by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; outdoor; reluct/cons; X

Part 1 - First Meeting

I had been chatting with James by e-mail for several months. We both had an interest in things related to bondage and had started corresponding after discovering each other’s profiles on myspace.

On my page, I had posted some photos of me tied up that a friend had taken, but, truthfully, I was a wannabe, a dreamer with not a lot of experience.

James seemed to be deeply involved in all things bondage, complemented me on the pictures and wrote about his interest in tight, restrictive bondage. He tied me up on-line and despite the obvious limitations of that activity, I found myself getting very excited at his descriptions of how he would bind me and treat me after I was bound. He also seemed to be very nice… at least from what I could tell from his e-mails. I was well aware of the dangers of meeting people from the ‘net.

I was also involved with someone and the relationship was important to me. I had firmly resolved to not take this myspace thing too seriously, but there was something about James that made me loosen up on my (I thought) firm resolution.

After a lot of serious back-and-forth debate in my mind, I agreed to meet him. We lived within easy traveling distance of each other. As it turned out, he had relatives near where I lived. It was easy to arrange a place to meet, and we agreed to get together in a park on the outskirts of town. He was familiar with the park and we quickly agreed on a spot where we could meet.

I wanted a public place for a couple of reasons. Weird things were less likely to happen in public and, if I didn’t like what I saw, I could just not meet him. I mean there was no misunderstanding what was going on. He wanted to tie me up and I… well, I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I intended to show up early and scope out the place where we were to meet. As I said, if I didn’t like his looks, I was out of there!

I parked in the lot near the bench that we had agreed would be our spot. There were a lot of people around for which I was grateful. I could blend in with the crowd and scope him out.

I sat in my car for a few minutes until it was about 10 minutes before we were to meet. I got out of the car, beeped it locked and started strolling towards the jogging path that passed by the bench. I could see that no one was at the bench yet. So far, so good!

This was to be a “negotiating session” so I had dressed in jeans and a simple long-sleeved top. I wasn’t the right time to dress provocatively and I could move quickly and freely in jeans if I had to.

I made one pass by the bench and stepped off the jogging path near a small maintenance building that was about 100 feet from the bench. I stood at the side of the building away from the bench and watched. The time of our meeting came and went and no James. “That son-of–a bitch” I said half aloud. “I can’t believe he stood me up! Bastard!”

I was about to step back onto the path and get the hell out of there, when I heard a rustling behind me. I had been so lost in my righteous indignation over his snub that I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me. I half turned around to investigate the noise when an arm snaked around my waist and a hand clamped over my mouth.

“Jenet, I presume” a voice whispered in my ear.

What the hell was this? Fear spiked through me and I struggled against his grasp. He was strong and, as I tried to break free, was dragging me into the brush behind the building. Fueled by my fear, I fought as hard as I could, but in a matter of seconds we were in a different world. It seemed as if the park didn’t exist. I couldn’t see or hear anything except our labored breathing, my muted shouts and the rustling of the tall brush around us.

Despite my best efforts, he dragged me to a clearing and wrestled me to the ground, landing me on my stomach with him sitting on my back. As his hand came away from my mouth, I opened it to scream, but I couldn’t get the sound out quickly enough. A spongy foam ball filled my mouth and cut off my shout. He pushed it farther into my mouth and fastened the straps behind my neck. It was the first time I had been gagged with a ball gag and I had to work to keep from heaving. That big wad of foam filled my mouth and held my lips far apart. The wide straps immediately began to irritate the corners of my mouth. And I could no longer make intelligible sounds.

I tried to squirm free, but with his full weight on me there was no chance. He pulled my hands together and tied them and then tied my elbows, tying them so tightly that my forearms touched all the way from elbows to wrists. He spun around and grabbed my legs. I had been pummeling his back with my heels. He held them in a bear hug and managed to tie my ankles together.

Finally, he stood up, breathing hard, but smiling. I rolled onto my back and glared up at him. I was 99% sure it was James. I mean he looked like the pictures he had sent. I wasn’t totally sure, but the chances were good that he was. Whoever it was, he had me good and tied and I wasn’t going anywhere!

