In the Grass

by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part 6

Maria hadn’t changed and they settled back into their old routine. Gina had something she wanted to try, but she had no idea how she was going to do it. She wanted to give Carlos a weekend, where he thought he could do anything he wanted to her, and in fact he could. It was just that she didn't know how to do it.

She had been in a classroom when some of the other students were discussing a recent event. Some woman had been given a date rape drug that people called ‘New Zombie’. Apparently, it made the person who took it fully suggestible, if they were given enough of it, and the victim was. So for about eight hours the woman did everything she was told to and the guy that had dosed her up had one hell of a good time with her. You couldn’t get your victim to jump off a building or shoot themselves but things like all kinds of sex were completely possible.

Happy ending though: She was ok and he was in jail. In terms of what Gina needed it sounded perfect. She would just use some of the placebos from her birth control pills and pretend.

She cornered Jeanette about it. Jeanette was a friend of hers, a relatively wild child, and a pharmacology major. Gina told her what she wanted to happen, that she really didn't want to be drugged, but needed something reasonable to tell her boyfriend that she had taken. Jeanette confirmed New Zombie would be a good choice.

It was a relatively new drug, Jeanette told her, with a smile, then said that she knew a lot about it because she had tried it herself with her own boyfriend. It was designed to help with antisocial disorders. When a person made a moral decision, their brain produced one of two chemicals, one for yes and one for no.

At medical dose levels the taker could be made more agreeable, less prone to antisocial behavior. But at a heavier dose it gave the person an overload of the yes chemical, so moral decisions like whether to obey an order from someone else came back yes and the person did whatever they were told. Otherwise they were still the same person, but a very willing one. It took about fifteen minutes to take effect.

New Zombie was cumulative too. One pill made the person agreeable, less inhibited, which is what Jeanette had tried the first time and it did. Two pills were enough to make the person do anything they were told. Anything more than that just made it last longer. A person's body normally processed the chemicals out of their system in eight to nine hours and it wore off but more than two pills meant more was there and the person would be under the effect that much longer. Another set of pills made the effect sixteen to eighteen hours long and so on.

There were two other things about the drug: First the nine-hour clock ran very slowly when the person slept, it was like stopping the clock unless it was pretty much all gone from their body. The other thing, and Jeanette leaned in, was imprinting. Apparently whatever mood the person was in when the drug hit stayed with them the whole time.

Jeanette smiled and confided that she and her boyfriend had confirmed it when they tried it a few weeks ago. She took one pill and they both had a good time and she was much more willing to do things he wanted that wouldn't normally fly. He had made a point of fucking her slowly, after she took it. It imprinted while she was really turned on and on her way to an orgasm and the feeling stayed with her the whole time. It was a little inconvenient being horny all that day but that night she wore him out straight into a sixteen-hour nap and was still wanting more.

There were stories about what happened if you were in the middle of an orgasm when the imprinting happened. It wasn't easy to do, there wasn't any real warning when the time was right but one of the stories talked about a girl who hit it right with a double-dose and had a seventeen-hour orgasm. Plus anyone touching her or having sex with her just made it more intense.

It was an illegal drug; it wasn’t like she could go to a hospital and ask for help. Not that in that state she could walk anyways. When it finally wore off, she slept for over a day and would never come near it again. But it was said she did love the experience. Jeanette didn’t know for certain; it might just be a fantasy or an urban legend.

At higher doses, more than one pill at a time, once out of it the victim didn’t remember what had happened while they were under it. It really was the perfect date rape drug. Jeanette had taken two pills the second time. She had come out from under it not remembering a thing but sore in all sorts of interesting places. Her boyfriend had said that she was absolutely compliant and they had a great time. He sure had.

Jeanette smiled and told Gina if she really wanted to try them, she could get them for her, just ask. She had no ill effects from either use, just was sore for about half a week from how hard her boyfriend had used her. As far as Jeanette was concerned a girl could have worse problems.

