Kitten 4: Holiday

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2008 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; oral; toys; cons; X

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Part 1

You wait with impatiently for him to arrive; he is taking you on holiday and has promised you a week you will never forget. Several hours earlier he had released you from the bondage you had spent the night in and taken you into the bathroom. He watched you shower for several minutes before turning you to face him, you willingly spread your legs as wide as you can as he produces a can of shaving cream and a razor, he kneels in front of you with a broad grin as he squirts a large blob of cream into the palm of his hand, you close your eyes as he gently massages the cream into your pubic area, you bit your lip as he slides a finger either side of your clit catching hold of it and squeezing it firmly for a moment before continuing to rub the cream into a lather. He picks up the razor and carefully begins to shave you, little by little the razor strips away the cream and hair leaving smooth bare skin.

Eventually he is done and slowly rinses down your smooth shaved pussy, you close your eyes stifling a moan as he plays the water over your clit again and again as he admires his work. Eventually he stands and turns off the shower before telling you to follow him. Dripping wet you obediently follow him out of the bathroom and downstairs to your lounge where he pushes you back into an armchair, in moments he has pulled your arms over the back of the chair and securely bound your wrists together before securing them to chair legs. With your arms less then comfortably secured he moves in front of you and ties a length of rope to each of your ankles before lifting your legs over the arms of the chair, he quickly takes each rope in turn and loops it round the back chair leg before pulling it tight and tying it off leaving you with your legs spread wide.

He smiles letting his hand drift over your smooth pussy before sliding two fingers into you. You moan softy staring back into his eyes as he toys with you for a moment before backing away leaving you horney and frustrated as he moves behind you. You open your mouth as he presents you with a ball gag letting him push it deep into your mouth before fastening it up. You watched over your shoulder as he left the room assuming he was going to get more toys but he simply left, you frowned as you heard the front door lock and then even more as his car drove off, leaving you turned on and utterly helpless to do anything about it. That had been an age ago for you as the hot summer sun shone in through the curtains you had dried out rapidly and your body was covered in a thin film of sweat from your useless struggles to get free and play with yourself.

Then suddenly you hear a car pull up and stop outside, you tense unsure for a moment if it is him but as the key turns in the lock you relax a little. You groan at him for release looking back over your shoulder at the doorway but he just walks past without even so much as a glance in your direction as he makes his way up to your room. He returns a few minutes later quickly carrying you suitcase out to his car before finally returning to you. He smiles at the disgruntled look in your eyes as he places a bag on the floor and kneels down between your spread thighs.

You let your head loll back and close your eyes as he plants a row of gentle kisses from your left knee up your inner thigh and then down to your right knee each time he lets his lips brush over your clit without ever making real contact. You moan wiggling your hips in frustration as he kisses and licks everywhere but where you want him to. He smiles up at you patting your pussy with the palm of his hand before sliding two fingers deep inside you. Your let your head fall back again as he lowers his head dipping his tongue into your pussy before tracing a line up to your clit, he slowly flicks it with the tip of his tongue before clamping it between his lips and sucking.

He continues to play with you letting you get close to orgasm before stopping. You look at him your eyes glazed with a mixture of lust and frustration as you beg to cum. He smiles back at your mumbled pleas as he reaches into his bag and pulled out a length of white rope. He leans forward and loops the rope around your waist before lifting your ass out of the chair for just long enough to pull the free ends of the rope down underneath you. He eases you as far forward as your bonds will allow before reaching into his bag once more, he keeps his hands well out of sight preventing you from seeing what he is about to do until you feel the cool latex of a dildo press against your ass, you groan softly biting down on your ball gag as he slowly increased pressure on the dildo easing it into your ass little by little.

He takes his time enjoying your frustrated groans as he pulls the dildo all the way from your ass before pushing a little further into you. He spends a full five minutes working the dildo into your ass before pushing you back into the chair a little, just enough to keep the dildo firmly wedged inside you. He reaches down into the bag again and picks out a large vibrator; he switches it on low and slowly runs it up the inside of your thighs and over your naval, gradually circling closer and closer to your pussy.

