In the Grass

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; stuck; college; collar; cuffs; bond; predicament; denial; sex; chain; climax; naked; nipple; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 5

Gina walked into Calc class, finding herself holding her breath. She knew what she wanted to happen. Scott would be there. She fingered the collar locked around her neck. That this was going to be interesting didn't even begin to cover it.

She and Scott had been involved in a torrid, horribly kinky relationship for about a year. He was her first real serious long-term love and there had been times she had thought it might go on until the end. Back then she had been ashamed, worried about her body. Not that, when she was honest, she had any grounds for that. But she wouldn’t go outside their houses in anything too terribly revealing, such as short skirts or minis or low-cut tops. She was happy to do and wear pretty much anything Scott wanted at one of their homes but it ended at the door. Indoors. They had an incredible sex life back then and a good friendship and had done lots of things to stretch each other's boundaries.

But she wouldn't dress up "like a ten-dollar tart" as she used to put it, outside the house. One time on a date Scott had spent a little too long admiring a girl who would and Gina had snapped. She unloaded on him in loud and descriptive terms right there in the middle of the restaurant they were in and they were through.

Kinky as they were, Gina sometimes dabbled in self-bondage. One time several months afterward she had gotten genuinely stuck. Her "safety release" that she had put together while they were dating was a spicy, recorded message to Scott asking him to come by and let her go, after taking as much advantage as he desired of any situation he found. She never changed the message, part of it the risk-taker in her that she, at the time, began to wonder if it was a personality flaw. If she were honest with herself, another reason she never changed it was because, even with their current situation, she still trusted him.

That day she got stuck. He did come by and he did let her go. Before he did, he had helped himself to her body. She wouldn’t have allowed it if she had been asked but she had, on the recorded message, invited him to. He had also taken more than a few pictures of her, completely naked and tied to her bed.

He had blackmailed her with those pictures and the dozens more he took as time progressed. It wasn't that bad; she didn't have anyone else in her life. The sex he demanded was on the outer edge of things they had done while they were a couple and the sex and the orgasms were good to have back. He really had never pushed it past the line. Up to the line, stretching the line, that was constant. But never pushing the line so hard he broke it. Except that last time out in the park. He also insisted she wear miniskirts, and other clothing she was not happy about, and sometimes pushed her into situations she probably would have left him for when they were dating.

He was forcing her, trying to get her over her reluctance to wear skimpy clothing when he had left her completely naked and chained by the ankle to a tree in the park, where Carlos had found her. She found he had succeeded; she had been naked and occasionally utterly terrified for several hours in the brush and her qualms about showing off her body were gone. She had walked the better part of a mile back to Tom's car in nothing more than a black t-shirt and found she sorta liked it. She found there was a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her that the walk to the car had brought to the surface. And she had entered into this weird feast-and-long-famine, hopeless relationship with Carlos.

But she was through with Scott. That Monday at school she had told him angrily but privately that she had been raped out there before she was rescued. It was true enough of what Tom did with her, and Scott and she were finished. Again. Forever. He could do whatever the hell he wanted with all those pictures but if she ever found or heard about any of them, she'd press charges against him for rape with the police and campus security. And stormed off. Scott had taken it rather well, all things considered. They talked little but he had accepted that it was over.

She was still very, very mad at Scott for leaving her out there in the park, unprotected, to be raped. She took it out on him by wearing the tight clothing and short skirts and sundresses on the days when they had a class together, so he could be reminded what he could have had. He never said anything but she could tell it was leaving marks, that was good, that was why she was doing it. It tapered off after a while but she wore that sort of clothing now and the effect on Scott was no longer a consideration when choosing her clothes. She'd wear the clothing tight across her breasts or showing off her legs because she had the body for it and wanted to.

And now she was walking into a class they both had with a shiny, beautiful chrome collar locked around her neck. Scott knew all about it; they'd gotten it when they were dating. She had happily let him lock it around her neck a few times while they were dating and they were playing slave girl and master. Only indoors of course, but not today. She was in a purple thin-strap tank top with a built-in bra and a matching short skirt and heels. 

She kept the collar’s loop in back so it was just the ring of chrome alone visible around her neck. A few friends asked her about it and she just dismissed it as "I like the way it looks on me," ignoring the double-takes from passing males that didn't matter anyways. It wasn't like nobody ever did this. Gina in fact had friends who were dead serious about that lifestyle and wore their own collars openly and 24x7, but it was quite rare.

She sat down in her normal place next to him and waited for Scott to notice. He looked over at her "Good morning Gi..." His jaw dropped. "Why?"

