Kitten 6: Warm Spring Day

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2008 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; chast; oral; outdoors; fist; machine; toys; cons; XX

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6: Warm Spring Day

It is a warm late spring day, you glance around the house, everything is as he wished, you have cleaned and scrubbed carrying out his orders to the letter so you take a moment to relax as you sit on the sofa daring to watch a little TV. As you sit you feel the thick leather rub against your pussy once more and your eyes drop to the chastity belt you have been forced to wear. For 3 days he has denied you pleasure, while you have been with him you don’t dare relieve your needs, this had been fine in the past as he had always released you for work, and you had always been able to sneak off to a toilet somewhere to relieve the tension but all that changed on Friday when a package arrived…

The previous 3 days…

You were naturally inquisitive seeing the glint in his eyes as he unwrapped the parcel revealing the device, you knew almost immediately what it was as he lifted it from the box but this one he assured you was slightly different, this one was so well made it would do its task while being slim enough to wear under clothes and not be seen. The significance of this hadn’t sunk in straight away but he had certainly made the point clear now. Your spine had tingled a little as he had you strip eager to see you try it on, you glanced nervously at the clock, you were going to late for work but the punishment for that was a lot less painful than disobedience.

In moments you are naked in the middle of the lounge, he has you stand with your arms behind your head and your legs shoulders width apart, the leather is smooth and soft as he loops the wide strap around your waist pulling it tight before fastening the buckle, he runs his hand over your smooth pussy brushing his thumb over your clit as he reaches between your legs for the crotch strap, you stand perfectly still as he brings the strap up and feeds in through the buckle at the front, as he stands he pulls the strap up, you are forced onto tiptoes as he pulls it up forcing the strap between your cheeks tightly compressing your pussy and clit under the soft leather. He gives one further yank on the strap before locking it off and kneeling, he has you part your legs a little further before ordering you to crouch down, you blush a little feeling embarrassed as he examines how well the belt has covered your pussy and clit.

With a smile he stands and says, you better get dressed, you’re already late for work. You glance at him and then look at the belt but he turns away showing no interest in removing it. Your heart is pounding as you quickly pull on your clothes, you feel sure someone will see it through your trousers, you arrive at work flustered, late and terrified but no one notices it, or at least no one says anything to you about it. The constant pressure of the strap between your legs is a continual reminder of your position as his slave as you carry out your work. Almost all you can think about is testing it, is it as good as he says, will you be able to cum wearing it? All these questions tumble through your mind as you struggle through your shift.

As soon as work is over you rush to leave eager to get home and test its effectiveness but he greets you outside. As soon as you are home he has you strip down to the belt, he has you kneel on the lounge floor while he fetches some toys, the instant he turns his back your fingers explore your crotch looking for a way into the belt but their isn’t, he has pulled it so tight you cannot even get your little finger under the edge. Hearing him come back downstairs you link you hands behind your back waiting for him to enter the room.

Your eyes sparkle with anticipation as he drops an armful of toys on the sofa before sitting on the edge in front of you, you can feel yourself getting wet with anticipation as he picks up the large red ball gag, you open your mouth almost eagerly allowing him to press the large ball into place, it completely fills your mouth as he pulls the strap tight stretching your jaw a little, he smiles watching you for a moment basking in the beauty of your lips stretched around the giant red ball.

After a moment he returns to his senses picking up a long length of rope, he has you hold your hands above your head as he loops the rope around your body just above your breasts, he loops the rope around you again this time snugly under your breasts lifting and squeezing them slightly as he inches the ropes a little closer together, he passes the rope back above your breasts, this time a little tighter and then again below even tighter, but he is not done there, he takes another piece of rope and adds it to the top rope between your breasts, you sigh softly as he feeds it under the bottom rope and then pulls it tight drawing the ropes together and squeezing your breasts tightly.