You groan as the vibrations move through your skin to your pussy, you cry out the vibrator finally travels down your body and he rests against your clit. He holds it their watching you struggle listening to your panting and moaning before pulling the vibrator away at the last moment, you scream through the gag at him infuriated by his smile as he switches the vibrator off, you almost want to kill him as he stands up and makes his way to the kitchen, you hear him clinking about making himself a drink while your peak slips away.

He slowly walks back into the room running his fingers through your hair before trailing them down your body, you groan as he captures you nipple between his thumb and forefinger squeezing it firmly, he stands over you for several minutes sipping his drink with one hand while using the other to stroke and fondle your breasts, pinching and twisting your nipples enjoying every little moan that escapes from behind your gag. Eventually he puts his drink down with a sigh and says, "I suppose its time we get your ready for the journey".

You stare back at him wide eyed, you had almost forgotten about the trip with all he had been doing to you, he grins at your surprised look as he kneels down picking up the vibrator once more. You moan as he rolls the tip of the vibrator around your pussy covering the end in your juices before slowly easing it into your pussy. You sigh softly as he slowly twists the vibrator round easing it deeper with every thrust until finally he pushes it all the way home.

He holds the vibrator in place with one hand using the other to pull the ends of the rope up, you squirm a little as he threads the ends of the rope up through the rope around your waist before pulling it tight, as he slowly tightens the rope it pulls between your ass cheeks, he carefully spreads your pussy with his fingers positioning the ropes over the ends of the dildo and the vibrator before pulling them even tighter, you moan again as the ropes dig into your pussy forcing the dildo and vibrator deeper into your body, after a moments fiddling he repositions the ropes until your clit is trapped firmly between the ropes being constantly stimulated.

Satisfied with the crotch rope he releases your legs from the chair and brings them together before binding your knees tightly together. He slips some sandals on your feet before moving around behind you to release your wrists from the chair; you are almost ready to explode with frustration as he pulls you up to your feet, he quickly releases your wrists warning you not to move while he picks up a light summer dress. You lift your hands above your head allowing him to drop the dress into place over your body. The hem of the light cotton dress falls to just below your knees covering the rope binding them together. He reaches up and unfastens the ball gag pulling it from your mouth wiping the drool from your chin before kissing you deeply; you wrap your arms around him lost in the embrace for a moment as he grasps your ass through the dress tugging gently on the rope splitting your cheeks.

He breaks the embrace leaving you breathless as he backs away, he turns you towards the door before smacking your ass hard, you yelp taking the hint and shuffling forwards taking tiny steps, you moan softly as the dildos move inside you and the rope rubs on your clit, you yelp again as he smacks your other cheek encouraging you forwards. You eventually reach the car turning to watch him lock your house door before he moves over to you. He opens the car door and helps you climb in taking the opportunity to rub your stiff nipples through the thin material of your dress. You are almost ready to explode with frustration as the dildos push a little further into you as he fastens your seatbelt. He climbs into the seat next to you and starts the engine, every single bounce and jolt on the road is transmitted thought the seat into your pussy as you drive out of the city. The hot summer sun shines in through the window only adding to your mood as you speed along the motor way. You wring your hands together trying to ignore your desperate need to cum but all you can think about is what he might have in store for you on your week ahead.

All you can do is sit next to him as he drives along the motorway, half an hour later he reaches out and takes hold of one of your hands, you glance at him as he moves you hand over to the bulge in his trousers, you squeeze his cock with your hand already knowing what he wants as you unzip his pants and reach in grasping his cock, he smiles as you shift in your seat lowering your head and taking him in your mouth, he sighs as you lick and suck his cock, you feel a hand on the back of your head as he pushes you down until his cock touches the back of your throat, he rubs his hand down your back reaching round and cupping your breast in his hand.

You moan as he pinches your nipple rolling it between his thumb and finger, he smiles watching the traffic around him as you expertly suck his cock, you moan again as he continues to twist your nipple while you gently massage his balls taking him as deep as you can before backing off and sucking the tip. You lower your head back down as you taste the first of his cum, you hear him moan as his cock twitches in your mouth shooting cum down your throat, you continue to suck swallowing every last drop of cum before his dick softens, you lift your head up licking your lips while putting his cock back in his trousers.

