Kitten's Story Part 10: Punished

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2009 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; oral; anal; sex; toys; cons; X

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Part 10: Punished

You wait nervously for a moment as the other girl is taken downstairs by her master. At a glance from your master you drop your towel standing naked as he picks out your new clothes, your body is tired from what he has put you through and you are relieved when he brings you some slightly more normal clothes. He begins by strapping your chastity belt back into place; you are actually happy as he pulls the crotch strap into place leaving your pussy alone for once. You stand with your hands linked behind your head as he tightens the crotch strap another notch before picking up a tiny black latex dress, as you wriggle your hips letting him pull it into place you realise it barely covers anything, the thin latex hugs your curves as he smoothes it over your skin easing it up over your breasts before pulling the zip up your back tightening the little garment even further.

He runs his hands over your shoulders down your body gently squeezing your prominent nipples through the thin fabric as again he emphasises just how little the dress hides, you lift your chin as he slips a wide leather collar around your neck leaving the long chain leash hanging down for a moment as he brings your wrists down behind your back before locking them together with wide leather shackles. You lift your feet allowing him to work some knee high leather boots into place, this time only with a 3-inch heel giving your feet some respite from the harsh heels earlier. He leaves your long damp hair hanging loosely down over your shoulders as he takes hold of your leash, as you leave the room you see him pick up a small bag before leading you down to the lounge, the other girl is on her knees sitting by her masters side, you wonder just how she feels having watched you cum in the club and then watched you cum again and again at home without ever getting release herself.

She looks down at the ground as her master stands and pulls her to her feet, you stand next to each other as your masters pause to discuss something before taking hold of your leashes and leading you outside.  You both follow out to a waiting car, you look down at your feet not waiting to see anyone as he helps you into the car, ten minutes later you are outside the club once more, you wonder for the first time what the time is but you have no way of telling as you both return. As you enter the other master and his slave blend into the crowd while your master walks you proudly around the room, you stare down at your feet as he stops to chat to other masters and mistresses, he smiles as they reach out to touch you, your master lets them stroke you, they grope your breasts and smack your ass chuckling at your gentle moans as your master holds you on a short leash preventing you from moving away.

Eventually after an hour of seemingly endless fondling and groping at the hands of complete strangers you are led over to a table once more, your master uses your leash to guild you to your knees, once down he clips the leash to a loop set into the side of the table, he stands looking down at you for a moment as he produces a ball gag from the bag he picked up as he left the house, he holds it for you but you don’t open your mouth, despite your love of wearing them you cannot bring yourself to let him gag you in a packed room despite how all the others are dressed. He waits for a moment giving you a chance to obey but after a moment his face changes, you don’t dare look at him as he crouches next to you, you close your eyes as his hand reaches out grasping hold of your breast, his fingers immediately find your stiff nipple catching hold of it, you wince frowning as he begins to squeeze but you still hold your mouth shut, but he squeezes harder flattening your nipple as he begins to twist, you moan softly closing your eyes as he twists your nipple further and further until you can take no more.

The moment you cry out your resistance is broken and he forces the ball gag into your mouth pushing it deep into place before yanking the straps tight, you feel the little lock click into place as you realise it will be some time before he takes that off you again. You bow your head hoping he will not punish you too severely for resisting him but without even a word he walks away, you stare wide eyed after him as he disappears into the crowd leaving you locked to the table. You panic for a moment but no one seems to be paying you much attention, you glance around to see them all watching the stage at the front of the room.

You almost forget your position as your eyes are drawn up to the stage were a master and mistress stand side by side, both dressed in skin tight latex and leather you watch in silent awe as the call for a volunteer from the audience, a few moments later a master hands the end of a leash to the mistress up on stage. You peer forwards trying to see better as she tugs on the leash, you wonder what it would be like to be her as a girl crawls up onto the stage, she looks shy and nervous as the couple haul her up to her feet, within a moment her scant clothing is on the floor, you find yourself imagining what it would be like to be her again as she is spun around and bent over, she is quickly locked into a stock, her hands and neck clamped tight in the strong wood. You hear her moan with embarrassment as her legs are pulled wide apart and secured with a spreader bar bringing a round of applause from the crowd.

