Jenet 2

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; MM/f; bond; toys; reluct/cons; X

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Part 2 - Surprise!

In the bright light of morning, the “outline” looked very sketchy indeed!  There were many holes and omissions, like, how do I tell Michael.  That was the big hang-up.  I knew I had to tell him, but…that could be the end of our relationship!

Damn it!  How could I be so stupid?  How could I have given in to those dark urges?  Just fucking stupid!

I showered and dressed and went to work.  My mind was not on the things I should be doing.  I was preoccupied with finding the way to get myself out of this mess.

Another part of my plan had involved bringing Michael around to wanting to tie me up.  That part was probably more doable and I began to concentrate on that.  Once I got him interested, I could maybe find a way to tell him what had happened with James.  Maybe!

We had been dating for several months.  During that time, I had danced around the issue of bondage with him.  I was heavily into it on the ‘net, but didn’t have a lot of hands-on experience, so to speak.  I wanted to bring it up and see what his reaction was, but I was afraid he wouldn’t want to go along with it. 

Now, with the genie out of the bottle as James had said, I needed to bring it up and find out where he stood. 

I sleepwalked through the workday and left early. 

Back at my apartment, I came to a decision on getting Michael involved.  True to my nature, I decided I would show him, rather than tell or ask him about bondage.  I had fooled around with self-bondage when I first got interested in bdsm, but had gotten away from it since I had been on-line.  I didn’t have any equipment so I decided that was the first thing to do.

I wasn’t about to march into some sex store and buy anything, so I went on-line to one of the sites that sold that stuff.  I searched around and decided on several pairs of handcuffs and a ball gag and a flogger.  Just basic stuff!  I bought it and opted for over-night delivery.  This deal would have to be set up quickly because Michael was due back from his trip in three days.

There was also a message from James thanking me for a wonderful time and inquiring if I was OK.  Attached to the message were several choice photos of me in bondage from our day together.  I hadn’t realized he had taken pictures and it upset me.  My face wasn’t visible in any of the pictures, but I didn’t know how many he had taken and what the others might show.  I sent him a nasty-gram demanding that he send me all the pictures and destroy his files.

I was really upset about the pictures.  I didn’t think he would do it, but what if he started posting them everywhere and someone saw them and recognized me.  I almost aborted my plan for Michael, but managed to calm myself on the thin hope that James was a decent person who wanted to see me again.  He had to know he would never get the chance if he screwed around with those pictures.  That particular anxiety retreated to some recess in my mind and became just a nagging little worry.

I spent another wasted day at the office, just going through the motions.  I tracked the stuff I had bought through the shipping company site and was thrilled when I saw it had been delivered.  Another early departure from work!  I sped home and found that the package had been left with the building manager.  Thank god there was no identifying label on it!  I thanked him for taking it in and hurried up to my apartment to inspect my purchases.

I tore off the wrapper and ripped open the box and out tumbled the handcuffs and gag.  I picked up the gag.  It was black with black nylon straps.  I put it into my mouth and experienced the familiar tickle of arousal.  I checked my image in the mirror and liked what I saw.  It wasn’t as big as the one James had used, but it would do.  I gag-talked a bit with it and found that I was silenced pretty well.

I picked up the cuffs and examined them.  They were the real things, not toys!  I tried the key in one set to see how easily they could be unlocked.  The keyhole was in a fairly accessible place and I thought I would be able to get them unlocked myself.  The keys for all the three sets of cuffs fit all of the cuffs, so I had a backup if I dropped or lost a key.

I slipped one of the bracelets around a wrist and clicked it tight.  A flash of arousal ran through me.  I hesitated for a moment and then put the other one on, but not so tight that I couldn’t pull my hand through.  I fiddled with the key and found I could get it in and unlock them, at least when my hands were in front.  I unlocked and locked them several times to get the feel of the lock and key.

I checked myself in the mirror and saw a handcuffed and gagged damsel-in-distress.  I modeled the handcuffs and turned this way and that getting more excited by the second.  I worked the key and unlocked one cuff.  Before I could change my mind, I put my hands behind me and clicked the cuff onto my wrist.  As before, I didn’t tighten it so I could slip out. 

I immediately tried to remove the cuff.  Working the key behind my back was a little more difficult.  I dropped it a couple of times, but kept at it until I unlocked it.  I did it several more times until I was comfortable with it. 

The next time I closed the cuff I tightened it down.   Now securely cuffed, the only way out was to unlock the cuff not slide out.  With a shaking hand, I worked the key in the hole and was able to undo the lock.  That gave me some confidence and I locked the cuff back on.  I walked to the mirror and checked it out.  I was very excited now!  I had captured myself!

I undid the cuff and locked on a set to my ankles.  This set was a little bigger and captured my ankles just fine.  I got onto the bed and with my ankles already secured, cuffed my wrists behind me.  I stretched out on the bed and began to struggle.  I imagined myself under Michael’s control and managed to quickly work myself to a climax.  I lay back, savoring this new experience, but not for long. 

The worry of whether I could get out came on strong.  I found the key that I had placed on the bed and started to work on undoing the wrist cuffs.  Maybe because I was nervous, it took much longer to get out than before.  Eventually I did it and sat on the edge of the bed, heart pounding.