She looked around, there wasn't anyone close enough to overhear. "I lost a bet.” She said dismissively. At his raised eyebrows she added "With myself." She sighed. "But that’s not the worst of it. Someone else has the key." She watched his eyes, she wanted to see him when she said this. He had already drunk her in, spending more time than was needed on her legs in the short skirt and heels she was wearing and the cleavage that was part of wearing this top. 

She had worn these clothes just to make sure he was in the right mindset for her next few sentences. She looked around, still nobody else was close enough to hear her words. "Doing anything next hour?" She had it off, he had a study hall. "Still got that rope in your car? I want to go somewhere with you and let you tie me up by the collar and then do anything you want with me. You busy?"

He was speechless for a few seconds. Good. It was all a lie but if Carlos could do things with Maria then she could do something with Scott. She didn’t want a relationship with Scott, she just wanted sex, just wanted an orgasm. Scott had proven many times before he was more than adequate to that task.

"I... I can rearrange my schedule," he stammered.

"Good," she informed him quickly. "Don't read anything into it other than the event. I've just decided I want it, and I want it from you. One time. Nothing else changes. Just rope and just on the collar. You don't get to tie up my wrists or ankles. Clear?"

He nodded. "As glass." 

She just gave him a tight smile and started unpacking her books.

The previous weekend with Carlos had started off well. For differing reasons, they had been at Carlos’ house instead of hers. It was always a nice change of pace to be over there but it came with some obvious, extra risks. Maria could always come back home early and she did that Saturday night. Gina always kept a microscopic footprint when they were at his house just in case; it wouldn’t do for Maria to walk in and wonder whose purse was that sitting on her kitchen table. 

Maria’s mom was generally really good about calling Carlos on Sundays and letting him know Maria was on her way back home with Samuel, but Maria sometimes kept Samuel with her. 

She and Carlos had contingencies; if they were in the back of the house Carlos’ bed was tall enough that she could hide underneath it and if she were in the front area there was a spot in the garage that could provide cover. Carlos would do whatever he could to get Maria out of the way, even take her and Samuel out to dinner if it came to that, so that Gina could make her getaway. If she had everything she needed Gina could just slip out the garage side door and walk out to the street and to her car parked discreetly a few houses away. Failing that she should just stay under cover until Carlos cleared an exit for her. 

The front door to Carlos’ house had a chime that could be heard throughout the residence and in the garage, since they had a toddler in the house. It would be Carlos and Gina’s last line of warning since Carlos kept the door locked and only he and Maria had keys. 

Maria’s mother normally gave Carlos a call or a text message to let him know Samuel was with her; it seemed she understood what Maria was doing and thought that Maria should stop this silliness and settle down with Carlos, whose family she had known for decades. She chose not to interfere and looked to be waiting like Carlos for Maria to come to her senses. Mama Garza had chosen to help her grandson’s family stay together until that happened. 

There had been no phone call of Samuel’s arrival so Carlos and Gina were a bit more on alert. This appeared to be one of the weekends Maria kept Samuel with her. Unusual but not unheard of and since they were at Carlos’s house, horrible timing.

The weekend’s theme was Gina as a submissive. When she had gotten over on Friday and before they had left for dinner, she had handed Carlos the collar and pulled back her hair. He had locked it around her neck and pocketed the keys. It was always a rush, right down to her clit, she reflected, to have a collar locked around her neck. Locked on and she did not have the key and had to talk someone else into taking it off. Carlos had promised he’d take it off as she was leaving on Sunday but he had also joked about misplacing the keys until their next get together. 

The thought of having to wear the collar for several weeks, including to all her classes, sent a shiver through her that curled her toes but she really didn’t want to do that. It wasn’t real, she had girlfriends who wore a collar and it was real. She couldn’t do that; there was no one in her life she could trust that much. Perhaps once upon a time Scott might have been a candidate but now that was far behind. And certainly not to a man who if he did the right thing, and given a chance he would certainly, marry the mother of his son and leave her far behind.

Sooner or later, Gina reflected, a few years at worst as Maria matured, Maria would come to her senses and Gina would take her broken heart and disappear. She’d probably still take her car to Carlos’ shop for a while just to see how he was doing. If he had his own then her boudoir would be closed to him. Yet it was incredibly fun, worth it, while it lasted. 

Dinner was lovely. The collar around her neck and knowing it was locked on and she couldn’t take it off did something to her. Made her feel more beautiful, special. People would see the collar and come to incorrect conclusions about Carlos and herself except for this weekend. She liked how it made her feel anyway.

But Saturday around 5 it all went to hell. It had been a lazy weekend and after Friday night dinner they had stayed at home. They were in the master bedroom; Gina was naked except for the collar. Fuzzy handcuffs pinned her wrists behind her back, making Gina that much more aggressive with only her mouth. Carlos was wearing shorts but they were down around his ankles as Gina lovingly slurped her way up and down his pole. The way things normally went given a few more minutes Carlos would push Gina onto the bed and start giving her a much-desired thorough fucking. They hadn’t done anything since last night and they were both quite ready for this.

