Kitten's Story Part 9: Cheer Up

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2009 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; party; MM/ff; F/f; oral; anal; sex; bdsm; toys; cons; X

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Part 9: Cheer Up

The previous weekend had been long and hard as his pet but you had been good and done well, on the way home as he had packed you back in your cage he had promised you an exciting weekend next week once he returned. The week seemed to take forever to pass as you wondered what he will have planned for you as you waited for the weekend to arrive but it was finally here. Your heart flutters as you see him waiting for you again, your mind clicks into gear wondering just what he has in store for you as you climb into the car.

He smiles squeezing your thigh with his hand as he leans over planting a kiss on your cheek, you hardly notice his other hand move until you feel the collar slide round your neck, the smooth leather brushing against your skin as he fastens the buckle ensuring a snug fit, you glance around nervously your heart pounding already as you suddenly feel the cold steel of handcuffs closing around your right wrist, half of you is panicking wanting to him to stop, you somehow resist the urge to move your hands away, a voice in your head tells reminds you of the consequences of disobedience as you allow him to feed the other cuff through one of the belt loops close to your hip on your trousers before closing the other loop around your left wrist.

He grins seeing the nervous look on your face as you glance around seeing someone else leave work, you begin to panic as they walk straight towards the car but just as you think he will let you be caught the engine bursts into life and you pull away, you breath a sigh of relief hiding the cuffs as best as you can in your hands as the car moves off into traffic. As he drives his hand returns to your thigh gently squeezing it, your imagination runs wild as his hand roams freely up and down your thigh, you part your legs slightly allowing him better access as his hand moves around between your legs, he runs his fingers gently over the material covering your pussy before scratching with his finger nail, you sigh softly as he presses a little harder scratching at you through the fabric of your trousers and panties giving you just enough attention to keep you wanting more.

The journey to his place takes almost 20 minutes in the busy traffic with him rubbing and scratching at your pussy almost the entire time, by the time you arrive you are soaking and already wanting to cum but as he climbs out of the car he leaves you sitting there, the handcuffs prevent you from reaching to door handle and as he used the belt loop on your hip you cannot even pleasure yourself as you are forced to wait for him to return.

Ten minutes later he strolls back out to you, he quickly opens the car door and clips a length of chain to your collar before releasing your seat belt, he tugs on your new leash guiding you from the car. He quickly locks the car before leading you into the house and straight upstairs, he has you sit on the padded bondage table you know all too well before taking control himself, you offer no resistance as his strong hands grip your shoulders moving you around until you are lying on your back staring up at the ceiling. You feel him release one of your wrists to allow him to lift your arms above your head, he pulls your arms out straight before closing the handcuffs again locking your wrists to the table high above your head, with your arms out of the way he loops a wide strap over your body just above your breasts and another just above your hips, you smile up at him as he ratchets the straps tight pinning you securely to the table.

With your upper body secure you feel him unfasten your trousers before pulling them from you and discarding them, he smiles making you blush as he comments on the dark wet patch as he runs his hand over your pussy again, you moan softly as he slides his fingers under your panties before easing them from you before spreading your legs wide apart, you almost feel more exposed than if you were completely naked, still having your top and bra on seems to highlight your pussy as he straps your legs securely to the table.

You lift your head watching him as he wanders into the bathroom returning a moment later carrying his shaving gear. You let your head rest back on the table again as he moves back between your legs. You squeal as he squirts a shaving cream onto you, the shock of the cold soon changes as he begins to slowly massage the cream into a lather working it slowly all over your lips and pubic area taking his time knowing this is turning you on as his thumb gently circles your clit over and over again. You moan with frustration as your need builds, he smiles enjoying tormenting you as he takes almost ten minutes before he is finished massaging the cream in. You try to relax as he picks up the razor and you feel the first careful stroke, he slowly shaves you taking his time over every stroke knowing the constant contact will keep you aroused, by the time he takes his towel and wipes you clean you have been strapped to the table for almost half an hour.

He steps back to admire his work for a moment before taking even more time massaging in moisturiser, you want to scream at him as you get more and more desperate to cum but you bite your lip resisting the urge as he slides two fingers inside you rolling your clit under this thumb as he slowly fingers you, you moan straining at your bonds as he works a third finger into your pussy slowly stretching you more and more as he slowly finger fucks you. You groan in frustration as his fingers slide from your body but he has much more in store for you tonight as he moves over to several bags sitting on the bed.