I knew that this was risky behavior, but that I think that added to the thrill.  I vowed not to do it without being extra careful about the keys and I also decided I would keep a phone nearby to call for help if need be.  I wouldn't be able to talk, but maybe they could figure out from caller id where I was and come get me out. I would have to come up with a cover story, but that would be the easy part.

It wasn’t my intention to do this by myself anyway. 

My plan was to cuff and gag myself for when Michael came home and see where it went from there.  I would play the other part about telling him about James by ear. 

Michael was due in on Friday.  I knew he would get in about 7:00 p.m., go home to change and unpack and then come to my apartment.  That meant he would be at my place by 9:00 p.m.

All day Friday I was a nervous wreck, anxious about what might transpire that evening.  When I got home I was at loose ends and wandered around the apartment doing absolutely nothing.  I laid out my bondage equipment and went through all my lingerie until I finally decided that I would wear nothing at all.  That simplified that issue, but gave me not much to do. 

I knew he was back because he called me from the airport to tell me he would be over around 9:00.  I tried to sound normal and we made plans for a late dinner. 

Around 7:30, I showered and fixed myself as best I could.  I turned out all the lights except the small light on my bed table.  It cast a romantic glow around the room and lit the bed dramatically so that when he came in, he couldn’t miss me. 

At 8:00, I was ready and sat nervously on the bed, naked, fingering the cuffs and gag.  I wanted to be all tied up when he came in, so I knew I would have to do it soon.  I put two keys under the pillow and one out in the open where I could find it quickly.  I attached that key to a key ring so it would be easier to find.

When I could think of nothing else to delay the inevitable, I snapped the cuffs on my ankles and strapped the gag in.  I was nervous/excited, my hands were shaking and I was bathed in a cold sweat.  I sat in the middle of the bed and quickly, before I could change my mind, cuffed my hands behind me.  I wanted to be totally helpless, so I was going to use the third set of cuffs as the hogtie link between my ankles and wrists.  I managed to get those cuffs on and locked.

So there I was, cuffed into a hogtie waiting for my boy friend and wondering how he would react.  I tried to get comfortable, but just ended up fidgeting around on the bed.  I was too nervous to be aroused at first, but soon I found myself slipping into a different mood.  I began to anticipate a favorable reaction from Michael and that excited me.  This could be the start of a whole new facet to our relationship! 

I was relaxed and in a horny little state of mind, when I heard the front door open and Michael call my name.  I immediately panicked and wanted out and had to calm myself down.  I was going to see this through no matter what!

I took a deep breath and then another to steady my nerves.  I heard him approaching along the hallway. 

The bedroom door swung open and I fixed my eyes on the doorway.

Michael stepped in and stared at me.  I wriggled around and made some gag talk, acting the damsel-in-distress.

Suddenly, a second man entered the room.  I froze in mid-struggle!

“Jenet!  You remember James, don’t you?”

Oh my god!

My gut twisted up as my face flamed red!  I prayed that the mattress would just open up and swallow me!  I dropped my head to the mattress and refused to look at either of them.

“So what’s this, you little slut?  Do this yourself?  Oh that’s right!  You can’t answer!  You’re gagged!”  Michael grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head off the mattress.  “Look at me, bitch!”

Through teary eyes, I looked at him.  There was an expression on his face I had never seen before.  His eyes were cold and hooded; his mouth was drawn into a tight line.  I felt nothing coming from him except anger. 

Nice going, Jenet, I thought, you fucked up big time! 

I tried to engage him with my eyes, but he just laughed a cold laugh and shoved my head down into the mattress.

“So you like to be tied up, huh, bitch.  I know all about you and James!  Oh yeah, I do.  When were you going to tell me, bitch?  Huh?”  He punctuated his words with slaps on the back of my head.  Hard slaps that made me burst into sobs.

“Now you feel bad, huh?  After you fuck him?  Is that right, bitch?”  More slaps and then he pulled my head up again by my hair and put his face close to mine.

“I don’t blame him for what happened, bitch.  I blame you!  Letting him tie your ass up!  Flashing your cunt at him, how could he not do you?”  I averted my eyes from his hot angry glare.

James had remained silent during Michael’s tirade.  Now he spoke.  “C’mon, go easy on her, Michael.  It was as much my fault as hers!”

“Shut up, James!  She wanted it and she used you to get it!  Simple as that!”

He twisted my head so that I had to look at him.  “So if she wants to play like that, let’s play!”  As he said that, his expression softened and he looked like the old Michael.  He winked at me and then shoved my head away.

What the fuck was that?  I was totally confused, embarrassed and upset.  My plan to entice him into bondage now seemed totally ridiculous to me.  And what was that wink about?  Did he mean it or was he just screwing with my head!  I just wanted to be somewhere else instead of tied up in a room with these two men.

Suddenly, I was angry!  Extremely angry at being treated like this!  It was totally uncalled for and childish and demeaning!

I screamed around my gag to be released.  I had had enough of this bullshit!  We would settle this like adults and move on.  Fuck this bondage stuff!