And then the front door alarm chirped. That could only mean one thing.

Terror gave way instantly to frantic activity. There was no time to take off the handcuffs, Maria could be in the room in about fifteen seconds. Gina rolled to the far side of the bed on her stomach and started scooting under it. Carlos had his shorts back in place and was shoving Gina’s dress, shoes, and purse under the bed with her and making sure it was all out of sight. It was a king-sized bed so Gina scooted all the way to the middle and just held her breath. She was completely hidden under the bed and couldn’t be seen unless somebody looked underneath it. 

With her hands cuffed behind her it was tight and her arms back there crushed her breasts into the carpet, but it wasn’t bad. She had to be very still, especially with her hands for fear the chain between the cuffs might rattle and give her away. All she could do was lay still and breathe shallow and wait for Carlos to get Maria clear. She had a handcuff key on the ring with her car keys, getting out of the cuffs when it was safe was no problem. Her keys were in her purse. But the collar… both keys were still with Carlos. Hopefully he’d remember that. Carlos triggered the automatic air freshener in the room to cover the smell of warm wet female juices that might have been in the air.

And dammit, Gina’s pussy was aching. She had really been looking forward to getting hers. 

Maria walked into the bedroom. Gina could see her feet and a little above her ankles. Small, thin feet and ankles. Three-inch heels on bare feet, a fine gold anklet around her left ankle. She kicked off the heels, thankfully toward the closet and not underneath the bed.

“Hi baby!” Gina heard Maria greet Carlos. Maria walked in to join Carlos near the foot of the bed. “Mom was feeling sick so I came home early.” Nobody in the room believed that to be true but it didn’t matter. Maria’s voice was higher than Gina expected and a little squeaky. There was the sound of a kiss between the two of them and Carlos murmured something about taking her and Samuel out for dinner in response. Maria stood right next to him, her petite feet with brown painted toenails a contrast to Carlos’ masculine hairy legs as she went up on tiptoes to participate in the kiss. She didn’t sound drunk or anything which was always one of Carlos’ nightmares when Maria was out. 

They broke the kiss and Maria’s heels returned to the carpeting but they didn’t move apart. “Mmmm, you look happy to see me.” Maria said with a giggle in her voice. Carlos took an involuntary step backward and Gina knew where Maria’s hands had been. Yes, when Gina had last seen him Carlos’ manhood had been out in its full glory. And Gina had really been looking forward to feeling it shrink inside her after they both had come. Oh well, back to plastic until three or four weeks from now.

There was a swish and the silk black-background flower print dress that Maria had been wearing pooled at her feet. Halter-neck dress, Gina noted. Her feet briefly lifted and a pair of black silk panties joined the dress. She moved right up next to Carlos and a moment later his shorts, all he had been wearing, also arrived in Gina’s vision. “Mmmmm, Carlos, I know it’s been a while, but you look so good. Could you….?” Maria let the question trail off. 

Carlos pivoted Maria so she was between the bed and him then moved forward. Gina had a moment to brace herself as Maria and then Carlos fell on to the mattress above her. The bed shook a little bit but the box springs above Gina held firm.

Gina was very unhappy but couldn’t blame Carlos. It would have been ideal if Carlos, Maria, and Samuel had gone out to dinner and let Gina get away but in theory and as far as Maria knew Carlos was sex-starved. He’d better jump at the chance to do something with her even though he was far from sex starved having blown a full load into Gina last night. But to play it any other way would have been to invite very inconvenient questions. Still it irked Gina that Maria was getting what she had been so much looking forward to. Gina had expected it to be her being pounded on top of the mattress instead of cowering in silence underneath it. 

Gina decided Maria was not a quiet screw. If Gina ever had the temerity to send her a birthday gift it’d definitely be a ball gag. Grunting and moaning each time Carlos thrust into her, accompanied by the slight shifting of the bed above her and creaking of the mattress and box springs. Occasional moans and mutterings of “Oh you feel sooo good baby” and “Give it to me! Yes!” which only increased Gina’s ire into a slow smoldering burn. The vocalizations turned into “ohs” and “uhs” of ever-increasing pitch until Maria gave a tremendous squeal and the bed above Gina shook, then froze into silence, except for Maria’s heavy panting slowly dwindling away. Gina would have ground her teeth but was afraid it might make noise.

And then the worst. Once Maria’s breathing had calmed there was a sudden five-minute flurry of activity above her; Gina had no doubt what was occurring. A moan at the end from Carlos, that Gina had heard many times at close range, confirmed it. And then the sounds of quiet kissing while Maria said things like how good Carlos was and how she loved it. And then at the end there was the knife through Gina’s heart, to which she would have preferred the physical knife. Maria said “You’re so good, baby. I’ve missed this. We really ought to do this more often.”