You let out a soft moan as your breasts swell; your skin tightens becoming infinitely more sensitive as he traces his nails over your flesh, you struggle to remain still as he traces a finger nail around each of your nipples in turn before extracting another moan from you as he pinches them, squeezing your nipples tight before stretching them out and releasing, the sudden pain leaves you short of breath as he secures a wide leather collar around your neck. With the collar in place he turns you around so you have your back to him, using more rope he has you place your hands together palm to palm before securely binding your wrists, a moment later you feel a second length of rope around your arms just above your elbow, you groan as he pulls the rope tighter and tighter drawing your elbows closer and closer together until finally he forces them to meet, you groan again as your shoulders are pulled back making your breast bondage feel even tighter as he securely ties off the rope.

With your arms secure you feel his hand on the back of your head pushing you forwards, you bend over not resisting him as he pushes you down until your face is pressed into the carpet leaving your ass up in the air, he uses his foot to guide you into parting your knees as far as you can before kneeling behind you, he strokes your smooth ass for a moment enjoying the sight of the dark leather strap splitting your cheeks. You wiggle slightly in anticipation as he releases the back of the strap letting it hang down revealing your pussy to him, you sigh softly as he cups your pussy in his hand gently massaging your flesh for a moment, you close your eyes as you feel his tongue dip into your pussy as he continues to rub your clit. By the time you feel him trail the head of a dildo across your ass you are almost desperate for penetration but he takes his time teasing you a little more as he trails the dildo over your pussy pressing it against you for a moment before moving it away.

You let out a muffled yelp as you receive a sharp smack on the ass for trying to push yourself back onto the dildo, his fingers continue to work on your clit driving you mad as he rubs in slow circles until a soft moan escapes your lips as he finally rests the tip of the dildo against your pussy before easing it into you, you groan as he twists the ribbed shaft further and further into you forcing all 9 inches homes in one swift motion but he doesn’t fuck you with it he leaves it deep inside you for a moment as he picks up a second dildo. This one is only 6 inches long but its much much fatter than the first, he draws it from your clit over your pussy covering the tip in your juices before pressing it against your ass, you bite down on your gag moaning loudly as he leans towards you forcing the dildo into your tight ass, you try to move away from the constant pressure but he grabs the rope between your wrists pulling you back as he forces the dildo all the way into your ass leaving you breathless.

Before you have chance to recover and work out what he is doing he has pulled the crotch strap back into place, this time he actually lifts your knees off the floor as the pulls it tight, you moan as both dildos are pushed deep into your body as he locks off the strap. Your breathing has become ragged as you struggle to cope with the penetration, your ass aches from the shear size of the dildo it must now endure. Suddenly you feel his heels on your ass as he sits back on the sofa using you as a foot rest, you moan softly in frustration, you would do almost anything to get off, just to reach your clit for a moment but there is nothing you can do but act as his footstool.

As time creeps by your body relaxes a little and the discomfort from the dildo in your ass changes to a desire, you ache to be fucked. He lets more than an hour pass using you as a piece of furniture before switching off the tv and getting to his feet, you groan as he pulls you up to your feet and drags you off to the bedroom. He pushes you face down over the edge of the bed and you briefly hope for pleasure as he releases the strap once more, you moan biting down on your gag as he takes hold of both dildos and eases them from you, your heart is pounding as you feel him behind you, you moan as he slides his cock into your pussy. He grasps your hips fucking you hard and fast, you are panting as you feel your stomach knot with the pressure building inside you as you get the pleasure you craved. But it only lasts a few minutes, you groan in frustration as you feel him spasm, his cock pulsing inside you as he cums, you are almost ready to explode as you feel him slowly slide from you, his cum oozing from your cunt as he hauls you back to your feet, he marches you to the bathroom and allows you to use it before pulling the crotch strap back into place. Before putting you to bed he adds to your bondage, tightly binding your ankles and knees tighter before laying you on the bed. He smiles at you as you are unable to hide the frustration from your face before the lights go out.

You spend a restless night in bondage, dreams and fantasies flick through your mind, you awake the next morning as you feel him groping your bound form. You moan through the gag as he lowers his head gently licking and sucking your nipples, you feel his erection press against you for a moment as he rolls you onto your stomach, you are helpless to resist as he climbs out of bed before dragging you into position with your head close to the end of the bed, as you lift your head up you find yourself at eye level with his cock. You feel him fumble with the strap of the ball gag before he eases it from your mouth, he stands still for a moment looking down at you as you try and fail to reach his cock, you look up to him wanting him to move closer but he doesn’t, with your bondage you struggle to move but somehow you manage to wriggle your way forwards.