Michael was back into his bad boy pose.  “Listen, James!  The slut wants out!  What do you think?  Should we untie her?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw James shrug.  Michael continued, “No! No we’re not going to let you out!  Matter of fact, we’re going to make you wish you had never got involved in this!  Aren’t we, James?”  Another shrug from James.

Michael leaned close again.  “You want tied?  You’re going to get tied!”  Another wink and an eyebrow lift!  What is he doing?

He found the key to the cuffs and undid the hogtie link.  Dragging me to the side of the bed, he made me sit up.  I tried to pull away, but he held me by the hair and spoke to James.  “Get that fucking hood!  I’m sick of looking at her!”

I twisted my head, despite Michael’s hold on my hair, to see James rummage through his now-familiar bag of tricks and pull out a black thing.  He walked over to the bed, shaking it out on the way.  Without a word and as Michael held me still, he began to tug it down over my head.  It smelled and felt like leather.  I fought and swore and twisted in Michael’s grip, but without effect.

The hood passed over my eyes shutting out the light.  I fought harder, but it was futile; James tugged the hood all the way down.  There was a cutout for my nose so at least I could breathe, but the rest of the hood fit tightly and stiffly around my head and neck.  I felt and heard a zipper being pulled and the whole thing tightened around my head.  Then they buckled something around my neck.  It was tight and restricted my ability to breath some.  I stopped fighting them and that helped relax my neck muscles and the compression from the collar or whatever it was.  I had never been hooded and the feeling was disorienting.  The damn thing cut off my sight, affected my hearing and pushed the gag further into my mouth.

Someone pulled me to my feet and I found that keeping my balance without sight was a problem.  I felt the cuffs on my ankles being removed, but my wrists were still captured behind me.

Someone grabbed by the shoulders and shoved me.  I screamed as I started to fall.  My fall was halted by the crushing grip of the other guy who cupped my ass in both of his hands and squeezed my cheeks.  Hard!  He spun me around and sent me back to the other guy.  By smell I could tell who was who.  Michael had me now and latched on to my breasts, squeezing them and twisting my nipples.  He shoved me backwards to James who did the same; James spun me around several times and pushed me back to Michael.  Michael got his hand between my legs and grabbed my pussy.  Back and forth they went, totally spinning and shoving and groping me, totally disorienting me.  It was like a weird, sexy carnival ride as I bounced from one to the other, each one ratcheting up my excitement.  

Yes!  I was excited and aroused!  This was the ultimate kidnap fantasy!  Two guys manhandling me and tying me up?  What’s not to get excited about?  I was amazed that this type of treatment was turning me on.  It was as if a switch had flipped in my brain and I had accepted being simply a toy for their amusement.

I was pushed backwards, but this time felt a post bang into the middle of my back.  My bed had tall posts at all four corners and I figured that was one of them. My arms were pulled behind me around the post and my elbows were crushed together by rough-feeling rope.  They bound my wrists together and to the post.  That was quickly followed by bands of rope tightly tied above and below my breasts and at my waist.  They must be using hemp rope or something because it was rough and the coarse fibers stuck into me.  I could feel it abrading my skin as I struggled against the bondage and as they applied more and more of it.  Working together, James and Michael had my upper body firmly attached to the bedpost within several minutes.  They spent a few more minutes tightening and cinching the ropes.  By the time they were done, I felt like I was a part of the post.  Even though my legs were not tied, I couldn’t bend or move any part of me from the waist up.  They had even tied my neck and forehead to the post!

Someone, Michael I think, worked a rope from behind me down and through my legs.  He took his time adjusting the rope in my pussy so that it surrounded my clit on both sides.  I felt myself responding, moaning and sighing, to his attentions and to the scratchy rope.  He slid the ends under my waist rope and tightened it, burying the strands in my sex.

They weren’t done though.  They turned their attention to my legs.  One leg was lifted off the floor and bent backwards at the knee.  The harsh rope was wrapped tightly around my ankle and then my leg was tied up behind me to the post.  I stood now on only one leg and as someone grabbed the ankle of that leg, I knew where this was going.  I yelled for them to stop, but that was useless.  They did the same thing to my other leg.  I was hanging from the post in kind of a vertical hogtie.  All the effort they put into securing me to the post helped keep me from sliding too far down the post, but I did move down some.  All that did was tighten the ropes and force the crotch rope farther in.  It was a strenuous position to be in, but I didn’t feel any pain or numbness.  Yet! 

Despite my earlier anger and embarrassment, the feel of the rough ropes on my naked body and the sheer helplessness I felt continued to work on me.  I knew that these two guys wouldn’t harm me and then there were those winks from Michael!  I was totally relaxed and could concentrate entirely on the feel of the ropes and the sensitivity of every sexual nerve and hot spot I had.

I felt one of them working with my crotch rope.  They had inserted something under and through the rope.  Something cold!  Suddenly the rope came alive and began to vibrate down through my legs and pussy and up my ass crack. 

The bastards had apparently attached a vibrator to my crotch rope!  What a delicious feeling!  I gave myself to the sensations coursing through me! 

This was turning out better than I could have ever imagined!



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