“Hi Jenet! I’m James!”

I sputtered at him from behind my gag. I must have made too much noise because he quickly pushed me back onto the ground and taped over my gag with some tape that appeared from his bag of tricks. I was livid and spouted off every swear word I knew at him. He had stood back up and was smiling down at me.

“What are you so pissed off about, Jenet? You know you wanted this!” He knelt down again and buckled a thick collar around my neck. I tried to twist away, but to no avail.

“That collar means that you are mine to do with as I see fit, do you understand?” He nudged me with his foot. I gave him a sullen nod of my head. I was in no position to disagree.

“Well, Jenet, as nice as this is, we can’t stay here!”

He dragged me to my feet and stood me up. I teetered a bit, but managed to get my balance. He knelt down behind me and cut the rope around my ankles, then moved to the front and tied a rope to the ring in the collar. I glared at him with undisguised loathing, but he just laughed.

“Lets take a walk!” During the struggle, I had lost my shoes. I protested in gag talk and by using my eyes, I got him to understand what I was trying to say. He helped put my shoes back on and then, grabbing up the leash, jerked me forward, away from the path, people and freedom.

Part 2

My mistake (other than agreeing to meet this guy!) was forgetting that this park backed up to another piece of land, a huge tract that was the site of a water reservoir. After 9/11, access to the area was restricted, but it was so huge that it was impossible to police. Apparently, my new “friend”, James knew his way around the place! He didn’t seem at all anxious about being found in a restricted area with a tied and gagged woman on a leash!

We walked through what was actually a beautiful area. I got glimpses of the river that fed the reservoir as I struggled to keep up with him. Under other circumstances, it would have been a very pleasant place to be. Some of the trails were difficult for me, bound as I was and the going was slow. James was indifferent to my problems as he kept up a good pace. If I hung back or stumbled, he would give the leash a tug or yank depending on my transgression.

As we walked, he kept up a continuous stream of conversation that he directed to me over his shoulder. He told me about himself and his work and a bunch of stuff that I tried to ignore and block out as much as possible. It was as if we were just out for a walk on a first date! In truth, other than a growing annoyance at being treated like a dog on a leash, I was not as fearful as I was at first. Maybe that was foolish on my part, but he just didn’t seem like a serial killer or rapist or anything really dangerous. We had corresponded quite a bit and I was sensitive to anything he wrote that indicated insanity, but he had never made me suspicious. Even now, he seemed to be a reasonable guy, except for pulling on that damn leash! Was this the Stockholm syndrome I’d heard about? Or maybe he was just a psychopath! Jeez, Jenet! Don’t go there!

We climbed away from the river and entered an area of fields and tree lines. The area was almost park-like with large grassy areas spreading out in front of us bordered with mature trees and stonewalls. As I said, under other circumstances, I would have been enchanted!

We stopped at the edge of a large open area. James pulled some rope out of a pack and told me to spread my legs about shoulder width apart. Again having no real option, I complied. He wound rope around both ankles and linked my ankles with several strands passing back and forth. It was very odd to stand there and watch someone tie me! It wasn’t very tight, but it was secure.

“That is a hobble, Jenet. We talked about it in our e-mails. The idea is that the ropes will restrict your movement, but you can still walk. We have a ways to go yet and I don’t want you thinking you can break away from me. Oh yeah! One other thing you need!”

Before I could react, he had buckled a blindfold over my eyes. I became furious again and screamed unintelligible and angry things at him, trying to pull away. If this were a security alert, I would be in the red stage.

I felt his hands on my shoulders. “Relax, Jenet, relax! I am not going to hurt you. You said you wanted to experience real helplessness, real bondage. I came all this way because I believed we had this in common, that we were kindred spirits! Give it a chance! OK?”

I stopped my struggling, mollified by his apparent concern for me and by the growing realization that I was beginning to relax into a role as a bondage slave! How strange! I felt that I was a strong woman who didn’t back down from anything. In my real life, I tried to be anything but submissive and weak. Yet…here I was bound, gagged and blindfolded in the middle of nowhere with a stranger and…I was beginning to like it!

