Jenet 3

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; susp; toys; cons; X

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Part 3 - Bondage Goddess

I don’t know how long I was hanging from the bedpost. Long enough to have a pretty intense orgasm, anyway!

At one point, someone’s lips brushed against my nipples and took first one then the other into his mouth, nibbling at them. Was that Michael? I should know his moves by now but I wasn't sure. This was followed by caresses from the palm of an unknown hand across the tips of my hardening nipples. The harsh pressure caused by clamps being tightened onto my swollen nipples interrupted all of this gentle attention. I moaned softly at the discomfort being visited upon my breasts, but I was so intent on the stimulation of the vibrating rope, that I barely noticed the clamps.

Now, as they untied me and the clamps came off, my nipple discomfort intensified. I suffered through it, but I was really preoccupied by what may lay ahead. Two pairs of hands worked on me, removing the ropes holding me tightly to the bedpost. When my feet were returned to the floor I found they were cramped from the position they had been held in. But not to worry! So much rope still held me to the post that I didn’t need to support myself yet. I stretched and worked my leg muscles as they continued untying me.

By the time I was free of the pole, I could stand by myself. I felt them release the strap around my neck and unzip the hood. As they peeled it back, a hand covered my eyes. Between the hand and the glare caused by finally seeing light, I couldn’t actually see what was going on or who was in the room before a padded blindfold covered my eyes. The blindfold was tightened and I was without sight again. It was frustrating not knowing who was doing what, but the loss of sight heightened my feeling of helplessness and my sense of being a captive.

They left the gag that I had buckled into my own mouth in place.

To remove me from the post, they had to untie my hands and elbows. When they were free, I felt a wave of disappointment wash over me, just like had happened out in the woods when I had been momentarily unbound.

Before I could dwell on this disappointing freedom, they began to retie me. They tied my hands palm to palm and, as a new twist, taped my fingers and hands together into a ball. No way was I going to get at a knot! My elbows were crushed together, cinched and secured to a rope that passed under my arms and behind my neck. When they pulled that rope tight, it lifted and tightened my elbow rope significantly. It felt delicious! I was flexible enough that the elbow tie didn’t cause much discomfort, but the way I was tied was really tight and restrictive.

I was back under their control and not unhappy about it at all!

I began to realize that although they had me tied, I was the one with the hold over Michael and James. They were worshipping at my altar; I was their bondage goddess and that thought made me giddy with desire.

Michael spoke. “We’re going to take a little walk, Jenet. Just shuffle along and you’ll be all right.” It was the old Michael’s voice I heard, not the angry Michael that had first confronted me. I was happy to hear that and mentally settled even more into the situation of bound captive.

They tied a rope loosely around my neck. Huh, leashed like a dog! A tug on the rope and a light twist of a nipple told me I should start to move. At first, it was awkward walking without sight. I was afraid of tripping over something, but eventually I developed some confidence that they wouldn’t lead me into a minefield of obstacles and I was able to shuffle along.

It was so weird and exciting to be led around my apartment, sightless, bound and gagged. Out of the bedroom and down the hall we went. I knew that we would end up in the living room, but I had no idea what was in store for me. The fear of the unknown and my inability to influence my fate in any way was a powerful stimulus and I let my excitement grow.

Were they going to take me somewhere out of the house? That would be a trip to remember! The walk took only a few minutes, but I was really juiced by it! I was fully immersed in being the bound captive and totally helpless, but I managed to resist them enough to get a couple of nipple twists and swats on the butt to keep me moving.

Someone, Michael again, guided me into a sitting position on the couch. I was wracking my brain for a clue as to what could happen next as they tied my ankles. I was surprised that the ropes were kind of loose. I thought about what was in this room. There were some armchairs, the sofa, an entertainment center, and the balcony door.

The balcony! Were they going to tie me out on the balcony? Adrenaline shot through me; my heart rate soared. It was night after all and we were on the third floor.

Who could see me! That would be so cool! Public bondage!

I was totally convinced that I was headed for the balcony as two pair of hands picked me up, but they set me on my back on the floor. I was shaking with excitement as I felt them fiddling with my ankle ropes.

I felt my legs being pulled up off the floor. Huh, what was going on? I rolled onto my stomach and was pulled along the floor as my legs continued to rise. The tension on my ankle ropes and in my leg increased and then I flipped back over.

Suddenly, I understood exactly what was happening!

This room had a cathedral ceiling and when I had moved in, I had them take out the ugly chandelier that was hanging here. I remember the worker saying that the ring holding up the chandelier was heavy-duty enough to hang a small car.

They were going to hang me from it by my ankles!

Soon only my neck and the back of my head were in contact with the floor. One final heave and I was swinging free. I could feel myself still rising, but I had no idea how far above the floor I was.

Now I knew why they hadn’t tied my ankles tightly! The tie was like a sling and was suspending me without a lot of pressure on my ankles.

I almost swooned at the helplessness of it all. Or maybe it was the blood rushing to my head. I had never, ever been suspended and I found it exhilarating! I was totally unable to fend for myself, totally at their mercy.

