Kitten's Story Part 7: Afternoon in the Sun

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2008 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cage; transported; outdoors; toys; cons; X

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Part 7: Afternoon in the Sun

As you pad around the house wondering what he has in store for you, you have been good all week and he promised you a treat, a flutter of excitement passes through your body as you stand in front of the window feeling the warm morning sun caress your body, you stretch slowly as you make your way to the kitchen to fix yourself some breakfast. You make your way over to the sofa placing your food on the coffee table as you watch some morning TV.

Despite the seemingly normal start to your day you are always reminded of your position when you are in his house, the thick leather collar around your neck and little gold locks glinting against the dark leather shackles around your wrists are a constant reminder that you are his, you shiver as the cool metal chain hanging from your collar brushes against you as you sit back on the sofa munching on your breakfast enjoying the reward of being able to do as you please until he returns. Once you have eaten you make your way upstairs and lay back on the bed flicking the tv on, feeling content you roll yourself up in the covers letting your eyes close as you listen to the tv.

Eventually he returns from shopping and makes his way to you; he smiles as he enters the bed room, his eyes glint as he eases the covers from you revealing your naked body in all its beauty, you stir slightly as he trails his fingers over your skin from your ankle up to your hip, where he pauses for a moment as you roll onto your back still dozing, as he moves his hand further a soft murmur escapes your lips as his fingers gently trace a line around your nipples until he decided its time you woke. You gasp letting out a yelp as he pinches your nipple between thumb and fore finger, he grins at your wide eyes as he slowly pulls harder and harder forcing you to sit and then stand up as he pulls you towards him.

Suddenly very awake you move after him as he pulls you forwards by your nipple, you bite your lip to stay silent wishing he would just use the leash, he stares into your eyes almost daring you to move as he reaches up, you tense as he rolls your free nipple between his thumb and forefinger while keeping a tight grip on the other, you moan softly as he slowly tightens his grip and pulls you up by your nipples, you moan again as he forces you to your tiptoes you can see the lust in his eyes as he pulls you closer holding you up towards him. You let your lips part as you feel his breath on your cheek, you want to kiss him but you resist you know you are his to take when he wants.

He smiles again listening to your short sharp breaths as he twists your nipples a little more, as you moan you feel his lips against yours for a moment as his tongue dips into your mouth but before you can react he moves back leaving you wanting. Time almost stands still as you finally embrace, his kiss stifles your squeal as he releases your nipples and his hands move around your body to your ass, you can feel his cock press against your naval as he pulls you close lifting you from the floor for a moment before his hands reach for your wrists, you do not resist as he eases your hands behind your back and links the shackles together before breaking contact leaving you breathless.

As he pushes you over towards the bed, you are almost disappointed as he slips a blindfold into place before pressing a ball gag to your lips, you open your mouth letting him push the ball into place before he flicks your hair out and securely fastens the straps. You wonder just what he has in store for you as he bends you over the end of the bed until your forehead touches the mattress leaving your ass in the air, spread your legs comes the command from behind as you hear a bag rustle, you part your legs conscious of how exposed you are as you feel his hand on your ass as he kneels behind you.

His smile widens as he eases two fingers into your soaking pussy, a soft moan escapes from around the gag as he works his fingers inside you for a moment, you moan again as he rubs your clit in small circles with the tip of his thumb as he slowly works a third finger into you, your breathing quickens as he rubs your clit in time with thrusting his fingers into you but he stops all to soon, you grunt at him to no avail as he slows down before sliding his fingers from you all together. You sigh softly as he blows cool air onto your pussy before dipping his tongue into you for a moment, every little moan and murmur you make is like music to his ears as his tongue traces from your pussy to your clit and back before he backs away.

He leaves you for a moment before returning with a large plug, you know what is coming as you feel the cool gel on your ass as he applies a little lube, you shift parting your legs a little further as you feel the cool latex of the plug press against your ass for the first time, you moan as he places one hand on the small of your back and begins to push the plug inside you, he is more gentle than normal giving you time to get used to the stretching as he works more and more of the large plug into your ass. You are panting a little as he forces the plug a little deeper with each thrust until with one last push he eases it past the widest part, you moan softly as the plug slides into your ass but before you even have a chance to get used to it you feel it grow.