"Theres a good girl", comes the encouragement from above as you get close enough to lick the end of his erection with your tongue, you are panting already from the short distance you have managed but you push yourself further eager to please him, little by little you wriggle forwards until you can take his cock deep into your mouth. He rests his hand on your head letting out a soft sigh as you suck and lick his cock taking him as deep as you can before pulling back, after a minute you feel him begin to move as he grasps your hair and uses it to hold your head back. You close your eyes and concentrate on breathing through your nose as he begins to ease deeper and deeper into your mouth, pushing his cock to the back of your throat, your eyes water a little and you struggle not to gag as he pushes a little further.

He gives you a chance to get used to the situation as he forces you to deep throat him pushing his cock all the way into your mouth and down your throat before slowly pulling back, you concentrate on relaxing your throat as he slowly eases back down your throat, with each thrust he increases speed slightly fucking your mouth as he would your cunt. You do your best to please him sucking on his cock trying to lick as best you can and a moment later you feel his cock spasm in your mouth as he orgasms, shooting cum straight down your throat, you swallow as he releases your hair easing back a little allowing you to suck the cum from his cock until he is spent.

He backs away leaving you breathless as he pulls on his dressing gown. He leaves you with your head hanging down over the edge of the bed for some time as he showers and gets ready for his day at work. Once he is finally ready for work he turns his attention to you. He releases your legs and helps you stand but he doesn’t release your arms just yet. You feel the crotch strap loosen before he has you bend over, you blush a little as he comments on your soaking wet pussy before easing two fingers inside you, you moan as his thumb finds your clit, pressing firmly down on it and rubbing in circles as he slides a third finger into your pussy, you feel his other hand on your back as he holds you still allowing him to finger you more forcefully, you close your eyes biting your lip to stifle a loud moan as his fingers move faster bringing you closer and closer to orgasm.

Then suddenly he takes his hands away, you almost scream in frustration as you see him lift the crotch strap up once more, hearing your moan he pauses, for a moment you think you might get what you want as you see him grab a large dildo from the drawer, he places his hand on your back again and slowly works the dildo into you. He fucks you agonisingly slowly letting you feel each and every ridge on the dildo as he forces it all the way into your pussy before withdrawing it completely, you moan in frustration each time he pulls it out only to moan with pleasure every time he trusts it back in, he toys with you for almost 10 minutes before suddenly pushing the dildo all the way home and hauling the crotch strap into place. Within moments he releases your arms and breasts from their restraints and then with a kiss on the cheek he is gone, downstairs and out to work.

You immediately try to work out a way into the chastity belt but he had pulled it so tight you have no hope of getting anything under it, still not defeated you hunt out the most powerful vibrator he owns, you kneel on the bed pressing the vibrator against the belt as hard as you can but somehow the belt dulls the sensations, you can feel it vibrating but no more than sitting on a car bonnet, you scream in frustration desperately trying to work out a way to cum but as time ticks by you slowly realise its useless. You collapse back onto the bed staring up at the ceiling cursing him for doing this.

Eventually hunger forces you to get up and get food but every step you take causes the dildo to shift inside you never letting you forget how Horney you are. Every time you sit down you feel the dildo pressing into you as you struggle to get through the day. But its only when you come to get ready for work you realise just what he has done to you. You slowly dress making sure there is no sign of the belt through your clothes, but you will know its there and you will know the dildo is filling your pussy. By the time you arrive at work you are already in a state, your cheeks are flushed as the dildo stimulates you with every step, you feel like such a slut as you glace at everyone you meet wanting to jump on them and have them fuck you senseless but somehow you restrain yourself.

