that didn't you understand? Now go take a long lunch and think hard about your career choices."

With that unusual and abrupt exchange I was dismissed, I was quite surprised by the aggressive tone he'd used. As a lawyer Mr. Wolfe was far from a teddy bear, and could be ruthless and even underhanded at times to win his cases. I guess I could somewhat understand his point of view, but still his overreaction to my efforts seemed very out of proportion to his usual behavior. I knew that something was wrong, he had never spoken to me so curtly.

Grabbing my purse and laptop bag from my desk, I headed back towards my boss's office to inquire if he needed anything while I was out, and possibly utter a meek apology before heading out to lunch.

However, once I approached my boss's office, he seemed to be having what sounded like a hushed argument with somebody on his cell phone. Looking up and catching my eye, he pointed to the exit sternly.

Taking the not-so-subtle hint, I headed towards the parking lot. At the moment food was the last thing on my mind. Leaving in my car, I decided to go and pick up the large area rug I had taken in to be steam cleaned. I had gotten a little too inebriated during the previous weekend, tripping on the rug and dropping a nearly full bottle of red wine on it. After picking up the rug and still having plenty of time, I decided to head to my apartment and drop it off. Maybe then I'd go get something light to eat along with some tea to settle my stomach.

I soon arrived at my apartment, driving into the car park and parked in my assigned spot. It was unusually quiet while walking through the concrete structure, the only sounds were the click-clacking of my high heels on the concrete as I headed to the elevator with all my bags and rug in hand. As I took the elevator up to the fourth floor of my apartment complex. my mind was elsewhere, all I could think about was Mr. Wolfe's cold gaze.

Entering my apartment I dropped the rug by the door and stretched. Carrying the large rug wasn't easy by any means, especially while in heels. Heading to the living room to put my purse and laptop bag down, I was unaware of the shadow that followed me. Abruptly, I was shoved from behind up against the hallway wall next to my bedroom door. Because of my heels, I swayed unsteadily on my feet. I took a few quick tiny steps to regain my balance.

From behind me, a gruff voice said "Be quiet and do not move, do you understand?" He emphasized his point by wrenching one of my arms painfully into my lower back, fearfully I nodded to show I would comply.

"Place your other arm behind your back." Hesitantly I brought my other hand behind my back, grabbing both my hands he crossed my wrists. Holding my crossed wrist with one hand he began wrapping nylon rope with his other hand in a figure eight before finishing the tie with a tight cinch.

The voice behind me spoke lowly into my ear "Now then darling, my little friend here is going to help keep you nice and quiet."

I tasted rubber on my tongue as a 2-inch red ball was forced into my mouth. He had to pull the gag tight to force the rubber ball deep into my mouth and sit tightly behind my teeth. I could now only make muffled moans and grunts as the large rubber ball pinned down my tongue. The gag was buckled behind my head, the leather straps biting deep into my cheeks. Shaking my head, I let out a quiet muffled moan.

Two hands gripped my shoulders and spun me around. Looking up or rather down I got my first look at the man who had tied and gagged me. He was short at 5 foot 3, with a shaved head. The man's dark brown eyes gave his face an intense look. The thug of a man was obviously overcompensating for his height with overly thick muscles and an intimidating demeanor to match. His nose had a hook in it and looked like it had been broken one too many times.

"Dave said you had some fine-looking legs. Now I see why he didn't just want you to disappear." Gazing at my stockings with a smirk. I could only stare at the man in shock, I wasn't being robbed. Someone had paid this bastard to do this to me! "Dave is coming back for you tonight. I don't know what you did to piss him off enough to call in the favor I owed him."

Eyeing me up and down the thug said, "Well, I somehow doubt you're just going to be quiet and stay put. So relax and don't make this harder on yourself." It was then the duffel bag hanging over his shoulder caught my attention, and I became even more uneasy as he dropped it on the floor.

I didn't get much time to stress about the contents of the bag, as soon he had forced me down into a sitting kneeling position. As the spikes of my high heels poked uncomfortably into the soft flesh of my ass he began pulling multiple lengths of rope out of the duffel.

My eyes widened as he picked up a particularly long rope off the floor, he folded the rope in half at the middle forming a loop on one end. Taking the looped end in one hand and the doubled cords in the other hand, he pulled the double cords through the loop creating a slip-knot. Then he widened the slip to about 3 feet, then the thug walked behind me. He then laid a loop over my chest until the ropes sat just under my breasts.

I winced as he began ratcheting the ropes from behind me, the ropes biting into my arms and the underside of my breasts. When the ratcheting finally stopped, my arms were tightly pinned into my sides and lower back. He wasn't even close to being done though, as he reversed the direction of the ropes winding the cords around the upper portion of my arms and my chest then back through the knot. Yet again I winced as the thug ratcheted the ropes through the knot, the ropes biting deep into my upper arms as well as the swell of my breasts.

Still not done, the man ran more rope under the two loops between my arms and abdomen. Next, he pulled the cords up over the ropes over my shoulder, behind my neck, then repeated the pattern before leading the rope through a loop at the knot behind my back.

For the final time, he ratcheted the ropes tightly through the nexus between my shoulder blades. This caused all the ropes to mold unforgivably tight into my body. In fact, the ropes were so tight that when I leaned back slightly, the buttons on my blazer popped off revealing my white turtleneck sweater. With a grunt, he finished with what I could only guess was a knot worthy of Pandora’s highest praise.

My arms and wrist had essentially been welded to my torso. Looking down I also noticed the pattern had the added effect of prominently framing my large chest provocatively. All this had taken the man less than 2 minutes, he'd tied me up tightly with clearly experienced finesse and efficiency.

Satisfied I wouldn't be getting out of my bindings the man lifted me up onto my heels. Gripping me by my upper arms, he guided me into my bedroom before shoving me down on the floor inside my closet.

"What is he going to do with me?" I asked myself as I landed on my rear. The ropes constricting my body were worse than a corset, they were making it a little difficult to take in deep breaths. My pulse was pounding so hard that I felt like my whole body was shaking.

Bending over he started sliding his hand slowly up my calf and thigh, the thug grinning wickedly at me. That snapped me out of my thoughts and I kicked out with one of my high heels at him.