He smiles over at you knowing just how frustrated you must be as he watches you grind your ass against the car seat as you try to get off on the dildos inside you. He keeps glancing sideways at you watching your breasts rise and fall with each rapid breath, you grit your teeth in frustration as you realise you are only making yourself suffer in your quest for orgasm.

Almost two hours pass before he pulls off the motorway into a service station, you glance around nervously as he parks well away from the entrance, you briefly think that you might be able to pleasure yourself while he’s gone until he reaches into the glove box and produces a pair of handcuffs, you glance nervously around the busy car park as he hitches up your skirt and feeds one end of the cuffs around the rope between your knees before closing the ends around your wrists. He leans towards you and plants a kiss on your lips before making his way to the service station. You immediately attempt to reach your clit but no matter what you try your fingers are held inches from their goal. You groan to yourself in frustration as you are forced to sit in the hot sun and wait for him to return.

Eventually he comes back carrying a bag of shopping; he climbs back into the car next to you, he leaves you handcuffed while slowly feeding you enjoying teasing you with food, drawing it away from your lips at the last moment or holding it in his and feeding it you in a kiss, he continues to grope your breasts through the flimsy dress ensuring you remained turned on for every last second. Eventually you have both had you fill of food and drink and you continue on your way.

After another hour on the motorway you pull off moving on to increasingly small country roads until you turn on to a gravel drive way seemingly in the middle of no where, the area is surrounded by trees or grass fields with high hedges, you drive down the farm track for about 3 miles until you come to an old farm house and yard. You tense suddenly seeing a car already parked outside, he stops the car by the house and climbs out leaving you sitting in the seat while he goes inside, a young woman walks out of the house and after a short conversation you see her hand over a set of keys before driving off.

He waits a moment watching her leave before walking back over to the car, for the moment he pays you no attention at all carrying all the suit cases into the house. Eventually he comes back to you and opens the car door, he kneels down and removes the cuffs from round your wrists before helping you out of the car. Standing out on the front drive he slips the straps off your shoulders letting the dress fall on to the gravel beneath your feet, your heart is pounding as he pulls your hands behind your back and refastens the hand cuffs before looping a collar around your neck.

You glance around nervously, the sun beating down on your naked body as he clips the leash to the collar and leads you over to the house. You shuffle along as quickly as you can manage as he leads you all the way through the holiday cottage to the back garden where he forces you to lay face down on the warm grass. He leaves you lying out in the middle of the lawn returning a few moments later with a bag in hand. You almost lick your lips as he produces your favourite ball gag and holds it to your lips, you readily open your mouth allowing him to push the gag into place and fasten the strap.

You rest your head on the ground for a moment as he takes a length of white rope and binds your wrists, with the rope in place he removes the handcuffs and puts them to one side. He takes a second length of rope and loops it around your arms just above the elbow, you moan softly as he begins to pull the rope tight drawing your elbows together, your shoulders protest as he gradually forces your elbows closer and closer together until finally he manages to get them to meet. Satisfied he ties off the rope and picks up a third length before moving down to your ankles. In moments he securely binds your ankles before folding your legs up, you feel him loop yet another piece of rope around the bindings between your wrists and then down between your ankles, he draws in the slack pulling your feet up until they are pressed against your ass.

Desperate to cum you groan urging him to switch on the vibrator inside you but he carries on with his own plan slowly platting a leather strap into your hair. With the strap in place he loops the end around the ropes holding your elbows before pulling it tight drawing your head back as far as you can move and securing it their. You can barely move an inch but he isn’t quite finished yet as he stands over you and pulls you up onto your knees forcing you to squint as you look up at the brilliant blue sky above, he drags you back scraping your knees slightly until your back rests against the trunk of a tree out in the middle of the lawn, you feel the smooth bark against your arms and shoulders as he produces two wide leather straps, he secures the first around your naval and the second just above your breasts then be tightens them both squeezing you against the tree in the most confining bondage you have ever experienced.