The two stayed on the mattress for a few more minutes. Samuel stirred in his bedroom and the two above her pulled the clothes on that had been discarded on the floor and left. Gina counted to 120 after hearing Carlos’ truck roll out of the driveway and then crawled out from underneath the bed.

Gina took stock: she was a wreck both physically and emotionally. Physical first, she thought; get loose, get dressed, and get out of here, you’ve got the rest of the weekend to lick your wounds. She fished her purse out from under the bed with her feet, found her keys, then freed her hands. She whimpered and almost cried as her shoulders were suddenly free again to move. The fear had masked it but now they ached terribly. Her breasts which had been compressed underneath her were sore as well. The one part of her that was not sore was her crotch for all the pissily wrong reasons.

She grabbed her dress and heels from under the bed and dressed rapidly. Collar. She looked fruitlessly and with increasing desperation for the collar key but it was nowhere to be found. It was approaching the thirty-minute point since Carlos and Maria had left; she needed to be gone. One last quick look around the house and she was out the garage door and to her car and gone with the collar still firmly locked around her throat. Well, she thought, this would probably cure her of her thing about collars.

Eventually she was home and sat naked on her couch. She had finished her second glass of chocolate milk heavily laden with Kahlua and was working on a third. She was feeling pretty warm inside and the physical pains had faded. It was now time to start on the emotional ones.

She had finally gotten around to bringing herself off between the first and second chocolate milks. Yes, the mechanics worked but it wasn’t the same. It would never be the same, anywhere near as good. And it’d be three or four weeks before she had a chance with Carlos to fix that. If by then Carlos was still an option.

Maria really did need to learn to take her fuckings quietly. Especially when someone who deserved it was within earshot and knowing she wouldn’t be getting any of it.

The collar was still locked around her neck. And no, she couldn’t pull it apart and remove it. She had tried that. It was meant to stay on and stay on was what it was doing. Tomorrow and, dammit, Monday and on at school. It still had an undertone that she liked in what it said about her. The fact that she was locked into it and it would still be there Monday morning when she went to class made the whole concept lose a lot of its luster. When it was voluntary it was one thing, but this…

It wasn’t as if she could go over to Carlos’ house, with Maria there, and ask for the key. Going by his work was equally problematic. She’d have to go in and ask for Carlos by name to help her. Lots of people there knew Maria and she’d be a sight in the collar. Couldn’t take the risk.

And Scott. Who sat next to her in her 9 AM class on Mondays. His nuts would explode, right there in class, when he saw the collar. There didn’t seem to be anything she could do to avoid it. She really didn’t need to do that to him; it was enough for her that she had dumped him – again – and flaunted the body he once had free access to in their classes. He deserved huge truckloads of shit but he didn’t deserve this. 

She caught herself; he certainly deserved what he got for leaving her naked and chained out in Fernando Rocks Park, but in pretty much everything else he had been good to her. He certainly had figured out where all her buttons were and enjoyed pushing them in the past to her orgasmic delight. And even though she had told him to take all those naked and bound pictures of her and please choke himself to death with them, he hadn’t done a thing, as near as she could tell, with a single one of them to hurt her. Even when she had come to class in short skirts and tight tops with visible hickeys on her neck that Carlos had given her the weekend before. 

Besides, she had better be careful. If Maria had woken up to Carlos like she had said on the bed a few hours ago, Scott might be all she had left at the moment. And he did know how to wonderfully overload all her circuits; he had proved that plenty of times. There might now be a need for some of his services if he could be controlled properly. 

And what if Maria had turned her page early and was now interested in making her and Carlos work? If that had happened Gina would be gone. Even if Carlos loved her and not Maria, Carlos deserved better. 

Samuel deserved better, deserved his mommy and daddy together and loving each other. There had been a few weekends where Samuel had stayed with Carlos and Gina found she liked him and he liked her. He brought out the mommy in her that she hadn’t known she had. A wonderful, adventurous little explorer so in awe of his world. They had gone to remote little parks with him and even to the metro zoo once. He was incredibly sweet, absolute pure sugar, and the best thing for him was having his mommy and daddy together. 

No matter what that meant for her, dammit. She finished the third chocolate milk in one straight shot. 


The fifty-minute class went by at a crawl. Scott was just so fidgety and truth be known the thought that Scott would be all over her body soon was making it hard for her to concentrate as well. Too many times she had been in his hands and things had been wild, crazy, and gut-wrenchingly sexual, which was what she so wanted right now. Deserved right now. The gut-wrenching exhibitionist public sex in private sort of scene that always sent her off like a roman candle. 

