Kitten's Story Part 8: You Leave Work

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2008 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; cage; transported; petgirl; oral; toys; cons; X

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Part 8: You Leave Work

You leave work and make your way into the city hurrying to meet him on time, as it starts to rain you glance at a bus but you have no choice but to walk as he dropped you off at work with no house keys, no money and worst of all no coat. By the time you reach the tram stations you are soaked but you are almost there as you make your way to the student popular pub, you smile half heartedly at the girl behind the bar simply glad to be out of the rain as you make you way over to his table. He glances at you and then hands you a bag, "Go to the toilets and put them on."

Your heart is pounding as you take the bag from him almost dreading what you will find inside. You are actually trembling as you make your way into the toilets, at least they're empty you think locking yourself into a cubical before putting the lid down and unzipping the bag. You reach in and lift out a short black skirt and a plain black t-shirt and then finally a pair of red latex panties. You stare at them for a moment realising it must be a new pair as the two intruders designed for your pussy and ass are about 7 inches long and a couple of inches across, much much larger than the pair you have worn before.

You can feel the excitement beginning to grow inside you as you peel off your soaking top and trousers before dropping them in the bag, your heart is pounding as you slip off your bra and panties pushing them in the bag with your other clothes. You feel strange as you stand naked in a pub toilet and quickly reach for the t-shirt, feeling much better as you get into dry clothes.

As you pick up the panties you realise he has neglected to provide you with any lubrication, you lift them to your mouth and cover the plug with as much saliva as you can before stepping into them, you ease them up your legs until inching them further and further until both dildos brush against you, you bite your lip to stifle a moan as you crouch as much as you can and begin to work them into your pussy and ass. You wince a little surprising another moan as you force the large head of one slowly into your ass before pushing the other deeper into your pussy.

Your legs are trembling from the strain as you remain crouched easing the dildos into your body a little at a time until finally you are able to straighten up and smooth the panties into place, your head is spinning from the sensations as you fight the urge to sit back on the toilet and bring yourself to orgasm. Somehow you force yourself to reach out and pick up the skirt, you let out a soft sigh as you bend causing the dildos to shift inside you, every movement you make brings pleasure as you pull the skirt into place and fasten the zip. You fasten the bag with your wet clothes in up again and nervously open the door thankfully the toilets are still empty as you stare at yourself in he mirror for a moment, the t shirt is snug but nothing special just plain black and the skirt finishes just above mid thigh so even that’s not too short.

Slowly you make your way back to the table you avoid the barmaid's quizzical glance as you do your best to walk normally despite the two large dildos now filling you. He grins as he watches you slowly lower yourself into the hard wooden chair, you close your eyes for a moment as your weight drives both dildos even further into you. So then how was your day he asks suddenly making normal conversation, you swallow placing your hands on the table as you try to ignore just how turned on you are right now. Several minutes pass as he listens to you talk before handing you some money and telling you to go to the bar to get some drinks, as you stand you suddenly feel a pulse of vibrations between your legs, you glace at him almost wishing you hadn’t as the strength of the vibrations beings to grow.

"If you don’t hurry you might find it very difficult to order," he said with a broad grin.

You almost stagger to the bar as he continues to increase the speed of the vibrator buried in your pussy but the girl is serving someone else, you glance back at him again but he just shrugs, you turn back to the bar gabbing hold of the rail as you fight to stay in control, you can feel your legs shaking as you try to disguise how hard your breathing. By the time the barmaid finally turns to you it takes you several embarrassing seconds to even remember what he told you to order as she stares at you, you take a deep breath gripping the bar rail with white knuckles you some how manage to stammer your order. You wait standing still having to fight the orgasm you feel building inside you as she slowly gathers the drinks you have asked for, finally you come to pay, holding the money out trying with all your will power to act normally.

As you pick up the drinks the vibrations suddenly stop, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry as you make your way back to the table, you can feel yourself sweating from the exertions of what he has just put you through as you slowly sit back in your seat. He smiles taking a sip from his drink as he watches you slowly gather your wits again. You chat normally as the bar slowly fills up, about an hour later he gets up to go to the toilet, as he walks away the vibrator suddenly springs back into life, you clasp your hands together letting out a soft moan but this time they don’t increase in intensity it just continues to hum on a low setting. By the time he emerges from the toilet you are ready to explode, the vibrations are strong but not enough to push you over the edge, just enough to keep you maddeningly close.