Your head is spinning as your body struggles to cope with the tight bondage when he catches your left nipple between his lips, you moan softly as he gently sucks and licks your hard nipple, he releases one and moves onto the next very gently sucking and licking each of your nipples until suddenly he cups your breast in one hand and lets you feel the cold steel of a clamp, you flinch instinctively trying to move away but you cannot move an inch as he drags the clamp around your nipple teasing you with what’s to come before slowly letting the clamp close, you bite down on your ball gag groaning loudly as your nipple is squashed flat between the metal jaws of the clamp, your breathing becomes a little ragged as he slowly lets the second clamp bite down on your other nipple but even then he’s not quite done as he clips a short length of chain to the clamp on your right nipple, he runs the chain up through a loop on the front of your collar and then down to your left nipple, you groan as you breasts are pulled up by the clamps as he fastens the short chain to the clamp torturing your left nipple.

He moves back admiring his work for a moment listening to your breathing and soft moans as you struggle with the bondage you are being subjected to. A moment later you see him standing over you, he leans in towards you and says, "I suppose I better go and unpack our things".

He plants a kiss on your forehead as he eases a finger between your thighs and flicking the vibrator on, you groan loudly as he walks away glancing back at your struggling form on his way to the house. You are lost to the world as the vibrator springs to life inside you sending waves of pleasure through out your body, your breaths come fast and hard each and every one pulling on your nipples but nothing matters anymore as you hurtle towards the orgasm he has teased you will all day. He smiles to himself watching you from the house; despite the ball gag he can hear your moans through the open patio doors as you near orgasm.  

You close your eyes feeling your stomach tighten until finally the vibrator pushes you over the edge, you scream into the gag fighting against your bonds as your orgasm tears through your body every muscles cries out in ecstasy as all your pent up frustration is finally released, your thighs glisten with your juices and you go a little light headed as you struggle to gain enough air, you ecstasy rapidly turns to a need to get off the vibrator and it continues to buzz away inside your now hypersensitive pussy, sweat and cum dribble down your body as the vibrator continues to do its job whether you like it or not, 'oh god' is all you can think as your second orgasm hits you tearing through your body with as much force as the first one, you almost pass out as you are forced to endure the vibrator until he returns but inside the house he continues to unpack his things. It is half an hour before he returns to you. You are exhausted, the vibrator continues to hum but after your fourth orgasm your body became to tired to reach a peak again, you entire body glistens with sweat and cum as he slides a finger between your slick thighs and stitches the vibrator off. You moan gratefully as he slowly begins to release you from your bondage.

As soon as you are free from the tree and the hogtie you simply lie on the grass too exhausted to care about what he has in store for you next. You moan softly as he removed the last of your bindings sliding the vibrator from your pussy before easing the dildo from your ass. You don’t even care what he is doing as he bends your legs up one at a time using a wide leather strap to secure your calves against your tights so your heals are pressed against your ass. With your legs secured he takes each of your hands in turn and using latex tape he binds them into fists making them utterly useless. He finally removes your ball gag and then walks back to the house leaving you lying on your side under the shade of the tree.

Part 2

You wake slowly coming around as his hand runs up over your hip, snaking around your body crossing your stomach before moving up and cupping your breasts, you can feel his erection against your ass as his finger works in a slow circles around your nipple. You murmur softly as he kisses the back of your neck, his hand moving down once more, you part your legs slightly allowing him access as his fingers find your clit and begin to massage it, teasing it out from under its hood. You feel yourself getting wet as he continues to rub your clit before sliding his hand lower pressing the palm of his hand firmly against your clit as he eases two fingers into your pussy, he smiles feeling how wet you are listening to your breathing becoming more urgent as he slowly fingers you rubbing his hand over your clit each time he thrusts his fingers home.

He works slowly kissing your neck and nibbling your ear asking if you want it, telling you what a slut you were crawling around like a bitch in heat the day before, you murmur softly again blushing slightly as you tell him you want it, he smiles as you press your ass back against his cock begging him to fuck you but he isn’t ready just yet. You groan turning over to face him as his fingers slide from you and he rolls away. You look at him for a moment as he stretches sitting up in bed and linking his fingers behind his head looking relaxed and happy; he looks at you and pulls the sheet from the bed letting it slide to the floor revealing your naked bodies to the warm midmorning sun streaming through the curtains.

