The Exit Interview

by Kitsune71

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Continues from

Severance Package

The Exit Interview Part 2: Severance Package by Kitsune71 

Soaring through the air, I joyously fluttered about the jungle foliage, my glistening feathers reflecting the sun's rays like tiny prisms of light. I let vibrant melodies fill my heart with joy, and my songs spread throughout the canopy. In that moment, I felt a deep sense of awe that such beauty could exist in this wild place, and I marveled at the lush vibrant green of my surroundings.

The air was thick with humidity, and the sweet scent of ripe fruits and flowers permeated the air. It was a paradise like no other, and I felt a sense of peace wash over me. My gaze shifted back to the jungle floor as I floated down and perched atop a high branch, my golden eyes surveying the beauty below.

As I let my musical sonnet fill the area, other birds of various colors joined in, and our songs intertwined in a sweet melody. Our songs were about to be cut short, however, as a large shadow passed overhead. Soon, the symphony of chirps, tweets, and calls fell silent as the avian choir scattered every which way in a panic.

Looking up, my eyes locked on the dreadful dark silhouette of a large hawk. Its beak jagged and scarred, the feathers of its wings were a haphazard ruffled mess. The long wicked talons, which were sharp as a razor, flexed open and closed as its slitted eyes focused on my own. Then, the hawk began diving straight for me, filling me with a primal fear.

Not a moment to lose, I sprang from my perch and dove away from the deadly predator as fast as my golden feathers would take me. Flapping my wings harder and faster, I flew towards the trees, hoping to evade the winged terror swooping down into the canopy. I could feel death's icy grip inching closer and closer as I wove between tree branches.

At last, I saw a path of potential escape through which my pursuer would not be able to follow. Diving down to the forest floor, I entered through a small opening into a large bramble of thorny bushes. My relief at evading death was short-lived though, as now I had to navigate the maze of branches, which were bristling with sharp thorns, and flying through at high speed while trying not to impale myself was a gamble I could ill afford to lose.

After a few close calls, I managed to finally find a safe path out from this maze of deadly thistles. Aiming for a small opening, I burst out of the dark thicket only to fly straight into a thick web, one that seemed too large and strong for a simple spider to have spun. I was ensnared in the web, bouncing back and forth, unable to escape.

I let out frantic high-pitched chirps filled with panic and confusion as I struggled. Vibrations in the web soon gained my attention, and I froze in terror when a huge spider slowly emerged from the shadows. The spider had eight long legs covered in thick black hairs, and an image of myself trapped in its web reflected back at me from its cold black gaze.

It was unnaturally large in size. However, I noticed that despite its size, the fangs it possessed were small and it had two small mandibles just under them. I let out short, frantic squawks while struggling as the spider slowly approached, but instead of striking out with its fangs, the spider stared with its cold calculating gaze. Its mandibles twitched and flexed as it's many eyes watched with dark intent.

Done planning, the spider sprung towards me. Its two front legs gripped my midsection, I struggled harder to no avail as it held me still. I watched in horror as its mandibles produced a thick white glob.

My chirps were cut off as the white glob was spat forward and my beautiful rosie beak was encased in a band of silk. My song silenced, the spider went to work as its legs twisted my body this way and that. Its mandibles blurred as more thick white silken cords shot out.

My world spun as the spider twisted my body around while thick strands of silk were spun around me. My wings were pinned to my sides, and my legs were encased and tucked into my belly. Finally, the spider left me hanging upside down, swaying slowly back and forth.

Completely immobilized, I could only stare at the spider as my dizziness slowly cleared. I watched as the horror before me circled around my body, its menacing eyes inspecting every inch of me. Seeming satisfied, the spider swiped the last strand of silk from its trap, and I hit the forest floor with a thud.

Stunned from the sudden drop, I didn't notice the eight-legged terror had landed until I felt myself being dragged toward a dark, web-covered hole in the ground. My heart pounded in fear as the dark abyss grew near. When the dark entrance was before me, the spider spun my body so that I lay on my back.

Gripping the silk with two of its hairy limbs, the spider hovered over the top of me and reared its thorax back, where an oozing black stinger protruded. My heart stopped as in a flash the barb struck forward, my vision blurred and shrank as I was dragged into the hole.

Waking up, my eyes flashed open. I could feel my heart pounding. I let out quick, shallow breaths blinking in the darkness, trying to remember where I was. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized I was in an unfamiliar bedroom.

Laying on my stomach, I tried to move but found I was unable to. I tried to move my arms, but they were fixed and tightly tied behind my back. I tried to flex my legs, but each of my ankles were tied to my inner thighs.

Panic and fear from my nightmare still coursed through my body as I lay there. 'What was going on?' My mind raced back to the nightmare I had been having moments before. The image of the giant spider holding me still before the strike was still fresh in my mind, when I felt two strong hands grip me by my hips and pull me backwards.

Terror-infused adrenaline flowed through me as I felt myself being penetrated again, and I screamed as loudly as I could. Just like in my dream, the sounds of terror that emanated from me were muffled. Only instead of the silk threads that silenced my voice before, it was a large red rubber ball wedged between my teeth, pinning down my tongue and holding my voice captive.

I thrashed about fruitlessly, digging the spikes of the heels on my feet into the thighs of my assailant, eliciting an angry groan from him. My struggles only encouraged him further and It wasn't until he gave me a firm slap across my ass that my mind came back into focus.

Memories of the previous two days rolled over me in a wave, particularly last night's exploits. After David had dressed me up and restrained me, he focused on pleasuring himself using my body. I had been toyed with, fucked, and restrained in various ways for hours.

David seemed to take as much delight from using my body as a sex toy as he did from seeing how many times he could bring me to an intense orgasm. It seemed like the more I fought against David's advances, the more intense my pleasure became when he eventually brought me to an orgasm. Now it's morning, and even after a terrifying nightmare, I can feel the climax building as he thrusts in and out of me while playing with one of my nipple rings.

His pace quickens as he releases the ring, sending electric sensations through my body. Gripping my hair tightly, David increases his thrusts. I moaned louder and louder as he penetrated me, hitting all the right spots. My vision exploded with bright lights as I reached orgasm.

My orgasm caused my pussy to clamp down around David's cock, and soon he was vigorously cumming inside me with deep frantic thrusts. Our breathing became heavy as David collapsed on top of me. The pleasure slowly fading as he withdraws from me. In a state of bliss, I barely noticed as he put on a robe and left the room.

Laying there, breathing deeply, I can't help but wonder how I ended up in this situation. I've taken self-defense lessons, worked out regularly, and done strenuous yoga workouts. Yet somehow, I was taken by surprise, restrained, and unable to free myself despite my best efforts. Now I felt like nothing more than a sex object to a sleazy megalomaniac.