Catching my heeled kick the man smiled. "Nice," the man said, fingering one of my high heels. He then reached out, touching the tight garter running down the back of my thigh. "Damn, I've only seen these in magazines. Dave is a lucky bastard, wish I could keep you myself, there's so much I'd do to you," the man said as he stared at my stocking-covered legs.

"Keep me," I thought, "just what the hell was that supposed to mean?!" I yanked my heel free from his grasp and began to struggle against the ropes. Twisting my body around, I squirmed and heaved in futility. Amidst my thrashing, a cell phone started ringing in the man's jacket. I managed to calm myself if only to listen in as the man answered the call.

"What is it? Yea, don't worry, I got your problem all trussed up, she's not going anywhere anytime soon. Don't worry I'll grab her purse, phone, and laptop."

I watched him stand up and walk away. My thoughts raced, "This is my chance, if I could get over to my window maybe somebody would see me!"

Pushing against the wall with my back, I inched my body up until I stood shakily on my heels. Taking a small step forward, I looked past the corner of my closet. Spying at the man, he was standing in my kitchen with his back to me, phone to his ear.

My pulse hammering in my ears, I slowly took a few more steps and then ran for it. The clicking and clacking of my heels on the hardwood as I ran were like thunder in the room. I got closer and closer to my window and could just see the traffic passing in the street when I felt two hands wrap around me from behind and pull me back.

"MMM MMMM MMMMPH!" I screamed from beneath my gag, but only muffled moans came out. If any of my neighbors did hear my moaning, they'd probably think someone was giving me one hell of a good time.

"Well that was a mistake, toots," the man told me testily as he dropped my kicking and struggling body back in the closet of my bedroom.

"Hmmph," I huffed as I stomped down with one of my heels.

"Looks like you need a few more incentives to stay still," he said, perturbed.

Pulling out a couple more ropes, the thug rolled me over onto my stomach. Sitting on my ankles the thug quickly wrapped rope around my knees and cinched them together tightly.

Shifting his body around he sat on my thighs, I felt my ankles being crossed before they too were enveloped with rope. Somehow, he'd cinched the ropes in a way that I couldn't uncross them.

"There, that should hold you," he told me smugly as he got off of me, before rolling me over and back into a sitting position.

I kicked my crossed heels back and forth before finally letting my feet drop. Huffing indignantly I glared at the bastard. Seeing the look on my face he stared intently at me.

"Dave said I wasn't permitted to play with you, that was the order," he said to himself. "Well," he grinned, "I've never been great at following orders!" Hands gripped the hem of my tight sleeveless turtleneck under my jacket. Pulling the sweater up until his fingers hit the ropes, he then pulled it up from under the ropes. My tits and the lacy white bra that contained them were exposed.

"Errrrrr uumff!" I snarled at him. Sitting down on the ground next to me, he pulled me onto his lap, I could feel something poking into my rear. "Mmmph!"

I groaned at the audacity of the brute. Reaching around two hands slid and gripped at my chest, squeezing and kneading at my breasts. One of his hands would smash my mounds like a stress ball, while his other hand fingered my nipple through the lacy fabric of my bra. Alternating back and forth the man spoke crude whispers into my ear. I bucked and protested at this horrid man's attempt to use my body to dry hump against him. Leaning forward as much as I could, I tried to push away the disgusting pervert with the tips of my fingers. Every time I did this he'd pull me back down, grinding my ass against the tent in his pants.

After going back and forth for what felt like an eternity, I lurched to the side catching the man off guard. The result was I landed face-first on the carpet, with the thug laying on top of me. This didn't stop him however, as he continued to smash and grind himself into my backside. At every push of his hips, my face and tits were forced into the floor of my closet. The thugs grunting and rubbing reached a frenzied pace. Seriously I thought my face was going to get carpet burn at this point.

Finally, I felt the man shudder behind me as he thrust his groin hard into my ass, a damp spot seeping into the rear of my skirt. The smell of his release permeated the air and invaded my nose.

"uuuuuh huh huhhhh," I let out, with a disgusted groan.

"Ahhh, he's going to have one hell of a time with you," he said. Giving my breast one final squeeze as he got off of me.

Slowly rolling over, I squirmed and struggled violently against my bonds. I cursed at him from underneath my ball gag, outraged that this man had dared to do this to me.

As I shook I soon realized, so did my breasts from behind my lacy white bra. The thug was definitely enjoying that, so I stopped.

"Oh well," the man said and stood up. Taking a final look at me, he adjusted himself and spoke.

"Time for me to go darling, but don't worry you won't be alone for too long. Before I go, however…"

"Waaaahhh," I shrieked as I was lifted by my ass, until I was face first on the floor with my butt in the air. Cool air flowed over my thighs as my skirt was wrenched up over my panties. Then I felt him pull two cords around my waist, drawing the ends through the loop of the double rope. Pulling the lasso tight, he fed the ends between my thighs. Tucking the ends under the ropes behind my waist, before feeding them between my thighs again. Finally, he pulled the ropes tight digging into my panties and tying the ends in a bulging knot right over my clit.

"MMMMPHHH!!" I wailed loudly into the large rubber ball. Lowering my skirt back down the thug chuckled clearly amused with himself.

"That's called a crotch rope honey, and I'm certain you'll grow to love it. Oh, I almost forgot." The bastard said as he pulled a short rope from his pocket. I just stared at him in disbelief, seriously how could things get any worse? The answer, he knotted one end to my crossed ankles before forcing them up and tied them to my crossed wrists.

HOGTIED! I was now fucking hogtied! And what's worse was now the new position placed half of my weight down on the knot between my legs!

"Well darlin, I hope you enjoy yourself while you wait." I did the only thing I could think of, in that moment. Twisting one of my wrists I flipped him off and mumbled "fffffcccck oooh."

Laughing, he grabbed my purse and laptop bag before leaving me to lay and wonder when this 'Dave' would come to collect me.

Hours passed for me, helpless while bound and gagged. I shook with fear and anger. At first, I had taken the opportunity solitude had given me. I struggled and wriggled, rubbing the ropes against anything I could reach. The rope tucked tightly between my folds sent jolts up my body at every wiggle, making it hard to focus on getting free. The sensations were wholly unnerving, and I had to fight hard against getting aroused from the friction being caused by them. Ultimately, all my escape attempts managed to accomplish was riding my skirt up and a slight dampening in my panties.

