Jenet 4

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; cons; X

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Chapter 4 - Truth Revealed

I surprised myself by actually falling asleep shortly after they left me on the couch.  I had never been able to do that when I tied myself.  It was a real trip waking up and finding you are bound and gagged!  Very disorienting at first and very sexy when you finally realize what is what. 

I managed to struggle myself to an orgasm early this morning after waking up, so who am I to complain.  I was totally relaxed now in my ropes and sexually satisfied.  I knew that whatever happened today would be fun and exciting and I was looking forward to it.  The only problem was that I needed to go to the bathroom.  I was so grateful when someone entered the room and sat next to me.  It was Michael.

“You probably need to go pottie, huh, Jen?”  I gag talked my agreement, nodding my head, and lay still as he began to undo the ropes that held me in my bondage.  He untied everything, but left the gag and blindfold on. 

He helped me to sit up and massaged my stiff and sore muscles.  This was the Michael I knew and I was so pleased and thrilled to have him back and interested in tying me up.

He helped me to my feet and led me to the bathroom.  Once inside I removed the blindfold and gag.  My jaw was sore and the muscles complained as I tried to work the kinks out.  Michael had given me 20 minutes to get cleaned up.  I did my business, showered and washed and dried my hair and put on some sexy perfume in all the right places.  I buckled the gag back in place and was just slipping the blindfold on when he knocked on the door.

I opened the door to find a new Michael.  A pissed-off Michael!  He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down the hall and into the living room.  A hard shove sent me tumbling onto the sofa.

“I told you 20 minutes!  You were in there longer than that!”  I was totally bewildered by this abrupt change in attitude.  And I was totally sick of his Jekyll and Hyde personality shifts.  Was he on drugs or something?  I couldn’t reply properly because of the gag, but I told him to fuck off and grow up in gag talk.  He must have understood, because he grabbed my nose and twisted it hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

“Smart ass.  You need to be taught a lesson!”

He pushed me down on the sofa and tried to twist my arms behind me.  I fought him this time, my mellow mood gone and my temper out of control.  It was a tough battle that he won, but not after I was able to kick him hard in the crotch.  He held my wrists together in a crossed position and bound them tightly, not caring whether he hurt me or not. 

Not being able to see put me at a huge disadvantage and as soon as he had my wrists tied, the fight was over.  He dragged me to a sitting position and even as I twisted and tried to get away from him, he managed to secure my wrists at the small of my back with a rope wrapped and tied tightly around my waist.  Then he bound my elbows, but since my wrists were tied to my waist, he couldn’t pull them together.  He did tie them tightly and made the rope cut deeply into the flesh of my upper arms.  My elbows jutted out behind me like wings!

He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the back of a nearby low-backed armchair.  He kept his legs against the back of my legs to keep from getting kicked, while he slipped a rope under my elbows and wrapped it around the chair back to hold me in a bent-over position.  Once he had that rope in place, he grabbed one of my ankles and cuffed it to the back chair leg and then avoiding my flailing foot, captured the other ankle and cuffed it to the other chair leg.

He spent some time tightening the rope that held me bent over.  When he was done, my butt was up in the air, my legs were spread and my torso was secured forward and down against the inside of the chair back.

I was very annoyed and was struggling and cursing at him.  His response was to start to spank my bare ass with his hand.  The spanking stung worse than the flogging did and I tried to get myself free by twisting and trying to tip the chair.  The chair wouldn’t move and I had to suffer loudly as he rained barehanded slaps onto my ass.  It was still sore from the switching and flogging of yesterday and this treatment aggravated the situation. 

Every so often he would stop and rub my butt where he had spanked.  That felt good, until the next slap.  Inevitably, his hands strayed to between my legs.  He stopped spanking me, which was good because my butt was throbbing and concentrated on stroking and fingering my pussy.    

Despite my anger at him, I began to respond to his touch and very quickly I was wet and aroused.  I shivered at the feel of his erect penis brushing against my pussy lips.  I rose up on my toes and pushed my butt back at him, presenting myself to him.  He eased into me and edged forward until his groin was tight to my ass.  My vagina muscles yielded to his advance and then embraced him.  He stood unmoving as we both savored that elemental joining and then he began to move, slowly and measured at first and then more quickly.  The room was filled with the wet sounds of sex and our sighs and moans.  I wondered fleetingly whether James was there and watching, whether Michael was wearing a condom, but mostly I concentrated on the restrictions of the ropes and the wonderful sensations of sex.

I sensed that Michael was near orgasm by the sounds he was making and the movements and pace of his penetration.  I heard him grunt and push forward, holding his penis tightly inside me as he came, sighing and groaning, and then I joined him.  An intense spasm racked me and I clenched him tightly.  I wanted to keep him inside me as I worked to extract as much pleasure from him and for me.  He slumped over on me and stayed there for a minute and then withdrew.

I was out of breath and still shivering from the intensity of the climax while he gently wiped me clean and undid the rope that held me bent over the chair.  He helped me upright and uncuffed my ankles.  I was still mentally floating from the sex.