With these thoughts in my head, I decided to try my luck again and rolled onto my back. Twisting my arms, I angled my tied wrists towards my left ankle. I started to work on loosening the knot where the ropes are cinched between my ankle and thigh. I had begun to make some progress when I heard footsteps approaching. Just in time, I rolled back onto my stomach before David returned to the room.

Seeing me breathing heavily, David smirks. “Still aroused, I see,” he says as he sits down next to me on the bed.

Reaching over, he grabbed my ass and squeezed it. “While it would be nice to spend the whole day having fun, we have things to do. So it's time to clean up and get ready for the day.”

With that, his hands released my ass and started undoing the ropes that had kept my ankles bound to my inner thighs. If he noticed that one of the knots is looser than when he tied them, he didn’t say anything. With the ropes gone, I stretched my legs fully and rotated my ankles in circles to work out the kinks. When both of my legs were free, David slowly removed each of the high heels adorning my feet.

My world tilted on its axis as David rolled me over onto my back. I stared at the ceiling as I felt my feet being lifted up to rest on his lap. I was surprised and somewhat delighted when, instead of some new restraint, David began rubbing my feet. His fingers worked themselves deep into my arches, while his thumbs worked and caressed my toes.

When he gripped my ankles and massaged the tendons that were sore from wearing heels for too long, I could not stifle the moans of pleasure that such touches produced. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and David sat me up before pulling me to my feet. I was a little wobbly at first, but David steadied me as he guided me towards the bedroom door. Soon, we were back in his large bathroom yet again.

I noticed a few things immediately: one was the tall stool near the vanity, and the second was a chest sitting on the vanity table. Butterflies swarmed in my chest at what could be contained within, but more than that, there was a need to use the toilet. I was getting over the fact that I would have to do my business in front of David, and the notion of that was displeasing, to say the least.

David guided me over to the stool where he helped me up onto the seat. Once David was satisfied that I wouldn't fall, he walked behind me. I could feel him fiddling with the laces and clasps of my corset. David started loosening the leopard print torture device at the bottom and worked his way up, making it easier for me to breathe with every notch freed.

When the last latch was undone, the corset practically popped off my chest. My breasts bounced slightly as I took in a deep breath. In the mirror, I could see David pause to take in the sight of me topless. The glint in his eyes was a clear indicator of how pleased he was to finally have me under his thumb and unable to resist his advances.

As David drank in the sight of me, I swallowed uncomfortably and tried to work my sore jaw muscles around the large ball gagging me. Seeing my discomfort, David stepped closer to my back, then reached around cupping each of my breasts in his hands.

I felt his breath as he spoke into my ear, “That gag seems to be bothering you, should I take it out?”

I shuddered at his hot breath on my ear, but without needing to think hard about my answer, I nodded my head.

His smarmy voice in my ear, David said, "Marie, if you want to remain ungagged, you will only speak when spoken to and you'll need to follow all my orders, or there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

He said the last part while fingering my nipple rings. Hesitating at his response, I nonetheless nodded my head again.

"Good, now tilt your head down."

I did as David ordered and felt fingers on the back of my neck. With an audible pop, the gag came free along with a fair amount of drool. I worked my jaw for a good minute or two until the discomfort dissipated. David grabbed a nearby bottle of water and helped me to drink it.

When the bottle was empty, I almost thanked him but remembered his order to be silent. While I would have much rather kneed him in the groin than bite my tongue, the memory of the rings being twisted until I gave in helped me to remain silent. A couple of snaps and jerks brought my attention back to what David was doing.

Looking down, I noticed he'd removed my garter belt and unhooked my stockings. Lifting my left leg, David's fingers hooked underneath the top of my stocking, and taking his time, he slowly rolled the stocking down almost as if he were unwrapping a gift. After doing the same to my other leg, I watched as David bent down, collecting all the clothing before he deposited them in a nearby hamper.

That left me sitting there in nothing but my g-string, collar, and cat tail, which was becoming more uncomfortable to sit on by the second. The cat ears had fallen off sometime during the night.

"Stand up, turn around, and bend over the stool,".

David's command broke me out of my thoughts, and reluctantly yet obediently, I did as he ordered. Sliding off the stool, I stepped down and faced the stool. I raised my hands behind my back in the air as I bent over the stool. I looked in the vanity mirror at myself. I watched as David bent over and spoke into my ear while his hand caressed my exposed rear end.

"Do as I say, Marie, and your time with me will be a pleasure like you've never experienced, but disobey me…" David raised and struck my butt cheek with a resounding "thwack".

“Understand?" I stowed away my anger at being treated this way, bit back a retort, and nodded my head. I then felt his hand slide over to the tail protruding from my behind. I squirmed a bit as David slowly removed the tail from the ring of the G-string. When it was out, David slid the panties down to the floor.

Oddly, instead of tossing them into the hamper with the rest of the clothes, David instead pocketed them inside his robe. I didn't have much time to ponder this as he once again gripped the tail and ever so slowly began pulling it out of me. When it finally popped out, however, I all but ran over to the toilet, plopping down and relieving myself.

The dam free I let loose, sighing in blissful contentment. With the relief I felt, I couldn't even be bothered to glare at David as he chuckled at my predicament. After another embarrassing clean up with David's assistance, he guided me back to the stool.

Perched on my seat, I watched as David closed and locked the bathroom door. Nervous flutters grew in my stomach as he walked back to the vanity and opened the chest. David produced a key, a couple of cable ties, and what at least to me looked like another collar.

I took a closer look at the collar as David walked behind me. It wasn't leather, but it looked like it was made from plastic. I felt the click on the back of my neck as David unlocked the padlock from my collar, then the feel of leather was replaced with smooth, soft plastic, and soon another click. I tilted my head back and forth. The new collar allowed me to breathe better.

The sound of 'Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzt' was a precursor to the pinch of plastic around my wrist, just below the ropes binding them. Another 'zzzzzzt' and David had cinched the cable ties together. 'Talk about overkill,' I thought to myself, but then David started to untie the ropes. 'Clever bastard thinks of everything,'.

I watched David pull a short metal leash from the chest which he then attached to my collar. David then guided me over to the large shower. Pulling me inside, David turned on the water and attached the other end of my leash to an eyebolt in the wall.

Walking out of the shower, David disrobed, and walked back to the chest where he pulled out a toiletry bag. Steam was starting to fill the large shower when David placed the bag on the nearby shower bench. Turning a nearby knob, two more jets of water came to life, and deliciously warm water cascaded over me.

I hadn't noticed the extra fixed spigots yesterday and had just used the detachable one. Trying not to stare at David's cock, which was already erect, instead I watched him open the bag. He pulled out a loofah, a hairbrush, and three bottles. Setting them down, David's eyes rose and fixated on mine. I would have backed away, but the chain attached to my neck kept me from doing that.