Sore and exhausted, I finally gave up and squirmed back into my closet. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to drift off into an fitful sleep. When I awoke, it was to the sound of a key being inserted into my door. I also noticed that my apartment was completely dark, I must have dozed off late Into the night. The short Thug of a man must have stolen my keys on his way out. I heard my door open and then close, followed by my deadbolt being locked, the click echoed loudly in the silence.

Soon footsteps approached my bedroom and the light was flipped on. Illuminating me in my helpless state, I could only stare in shock at the man in front of me.

David Wolfe.

A man in his late 40s, he was fit and trim in appearance. While he was far from ugly, the widow's peaky he sported did signify he was no longer in his prime. All this did nothing to curb the sleazy attitude he protruded whenever he looked at me. The especially sleazy smirk on his face right now though, did nothing to alleviate my worries. Realization struck me, It was him… David or Dave as the man referred to him, who had hired the thug to do this to me!

"Well well well Ms. Davenport, I must say as annoying as your snooping has been. I can't say the results haven't at least yielded an opportunity I've been yearning for a good, long, while." Mr. Wolfe spoke snidely while approaching me slowly, drinking in the sight of me in my bound and exposed state.

He'd always been a sleazeball, copping a feel whenever I let my guard down, asking me to stay late, inviting me out to dinners, and on more than one occasion bluntly propositioning me. Now here I was practically gift-wrapped and unable to do anything to stop him. Bending down David reached over and lifted my chin with one hand while grabbing one of my tits with his other. Smirking, he gave my tits a good squeeze, I let out a muffled grunt of indignation at his touch. "I'm very much going to enjoy this Ms. Davenport. Unfortunately after today's events I don't think I can keep you in my employ any longer. We'll have to conduct your exit interview tomorrow." He chuckled to himself as I huffed at his monologue. "However, such fun will have to be done elsewhere I'm afraid. Business hours are over right now so I hope you don't mind waiting a while." As he said all this smugly, David released me from the hogtie that had plagued me for hours.

Rolling me over David lifted me from the closet bridal style, before carrying me over to a desk chair. Using the length of rope he'd removed earlier, he fastened my ankles to the chair with it. David then grabbed and dragged me in my chair into the middle of my bedroom.

"I'm sure it would be prudent to take a few changes of clothes along for our trip together," David smirked devilishly at me.

Digging through my closet, David pulled out my gym bag and dumped its contents into my hamper before laying the bag next to my dresser. Soon he was placing every piece of lingerie I owned, into my gym bag. Panties, bras, and nightgowns, the skimpier the more pleased he seemed to get. While rummaging through my closet he held up a particular article of clothing with great interest. I blushed scarlet with embarrassment as my boss held up my leopard print corset. The gleam in his eyes turned to a perverse hunger as he inspected the matching g-string, cat tail, and ears. They had been from a Halloween costume I had worn a couple of years back in college, I'd lost the tool skirt that went with the rest of the outfit. Smirking David said. "mee yow, Ms. Davenport." I averted my eyes in humiliation, as he packed the outfit into the bag. Moving on he opened my closet and pulled out a few pairs of my high heels, specifically the ones I'd wear for a hot date or when clubbing with friends when they were in town. Then he pulled out my prized five-inch leopard print platform peep-toe pumps. The red-soled shoes had been a graduation gift from my mother, classy, comfortable, and expensive. I loved how sexy and easy to walk in the pumps were, and now I can only assume he'd pick those out to match my costume. These were placed into my gym bag, all the while my boss glancing lecherously at my legs.

"Now that we have the essentials, I'm going to take them down to the car. Then I'll be back to get you ready."

David left me there, bags slung over his shoulder as he left. For the next five minutes, I renewed struggling against the ropes that held me captive. Of course, my struggles were futile, the thug had tied me expertly but I had to try everything I could.

Moaning in frustration I gave up and simply waited for the inevitable. Sooner than I liked he'd returned, scissors in hand David snipped the ties holding me to the chair, next, he cut the ropes binding my ankles. Then he stood me up onto my heels and leaned me against my door as he rummaged in my closet. Pulling out my black suede trench coat David wrapped it around my shoulders. He then fastened the coat all the way up hiding the ropes that kept me helpless.

Following that, he tucked the ends of my sleeves into my pockets. My coat was big enough, that with the sleeves placed inside my pockets with my coat wrapped around me would provide camouflage to the ropes restraining me underneath. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a surgical mask to hide my gag. Last but not least, he loosened my hair to hide the straps of the ball-gag.

I was terrified, but I stood with a look of arrogant defiance on my face. I refused to let him see my fear. He came to a halt directly in front of me and smiled, I did not return the smile however, and stared stubbornly out of the window. Obviously, my boss had other ideas as he caught my chin in his vice-like grip. Turning my head towards him, tilting my head up until I had no choice but to meet his eyes.

"Not a sound now Ms. Davenport or you will regret it I assure you." He caught me roughly by my arms and dragged me out into the long corridors of my apartment complex, again I had no choice but to go with him.

My hopes of being rescued were dashed, as I was led down the deserted hallway and into an empty elevator. Soon we were walking down into a carpark. The parking structure was devoid of people and was silent save for the click of my heels as I walked. The walk to his car was slow going due to the ropes tied above my knees, which were forcing me to take short dainty steps. Each step was made even more uncomfortable with ropes tied between my legs, in particular the knot rubbing against my clit sending jolts of electricity up my spine.

As we walked through the carpark I realized not a single person would be witness to my being escorted away from my apartment. David held me tightly to him as we walked like two lovers in a walking embrace heading towards his older model Cadillac. As we approached the car I noticed that it was parked where my car normally was. Noticing my confusion David turned to me.

"I had my friend dispose of your car this afternoon. As far as anyone at the firm is concerned, you took a sudden trip after I confronted you about your illegal workplace activities," David said with a smirk.

It suddenly dawned on me as to why the thug took my phone, laptop, and purse. David was trying to cover up whatever he thought I'd discovered in that file. Not only that he was getting a little prize for himself. Namely, me.

After finally reaching the car, David opened the passenger door. Then he bent me over and shoved me face-first down onto the bench seat of the older model car. David pulled another rope from his pocket and re-tied my ankles together. Next David Pulled out an extra-long cable tie and slid it underneath my thighs. I moaned as he then bent my ankles backward then zipped the tie closed forcing me into a tight uncomfortable hogtie. Shutting the passenger door, David walked over to the driver's side and climbed inside. His thigh pressed against my face as he sat down.