We set off again, over the surface of the field. I was beginning to reassess my growing acceptance of this bondage thing as I stumbled and shuffled after him. It was very difficult walking in a hobble and blindfold. James, to his credit, slowed his pace and walked closer to me to catch me if I started to fall. I came close several times, but his steadying hand kept me up and I eventually got into a steady motion that kept me upright and moving.

After what seemed like a long, long time, we stopped. It was so quiet! I had no idea where we were until James took off the blindfold. I mean I still had no idea, but after blinking my eyes back into operation I could see we were near a dilapidated old house that had been abandoned when the county took over the land and dammed the river. I thought all the buildings had been demolished, but some had obviously survived

James led me over to the side of the house and gently pushed me down to the ground. My back was against the building. Without a word, he began tying me. My ankles, knees and chest were enclosed in tight coils of rope. He had me kneel and sit on my heels. He tied tight bands of rope around my thighs to hold me in that position, then, pushed my upper body forward and down over my thighs. More bands of rope were applied and gradually I was drawn into a tight ball. The leash rope from the collar was tied to my knees, restricting movement of my head. Everything was very tight and confining. He eased me over onto my side.

“Enjoy yourself, Jenet. I‘m going to have a look around.” He blindfolded me again.

I tested my bonds. No doubt about it, he knew how to tie! I was straining and pulling and knew I didn’t have a chance in hell of getting loose. After several minutes the quiet and the ropes and my struggles worked together to fuel my fantasies about being kidnapped and left bound and helpless. Growing up, I had loved the old Nancy Drew stories, particularly the parts when the gals got tied up. I was always the one who got tied up in the neighborhood cowboy and Indian games.

Now, I was the gal in the story!

I was hot and tired, dirty and disheveled, smelly and so not in control. Sweat ran down my face and my top was soaked, yet I sensed a warm feeling spread through me, not unlike sexual desire. I made little noises against my gag and redoubled my struggling efforts, but this time, not to get free.

This time, I wanted to feel the ropes and relish the restraint!

James returned and squatted beside me. I had managed to scrape the blindfold loose, but that was it! I was still so tied and gagged!

I had no idea how long he had been gone. While he was gone, I had begun to understand that I liked this…loved it, really! I had fooled around with self-bondage a bit and there were the kiddy games and the one time my friend had tied me, but this was so different. I couldn’t move much at all. At first, I had fought the ropes and tried to get free. Gradually though, as I lay here and felt, really felt, the ropes, I began to relax and accept them. A feeling of peacefulness settled over me. I began not to struggle, but to strain against the ropes to feel their power and to enjoy the restraint they imposed. And then there was the sexual aspect of this. The restraint began to fuel an arousal within me that was very powerful.

I was James’ captive. He could do as he pleased and I was helpless to deny him what he wanted to do. And oddly, I was all right with that! In fact, I had managed to work myself into a sexual frenzy and would have welcomed any relief James decided he wanted to provide me! I mean, he was a total stranger and still I wanted him to fuck me so bad! I was begging for it through my gag and trying to convey the idea with my eyes. I hoped he could understand!

The coy little smile on his face indicated that he probably did get it. He helped me to get upright with me still pleading for relief. He shook his head, though!

“Not yet, Jenet, not yet!”

Part 3

I groaned and swore at him. He laughed and began to untie the ropes that held me in the ball tie. Eventually he untied everything except my wrist and elbows. And of course, he left the gag in!

He helped me to my feet and told me to unbuckle my belt, unsnap my jeans and get them off. I looked at him incredulously. How could I do that with my arms tied behind me? He stood, arms folded and told me again to do it. I sighed and began to strain and stretch to get my hands and hips in the right position and finally managed to get them undone. I pushed them done one side and then the other until I could shimmy them down below my knees. He told me to take off my running shoes and I managed to do that over. Hopping from one foot to the other, I managed to get the jeans off and kicked them free.

“Now the panties, Jenet!”