Stepping close to me, David reached an arm out, gripping my hip with one hand. I closed my eyes as I felt his other hand slide up the back of my head. David's hand gripped the brown tresses of my hair tightly. When he gave my hair a quick yank, I opened my mouth to yelp, and in a flash, David had smashed our lips together. His tongue took advantage of my open mouth, invading and exploring.

This time, however, my self-preservation instincts failed me, and I bit down hard on David's tongue. David yelped while pulling hard on my hair, and I released my hold on him. In a flash, David was pulling me by the leash over to the bench, knocking the bottles over. David sat down, and with a yank, I was pulled down and flopped onto his lap, my belly over his knees.

David raised a hand high in the air. I closed my eyes just as his hand impacted on my ass. I let out a loud yelp as his hand raised high yet again. After probably a dozen more swats, my eyes were glistening, and my rear end felt like it was melting from the sting of David's hand. My eyes shot open when the sound of David's soft yet firm voice spoke into my ear…

“Are you going to do that again, Marie?” I let out a tiny whimper and a small “no, sir,” which seemed to placate him.

I was then hoisted back onto my feet where I leaned against the tile wall. The smooth, cool tiles served to nullify the still stinging sensations on my ass. When I looked up, David had just finished picking up the items he'd knocked off the bench and was lathering up a loofah while eyeing me.

“Come here, Marie,” David said sternly. Clearly, he wasn't over me biting him. Slowly, I detached myself from the tile wall and approached him.

“Now, turn around.” Doing as I was told, I faced the wall, and the voice in my ear turned low as he spoke.

“If you really are sorry… prove it,” as he said the last part, I felt David's hard cock settle between my hands. Like I said before, David was far from ugly. His physique, looks, and style were actually quite appealing. It was his personality that was the problem - the man could be absolutely smug, pretentious, and a dillhole. Not to mention he was a ruthless, misogynistic, narcissistic tyrant.

Ugh! So, swallowing my pride, I gripped David's shaft with my hands and started pumping up and down. I received a pleasurable moan for my efforts, and in return, I felt David reach around me. As soon as I started pumping away, David began lathering me up and down. The scent of lavender and lilacs permeated the air as David used the loofah to caress my body all over, paying special attention to my breasts.

His thumb made small rotations around my areolas as his hand with the loofah lifted the undersides of my breasts. My own juices started to flow, and I moaned as David simultaneously scrubbed between my legs and played with my rings. His breathing hitched as soap bubbles slid between my hands, causing my rubbing up and down his cock to increase in speed. I was about to cum myself when David stopped his caressing and spoke into my ear softly,

"You're forgiven, Marie." I stared up at him in surprise.

"Wait, what?" His finger was immediately on my lips with a shhh.

"Don't worry, there will be time for that later. We need to finish up here, get dressed, and have breakfast."

On the one hand, I wanted to argue. He had once again gotten me so worked up that I had forgotten I was being forced against my will. On the other hand, I was starving. I huffed and simply waited for him to finish rinsing us off. David sat me down on the bench, turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower.

I sat there in the steamy stall with my head resting against the wall waiting for David to come back. After a few minutes, he returned garbed in a bathrobe and had a large, fluffy towel in hand. Tossing the towel over his shoulder, David detached the leash from the wall and led me out of the stall into the center of the room.

Taking his time, David used the large towel to dry me off. The soft feel of the towel was like being caressed by a cloud. When he seemed satisfied that I was sufficiently dry, David picked up a bottle from the vanity and squirted out a decent glob of white fluid.

The scent of lilacs and lavender filled my nostrils as hands started rubbing my up and down my legs with what I now realized was my favorite body lotion. While David slowly worked his way up my body I realized the body wash had also been my preferred scent, either David had snooped while inside my apartment or he'd pilfered my bathroom on his way out.

When David was finished applying lotion to me he attached the leash to my collar and led me out of the bathroom back towards the bedroom. Entering the room, I immediately noticed that the room had been straightened up and the bed made.

I also noticed a large package on the bed that hadn't been there earlier. After locking the door behind us, David sat me down on the bed. Putting a finger under my chin, David tilted my head up.

“Alright Marie, time to get dressed for the day. I have a new outfit I special ordered just for you,” he said.

As David opened the box, I just stared at him. I figured some clothes were better than none. I thought differently when David pulled out a lacy white thong, lacy white halter-style bra, a lacy white garter belt, and white thigh-high stockings with a seam going up the back. Picking up the lacy thong, David turned to me and spoke.

“Do not make this more difficult for yourself, Marie,” he said.

Sighing internally, I lifted my feet and allowed David to slide the panties up my legs. I had to bend forward and lift myself to allow him to slide them up all the way. The back of the thong fit itself snugly between my cheeks. It was a blessing and a curse as the way the fabric wedged was a little uncomfortable, but it meant less fabric touching my still sensitive behind.

I then lifted one leg at a time as David began rolling the stockings up each of my legs. The material was silky and almost seemed to glow when the light hit them. David then fitted my waist with the garter belt, which was then fixed to the stockings via four straps. Most men would struggle with this part, but the familiarity and quickness with which David continued to display still surprised me.

Finally, David picked up the bra and I sat still with as much indifference as I could when David sat himself behind me. He reached around me, sliding the lower strap around my midsection before hooking the clasp in the back. Initially, I thought the bra would be just like the rest of the lingerie which fit perfectly.

However, as he pulled up the cups, David had to struggle a little to get the top strap clasped behind my neck. The bastard probably bought a size too small on purpose, judging by the way my cleavage bulged. As David moved back to the box, I caught a glance of myself in the floor-length mirror and had to admit the bright white lingerie accentuated the color of my skin quite nicely.

The quality and design of the lace were clearly expensive, certainly nicer than what I could normally afford. The jingling of metal brought my attention back to the present, and the fleece-lined leather cuffs in David's hands dampened my admiration of the outfit I was now garbed in.

David made a twirling motion with his finger, and I turned to face the other way. It took me a moment to realize I'd done as he'd ordered without even thinking about it, and this irked me greatly. The feel of soft wool and leather tightening around my left wrist was all I needed for my thoughts of self-admonishment to disappear.

I felt the buckle on the cuff tighten, and I recognized the clicking of a small padlock from last night. As David turned to grab another cuff, I flicked my right hand up and felt a small padlock looped through a small hole in the metal of the buckle.

Unless the padlock was removed, there would be no way to unbuckle the leather. 'And I thought the ropes were bad,' I thought to myself. Feeling David turn back, he gave my right wrist the same treatment with the other cuff. He must have grabbed another padlock as I felt him link the two cuffs together.

A moment later, I heard two 'snips,' and the cable ties fell away. I breathed a sigh of relief as the pinch of the plastic ebbed away. I turned back just in time to see David pull a pair of shoes out of the box, and I must have been scowling judging by the grin on his face.

