Kitten 5: Kitten's Day

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2008 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; oral; kennel; outdoors; latex; toys; public; cons; X

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5: Kitten's Day

Since being woken by a sharp smack on your ass you have been forced to act as his little maid, he allowed you to eat and use the bathroom before putting you in simple yet effective bondage, you sit on the edge of the bed as he rolls black lace stockings onto your legs, taking his time as he smoothes out the fabric, running his hands up and down your legs massaging them for a minute before reaching for a pair of high heels. You sit patiently as he fastens the shoes in place before he moves over to the box of toys in the wardrobe. He moves back towards you carrying padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs, he fastens each one in place securing them with small silver padlocks before slipping a wide leather collar around your neck.

Your body begins to tingle as he adds a short chain between your ankles before pulling you to your feet. You hobble forwards as she pushes you over to your mirror and instructs you how he wants your makeup to look, deep red lip gloss with dark eye shadow and liner, he smiles watching you for a moment before presenting you with a ring gag, you open your mouth, your red lips framing the black rubber covered ring as he pushes it deep into your mouth before fastening the strap behind your head.

With your makeup done he pulls your arms down behind your back and links the cuffs together with another short length of chain before clipping another length of chain to your collar to act as a leash, you moan softly as he moves behind you, running his hands over your body and firmly grasping your breasts, you whimper as he captures your nipples, rolling them and squeezing them between his fingers and thumbs, he kisses the back of your neck gently alternating soft bits and kisses while toying with your nipples, your breathing quickens as he twists them a little more pulling them up and away from you forcing you to arch your back as he pulls them up.

You sigh as he finally releases your nipples only to pick up the clover clamps, you moan even before he applies them letting your head loll back resting on his shoulder as you feel him trace the cold steel across your breasts as he teases you letting you anticipate what is to come. You take half a step back as you shy away from the clamps powerful jaws but you find your back pressed against his chest, you close your eyes biting down on the gag as he moves the clamps into place, you groan as he slowly lets them close, little by little the powerful clamps bite down squeezing your nipples in their metal jaws. You whimper softly as he tugs on the clamps flicking them from side to side tugging on your flattened nipples, he backs away using your leash to pull you after him, you hobble forwards taking quick short steps to keep pace with him as he leads you from the bedroom.

You follow him down to the lounge, before you even have time to think he pushes you forwards bending you over the back of the sofa, you moan as he grasps your hips pressing his cock against your pussy for a moment before driving into you, you gasp as he forcefully fucks you pressing you against the sofa, you close your eyes yearning to touch your clit as he uses you for his pleasure, a groan escapes your throat as he reaches round and tugs on the clamps causing them to bite down further, your breathing becomes ragged as he drives into you continuing to toy with your nipples, you rock your pelvis trying to grind against the back of the sofa but you are left to groan with frustration as you hear him groan and feel his cock twitch inside you, you hang you head  as he slowly slides from you leaving you frustrated as he zips up his trousers.

He pulls you upright leading you around to the middle of the lounge floor, he releases his grip on your leash choosing instead to take hold of your nipple clamps again as he forces you to kneel, he pushes you down until you are sitting back on your heels before getting to one knee, he uses this hands to spread your knees pushing them as wide as he can forcing you to display yourself to him,  you moan softy as he stares directly into your eyes as he slides to fingers over your clit and into your pussy, he watches you listening to your moans as he slowly fingers you, rubbing your clit with the palm of his hand as he forces a third finger deep into your pussy.

A moment later he stands sliding his fingers from you before pushing them into your mouth, you taste the salty sweet mixture of his cum and your juices as you lick his fingers clean one by one hoping he will reward you but he doesn’t, he uses your hair to dry the saliva from his fingers then turns away from you. You hang your head feeling utterly used as he relaxes on the sofa putting the TV on. Several minutes pass as his cum seeps from your pussy dripping on to your ankles below until he finally looks at you again, you look up hopefully and then look down trying to hide your disappointment as he orders you to get him a beer.

You slowly struggle to your feet and make your way to the kitchen, a long strand of saliva slowly drips from your chin to your breasts as you turn your back to the fridge and struggle to haul the door open, you struggle to bend to reach the bear as your fingers fumble around trying to grasp the cold neck of the bottle, eventually you manage to get the beer and close the fridge, it takes you a further five minutes of struggling to get an opened and take the lid off the bottle before you return to him, he smiles caressing your ass with his hand as he takes the bottle from you and directs you back to your position on the floor, you shuffle back to your spot and lower yourself to your knees before parting them as wide as you can, he smiles at you before returning his attention to the tv.