By the time you arrive home from work you are a wreck, all you can think about is cumming, you spend every moment until he arrives trying to think of ways to please him or things to say to him so he will give you what you want. You are determined to be good, you glance at the clock, once it is almost time for him to return you slip out of your clothes and move into the hallway to great him, you kneel down on the carpet and wait. Eventually he arrives back and enters the house, his eyes immediately meet yours before you look down at his feet, he pauses for a moment deep in thought before walking past you running his hand over your head but he doesn’t say a word. You crawl after him following him into the lounge and then the kitchen, you hesitate as he opens the door from the kitchen to the garage you watch from the kitchen as he lifts a dust cover revealing a small cage, you slowly crawl out onto the cold concrete floor of the garage, your hopes of release suddenly fading as he opened the door to the cage, you slowly climb into the little space, its just big enough for you to lie curled up on the floor and just tall enough for you to crawl into. You sigh to yourself as he applies a small padlock to the cage door before he picks the cage up and slides it back into the corner of the garage, as he turns to leave he says,  "I have friends round tonight so you best not disturb us."

You curl up on the cage floor feeling very sorry for yourself as you listen to the sounds of laughter and music from inside the house, you feel like a true slave used only when he requires pleasure as you try once again and fail to pleasure yourself. It is hours before the house goes silent and he returns to you, you don’t make a sound as he opens the cage door and you crawl into the house after him. As you crawl into the lounge you notice the beer cans and takeaway rubbish, suddenly feeling left out of the fun. He helps you to stand and then releases the crotch strap once more; you stand still in front of him as he eases the dildo from your body placing it on the coffee table before looking up at you, you can see the bulge in his trousers as he sits back on the sofa and then says, clean up this mess, you pause shocked at the order. You had expected something sexual not a mundane task to complete but somehow you feel dominated as his eyes watch your naked body move around the room, every time you take something from the coffee table you see the dildo, images flash through your mind about your day at work and you cannot help feeling aroused. Almost as soon as you finish he leads you upstairs to bed, he does not replace the belt this time he simples locks your wrists together and secured them to the beds head board.

You dreams are even more arousing than the night before, every one plays out a different fantasy before your eyes. The next day you are subjected to almost the same treatment, you are woken by his roaming hands on your body, he squeezes your breasts pinching and twisting your nipples before moving lower, you part your legs letting his fingers explore your pussy but he doesn’t waste any time as he rolls onto you, you groan as he drives into your pussy quickly fucking you, he can see the frustration and desire in your eyes as he bits your lower lip but he still has no intention of letting you cum, you rest your head back against the pillow trying not to let the frustration show to much as he groans thrusting deep inside you as he cums. With a grin he straps the chastity belt in place once more and releases you from the bed, you half think about strangling him to take the key but he is gone before you finish the thought. You spend another day at work distracted by your desire for orgasm, its been so long since you came you hardly know what to do with yourself, almost everything and everyone you see makes you think of sex. When you finally arrive home your heart sinks as you find a note from him telling you he would be very late back.

The next day he acts a little differently you awake next to him and realise he must have come home after you had fallen asleep, you are glad of a day off work as you wait for him to stir. Eventually he wakes with a smile but this time he doesn’t use you, he gets ready for work before giving you a list of jobs to carry out, just to make sure you are forced to stay naked he added shackles and a short chain between your ankles and handcuffs your wrists together in front of you.  You sigh to yourself as you pad around the house doing his bidding as you remember his last words before he left for work, "I will be home early for a bit of fun this afternoon". You hardly dare hope he will give you what he has denied you for 3 entire days but you do.

You quickly switch off the tv as you hear his car pull into the drive way, you make your way into the hall to greet him. He smiles greeting you with a kiss and a smack on the ass before going straight upstairs; you hobble up to the bedroom unsure of what to expect, he has changed into casual clothes before you arrive, he turns to you with a smile and asks are you ready for my little game?

You frown but nod slowly wondering just what he has planned as he pulls you over to the bed, he releases your wrist and ankle restraints before having you bend over, you grasp hold of your ankles as he releases the crotch strap once more, he has you stare back between your parted thighs at him as he picks up several toys from the drawer. You are almost trembling with anticipation as he moves into position behind you, you sigh as he runs his hands over your ass and down your legs gently stroking your flesh, you can feel his breath on your pussy as you watch him move closer you shudder as he flicks you clit with his tongue.