"You always did enjoy flouncing around the office in heels, so I thought I'd get you a pair of shoes to match your level of grace and sex appeal," David said with what I could only describe as delusional smug flattery.

The shoes he was taunting me with were definitely sexy, but they were the 'get over here, I need to be fucked' kind of sexy. Slackjawed, I stared at the 'fuck me' six-inch white mule platform high heels he was holding like a gun that he wanted me to hold in my mouth. I had one thought in my brain as David slid the first shoe on. 'I am going to break my neck in these.'

However, as David lifted the second shoe, I had another thought. 'At least with no extra straps they'll be easy to kick off if I need to.' Of course, David ruined that hope when he pulled out another pair of white cuffs. Only when David slipped the first cuff around my ankle did the realization of why he chose such flimsy footwear become clear.

These cuffs had an extra strap that ran underneath the instep of the heel, which essentially prevented the shoe from being able to be removed. I groaned and let out a barely audible 'fuck me' at the sight. After the second cuff and the adorning padlocks to prevent removal were in place, David pulled out a matching leather collar. Once my new collar was locked on, David helped me stand up, and I definitely needed the help this time.

I sighed as I wobbled a bit; I wouldn't be running anywhere in these shoes anytime soon. David attached a leash to my new collar, unlocked the bedroom door, and started leading me to the kitchen. I was managing to walk in these ridiculous heels rather gracefully, until we got to the stairs.

On the third step down, I stumbled with my heel catching on one of the stairs, which twisted me around as I fell. Luckily, David was paying close attention and managed to catch me. I scowled at David as he smirked, shrugged, and proceeded to carry me bridal style the rest of the way.

Setting me down on a stool in front of a large kitchen island, David pulled a padlock from his robe and locked my ankles together. Sitting there, I stared out onto his back porch. David's house must sit on the back lot of his gated community, since there was nothing but treeline beyond his privacy fence.

The clinking of pots and pans drew my attention back to David. I was surprised by the quickness and skill he demonstrated as he cooked. I was expecting cereal, a breakfast bar, or even delivery. What I didn't expect was to see a man who could afford to have his every meal catered, cooking and doing an impressive job of it.

 It was one of the only times his face lacked that smugness, and it unnerved me. I schooled my face when David slid a tall glass of orange juice with a straw in front of me. He didn't even look up as he slid the glass in front of me; he kept his gaze focused on the food sizzling in the pans and calmly said, “drink up.”

I smiled, thinking 'finally an order I'm happy to follow.' bending over, I slurped from the straw, and in no time, I'd downed the whole glass. In that moment, the tangy sweet juice was the tastiest orange juice I'd ever had, and after the last two days, I willed myself not to question why. Distracting myself from my situation became a lot easier as the wonderful smells wafted throughout the kitchen.

The smell of bacon, in particular, had me salivating and soon the sound of food being scraped had me sitting at attention. I wanted to hide my emotions and not give David any reaction but…Damn it! I was hungry!

I was just about ready to offer him a blow job if he would hurry up when he slid a platter of food in front of me. Hungry as I was, there was no way I'd be able to eat the mountain of food in front of me. I jumped when David lifted me off the stool, sat down himself, and pulled me onto his lap.

I wriggled at first but settled down as David forked up a bite of omelet and held it up to me. I had a choice: swallow my pride or silence my angry stomach. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. A forkful of eggs, cheese, bacon, peppers, and tomatoes slipped between my lips. I moaned in content, and a few mouthfuls later, David pulled the fork away at the last second. I missed the bite, and a dollop of eggs fell from the fork, landing in my cleavage.

I glanced up to see David gazing hungrily, and in a flash, he dove face first between my breasts. I felt his hot breath, then his lips slurping up the wayward food, and looking up smugly, he said, “I'm not sure which tastes better, you or the food.”

At that moment, the whole situation was surreal, and my brain just kind of shorted out. In any other scenario, my morning might have seemed like it came out of a romance novel. I'd received mind-numbing sex, fancy lingerie, been pampered in the shower, and hand-fed delicious food by a rich, successful man in his luxurious home.

That said, I know David never does anything simply out of the kindness of his heart, and that makes me very nervous. For the moment, however, I tried to put those thoughts aside and enjoy the wonderful food being fed to me while trying to ignore David as he enjoyed my body as if I were the food. Ten minutes later, we both seemed to have had our fill. David had sat me back down on the stool and was finishing cleaning up when he spoke. 'I have a video conference in an hour with the partners, so I'm going to go get dressed. You, Marie, are going to wait here.'

Knowing this would be my best chance, I looked David in the eye, all too willing to comply.

“Yes, sir.”

Walking over to me, David smirked, “Marie, I wasn't asking you, I was simply informing you.”

Gripping me by my shoulders, David spun me on the stool so that I was facing away from the island. I felt him tug my wrist towards the counter and heard a metal click. He had locked my cuffs to some connector that I couldn't see under the lip of the counter. I wriggled and rattled my cuffs futilely before looking up to scowl at David, only to see him smiling and holding the panties he'd put inside his pocket earlier.


I shook my head and pleaded "No, please Mr. Wolfe, that's not necessary. I won't scream or…" I tasted myself as David stuffed the damp panties inside my mouth, David held his left hand over my mouth and with his right hand pulled from his robe a smaller white ball-gag. I tried to shake my head but soon I felt the familiar taste of rubber mixing with the salty taste of my own panties on my tongue, I let out a frustrated grumble as David bent my head forward and tightly buckled the gag in place.

"Sorry, my dear, but I can't have you screaming on the off chance someone comes by," David said, and with that, he left the room, leaving me to stew in my thoughts. I had been sitting there for about ten minutes when I heard the garage door open.

Knowing David was still upstairs, I perked up and listened intently. There was no way David would have left me in his kitchen if he knew a cleaning service or landscape staff were scheduled to show up. My pulse increased as I heard footsteps - maybe someone from the office had noticed my absence, or even possibly an unseen witness to my abduction had alerted the authorities! Perhaps a neighbor had spied me through a window and was coming to investigate. The hope and thought of being rescued filled me with excitement.

But then I heard one of the last voices I wanted to hear echo down the hallway…

"Davie boy, ya home! Where are ya? I want this business done and…well, well, well, what have we got here!" the creep who had jumped me in more ways than one said as he sauntered into the kitchen.

I noticed that he looked very different from the other day - his appearance was a lot less intimidating and now he looked much more like a homeless man on a bender. I recoiled as much as I could as he stood in front of me; the grin on his face was that of a slimy predator. I broke out in goosebumps as his eyes slowly traveled up and down my body.

His breath stank of alcohol as he spoke, “I see Davie has got you nice and kitted out. I mean, wow… the things he's gotta be doing to you.”

Reaching out a filthy hand, he caressed up and down my cleavage, invading deep into my personal space. His raunchy breath flowed over my ear as his voice lowered.