The bell rang. He looked over at her. "You still want to?" 

She nodded yes. Oh yes, she was looking forward to it. “Just this once,” she confirmed.

"Ok,” he told her. "Meet me just inside the door to Acron Hall. I want to go up to the seventh-floor landing."

She shivered, and it ran right through her clit. They had spent lots of time there, some of it with her tied up, and she had plenty of good memories of being there with him. "Got it. See you there. But I've got class at 12."

He nodded and was gone.


As Gina settled into the sofa just inside the door to Acron Hall she wondered, as she had all the way over here, just what in the hell was she doing? The collar felt both heavy and sexy on her neck, the few looks she had gotten as she traveled here had not been a problem, and now she was sitting here waiting for what that little voice in the back of her mind was proclaiming loudly to be a huge mistake.

It was, she was sure of that. Her head said to run, to not be here when Scott got here, to not go up those stairs where she had been so many times before to where he had taken her to many muffled-screaming orgasms. That was the problem. Her head said to run. Her heart, and especially parts of her below her heart, still sore from Saturday, had her toes as if they were nailed to the carpeting.

It wasn’t as if it mattered. She hadn’t heard from Carlos but it would have been really hard and risky with Maria around anyways. Perhaps Maria had started working on her relationship with Carlos. She hadn't heard from him since but, honestly, she didn't want to hear more proof that Maria had come to her senses, which would mean Gina and Carlos were over. Done like a bolt of lightning, as if someone had suddenly died in a car crash. Carlos would go back to her and if he didn't, Gina knew no matter how much it'd hurt, she'd drop-kick him into it. 

And hell, after almost a year and a half Scott knew his way around her body. Had brought her to dozens, maybe hundreds of thundering climaxes. And it was just this once. She wasn't falling back into his web. Her heart would not become his prisoner again. Even though it almost overwhelmingly would never become real, she had a better choice in Carlos.

Did she?

Scott coming in the door thankfully stopped her from having to consider the question. He shifted his backpack and nodded to her. Gina stood up and shouldered her own as they moved off toward the stairwell where they had spent so much time in the past.

The building had five floors of offices, classes and such. The stairwell led to two more stories above them for the air conditioning, storage and other mechanical works. Up on the seventh-floor landing, at the top of the stairwell, they could have relative privacy but still have enough chance of discovery to trigger the risk-taker in her. But enough time that if someone actually did start up those last two flights of stairs, by the time they got there nothing would be amiss. 

She had spent plenty of time there, and experienced many orgasms, sometimes helplessly handcuffed to things. When they were dating - always with the handcuff key in her hand. During the blackmail phase of their relationship, of course - no key. Yet almost every time shaking and stifled screaming orgasms. A sort of muscle memory came into play as she came around the corner to see the 7th floor landing. She remembered all the good times she had had, that Scott had given her, right here and her toes curled.

The air was still, warm, and a little stale as it always was up here. The warmth was handy when one was about to be naked. She sat on the top landing as normal. The floor felt a little cold but it always did; she'd be able to ignore that. There was no noise but a slight hum from the machinery on the other side of the walls. 

Scott dropped his backpack on the concrete floor beside hers. He looked over at her, devouring her, breasts almost popping out of her top, legs sticking long out of her short skirt. Gina felt he was envisioning the feast he was about to have. 

"Take off your top, if you would," he asked. 

She thought about it for a second and then complied. She could have argued but had to admit that, once she was tied by her collar, it would just be in the way. Besides, she wanted him to be as motivated as possible. He smiled as her large breasts came into view as her top was removed and tossed on top of her backpack. He took off his shirt as well.

He dug into his backpack and came out with... chain and two small locks. He presented it to her. They both knew she had specified rope, they both knew as she looked at the sturdy jack chain, easily strong enough to hold her, and the two small open key locks, what he was saying. It made her pussy tingle. It made the risk-taker part of her explode. She shook her head as she felt her body react. Even after all this time he could still play her like a piano.

"Are you serious about this?" the chain asked. Rope wasn't real. Rope, since her hands were not to be tied up, she wasn't really fastened to the wall. She could untie herself any time she wanted. The chain and the locks were different. If she were locked to the wall with that she was locked to the wall. No getting out. Stuck. Real.

It wasn’t the same chain he had used to lock her ankle in the park so long ago. Completely different. If he had pulled out that chain, and he probably knew it, she would have gotten up and walked away.

She knew she could complain, insist on the rope and he would put the chain away and pull out rope and use it. But it was a challenge to her. Was this for real or just a game?

Scott must have known how she'd respond. They had played lots of games. Real ones. She reached up and closed both locks, then looked him square in the eyes. 