Your eyes widen as he picks up your biggest vibrator, you cannot look away as your eyes follow it up towards your pussy but he continues further, you feel him spit on your ass, he rolls the head of the massive vibrator in the spit before beginning to push, you grit your teeth trying to stifle a groan as he increases the pressure, you take deep breaths as the pressure begins to tell and the dildo inches into your ass, you let out a moan as it stretches you more than ever before, you groan loudly as he pushes still harder twisting the dildo as he tries to force it inside you.

A whimper escapes your lips as he stands up and moves position determined to force the massive vibrator into you, you moan with every ragged breath as he works it further and further into you, stretching your ass more and more with every thrust until with one final push he manages to force the entire thing into you, the base is almost as thick as your wrist as you pant moaning with each breath as you shift your weight from one foot to the other. He doesn’t give you any time to rest as he picks up another large vibrator, you shake your head and almost ask him not to but you don’t as he begins to press the vibrator against your pussy, he enjoys hearing your moans as he begins to work the vibrator into your pussy, you have never been so full as he quickly works the vibrator into you enjoying seeing you frown and whimper as you struggle to cope with both of the massive toys.

This time as he reaches for the crotch strap you do speak out, please is all you manage to utter between ragged breaths but it does no good as he pulls the strap tight forcing the toys deeper, just before pulling the strap fully tight he flicks the switch on the vibrator in your ass turning it on low before pulling the strap up another notch. As you let out a low moan as straighten up you are forced to stand with your legs apart to accommodate the vibrators, you would give anything for him to have turned the one in your pussy on as you stand feeling the vibrations spread through to your pussy. He watches you shift uncomfortably, he delights in the little moans that escape your lips as the toys shift inside you.

"Now here comes the fun part!" he says as he helps you into a knee length skirt and pulls a top on over your head. Your mind is still spinning from all the sensations as he directs you downstairs, you mouth is suddenly dry as he forces you out to his car and into the passenger seat. You shift in the seat as he drives about a mile down the road where he pulls into a pub car park. You tense nervous of what he meant by fun as he climbs out and comes to your side of the car. He pulls you from the car and then says, "If you make it home before me I will let you cum tonight, if not you get to wear that belt for the rest of the week".

You stare at him in disbelief wondering just how you are supposed to walk a mile with your pussy and ass crammed full let alone beat him there.

"Don’t worry", he grinned, "I will give you a little head start".

And then with a pat on the ass he turns you round and gives you a gentle push back towards his house. You stagger slightly before you manage to compose yourself, you glance back at him as he makes his way into the pub and then clenching your fists you begin your walk home, you try to convince yourself that this if just like any other day and only a 10 min walk but by the time you cross the road out of the car park you have to lean against a lamp post, you are grateful that the road is deserted as you take another deep breath and push yourself onwards. You are aware that you are more or less waddling as you walk with your legs apart and roll your hips but you cannot do anything else as you feel your juices beginning to seep out around the crotch strap and wet your thighs.

Time feels like its standing still as you make your way down the road but as you near his home your hopes grow as you still haven’t seen him pass. You rest on a wall yet again trying to smile casually as a couple walk quickly past, your legs are soaked with your juices as the vibrator in your ass has driven you close to orgasm and kept you there. Eventually you see the end of your driveway and your goal but as you turn in your heart sinks, his car is already their, feeling utterly defeated you knock on the door and collapse to your knees. He leaves you sitting on the door mat for several minutes before finally coming to you, he lets you into the hall and closes the door.

"I guess you failed then," he says with a shrug as he slips a blindfold over your eyes, you almost sob in defeat as he leads you upstairs, he quickly strips you of your skirt and top as he says, "Slaves who fail me must be punished".

You hang your head as he forces a ball gag into your mouth and tightly fastens the straps before lifting you onto a leather covered table, you know this table well you have been strapped to it many times but this time you are face down, he loops a wide leather strap over around your waist and pulls it tight pressing your body into the table, he loops a second strap over your back just below your arms before tightly fastening your wrists to the table, a second strap is quickly tightened around each arm just above your elbow pinning your arms down by your sides. With your body and arms secure he moves down to your legs pulling them wide apart before looping wide straps round your upper thigh then just above your knee and then your ankles, next he takes a thin leather strap and quickly plats this in with your hair. With the strap in place he pushes it under the strap pinning your waist to the table and pulls it tight, this forces your head back, he pulls your head back as far as it will go before tying off the strap.