You moan as he squeezes the inflation bulb again and again, each time the plug filling your ass grows a little more, when he finally stops you are panting hard, moaning with every breath and shifting your weight from side to side as you struggle to cope with the sensations as he pushes you to your knees and than back onto your haunches, you are breathless as he loops wide straps around each of your legs pulling them tight and securing your calves against your thighs. With your legs secure he moves to your hands, you don’t struggle as he releases your wrists and removes the shackles before telling you to clench your fists, you do as he requests, your mind still spinning from the plug as he uses latex tape to bind your hands securely into fists making them useless.

With that done he takes hold of your leash and pulls you up onto your hands and knees, you crawl around the room for a moment following where he leads before you feel him press on the plug, you moan as it suddenly begins to vibrate, the slow but strong vibrations spread through from your ass to your pussy as he leads you from the room.

"I don’t think you will be able to cum from that alone," he says loudly as he walks you down the stairs to the front room.

You groan around the gag as the plug does its work, you remain blindfolded and gagged as he helps you into a small cage, you hear the click of the door close before suddenly being lifted into the air. You let out a muffled yelp as he drops the cage down onto something hard and then suddenly everything is muffled as you hear what sounded like a car boot slam above you, a moment later the engine starts and you begin to move, your heart is pounding as the car accelerates and you brush against the bars of your cramped cage. As you struggle to sit back trying to take the weight off your knees, the plug in your ass shifts pressing forwards a little more, you moan softly as the vibrations flow through you, the constant hum driving you crazy. You struggle to reach back between your legs but the smooth latex slides over your skin, you groan in frustration as the latex slides smoothly against your wet pussy giving you no pleasure. You shift from side to side groaning as your need for orgasm steadily grows, you feel your juices tickle slowly down your leg as you desperately try anyway you can to relieve yourself but it is all in vain, eventually you give up breathless and frustrated in the hot stuffy boot.

You have lost track of time as the car begins to bump along, you frown wondering why its so rough until suddenly it comes to a stop, you heart is suddenly pounding as the engine stops and he climbs out, you take a deep breath of the fresh air as he opens the boot and lifts you from the car placing the cage on the ground. You want desperately for him to remove the blindfold as the warm air caresses your body, you can feel the sun on your back as you hear him take things from the car before he opens the cage. You trust him as he takes hold of your leash and guilds you from the cage before placing the cage back in the boot, you can feel long grass on your knees as you crawl along following him blindly praying to yourself that no one is about or will see you.

You crawl along next to him for about ten minutes, the plug in your ass still driving you crazy until finally he drops the leash on the ground, you moan softly in his direction but only get a chuckle in response as you wait for his next move. Several long minutes pass as he moves around close by, until finally he returns to you, you don’t resist as he rolls you over onto your back and unstraps your legs before dragging you into position, he pulls your arms together and quickly binds your wrists before pulling them above your head and securing the rope to something above you. Your heart is pounding as he kneels before you pulling your legs wide apart, using a length of rope around each of your ankles he quickly secures your legs wide apart.

He stands pausing for a moment to admire your bound form stretched taught in the lush grass, you wish for the millionth time you could see just where you were when suddenly you feel something cold splatter across your stomach, breasts and legs, you moan softly as you feel his hands on you as he works from your feet up gently massaging the sun cream into your body. This part you like you think happily as he slowly but firmly massages your legs inching his way up to your knees and then towards your pussy, you sigh softly as he runs his tongue over your pussy and sucks on your clit for a moment, he smiles as you thrust your pelvis towards him as he pulls back to continue you massage. You lay still in the hot sun as he works his hands over your body paying careful attention to your breasts and nipples taking his time, you let out a soft moan as he rolls your nipples between his fingers pinching and twisting them, enjoying the little whimpers he can extract from you.

Almost twenty minutes have passed by the time he has finished working the sun cream into your body and he returns to the box of toys he has brought with him, you sense him standing over you for a moment doing something above you before sitting close by. You gasp as he suddenly places an ice cube on your neck, he slowly trails the ice down your neck moving over your breasts, you moan as he slowly circles each of your nipples with the ice cooling them as they stand erect in the warm air as he continues down your body with the ice, you gasp as he slides the ice over your clit before slipping it inside you, he eases two fingers into your pussy pushing the ice deep inside before leaving it their to melt.