“Personally, darling, I'm still hoping he'll find you more trouble than you're worth. Because the fun I could have with you!”

The creep never finished his toxic verbiage as he was sent flying backwards onto the floor before rolling to a stop near the wall. I looked up and let out a breath of relief as David stood there, and he… was… pissed.

Glaring daggers at the man, David stood in front of me, shoulders hunched and radiating hostility. Yet when he spoke, he spoke with authority and just a hint of malice.

“Oswald, out of the many things we discussed Friday, I gave you explicit instructions that Ms. Davenport was not to be mistreated, demeaned, or touched inappropriately. So just what the fuck do you think… you… are… doing?”

Oswald, shaking the cobwebs loose, stood up smirking, “Aw, come on Davie boy, I wasn't hurting nob…”

 At this, David stepped forward, clenching his fist, and Oswald held his hands up. “Alright, alright! No need for hostilities. Look, I did what you asked, okay? So, are we done?”

David shifted his posture, relaxing slightly while staring the creep down. “If I find you're lying, you won't be getting a phone call from me.”

Oswald straightened up and spoke with a serious cantor. “I hear ya, no worries Davie, and I left the stuff you asked for in your garage. So we square?”.

David spoke a single word, “Almost,” and with speed I hadn't expected, David stepped forward and decked Oswald in the nose, sending him to the floor. Oswald glared up at David while nursing his now bloody nose.

“Fuck Wolfe, what was that for!?” Turning around and walking back towards me, David spoke coldly over his shoulder.

“For… touching… what's… mine. Now get out and get lost.”

With that, Oswald started to trundle down the hall and out the door. Just as he was almost out of sight, and with David's back now turned to him, Oswald glanced back at me. He sported a grin as his eyes glinted with a dark hunger, roving over me one last time before finally turning and heading out of sight. The look Oswald gave me sent chills up my spine, and I truly hoped that would be the last time I'd see the creep.

During their exchange, I had sat there motionless. The possessiveness David displayed left me in a confusing mess of feelings. My outrage and fear I had felt from David forcing me into this situation were warring with the relief and comfort that had washed over me when he intervened by ripping the disgusting creep off of me.

Rather than unpacking these thoughts and feelings, I focused on the now as David ran a warm washcloth over where Oswald had touched me. After tossing the washcloth in the sink, David bent down and unlocked my ankles, then untethered my wrist from the counter. I was surprised when David next ungagged me, but I had little time to dwell on it as David helped me to my feet and led me by my leash down the hall towards his office.

With no stairs to send me flying, I was having a much easier time walking in the heels. Before I knew it, David was locking the large, heavy wooden door, and I was once again standing inside the dark, gloomy office. I watched as David moved about the room, checking a box here and there before finally looking over to me.

Standing in front of his desk, David motioned me over, and I did so without much forethought as to why. Once I was standing in front of David, he turned and pressed a knob that blended in with the molding on the corner of his large ornate desk. To my surprise, a panel large enough to be a small door popped open, leading to underneath his desk.

With a tone that showed he meant business, David said, “Marie, get on your knees and crawl under the desk.”

For a moment, I stared at David incredulously. I was about to tell him where to stick it when Oswald's comment about being 'more trouble than I'm worth' floated back to me, and I carefully got down on my knees. Once down on the floor, I noticed that the space under David's desk was at least carpeted.

I shuffled myself forward into the space, having to duck my head down and lift my arms behind me to move into the space. Moving forward, I had to skirt over a small metal plate in the floor; it was just in front of the small door with an eyebolt jutting up through the center, and there was a similar one near David's chair.

When I had inched myself past the door, David told me to stop. That was when I felt my ankles being locked together and then latched to the bolt in the floor. I couldn't see him, but I felt David raise my arms to the ceiling of the desk. I heard a click, and then I realized I couldn't lower my arms.

David had somehow connected my wrists to the top of the desk. As I wriggled, testing my bonds, the small door shut and latched behind me. Footsteps rounded the desk, David pulled the chair back, then appeared in front of me.

Bending down, David spoke, "Open wide."

I did as instructed, and what I thought was the same ring gag he had used in the car was inserted into my mouth. However, I quickly realized that this gag was different. It had a secondary ring that protruded behind my teeth and pressed down on my tongue.

Knowing what was coming next, I grunted my displeasure at David. He didn't seem to notice as he reached down and pulled at what I thought was just another eyebolt. It was, in fact, a loop of steel connected to a retractable steel cable which David extended and attached to the ring on my collar. Satisfied, David patted my head, stood up, and walked off.

I sat there listening to David meander around his office for around fifteen minutes before he finally returned to his desk and sat down. The bulge in David's pants grew as I heard him shuffle items around on his desk. At the sound of 'zzzzzt,' I looked up to see David unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.

I leaned back as far as I could when he slid his chair close. When he had positioned himself just right, I expected him to grab me, but instead, I saw his hand reach down to the right side of his desk and pull a handle connected to a steel wire. When he pulled the handle up, the chain connected to my collar pulled my head down toward his hard cock.

Bound as I was, there was little I could do to stop him. David pulled the chain with one hand and guided me with his other until the tip of his cock was touching the back of my throat. The tension on the cable lessened, and I was able to lift my head back. Then David pulled the handle again. For a good while, that's how it went. David's machinations had me unwillingly bobbing up and down on his hard shaft. I couldn't even use my tongue to get him to come faster due to the second ring pinning it down.

It was a disgusting realization that I would be stuck with David's cock in my mouth until he decided if or when he would cum. It had been anywhere between fifteen minutes to half an hour of David forcing me to bob up and down on him, and the salty taste of precum began to replace the aftertaste of breakfast. At every dribble of the bitter-tasting fluid, my tongue would wriggle under the steel pinning it down, and I would futilely recoil against the cable pulling at my collar. Every now and then, the pull of the wire would increase in tempo and I could feel him on the cusp of a climax…then he would stop.

After he had taken a minute or two to calm himself down, the cable would start pulling again, and the exercise would continue. This activity only paused when I heard the telltale jingle of an incoming video call from David's laptop. I then felt David pull up on the handle as he forced my head to lower, and I had to take him all the way into my mouth, the tip of his cock rubbing against the back of my throat.

I then felt his left leg move to the side, I heard and felt a click as the cable went taut. Realizing I was now locked in place, I breathed slowly in and out through my nose while doing my best to control my gag reflex. Once I felt sufficiently calmer, I did my best to listen in on the conversation David was having. It took me a moment, but I recognized the other voices. David seemed to be having a conversation with the other partners at the law firm.

"All I'm saying, David, is maybe if you had treated your staff less like prey to be hunted, maybe what happened could have been avoided." That was Gerald Benson, the senior partner at the firm.

