Kitten 3: At the movies

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2007 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; public; hum; susp; toys; cons; X

You wait glancing around impatiently wondering were the hell he is. You glance at the clock on the wall; you glance around nervously as someone brushes against you, thinking for a moment that they know what you have on or lack of it under your knee length coat. As he had instructed you are only dressed in a tiny black thong and matching strapless bra, you’re knee high black leather boots, a pair of leather cuffs and your coat.

Your heart had been pounding as you waited at the bus stop, the cool evening breeze blowing up your coat emphasising your near nakedness as you struggled to keep the garment from flapping open and keeping the leather wrist cuffs hidden from view.

You breathe a sigh of relief when the bus finally arrives allowing you to find an empty seat at the back where you sit looking out the window not daring to meet anyone’s gaze. It was only a short bus ride but it gave you more than enough time to think about what he had in store for you once you arrived at the cinema, it was a film you wanted to see but considering how you were dressed he was bound to have thought up some interesting distractions for you. Then suddenly you jump out of your skin whirling round to confront the owner of the hand on your ass, he breaks into a grin seeing the fire in your eyes slowly change to relief as he hands you his drink and bag of chocolates before directing you to follow him.

You follow him into the cinema glancing around, its not full but there are still plenty of people here you think as he leads you up to the back, he directs you down the row to the very end seat so the wall is on one side and he sits on the other. Almost as soon as you sit down he pulls your hands towards him and quickly locks a small length of chain to one cuff, feeds it though the hole in the drink holder and locks it to the other cuff.

He grins at you again as he places a hand on your knee and slowly slides it up your thigh. Exposing your leg little by little until he reaches fabric the of your thong. His smile widens as scratches at your clit through the thin cotton. You bite your lower lip concentrating on staying silent as you twist your pelvis forwards in the seat allowing his fingers to gently rub your damp pussy. He leans towards you staring into your eyes for a moment before his lips meet yours; his tongue forcefully explores your mouth before pulling back leaving you breathless as he slips his hand inside your thong, rubbing your clit with the palm of his hand as he curls two fingers round slowly easing them inside you.

You close your eyes and clench your fists using all your will power to keep quiet as he moves his hand back and forth, sliding his fingers deep into you while pressing his palm firmly against your clit. He smiles watching you attempt to keep calm and quiet, your breathing is ragged as he pushes his fingers deep into you making small circular motions inside you before easing them out once more. He slowly subjects you to several long minutes of this until the opening credits begin when he slides his hand out of your panties and throws his arm around your shoulders.

You can see your juices glistening on his fingers as he pulls you closer and whispers, "You know what to do slut."

You blush a little as you open your mouth and suck your cum from his fingers, he slips his other hand under your coat and squeezes your breasts for a moment while you thoroughly clean his fingers and hand. He slowly withdraws his fingers from your mouth wiping the remaining saliva on your coat before letting you sit back in your seat. He doesn’t leave you alone for long; ten minutes barely pass before his hand returns to your thigh, he ideally strokes your clit through your panties just doing enough to keep you wet and wanting more. He leaves his hand resting on your upper thigh, his little finger pressing gently against your pussy while you struggle to concentrate on the film.

He watches you carefully waiting until you are engrossed in the film before taking an ice cub from his drink; carefully concealing it in his hand you get no warning until he slips the ice into your panties, you gasp loudly as he presses the ice to your clit, you grit your teeth feeling your cheeks redden as someone a few rows in front turns to glair at you. You lean your forehead against him biting down on his jumper as he slides the ice cube lower before slipping it inside you, you pant softly as the ice rapidly melts in your hot pussy, soaking your panties even more as he slips his arm back around you as if he had done nothing.