He glances at you with a smile before making his way to the bar, this time there are several others waiting, you wring your hands together as time seems to crawl by, five more minutes pass before he even gets served and even then he takes his time enjoying watching you squirm in your seat. Eventually he wanders back to the table but even then he doesn’t stop the vibrator.

"I wonder how long you can last like this?" he says.

You look down at the table wanting to scream as he leans closer and asks, "Do you want to cum?"

You nod slowly blushing a little before suddenly adding, "...but please not here."

He smiles leaning back before saying, "That isn’t up to you though is it!"

You look down at the table again as he begins to increase the intensity, you grip onto the arms of your chair as the speed steadily increases until he suddenly flicks it to full power, you bite your lip hard as you struggle not to make a sound until suddenly he turns it off, you slump forwards in your chair trying to disguise the fact that you are panting. Once again you slowly regain your composure as he chats to you like nothing had ever happened. As he finally finishes his coke he stands up, you stand with him sliding your chair under the table conscious of the fact you have left a damp patch, he takes your hand as you follow him from the pub. The rain has died down to a drizzle as he walks quickly down the crowded street, with every step the dildos work from side to side in you making every step stimulating as you make your way across the city centre until you duck into one of the multi story car parks.

As he steps into the lift pushing you in front of him, as the lift doors close his hands snake around your body finding their way under your t shirt and up to your breasts, you moan letting your head rest back on his shoulder as his hands firmly grasp your breasts, his fingers circling your nipples as your body reacts and your nipples stiffen, he captures them between thumb and forefinger, you bite your lip letting out a groan as he begins to squeeze rolling your nipples pressing them harder and harder twisting them further until finally you cry out unable to keep silent any longer, you clench your fists  stamping your heel on the floor as he continues to enjoy toying with you. You moan again as the lift doors slide open and he quickly takes his hands away leaving you panting softly with your nipples burning as he pushes you from the lift past the people getting on, you feel yourself blush slightly as you walk away across the top level of the car park over to were his car sits.

You climb into the passenger seat next to him sitting down with a soft murmur as the dildos push further into you, once more he doesn’t say much as he drives you back to his place but as you arrive he instructs you to go to the lounge and strip down to the latex panties and then wait for him. Equally nervous and excited you remove your shoes and quickly make your way to the lounge, your heart is pounding as you slip out of your clothes wondering what he has planned for you. You stand for a moment before deciding to kneel, hoping to please him you kneel with your knees slightly parted, clasping your hands behind your head and then you wait.

As time creeps by you can hear him moving about upstairs but you don’t have the slightest idea what he is going to do with you until he finally returns, he smiles seeing you kneeling on the floor but doesn’t say anything as he carries a large heavy looking bag out to the car, several more minutes pass before he finally turns his attention to you. He returns carrying another bag and slowly walks around you patting you on top of the head, you smile up at him as he places the bag on the coffee table and pulls out a thick two inch wide leather collar, you catch a glimpse of the silver tag dangling from it as you lift your chin up to let him slip it round your neck and pulls it tight until it rests snugly around your neck. You hear a little click behind you as he locks the collar in place, you are now labelled as his slut, you belong to him to do with as he sees fit, you feel happy inside knowing you are needed, knowing you are his as he pulls your arms down behind your back. Your shoulders strain as he loops a rope around your arms just above your elbows and beings to pull it tight, you let out a soft moan as he inches your elbows closer until they touch, as he ties the rope off he pulls it even tighter pressing your elbows firmly together forcing you to thrust your breasts out.

He stands in front of you for a moment using this to his advantage as he gropes and fondles your breasts, enjoying your little moans and gasps as he pinches and tweaks your nipples again and again you pant softly as he moves away picking up a roll of latex tape, you frown wondering why he is bothering as he has you clench your fists so he can bind your hands again, its not like you are able to use them with your elbows bound but you obey all the same allowing him to tightly bind your hands, as soon as you hands are completely secured he uses more rope to bind your wrists together leaving a length of rope hanging down behind you. With your arms secure he grabs your shoulders and tips you forwards until you are lying face down on the carpet, you lie still offering no resistance as he bends one of your legs at the knee up before using a wide leather strap to secure your calf pressed tightly against your thigh. He quickly does the same with your other leg before lifting you up by your shoulders once more, he tilts you back until you are kneeling forced to sit back on your haunches.