"This day has left me pent up Ms. Davenport, I think I need some relief," David said as he started up the car.

Leaning over he reached into the duffel bag in the back seat and pulled out an item. It appeared to be a chrome metal ring with two leather straps attached to it. As I stared at the item, curious as to its purpose. David unbuckled and pulled down his slacks, freeing his hard cock which stood erect. Seeing this, my eyes widened in trepidation, and I began protesting in earnest. Turning to me, David lifted me partially onto his lap and unbuckled the gag that was silencing me. Before the rubber ball gagging me had hit the floor, David had forced the metal ring into my mouth sitting behind my teeth. David then tightened the straps until there was no leeway.

This gag left my mouth wide open and vulnerable. Gripping me by my hair he forced my mouth down onto his waiting hard cock. I struggled anew, gagging as he held me there. My protests were muffled by the intruder invading my mouth.

The purpose of the gag was now clear, David now had free access to my mouth and I could do nothing to stop him. My eyes watered as I gagged and I struggled to breathe, but eventually I settled with my lips wrapped around my boss's cock. Unable to bite down or eject the fleshy phallus, I eventually learned to breathe through my nose.

Most may not think that I'm very sexually active or just a prude, but sucking cock made me nauseous. I know many women enjoyed this type of oral activity, but after trying it I just found it degrading. All this ran through my mind as David slowly started to lift my head up and then slowly force it back down his sweaty cock. He set a slow pace, guiding my mouth to his tip before lowering me back down to the base of his shaft. After a minute of this, I figured he'd be increasing his thrust into my mouth before he'd release his disgusting cum into my mouth and down my throat. Instead, I felt him shift his car into gear as he kept the bobbing motion at a decent pace. It took me ten minutes to realize that my boss was going to drag out the on-the-road entertainment for as long as he could. The car ride was an uneventful blur for me, the scenic view of my boss's cock and balls were all I was privy to see. I didn't have much in the way of hope of being seen and rescued. The older car's windows were heavily tinted, assuring no one would see me. Let alone me being seen tied up while having this man's dick in my mouth as he forced my head up and down unwillingly. Up and down, up and down, I was forced to bob his cock the tip gently stabbing the back of my throat. The occasional pothole or road bump seemed to add a pleasurable vibration to my boss's idea of a car game. My jaw was beginning to get sore and my throat raw as I felt the car pull off the highway and into a subdivision. I felt the car come to a stop, the sound of an automatic gate whirring from outside. As the car began to move, I realized David must live in a gated community. Shortly after that, I felt the car pulling into a driveway.

After I felt the car being shifted into park, I heard the garage door close. I realized we had reached our destination. Suddenly, I felt his grip on my hair tighten and he began to plunge my mouth down onto his cock with increasing thrust. I could feel the tip of his dick pounding at the back of my throat harder and harder, unable to do anything to stop it.

I began to whimper and gag, finally, I felt and began to jerk as he held my head down tightly on his cock as he spurted load after load of cum deep down my throat. Honestly, it seems like he had been going for weeks without sex or masturbation from the amount he unloaded into my mouth and throat.

Finally, the pressure on the back of my head lessened and I began to breathe normally all the while trying not to throw up from the taste of his cum on my tongue. I coughed and gagged as he pulled me off of his cock, cum dribbling out of my mouth. Before I had regained my ability to speak he had removed the ring gag and shoved the large red ball back into my mouth. Buckling it tightly, once again stealing my words before I could utter a single one.

"Ah, I've been wanting to put that pretty mouth of yours to good use for months Ms. Davenport, now let's get you inside, huh."

Opening the driver's side door David exited the car while pulling up his pants. He then closed his door and headed to the rear passenger door where the bags he had stored lay.

After retrieving the bags he proceeded inside the house leaving me tightly hog-tied and gagged on the passenger seat whimpering while hot tears rolled down my cheeks. Hearing him reenter the garage, I stopped my whimpering while trying to hide my tears. Not wanting to give him any more power. Opening the car door I felt David snip the cable tie, my legs flopped down onto the seat and I was free from the painful hogtie. My relief was short-lived as I was pulled out of the passenger seat and made to stand and lean against the car.

"Well now that we're nice and secure in my home there's no need for this anymore I suppose". David said as he removed my large coat, leaving me standing in my bindings and exposed bra.

I refused to meet his eyes as he ran a finger down my exposed cleavage. I squeezed my eyes shut as he ran his other hand down my backside, down to my stockings, slowly lifting my skirt to expose my garter belt followed by my lacy white g-string panties.

"Oh yes Ms. Davenport, you and I are going to have some fun. I've been dreadfully bored ever since my wife left me. She never could accept my… hobbies."

He said as he grabbed a handful of my ass. I shrieked with surprise as I was lifted and tossed over his shoulder, soon we were heading into the house.

I mewled in protest as David carried me into the large kitchen of his two-story townhouse. Walking over to the peninsula in his kitchen, he lowered me onto the countertop and proceeded to pull out a sharp knife, this caused me to tremble in fear.

"Worry not Ms. Davenport, I'm not going to hurt you. I know what a Spitfire you can be, so I'm not going to untie you to remove your clothes. I'm just going to cut them from your body. I want to assure you, Ms. Davenport, you won't be spending any time unrestrained while in my care. At least not for the foreseeable future."

As David explained this to me, he had begun to cut my clothes from my body. First, my business jacket was cut off, then my turtleneck sweater and while he didn't have to cut my skirt I'm sure he did it just to make a point. Soon I was wearing nothing but my white lingerie, garter belt, stockings, and high heels. All while thoroughly bound and gagged on his countertop like some erotic piece of art.

"What's this?" David said, anger seeping into his voice. "I specifically told that asshole he wasn't allowed to play with you".

Tilting my face up, he asked me ice in his tone "did the man fuck you…"

As much as I wanted to ring that thug out to dry for dry humping against me, all I could do was shake my head no.

"Good," was all he said as he cut and removed the crotch rope that had tormented me all afternoon before putting down the knife.

When David cut the clothes from my body, I had been too terrified to move for fear he would cut me. Now that he had put the knife down, all I could experience was the humiliation of being so thoroughly exposed to this conniving brute of a man. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, leaning in close to me, only inches from the side of my face.

