In the Grass

by Zephyr

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; rope; gag; stretch; oral; nipple; clamps; pain; toys; predicament; tease; fantasy; rom; cons; XX

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Part 4

Carlos had called, apologizing, but a car needed to be finished and he wouldn't be able to be there before about nine. Carlos thought Gina was surprisingly undisturbed by that; assuring him it would be no problem. She'd just make a sandwich to hold her over and be waiting for him by the door.

Carlos finally pulled up to Gina's house just before nine. He wasn’t at all dressed for the evening he was hoping to have with her and he'd need to take a shower first. He smiled and wondered how he was going to get her in there with him. Which led to wondering what he would find when he finally found Gina. She had been steadily leading him, encouraging him to be more forceful, more dominant with her. Sure, he could do that, any guy with an active EEG could, and although it wasn't him, for Gina he would. To be honest he was starting to like it.

She had hinted when they had talked earlier that her nipples were feeling especially neglected since their last time together. He was sure he could resolve that problem for her, happily.

He closed the door to his truck and walked up to her front door. Okay, if she wanted forceful, this weekend she would get forceful. He could have fun with her which seemed to be her wish. The front porch light was out and the security light didn’t come on leaving the front door area dark in the deepening night but whatever. He walked up to the door and raised his hand to knock on it but jumped as he heard a noise off to his right in the dim light.

It was Gina. Naked as he had ever seen her, stretched out wide on the empty metal rose trellis on the wall to the right of the front door.

She looked okay, she wasn't sweaty and didn't appear to be in distress from anything other than her position. He had never really paid attention to the trellis before, it was made of rebar welded into one-foot squares, about five feet wide and went up to the eaves of the house, mounted firmly about three or four inches from the garage wall.

Gina was naked except for her necklace, high heels, her red ball-gag in her mouth and suspension cuffs holding her wrists tightly up and out away from her. A cable locked her wrists to the trellis and rope bound each ankle to the grid about four feet apart. She had on 3-inch high heels and was standing on a pair of bricks to give her stability. She was stretched tight but not too tightly, the heels of her feet were firmly in her shoes, or if they were out them it was just barely.

The bricks and the heels raised her up to the proper height, he knew he could take her sexually right where she was with no elevation issues and that was her intent. She was writhing gently, due to one of her vibrators that was deep, fully in her vagina where he could hear the buzz from the gentle vibrations that would keep her horny but not let her come. It was held inside her by an extender stick pressed into the ground underneath her.

The trellis was hidden from the street by a hedge that was about four foot square and located at the street side of the garage wall completely blocking the view of the trellis and her from the street. Actually, Carlos thought, this would work. The house's master bedroom extended out on the other side forming a walkway about eight or ten feet wide and about ten or twelve feet long ending in the house's front door. Where she had hung herself she was completely hidden from the street and could not be seen unless one was walking up to the front door.

"You okay?" he asked her. Mmphs yes, and a nodding head was his response. "Want me to get you down?" All that came back from that was a shrug.

Okay, she wanted me to be more dominant, Carlos thought, here it comes. Hope you like it when it's done. He undid the snap on her ball gag and pulled it out.

"You don't have to let me go..." she started.

"Quiet!" he cut her off, "I'm not."

She was taken aback briefly but did as he commanded. He left his shirt on the front doorstep then pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply, enjoying himself and the feeling of her breasts and erect nipples on his skin. She responded, joining him in it. His hands eventually got around to groping and squeezing breasts, then tweaking nipples to various sounds of arousal and enjoyment from Gina. He even pinched her nipples once or twice generating indignant squeaks between kisses. But her breathing was getting heavier and there was now a red flush on her chest. He knew he was doing the right things.

Gina's head was spinning but other parts of her were on fire. She never knew what would happen when she set herself up for Carlos. Most of the setups she did, she genuinely did not have a way out of and was truly helpless until Carlos released her. This time was no exception.

She was pleased that Carlos was taking control and even though her shoulders and wrists hurt she felt the incredible rush of the situation; like jumping off a high dive, while the water rushes up to meet you. And knowing she was a tourist on this ride and really, really looking forward to the splash when she hit the water. Every bit of her felt alive, especially her breasts right now. She mildly wondered what the next half-hour or so held, until he was done with her (she sure was expecting one thing) and was content to ride it to its destination.