He kneels in front of you looping another length of rope around your waist, with the rope pulled tight he reaches back between your legs and grasps the rope hanging from your wrists, slowly he pulls it forwards and up between your legs slipping the end under the rope surrounding your waist before pulling it tight, as he tightens the rope your wrists are pulled down and flat against your ass and the dildos are forced deeper into you as the rope forces up between your legs, you moan as your labia bulge out either side of the taught rope now splitting your pussy, you moan softly breathing hard as he ties off the end of the rope. He watches you for a moment as you squirm in your bondage testing your restraints as you realise a gentle tug in the rope between your legs causes friction over your clit, he doesn’t stop you enjoying yourself but you blush as he asks, "Does it feel good slut?"

He frowns at your silence reaching out to your nipple, you cry out as he suddenly pinches it hard twisting it viciously, "Well, slut does it feel good?" He repeats?

"Yes master," you manage to gasp between breaths as he twists your nipple even further before letting it go to jam the ring gag into your mouth. You groan as he yanks the straps tight forcing the gag deep into your mouth before fastening it off.

"Almost ready for the journey now slut!" he chuckles.

Your eyes shoot wide open, journey how can he take you anywhere like this your brain screams but there is nothing you can do as he ties a length of rope to one of the metal loops at the front of your collar, he feeds the rope down between your legs and up to the rope between your elbows before beginning to pull it tight, as he takes up the slack he forces you to bend forwards until you are curled up into a ball with your breasts pressed against your thighs. He places his hand on your back and pushes you a little lower letting him take a bit more slack out of the rope before securely tying off the end. You groan from the strain on your body as he adds one more leather strap that circles your entire body, you are utterly helpless curled into a little ball by his bondage.

He takes several steps back and admires his work for a moment watching you test your bonds as you realise that there is now even more tension on the rope splitting your pussy, there is nothing you can do, you can hardly move a muscle, you grunt as he lifts you from the floor carrying you through into the kitchen before placing you down on the table like a piece of baggage to be packed. He places a blindfold on the table next to you so you know you are not going to get to see were you are going.

He leaves you for a moment going into the garage were the car is parked before coming back carrying the bag of your wet work clothes, he moves out of sight and unzips the bag before placing something on your back, a moment later he is standing close in front of you. You stare almost transfixed as he slowly lowers his flies and eases his cock from his pants, you feel his fingers twist into your hair as he pulls your head back before thrusting his cock into your mouth, you fight your gag reflex as he pushes deeper and deeper forcing you to deep throat him. He lets out a low groan as he slowly fucks your warm wet mouth pushing his cock to the back of your throat each time as he takes his pleasure from you, you struggle breathing hard though your nose as he begins to fuck your mouth harder and faster building up a rhythm. You moan as his thrusts become more urgent as his grip on your hair tightens, you hear his breathing quicken and feel him tense as his cock spasms in your mouth, he groans ordering you not to swallow as he shoots his load into your mouth.

Knowing your place you hold still not swallowing as he slowly pulls back keeping the head of his cock just inside your mouth, his cum splatters over the inside of your mouth and you have to remind yourself not to swallow as the last drops drip onto your tongue, as he releases your hair and slides from your mouth you rest your chin against the table, as he puts his cock away he watches as his cum slowly oozes from your mouth trickling down your chin and pooling with your drool on the table in front of you. He grins at you for a moment before disappearing into the garage for a moment, you stare helplessly, cum and drool still running from your mouth as he returns carrying the tiny cage he had locked you in many times before.

He places the cage on the floor in front of you before picking up the bit of cloth he placed on your back earlier, he deliberately lets you watch as he slowly bunches up the panties you had been wearing only a few hours earlier, you stare as he makes sure the crotch is on the outside before spending several minutes using them to soak up all the cum and drool you had just allowed to flow from your mouth. You snort indignantly but there is nothing you can do as he slowly pushes the panties in your mouth, making sure the cum soaked crotch is pressed firmly against your tongue before sealing over your mouth with several strips of duct tape, ensuring your complete silence as he blindfolds you before lifting you from the table and lowering you carefully into the cage. You feel him jam a cushion down either side of you making sure you are wedged tight before carrying you out to the car, images of dogs in pet carry cases flash through your mind as he lowers you into the boot packing you like a piece of luggage, the boot slams shut above you leaving you in silence unable to do anything but tug feebly on the rope between your legs and try to ignore the taste of yourself mingled with his cum on the panties in your mouth.