"If you can open the locks you can use them." 

OK, she'd let him chain her, really chain her to the wall, game on! But he sure as hell better have the key with him.

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a key and a second later both locks were again open. She smiled and then tilted her chin up to look at the ceiling, exposing the shiny chrome collar around her neck to him.

One lock went through the circlet on the collar and the end of the chain. He pushed the circlet up to the side of her neck and then wrapped the far end of the chain around a railing support at the center of the far end of the platform. About six, maybe eight feet of chain. She could go anywhere she wanted on the 7th floor platform but no further. A few seconds later she heard the second lock snap shut and she was committed. Locked by the neck at the top of a public stairwell. In only a skirt and panties and her sandals, breasts already free, nipples already hard in the warm air.

With a smile he reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. She lifted her hips to allow this. They were placed with her blouse. Sandals came off and were similarly gone, then finally her skirt. She was now naked and chained. Then both bags and all of her clothes were moved to the mid-floor landing between the 6th and 7th floors. In sight but out of her reach. Out of her control. And then Scott walked back up to where she waited.

She contemplated ordering him to go get her a soda. It was a variation on the game they played up here. Scott, with one glaring exception, generally never left her alone. He might go out of sight but he’d still be close enough to keep her safe, including here. But sometimes, when they were dating, she would have him go get her a soda. 

The closest place to get a soda was the cafeteria down on the ground floor. To get it, he’d have to go all the way back down to there and then exit the stairwell for the ten minutes or more it took, depending on how busy the cafeteria was, for him to get the soda. With Gina just how he left her, normally naked, no access to her clothes, and handcuffed to something if not even more tied. He’d be completely out of touch with her and she’d be absolutely alone. It was only for a brief time but someone could find her and do anything they wanted with her. It always added spice to what happened when he finally returned. 

Why not, she thought. 

“Go get me a soda,” Gina demanded as Scott finished climbing the stairs back to her.

“Really?” was all Scott could say. “Really?”

Gina looked back at him solidly. 

“Honestly and truly. You know as well as I do that I’m not going anywhere now and we’ve got the time. My hands and feet are perfectly free and nobody is doing anything to me I don’t want them to. Including you until you get me a soda.”

He looked at her naked body and shrugged and snorted and turned to walk downstairs. She lay back on the concrete to wait. What was she thinking, she thought? Get this over with. You’ve been waiting for that orgasm Maria denied you for three days now. Scott will give it to you. Go get it!

She shrugged. She wanted to. Just one more little thank you for leaving her tied up and helpless out in the park that day. He’d be getting all of her that he wanted in a few minutes. She had told him he could do anything he wanted and she had meant that. He was definitely going to get his and she’d be happy to get hers.

Her hands found their way between her legs. But it still wasn’t that good, not as good as the real thing that she was on the verge of getting. That she would have been getting at this very moment if she hadn’t thrown a wrench in it. She stopped and waited. It wasn’t long, he returned and she enjoyed her drink. Then she lay back, legs spread wide. 

“Come and get it. I promised you anything and you know what that means. No permanent marks, other than that you have all the fun you want. Just know that if I don’t have a screaming orgasm, I’m going to hunt you down and stab you.” Scott got the message and understood the threat to just be a joke. At least he hoped it was a joke but wasn’t completely sure. Gina wasn’t either.

Gina didn’t know it but Scott had had a long time to plan her destruction. He took off his clothes and his erection was magnificent in Gina’s eyes. He started by French kissing her, which always got her wet and antsy and begging him to shove his cock in her. He didn’t, he just kept her underneath him and stretched to the end of the chain so she couldn’t move to thrust what she so desperately wanted inside her. It was right there; she could feel it flopping around her pubic hair and crotch. Hard, solid. She had felt it inside her so many times she didn’t bother trying to count. What was he waiting for? He kept kissing her until she was almost frantic. He had done it in the past; he could drive her crazy by just kissing her; he wouldn’t stop and she was helpless, enjoying it too much to cut him off.

He told her he wanted to play the kissing game with her. He’d get a grip on both of her nipples and then kiss her and slowly pull away from her underneath him. If she didn’t kiss him so very deep, thrust her tongue deep into the back of his mouth he’d pinch her nipples harder, as time went by, to motivate her until she kissed him like that. And he’d do this with her, normally with her tied hand and foot, and slowly pull away from her. 

She’d have to crane her head up to keep kissing him and avoid the torment but she couldn’t do that forever. Her neck muscles would tire and she’d fall back and he’d use that as an excuse to crush her nipples until the pain drove her up to kiss him deeply again. And the cycle would continue in ever-shortening loops until her neck gave out and all she could do was lay there while he crushed her nipples.