"For too long you've been evading my touches and refusing my advances, but now I've finally got you Ms. Davenport," David whispered smugly.

His hand reached over and grabbed my right breast, two fingers pinching right below my nipple with his strong hands. I moaned. His hand glided over to my other breast, his finger grabbing the nipple and pinching it hard. I moaned and squirmed, but he pulled my hair steadying my movements.

David picked me up and plopped me down onto a nearby barstool. Then he was behind me in a flash, moving in close to my back. I felt two large hands move under my chest and pull me up. The hands then slipped under my white lacy bra and encircled my half-naked breasts. The squeezing and fondling went on for what seemed like forever. My moaning came unbidden as my breasts were abused and fondled. Eventually, I felt a bulge poking into my back.

"Looks like I'm in need of more relief," my boss said with a wicked smile.

I shook my head vehemently as David forced me down onto my knees. I squirmed as he unbuckled his pants and freed his hard cock from its lair. My stomach whirled with revulsion at the sight, my muffled protests were ignored as he undid the buckle on my ball gag. The gag came free with an audible pop and I let out a short exclamation of… "NOOO!"

Before I knew it, he had gripped me by my hair and thrust himself into my mouth. Once again, the taste of his cum permeated my tongue as his cock pistoned into my mouth. I felt my lips engulf the giant member and tried not to cry.

“UUUGGGKKKKK! UUUUGGHHHH!” In an instant he filled my mouth with over six inches of hard cock, my lips wrapped so tight around the large shaft that I thought they would tear. “UUUUHHH!! UUUUHH!” The sounds of his pleasure filling the room mixed with my gagging protests. “UUUUGGGK!”

The sound of my revulsion as I was forced to suck his cock, my mouth filling with the salty taste of his precum. I could feel the tip of his cock invading deep into the hot confines of my mouth and throat. My tongue moved over the cock trying to push it out, it jumped in a pleasurable response.

I felt his hands behind my head gripping me by my hair firmly as he filled my mouth with his hard cock, grunting as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I choked and gagged each time he thrust himself deep into the back of my mouth, his tip jamming into my delicate throat.

“UUUUHHH!!” He shouted as he pumped into my mouth, his stomach pounding painfully against my face, his swollen balls banging against my jawline. “UUUUHHH!!”

Every time he fucked into me, his body smashed into my face. My comfort wasn't a priority however, only his release. He had a hot secretary's mouth wrapped around his cock. I knew this wasn't going to end until he got his release, so grudgingly I began sucking as hard as I could. David's grunts grew louder at this, and a wicked smile briefly appeared on his face.

Finally, his thrusting grew violent as he dumped his load of cum in my mouth. Filling me with his foul-tasting semen, It seemed to never end. It dribbled out of the corners of my mouth, falling down my chin and landing In the middle of my cleavage.

Pulling his cock from my mouth, David zipped up his slacks back up a broad grin on his face.

Having spent his load, David walked over to his kitchen and produced a glass of water. Walking back over to me he tilted my head back and uttered a commanding "Drink."

Not having had anything to drink in hours and eager to get the taste out of my mouth, I downed the large glass quickly. After catching my breath finally, I turned to curse and ream the man out. However before I could bellow a single syllable, the ball gag was thrust back between my lips nice and tight.

"Mmmmmmph nnnhhh," I screamed as I continued to glare at the man.

Even after the glass of water, the taste of his cum still lingered on my tongue. Ignoring my muffled curses David picked me up off the floor and carried me upstairs to his large extravagant bathroom.

Lowering me down onto my heels, David addressed me sternly "Now Ms. Davenport I'm sure it's been quite the day for you, and you probably need to use the bathroom."

I nodded grudgingly at this, in fact, I was ready to burst having been unable to move all day.

Seeing me nod, David issued me an ultimatum. "I thought so, here are your choices. You can either do your business while I watch and sleep in a nice comfy bed. Or you can be an obstinate brat, refuse and soil yourself on a cardboard bed down in my basement."

My cheeks reddened at the thought of doing my business in front of this man, nonetheless, it wasn't much of a choice. Lowering my head, I nodded towards the toilet.

"A wise choice," David replied as he guided me, hopping over to the toilet. I gave a muffled shriek as David gripped my panties and rolled them down to the ropes above my knees.

Turning me around, he lowered me down onto the toilet lid. Like I said I was busting, so it didn't take long for me to relieve myself. I didn't think I could get any more embarrassed at this point, I was of course wrong as Jamison stood me up and bent me over before he wiped down my vag with a wet wipe.

I closed my eyes tightly wishing this was all a very bad dream, unfortunately feeling my panties pulled back up my legs broke the spell.

Sliding them in place, David gave my ass a gentle pat and said. "Well done Ms. Davenport, now it's bedtime." Lifting me bridal style, David carried me down the hall to a nearby bedroom. He laid me down onto a queen sized bed, rolling me on my stomach David produced a short rope from his pocket and placed me into another tight hogtie. It wasn't until I felt him rig a noose around my neck and tie it off to the bed frame, that realization of my new situation caused my mind to come back into Focus.

"That ought to hold you until I'm ready to conduct your exit interview, but it's been a long day and I could use a shower and some hot food," he said to me as he left the room.

Left in an extremely uncomfortable position, I did the only thing I could do. I cried myself into a fitful sleep.

After leaving the room David walked down his hallway with a delightful grin. The tease of a secretary was all his. He had been taunted for months by her sexy as fuck legs, always strutting around his office in a pair of high heels and short skirts. She was a tease, never giving in to his advances. Her shapely rear was always just out of reach, but no more. Her discovery of his embezzling had forced David into calling in a favor.

The man that David had called to problem-solve his situation owed him a favor. He'd waited a long time to call in that favor. Originally the man he'd hired wanted to simply make his problem disappear, but David knew that would be such a waste. He'd spent close to a year trying to get Marie to give in, and even his less honorable tactics had failed. Eventually, he'd have found dirt or leverage on the little minx and she would have had no choice but to get on her knees and beg him to go easy on her.

With her snooping, however, he had little choice but to call in the favor and turn this problem into the opportunity he'd been looking for. Now all that was left to do was "convince" his soon-to-be former secretary to take the fall for his less-than-honorable business practices. After that plus a few loose ends to tie up, he'd start training his new pet.