Your mind is spinning from the sensations when suddenly you feel something cold on your nipples again, for a moment you think its more ice but its far worse, you scream into the gag as he releases both clamps at once, the powerful jaws crushing your nipples in their grip but its not over their as he releases the clamps they pull upwards biting even harder as they stretch your nipples up above you, he smiles watching you struggle as you try to lift your back from the ground thrusting your chest out to try to ease the strain but it won't help. You moan as he flicks the string leading from your nipple clamps to the tree branch above you. You can barely cope with the sensations as he suddenly slides his hand over your clit sliding two fingers into your pussy, you moan loudly as he gently fingers you, sliding his fingers all the way from you before pushing them in up to the knuckle, you writhe about fighting against your bonds desperate to cum and escape the punishing clamps holding onto your nipples.

Another cry escapes your lips as he tugs on the string stretching your nipples even more as he suddenly rolls on top of you, he can wait no longer to relieve his own needs, you moan loudly as he trusts his cock into you in one swift movement grinding his pelvis against yours as he begins to fuck you, you moan in pleasure and frustration as he takes his time, thrusting slowly into you before pulling all the way out. As he thrusts in you rock your hips desperately trying to grind against him and bring yourself off but a swift yank on your nipple clamps deters you from any further movement.

As he build up his pace, you let your head fall back panting hard as he drives into you but he keeps stopping, he slides all the way into you and pauses enjoying seeing you squirm under him, knowing he is going to get what he wants long before you, you almost want to scream at him to make you cum as he moves again, this time fucking you with more urgency. Your breathing is quick and ragged as he drives you closer and close to orgasm but just as you near your peak you feel him begin to twitch inside you, he moans softly biting your shoulder as he collapses forwards shooting his load deep inside you before slowly sliding from you.

You groan in frustration listening to him breathing next to you as his cum seeps from your pussy, with his needs satisfied he turns his attentions back to you, you whimper softly as he strokes his hands over your body as he asks you if you want to cum. You nod slowly moaning as he finds your clit with his fingers sliding one down either side and gently squeezing it, he continues to tease you spending what feels like a lifetime running his hands over your thighs but only every brushing against your pussy driving you wild, you will almost promise anything in return for an orgasm. By the time you feel him move positions again your heart leaps as you hear the sound of a vibrator suddenly burst to life next to you, but even then he isn’t finished with his fun.

You moan as he holds it against the string sending vibrations down through the clamps into your nipples, enjoying watching you struggle as he moves the vibrator over your body, he trails it over your hips but still refuses to let you have what you want as he brings it up one thigh and down the inside of the other. But then as you feel him slide two and the force a third finger into your pussy, he presses the vibrator to your clit, you almost see stars as he works his fingers into you, holding the vibrator firmly against your clit driving you rapidly towards orgasm, your body arks thrusting skywards as he thrusts his fingers forcefully in to finally driving you over the edge. You scream in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure tears through your body, your muscles spasming uncontrollably and you strain against your moans, moaning loudly and panting hard as he keeps the vibrator firmly pressed to your clit driving you over the edge again almost immediately, your juices soak the grass under you as your orgasm seems to go on and on until finally you collapse back to the ground exhausted.

You murmur softly vaguely aware of him releasing your bonds and easing the plug from your ass, you groan working feeling back into your jaw as he removed the gag before slipping the blindfold from your eyes. As you slowly recover growing used to the light you find yourself staring up through the green leaves of a large tree at the brilliant blue sky, as you gain the energy to sit up you see him sitting a few feet away on a large rug with all kinds off food set out. Still naked and covered with sweat you glance around feeling tremendous relieve as you see nothing but a large grass field in front of you and a dense wood behind, he smiles as you slowly crawl over before lying on the rug next to him resting your head on his thigh. He smiles again stroking your hair as he feeds you a piece of fruit, you sit for an age slowly letting him feed you what you want from the vast selection of picnic food he has brought with you,  you close your eyes in the warm sun enjoying being his slave as he pampers you for a while.



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