You look up for a moment as he moves back towards you and releases one of your legs, he spreads a little talc on before beginning to roll a long black latex stocking into place, the soft thin material feels like a second skin as he slowly works it all the way up your thigh to just below your pussy, you moan softly as he smoothes out the wrinkles before securing your leg once more. A minute later he repeats the procedure with your other leg before producing a pair of knee high boots, you have worn these before and know all about the 5 inch heel, you close your eyes trying not to think about your poor toes as he releases your ankle straps one at a time before easing the boots onto your legs, tugging them up to your knees before slowly tightening the laces. Your toes are forced down into the point of the boot as the laces pull tight holding your foot and leg in a vice like grip.

You moan as he moves round the table grasping your breasts firmly as his hands roam over your body tugging your t-shirt out from under the straps pinning you to the table before ripping your bra from you, breathless you stare up at him as he holds a large ball gag to your lips, your eyes almost sparkle as you open your mouth as wide as you can, but even then your jaw is pushed wider as he forces the gag deep into your mouth before lifting your head to pull the straps tight as the straps press into your cheeks. He lets your head drop back to the table pulling your hair out above your head, you moan as he begins to plat a leather strap into your long hair tugging firmly as he weaves it with the strap.

With the strap in place he leaves your hair resting on the table moving off towards the wardrobe, you lift your head again straining to see what he is doing as he moves back towards you, he releases the strap pinning your hips to the table, you lie still until he pinches your clit between his thumb and fore finger, you howl into the gag letting out a muffled cry lifting your ass off the table as far as your bonds allow as he pulls on your clit, he holds you there for a moment ordering you to stay in that position, pelvis thrust forwards, your ass and lower back lifted off the table, your body trembles as you strain to do as you have been told. You moan pleading with him to hurry as he slowly unlaces a corset smiling as he watches you struggle. He watches as you slowly weaken until your ass brushes the table, too late you try and lift yourself again as he takes hold of your clit once more easing it from under the hood, you shake your head at him as he slowly squeezes again pulling you up from the table, your muscles ache as you force yourself up from the table once more.

"Good girl", he says taking a step back once more listing to your moans as you continue to struggle. He finishes unlacing the corset before opening it out and easing underneath you, you close your eyes panting as he finally allows you to lower your self back into the table, you lie back breathing hard as he brings the sides of the corset up around your body before beginning to fasten the laces once more, the top of the corset sits snugly under your breasts pushing them up while the base sits on your hips, each time you breathe out he pulls the laces a little tighter compressing your body under the boned leather until he manages to make both sides meet. You are forced to take quick shallow breaths to compensate as he ties off the laces before covering them with a leather flap as fastening the zip leaving a smooth finish to the garment.

You moan softly as his hands run over your body groping your breasts, your eyes lock for a moment as he lowers his head gently sucking and licking on your nipples taking each one in turn. He smiles breaking contact, tugging gently on both your nipples as he backs away to admire his slave for a moment. You lay back against the table still breathing heavily wondering just what he has planned for you tonight as he removes the collar from around your neck before presenting you with a wider thicker one, you raise your head for him allowing him to slide the collar into place, the wide collar fits snugly resting on your shoulders and pressing gently on the underside of your chin as he fastens straps before tugging your hair out from under it.

A moment later he releases all the straps holding you to the table before pulling you upright, he eases you to the edge of the table before lowering you to your feet, you wince as your toes are squashed into a point and your calves strain with the height of the heels on the boots but you feel good as you stand straight and tall, the black latex and leather a contrast against your skin. You stand still staring wide eyed as he produces a long leather skirt and matching top followed by a your chastity belt followed by two large vibrators and a third butterfly vibrator, you almost shiver as you think of what he might put you through with them inside you.

He moves over to you carrying the chastity belt in his hands, you hold your arms up hands linked behind your head as he fastens the wide belt around your waist leaving the crotch strap hanging down behind you as he moves you over to the table bending you over, pressing your breasts into the top before going to pick up both of the dildos, you close your eyes parting your legs as much as you can as he kneels behind you sliding two and then three fingers into your pussy, you tremble moaning softly enjoying the sensations as he gently rubs your clit with his thumb while driving three fingers into your pussy, you feel your stomach knot as your excitement builds and builds, but for now he doesn’t bring you release as his fingers slide from you, you moan with a mixture of frustration and pleasure as you feel his tongue circle your clit before sliding up and darting into your pussy.