I hesitated for a moment and then worked them down. I knew where this was going and I wanted it to get there. I may have been crazy to do it, but I was also very turned on and very much in need of sexual attention!

“The socks, too.”

I worked them off with my toes and stood before this almost stranger, naked from the waist down.

He reached out and spun me around, so that my back was to him. He pulled me close and shoved his hand between my legs and cupped my pussy. He pressed and groped me and then grabbed both my breasts and began to squeeze them. I was totally confused by this sudden change. He spun me back around and slammed me forward into his chest, his hands grabbing my ass, giving my cheeks a hard squeeze. He spun me again back and forth, side to side. This went on for several minutes and totally disoriented me. I could do nothing and anything he wanted to touch or do, he could, magnifying my feeling of helplessness. He forced me to my knees and pressed my gagged mouth against his crotch. I could feel his hardness and heat.

He pulled me to my feet by my hair and turned me away from him and ordered me to find his erection and rub it through his pants. I pressed back against him and groped for his penis with my bound hands. I latched on to it and was rewarded by a sharp intake of breath from him when I finally was able to massage him. He pushed me away and grabbed my hair, bending me forward with his grip.

Bent at the waist, my hair twisted in his hand, he led me around to the front of the house.

He released his grip and allowed me to straighten up. I was a little pissed at being roughed up and more than a little turned on. This guy was pushing all the right buttons.

He tied a rope between my wrists and tossed the end over a branch of a large tree. Pulling on the rope end, he hoisted my arms up behind me, continuing until I was bent over at the waist with my torso parallel to the ground and my arms pointing almost straight up. It was strenuous position and very vulnerable since my naked butt was totally exposed. I didn’t know that my arms could be rotated like that. The stress was pretty intense and I knew I couldn’t stand it for long.

After spreading my legs apart to about shoulder width, James bound each of my ankles to a nearby tree. He gathered my hair together and wound a rope through it and around it and tied a knot. The tag end of this rope was extended up to my elbow rope and my head was pulled up and back. After all that rope was in place, he pulled and tightened the rope holding my arms up increasing the tension and making me rise up on the balls of my feet to lessen it.

And that was that! I was immobile, but in a different way than in the ball tie. Now I was more open and vulnerable. Despite the discomfort, I was relishing this new position. It offered him many opportunities to get at me and use me.

He told me he was going to flog my ass and began with a light stroke back and forth across both cheeks. He punctuated these light lashings with periodic hard strokes that cracked off my ass and echoed over the fields. I grunted and jerked at each of the hard blows, my ass hot and tender. I allowed my mind to drift and slide into a place where I felt each rope and each blow sharply and intensely. The flogging made me wet with desire.

He stopped flogging and I felt his hand rub my tender butt and then slip between my legs. He stroked my pussy and then inserted one finger and then another into it. He finger fucking me slowly, pausing periodically to manipulate my clit. I was almost beside myself with desire and rotated and humped my ass against his probing fingers.

He withdrew his hand and I moaned in disappointment. He moved around to my head and unbuckled the gag. It popped out, followed by a gout of saliva.

“I’m going to fuck you, Jenet. You OK with that?”

“Yes, oh yes!” I couldn’t believe I was such a slut! My entire world had been shaken apart by a few pieces of rope. I wanted it so bad! “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

He slid his erection slowly into my pussy, until I could feel his groin pressing tightly against my ass. He bent forward and reached around front to finger my clit. He pulled me tightly against him and held me there. I was filled with him, impaled on his cock, groaning and carrying on like the slut I was as he began to slide his penis in and out at a slow measured pace. He kept his hands around my waist just above my hips and pulled me toward him on every stroke.

After this leisurely fucking for several minutes, he picked up the pace. I jerked in my bonds as he plunged in and out. I could not hold on any longer and climaxed in an intense and noisy way just as pulled out and ejaculated on my ass. I could barely stand as the spasms washed over me.

James stepped away and I felt him wipe my pussy and ass clean with a cloth. He surprised me then by taking that same cloth and wadding it into my mouth and taping it in place with several strips of tape that encircled my head and caught my hair. The taste of our mingled fluids residing in my mouth was another reminder that I was his to do with as he pleased.