You struggle to watch the rest of the movie as he continues the slow sexual torture making sure you can think of nothing more but cumming. By the time the end credits roll and he released your hands from the arm of the chair your body is screaming for orgasm, he allows you to straighten your appearance before you walk out the exits into the cool evening air. You follow him along for a moment until you are out of the crowds then he stops and pushes you back into the shadows where he refastens your wrist cuffs behind your back, before pulling a dog collar and leash from his coat pocket. Your heart is pounding once more as he loops the collar around your neck and clips the leash into place, he almost dares you to resist as he takes hold of the end of your leash and pulls you forwards, you obediently follow a few feet behind him as he leads you off down the pavement towards his house, you concentrate your eyes on the pavement or the back of his legs as you avoid the stares and try to ignore the mumbles of the people you walk by, despite the embarrassment you cannot help your bodies reaction as countless people see you led down the street.

By the time you arrive at his place you are ready to explode but he knows this, he knows what a slut you are as he leads you up to his bedroom once more. You stand obediently still as he releases your hands for a moment, just long enough to remove your coat before locking your wrists back together. He opened his wardrobe and returns carrying a long metal bar with shackles at each end, he kneels in front of you directing you to spread your legs for him until they are far enough apart for him to lock the bar in place.

He picks up a length of rope and moves around behind you securely binding your wrists before removing the leather cuffs, he lifts the loose end of the rope up high above your head and threads it through a ring mounted securely on a ceiling beam. He slowly pulls the rope tighter pulling your arms up behind you, he continues to pull forcing you to bend over to release the strain on your shoulders, he only ties off the rope once your body reaches horizontal, he runs his hands over your ass and up your back flicking the clasp on your bra releasing your breasts, letting it fall to the floor beneath.

You rub your ass against the bulge in his trousers for a moment as he reaches down from behind you to grope your breasts, rolling your nipples between his thumb and forefinger pinching and twisting the sensitive nubs savouring every little moan he extracts from you, his hands slowly leave your breasts trailing down your sides to your hips where he hooks his thumbs under the waist band of your thong slowly easing it down as far as it will go. You somehow feel more naked with the soaking thong hanging mid thigh than you would if it weren’t their at all.

You watch him move over to the side and pick up a large ball gag, you readily open your mouth as he presents it to you allowing him to force it behind your teeth as he pulls the strap tight. You let out a muffled groan as he places the nipple clamps on the floor for a moment letting you think about what is coming for a moment while he gently rubs and tweaks your nipples. You want to close your eyes but you are unable to look away as you watch him pick the first clamp up opening the jaws as he raised it towards your nipples, you try in vain to pull away as he positions the open jaws, you hold your breath, a moment feeling like an eternity until he releases his grip on the first clamp letting it bite down on your left nipple.

You howl into your gag as he quickly adds the second crushing your nipples in the harsh metal jaws, before you have a moment to recover he returns with some weights on little springs, you bite down on your gag crying out once more as the weights stretch out your nipples, causing the clamps to bite down even harder. He watches you for a moment as you come to terms with the pain and quickly work out that moving causes the weights to bounce on the little springs, every time you move the weights jiggled tugging on the clamps even your heavy breathing caused them to tug a little but at least that was sort of bearable.

He smiled watching you trying not to move as he picked several toys from his draw and moved back towards you. You feel him place several things on the small of your back using you as a table for a moment while he grabs a tube of lube. You feel the cold liquid on your back as he liberally coats the toys he has placed there. He drops the tube on the floor then picks up the smaller of the two dildos letting the tip trail down your back until he reaches your ass. You groan as he slowly begins to push the dildo into your ass, gradually relaxing you as he works the dildo in and out, pushing it a little deeper each time until he is able to force it all the way home, he leaves it in place for a moment before easing it from you and placing it on your back.

You feel him pick up the second object; again he trails it down your back to your ass before beginning to force it home, this time the dildo is much larger and he is much less gentle, as he forces the dildo into you. You rock forwards as much as your bonds will allow trying to escape the intrusion but all you can succeed in doing is adding to your plight as your movement causes the weights to swing again, tugging on your poor nipples. He slowly twists the ribbed dildo round forcing all 8 inches of it inside you before easing it back, you moan softly as he eases the dildo in and out slowly fucking your ass, the discomfort of the initial stretching fades to nothing but pleasure as he slides two fingers into your pussy at the same time.