Your breathing becomes ragged as he continues to plant kisses on your pussy pushing his tongue deep inside you again and again bringing you closer and closer to release before breaking contact once more, you shudder as you glance back seeing him lick your juices from his lips as he takes hold of the first of the vibrators. You let out a low moan as he slides the tip along your slit before easing it into your pussy, you shudder as he fucks you with it for a moment before sliding it from you, slick with your juices he immediately presses the vibrator against your ass. You clench your fists as he quickly twists the vibrator into your ass, pleasure and pain mingle as he drives it all the way into you in one move forcing it as deep as he can before immediately picking up the second larger vibrator. You rock your pelvis slightly as he begins to ease the vibrator into your pussy, you moan with almost every breath as he pulls you upright ordering you to hold the vibrators inside you.

You close your eyes using every ounce of will power you possess to hold them in place as he picks up the butterfly vibrator, your mind is spinning as he kneels in front of you flicking your clit with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth, you let your head tilt back letting out a loud groan as he holds your clit between his lips flicking the end with his tongue for a moment before pulling back and blowing cool air over it, a moment later you feel the slight suction over your clit as he presses the butterfly vibrator into place, it holds your clit out from under its hood hugging it snugly as he reaches back between your legs for the strap. Your thighs shake as you spread your legs a little allowing him to pull the strap up and feed it thought the buckle at the front of the belt, he stares directly into your lust filled eyes as he pulls the strap harder and harder, pressing both the vibrators into your body and the butterfly to your clit before finally fastening the strap, you try to shake the drool from your chin as he steps back to admire you for a moment.

Your skin shines with a film of sweat as he approaches you with the skirt, it is long enough to reach your ankles as he loops it around your waist, after a moments fiddling he begins to fasten the long zip. As he closes the zip the skirt tightens pressing against your skin pinning your legs together, he smiles as you realise just how hard it will be to walk as he pulls the zip all the way down, the skirt hugs your hips, your ass and your legs, holding your legs together. You stand still slowly struggling to regain your composure as he approaches you with your top, it is much like the corset but this covers your breasts you think as he pulls it around you before fastening the zip.

He releases your wrists guiding your hands down to your sides as he moves you over to a chair in front of a mirror, he removes the ball gag from your mouth before helping you to sit, you let out a soft moan as the vibrators push a little deeper, make yourself look beautiful my little slut he says planting a kiss on your shoulder before leaving you with some makeup. You rub the red marks on your cheeks from where the ball gag straps have been before beginning to apply the bright red lipstick, he watches you getting changed himself as you apply your makeup. Once you are done he orders you to stand and walk for him, you slowly get to your feet before taking tiny shuffling steps across the room in front of him, every step sends a thrill through you as your latex covered thighs rub smoothly together and the vibrators shift inside you.

You catch sight of yourself in the mirror and pause for a moment, you stand tall on the high heels of the boots, your waist is pulled down to nothing, your breasts pushed up and out, the wide collar sitting snugly around your neck all encased in tight black leather, you jump suddenly feeling his hands on you as he fits leather shackles to each of your wrists and a silver chain to your collar. For the moment he brings your hands down behind your back and closes the lock holding them together, he smiles at you giving a gentle tug on your leash as he leads you out of the bedroom, your skirt is so tight he actually has to carry you down the stairs, your heart is pounding and you are still desperate to cum as he leads you out to his car. You are nervous as he helps you into the passenger seat and climbs in beside you.

If you’re a good girl you will get what you need he says starting the car, but don’t ever speak unless I give you permission understand? You nod slowly your nerves jangling as he reverses out of the garage, it is already dark as you drive off down the road and across the city, you want to know were he is taking you but you don’t dare ask as he drives into the middle of the city. Your heart is pounding as the car stops, you want to ask him to take you home but he presses a finger to you lips telling you it will be alright as he helps you from the car. He takes hold of your leash and leads you down the side of a building and around a corner to an ally, you can hear rock music vibrating through the wall next to you as you turn another corner, you gaze eyes wide at the queue in front of you, a line of people dressed in leather, latex and shining metal waits to enter a club. You glance from your master to the people suddenly realising most of the slaves are far more exposed than you, some wearing almost nothing as they stand by their owners waiting to be let in.