With his pet packed he returns to the house and makes himself a drink and sandwich, he glances at the clock, just enough time to catch the weekend weather he thinks sitting back on the sofa sipping his drink and eating as he waits for the forecast to start. For you time creeps slowly by as you sit tugging on the ropes trying desperately to get off, your body is soaked with sweat in the hot stuffy car boot as he continues to take his time, almost half an hour passed by the time he looks up at the clock again, after a quick trip to the toilet he slowly makes his way to the car. By the time you feel him get in and the car start you have utterly given up your struggle for pleasure when suddenly the vibrator in your pussy starts up, as the car begins to move it slowly increases intensity until it reaches full power and then suddenly it stops, you groan desperate for more as the vibrator starts again slowly increasing in intensity until again once it reaches full power. It stops the vibrator remains off for about 10 seconds before beginning its cycle again taking thirty seconds to build up to full power before switching off for ten seconds.

You are barely aware of the car moving or the music from the speakers above you as the vibrator brings you slowly towards orgasm, as time crawls by you slowly begin to realise that in order to orgasm you will need the vibrator on constantly, you scream into your gag fighting your bonds for all you are worth as the vibrator drives you to the brink of madness you need to cum so badly. He cannot resist a chuckle as he feels the car move slightly with your struggles but he has no intention of giving you what you want just yet. As he drives on to your destination you almost sob with frustration, your body tired and aching from your struggles as the vibrator slowly runs down no longer reaching its full intensity in each of its cycles.

He glances at his watch as he finally pulls off the road driving down the gravel track to your destination, its been more than two hours since he set off, and some time since he last heard you scream in frustration or felt you struggle. He glances around as he pulls up to the front of the holiday home you stayed in the previous summer, this time being earlier spring it hadn’t been hard for him just to book a weekend away here so he could do a few things to you not possible in the city. He slowly climbs from the car stretching his legs before opening the boot, you moan feebly at him as you feel the cool evening air on your sweatly body. You panic suddenly feeling nervous as he lifts you from the boot and places you on the ground, you know you are outside but where you are, your mind spins as you listen to him lifting things from the boot and carrying them off somewhere, he leaves you for several minutes before you hear the boot slam and your cage lifted from the ground. You remain blindfolded as he carries you right through the house to the lounge.

You moan softly as the vibrators hum weakly once more but he doesn’t bother stopping them as he lifts you from the cage, you are too exhausted to do anything moaning as he slowly releases the straps holding you curled up, you let out a groan as he uncurls your aching back and lies you face down on the floor, he works slowly releasing your wrists and then your elbows pulling the ropes from you one at a time until only your hands are bound into fists and your legs are still bent over. With a little struggle he somehow manages to ease the latex panties from you enjoying your pathetic whimpers as the dildos slide from your body, he places the panties on the floor in front of you letting you smell yourself on them while pulls the duct tape from your face, you groan again as he slowly pulls your panties from your mouth before slipping the blindfold from your eyes.

You blink slowly getting used to the light as you recognise the holiday house from the year before, as your eyes focus you see the latex panties in the floor in front of you, only the dildo that had been in your pussy remains glistening with your own juices with a small pool forming around the base, you glance over at him sitting on the sofa close by tapping a riding crop in the palm of his hand making it clear what he expects you to do. Your head is spinning and your heart pounding once more as you struggle up to your hands and knees, you pause for a moment until suddenly you hear the crop swish, you yelp as it cracks down across you ass leaving and immediate red stripe. Spurred on by a second and third blow in quick succession you slowly lower your head slowly working the rubber cock though your ring gag and into your mouth, you close your eyes as you quickly lick your juices from the dildo.

"Slowly!" comes the command from next to you as two more blows sting your ass. doing as you are ordered you slow down letting him see you lick the dildo clean, he smiles watching you lap up your juices as he walks around you fastening a length of chain to the back of your collar. Eventually he is satisfied and uses the leash to pull you up away from the dildo. He gives a sharp tug on the leash forcing you to crawl along after him.

"Here is how the next couple of days are going to work," he explained walking you through the kitchen and out to the back garden. "While we are here you are not to speak, I would prefer not to have you gagged all the time but if you utter one word you will find yourself silenced until Monday morning. This weekend you are my pet and as dogs cannot talk neither can you!"

You whimper softly as he leads you across the grass to the old stables you remember from the year before, he walks you into the last stall where your eyes fall on a silver water bowl and a large dog bed with a fleece blanket and small cushion.