"Gerald, this meeting isn't about ethics. Furthermore, we all know your penchant for chasing the skirts of your secretaries is hardly a thing of the past. No, this meeting is about damage control. Now, David already managed to secure the funds Ms. Davenport stole as well as get her to sign an NDA, isn't that right David?" That was Thomas Cowl, the third partner whom I'd never liked due to the leers I often received from him. He wasn't as lecherous as David, but I still did my best to avoid being around him.

David's smug voice spoke up, "Yes, I did, which wasn't easy as I had to contact a P.I. who used to do a little bounty hunting to track Marie down before she could make off with the money." Bristling, I started to make an effort to scream around David's cock. As soon as I attempted to scream, I felt David's hand move down over my face and pinch my nose, cutting off my air. David whispered down at me,

"Stop, and I'll let go." I stopped my efforts to be heard and, true to his word, he let go.

"Everything alright, David?" Gerald's voice spoke.

"Fine, Gerald. Just dropped my phone." David replied calmly.

"Moving on," Thomas said curtly, "damage control. Now, David, I've looked over everything you got Miss Davenport to sign. While the NDA and confession contain everything we need to cover litigation should the need arise. I propose that since the funds have been recovered, the need to disclose anything to the public by bringing actions against Ms. Davenport simply does not outweigh the bad publicity it will bring to our firm.” Hope and gratitude filled my heart. Should I escape, I will at least not be heading to prison. My thoughts of freedom were interrupted by Mr. Benson's outrage.

“Are you suggesting we let Ms. Davenport's actions go without any consequences?!”

Calmly, if a bit smugly, Thomas continued, “It's a matter of publicity, Gerald. The facts are that David's behavior toward his secretary is likely the reason Ms. Davenport did what she did. So, what I suggest is that not only do we not prosecute, but I believe we need to offer Ms. Davenport some sort of severance to encourage her to keep the matter silent. And since this happened under David's nose, he should be the one to compensate her.” Thomas and David never got along for as long as I had worked for David. They often butted heads, and I had been caught in their feud on more than one occasion. It sounded like Thomas was taking advantage of the moment to stick it to David.

“Actually, Thomas, I'm glad you brought that up,” David said slyly. “I already thought of all that and have already made Ms. Davenport an offer she couldn't refuse. She's already receiving a generous 'severance package' to keep her extra silent on the matter.”

David shifted in his seat as he said this, which had me gagging both figuratively and literally. Gerald sounded appeased when he spoke.

“Yes, well, good to see you're on top of things as usual. I think, then, with that, the matter is closed, and I will see you gentlemen Monday.” With that, a beep signaled that Gerald had ended his call.

“Well, David, sounds like you managed to avoid scandal yet again,” Thomas snarked. “Hey, you may not have gotten lucky with Marie, but personally I think you should be grateful you are lucky enough to still have a job.”

With another jingle, the call ended, and for a few moments, silence lingered, followed by the sound of a laptop closing. Fingers wove into my hair before gripping it tight, then an audible click, and the tension holding my head down released.

Hoping this office fantasy of David's was over, I pulled back only to have my collar pulled right back down. My forced rhythmic bobbing continued, but it wasn't like before where David would pull my head up and down like a piston. Now David was pulling my head down, and as his cock hit the back of my throat, he was holding my head down while gyrating his hips.

I started to gag each time, but he seemed not to notice. In fact, as I gagged, he seemed to only increase the pace and the force with which he pulled. My eyes were watering, and my breathing was becoming haggard the quicker he pounded the back of my throat. The disgusting taste of his precum increased, and I was becoming dizzy.

Finally, I felt his cock swelling in my mouth as he held my head down with both hands. David started grunting loudly as his cock started jerking inside my mouth, and his vile seed erupted deep into my throat. Multiple loads spurted down my throat, and most of it I swallowed straight away. However, a fair amount swirled back into my mouth as David's cock jerked back and forth. It was a slimy, salty, bitter taste that would linger for hours, and I was doing my best not to throw up.

I must have sat there with David's softening cock in my mouth for at least five minutes. When David finally pulled himself out, his seed dripped out over my lips and pooled on the carpet below.

Two fingers lifted my chin, and I could only stare as David spoke calmly, “Marie, I told you disobedience has consequences, and you will learn one way or the other not to displease me.” I lowered my head to stare at the floor as David zipped up his pants and got up. I was still doing my best not to throw up when I heard a click and a breeze behind me.

The sound of a key and my arms, which were practically numb by now, dropped onto my back. Pins and needles flooded through me as my ankles were freed next. I barely noticed as the door was shut and footsteps surrounded the desk. Two more clicks, and the steel cable connected to my collar was replaced by a leash.

“Come out, Marie.” I didn't move. “Marie, if you are not up and on your feet in ten seconds, I will add more jewelry.” Now that got my attention, and I quickly shuffled out from underneath the desk. With some difficulty, I managed to get to my feet where I wobbled on my heels a bit.

“Marie, I think it's time to introduce you to the training room.” David said, a scowl forming on his face as he gripped the leash and led me over to a bookcase. Like it was straight out of a Scooby-Doo episode, David pulled away a few books, flipped a switch, and the bookcase opened outwards to reveal a hidden door. My pulse started to race as he led me into a medium-sized room, and I felt like I was on the set of a B-grade horror film.

The floor was made of simple dark concrete, and the walls had a slate brick pattern. The lighting was less than stellar, but it wasn't so bad as to make it hard to discern the contents of the room. One wall was composed of a large pegboard containing whips, paddles, ropes, gags, and an assortment of devices whose purpose I couldn't begin to guess.

There were a few pieces of furniture scattered throughout the room, but what immediately caught my eye was the 10 by 8 steel bar prison cell in the corner. The sight stirred a feeling of fear I hadn't yet experienced. A tug on my leash caught my attention and pulled me back to David as he led me to another corner in the room that contained a small bathroom.

After using the facilities with David's help, of course, he then led me into the middle of the room where a chain hung from the ceiling. Standing next to the chain, I felt dread slither up my spine as David clipped the chain to my cuffed wrists. I watched David walk over to the pegboard and begin to grab various items which he then placed onto a metal cart. Every clang an item made as David set them down on the cart's surface sent a shiver up my back.

My pulse raced when he started rolling the cart over to me. Trepidation rolled over me in waves as David slowly removed his jacket and tie. Rolling up his sleeves, David's normally smug demeanor disappeared, and he spoke in an eerily calm, serious manner as he looked me in the eye.

"Marie, this room is a place where you are going to learn how to properly behave in my household. You are also going to learn the consequences of disobedience," David brushed a finger down my face and continued.

"If you follow directions, treat me with respect, and freely give yourself to me when I desire, you will live in luxury and I will grant you pleasures twice-fold of what I take from you. But," David gripped my chin firmly as he leaned in.