They had agreed that her hands were not to be tied, so he just told her to put her hands under her bottom, with the understanding that he would use the leather cuffs he had in the bag to hold her hands behind her back, if she couldn’t keep them there. At least, Gina thought, he was normally sunk fully into her when he did that so he could enjoy the struggling she did and Gina was really looking forward to feeling him inside her. Even though it meant he was going to hurt her, Gina was turned on enough by then that she was okay with that. 

With all the shit and teasing she had done to him since she met Carlos, a little part of her admitted she had that payback coming. She told him to put the leather cuffs on her now, despite what she said earlier, and just while he was doing the kissing game with her. If that was what was happening, there was no way she’d voluntarily not fight back hard as things progressed and he started pinching her nipples. After all, she had said he could do anything.

He got the cuffs and she sat up and held her wrists behind her as he strapped them onto her, locked tight, not escaping. She told him it was ok for now but if they didn’t come off as soon as they were done with the game, he’d pay for it dearly. He just smiled. He often, normally put on a condom but hadn’t this time. Gina had been on birth control forever for medical reasons and they both knew it, so it didn’t matter.

“Gina Arthur” he told her as she lay back and he knelt between her open legs, “you are the hottest woman on the face of the earth!”

“Yup! You betcha!” She retorted. She was going to say something more but he suddenly plunged into her hard and slid all the way up her soaking wet silky expanse to the top. She shook hard and gave a yell that he managed to cover with his hand. And then he grabbed a nipple in each hand and leaned back down to kiss her again.

It went as expected. She kissed him as deeply as she could while he kept her nipples gently pinched between her fingers, kept the threat alive and immediate. From time to time he stroked in and out of her which felt so good. And then he started pulling away, giving her a warning tweak to follow him, easily braced up on his elbows. She followed him up. It took about four minutes for her neck to give out and she fell back and he immediately crushed both nipples. With a cry she lunged back up even though her neck muscles hurt to kiss him again and the pain ceased. Until her neck muscles gave out again, and she fell back and he pinched her. Each time up, shorter and shorter, the cruel cycle continued. Sometimes she’d just lay there writhing and enduring the pain in her nipples to give her neck a chance to rest.

Until one time her neck muscles gave out and she knew she wasn’t coming back up. She just tossed and shook in the pain, pulling uselessly at her wrists behind her and moaning. Scott would normally continue to hurt her for a few minutes until he saw that she truly couldn’t lift her neck again and then he’d quit. 

He didn’t take as long as he normally did. He let her chest go and as normal he commenced to slowly alternate, gently sucking on and licking her breasts and brushing her hair with his hands until she was over it and no longer wanted to do him severe physical damage. It was just a game. She had gone about twenty minutes before she had lost; she had done well.

He helped her sit up and disconnected the leather cuffs from each other. He started to take the left one off but Gina told him to stop, to wait. As long as they weren’t hooked together or to anything they were meaningless and she didn’t want to spend the time right now to take them off. To herself she admitted she liked the change in Scott when they went on. 

He started pumping her; slow, strong, steady. The constant waves to her clit made her moan and her toes curl up and he kept going. He whispered that they had forty minutes left and he wasn’t going to let her cum until 35 of them had passed. She was so lost in the feelings that she barely managed to whisper out that she’d kill him if he did that. They both knew she was joking and they both knew that this was exactly what he was going to do.

After twenty minutes and the fourth time Scott had gotten her right on the edge of the ripping orgasm she was starting to insanely crave, she told Scott to give her the damn orgasm or fasten her wrist cuffs to the chain or someone was going to get hurt. She had promised him he could do anything and she wasn’t entirely sure that with her hands free she could guarantee his safety if this went on. So once the wrist cuffs were safely fastened to her collar he resumed driving her crazy. 

Which he did - three more times. She tried to hide it and get him to accidentally drive her over her edge but he still knew her too well and never did. He just left her swearing and begging and clutching with hands fastened uselessly to the metal collar around her neck.

And then he brought her over. She screamed into a hand clamped tightly over her mouth and thrust straight up, lifting him up with her. He stayed fully inside her, blessedly still as wave after wave after wave washed over her hyperventilating body. Deep breaths of air as quietly as she could manage.

Finally they all receded enough for her to remember she was on the 7th floor landing and she nodded to him that it was his turn. Even for her and Scott this one was spectacular. This was somewhere she could probably not get to with Carlos for a long time, maybe never, and she did miss it.

He didn’t take long after all of that either and she got the pleasure of hearing him groan and pump spurts deep into her. He just lay on top of her for a few minutes, panting and then he too came back to where he was and he climbed off of her and began fumbling with the leather cuffs to remove them.

He brought her clothes and backpack back to her and she slowly got them on but there was a problem. 