You hear her gasp again as the mistress spreads her ass giving the audience a view of her glistening pussy, you are so intent on watching you hardly notice your master return and sit next to you until he gives a little tug on your leash pulling your head against his thigh, you look up at him for a moment catching his smile before you return your attention to the girl on stage. You watch as the audience is asked to pick what happens to her, she whimpers as by popular demand two harsh clamps are applied to her nipples, your master reaches down pinching yours before whispering I might put you up their one day. You glance up at him nervously but his smile does nothing to reassure you as his attention returns back to the girl on stage as the master forces two and then three gloved fingers into her ass, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

You rest your head against your masters leg as he strokes your hair enjoying the show as the master works his fingers into the girls ass, despite the crowd you can hear her moans as the mistress takes hold of a massive dildo driving it straight into her cunt, you can see her juices glistening under the stage light as the mistress begins to fuck her faster and faster, you watch as her master climbs onto the stage and moves in front of her, her loud moans are suddenly silenced as you realise she now has his cock to cope with as the master forces another finger into her ass. You can feel your own arousal growing as you watch her body shaking and trembling as she is pushed closer and closer to orgasm, helpless to stop the constant attention as the clamps holding her nipples are pulled down hard, her master is obviously enjoying himself driving his cock into her mouth as she bucks her hips against the massive dildo, you hear her moans intensify until she screams in ecstasy, you see her thrash and fight against her bonds juices flowing from her pussy dripping to the floor below.

She rests limply in her bonds still sucking the last of the cum from her masters cock until she is released from the stocks, you are unable to look away as the crowd applaud her watching her dropping to her hands and knees but her master isn’t quit finished yet, under the spot light of the stage she is forced to lick up her own cum and clean off the dildo before she is given permission to crawl back by his side. You yelp, your attention suddenly back on your position as your master pinches your nipple. He smiles down at you seeing the lust in your eyes as he pulls you back to your feet, did my little slut enjoy the show, he asks, you blush slightly looking down at your feet as you nod, he kisses your lips over your gag grasping both of your breasts before leading you out across the room, you glance back wondering just what it would be like to be used up on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Your master leads you out into the cool night air this time he ignores the taxis and decides to walk you home, you look down at the pavement beneath your feet letting your hair fall forwards to hide the ball gag filling your mouth but there is little you can do to hide the fact that your arms are locked behind your back, he allows you to walk close by him as he leads you through a park, as you finally approach his house your heart is pounding with the thrill of being in bondage outdoors and from what you have just watched in the club.

Almost the moment you step inside he leads you up to the bedroom, you feel his hands on your ass as he fumbles with the strap to your chastity belt quickly removing it, you barely have time to think as he bends you over the back of the wooden desk chair, you gasp as he pushes your head down driving his cock into your ass, you moan softly spreading your legs a little as he urgently fucks you pinning you in position as he takes his pleasure from you, your pussy itches burning to be touched but this time he shows no interest in your pleasure as he fucks you faster and faster until you feel him tense grunting as he pumps his cum into your ass.

After a moment he slowly withdraws before turning you round, he can see the desire in your eyes but he ignores you as he pushes you into the middle of the room, you can feel his cum seeping from you as he moves the chair behind you and forces you to sit down, he pulls your arms over the back of the chair before securing them to the cross bar between the legs, he quickly picks up several straps binding your ankles and knees apart to the chair legs before binding your torso to the back of the chair, you moan feebly realising you are not going to get what you want for some time, you stare up at him for a moment until he slips a blindfold over your eyes, you sigh as he plants a kiss on the top of your head, goodnight my little slut he whispers.

You hang your head as he showers before making his way to bed. He gazes at you with a smile watching as you fidget in your bonds for a moment before he flicks off the light before closing his eyes, you listen for a long time hoping he will come back to you but as you hear his breathing change you realise he is happy for the night. You somehow manage to drift off to sleep resting against your bonds for the night.

You are still dozing as he wakes in the morning, he sits up in bed staring at you for a long time before rising to get his breakfast. you awake your stomach growling as you smell breakfast downstairs, you moan hoping for some attention but it is a long time before he returns to check on you. Even blindfolded you turn your head towards the door as he wanders into the room. He doesn’t say a word as he slowly releases you from the chair, you stand still as he unzips your dress letting it fall to the floor before removing your ball gag and the shackles around your wrists. He uses your leash to pull you to the floor before walking you down to the kitchen, he watches as you lower your head to your bowls getting your food and drink, he gently strokes your back and ass enjoying watching you eat.