"This is were you will sleep for the next two nights," and then as if reading your thoughts he added, "and if you need the toilet you go outside."

He leaves you to reflect on your situation as you stare around the bare wooden and stone stall.

"Now then", he says breaking you from your trance, "will you be good if I remove the gag?"

You look up at him and nod slowly, he smiles stroking your hair for a moment before releasing the gag and easing it from your mouth. You slowly work the feeling back into your jaw as he tugs on the leash again, the cool evening air caresses your body as you crawl along beside your owner, you crawl along obediently next to him as he walks you all around the massive garden stretching off the aches of your confinement of the journey here as you think about being a pet for the entire weekend.

Eventually as the evening darkens he leads you back towards the house but as you go to follow him into the kitchen he stops and steps back outside, you watch as he loops your leash around a hook set close to the base of the wall, you look crestfallen as he locks you to the ring but he doesn’t look back at you as the kitchen door slams leaving you tied up outside. You glance around forced to sit and wait as the smell of him cooking the evening meal and the sounds of the tv float down to you through the open window, you expect him to let you in to eat with him but as you hear knives and forks clank on the table the door still remains shut as he eats his meal.

More than an hour has passed by the time he opens the door and brings you into the house, your stomach growls as the delicious smells of food permeate your senses, you look around expecting him to let you free to eat but instead he clanks a bowl down on the floor a few feet from you, you hear the tap running as he  fills another bowl with water and places it next to the first before walking from the room. You stare after him for a moment  before slowly crawling over to the two bowls, you stare at your food for a long time, he has scraped his left overs and some dry biscuits into a metal dog dish for you to eat, you feel sorry for yourself as you slowly lower your head to the food trying to keep your hair out of the bowl as you eat.

You feel utterly degraded as you have to press your face into the bowl getting food over your nose and cheeks as you slowly struggle to eat, drinking is just as hard as you struggle to work out  a way to drink without dipping your nose into the bowl first, slowly you manage to eat everything he has put out for you. Half an hour later he returns picking the bowl up from the floor with a smile seeing how you have licked it clean.

"Good girl!" he says ruffling your hair as you lick a bit of food from your face, he pats his leg signalling for you to follow him into the lounge, he decides to have you perform for his amusement. "There is a large dildo in the bag on my bedroom floor you will fetch it for me slut."

Slowly you crawl off struggling your way up the stairs to his room, as you reach the bag you struggle with the zip using your tongue to lift it before capturing it in your teeth, slowly you inch it around until you can open the top of the bag, you stare wide eyed in a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you gaze at the huge array of toys and restraints he has packed for only a two day trip. Seeing the huge black dildo you lower your head and pick it up with your mouth and make your way back down to the lounge, you crawl around to him and place the dildo on the table in front of him, he smiles as you look up at him.

"Let me see you use it then, I know you want to you little whore."

You blush slightly as you move forward picking up the dildo in your mouth once more, you slowly lower it to the floor trying to get it to stand up and after several attempts you finally manage it, you look down not wanting to meet his gaze as you crawl forwards positioning yourself over the massive dildo, you close your eyes letting out a sigh as you slowly press yourself back. You take a deep breath as you begin to press down against the dildo forcing your pussy to stretch over the large head of the dildo, your breathing quickens as you slowly begin to fuck the dildo pushing yourself down onto it a little further each time.

"Look at me!" says the voice in front of you, you feel yourself blush a little as you look up making eye contact with him as you push yourself right down onto the dildo, letting out a moan as you force it deep into your body. He smiles watching you fuck the dildo faster and faster as you bring yourself closer and closer to the orgasm he has teased you with all afternoon, a little voice in your head begs him to let you cum as you get closer but as you near he calls you to him. You moan softly as you reluctantly lift yourself from the dildo and crawl over to him, he moves forwards in his seat running his hands over your body, groping your breasts and twisting your nipples before his hands work down to your ass. You moan softly as he slides two and then three fingers into your pussy but he does not pleasure you, its more like an examination as he gropes and fondles you sliding three and four fingers into your pussy keeping you wanting without letting you cum.

Your mind is spinning as he continues to toy with you, after a few minutes until ordering you to sit back on the dildo, feeling utterly humiliated you crawl into position and with a moan you slowly force yourself back onto it pushing yourself all the way down, he watches you carefully then the moment you are about to lift yourself up he orders you to stop. You glare at him but obey as you remain sat back panting from the sensations of having the dildo in you without being able to move, he forces you to wait a quarter of an hour in that position, watching your bodies reactions knowing you need to cum until eventually he stands up, he grasps you by your leash and pulls you up letting the dildo slide from your body.