He smiles seeing your eyes immediately glance down to his erection hoping he will put it to good use but instead he wants a show from you, as he instructs you, you stand from the bed and make your way over to the suitcase of toys on the floor, he watches smiling happily as his little slave does exactly as he bids, you pick up the black studded leather collar and loop it round your neck, you skin tingles as you fasten it in place before you pick up a set of nipple clamps joined by a short length of chain, he watches your face carefully as you slowly let the jaws of the clamp bit down on your sensitive flesh, you let out a sigh gritting your teeth as you slowly close the second clamp over your other nipple before letting the chain hang down stretching your nipples slightly as the clamps bit a little harder.

You slowly move to the foot of the bed before crawling back onto it, you crawl up the bed between his parted thighs until your lips touch his cock, you slowly extend your tongue licking the length of his shaft before taking him in your mouth, he groans softly letting you suck him off for a moment before pushing you back onto your haunches, he has you turn around to face away from him before he moves forwards, for a moment you tense expecting to feel his cock pressing into you but you are almost disappointed as he pushes you head down to the mattress leaving your ass up in the air before sitting back, "Give me a show slave, show me how my little slut plays with herself."

You blush slightly slowly reaching back between your legs, you can feel his eyes on you as your fingers reach up and brush over your clit, you close your eyes as your fingers circle your clit as you begin to pleasure yourself for him, you sigh softly despite yourself as you begin to build a rhythm, he watches for a minute listening carefully as your breathing quickens before saying, "Let me see you finger yourself."

You pause and almost instantly receive a hard smack on your ass, you gasp moaning from your reward for hesitating. You slowly reach back closing your eyes again as you ease first one and then a second finger into your pussy, his smile widens as he looks from the red hand print he has left on your skin down to your fingers as you work them into yourself.

He stays silent listening to you, the little murmurs and moans that escape your lips as your breathing becomes more urgent, he waits stroking his cock, watching your juices seeping from your pussy coating your slick fingers to the knuckle, you moaning softly with every breath as you reach back with your other hand to rub your clit as you near orgasm. You no longer care that he is watching as you work faster bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm until suddenly you feel his powerful hands on you, before you know what is happening he has spun you around to face him, pushing you back up onto your haunches once more, you moan in frustration at not being able to continue as he hooks a finger around the chain between your nipples and pulls you closer to him, your body is flushed as you shuffle closer to him.

He releases the chain letting it fall back down causing the clamps to tug on your nipples as he reaches for your wrists, you feel yourself blush as he hold up your hand, your fingers glistening with your own juices, you find yourself avoiding his gaze as he tells you what a dirty slut you are before pushing your hand up towards your face, your mouth remains shut for a moment as he pushes your fingers to your lips, his smile disappears for a moment as you defy him, he releases your other wrist before taking hold of the chain joining your nipple clamps, you grit your teeth as he slowly pulls down stretching your nipples and increasing the pressure the clamps exert, you stay silent for as long as you can until finally a cry escapes your lips, the moment your mouth opens he pushes your fingers in, defeated you lick your own cum from your fingers but he doesn’t release the chains yet, you suck and lick your fingers until the taste of your juices fades from your mouth.

As your fingers slide from your lips he reaches for a pair of handcuffs, he does not release his grip on the chain until you reach behind your back locking your own wrists there, he finally lets go letting you breath a sigh of relief  as the strain on your tortured nipples lessens. He runs his hand up over your shoulder winding his fingers into your hair until he has a firm grip on your head. You do not resist as he forcefully pushes your head down towards his cock, you push your legs back a little and bend forwards opening your mouth to accept his erection, you fight your gag reflex as he pushes you down further and further pressing his cock into the back of your throat, he has both hands on your head using your mouth as he sees fit.