Was I still angry with him?   I was still mentally floating from the sex and wasn’t sure what I felt.  Would the mean Michael stick around or was nice Michael back.  So many questions and so little brainpower currently available to deal with them!

Part of the question was answered when he interrupted my reverie by pulling me to my feet by my hair.  I shrieked my disapproval, but he just kept pulling.  I stumbled after him.

“I don’t think you’ve learned how to be a good bondagette, yet, Jenet!  I think you need a little more instruction!”

He marched me across the room and sat me down in a straight back chair.  He untied the rope holding my wrists at my waist and lifted my arms over the back of the chair.  A few quick turns of the rope and my arms were tied to the back stretcher of the chair.  Several more minutes and Michael had me secured tightly to the chair.  He had pulled my feet up under the chair seat so that they weren’t even on the floor.  I was attached to the chair by rope across my lap and over and above my breasts.  If I wasn’t so pissed off, I would have been impressed, but my head hurt from the hair yanking and the post-coital warmth had long since dissipated. 

When he surprised me and took off the blindfold and then the gag, I blasted him.

“What is wrong with you, Michael?  Are you on something?  You’re moods are all over the place and I don’t like it one bit!”  I looked around the room.  “And where is James?  Is he still here?”  I was beginning to get wound up now!  “And what was the idea of bringing him here all about?”  I stopped for a few seconds and connected several dots.  “Wait a minute!  How do you even know him?  You better start talking, Michael, or you are history, my friend!”

To his credit he looked a little sheepish.  He sighed and leaned against the wall.

“James left last night.  He’s a friend of mine from school.  I…well; I put him up to contacting you about…you know…about bondage.  And he’s been giving me some pointers know…on how to tie people up and all.”

“Pointers, Michael?”  I filed that little bit of information away.  Had he been practicing on some sweet thing?  I would use that when it best suited me.

“Just hear me out, Jen.  I knew you were getting more and more into this”, he gestured at me, “but…I don’t know… I just wasn’t comfortable asking you about it.  I knew James was a big bondage nut, so I asked him to do it.  I know, I know, it was stupid!”

“Stupid?  You know it was stupid, Michael?  That’s…”

“Look, Jen, that part was wrong OK!  But it turned out all right, didn’t it?  And what you call mood swings, I was just trying on different…I guess personalities to use when I was tying you!  This is all new to me!”  He tried a smile, but just looked uncomfortable.

‘Oh yeah, it turned out great if you don’t count that you’re friend fucked me the other day!  And was that him that got the blowjob last night?  Hey, no problem!  I can see where we can just forget about that!  No big deal!”  My eyes filled and I started to sniffle, but Michael perked up a bit.

“Is that what’s bothering you, Jen?”

“Well, yeah!  Just a little!”

He was laughing now and I was really pissed.  “You think that’s amusing, Michael; letting your friend…”

“Jen, Jen, that was me.  I was in the house out near the reservoir when he brought you out there.  I took the pictures that he sent to you and when he tied you up like that it was me you had sex with!  And last night too!  Do you think I would pimp you out to my friends?”

I sat open-mouthed, staring at him.  Sweet, uncomplicated Michael had turned into a devious little prick, setting me up and embarrassing me and…

“Just so you know, Jen, I don’t blame you for anything that has happened.  I understand now the hold this bondage thing has on you.  I…I have really loved playing with you like this and…”

“You miserable little prick!  You set me up to be unfaithful and now YOU forgive ME?  How fucking good of you!  You know what, Michael, if I weren’t tied up right now, I’d kick your ass and you know I could do it!”

Michael pushed himself off the wall, an evil little smile on his face.

“But you are tied up, Jen.  Pretty well tied, if I do say so!  You aren’t going to kick any ass!”  He advanced on me with the gag in his hand. 

“Oh no, you don’t!  Untie me now!  Michael!”  I was getting that little bondage tingle in my gut again.  No way did I want to be untied.  Oh yeah, we’d have to work something out regarding all the sneaking around and stuff, but that was doable.  What was important now was that we had connected about bondage.

I tried to twist my head away, but he clamped his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut.  I resisted as long as I could, but finally had to open my mouth and accept the gag.  It felt wonderful when he finally had it buckled in place.  I scowled at him, but I didn’t mean it, not at all.

“I think you need some fresh air, Jen!”

I stared at him, my eyes wide.  He slid the chair over to the slider door, opened it and rocked me out onto the balcony.  He settled the chair right in the middle of the balcony near the rail in full sight of anybody who happened to look up.

He patted me on the head.  “I’m not even going to blindfold you, so that you can see who sees you!”

He stepped back into the apartment and closed the door.  I tried to turn and plead with him, but I was tied too tightly.

I heard voices below and a car door slam and a slider across the courtyard open.  I shrunk back in the chair and tried to be invisible, even as the little tingle in my gut flared into full-fledged arousal.

This had turned out better than I could have ever imagined.