A long time passes before he orders you to get him another beer but this time as he takes the beer he has you kneel directly in front of him, you rest your chin on the sofa between his legs for a moment as he lowers the zip of his trousers, you lift your head up as his cock springs forth, you slide the ring over the end of his cock taking him in your mouth, he sighs softly as you run your tongue over the end of his cock before pushing your head down sucking him into your mouth, unable to move your jaw thanks to the gag you simply lift move your head up and then down using your mouth like your pussy, he smiles stroking the top of your head pressing holding your warm wet mouth still for a moment before letting you continue to work.

Again you want to touch yourself you desperately want to cum but there is nothing you can do without his help or permission as you begin to taste his cum, he groans as his cock twitches in your mouth, warm cum splashes the back of your throat and around your mouth, you swallow as much as you can but the gag prevents you from swallowing it all as it runs from your mouth down his cock and pools on his skin, knowing your position you immediately being to lick up the cum you failed to swallow lapping it up with your tongue before licking his cock clean, you rest your head on his inner thigh looking up at his semi ridged cock as he takes another sip from his drink. He softly strokes your hair as time slowly creeps by.

After what feels like a lifetime he glances at his watch and pushes you back as he gets to his feet. Putting his cock away before pushing you down to the floor, you wince as you lay on your front causing the clamps to twist your nipples. He quickly adds a rope between your elbows pulling it tighter and tighter, you groan as he finally draws your elbows together before tying off the rope, he alters the chain between your ankles pulling them together before taking another length of rope, you try to stay still not wanting to put any more pressure on your nipples as he threads the rope around the chain between your ankles and then up and around the chain between your wrists. As he tightens the rope your legs are drawn up until the heels of your shoes brush your fingers, he pulls the rope a little tighter pulling your shoulders back before tying it off.

He slips a blindfold in place before covering you with a sheet, you frown under the blindfold as he rolls you over a little wrapping you in the sheet before leaving the room for a moment, you wonder what on earth he is doing as suddenly you feel his arms around you and he effortlessly lifts you into the air. You squirm a little in his arms as he carries you along until suddenly you realise you are outside, you freeze terrified someone will be watching as you are carried across the garden, he smiles wondering exactly what you are thinking as he carries you to the kennel you have spent the night in several times, but that was night, he has never left you in their during the day you think.

He places you on the warm grass, your heart is pounding as he tugs the sheet from you leaving you bound and naked before rolling and dragging you into the kennel, you hear him fasten your leash to the hook on the side of the kennel before he reaches in and lifts the blindfold from your eyes. You blink in the light glancing frantically about, you feel some of the tension drain from you as you realise he has moved the kennel and you are well out of sight of any of the neighbours windows. Before he leaves he reaches inside and slips a vibrating egg into your pussy, you close your eyes already knowing that it was on its lowest setting and was more of a punishment than gift. He knows full well that the egg alone without the ability to touch your clit will not bring you to orgasm, it will merely take you close and keep you their without having the power to take you over the edge.

You groan watching him walk away as the vibrations spread through your body, you roll around on the damp earth trying everything to rub your pussy as your need for orgasm grows and grows but there is nothing you can do, you moan softly with every breath as the dirt sticks to your sweat soaked body. You roll onto your side panting, your clit aching to be touched as your body screams for an orgasm it cannot have. You briefly think about pushing out the egg but after the punishment you received last time you decide against it, you let your head rest against the earth almost ready to sob with frustration as your position as a helpless slave is truly emphasised.

More than an hour passes before the egg finally stops vibrating, you sigh softly finally able to relax a little in the warm afternoon air. A short while later he returns to you and places a bowl and a plate just outside the kennel, he reaches in and removes the ring gag from your mouth to allow you to eat and drink. You watch him walk away before rolling onto your side to struggle forwards, you inch yourself towards the bowls suddenly conscious of just how thirsty you are. After five minutes of struggling you are finally close enough, you roll back onto your front, you suddenly yelp as one of the clamps twists the wrong way under you, you quickly roll off it cursing yourself for not being more careful as you slowly roll back onto your front. The pain in your breast dulls to a throb as you lower your head to the water bowl and try to drink, you struggle as your hair falls into the water and you dip your nose in but somehow you manage to drink enough, you nibble some of the food and take another drink before struggling back into the kennel to await his return.