You suck and lick doing the best job you can as he lifts your head up before forcing you down again each time pushing his cock to the back of your throat, he begins to thrust his pelvis holding your head still as he begins to fuck your hot wet mouth, he fucks you quickly and forcefully until you hear him moan and stiffen a moment later you taste the first of his cum as it hits the back of your throat. You moan as he suddenly pulls back on your hair lifting, pulling your mouth from his cock as the second spurt splatters across your face, he holds your head in position until he is spent before pushing you back up onto your haunches.

You sit back breathless as he climbs from the bed moving over to the desk, a moment later he returns dangling a ball gag in front of you, you lick a little of his cum from your lips as you open your mouth allowing him to push the large ball into place before fastening the straps behind your head. You murmur softly as he clips a leash to your collar and pulls you from the bed leading you downstairs into the lounge, he quickly loops the end of the leash around a beam leaving you standing in the middle of the room for a moment, you sigh to yourself watching him climb the stairs, he returns a few moments later carrying a few things. You sigh softly as he slips a blindfold over your eyes depriving you of sight, you listen trying to work out what is going on as he moves around you, he quickly drags a low backed hard wooden chair out into the centre of the room behind you. He uses a length of rope to securely bind you ankles to the chair legs spreading your legs in the process, he reaches up and releases you leash from the beam pulling it down and forwards forcing you to bend over, you gasp as you suddenly feel a cool well lubed plug against your ass, you winch biting down on the gag as he forces it into you taking no time to let you get used to its size before pulling you upright again.

Sit comes the command from behind you, he guides your hands out to the back of the chair allowing you to use your hands to lower yourself, you slowly lower yourself down until you feel something press against your pussy. He watches closely holding the base of the vibrator as you slowly press yourself down onto it, you sigh as it toy fills your pussy more and more until your ass finally rests on the chair, you cannot help wiggling your hips as he moves behind you and pulls your arms down behind the low back of the chair. He uses another length of rope to secure your wrists to a cross bar under the chair before looping another length around your body just below your breasts. As he tightens the rope you are pulled against the chair back but he still adds more rope, another length around your shoulders holds you even more securely in place before he loops a length of rope around each of your thighs just above the knee, he takes the ropes round to the back chair legs before pulling them tight forcing your legs to part a little more and holding them there.

He stands back for a moment watching you rocking your pelvis as much as your bonds will allow as you try to get off on the toys you are impaled on. You groan as you struggle in vain for the orgasm you desperately desire, you are simply tied too tightly, if only you could move a little more, despite realising it is impossible you keep trying to bring yourself to orgasm as you struggle to find a way to rub your clit against something... anything. He watches you for several minutes admiring your efforts as he eats his breakfast.

He leaves you for a while longer as he pulls some clothes on before he is ready to play with you. By the time he returns you are sitting with your head hanging forwards, and your hair is matted and sticking to your face, your body is covered in a film of sweat from your struggles, a long trail of saliva hangs from your chin, he can see were it has mixed with his cum and dripped from your face onto your breasts below. You moan suddenly brought to attention as he tugs gently on the chain still connecting your nipples. "Do you want to cum slave?" he asks softy.

You groan nodding as he firmly gropes your breasts.

"Would you like this?" he asks as he switches on another vibrator and touches the clamp on your nipple, you moan as the clamps transmits the vibrations into your body,  you rock your hips again doing your best to thrust yourself towards him as he trails the vibrator around your breasts from nipple to nipple making you wait before giving you what you want.

Your breathing is quick and ragged as he inches the vibrator lower and lower making you wait for what seems like a life time before he finally presses it to your clit, he holds it firmly in place listing to your howls of ecstasy escape from around the gag filling your mouth as you finally get what you want, your head lolls back and you clench your fists as you rush towards orgasm, he reaches up and takes hold of the chain between your nipples and slowly begins to pull, pleasure mixes with pain as the clamps bite down harder and he stretches your nipples out then suddenly he flicks the vibrator up a setting sending you into melt down. The gag does little to silence your cries and moans and you cum, your body shakes and spasms in ecstasy straining against your bonds as wave after wave of pleasure tear through you, he smiles stepping back watching you continue to shake and spasm moaning softly as your orgasm subsides your head falls forwards again as struggle to regain your breath. He runs his fingers through your hair and leans to you planting a kiss on your temple before walking off to get everything ready for the rest of your day.