Early morning light crept into the room as I began to shift. I couldn't see much last night as David hauled me over his shoulder into his house. The pain in my stiff limbs brought me Into focus quickly, I was still hogtied laying down on a queen size bed of what was surely one of many guest bedrooms. Muffled moans and grunts emanated down the hall, as I tried to stretch what I could in my current state. The arches of my feet were burning still locked in my black pumps, I twisted my ankles around in an effort to alleviate the strain. Regret washed over me as soon I heard footsteps coming down the hallway toward the bedroom. I was soon scowling as my boss, David walked into the room. With a wicked grin, he greeted me.

"Good morning Miss Davenport, I do hope you're well rested."

He gave a low chuckle to himself, clearly amused at his own joke.

"You and I, we have some matters to discuss this morning," he said with a serious look that made me feel uneasy. "After that, we'll see about getting to know each other a little better."

With that response, the lecherous look returned complete with David's hungry gaze sweeping up and down my body. After fiddling with the ropes some, I was released from my hogtie. Pins and needles shot up and down my legs, as David hefted me over his shoulder. From his shoulders I got a better view of my surroundings as he carried me down the hallway. David lived in a large two-story cottage-style home; I knew this because I'd had to have couriers deliver files and such to avoid his attempts to invite me over after business hours multiple times. The cottage-styled home had a luxurious rustic style to it.

I noted lots of dark wood and high ceilings as I was hoisted into his bathroom. After another humiliating trip to the bathroom, David carried me bridal-style down a large flight of stairs and into a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a large heavy looking dark wooden door. I was momentarily put down leaning against the hallway as David opened the large door. Gripping my shoulders I was forced to hop as he ushered me into the room.

This room was his personal home office no doubt, however this room had a much different atmosphere. Where much of his home had a lot of contrasting colors to offset all the dark wood trim that was everywhere, this room was just dark. The room was full of books lining the walls, and where there wasn't wood was a lot of intricate metalwork and art.

In the middle of the back of the room was a huge heavy wooden desk. This was a room worthy of a vampire lord or a supervillain, at least that was my first thought anyway. I guess David had been enjoying the gaping look on my face from the chuckle he let out.

A slap to my ass later I was glaring at him as he forced me to continue hopping towards his desk. The first thing I noticed was the open laptop and all the papers scattered across the large monolithic desk.

Once I was a few feet from the desk David halted my movements and turned me around leaning my nearly bare ass against the desk. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."

Walking over to the wall David picked up what at first I took to be a footstool, carrying it over David plopped it in front of the desk. It almost looked like a footstool in the shape of two Z's framed together, only there was a pad on top and halfway down the Z frame.

At my quizzical look, David explained. "This is a kneeling chair, it's supposed to be good for your back or something."

He explained this as he lifted me and set me down on the chair, my ass sat on the top cushion as my bound knees rested on the lower cushion while my bound ankles were tucked underneath the top seat. It was a real balancing act not to topple over, I had to keep my back arched just to keep stable. As I tried not to fall off this ridiculous chair, David walked behind me pulling a few cords out of his pocket. I groaned in frustration at seeing even more rope.

David tied a loop of rope from my wrist to a bar I couldn't see under my seat. The downside, I was even more restrained. On the positive side, at least I didn't have to struggle to maintain balance any longer. Bending down David spoke low and quiet into my ear. "Before I remove your gag you should know my nearest neighbor is a half mile away, and the room we're in is fully soundproofed."

After that David unbuckled the straps behind my head, and the ball gagging me was expelled from my lips with an audible 'pop'. As David stood behind me, I exercised my very sore jaw muscles as I tried to glare at him.

"WHO THE FUUUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARRRRRMMMPH!" I started to shout before he grabbed me by my jaw stopping my rant cold.

"Now, now, Ms. Davenport there will be a time for that later. For now let's get through your exit interview as quickly as possible. Now be quiet until I tell you to speak." As he said the last part he reached down with his other hand, gripping one of my nipples he twisted it painfully as I shrieked from behind his hand. "Understand?"

Wincing, I nodded slightly. "Good," he said as he placed a microphone stand that was connected to his laptop in front of me. "There are quite a few forms that will require your signature, but those will come later. For now I have a list of statements I'll require you to make". He said this matter of factually as he laid a list in front of me to read from. I quickly scanned the list with a look of horror growing on my face.

Looking up at David I declared "You can fuck right off Mr. Wolfe! I'm not saying any of that, nor am I going to…" I trailed off as he got up and walked over to an armoire and opened it. Retrieving two wooden chests the size of a shoebox, he walked back over to me.

"Oh, I think you're going to repeat everything on that list, my dear." He said confidently as he placed the chests on the desk. Opening the larger of the two chests, David pulled out what looked like a black leather handle with a folded piece of leather at the end. Turning to me I felt the folded leather glide up and around the tops of my breasts in a delicate caress. "Are you going to do as I ask or do we need to…negotiate?" David asked coolly.

Pursing my lips, I just stared through my eyebrows up at him.

"Fine, then we do it the 'fun' way," David said as he extended the handle of the stick like a pointer a teacher might use.

WHACK! David used the paddle on my left breast just above the nipple.


Not waiting for a response, David began alternating paddling my breasts.







What seemed like an eternity was in reality only five minutes, and my breasts felt swollen and tender when David finally stopped.

Taking deep breaths, I looked up at David Wolfe as he stared down at me. "Are you ready to comply, Ms. Davenport?"

Once again angry and frustrated I did one of the only things that I was capable of in my current state. I spat at him.

Chuckling, David turned back to his desk before putting the riding crop away. "Let's try something else, obviously my normal methods of persuasion aren't going to work," David said as he opened the second chest.

After taking out an alcohol pad while pulling down my bra, David began wiping the pad over each of my nipples. The cold wetness of the pad caused my nipples to harden quickly, and my stomach dropped.

"Mm… mmm… Mr. Wolfe wha… what are… you doing?" I stuttered as he pulled out a piercing gun.

Smirking, he looked me straight in the eyes. "Are you going to follow directions?"

He said this as he lined the gun up with my right nipple. I stared between him, the piercing gun, and the list that would condemn my fate.

"Fuck youaaaahhhhh!" Throwing my head back I wailed, white-hot pain flowing through me as metal pierced through my right nipple. I continued groaning as David then inserted a metal ring with the circumference size of a nickel through the hole. A few tears flowed down my cheeks as I struggled to get my emotions under control.