When you eventually finish he seems intent keeping you as a pet for a time as he leads you around on all fours. You sit still blindfolded at his feet as he watches TV ideally running his fingers through your hair. He seems content for a long time just stroking your hair and body. A long time passes before you feel him sit up on the sofa above you, he tugs off your blindfold before having you crawl up onto the low coffee table in front of the sofa, he positions you in the centre of the table with your ankles together and your knees as wide apart as you can manage. He takes hold of your hand moving it down between your legs, he uses your fingers rubbing them over your clit for a moment before sitting back on the sofa, you look down at the floor as he watches you play with yourself, look at me he says, you glance up catching his gaze for a moment before looking back down at the floor, let me see you finger yourself. You can feel yourself blushing as you push your hand further down between your legs easing your middle finger into your pussy, you let out a soft moan as you work a second finger into your pussy spreading your juices out.

You close your eyes wanting to pretend you are alone but a moment later he stands pulling your glistening fingers from between your legs, as you moan he pushes them into your mouth forcing you to taste yourself, hold them there he commands with a smile as he leaves the room, he returns a moment later with his arms full of things, he takes a length of rope and quickly binds your ankles together. Keep sucking on those fingers he says winding a length of rope around each of your knees before looping the ropes around the legs of the table, you shift slightly as he pulls the ropes tighter and tighter straining your inner thighs as he pulls your knees as wide apart as you can take before tying off the ropes. He moves back in front of you sitting on the edge of the sofa, his eyes level with yours as he eases your fingers from your lips and pushes them back between your legs. You avoid his gaze looking down at the floor again as you slide your fingers over your clit into your pussy, look at me he orders again.

You can feel your cheeks glowing as he lifts your chin but you still avoid his eyes until he captures your nipple between his thumb and finger, you moan as he twists it hard somehow forcing yourself to look into his eyes. He smiles keeping a tight grip on your nipple enjoying your discomfort as you stare into his eyes but a moment later you look away again, he sighs reaching back onto the sofa, you almost flinch as you see the harsh metal clamps in his hands, you manage to make eye contact for a moment but this time he looks away, you have had your chance to do as your are told he says taking hold of your breast holding you still as he lets the clamp close onto your left nipple, you moan loudly as he closes the second clamp around your other nipple.

Now look at me, he says pulling on both of the clamps, you moan forcing yourself to meet his gaze as the clamps bite down on your nipples, you pant softly as he forces you to keep looking into his eyes as he pulls harder on the clamps causing them to bite down even further, your head is spinning as you push your fingers deep into your pussy, the moment you begin to look away he twists the clamps forcing you to look into his eyes or suffer, he uses the clamps to pull you towards him, his lips brush against yours as his tongue flicks into your mouth for a moment, you moan softly trying to kiss him back as he moves away leaving you with your mouth slightly open, he smiles kissing you again thrusting his tongue into your mouth, you moan softly as he pulls back biting your lower lip and tugging gently on it, as he listens to your breathing for a moment he whispers don’t you dare cum until I tell you.

You blush crying out again as he yanks on the clamps forcing you to look at him once more as you slide your slick fingers over your clit pushing yourself a little closer to orgasm as he reaches over to the sofa once more pulling out a large vibrator, he holds the vibrator to your lips smiling as you take it into your mouth coating it in your saliva, he watches you suck on it for a moment before sliding it from your mouth, he flicks it on low as he traces it down your body between your breasts towards your pussy. You moan softly as the powerful vibrations spread through your body to your clit as he moves it lower and lower, he gently takes hold of your wrist easing your fingers from your pussy, you let out a long moan as he trails the vibrater over your clit before sliding it into your pussy, he pushes your hips back sitting you down against the table to hold the vibrator in place.

You moan softly as he brings your hand up in front of your face, this time you manage to keep on looking at him as he takes your slick fingers in his mouth sucking your juices from them before having you link hands behind your head. He sits close to you reaching between your legs to turn the vibrator up a notch, you moan loudly as he says are you close? You nod licking your lips, how close? He asks, very you manage to mumble between ragged breaths, do you want to cum? You nod, ask my permission. You groan but cannot bring yourself to ask him, in that case you can wait he says standing up, you glance up as he drops his shorts knowing that you are on the brink of orgasm, you open your mouth licking the end of his cock as he brushes it over your lips.