Part 3

As you slowly recover and gather you loose track of time, your nipples ache from the constant pressure the clamps exert made worse by the weight of the chain pulling them a little tighter. You suddenly feel dirty as you feel your drool run down your chin and drip onto your breasts below. You can feel your hair matted to your face and shoulders with sweat and dried cum. Your tights and ass are wet with your cum as you sit in your own juices still bound so tightly to the chair you have no hope of getting free until he chooses to free you. Your tight bondage and condition reminds you that you are his to do with as he pleases whether he wants a simple fuck or to watch you suffer in bondage for his amusement.

As you sit letting fantasies and thoughts drift through your mind you can feel the spark of arousal return between your legs as you slowly rock your hips against the dildo still jammed deep inside you, slowly your excitement grows as you remember what you have been though in his hands, your spine tingles as you think about what he might have in store for you, you imagine being strapped to a bed face down, he spanks you until your ass glows red before taking you from behind fucking you hard and fast before leaving you wanting more.

You are so lost in your fantasies you don’t hear him enter the room, your blindfold prevents you from seeing his smile as he watches you working your pussy against the dildo as you try to get off again. He slowly reaches out staying silent not wanting to disturb you just yet. He watches you for a moment longer as your breathing quickens and then he quickly grasps the clamps releasing both your nipples from their vice like grip at the same time, you jump feeling the contact before the pain hits you, you scream biting down on the ball gag in your mouth as blood flows back to your nipples and feeling fully returns.

He slowly eases the pain gently rubbing and massaging your nipples softly sucking on them, you moan softly as he continues to lick and suck each of your nipples in turn as the pain dulls to a warm throb. Eventually he begins to untie you starting with your ankles but once he has released both of your ankles he stops, you frown under the blindfold trying to work out what he is doing as he beings to roll a soft stocking up your leg, he smoothes it out up to your knee before tucking a little into the ropes still holding your knees apart, he does the same with your other leg before holding your leg out and telling you to point your toes, you obey as you feel him begin to pull a boot into place, he slowly works the boot on until your toes are pushed into a point and the top of the boot us just below your knee.

You feel him begin to lace the boot, the leather gripping your calve tightly, he smiles as he repeats the process with your other leg. You close your eyes under the blindfold as you realise from the position of your feet and the strain on your calves that the boots must have at least a 4 inch heel. With the boots in place he begins to release the rest of the ropes that have held you so securely in place until all that remain are the blindfold, your collar and leash and the ball gag wedged tightly in your mouth.

Holding onto your wrists he brings your arms around in front of you before pulling you to your feet. You moan as much from the slick dildo sliding from your pussy as from your weight pressing down on your toes. You stand with your arms by your sides as you feel him loop a wide leather strap around your waist. With the belt in place you feel gentle pressure on the inside of your thigh, immediately you widen your stance spreading your legs to allow him access to your pussy, you stifle a moan as he pulls gently on the end of the plug in your ass slowly easing it from your body, you sigh suddenly feeling empty without the dildo or the plug in place but you do not get long in that state as you feel the cool end of another plug pressing against your ass.

He slowly twists it into you waiting for you to realise just how much bigger than the last plug it is. You groan biting down on your gag as its size beings to dawn on you. You spread your legs a little more trying to relax as little by little he works the plug deeper and deeper stretching your ass a little more with every thrust. You clench your fists struggling to resist the temptation to touch yourself as he begins to push harder. He knows you have never taken anything this big before and delights in the little noises you make as he forces you to take more and more stretching your ass to the limit until with one last hard push he forces the plug home, you groan loudly going weak at the knees as he finally pushes the widest part of the plug inside you and your body pulled the rest into place. He leaves you panting as you struggle to stay still.