"How about now, hmmm?"

As my breathing steadied, I glared at him through wet eyes.

"Go…to…he…aaaaahhh!" I shrieked as my left nipple was gouged and soon adorned with a metal ring of its own. My shoulders shook as I bit the inside of my cheek. Hearing the clink of metal, my eyes shot up to see David lifting two quarter-sized metal balls attached to metal clasps out of the box.

Looking down at the new jewelry my breasts were sporting, then back to the weights in David's hands, I sputtered. "You…Youuuu…wouldn'ttt…"

Raising the weighted ball up to my left nipple ring clasp open David asked. "Are you going to cooperate, Ms. Davenport?"

My voice shaking I whimpered. "Nooo please, doooOON'MMMMMM AAH!"

The pull on the ring sent an electric shock from my nipple straight down into my pussy. I couldn't take anymore as I watched David raise the second ball.

"OKAY! Okay… I'll do it…just please take it off!" I exclaimed meekly.

Mercifully David removed the first weight, placing them on the desk next to the paper I was to read from.

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. Now start reading from the top of the page, and if you're not convincing enough…" He trailed off tapping the weights on the desk.

That's how the next ten minutes went, with me reciting the words that would condemn me. It was a confession to embezzling funds from the law firm, as well as my resignation from my job. Finally satisfied David smugly affirmed the hard part was over as he pulled a stack of papers from his suitcase. Getting up David walked behind my back, loosening the knot some. The taught ropes around my torso slackened, and I took in a deep breath for the first time since yesterday afternoon. Soon length after length of rope was pooled on the floor next to me. I was still bound at the wrist, ankles, and knees though. Suddenly cool metal encircled my left wrist as he placed a handcuff around it.

David's hands untied my wrists and in a flash cuffed both my wrists together in front of me. I was still anchored to the chair at my ankles, with my hands now in front of me I massaged my nipples before gently pulling my bra back in place.

"Now your signature on this stack of paperwork is all that's left, Ms. Davenport," David said as he placed the first of many sheets in front of me.

I was tempted to tell David where to stick it…but after eyeing the weights on his desk conceded defeat. I was half naked, hungry, tender all over, and if serving prison time was my only alternative…

After twenty minutes of signing paper after paper, I was done. "There I did it, I confessed, I incriminated myself, now please let me goaaaammmmph…" I sputtered as the large ball was stuffed back into my mouth.

"Marie, Marie, Marie… I never said I was going to let you go." Patting the stack of papers David continued. "All of this was to clear me of suspicion. After getting a confession out of you, you broke the lease on your apartment, gave me access to your finances as recompense, and fled the city to avoid being arrested." An insidious grinning breaking on his face. It was worse than I had feared, with a recorded confession and a few signatures I had basically been forced to sign my life away.

In a state of shock, I barely registered David untying me from the chair. Lifting me from the chair David tossed me over his shoulder and strolled through his home again before heading up his stairs. My new nipple rings pinched at every bounce as he carried me. Entering the bathroom he lowered me to the floor, after which David began removing the ropes from my knees and ankles. Next, he slowly removed my heels, nylons, bra, and panties not that I noticed. After what happened in his office I was basically in shock. Noticing my stupor, David gave my ass a swift spank. Breaking out of my shock I considered his last words and for a moment I thought this might be my chance to get away. Again my hopes were dashed, however, as David attached a steel chain to my cuffs. The chain was bolted to the tile floor of his large luxurious bathroom. Finally, he removed my gag and gripped my chin.

David forced me to look him in the eyes and said "Alright Marie, you can have one hour to clean yourself up, I expect you to wash up, shave and do your hair and make-up."

I guessed I was "Marie" now since I no longer worked for him, quirky evil bastard.

"Do you understand?" He asked sternly, a cold look in his eyes.

In a barely audible whisper, I replied, "Yes Mr. Wolfe."

With that David exited the room. I was about to turn towards the shower when the door swung back open.

Popping his head in, David said, "I'll leave you something to eat and drink on the counter while you're in the shower."

An hour later, I was bathed, had dried my hair, and had done my makeup. I guessed his ex-wife had left some of her beauty products behind when she left him. Doing all this while my hands were cuffed, had not been an easy feat and in the shower, my freshly pierced nipples were especially sensitive. An hour later I sat on a barstool naked and weary. All I could do was think about the documents David had forced me to sign.

The bathroom door swung open as David walked in, I hugged myself tighter as my former boss drank in the sight of my curvaceous nudity.

"Stand up Marie," he commanded.

Standing up I attempted to cover myself with my cuffed wrists. David yanked my cuffed wrist down, cupping my breasts in his hands; he played with each of them for a bit. I flinched when he started playing with the rings piercing my Areolas. Letting go finally, David produced a key and uncuffed my wrists then wrenched my arms behind my back. Quickly crossing my wrist, David secured them together with a zip tie. With a firm grip on my upper arm, David guided me back to the bedroom. "Now, let's get you dressed, kitten."

An hour later I had been re-tied like the previous night. My wrists were crossed behind my back, tied with black nylon rope. My arms were fused to my torso with rope in the same pattern, and my knees were also tied tightly together. I was now sporting the leopard print corset, matching g-string, garter belt, and a pair of fishnet stockings.

I was beginning to feel like a life-sized doll as David walked over to me, yet another rope in hand. I was sitting on the edge of his large four-poster bed. Gripping me by my shoulders he turned me to the side, David wrapped a double loop of rope around my arms above my elbows.

Using the ropes like a ratchet, he began to winch my elbows together until they nearly touched. I felt my shoulders pull backward, forcing my back to arch forward thrusting my breasts high and full on my chest. My corset was almost bursting trying to restrain my bountiful breasts, and the increased pressure on my nipple rings was increasingly uncomfortable. Soon, David had cinched the ropes around my elbows tightly. This caused me to wince and moan softly behind my gag, the sensations in my nipples both painful and stimulating.

Getting up, David walked over to my gym bag. While rummaging through the bag, he looked at me over his shoulder and smugly said, "A couple more accessories and you'll look…purr-fect."