With one hand on your head he tips it back forcing you to look up at him as he slides his cock deep into your mouth and says, you will make me cum before you reach orgasm do you understand, you blink somehow managing to nod as he reaches down to take hold of your nipple clamps once more, he pulls them down forcing you to stay pressed down against the vibrator as you desperately fight not to cum as you suck his cock for all you are worth. He groans happily as he watches your soft lips greedily sucking his cock into your mouth but you know you are fighting a loosing battle as the vibrator pushes you closer and closer to orgasm, you force yourself down on his cock deep throating him before pulling back to suck the end hoping and praying he will cum quickly but he seems to be taking ages.

You try and lift yourself from the vibrator but the pain in your nipples soon forces you back down as you desperately fight to stave off your orgasm but there is nothing you can do as a moment later you scream in ecstasy, lost to the world as the vibrator drives you over the edge, lost in your orgasm you throw your back moaning and panting as you completely forget your task as wave after wave of pleasure push through your body, as you slowly come to your senses you realise what you have done, panting slowly you realise he has left the room, you hang your head with a mixture of shame and fear as he returns to the room carrying an arm full of things and wearing only a scowl.

He drops the gear on the sofa keeping hold of a length of white rope, you don’t make a sound as he pulls your arms down behind your back securely biding your wrists, you don’t move, trying to please him a little as he begins to bind your elbows pulling them closer together, you bite your lower lip as he forces your elbows together before securing the rope leaving your shoulders pulled back and breasts thrust out. Open, he says standing in front of you brandishing a large ball gag, you lick your lips moistening them one last time as you open your mouth, you moan softly looking at his hands as he eases the gag into your mouth forcing your jaw to open still further as he pulls the straps tight, you stare wide eyed as he picks up a massive plug.

He grins seeing the look on your face as he moves behind you pushing your head forwards and down towards your knees and lifting your ass at the same time, you close your eyes taking a deep breath and biting down on your gag as he spreads a little lube over your ass, you moan as he presses the plug against you, he places his hand against your lower back holding you in place stopping you from moving away as he gradually twists the plug into you stretching your ass more and more, your moans seem to encourage him as he applies more pressure forcing the plug further and further into you, his strong hand on your back still pins you in place as you try in vain to get away from the pressure on your ass. You continue to whimper as he slowly rotates the plug easing it further and further until it reaches the widest part, you gasp, eyes wide open as he gives it one final shove driving it home.

He immediately pulls you upright before beginning to bend you backwards, still panting from the strain of the plug being forced home you groan as he applies more strain to your body leaving your legs secured to the table as he folds you backwards, he is kind enough to place a pillow between your bound shoulders and the table top taking a little strain off your back as your body is forced into an arch with your knees spread wide and your hips and breasts thrust out. You moan softly as he loops a rope over your body pulling it tight pressing you down against the pillow as he secures it to the table. A groan escapes your lips as he tugs on the clamps holding your nipples in their vice like grip, you lift your head as much as your position allows as you watch him tie a thread to each of the clamps, you watch as he looks up frowning, you see him look around suddenly realising what he is looking for as he grabs hold of the table and drags you out into the centre of the room underneath the main beam.

You stare upwards helplessly as he loops the threads up to a ring set into the beam, for the moment the threads hang loosely down swaying gently as he moves over to the sofa, he smiles down at you letting you see the weights for a moment before starting to attach them to threads, you groan in anticipation of what is to come as he holds them in his hands for a moment looking down at you, you shake your head groaning at him begging him not to as he releases the weights. Time seems to stand still for a moment as you watch the weights fall taking up the slack until the thread snaps tight, you howl biting down on your gag as the weights yank the clamps upwards causing them to bite down even harder on your nipples as they are stretched upwards towards the beam above you.