"If you consistently break my rules, show me disrespect, or refuse me in any way, well, let's just say the punishment you'll receive today will seem like a trifle. Marie, one thing you should know is that I'll never punish you just because I want to. In this room, you'll learn from your mistakes and I will let you know what they are." Reaching around behind my neck, David unlocked and removed the gag from my mouth.

After lifting a bottle of water to my lips and helping me drink, David asked, "Am I understood, Marie?"

Eyeing the table, I uttered a small "yes, Mr. Wolfe." David stepped back and picked up a leather belt from the cart. David positioned himself behind me and fed the belt under my arms just above my elbows. I strained as David looped the belt around my arms and ratcheted them together with the belt until I actually felt my elbows touch. I'm very flexible from years of yoga, but even this had me wincing. I felt hot breath in my ear as David spoke.

"From now on, Marie, when you answer me, you will answer with 'sir', understand?"

I nodded my head "yes, sir."

"Good girl," David said as he picked up a small black remote from the cart. Pushing a button, a whirring noise sounded from above me and the chain behind me began winching my arms up into the air until I was forced to bend over at the waist. I groaned in discomfort as this stretched my muscles until they felt like they were going to tear. I shifted back and forth in my heels, but nothing I did eased the pressure.

I shut my eyes and tried to ignore the discomfort when I felt the sensation of more leather being looped around my knees. Caught off guard, I opened my eyes and grimaced as my knees were pulled together. Off balance, I staggered as David buckled the belt, causing me to sway, and the extra strain caused a burning sensation between my shoulder blades. I hissed in pain as David then locked my ankles together, and I had to take small hops to straighten myself out.

“Marie, this is what is known as strappado. It was originally a medieval torture method where a person bound like you are is lifted off the ground and dropped back down repeatedly. However, since the idea here is to teach you a lesson and not damage you, I'll simply allow you to hang there in discomfort.”

Bending down, David spoke softly, “I hope the next time you think about trying to get out of your bindings, you'll remember how this technique feels.” I gritted my teeth and stared at my feet as I waited for what was next. I didn't have to wait long as fingers tugged at the halter strap tied behind my neck, followed by the lower clasp. My bra fell to the floor and my breasts bounced about. Two hands slid around my midsection, cupping each breast. After a few squeezes, David let go of my left tit and gripped my right breast tightly.

My right breast bulged in his hand, and I watched in horror as David held with his other hand a teardrop-shaped weight up to the ring piercing my nipple. My eyes widened, and I couldn't stop the loud “uhhhhh mmm” as David let the weight hang after clamping it on the ring.

Jolts of electricity coursed from my nipple straight down into my core, and I shook my head wildly, tears rolling down my cheeks as David attached a second weight to my other nipple ring. I took quick short breaths through my nose, the pain slowly ebbing away into a dull ache until the arches of electricity shrunk to sparks. Taking a deep breath, I looked up to see David crouching down in front of me, a stern look on his face.

“Now, Marie, the next time you think about using high heels like they're spurs, I want you to remember the feeling of weights pulling on your lovely jeweled buds.”

Seeing an expectant look on David's face, I sniffled and let out a strained "yes, sir." Standing up straight, David turned back to the cart.

“Good, now for the last part of your punishment.” David picked up a black leather handle with multiple strips of leather hanging from the tip and walked behind me.

“You did a noteworthy job of trying to apologize for biting me in the shower earlier, which is why I am going to use a flogger instead of a paddle or riding crop.” I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and braced for what was about to happen. The sound of a whoosh accompanied the stinging sensations as a windmill of strikes landed on each of my cheeks.

I let out a string of yelps as each blow rained down on my vulnerable derrière. Every blow made me jump, and every jump caused the weights attached to my nipple ring to swing, causing bolts of pain and stimulation to shoot through my body. A tumultuous mix of feelings and emotions overwhelmed me. The sting of the flogger was biting, but the warm feeling after each strike was tantalizing.

However, the pleasurable sensations were overpowered by the pain burning throughout my body, and finally, after what felt like an eternity, David stopped. My breathing was haggard, and the tears running down my face pooled on the floor. It took me another ten minutes to realize that David was no longer present.

I hadn't even noticed that the cart was gone and everything was back on the wall. The sound of cabinet doors closing drew my attention to the large armoire. David had shut the doors and was walking back to me with a black duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

Stopping in front of me, David used the remote to lower the chain, and I stood up, swaying slightly as the burning sensation between my shoulder blades began to lessen. David stepped behind me to undo the belts holding my elbows together and spoke softly with a happier lilt to his voice.

“Your lesson in punishment is over for today, Marie. I hope you've learned from your mistakes and will behave better in the future.” One belt fell to the floor, and David bent down to undo the other. When that belt laid on the floor, David moved to uncuff my ankles, and I was finally able to stretch my aching muscles.

I felt my back pop in multiple places as I arched my back, and the pins and needles feeling in my arms began to fade as well. The feeling of David's arm wrapping around my midsection broke the spell. Sore and tired, I just didn't care at that moment, so I leaned into him. When David finally pulled away, I noticed what he had actually been doing. David hadn't been taking the opportunity to cop a feel or comfort me; he had actually been putting my bra back on and untethering my wrist from the chain.

Hands gripped my shoulders and spun me around to face him. David then clipped a leash to my collar and led me out of his dungeon. Passing through his office, David grabbed his laptop and led me out into the hallway. Still unsteady on my feet, I nearly tripped as we rounded the corner back into the kitchen. Our walk continued as David guided me into his large living room. I'd only gotten a brief glance as we passed by it earlier, but it was a gorgeous space.

A steeple of glass and wood looked out into the backyard. There was a grand stone fireplace with a large white fur rug sitting directly in front of it. Surrounding the rug was a large leather U-shaped sectional, and hanging above the fireplace was an enormous flat-screen TV. The room was a mix of dark woods and slate masonry. David walked me over to a small wet bar in the corner and sat me on top of one of the stools. After depositing his bag and laptop on the bar, David spun my stool so I was facing him.

Reaching into the duffel, I watched as David pulled out a massive tangle of leather belts. When David had straightened the contraption out, I must have had an odd look on my face because he decided to give an explanation of what he was holding.

“This, Marie, is called a body harness. It's going to keep you nice and comfy while I work on some errands around the house.” David looped a loose collar around my neck. The collar had two leather straps, one short and the other so long it dangled down to my knees. The long straps had three large metal rings, one that sat just below my collarbone, one that sat between the underside of my breasts, and one at my navel.

Each ring had leather straps that ran to the left and right. I could also feel a strap connected from the back of the collar hanging down between my shoulder blades. I looked up from my perusal of the restraint to see David pulling out a device that, in appearance, was somewhat similar to a shifter on a car attached to a silicone base…and a small bottle of lube.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as David stood me up, turned me around, and forced me to bend over the stool. The metal rings of the harness clanged against the stool top as fingers slid my thong to the side and I moaned lowly as a slick rubbery phallus slid between my folds. The black device now nestled comfortably inside my cunt, makes a small beep, and the fabric of my thong is slid back in place, with David giving a small pat to the area.