Gina didn't want any of that, she had never taken non-prescribed drugs and really didn't want to be out of control, just to be able to pretend she was and see what happened. It was both a test for Carlos and a challenge for her: What would he ask if she would do anything and he thought there were no consequences? Could she handle anything he dished out? She didn't know but the thought was delicious and made her gooey inside. Her risk-taker was really, really liking the challenge.

So when Carlos came in, after a four-week absence, she wore a sundress with no shoes and had four of her small, brown placebo pills in her hand. She told him that she was holding four New Zombies and asked him if he knew what that would do to her. He looked at them, then looked at her weirdly. He looked annoyed at first, which after a second changed to alarmed and he nodded yes. Before he could say or do anything more, she popped the pills in her mouth and swallowed them. He looked alarmed but she grabbed him and got right in his face.

"I want to give you a gift this weekend; me, all of me. In fifteen minutes this stuff will hit me and I'll do anything you tell me to all weekend. I expect you'll use me. I expect you'll have me do things I'd never do any other time, but ok. I promise you I can handle it. Hell, at this point I have no choice, it's coming no matter what. But promise me one thing."

She got real serious. "I've taken drugs and made myself helpless before you. Promise me you'll take full advantage of me. After having taken that much I won’t even remember breathing tonight and tomorrow on Sunday morning. Don’t waste what I’ve done. I'm scared but as long as you run with this and do what you want and tell me you had a hell of a good time with me when it’s done it's worth it. Will you promise me?"

“It might get rough,” he offered.

“I already swallowed the pills. It’s too late now. Do anything you want with me that doesn’t leave me scarred, ok? Promise me?”

He nodded gravely. "It’s the least I can do."

"Good. You know about imprinting with this stuff?" He nodded as she whipped off her sundress revealing her naked body underneath. "Why don't you see how horny you can make me all weekend?"

He didn't need a second invitation. He walked her to her bed and pushed her so she fell face-first on to it. A little confused, Gina just lay still waiting while she heard the sounds of his clothes coming off. He grabbed her roughly by the ankles and rolled her over on her back. A second later the naked man was on top of her, her hands pinned by her head with his hands and a very hard part of him finding a very wet part of her. Damn, Gina thought, feeling the rush. If she had actually taken the drug, she might have been reduced to being a mewling kitten all weekend. It would have ruined the weekend but there were worse fates.

About five minutes into it Gina decided it was time to "imprint". She shook roughly for a second, then paused. Jeanette had said a person under the drug obeyed orders but was otherwise themselves. She let herself continue to enjoy the feelings as she built toward her orgasm.

But as she was nearing the edge, Carlos reached his. She felt him stiffen and hold inside her, and then stop for a minute, which was normal. After that he'd generally start back up to give her an orgasm of her own and she was close and ready for it. But he rolled off her and lay on the bed beside her.

"Are you going to finish me off?" she asked.

He looked at her. "You will not ask for orgasms or do anything to give yourself one. Orgasms are things that only I give you, when you've been good enough, and you may not get yours until Sunday morning. Do you understand?"

"Yes." She had to obey. She didn't have to be happy about it. She shivered. He was taking control and she had to do what he said. It made her quiver.

"You will refer to me as 'master' from here on out. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master." It was a rush calling him that. But damn she really did want that orgasm.

"Show me your toy box," he commanded. She reached under the bed and pulled out a large, flat tub that contained many interesting things she had gathered or been given. Carlos picked up one, it was a mass of chain with a gleaming chrome collar on one end, a four-foot run of chain that ended in another chain, about two foot long with cuffs large enough for ankles and a second cross chain about a foot below the neck with normal handcuffs on that.

“What is this?” he asked.

“It's called a sirik,” she told him. “It's from a science-fiction book series. You lock yourself into this and you pretty much can't do anything.”

"Put it on."