Your heart falls as he leads you out into the garden and across to the stables, he leads you into the cubical and removes your leash before suddenly pushing you face down to the floor, you moan as you feel him enter you fucking you hard and fast from behind. You moan breathing hard as he fucks you, you desperately try to stimulate your clit but your hands are useless and there is nothing you can do to get off as he tenses and spasms shooting his load inside you. Satisfied he stands taking a deep breath as he leaves you with the words, "See you in the morning."

Horrified you stare after him as he makes his way back to the house whistling and happy, his cum slowly seeps from your pussy as you collapse on your side feeling very sorry for yourself when suddenly you feel something in your bed, you move the blanket to find a large ribbed dildo. You don’t care about the thought of being alone in a shed like an animal anymore as you manage to clamp the dildo between your bound hands and begin to fuck yourself with it, his cum and your juices flow from your pussy as you fuck yourself faster and faster panting and moaning you close your eyes as you push yourself closer and closer until finally with a scream you cum. You writhe around on the floor your body spasming uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure tears through your flesh, you lie on your side panting when you suddenly hear his voice.

"Like a little bitch in heat," he says as you open your eyes to see him standing in the door way watching you as your sweaty body glistens in the moon light.

You manage an embarrassed smile as you curl up in the basket and he covers you with the fleece blanket gently stroking your hair for a moment before fastening a long leash to your collar, you watch as he runs the leash over to one of the old wooden pillars forming the stable you lie in, he uses a small padlock to secure the leash and smiles at you, even if you wanted to go somewhere he had now ensured you would be staying within a couple of meters of your makeshift kennel. Exhausted after what he had put you through after a day’s work you manage to drift off to sleep curled up under in your basket in the cool night air.

You awake to the sound of birds as the warm early morning sun floods in through the open stable doorway, you stretch out as much as you can rolling out of your basket before crawling over to your water bowl and quenching your morning thirst, you can still smell your own sweat and musk from the night before as you wonder what the time is and how long it will be before he comes out to you. As time slowly passes you explore the next stable moving as far as your chain will allow you its constant jangling against the floor never letting you forget its presence. Your stomach growls as the sun slowly heats the morning air.

You suddenly find yourself feeling a little excited as you hear the house door open, you crawl to the stable doorway and peer out to the house, you smile as he walks towards you ruffling your hair before releasing your chain from the beam, keeping hold of the end he walks you over to the house and allows you to enter, for the moment he removes the chain he had been using as a leash, you cannot help notice the bulge in his shorts as he pours some cereal into a bowl and more into your dog dish before he pours the milk.

Hungry and eager for food you nuzzle up to his thigh starting up at him, he smiles ruffling your hair with his hand as he places his bowl down on the table before placing yours down on the floor a couple of feet from where he sits, as you shuffle round and lower your head to your bowl you feel his hand on your lower back, he gently strokes you ideally running his fingers over your skin, your heart flutters as his hand moves back caressing your ass, his fingers brush lightly over your pussy as you slowly munch away at your breakfast.

He continues to stroke your ass occasionally running his fingers along your slit teasing your clit as your arousal grows, he can feel your juices beginning to flow as he slides a finger tip into your pussy extracting a little moan from you as you struggle to concentrate on your breakfast, you glace back at him, he is smiling but he isn’t even looking at you as he slides two fingers into your pussy pushing them deep inside you before pulling back and sliding them down over your clit. Your breathing quickens and your body trembles as he continues to toy with you until suddenly he stops, you glance round moaning softly for him to continue but he just grins at you as he stands and places his bowl in the sink leaving you alone in the kitchen to finish your food.

Frustrated and horney you slowly munch away on your cereal until you have managed to lick the bowl clean, as you finish you lick the last drops of milk from your lips and crawl into the lounge looking for him hoping he will carry on with what he started but he is not there, you crawl on, you pause for a moment wondering if you are allowed upstairs slowly and almost nervously you crawl up and into his bedroom just in time to see him pulling on a t shirt, you move closer brushing up against his leg and peering up at him as he packs a backpack, as you watch he picks up a riding crop and as he is about to put it in the bag he pauses and looks at you and lowers the crop to your lips, you open your mouth and take hold of the middle of the crop gripping it with your teeth.


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