He reached down to run his hands into her crotch, found the vibrator there and backed away long enough to pull it out of her and set it off to the side. Then his pants and undershorts came down and he positioned himself to push into her. She closed her eyes, preparing for the beautiful feeling, but it wasn't coming. Instead he leaned down and pulled off her high heels. Protesting quietly she instantly lost contact with the ground except for scrabbling toenails and even that went away with the removal of the bricks, She hadn't thought of that, hadn't planned for that, the heels and the bricks were to get her to the proper height for getting screwed, but there was nothing she could do. She gave up trying to touch the ground, it wasn't going to happen. The pain in her wrists and shoulders was worse but there was nothing for it and in the mindset he appeared to be in, it was probably dangerous to complain. But she felt the fire in her crotch burn even hotter and ache for what moments ago she had been about to get and hoped she shortly would.

He did not disappoint. He resumed his former position, and once the tip of his cock was nestled into a very wet tunnel he shoved up into her so hard she gave an "oof" of surprise.

"None of that or I'll put the gag back in," he warned her through regular strokes.

She mangled a "yessir," and he smiled as he continued thrusting in and out of her.

He pressed hard against her as he plunged in and out, trying to minimize how far out he was extended. He kept his eyes locked on hers the whole time. It put a wonderful compression on Gina's breasts that was adding to her enjoyment. She started to be able to feel her orgasm coming and was delighted at the situation. Based on what was happening here her drive to open his horizons to kinkier plans seemed to be going well. She began to idly wonder with a little free part of her mind where they'd be going to dinner.

She felt like she was within a minute of coming and then they heard voices from the street. Teenage girls from the sound of it, maybe two or three, on their side of the street. They both froze solid as the tittering voices walked by and off into the distance. Carlos observed the mild panic in Gina's eyes yet knew she was safe no matter what. He would guarantee that.

The voices faded in the distance. With an exhale of the breath they both had been holding he started back up and Gina quickly began to regain ground. She felt really good, the gentle shaking that signaled it would only be a minute or two.

Butt not fast enough. She was close when she felt him tense up and thrust hard inside of her, felt him spasming several times as he came with a moan of pleasure. He just held still while the feelings washed over him.

Gina was happy for him and happy that she had given him that gift but a little disgruntled that she hadn't gotten to hers first. Like other things right now while she was hanging from the wall it wasn't up to her. She was comfortable that she could get hers, later on tonight.

After a minute or two to recover he eased away from her and closed up his pants. She was a little disappointed as her own glow faded but was philosophical about it. Overall the plan had been an overwhelming success. He reached down and put the bricks back under her feet and then helped her back into her heels, it felt nice to have the pressure off her arms. But then things went completely off script.

He grabbed the ball gag and held it against her mouth. "Open up!"

"Wait, why are you doing this? Aren't you going to let me go?"

"Nope. Not yet."

"Why not?!"

He shrugged. "Don't want to. You look good there, I might leave you there for a while and admire you. Now open up."

"Carlos, no! We're done! I felt you come. Let me down and let's go to dinner."

He just looked at her, almost a glare, and held the ball against her mouth, which she adamantly refused to open.

After a couple of seconds of fruitless waiting he sighed. They had talked about such things once while they were lying in bed. They were discussing the kinky things she liked and he had asked: If he wanted to put a ball gag in her mouth and she didn't, what did he do then? She had pointed out that there was always the standard pinch her nose shut and sooner or later she'd have to open her mouth. But even then she might not open it wide enough to get the ball in.

She had recommended something different: Pinching her nipples. This assumed she was tied up and unable to prevent it, and she had said to just grab her nipples at first to let her know what was coming. Then if she didn’t comply over time, pinch harder and harder until she gave in. It might be an idea to keep doing it a bit longer to teach her a lesson. He wasn't thrilled about hurting her but he understood.

So with one hand still pushing the ball gag against her closed mouth, the other hand grabbed her nipple, gently but firmly.

Gina remembered the conversation at that point and regretted giving him that advice. It wasn't like she could scream or yell or even make a sound while she was tied naked outside her front door. It didn't hurt yet, but it would. How long could she take it?

After a minute he let the ball gag drop around her neck and grabbed her other nipple with the now-free hand. He did slowly increase the pressure until it was really hurting. With the knowledge that he could hold her in this pain all weekend if he wanted. When she felt herself curling her toes to help fight off the pain she suddenly nodded and opened her mouth fully. He popped the ball in immediately and fortunately did not take her advice about teaching her lessons. It was a good thing he was so fast: she couldn’t help but squeal as the blood flow returned to her nipples and the ball gag muffled it.

He fastened the straps back down and the ball gag was in place. She wished she had the presence of mind to ask him how long he was going to leave her up here, but it was too late now. He backed up a step, inspecting his work and finding it satisfactory.