She nodded. She had worn it a bit while playing with Scott -- or more while he played with her. She removed the uni-key from the collar and handed it to Carlos. She adjusted the collar to be comfortable and locked it closed, ensuring the neck end of the long chain was attached. Next, she stretched down and locked her ankles in. She could just stand in it and walking would be hard with only a two-foot stride. Without looking up at Carlos her wrists went into the cuffs. After they were closed, she sat on the bed waiting for what was next.

Carlos grabbed a length of rope and pulled her to her feet. He led her to the front door entryway. For a moment she was terrified he was going to march her out the door naked and chained up like that. She had promised herself, swore to herself, that she would play her part perfectly. Anything he asked she would do no matter what, just as if she were actually drugged.

The thought that he might push her to or past some of her limits was scary but heady and exciting too. Ok, she had jumped off the high dive and was determined to keep perfect form all the way down to the water. He couldn't make her break character, she refused to do it. Refused to let him know all of this was a lie. Refused to fail. OK, if he walked her out the door she would hope for the best, but no matter what, out the door naked and chained she'd go.

"Master, what are you going to do?" she asked tentatively.

He stopped as he reached over to tie one end of the rope to the loop on her collar. She really wished she had gotten that release earlier. This was going like her wildest slave girl fantasy come to life and she was ready to explode like a balloon.

"Be quiet, little girl.” The ‘little girl’ bit irked Gina and she expected Carlos probably knew that.

“You will not ask me what my plans are. You will do everything I say perfectly and quickly without asking such questions. Understood?"

The rope was knotted around the loop at the back of her collar and he attached it to the light fixture in the entryway. Damn, he's tethering me. With the knot behind her neck she couldn't reach it with her hands. Damn.

"What is the purpose of this, master? Why did you tether me, master?" she asked.

"People on New Zombie need to be watched the whole time. They sometimes wander away and get into trouble. I think you'll be safe standing here. And so you know, I'm hungry. We're going through a drive-through for dinner. I am going to pull my truck into the garage because you are going to be wearing only what you have on now." She didn't mind any of this at home, behind closed doors and windows, but outside?

Gina gave an internal gasp, shook a little with fear. But what could she do without breaking character? He left through the garage door, opening the outer garage door along the way.

It hit her, she had about two minutes, maybe three, before he got back, and she knew just what she wanted to do with the time. She couldn’t do it when Carlos could see her but he was out of sight for a few minutes. It would be breaking his command but he'd never know and she really, really did need it. But to her despair she found that tethered in a standing position her wrist chains were too short to reach down there. She tried a few times and then gave up with a frustrated groan.

Carlos came back, untied the rope from the light fixture and led her into the garage to his truck. He opened the door and she sat in the seat and then pulled her feet inside. He fastened the seat belt and Gina fought the sinking feeling as he closed the door, triggered her garage door, and walked around to the driver's side of the vehicle.

It did not look good for her at all, she reflected. Buck naked, shiny collar, hands and feet chained, huge breasts exposed, crotch fully visible and nothing she could do to cover any of it with her hands or anything else. She felt a sinking feeling in her stomach but then she reminded herself this was what she wanted. She wanted him to push her. Well, she was getting her wish. She could break character but it'd be horrible to do that so quickly. Besides, what could she do? It was already too late. Yeah, somebody besides Carlos was about to get a treat but that was survivable. She could do it.

Carlos started the engine and they rolled out to the street and away. Thankfully Carlos went somewhere far away from her home. somewhere she was likely to never go and sure as hell wouldn’t after this. The butterflies got bigger and bigger but they didn't take flight until he turned into a fast food place and drove up to the drive-through ordering stand. Fortunately, there didn't look to be any customers in the parking lot to see her naked through the windshield.

The voice on the other side of the speaker was male, sounded young. It was about ten-thirty at night so it was completely dark but Gina wished it were later. The order finished; Carlos started for the window. Gina held her breath. Way too late now. What was she going to do, get out and run, well, hobble away?

