Kitten's Story Part 11: Pet Girl

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2012 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; petgirl; naked; collar; chain; basket; tease; mast; denial; cons; X

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Part 11: Pet Girl

You manage an embarrassed smile as you curl up in the basket and he covers you with the fleece blanket gently stroking your hair for a moment before fastening a long leash to your collar, you watch as he runs the leash over to one of the old wooden pillars forming the stable you lie in, he uses a small padlock to secure the leash and smiles at you, even if you wanted to go somewhere he had now ensured you would be staying within a couple of meters of your makeshift kennel. Exhausted after what he had put you through after a day’s work you manage to drift off to sleep curled up under in your basket in the cool night air.

You awake to the sound of birds as the warm early morning sun floods in through the open stable doorway, you stretch out as much as you can rolling out of your basket before crawling over to your water bowl and quench your morning thirst, you can still smell your own sweat and musk from the night before as you wonder what the time is and how long it will be before he comes out to you.

As time slowly passes you explore the next stable moving as far as your chain will allow you its constant jangling against the floor never letting you forget its presence. Your stomach growls as the sun slowly heats the morning air.

You suddenly find yourself feeling a little excited as you hear the house door open, you crawl to the stable doorway and peer out to the house, you smile as he walks towards you ruffling your hair before releasing your chain from the beam, keeping hold of the end he walks you over to the house and allows you to enter. For the moment he removes the chain he had been using as a leash, you cannot help notice the bulge in his shorts as he pours some cereal into a bowl and more into you dog dish before he pours the milk, hungry and eager for food you nuzzle up to his thigh starting up at him, he smiles ruffling your hair with his hand as he places his bowl down on the table before placing yours down on the floor a couple of feet from where he sits.

As you shuffle round and lower your head to your bowl you feel his hand on your lower back, he gently strokes you ideally running his fingers over your skin, your heart flutters as his hand moves back caressing your ass, his fingers brush lightly over your pussy as you slowly munch away at your breakfast.

He continues to stroke your ass occasionally running his fingers along your slit teasing your clit as your arousal grows, he can feel your juices beginning to flow as he slides a finger tip into your pussy extracting a little moan from you as you struggle to concentrate on your breakfast, you glace back at him, he is smiling but he isn’t even looking at you as he slides two fingers into your pussy pushing them deep inside you before pulling back and sliding them down over your clit, your breathing quickens and your body trembles as he continues to toy with you until suddenly he stops, you glance round moaning softly for him to continue but he just grins at you as he stands and places his bowl in the sink leaving you alone in the kitchen to finish your food.

Frustrated and horney you slowly munch away on your cereal until you have managed to lick the bowl clean, as you finish you lick the last drops of milk from your lips and crawl into the lounge looking for him, hoping he will carry on with what he started but he is not there.

You crawl on, you pause for a moment wondering if you are allowed upstairs slowly and almost nervously you crawl up and into his bedroom just in time to see him pulling on a t shirt, you move closer brushing up against his leg and peering up at him as he packs a backpack, as you watch he picks up a riding crop and as he is about to put it in the bag he pauses and looks at you and lowers the crop to your lips, you open your mouth and take hold of the middle of the crop gripping it with your teeth.


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