He leaned in, gave her a long kiss on her neck, then pulled back. "I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go take a shower and clean up then I'll come back and check on you."

She "mmmph"d a bit with no effect. It was pretty well dark now so as long as nobody came to the door she was safe. She just had to trust Carlos beyond that. As he walked in the door she was bothered by his words. He didn't say come back and let her go, he said come back and check on her, which meant he might not let her go even then. What was he thinking? But she knew she was locked tight. She had done it herself and he was inside the house and gone now. There was nothing to do but wait.

He came back twenty minutes later, hair wet and clean, freshly washed. He pulled out the ball gag. "How'ya doing, sweetheart?"

It was hard for Gina to talk. "Really thirsty. Gotta pee. Please let me go."

He looked at her for a second critically and then her heart sank as he disappeared back inside her house. He was back a few moments later with a large soda cup he had pulled out of the trash and a water bottle. She groaned but there was still nothing for it.

"Which one first?"

She asked to pee, and also to be let go again, but he simply told her that if she asked again he'd put the gag back in and that would be that. She swallowed hard at that, and he put the cup in the proper place and she filled it up about three-quarters. He disappeared back into the house again and returned without the cup but took the water bottle and pressed it to her lips. She drank eagerly and thankfully.

When she had enough she pulled away from it and he re-capped it.

"Thank you, sir," she began, very respectfully. "May I ask what your plans are as to how long I am to be here?"

He smiled. Technically she was asking about getting down but proposed like that he couldn't do anything negative to her for it. Besides, she was tied up tight and stuck. It didn't matter what he said.

"I actually hadn't decided." She flinched a little, not the answer she was hoping to hear. Seeing the look on her face he quickly added, "No longer than tomorrow morning, I promise you." The answer did not encourage her.

Carlos studied her unhappy response to his words. They had also discussed the concept of a safeword. If she used hers he'd let her go immediately but either she didn't remember or wasn't really that upset by the situation. But without a clear command to stop she was blessing him to keep going so he did.

He grabbed the ball gag from around her neck. She looked like she wanted to say something but held her words. When he presented the ball gag she obediently opened her mouth and he slid it back in.

With the gag fastened and her silenced he started with his next surprise. Out of his pocket came two clover clamps she recognized from her toy bag. She groaned but there was nothing she could do as he licked and sucked on each nipple until they were standing proudly and she could only grunt as he attached a clamp to each. He took his belt off and ran it around her just below the bustline, holding her there tightly to the trellis. She didn't understand that but began to see as he withdrew two very long cords, almost ropes from his pocket and two rather long springs she recognized as being from an old chair in the garage.

She winced as the cords were tied to the ends of the clover clamps. He measured the cords with the springs, intending to fasten them to obliging spots on the window frame to the master bedroom in front of her. She shivered and started to shake her head no, he was tying the cord too close to her, the springs were going to be way too tight and she shuddered at how that would stretch her poor helpless nipples. He finished, looked up at her for a second then without taking his eyes off hers attached them to the window frame. With her chest held in place by the belt her breasts were stretched horribly. She shook her head and moaned in pain but she couldn't stop it and he wasn't about to. He watched her writhe for a few moments, enjoying the scene, until she got used to it. He took the vibrator from where it lay in the ground and put it back inside her and switched it on. He looked at it for a moment, told her he had an idea, and disappeared inside the house leaving her in her predicament.

The five minutes he was gone seemed like forever. At first Gina's breasts throbbed and her nipples felt like someone was playing with them with sharp needles but as time passed she adapted. It hurt, more than a little, but not mind-numbing like at first. When she moved at all, even to breathe it tugged on the clamps and started hurting all over again but as long as she stayed still it was manageable. The vibrator was now set a bit higher than she would prefer and her occasional waves of shivering from it didn't help at all. Every once in a while she squirmed as she was building to an orgasm but even that little bit was tortuous on her stretched breasts. An orgasm would be brutal. Yeah, this was way more than she expected, but how tough was she, she wondered. she channeled her pain into resolution to stand anything Carlos threw at her, whatever he was up to now. She could handle it.



He came back with a little more string, two pieces of cardboard maybe six inches square and her floor fan from the den. She watched with interest as he poked a hole into the top center of each piece of cardboard then ran one of the strings through each and... tied each string to the ones running from her overstretched and rapidly growing very painful breasts and the far wall. He set the fan out of sight of the street but where it could blow on the cardboard. He didn't want her to get too bored. The fan and the cardboard would keep the lines on her breasts jiggling which was what he wanted. He thought about setting the side-to-side action of the fan but decided against it. It would be hard enough as it was for Gina. Vibrating the ropes every ten seconds would be like dripping water torture, waiting for the next time the fan hit the cardboards and that was too far for him. He turned the fan on, watched the cardboard blow in the breeze it created, bouncing the lines, then with a quick kiss on her cheek and a "have fun until morning" went back inside and locked the door.