The employee at the window was indeed male. sandy hair, lanky, probably not much more than 18. He started in on his standard "welcome" spiel and lost his voice completely when he saw Gina. The drive through was well lit, unfortunately, he could see everything. She just looked forward through the windshield, not wanting eye contact at all.

Then she snapped. She looked over at him. "Don't worry. I'm fine. I lost a bet and this is how I am paying it off. Everything is fine. Enjoy the view." She returned to looking out the windshield again.

The attendant took Carlos' money and disappeared. It took forever, it seemed, but was only a few minutes. Unfortunately, the employee who delivered their order was a different young man and the first one had apparently not prepared him for what he would find. She just looked forward until Carlos had gotten everything and drove away. He put her drink and food where she could, with a little effort, get to it, and blessedly the car was headed back for her home. Sitting the sirik was long enough to let her get to her food and drink and she ate.


Gina woke up the next morning just as she had gone to sleep, still naked, in the sirik and with Carlos sleeping quietly beside her. He had stretched her out on the bed and fastened her collar to the headboard with more chain and her ankles to the footboard. He had then taken her roughly. It was fine, she could deal with it, she had enjoyed it. Once he had come, before she had, he just rolled over to his side and went to sleep.

Even with the restrictions Carlos had given her she would have tried to bring herself off but stretched out in the sirik she couldn’t reach down far enough. Damn, damn, damn, damn! She more or less (less) got comfortable and finally went to sleep. Scott had left her tied up and naked on the bed more than once while he slept beside her, especially when he was blackmailing her, and she had some experience at this.

It was around seven thirty, early for them both on a Saturday morning. Normally they would sleep in, wake up and make love, then go to breakfast or whatever they had planned for the day. Somehow Gina didn't expect that much quietness this weekend.

"Master?" she spoke quietly to him. "I need to go to the bathroom."

He woke up, looked the situation over for a second, apparently remembered everything, then got to work releasing her from the bed. He also released one hand from the sirik and she proceeded to the bathroom to attend to her needs.

When she returned Carlos was waiting for her. He had laid out clothes on the dresser for her. A normal sundress and heels, nothing nearly as bad as she might have had reasons to expect. As she came over to him, he refastened the open cuff of the sirik and pointed to the bed. She obediently lay down and he chained her back down to the bed. He then took his time slowly fucking her, for his pleasure only.

It was in line with the weekend and felt good. When he had come and recovered (and yet again stopped before she came) he loosened her from the bed and the sirik and ordered her into the clothes so they could go out to breakfast. She had gotten going, started to see the waterfall, but then he had finished and just quit. That part of all this was getting quite old really fast.

They came back after a nice breakfast. She was normally dressed and he didn't ask a thing of her while they were out. She kept addressing him as master to remind him but he didn't take advantage of her supposed condition. Ok, she sighed, hoping he still had more thoughts up his sleeve.

When they got home instead of parking in the driveway, he opened the garage door and pulled his truck inside. She was curious as to why but in her currently supposedly-drugged state she figured she shouldn’t ask; he had instructed her last night not to ask him his plans. She decided to just wait and see.

Once the garage door was closed, he had her wait there while he ran into the house. He returned with several pieces of nylon rope. The bed of his truck had a thick nylon fabric cover over it, both to keep it clean and as extra security in case he needed to transport something he wanted to keep hidden. He only disconnected the back and the passenger side and left it hanging over the driver’s side. Having a bad feeling about what he was getting ready to carry in the bed Gina really hoped he’d feel the need for safety and security now too. It had a spray in liner that was a little spongy but solid.

He helped her out of her sundress and pointed to her to climb into the empty bed of his truck. She had a lump in her throat and bolts of panic were running through her but she was supposed to be drugged and willing to do anything she was told. No matter how scary and crazy. It seemed pretty clear where this was going. She thought about it as she climbed naked into the bed of his truck. Could she do this? She wanted to break character, to run screaming. The sirik last night at the drive-through was bad. This would be much, much worse. Could she do this?