An age passes and the daylight has dulled by the time he comes to fetch you, he takes hold of the leash watching as you struggle out of the kennel onto the sheet, once you are finally on the sheet he bundles you up carrying you into the house, he pauses to slip off his shoes before carrying you up to the bathroom, he places you on the floor before unwrapping you. You moan reminded of your sexual frustration as his fingers slide into your pussy and ease the egg from you, he quickly releases the rest of your bonds before removing your shoes and stockings, he helps you stand before directing you to the already running shower.

Your thoughts of pleasuring yourself disappear as you feel his hands on your body as he helps to wash the dirt and sweat from you. The constant massaging of his fingers as he soaps and washes you only serves to arouse you even more. Eventually he decides you are clean enough and guides you through to the bedroom where he pads you dry with a towel before pulling your arms behind your back and slipping a pair of handcuffs around your wrists. You sit on the edge of the bed for a moment as you watch him slip out of his t shirt and put on a smart shirt and trousers; you look a little puzzled as you wonder what he has planned as he turns his attention back to you.

You raise your legs one at a time as he pushed some knee high black boots into place, the tight material clings to your legs as he eases them into place, with the boots in place he has you stand, he turns from you for a moment returning with a pair of black latex panties, you try to suppress the grin as he helps you into them working then up your legs until the moulded vibrator brushes against your pussy. You part your legs slightly as he slowly eases the large vibrator into you as he works the panties into place, the smooth material fits you like a second skin as he smooths it out massaging your clit through the thin material.

With them in place he releases your hands and presents you with a new black dress, you eagerly slip the dress on over your head, he admires the way it hugs your slim figure as you smooth it out, it’s a little short and very low cut but it just about hides everything. A shiver runs up your spine as you sit in front of the mirror to do your makeup and hair, you rock your hips gently enjoying the movement of the large vibrator inside you. Suddenly a car horn sounds outside and before you have a moment to think he grabs your hand and leads you out to the waiting taxi, you bypass the pub as he takes you straight to a club.

Your heart is pounding as you walk in feeling the music shake your body as the vibrator works deliciously about with every step you take. You take a seat glancing around the room as he fetches the drinks, as he sits down you catch the glint in his eyes as he produces the remote to the vibrator, have you been good today, you blush nodding as he runs his hands over the thin material of your dress brushing your stiff nipples, you gasp as he flicks the switch and the vibrator over your clit springs into life. You glance around the room at all the strangers as he slowly turns it up increasing the intensity little by little, you bite your lip stifling another moan as he turns the vibrator to its maximum before flicking it off once more. You groan in frustration trying not to let anything show on your face as you momentarily catch someone’s gaze across the room.

As time passes and the club fills he continues to tease you letting you get close to orgasm before cruelly denying you release, you almost want to kill him by the time he takes your hand and leads you out onto the packed dance floor. He pulls you close holding you in a powerful embrace as you dance along to the music, you grind yourself against his thigh as you kiss, your tongues exploring each others mouths as his hands run over your body then suddenly you feel the vibrator start. You grind harder against his leg desperate to cum as he increases the vibrators speed, you no longer care where you are as his hands grope your ass through the dress and you passionately kiss rushing towards orgasm out in the middle of a packed dance floor.

You break his kiss biting his shoulder and closing your eyes as you get closer and closer, until finally your orgasm hits you, you bury your head in his chest muffling your moans a little as you shake and convulse in his arms, he pins you tightly against him as you loose yourself to the feelings, your legs are too weak to hold you up as the vibrators continue to buzz between your legs, as strangers bump and grind around you he holds you tight forcing you to take more and more pleasure. You are panting hard moaning with every breath as you go light headed, you glance around suddenly remembering you are on a packed dance floor but he doesn’t stop the vibrator, you look up at his grinning face as he lowers his head and kisses you pushing his tongue into your mouth.

Your pussy aches from the continued stimulation as you almost hang in his arms but he is intent in forcing more from you as little by little the vibrators drive you towards another orgasm, your head is spinning as they push you closer and closer, you begin to grind against his thigh once more as you near another orgasm, you can feel your cum escaping from under the latex as you press yourself against him, your hand finds the bulge in his trousers as you grope his erection thought the thin material as he grasps your ass once more pulling your body against his. A thin film of sweat covers your body as you get closer and closer to orgasm once more, your head is swimming as you glance from face to face in the crowd feeling the music pulse through your body and mingle with the vibrations as they push you over the edge once more, somehow you manage to stifle your scream as another orgasm rips through you, your muscles spasm as wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulse through your body.

As the pleasure slowly subsides he lets you rest switching off the vibrators, you are glad of the near darkness as cum trickles down the inside of your thighs as you slump against him letting him take your entire weight, resting your head against his shoulder as he sways to the music until you have gathered the strength to stand once more.



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