You gaze at him moaning softly as he starts both weights swinging, tugging on your nipples over and over again as he leaves the room for a moment, you strain to see what he is up to as he returns to the room and begins to set something up between your legs, as you hear an electric motor whirr for a moment you realise what he has in store for you, you wiggle your hips slightly as you feel him press a large dildo against your pussy, as the motor whirrs again the dildo slides smoothly into your pussy pushing deeper and deeper until all ten inches are buried in your cunt, you moan panting softly as the machine continues easing the dildo almost all the way out.

Every breath you take causes your breasts to rise and fall tugging on your clamps, he stands back to watch you for a moment, watching your face as the dildo slides slowly in and out fucking you painfully slowly, your clit aches to be touched and he knows it as he watches you struggle, moaning with every breath as he increases the speed slightly. He crouches down next to you running his hand up over your stomach and squeezing your breast as he whispers to you, dirty little whore, you couldn’t even manage to hold off an orgasm for a couple of minutes. You groan closing your eyes, we'll see just how much pleasure and pain my little slut can take tonight.

You moan your head already spinning from the actions of the machine constantly fucking you as he plants a kiss on your forehead before standing up, you watch unable to do anything but wait as he leaves the room for a moment, he returns from the kitchen carrying a lit candle in one hand and a glass full of ice water in the other, he places them both on the table next to you before picking up his crop, you moan as he trails the crop over your body tapping your flesh gently, you flinch almost every time you feel him lift the crop expecting the next blow to be harder, he seems to be enjoying watching you flinch for a moment until he trails the end of the crop over your clit, he pauses holding it there for a moment staring down at you, you shake your head but this only serves to spur him on as he lifts the crop up. You close your eyes waiting for it to happen but nothing, you wait tensed for several long moments until you dare to look again, you see him smirk as he taps the crop firmly against your clit.

You gasp for breath groaning loudly as he taps you again and again each time a little harder than the last, your mumbled begs fall on deaf ears as he pauses after ten blows gently rubbing your clit between two fingers for a moment, you moan again as he returns the crop letting it rest on you for a moment, how much does my slut think she can take? He asks with a smile slapping the leather against your clit again, you whimper closing your eyes as he expertly lands ten more blows on you clit before pausing again, you gasp, eyes suddenly wide open as he slides an ice cube down between your legs holding it against your clit letting it melt down as he circles your it with the ice for a moment before sliding it down your slit to your pussy, you moan as he eases the ice into your hot cunt letting the dildo drive it deep into you to melt.

Despite himself he cannot resist leaning down, you moan straining against your bonds as he runs his tongue over your clit sucking it into his mouth for a moment, you groan again attempting to thrust your hips towards him as he pulls back, such a wanton little slut he mutters moving around the table, you groan again as you feel the dildo suddenly speed up, you shudder knowing you are being pushed closer and closer to orgasm as he picks up the candle, you want to look away but somehow you cannot tear your eyes away as he stands above you holding it in his hands, you watch as he slowly tilts it over letting the pool of wax begin trickle over the edge.

For the second time in the evening time almost seems to stand still as you watch the first drop of wax fall towards your body, you wince groaning as it splashes down on your naval, the pain like a short sharp sting but quickly dulls to a warm throb, you moan and tremble as he slowly drips wax across your naval before moving up towards your breasts, you somehow manage to shake your head as you watch the drops begin to fall, you cry out as the wax falls directly on your suffering nipples, he watches your struggles as the splashes of bright red wax stand out against your flesh, he watches as you actually try to avoid the drips causing the clamps to tug on your nipples causing yourself more pain.

Your body is soaked with sweat as he twists the dial on the machine speeding up the thrusts of the dildo yet again, you howl in ecstasy as the dildo drives you towards orgasm, the pain of the wax blends in to the back ground as your stomach knots, your muscles tense as you begin to spasm, that’s it you little whore take it like the slut you are he growls still dripping wax onto your breasts the pain staving off your orgasm for a few more moments until it finally pushes you over the edge, you writhe and struggle in your bonds lost in the throws of orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure tear through your helpless body but it does not end there. He watches you placing the candle down for a moment as you scream almost loosing control of your self from the constant pleasure as the dildo continues to drive into your over sensitive pussy but he has yet more for you to suffer with as he picks up a butterfly vibrator.