“Scott, you’ve wrecked me,” she complained. 

“I’m so worn out, I’ll fall asleep in class for sure. I don’t even feel safe driving home. You can’t come in or stay but would you just drive me home so I get there safe?” 

He assured her he would and helped her wobble down the stairs to the fifth floor and then to the elevator and then to her car and drove her home. Once there he made sure she got in the door and left. Gina thought he probably took a bus back to campus; he had done that in the past in similar situations. She just fell onto her bed and was gone until morning.


After class on Thursday she couldn’t take the collar any more. As she parked her car at Carlos’ shop she was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. There was no need to draw more attention to herself than the collar itself would. This was a horrible risk but Gina was desperate to get the collar off. Maybe once it was off she’d use a hammer to pound it into a very small lump of metal. If Carlos didn’t have the keys with him, they could arrange for him to leave the keys somewhere, perhaps here, that she could retrieve after hours tomorrow. 

He sometimes, although rarely and infrequently, texted her, but she hadn’t heard a thing from him since Saturday. If Maria had finally come back to him and he and Gina were over, she might as well find out now. She’d never been one to run and hide from things. 

She walked into the waiting room. Randy was there and his face showed he remembered her from her visit here a few months ago. Randy hid the double-take like a lot of people did at the sight of the collar. 

“Welcome back! How can we help you?”

“My a/c isn’t blowing very hard anymore.” It was perfectly true. “I don’t have an appointment but could Carlos take a quick look at it and tell me if I need to bring it in for service? He did such a great job last time.”

“Sure. Hang on.” Randy disappeared into the work bay and returned after a minute with Carlos. The sight of him still gave her heart a flutter. He broke into a big smile at her. 

“Good morning, Miss Arthur, is it?” 

Gina nodded. Good acting on his part. 

“Randy tells me you’re having a problem with your air conditioner. Can we go look at it?”

Gina led him out to her car, Carlos following a short distance behind her to make it look normal. Gina hoped he was enjoying the view. She wondered if he was someone in her life or someone who used to be in her life and wished she knew. Once they made it to her car they could talk freely. 

“How are you doing?” Carlos asked. He shook his head with regret. 

“I found the keys in my pocket when we were out at dinner.” He made a slight movement and the collar keys landed and lay still in the middle of the passenger seat. She sighed inwardly. The collar would be off as soon as she was out of sight of the shop.

“Just don’t ask,” she replied with exasperation. 

“Saturday hurt. I understand you had to do what you did but it didn’t make it hurt any less.” She looked up at him, saw the look on his face. She could see he had been expecting that. 

“Just, just give me a week or two and it will be fine.” She took a deep breath. 

“But Maria… are we over?”

He gave a little laugh and shook his head as he reached underneath the passenger side dashboard and began working with something. 

“I don’t think so. Well, no. We did something again on Monday night but when I asked her again last night, it was back to the same run-around she always gives me.”

“You see,” he continued, “it happens this way. Every once in a long while she wants to do things with me and I start to hope, but a few days later we’re back to no and then she’s off to give Samuel ‘Grandma time’ and go to her parties the next time one is held that she wants to go to.”

He continued sadly, “I mean, anything can happen but this is just what has happened for the last three years and,” he shook his head, “I don’t think this time is any different.” 

He emerged from under the dashboard with a rectangle of black plastic with corrugated white material inside the frame. One side of it was horribly dirty and coated with lint. 

“Yup, just as I suspected. Be right back.”

As she watched he walked back to the stalls with the air filter. He grabbed an air hose from the wall between two of the stalls and stepped back outside. For a second, the air filter gave an impressive cloud of dirt and dust as Carlos blew it clean, running it for about thirty seconds to get it all cleared. He came back to Gina’s car and leaned in the passenger seat floorboard to begin re-installing the filter. 

He looked up at her. “If Maria were to go out to a party and I were to call, would you…” he began hopefully, worried.

Gina sighed, “We’ll see. Probably.” After a second, “Yes. I would. Understand that I’m a little crispy around the edges right now but of course I would.” 

Carlos smiled, visibly relieved, grateful for her support and not her anger. “Thank you. I’ll let you know as soon as I know one way or the other. And I am very, very sorry about leaving you stuck in the collar until now. Very, very sorry.”

“Well, thankfully that’s over,” she confirmed. 

Finished with his work he straightened up, “Try it now.” 

Gina did. It worked perfectly.

“No charge,” he offered with a smile. “See you soon.”

“Yes,” she agreed. 

“See you soon.” Then after a pause as he turned to leave, “Miss you!” 

Carlos turned to briefly smile and then kept walking. 

Any other time, Gina wondered, her words would have been, and had been, “Love you!” 

As she put the car into gear and drove away, she wondered just what that meant.


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