Gina didn't know what to believe as he walked back into her house and left her there. Yeah, she wanted him to get more aggressive, but this was... well...

She had been in long-term bondage before. She couldn't count how many times Scott had tied her spread-eagle and naked on the bed. She would wake up in the middle of the night to being completely naked, stretched out and helpless, while Scott was climbing on top of her to fuck her. And once he was done he’d roll off of her and go back to sleep without letting her go. But her wrists and shoulders hurt and she couldn’t believe her breasts. She wouldn't have thought they could stretch out so far and the fan blowing on the cardboard meant it never got still, never got quiet so she could get used to the pain. She'd be feeling the needles and the fire in her nipples and breasts all night and really doubted she would get any sleep.

And that damn vibrator was in her pussy. And she was building to an orgasm. And she wouldn't be able to hold still, so as she shook her breasts would about to take another beating. She closed her eyes as she felt her orgasm flow over her like a huge ocean wave and wash her away.

It finally subsided. Too much pain in her breasts now, she wouldn’t be orgasming again. Just another element of the torment that would deny her some wanted sleep. Damn it hurt! Why didn't she safeword? Too late now, for sure, Carlos was nowhere around to signal. She closed her eyes. It was pretty dark and there was no point in keeping them open. She had been left in bondage but never something that hurt so bad like this. She shook her head. She'd put herself here! At least he had put her shoes back on and she wasn't hanging from her wrists.

Her mind floated away. She was on a warm, sunny beach where all of the pain of her situation was hidden. It was out there, somewhere, but not here and now any longer. She stretched out on the sand and enjoyed the sun on her skin. It was kind of weird, even though she was laying on her back on a blanket her wrists and shoulders hurt for no reason, like she was being stretched, but all they were was on the blanket above her head. And her breasts! They felt like they were stretched five feet up into the air but she could see them through her sunglasses, sitting there tucked inside her bikini top. Weird. But it was warm, she was comfortable, she could stay like this for a few hours, roll over when it was time to tan on her back, yeah, this was ok...

A car went by on the street and drug her back to what was real. Her wrists and shoulders were aching a little, but her breasts were screaming. The fan never let them rest, it wasn't a lot of vibrations but they weren't still. They were stretched horribly far, painful, and constantly in motion. And there was nothing she could do about it but hang on the wall and suffer. And hurt. No way to call for help. No one but Carlos knew she was here and he had likely gone to sleep. No way out. No way to avoid it.

It stretched on forever, the pain. She slipped back out of place, but this time it wasn't a warm beach, it was a cold and scary dungeon, stale air, torches burning on the walls, all sorts of horrible equipment around her. She was scared, terrified, stretched out on a rack while the torturer worked across the room, cruel clamps on her breasts, nothing supporting her but her horribly stretched, painfully screaming breasts and her wrists and ankles in the ends of the rack stretching her tightly. How did she get here?

She remembered. She was a peasant girl, a farmer with her father and mother, barely scratching out an existence after what the king took in tribute just like everyone else. She had been in town to pick up food they needed and had stopped to see Matthew, the cute son of the blacksmith. He liked her, it was plain from his eyes, and she would be happy to be his wife and bear him strong children. She had pulled her top down far, exposing much of her large breasts and chatted with him for a while as the muscled, sweaty man worked at his forge. He had joked that she had better get home or he might just forge a set of manacles and keep her here. She had smiled and told him there were more traditional ways of keeping her around but once that was done if he wanted to play around with irons, well, a good wife should please her husband. She laughed and was on her way.

Halfway home the prince was returning with a hunting party. Her top was still quite far down. She hadn't had the privacy to fix it back up properly and was going to do that as soon as she got home but the prince had seen her. The prince was... Carlos, that was his name. He had called to her, a fire in his eyes that she knew she didn't want to answer. A fire that would take her to the castle, and take things from her that she was saving for marriage, saving for Matthew. He wouldn't possibly be interested in a peasant girl, his father would never permit it, but she had heard stories of other girls in the village who he had taken off to the castle. All of them had lost their virginity if they possessed it. Most of them came back with stories of sex but not love at all, used for his pleasure and once it was gained, they were discarded. A few came back with gifts. A few never came back at all. So she dropped her load and ran into the forest. They pursued her a little but happily soon gave up and were gone.