I squirmed uncomfortably as David walked back over to me and lifted my bound legs. Leopard print heels in hand, David slid the sky-high shoes onto the delicate soles of each of my feet. He slowly ran caressing hands up the back seams of my nylons up to the garters holding up my thigh highs and then all the way back down to my high heels. David seemed to be taking great pleasure in feeling up my legs, I'd be lying to myself if I said the gentle caresses didn't feel nice.

Next, he crossed my ankles before tying them together with more rope. One pair of the ropes ran under the arches of my heels, assuring they couldn't be kicked off.

"Can't forget these," David said as he slid the cat ears on top of my head.

Humiliated, uncomfortable, and distraught. I could only huff in indignation at his lewdness. Honestly, I was surprised David hadn't humped me in my apartment the second he had the chance. Clearly, the man was going to draw this sick fantasy out for as long as he could. Walking back over to the duffel bag, David pulled out the last piece of my costume. Recognizing the cat tail, I noticed it looked different from before. It had been modified somehow, the base of the tail no longer held an elastic band. Instead, what looked like a long shiny metal acorn had been glued to the fabric. Grabbing a tube of something, David approached me with items in hand.

I wasn't very experienced in the world of kink so I didn't know what a butt plug looked like. I was filled with apprehension as David poured a clear substance onto the metal. With one hand David pulled me onto my side. My eyes widened as I felt my g-string slide to the side, I could only moan as I felt the metal acorn slide into my anus.

"Mmmmmmmph!" I moaned loudly as David slipped the metal in until the fabric touched my cheeks.

David then threaded the cat tail through the round decorative metal ring that held my g string together. Squeezing my eyes shut tightly, I struggled to adjust to this new predicament.

"Mmmmph!" I whimpered weakly as the burn in my rear end subsided.

"I have one last thing for you to wear Marie, and you won't be allowed to take it off unless I say so," David said as he reached into his pocket.

The feel of cool leather slid around my throat, as David buckled a leather collar snugly around my neck. Fiddling with the buckle behind the collar, an audible click was heard as he attached a small padlock to the clasp. I closed my eyes in resignation as David left the bed, willing myself not to cry at my predicament.

Sitting up slowly, I peered over at David as he fiddled with a black case over by a large desk in the corner of the room. What I hadn't expected was for him to go get a video camera and set up a tripod. Seeing the camera, I began to struggle in earnest. my audible protests, a muffled outrage.

"And here I thought you were all out of fight," David said clearly amused.

Grabbing a nearby camera, David started taking snapshots of me as I struggled and screamed in protest. When he seemed to have gotten enough pictures, he walked back over to the desk. Putting the camera down, David walked back over to the tripod.

Hitting record, he approached my bucking body as my thrashing reached its zenith. In one swift motion, David flipped me onto my back pinning me to the bed. "ENOUGH!" he roared.

Bosom heaving, I glared at him. The feel of his bulge getting larger as he stared at my prominent chest rising and falling underneath my corset. My nipple rings were just peeking out from under my corset. Prying my tits free from the corset, David started kneading my breasts as I breathed deeply in and out.

"Mmmmm!" I moaned at his touch.

The pain in my elbows and overly sensitive nipples only intensified the pleasurable effect of David's fondling. Of course that didn't stop me from shooting muffled curse words his way between moans.

Bending down, David took one of my nipples into his mouth. Suckling and nipping at the rings in my erect buds, unable to help myself I moaned in pleasure. As his Left hand massaged my breast, his right hand crept down my boned corset. Inching past my navel, sliding over the g-string, and slipping between my thighs.

"Mmmmph," I protested, as David began rubbing my sex.

First sliding over my g-string, then he gave my mound a good squeeze with his middle and ring finger. I mewled behind my gag, alternating between muffled protests knowing this was being recorded and moans of uncontrollable pleasure at his ministrations to my sex.

My mind was spinning, as my leopard print g-string was becoming slick and damp from my juices. My body's stimulation was beginning to override my unwilling mind's protest. David removed his hand from my now wet g-string, causing me to groan in protest. My groan turned into a shriek of surprise, as David flipped me over onto my stomach. He then pulled me into a half-kneeling position, my ass hanging in the air with my face down on the mattress. My sex was exposed as David slid my g-string to the side. I felt his hot tongue slip into my sex, lapping up my juices. Hips shaking, I couldn't stop the orgasm from overtaking me as I screamed into the mattress.

I sat there breathing heavily through my nose trying to recover from the intense orgasm. I didn't even notice as David removed all his clothes. That was of course until I felt his strong hands grip me by my hips, and I felt a hard cock slide under my moist cunt. My head turned, my eyes dilated in fear while looking at the feral hunger in David's eyes as he slid my g-string to the side. I vigorously shook my head back and forth. A scream of protest erupted from behind my red ball gag as David thrust his hard cock, burying himself deep into my cunt. My muffled screams got louder and more desperate as David pumped in and out. His grunts of pleasure mixed with my cries of terror. As David's thrust increased in frequency, the sounds of his testicles slapping against me became louder. When my cries of shame and fear became cries of pleasure I didn't know. However, the white-hot light of ecstasy soon engulfed me as my hips began to buck. My slick cunt clamping down on David's cock, trying to milk him for all his worth.

Pulling out David flipped me onto my back, the loss of his cock caused me to moan in loss. That moan turned into a surprised squeal as David lifted my ankles over one of his shoulders. At this angle, David began plunging even deeper into my wet cunt. I began wailing in ecstasy as David started drilling into me, his cock was a jackhammer as he worked towards a climax.

"FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuuuck," David bellowed as the increase in friction and my bucking hips began to drive him over the edge.

"Yiss Yiss YISS! YISSSS! UH GUDDD!" I began to cry in ecstasy right alongside David's own roars of pleasure.

My muffled cries became so loud at one point, it sounded more like I was being tortured. Finally, his thrusting reached a crescendo and David roared as he unloaded load after load of hot cum deep into my hot moist cunt filling me up. At the same time, I also climaxed and I climaxed hard. It was by far the strongest orgasm I've ever experienced. The pain, pleasure, humiliation, and terror of my situation fused together, creating such a powerful orgasm. Then my eyes rolled back into my head and I fainted on the spot.

When I came to, I was laying hogtied on my side, the feel of the slick and damp sheets underneath me.

Gazing around the room, I spotted David fiddling with his video camera. My whimpering of shame drew his attention when our eyes met.

David broke into a slow, wicked, grin… "Ready for round two?"


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