You feel him fasten a leather cuff around each of your ankles and wrists. He brings your hands together and locks your wrist cuffs together with a small padlock before fastening a short chain between your ankles. For the moment he stands and lifts your arms above your head fastening them to a beam high above you. With your arms secured he kneels in front of you once more, he takes a moment to roll the rest of the stockings up your thighs running his hands over your legs as he smoothes them out. You sense him standing in front of you for a moment before you feel his fingers make their way down your body and between your legs; you sigh softly as he captures your clit between thumb and finger squeezing it and rolling it between his fingers before sliding two fingers into your hot pussy.

You groan as he bites your lower lip capturing it in his teeth before pulling; your breathing becomes a little ragged as he continues to alternate rubbing your clit and working first two and then three of his large fingers inside you. You let out a muffled yelp as you suddenly feel his teeth clamp down on your nipple, the pain mixes with pleasure as he runs his tongue over the very end while pulling his head back and stretching your nipple.

He continues to work three fingers into you alternating biting and licking each of your nipples in turn, driving you wild, extracting little moans and whimpers from you with almost every breath you take. He carefully watches your reactions not wanting you to cum just yet. You groan, thrusting your hips out in his direction as his fingers slide from you and he breaks contact. You hang your head trying to catch your breath unaware of what he is about to do until you feel the end of the crop stroke across your naval.

Suddenly very aware you listen for any sound as he moves around you, you flinch as he touches your inner thigh with the tip of the crop slowly tracing it up your leg before resting it against your pussy. You groan as he begins to tap the end against your pussy each tap a little harder than the last, you flinch with almost every move he makes as you anticipate the next blow, he slowly trails the crop up the inside of your thigh, dragging it over your pussy as he moves around your body letting the crop trail over your hip to your ass. He slowly walks around you occasionally tapping your body with the crop smiling as you flinch each time you hear the swish of the crop through the air, he delights in toying with you never letting you know were the next blow is coming from or when it is coming as he begins to flick the crop against your ass and back.

You whimper with every blow as he begins to bring the crop down harder across your ass raising a row of red lines before pausing, you hang your head panting hard as he runs his hand over your warm ass. Your body is covered in a film of sweat, your feet ache from the height of the heels he has forced onto you. You moan softly as he runs his hands over your body reaching around to grope your breasts, pinching your nipples between his thumbs and fingers before reaching down to your clit, you press your throbbing ass back rubbing up against the bulge in his trousers as he slides a finger each side of your clit gently pressing down on it as he slides his fingers inside you. He playes with you for a moment allowing you a little pleasure before sliding his fingers from you, you groan knowing he has picked up the crop once more.

There is nothing you can do as he flicks the crop against you, each blow getting harder and harder, your body jolts with every stinging blow as he wipes your ass and back, you moan and tremble with almost every breath as he continues to enjoy seeing his slave suffer in his hands, you hang forwards, the sweat dripping from your body as you finally hear him put the crop down and feel his hands return. You moan as he releases your hands from the beam above and leads you forwards to the table, you shiver slightly as he bends you over pressing your breasts against the cool table top, he runs his hands over your reddened back and ass before firmly grasping your hips.

You almost manage a smile around the gag as you feel his cock brush up against your pussy, you let out a long low moan as he slowly begins to force his way into your soaking pussy, he pins you in position as he drives his cock all the way to the hilt pressing on the plug filling you ass at the some moment, you sigh softly as he slowly fucks you taking his time as he eases all the way out before thrusting back in, teasing you knowing you need orgasm and loving your little moans of frustration as he makes you wait.

Gradually he begins to fuck you harder and faster,  with your arms pinned underneath you he allows you to touch yourself as you being to rub your clit, panting and groaning with every breath you rub your clit more urgently, your body trembles and shakes as you near orgasm until finally you cum, your moans meld with his as your pussy spasms clamping down on his cock bringing him to orgasm at the same time. He continues to fuck you shooting his load deep into your pussy as you writhe in ecstasy lost to the world as your orgasm washes over you, you are vaguely aware of him kissing the small of your back as he slides from you and collapses back on the sofa behind. You remain bent over the end of the table panting softly as you try to regain your breath, his cum slowly seeps from your pussy joining your juices as it trickles down your thighs.



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