She continued through the motions of laying down in the center of the bed, her head toward the tailgate, and stretching wrists and ankles toward the corners. Until she broke, she’d stay in character. Let him drive down the road with her naked and tied spread in the truck bed? Probably not, she thought as he ran about four loops of rope around one wrist and passed the rope through a convenient part of the truck bed frame in that corner. But all she really had to do was stay still and in character until she was tied in place. After that it would be too late.

Gina lay still while the ropes were applied. First her wrists, then her ankles were tied to the corners and then Carlos revisited each to ensure they were tight. Gina said nothing and lay quietly. It was most everything she could do to not break character and start to scream and struggle to get free before the process was completed and Carlos drove his truck down the street with her still like this in it.

Arms stretched helplessly wide to the corners nearest them, ropes holding her wrists securely, bare breasts on show with no ability to use her hands to help her. Legs stretched wide, pussy gaping, public hair on full and easy display between widely spread ankles. She shivered again and worked to maintain calm breathing. She was tied and naked already but it still wasn’t too late. She could break character, tell Carlos no, stop him. Once he got in the cab and started the engine and could no longer hear her, then it would be too late. Since she was already tied in position, she expected that to happen momentarily.

Carlos had different ideas. Now that she was secure, he climbed into the truck bed with her and took advantage of what was freely available between her widely spread legs. It felt good like it always did but somehow Gina didn’t think Carlos was going to let her come this time any more than he had any other time this weekend. Especially with her body spread wide and bound.

Carlos rose to her expectations then too. He took her slowly and steadily, plenty for him but she normally required a little bit of changing up to drive her off her edge and he absolutely wasn’t doing it.

Felt nice, but nowhere near enough. But after a while he did stiffen up and hold deep inside of her as he pumped semen into her. Wonderful, she thought as he climbed off her, not only was he about to drive down the road with me spread wide and naked in his truck bed, but with my legs this widely spread there was nothing she could do to prevent his cum from seeping out of her. She expected there was nothing left except for him to roll up the garage door and the real fun for her to begin.

He surprised her by putting the cover back over the bed, hiding her. He didn’t say anything to her but she did venture a “thank you” to which he gave no reply. At least nobody would be seeing her like this in her own neighborhood. It surely wouldn’t last forever but it was at least a little something. One the cover was secure over her Gina heard Carlos disappear into the house for a few minutes then return. He put something in the passenger seat then rolled up the garage door.

He backed the truck out into the driveway then briefly left to close the garage door. He returned and the truck started to roll down the street. It was only a matter of time until Carlos got to somewhere he felt safe to remove the bed cover. She would have been frozen in place with fear except that, bound as she was, she was already pretty well frozen in place. As they turned the first corner Gina noted with a little bit of wonder that she had finally discovered something that the risk-taking thrill-seeker in her was not thrilled about in the least.

Carlos drove until he got to a freeway but pulled off almost immediately after getting on and the worst happened, he removed the bed cover. There had been enough air under the cover to keep Gina cool but now the bright morning sun blazed down on her naked body.

“Master?” she started. She wasn’t allowed to ask him his plans but they were obvious enough. “Do we really have to do this?”

He looked down at her. “Quiet, little one. Enjoy your ride to the beach. I certainly will.” She gave a little sob. To the closest was about a thirty-minute drive. To some of the further ones as much as two hours. Carlos put the cover in the passenger seat floorboard and climbed back in and started the engine.

The wind was much worse without the cover; her hair blew wildly everywhere. They drove under dozens of overpasses. She occasionally saw people on the bridges but never had a long enough look at them to know if they saw her. She could only see them for a second or two but there was as much as ten seconds or so where she would be visible to them.