Still bent over the stool, I felt the long strap fed between my legs and up my back. When David gave the strap another pull, my hips involuntarily jumped as the device inched a little further up my cunt. A tug of leather and the touch of cool metal between my shoulder blades let me know David had completed the connection.

Grabbing the top two straps connected to the top ring, David pulled them away from my chest and around my arms before buckling the straps together behind my back. The next two straps down were next, leaving my arms welded to my body and my breasts pertly framed by the leather. The third set of straps did much the same and firmly held my cuffed wrists tightly in the small of my back.

Standing me up straight, David double-checked the straps and walked me over to the large white furry rug and helped me lay down. The rug felt like a fluffy cloud as I rested my face down on it. In the back of my mind, I was dimly aware of my ankles being crossed, locked, and pulled back towards my wrists, locking me in a hogtie.

My reverie was only broken when David dropped a gag onto the rug next to me. What startled me is that this gag looks quite different. Instead of a ball or a ring, this gag had a device similar to what lay between my legs attached to it. David poured a small amount of red goo onto the phallus before lifting it up to my lips.

"Open up," David said sternly. I didn't even hesitate and opened my mouth wide. The rubbery phallus slides between my lips, and I am surprised when the sweet taste of strawberries hits my tongue. The phallus is only about three inches long, so at least I'm not gagging as I feel the straps buckle behind my head. Resting my forehead on the floor, I sighed as David walked back over to the bar and turned on his laptop.

After a minute, David spoke: "I do have quite a number of tasks to accomplish this afternoon, which is why, in light of you taking your punishment so well, I've prepared a little entertainment for you as a reward." As David finished, he picked up what looked like a VR headset and walked back over to me. I lay still and closed my eyes as David rested the headset over my eyes.

A pair of earbuds was then inserted into my ears. When I opened my eyes, at first all I saw was a black screen. A moment or two later, I could hear David at his laptop. Then, I was teleported back into David's bedroom. My eyes glanced around before locking onto a lingerie-clad woman bound on his bed. I realized it was me.

Then the video started to play, and I watched as if I were standing there. David approached like a predator. That was when I felt the device between my legs buzz, but not just buzz… the phallus actually elongated and the tip moved around.

I moaned in surprise as my insides were stimulated while the device inside me buzzed, pulsed, and dipped around. Soon, the phallus inside my mouth began moving just like the one between my legs. I didn't care though, as sensations and sparks of pleasure ran through me while the video continued.

I watched as I was molested, fondled, defiled, and pleasured by David. My own body, both on and off screen, was a whirl of sexual ecstasy. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own, bucking and grinding into the rug as the toy tucked inside me went to work. 

As the sensations increased and waves of passion flowed through me, I just gave in to my carnal side. I wriggled and writhed on that fur rug as orgasm after orgasm took me. The power of my orgasms only seemed to increase over time, my moans drowning out the audio of my earbuds.

As time went on, the video and devices would pause long enough for me to calm down, only to start back up with a vengeance. I must have watched myself cum as well as experienced multiple orgasms myself over the course of hours. 

I was nearing another orgasm when I felt a set of arms encircling my waist and lift me off the rug and lower me back down so my waist rested onto a large thick pillow. Next fingers were at the back of my neck and released the buckle of the device still pulsating inside my mouth. When the silicone left my mouth, I felt the warm flesh of the tip of David's cock press against my lips.

I didn't even hesitate and opened my mouth wide, welcoming David's hard cock inside. I sucked on his cock as it slowly moved in and out, noting that it, like the gag, had sweet-flavored lube. Nearing my own climax, I sucked harder, using my tongue to massage the underside of David's cock. Electricity was building in my own core once again, the ridges of the device vibrated against my clit, and one of David's hands slid inside my bra, playing with one of my nipple rings. A shockwave of pleasure coursed through my body, sending me into a state of bliss, and at the same time, I felt David's cock swelling.

David was about to come and I braced myself for the foul tasting eruption of his seed into my mouth, only to feel the heat of David's cock exit my mouth. It was at that moment that the toy inside started to buzz and convulse at full speed.

My hips were now bucking involuntarily as I watched David sliding his hard cock between my breasts, as if I were hovering over them and when my hips bucked it caused my nipple rings to rub against the inside of my bra sending waves of electricity down my body. 

The sensations were becoming so overwhelming I almost missed the feeling of the strap between my legs loosening. When my thong was pushed to the side and the vibrator removed I couldn't help but whine. 

"No sir please…ah… I'm so close…'' Next I felt my ankle cuffs detach from my wrists and then my ankle cuffs too were unlocked. David spread my legs and I lifted my ass into the air in anticipation. I didn't have to wait long as he gripped me by my hips and lined himself up with my entrance. His right hand let go of my hip to slide my thong to the side and he slowly slid into me. The hot feel of David's cock was ten times better than the toy that had previously occupied my cunt. Fully inside me now David gripped me by my hips with both hands again and started pumping at his leisure.

"Ahhh ah ah aaaaahhh yesss more sir." I was moaning in excess now while riding waves of passion at each thrust. I couldn't even watch the video playing through my headset anymore as every bang of our hips had me seeing lights. David's pace picked up and he switched from holding my hips to reaching forward and grasped my tits for leverage. My heart was pulsing like a jackhammer as David's thrusts grew to a frenzy and soon I was screaming so loud the thickest gag David owned wouldn't have kept me quiet. A hot feeling swarmed through me as David filled me with his semen, so much so that even as his thrusts died down I could feel the gooey substance dribbling down my thighs. Finally we both collapsed down on the floor with David rolling off and pulling me onto him. David rested my head on his chest, and I closed my eyes as he started removing the headset.

As the headset was pulled away I opened my eyes to the evening light and soon I could feel David undoing strap after strap until the body harness, which had hugged me so tightly, lay in a crumpled mess next to me on the rug.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Marie?" David asked smugly.

Too tired to fight it, I just nodded, and it was the truth. In my life, I'd never had more sexually gratifying experiences than what I'd been forced through in the past couple of days. It was vile, wrong on so many levels, and at some points just plain evil what David had done to me. However, at that moment, I just wanted more, and that thought should have had me very worried, but I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Seeing this, David grinned as he spoke, "Well, since I've taken care of everything I needed done today, I suppose we can relax out here until it's dinner time." David lifted me off the rug and set me down on the sofa. My eyes were heavy as I watched David pack away the toys and restraints back into their bag. 

I didn't even realize my eyes had fully closed until I felt David plop down next to me. David reached around and gripped me by my waist, pulling me snugly into his side. David rested my head against his chest as he started flipping through channels on his TV. It wasn't long before I was passed out, far too exhausted to even wonder what would come next."


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