You are grateful that you won't stand out as you take your place in line, five minutes later you walk into the club, the barmen and women are all dressed in latex and leather, you feel almost embarrassed as people look at you being lead along on your leash as you master takes you across the dance floor to a table at the other side, he sits but leaving you standing by his side as he gazes around the room. You glance around in wonder as you look at all the people, a mistress sits close by with her slave on his hands and knees holding an ash tray for her while another is her foot rest. You jump turning to scowl as you feel a hand grab your ass but the man neither removes it or looks at you as he greets your master, they appear to know each other as they use each others first names, you stand still under your masters gaze as the new mans hands circle your body grasping firmly grasping your breasts, rubbing your nipples through the leather, she’s stunning he says with a smile going to sit down opposite your owner. You almost feel proud as he agrees, she’s almost an almost perfect little slut aren’t you he adds looking at you for a moment.

The two of them chat for a moment until another girl dressed entirely in a black latex cat suit arrives carrying two bottles of beer, her face is covered by a latex hood but you can clearly see a ball gag underneath the latex of the cat suit, which is so thin you can clearly see her corset and chastity belt underneath as she kneels by her masters side, small silver chains connect her wrists and ankles as she sits looking down at the floor. For some time neither of them pay you any attention as they sit and chat until it is your turn to fetch the drinks, you slowly make your way to the bar shuddering as the dildos move inside you, you cannot help but feel horney as you start around the room looking at all the people dressed or undressed as you make your way to the bar. 10 minutes later you return to the table placing the drinks in front of the two men, you take up your place behind your master again.

You stand still listening to them chat for a moment until the other guy says shall we have some fun with them, he grins up at you as your master produces the remote you know so well but he places it on the table next to an almost identical remote the other man has produced. Your heart rate jumps with nervous anticipation as the other girls stands, they move both of you around until you stand side by side close to the table, you don’t get a chance to think about what is about to happen as the man takes hold of your remote and the vibrator over your clit bursts into life, you bend forwards slightly moaning as he activates all three vibrators, you hear a groan from the girl next to you as you realise your master has her remote, the two of them smile as they watch you both struggle to deal with the sensations of the powerful vibrators between your legs.

Your almost panting as you rush closer and closer to orgasm, you go light headed swaying slightly as you struggle to get enough air thanks to the corset, the music seems distant as you rock back on your heels moaning loudly, no longer caring where you are just as long as you cum, until finally the vibrators drive you over the edge you scream, your legs buckling as wave after wave of pleasure pulses through your body, you spasm and shake sinking to your knees and resting your head against the edge of the table as the vibrators slowly die down and stop. As you come to your senses you become aware of the girl next to you moaning with frustration, you look at him as he strokes your hair, good girl he smiles at you as he pulls you closer to him, you rest your head against his thigh as he strokes your hair.

As the moments pass and you hear them chat you realise you had been used in a race, you had cum first so the other slave didn’t get release and later she would be punished for letting her master down. You blush slightly as you meet the gaze of the other man for a moment as he continues to toy with your remote control. As the evening passes you want more again until both of them stand, you follow in silence as you make your way outside, you grow nervous again as all four of you get into a taxi back to your masters house, what does he have in store for you now you wonder.

As soon as you arrive back you are taken up to the bedroom, he immediately has you open your mouth to allow him to lock a ring gag into place, he quickly removes both your top and your skirt before lifting you onto the table, your mind spins wondering just were the other two are as your head lolls back over the end of the bench and he spreads your legs and straps you to the table, a strap pins your hips down, one above your knees and another around your ankles, he pulls your arms down by your sides before locking your wrist cuffs into place before adding another strap just above your breasts pining you to the table, he finally makes use of the strap he platted into your hair as he pulls the strap down under the table pulling your head back so you are looking straight back across the room.

Utterly helpless you tense as you hear the others enter the room, you blush moaning as he removes the strap from between your legs before easing both of the vibrators from your body, you cannot see what is going on but you get the idea as the other girl is forced to clean the vibrators with her tongue before her punishment begins, you lay back on the table listening to her groan as she is harshly bound before receiving her punishment, you hear her muffled whimpers with every blow as both her master and yours take turns bringing a crop down on her ass, you almost flinch with every swish and smack as you imagine what it would be like to be in her place as at least 50 strokes of the crop rain down across her ass, eventually they stop, you hear her moaning softly as she released for a moment before being bound into a secure hog tie, you see her for the first time as she is lifted onto the bed close by, her ass is glowing bright red as her head is covered by a blindfold.