You cry out as he presses it against your clit securing it into place before switching it on, you thrash about against your bonds whimpering, begging for him to stop the pleasure being forced upon you, how do you like it now slut he whispers picking up the crop once more, you hardly know were you are as he brings the crop down on your thigh with a sharp crack. He lands another blow on your thigh raising a red stripe before moving up your body, he slowly covers your stomach in stripes using the crop to break the wax from your skin, you moan feeling light headed as the vibrator and the dildo drive you close and close to another orgasm despite him moving towards your breasts with the crop. You moan with every ragged breath as he taps the crop against the clamps causing them to bite down and release a little again and again as he cracks the wax coating away from your breasts.

There is nothing you can do as he continues to punish your nipples until he flicks the vibrator to full power, how do you like that, maybe this will teach you some control he whispers. You feel like you are loosing your mind as the constant fucking drives you over the edge again, your muscles tense clamping your pussy down against the ribs of the dildo forcing you to take even more pleasure, you almost pass out as the vibrations continue to pulse through your clit, you struggle and strain howling in ecstasy once more trying to move away from the constant fucking. You can feel him firmly groping your breasts as he runs his hands over your body watching as you desperately try to pull your hyper sensitive pussy away from the vibrations and the dildo, you almost pass out as he turns the speed up even more. He  crouches next to you and whispers, I'm going to give you another chance, I am going to remove your gag and you're going to suck my cock, if you cum before me I will leave you strapped to the table being fucked and vibed all night, understand?

You just about manage to nod your wide eyed stare letting him know you couldn’t take that as he eases the ball gag from your mouth, you try to concentrate on your task, using the fear of the consequences of failure to try and stave off your rapidly building orgasm, you howl in agony as he releases the clamps from your nipples letting the blood suddenly flow back as he straddles your chest planting one foot on the floor and the other knee on the table either side of you. You strain your neck lifting your head as far as you can eager to take his cock in your mouth knowing that every second that passes pushes you closer to orgasm, he smiles watching you struggle to reach his cock licking his balls and the underside of his shaft for a moment until he shifts his pelvis allowing you to take him in your mouth.

You ignore the ache in your neck as you force your head down on to his cock sucking and licking for all your worth, closing your eyes as you desperately fight against your own orgasm while trying to bring him off, you are spurred on as he groans softly your warm wet mouth working well as you take him as deep as you can, you lick and suck then end beginning to taste his cum, your mind is spinning once more as your body begins to tense unable to hold off your own orgasm for much longer, you almost pray for the taste of his cum as you suck harder licking and sucking with all your skill until finally you feel his cock twitch. You hear him groan as you continue to suck, the first blast of his hot cum splashing over your tongue, he grasps your hair suddenly fucking your mouth himself as he pumps his cum down your throat, a moment later your world explodes, you  can almost see stars as the vibrator and fucking drive you over the edge for the third time, you  are lost to the world with his weight pinning you to the table as the last drops of cum splatter across your face,

By the time you come round he has released you from the table and carried you up to the bedroom, you murmur softly rolling over watching him put some things way, he smiles moving over to you, he lifts you effortlessly from the bed carrying you into the bathroom before lowering you into the bath, you lie still utterly exhausted as he turns on the shower, you let the warm water wash over you soothing your body. He smiles planting a kiss on your forehead as he picks up a sponge and gently washes you clean, you smile letting your eyes close relaxing as your master cares for his slave slowly washing away your aches.

Eventually he turns the shower off helping you to stand before padding you dry with a towel. You are not often allowed to sleep in his bed but tonight he allows you to climb in, you are grateful for the soft bed but he has one final thing in store for you as he slips your collar back into place using a short chain to lock you to the head board he rolls you onto your front, you moan head buried in the pillow as he moves behind you grasping your hips and lifting your ass from the bed. You bite the pillow groaning as he enters you from behind sliding his cock into your swollen pussy, he fucks you slowly but forcefully driving your head down into the pillow as he takes you from behind, you clench  your fists moaning softly as he fucks you at his own pace taking his pleasure from your flesh. You feel his pace quicken as he reaches down to grope your breasts, fucking you with more urgency as he groans, you can hear him panting as he drives deep into you until you feel him spasm, he lets out a groan holding you tightly as his cock twitches inside you every thrust shooting his load into your pussy, he collapses forwards, his weight pushing you down into the bed before he rolls off lying on his back, you glance over at him as he strokes your hair looking very happy with you.



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