The rope holding my arms was released and I gingerly lowered my arms and tried to stand upright. Still a bit weak-kneed from the sex, I stumbled and James caught me and lowered me to a sitting position on the ground. He stared at me and softly stroked my sweaty cheek.

“That was wonderful, Jenet! Did you think so?” I widened my eyes and nodded my head emphatically. It had been wonderful. I had a really intense orgasm and I wanted more.

“I’d love to continue this, but it is getting late and we should get out of here. We have about an hour of daylight left and it's going to take us about that long to get back.”

I couldn’t believe the heavy feeling of disappointment that spread through me. I wanted this to go on! There was so much I wanted to explore and experience and I was still so horny! He sensed my disappointment and laughed.

“I’m going to be around for a few days more. We can do this again! I want to do this again! What do you think?”

More enthusiastic nodding of my head and mumbled gag talk to back it up. Of course, I wanted to do this again! A whole new world had presented itself to me. I had dreamed of this and fantasized, but the real thing was so much more intense and pleasurable!

He gathered up my clothes and helped me into them. Assisting me to my feet, he took up the leash and began to lead me, still bound and gagged, back to the park and the real world.

Only his promise to return and continue this kept me from bursting into tears at the prospect of being untied and returned to everyday life. I turned back and looked at the house and everything around it, trying to fix it and what happened there in my mind.

I had to have more to live and be alive! Only…what do I tell Michael?

The walk back was uneventful.  I tried to put myself in a mental place that allowed me to enjoy my captivity and fantasize about what could happen to a bound and gagged captive, but guilt kept rearing its ugly head.

I had allowed another man, a stranger, to have sex with me!  Actually, to be more accurate, I had begged him!

I had betrayed Michael and that was a heavy burden for me.  By the time, we reached the park I was so depressed that I could barely keep my head up.  James, to his credit, noticed my flagging spirits.

As he untied the ropes holding my arms, he spoke.  “You’re probably thinking of that boy friend of yours, aren’t you?  About how you have cheated on him?  I bet the guilt is bearing down on you pretty good, huh?”

I nodded, keeping my eyes averted from his.  I was totally untied and ungagged.  We were standing in the clearing where he had first tied me.  The sun was beginning to set and the air was cooling.  I hugged myself for warmth and support.

“I don’t know what to tell you about that, Jenet.  You were in a situation were someone was pushing just the right buttons.  This bondage thing is a strong drive in you.  It was bound…no pun intended, to come out.  I just happened to be the one that was there when it did.”

I looked at him, my eyes wet with tears.  “But I love him! I’ve never done anything like this!  Ever!”

He reached for me and I let him gather me in and hug me.

“It is what it is, Jenet!  You have done it and it is a part of you now.  And believe me, once the genie is out of the bottle, it won’t go back!  I can’t tell you what to do, what is the best course for you.  Only you can decide that.  Take your time and think it through and then do what you think is best.  Look!  It’s probably best that we don’t do this again until you work through this.  I’ll get in touch with you on-line.  And…I really, really enjoyed this.  You are a special woman, Jenet!  OK?”

I nodded and hugged him quickly and walked away, not looking back.

I sat in the car for several minutes, as the sun set and darkness settled over the park.  Finally, forcing myself to move, I started the car and headed home.

My thoughts were all jumbled and fragmented.  It was a miracle that I could drive without running off the road or into somebody.  Shards of memories of sex and bondage with James mingled with visions of Michael’s response to my indiscretion.  Michael was on a business trip; at least, I didn’t have to face him right away

I knew that I had to stop this or I would drive myself nuts or into a tree!  I put a cd in the player and tried with mixed success to distract myself.

When I arrived at home, I took a shower and ate something after realizing that I hadn’t had anything all day.  These routine activities helped give me some perspective and distance.   By the time I went to bed, I was clamed down and able to think about this situation with some objectivity.  I lay in the dark, reliving the day and trying to plot the future.

As I drifted off to sleep, the outline of a way to deal with this began to take shape.



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