After several minutes he withdraws the dildo and places it on your back next to the first before picking up the final object, this time he gives you no warning as he presses the fat head of a huge pink butt plug against your ass. You groan leaning forwards again as he increases the pressure on the plug, slowly you ass begins to give as you try and relax but the plug is huge, you shake your head but he pays little attention as he continues to work the plug into you forcing your ass to stretch more then ever before to accommodate the plug.

Your breathing is ragged as you try to cope with the penetration and the weights bounding up and down, he eases the pressure for a moment pulling the plug back half an inch before pushing once more then suddenly with one hard shove he forces the widest part of the plug inside you, you cry out biting down on your gag as pain mixes with pleasure and your body pulls the plug deeper as your ass closes around the narrow neck of the plug. You hang forward for a moment panting hard as you struggle to get used to the massive plug, the mix of pleasure and pain is almost indescribable as he slowly rubs your clit telling you what a good girl you are for taking it.

After a moment his hand leaves your pussy and you see him walk across to the wardrobe once more, you cannot help notice your thighs coated in your own juices as he picks something up, you stare back wide eyed at the crop in his hands as he approaches you once more. He gently taps you inner thigh with the end of the crop and says,  "I am afraid I need to punish you a little for disturbing the nice people in the cinema."

You blush remembering the moment the ice has touched you causing you to cry out. He slowly trails the tip of the crop up your thigh to your pussy, you close your eyes as he taps the end of the crop on your clit, each one a little harder than the last until a moan escapes your lips, you brace yourself as he traces the crop up your pussy resting it on your ass for a moment. He steps to one side and raises the crop above his head then swish, you jump forwards hearing the crack causing the weights to bounce around yanking hard on your nipples but the blow didn’t land on you he struck the desk behind him, you flash him an indignant look as he chuckles at your self induced pain. But the next blow is for real, you throw you head back letting out a muffed cry as he smacks the crop down on your arse.

A feint red strip appears followed by a second as he smacks the other cheek; you are panting hard as the blows keep coming hitting alternate cheeks in rapid succession. After twenty quick blows he pauses rubbing his palm across your hot red cheeks. He runs the crop over your pussy once more tapping it on your clit before stepping back to continue your punishment, you attempt to brace yourself once more as he raises up the crop, pausing for a moment before brining it down with a crisp smack on your tender ass. You moan with every blow as he rains down a further ten blows on each cheek before placing the crop back in the wardrobe.

"Good girl!" he says, gently rubbing your ass. "I think that’s punishment enough for now,"

He continues moving close behind you. His hands move from your ass to your hips gently pulling you back towards him until you feel the head of his cock brush up against your pussy, you willingly push back as far as your shoulders will allow but he is intent on teasing you a little more, he pulls back just enough to keep himself pressed against you without actual penetration.

"Do you want it slut?" He asks.

You moan nodding trying to push back a little further.

"You want me to fuck you?"

You nod again, he smiles as you try in vain to push yourself back onto him, wiggling your ass seductively at him, willing him to fuck you, then finally he takes hold of your hips, again you let out a long low moan as he drives his cock deep into you. With the plug in place you feel utterly full as he pauses with his cock buried inside you. He remains still for what feels like an eternity before he pulls all the way back, you groan in frustration as he withdraws still intent on teasing you, his tight grip on your hips prevents you from doing anything as he gently presses his cock against you once more letting you feel it but not letting you have it, you groan again then finally he pushes back into you this time with purpose.

You barely even notice the tug of the clamps on your nipples as he reaches round and rubs your clit with one hand as he fucks you. You feel the knot in your stomach tighten as your orgasm rapidly builds; you rush closer and closer to ecstasy as he fucks you harder and faster until finally your world explodes as you cum, you pussy spasms clamping down on his cock bringing him to orgasm at almost the same moment, he remains inside you enjoying the feeling as your pussy milks him dry. He slowly withdraws leaving you hanging limply from the rope. He sits on his bed watching your sweat covered body continue to convulse as your orgasm slowly subsides.

The ache in your shoulders slowly brings you back to your senses as you force yourself to stand once more.



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