You gaze at her for a moment watching her struggle in her bonds until defeated she gives up lying still on the bed, a moan escapes your lips and her head turns in your direction as the vibrator still hugging your clit bursts into life slowly increasing in power, you suddenly gasp as you master grasps your hip driving his cock into your pussy, before you can even think you see the other man easing his cock from his trousers, he slides it smoothly into your mouth as you are fucked from both ends, you almost loose your mind as the two of them fuck you as the vibrator reaches full speed, you let out a muffled moan, gagging on his cock as your orgasm builds and builds, as both men fuck you they grope your breasts pulling and twisting your nipples, causing you to moan even more arching your back against your bonds to try and ease the pain.

Your mind is lost unable to cope with all the sensations when suddenly you feel him tense, you taste his cum as he begins to shoot his load into your mouth, you swallow what you can but  he pulls back, you close your eyes as his cum splatters over your face, splashing into your mouth before oozing from your lips running down into your hair as he finishes himself off squeezing the last drops of cum out onto your lips before pulling back, you can almost feel his smile as he grins down at your cum covered face as you master continues to fuck you. You hear your master grown and tense inside you as he begins to cum shooting his load deep inside you, you moan loudly on the brink of orgasm as he slowly slides from you leaving you breathless as the vibrator on your clit does its work taking you closer and closer, you moan in ecstasy as he slides the vibrator back into your pussy and pulls the strap back into place leaving it buzzing away inside you.

You barely even hear them leave the room as the vibrators drive you over the edge, you scream in ecstasy struggling and straining against your bonds as the vibrators continue to do their work pushing you immediately towards a second orgasm, you moan and pant uncontrollably helpless to stop the vibrations pulsing though your sensitive flesh. You will your master to return and set you free, believing for a moment he has taken pity on you as he returns but instead of freeing you he sits on the bed next to the other slave, you look pleadingly at him moaning, begging him to stop the vibrator but instead you are forced to endure, driven to yet another orgasm as he slowly unties the other girl.

He releases her from the hog tie and has her stand, the other master moves over and her blindfold is removed, you can feel yourself blush as her eyes take in your bound form, face covered in cum and body glistening with sweat as you struggle against the constant buzz of the vibrators, the two masters quickly cuff the girls wrists in front of her and secure a large collar around her neck, a short chain shackles her ankles together before they turn towards you, both men smile watching you struggle, listening to your moans as the vibrators continue to do their worst. You see your master whisper something to the girl, she looks at you for a moment and then to her owner, he nods and then with a smile they are both gone.

You moan feebly staring up at the other girl begging her to help you, she smiles back at you and moves away, shuffling off to the bathroom, you moan softly panting for air as she returns, she kneels in front of you placing a bowl of warm water on the floor, she reaches towards you and scrapes a finger down the side of your face scooping up some of her masters cum, you watch her as she slowly sucks her finger clean before doing the same down your other cheek. She slowly reaches up again releasing the straps of your ring gag, you moan softly as she eases the gag from your mouth, please you manage to stammer between breaths, please stop the vibrators. She looks at you for a long moment before moving out of sight, you moan gratefully as both vibrators stop, she releases the strap between your legs before easing the vibrator from your pussy and taking the other from your clit, you sigh collapsing back in your bonds and closing your eyes, you rest for a moment until you suddenly feel a warm cloth on your face.

You lie still as she gently washes your face before moving over your neck and shoulders gently wiping your sweat away, she takes her time as she reaches your breasts you groan as she slowly rubs each one circling your nipples with the cloth, even as she moves on down to your naval she continues to work the cloth over your breasts brushing it over your nipples, she smiles listening to you groan as she moves further down until she is standing between your open legs, you want nothing more than to close your thighs as you feel the cloth move up your legs towards your pussy but she pauses placing the cloth on your stomach, her heart is pounding, she knows what she is doing is forbidden but she cannot resist.