It was not uncomfortable except for the pressure in my head and the pull on my ankles, but there was no place to put my arms! I tried to keep them close to my body, but couldn’t keep them there. It required too much effort! I tried to let them hang but couldn’t find a good position. They solved that issue for me when they tied my arms almost straight out behind me. They must have tied them off to something in the room because now I couldn’t swing around at all and I felt much more restricted! I jiggled myself on the end of the tether to get a sense of the predicament I was in.

I heard myself moaning into my gag. It was so exciting!

That was when the first blow from the flogger slapped off my ass!

It felt like the lashing that James had given me at the reservoir and I wondered if it was he doing it.  Light slaps followed by strokes that made hard and loud contact with my butt.  Each of the hard blows made me dance on the end of my ankle tether and pull on my bound arms.

Both cheeks of my butt became tender and the blows moved to different locations.  Several light blows walked across my breasts.  The fronts and backs of my thighs were targeted and slapped hard.

As before, I allowed my mind to drift and revel in this situation.  Jerked around by the blows, I was keenly aware of my helplessness.  I couldn’t see the blows coming or move to lessen the impact.  I was a captive, and as before, the flogging aroused me, but this time more intensely given the restriction of the suspension.  I screamed and moaned into my gag, venting my arousal.

Something was wedged between my thighs and nestled against my pussy.  A rope was tightly applied around my upper thighs to hold it in place.  I knew what it was before it was switched on and was anticipating the sensations it would bring before I actually felt them.  Shuddering in arousal, I screamed as the vibrator, pushed tightly against my clit, was turned on.  Again, I felt the joining of pleasure and pain as the flogging continued and the vibrator wound me up towards another climax.

Hanging from my tether, lashed and vibrated, I came with such intensity that I lost touch with where I was and what was going on.  I know I screamed and thrashed around in total abandon.  I wanted them to stop, but they didn’t.  The vibrator droned on and the lashing continued although with a different instrument, probably a switch that was precisely targeted and stung more than the flogger when it made contact with my skin. 

I felt someone undo the gag strap and pop the gag out of my mouth.  I began babbling words that made no sense, drool spilling out of my mouth and running into my nose and along my cheeks.

Someone wiped my face with my hair and then placed their hands on either side of my head.  I was pulled forward slightly until my lips touched the tip of an erect penis.

Oh my god!  Was it Michael or James?  Frankly, in the state I was in, I didn’t care!  At all!  I wanted that cock in my mouth!

I opened my mouth wide and he guided my head onto his head, pushing his penis in as far as he could.  Hanging in that position, I gave him a good angle to penetrate deeply into my throat.  He moved me away with his hands and then pulled me in again, sliding his cock deeply into my throat.  I rolled my lips over my teeth and closed them down lightly on his penis as he continued pushing and pulling me along the length of it.  Every few strokes, he would hold it tightly and deeply in my throat, until I began to choke on it, then slide it out to allow me to recover.  He began a regular rhythm, fucking my mouth, his pubic hair tickling my nose and cheeks whenever he pulled me close.

The vibrator droned on.  The lashing continued, but at a slower, more leisurely pace; the stinging blows punctuating my situation rather than dominating it.

I realized that I was just a fuck toy!  Unable to move or protest or to help please him or do anything except provide an orifice for his pleasure.  It was a situation that I had never envisioned being in when I first decided to get involved in bondage, but one which was a marvelous fit and which turned me on enormously!

With his cock buried deeply in me, I came again in a shuddering climax that was as intense as any I had ever experienced.  Expecting him to cum in my mouth, I was surprised and disappointed when he pulled out.  I moaned my disappointment and was rewarded with the gag being inserted back into my mouth.

In quick order, they stopped the switching, shut off and removed the vibrator and slowly lowered me to the floor.  I was a quivering mass of jangling nerve ends, twitching and moaning and still under the influence of my climax.  Being horizontal felt weird even though I hadn’t been hanging for long.

They picked me up and placed me face down on the sofa.  The loose rope around my ankles was replaced with a tight crossed ankle tie.  My ankles were pulled up towards my butt and tied off to my elbow rope putting me in a hogtie.

Michael leaned in close to me and kissed me on the cheek.

“You’re going to sleep here tonight.  It’s late and you’ve had hard night!  We’ll continue this in the morning.  Sweet dreams!”  He trailed his hand between my legs, stopping to roll my clit between his fingers.  I humped my butt against the pressure of his hand and then it was gone. 

I heard say James’ good night and then I was alone.

Sleep!  How the hell was I going to sleep all pretzeled up like this?  I tried to wriggle around to find a position of comfort with little luck.  The ropes weren’t tight, but I had no illusions I could get out of them any time soon.  Some more fidgeting and twisting and I reached a point where I was probably as comfortable as I was going to get.

I had never slept fully tied.  I had tied my feet and cuffed my hands and slept like that a few times.  Like everything that had happened to me regarding bondage in the past few days, this was a new experience that went way beyond my pathetic attempts at self-bondage.  This felt like the big leagues and I loved it.

I didn’t think I would sleep much and actually didn’t care.  I was bound, gagged and blindfolded just like I had always dreamed of being.  I was a captive and a sex slave.  I was going to be bound and ravished again tomorrow.  I had all night to think of what might happen to me and, maybe, I could get myself off again.

Who needs sleep?



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