And semis. Most passenger cars weren’t high enough to see into the truck bed to see her but a high-cabbed semi, especially in a lane next to them, couldn’t miss her. She struggled as hard as she could against the ropes that held her but it changed nothing. If Carlos chose to drive past a semi she was going to be seen. She lay still as the wind ravaged her and admitted her defeat. She wondered what would happen if someone who had seen her called the Highway Patrol on them.

He drove on down the freeway. At one point Gina could see the rear of a fuel tanker truck as Carlos slowly passed it. Gina just closed her eyes until the truck’s engine noise was lost in the maelstrom, it was hard enough to keep her eyes open with the wind whipping her long hair like it was. If she had been seen by the driver and it would have been almost impossible for her not to be, she didn’t want to know.

Gina lost track of how long she had been tied there. Carlos pulled off the freeway and Gina could smell the sea salt in the air. A minute later Carlos stopped somewhere and shut the engine off. He untied the ropes holding her and tossed a bikini, a long t-shirt and flip-flops into the truck bed for her.

“Get dressed. We need to go through a toll booth to park on the beach and you can’t still be tied up back here when we do that.”

Gina gratefully rubbed her wrists and donned the clothes. She sat in the cab, rubbing the last remaining soreness and rope marks out of wrists and ankles while Carlos re-attached the truck bed cover. She was grateful; putting the cover over the bed and leaving her tied naked there would have worked too.

They stopped for a fast-food lunch; it was a little early but one of Gina’s commands was to not question Carlos’ plans. She looked around and the beach they were near put a lump in her throat: Warner Beach.

Warner Beach itself was fine, a two or three mile stretch of sand that was doubtless full of people on a Saturday like today. But on the south side of the beach, past the Warner River and a promontory, was Warner Cove. Warner Cove was almost a mile-deep hairpin bend in the beach surrounded by tall cliffs and it was, out of sight of the rest of the world, at best a nude beach.

Gina had friends that came here to party. There was a spot on the south side of the Cove that she had heard about and had been used in some of her fantasies but she had never actually seen. The north side of the Cove was the sandy side and was where most of the sunbathers went; the south side was not as inviting and it was understood you went there when you wanted to do kinkier things. She wondered how much Carlos knew about the Cove and if he’d ever been here before.

But in her current situation what could she do? She wouldn’t have wanted to walk down the Cove naked but she was long over her body issues and could do it if that was where Carlos was taking her. Based upon her situation the last hour or so she almost laughed at the thought. Boy, she had no idea Carlos had thoughts like this in his head when she had planned this weekend. She hoped he was getting his money’s worth; she certainly was.

He did take her to Warner Cove and once they were out of sight of the rest of the world did have her take off her t-shirt and bikini. She managed it pretty well; she had been getting plenty of practice at stifling her fears the last hour or so. And it really wasn’t that bad. Everyone else was naked so nobody cared.

He took her around to the south side. She was looking for the spot she had heard of and was wondering if that was where Carlos was going. But he stopped a little way down the south side and pulled out a beach towel. He spread it out and asked Gina to lay down on top of it. Then out of his backpack he pulled – tent stakes and a rubber mallet.

She wound up tied up spread-eagled again like she had been in the truck bed. She was grateful they were on the south side of the Cove where less people were around to witness this. And once she was secured, he enjoyed himself again. And again didn’t get her off. She was getting used to that; it was starting to be a bad joke, the punch line to whatever Carlos was having them do.

When he was done and she was over being antsy and feeling it fade away he asked her if she wanted to play in the water a bit before they went home. She thought about asking him about going the rest of the way up the south side so she could see the spot she had heard of but decided against it; some other time. Right now, with conditions as they were, she wasn’t sure what would happen. She told him she’d be fine going back home and they did, Gina gratefully in the passenger seat this time.


When they got back, he asked her if the box contained all of her toys. She admitted no, there were a few things in the back of the closet that would not fit in the box. Naturally he ordered her to get them one at a time and demonstrate them.