She reaches down and begins to rub her clit as she kneels between your legs, you tense feeling her breath you as she stares at your masters cum oozing from your glistening cunt, she stares at your pussy for what feels like an eternity watching the cum drip from you before you feel her tongue, please don’t you beg as her tongue trails over your ass licking up the trail of cum as she works her way to your pussy, you close your eyes begging her to stop as she presses her lips against you, pushing her tongue deep inside you, her eyes sparkle as she tastes your masters cum and your juices as she licks your pussy clean. You moan feebly wanting her to stop ashamed at yourself as you feel your arousal grow, you moan as she suddenly shifts position sucking your clit into her mouth gently licking the end with  her tongue as she continues to rub her own pussy, she ignores your pleas for her to stop and that you don’t want this to happen as she carries on, alternating between sucking on your clit and sliding her tongue into your pussy.

You close your eyes fighting the sensations not wanting to be brought to orgasm by another woman but there is nothing you can do to stop your bodies reaction to her skillful tongue as she drives you closer and closer to orgasm until with a cry she pushes you over the edge, you moan loudly in defeat feeling ashamed and used, she continues to lick your pussy lost in her own enjoyment as she fingers herself unaware that your masters have returned wondering what you are protesting about. They stand for a moment watching before silently moving into place, you suddenly yelp as he runs his hand over your breast pinching and twisting your nipple as he moves in front of you, eyes wide you beg for him to stop her but he just smiles glancing over at her master before planting a soft kiss on your lips.

He breaks contact almost immediately leaving you with your mouth open wanting, hoping for more, he licks your lower lip moving closer, you can feel his breath on you as he teases you, flicking his tongue into your mouth and nibbling your lips as his hands reach up to your breasts, you moan loudly as he catches hold of both of your nipples rolling them between his finger and thumb, a kiss silences your moans as he continues to grope your breasts and toy with your nipples. You lose yourself in the embrace for a moment until you feel the girl suddenly force three fingers into you, you groan loudly once more as your master pulls back slightly, he grins listening to your begging as you ask him to stop her but she is under instruction now, her master is in control now, he has denied her the orgasm she wanted and instead she is being forced to use her fingers on you to.

Your master watches you carefully, watching your eyes dilate as you are driven closer and closer to orgasm then almost at the point of no return he nods, you moan as the girl is suddenly pulled away from you, your master watches you for a moment watching your eyes as your peak ebbs away, a minute later the other master pushes his slaves head back forwards pressing her face into your pussy, she eagerly begins to lap up your juices pushing her tongue deep inside you, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm once more, you gasp panting hard looking straight into your masters eyes no longer sure of what you want as she is pulled away from you again. The two of them use her to keep you close to orgasm listening with amusement as your begging for her to stop changes to begging for orgasm, please you whimper almost willing to promise anything in return for being allowed to cum as she is pulled away from you yet again.

You moan again as your master suddenly stands, his cock already out, you open your mouth immediately extending your tongue to lick the end as he teases your further for a moment letting you suck the end into your mouth before pulling back, you feel her head pulled away once more and at the same time the strap holding your hips to the table loosens, you don’t get a moment to think as the other master lifts your hips spreading your ass cheeks with his hands before driving into your ass. Your loud moans are muffled as your master eases his cock down your throat forcing you to take his entire length in your mouth, your mind is spinning as you feel the girls fingers slide over your clit and into your pussy as her master increases his pace fucking your ass with so much force the table rocks slightly. You can feel your stomach tighten, having all your holes filled at once and your breasts constantly groped and pinched is almost to much for you to cope with as they continue to fuck you until finally with a scream they push you over the edge, you close your eyes lost in the sensations as wave after wave of pleasure pulses through your body, youR master watches with a smile as you spasm and twitch, you are barely aware of his cum pumping down your throat you are so lost in the sensations as both masters cum inside you again.

By the time you come to your senses you realise you have been released from the table, your master helps you into the bathroom and into the shower, you lean against the wall weak knead and still panting softly as he returns to the other room, you let the warm water wash over you as you hear a yelp from the other room as the girl is persuaded to use her tongue to clean your cum from the table top, a few minutes later you hear her moans as she is bent over, her arms harshly bent up behind her back your master enters her ass while her master uses her mouth, they both take their pleasure without letting her cum, after all she disobeyed them by playing with you, by the time you return to the bedroom towelling yourself dry she is back in her cat suit, ball gag obviously in place and the chains back between her wrists and ankles.



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