He leaves you for a moment as you test your bonds but you cannot move an inch, then suddenly you hear a swish and a crack, you scream into the gag as the crop lands on your ass raising a red welt, a second and third blow land in quick succession raising two more red stripes, you moan though the gag as he runs his hand over the marks before stepping back to administer more. You writhe and struggle trying in vain to get free but your bonds hold firm as he whips your ass over and over again until it glows red, your body is dripping with sweat as he caresses your glowing flesh, you breathing is fast and ragged as you feel him place the crop down on your back and fiddle with the chastity belt, he quickly removes the entire thing before easing both  vibrators from you.

You moan with embarrassment as he comments on your gaping pussy as he is easily able to slide three fingers into you, you moan as he quickly works a forth finger into your pussy, your struggles turn him on as he forces his fingers deeper and deeper working them all the way to the knuckle, you pant moaning uncontrollably as he pushes a little harder stretching you more and more until suddenly you feel him push all four fingers inside you past the knuckle. Your head is spinning as he flattens and twists his hand moving it back and forth only a little as he allows you a moment, you groan in protest instinctively trying to shut your legs as you feel him push harder again and his thumb touches you, your entire body shakes as you feel him begin to work his hand even deeper, he begins to push his thumb into you, you are being filled more than ever before as little by little he works his thumb into your cunt with the rest of his hand.

The pain of being stretched so much mixes with pure ecstasy as you near orgasm and then suddenly with one final shove he manages to force his entire fist into you,  a muffled cry escapes your lips as his hand enters you but the pain rapidly transforms to pure ecstasy as he gently fists you,  your body shakes and trembles as you loose yourself in the sensations of being so completely filled, you cum almost immediately screaming into your gag in pure ecstasy as all your pent up frustration is released in once moment. He continues to work his hand inside you driving your orgasm on and on, you see stars under the blindfold almost passing out as you loose control of your body letting the sensations wash over you.

As you come to your senses you feel his hand slowly ease from your pussy, you feel his soaking fingers trail up your body, you smell yourself as he runs his slick hand through your hair but he is still not done with you yet as he moved back behind you, you feel the table shift position until suddenly you are standing upright still strapped to the board. Before you  gather your senses you feel him enter your ass, you groan biting down on the gag as he slowly but forcefully fucks you, you cannot move an inch as he bites your shoulder driving deep inside you enjoying every minute of your pleasure and pain, your orgasm was so intense you hardly want to be touched but there is nothing you can do to stop him as he increases his pace fucking you faster and faster, then just as he cums he withdraws shooting his load over your ass and pussy leaving it dripping down your legs.

You sigh thinking your ordeal is over but he is not quite done yet you feel the table return to horizontal before he presses something firmly against your clit, you moan as he touches your hyper sensitive pussy but this only encourages him as he slides a large dildo inside you, you moan feebly into the gag as you hear something whirr behind you and the dildo begins to move, he watches in delight as his new toy works, the machine smoothly drives all 10 inches of ribbed dildo into your pussy before pulling it almost all the way out and thrusting it back in. He slowly turns the dial increasing the speed, you moan and plead into the gag for him to stop, telling him you cannot take it but he rewards you by starting the vibrator pressed to your clit, he turns the dial a little more pausing for a moment listening to your moans as the dildo drives into you at a frightening pace, you struggle for all you are worth writhing to escape the excessive pleasure being forced upon you when suddenly you hear the door slam as he leaves the room.

He leaves you alone suffering as the machine fucks you and the vibrator buzzes against your clit,  almost 40 minutes pass before he can no longer hear moans escaping your gag but he waits a further ten before coming to release you. You are resting limply against the table unable to cum any more despite the vibrator. You sigh softly and gratefully as he stops both machine and vibrator before releasing you from the table, you lie still unable to move from sheer exhaustion as he carries you over to the bed, you pass out as soon as your head hits the sheets and he lets you sleep taking a moment to gaze at his wonderful little slut.



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