When she returned to the road her food bag was gone. She hurried home to find castle guardsmen there. She ran into the house to find her mother crying by the fireplace, her father with a bruise over his eye and one arm bleeding slightly, his other arm holding a poker which was poor defense against the soldier's swords. She screamed and ran to him. "Father, no, no, do not fight. I will go with them peacefully."

"But they will... You will..."

"Nothing can stop that now father. But if we fight we can lose the house or the crops or..." she shuddered. "you." She grabbed his hand, took the poker and put it down. "I need you here to come back to. Mother needs you now even more than ever. You teach me that God will protect me and He will. Be here for me when I come home!" He relented and she left with the soldiers with no further damage done.

They tied her hands in front of her and then tied them to her waist. They put her on the sergeant's horse and he mounted up behind her. He took full liberties with her breasts as they rode to the castle. Instead of taking her to the prince they took her to the dungeon and told the torturer that she had fled and embarrassed the prince. He would call for her after dinner and that she was to be convinced to be properly respectful and fully pleasing when she next saw the prince.

The torturer had dragged her to the center of the room, fastened her wrists wide apart over her head in manacles hanging from the ceiling. He then cut her clothes off and threw the scraps into the fire and her precious clothes were gone. He had then dragged her to the rack, locking in her wrists and ankles in and stretching her out until she screamed in pain. Then he had put clamps on her breasts and stretched them out above her, a pain she had never imagined. Worst then he had pulled the boards out from under her, leaving her not only stretched but cruelly suspended by her aching breasts. And here she was, naked, helpless, about to be deflowered against her will. And her breasts hurt and hurt and hurt. She couldn't even twist away from it.

But as time passed and the pain grew she knew she would do anything the prince wanted as soon as she could, desperate to avoid more of this. Or any of the other horrible things she saw around her, some of which she could only guess at their dreadful uses. But nothing happened, she was left to suffer the pain, and as it grew she became more and more desperate to serve the prince any way he wanted, anything, her virginity, anything, just to end the pain and so it would not return. She would please the prince and then be allowed to go home. She was desperate to end it. Must please the prince completely. Must stop this. She would beg anyone to stop this. Anything. Do whatever you want to me, just stop the pain...

She came back to reality. The real Carlos was in front of her detaching lines and letting her down. What time was it? How long had she been here? When she was finally free she slid to the ground but to his surprise painfully drove herself up, grabbed his shorts, unzipped them, began to suck desperately at his cock. Must please the prince, she thought, or there will be more pain. He let her go on for a minute or two and then stopped her. She looked up at him, terrified, with her eyes begging to be allowed to continue. Then her head swam and she was gone.

She woke up the next morning in her own bed. Carlos was beside her and she was safe and sound. Carlos, who had been watching and waiting in bed beside her was looking into her eyes. She could see he was scared. She could see what he was thinking: Had he gone too far? Had he ruined one of the really good things in his life? Would she throw him out, or even worse grab something and attack him? To be honest that was a decent question. For now she looked at him, smiled, and blew him a kiss.

Her wrists and shoulders still ached a little even as she lay still but when she moved she found her breasts still hurt and burned to a level of discomfort. She winced which alarmed Carlos but she managed through the pain to reach out and caress his face.

"Wasn't that a night, love?" She began. "No, I'm not going to throw you out. I'm not even sure if I'm mad at you, I will decide that later." His eyes got wide but she could see him relaxing. "I can tell you one thing, I will need to wear a bra and my breasts are firmly off limits for the rest of the weekend, ok?" He nodded yes. "Fortunately, there are other places on me you can play with," she laughed at her joke and he smiled. "But I missed dinner, so would you take me out to a big breakfast and let's see how I am."

They had a nice time the rest of the weekend. He honored her request and although her chest hurt she just lived with it (aspirin helped). She decided quickly not to be mad, he was so apologetic in word and deed. She had in fact told him that she wanted him to focus on her breasts this weekend. She concluded that he had overdone it a bit, but hell, her goal was to get him more kinky and he had scored a full hundred percent there. After the weekend, as time passed and she relived the event while handling herself she realized that looking back that she was proud of herself for enduring it and not breaking. He had stretched her in more than one way but not snapped her. Which is what she wanted him to do but never expected him to go that far so soon.

She smiled. Monday she came home to roses and a card from Carlos containing another apology. No need, love, she told him, even now it still hurts but when I look back I had fun and I'm not mad. I'm tougher than you think. I had some interesting, really vivid dreams and I'd be open to trying something like that again.

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