She came out with two spreader bars, one set for her ankles and another for her wrists, with the traditional leather cuffs on each end. She put the ones on her ankles and Carlos told her she didn’t need to demonstrate further. He got the idea. She took it back off.

Next out was a yoke, chrome all the way. It was hinged on the ends about four feet apart. Loops right at the ends would hold her wrists and the hinged parts would rest against the back part of the bar to come together around her throat. There was a spring snap at the front of her throat that would hold the rigid metal closed and could be locked in place. Gina showed him a small box that could replace the snap closure for a timed-release mechanism.

She demonstrated it by putting her wrists in the device and then using a corner to press it closed until it snapped shut holding her wrists out to the sides of her neck. Carlos liked this one and had her lay down on her back on the carpeting in the living room. Once she was there he lay on top of her naked body with his own and slowly French-kissed her to distraction, teasing her with his cock but not putting it in her. All the time she was stuck in the yoke and helpless to use her hands to assist her.

The next piece was a rigid metal wrist-and-ankle spreader bar. Yes, she had to admit to herself as she brought it out, that she and Scott had accumulated some interesting toys while they were together. Like the yoke, it had a base bar and two bars hinged at the end to fold back on the base and meet in the middle. The spreader had loops, large enough for her ankles, on the outside and a smaller set for her wrists, a little closer to the center from the ankle loops.

Gina really didn’t like this one; there had been a bad experience with it with Scott. When she was face down it stuck her bottom way up in the air and trapped her hands down by her feet between her legs. She and Scott had only played with it a few times; when she was facing down her face would be sideways on and/or smashed into the carpet and her breasts hanging down and rubbing every time she was moved. Scott had put her in it a couple of times and had enjoyed playing with her large breasts sagging down, taking her doggy style while she could do nothing to stop him, only feel the carpet burns slowly grow worse on her nipples.

With her butt so far up in the air it had made another option tempting to Scott, but she had never allowed that. One night, when they were both drunk, Scott had put her in the spreader and done it anyway. He did it right and didn’t hurt her, but she didn’t enjoy it. He was too drunk to listen and she was too secured in the spreader to stop him. She was unhappy about it for quite a while afterward.

If she were on her back in the spreader, it was a little more workable; her hands and legs were held together and then Scott had done it tied up to the ceiling (but not with her off the ground). The one time he had done that to her, while they were dating, it hadn’t gone well. He had put a ball gag into her mouth and told her he was going to give her pussy 50 strokes with a flogger. With her hands held above her and her ankles spread wide, she couldn’t do anything to stop him and he didn’t pay any attention to her squawkings through the ball gag. He didn’t use the flogger hard, but even gently it was hurting after 20 or so and he went the full 50. Yes, they had words about that afterward.

Gina demonstrated the spreader on her back. Carlos tightened down the bolts and watched her writhe around for a few minutes, but he really seemed interested when she was face down. She knelt down on the carpet and put her ankles in the spreader and then stretched her wrists underneath her into the places they would go. Carlos flipped the top pieces closed. Gina heard the wing nut spinning down until it was tight and she was captured in the spreader. With her hands so far underneath her body her face was turned sideways, plastered flat and as expected her erect nipples were dragging on the carpeting.

As much as she disliked it, she was supposed to be drugged and not asking what he was doing, so she just stayed there on the living room floor. Carlos was behind her and on the other side from where her face was turned, so she had no idea what he was up to.

For one thing, he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to let her out of this. She felt a hand caressing her buns. It felt nice and was calming so she started relaxing a little. The hand roamed down to her slit and clit, which felt even better and she found herself pushing into it as much as she could, moaning.

But suddenly it stopped. She wanted to give a grunt of displeasure, but remembered her in-theory drugged self was not supposed to make any comments on what Carlos was doing. She watched as he walked back into the bedroom and then as he came back carrying their bottle of lube.

Oh wow, Gina thought. She knew where he was going and her butt up in the air only made it obvious. He wouldn’t be wanting lube for the traditional spot; his fingers had just been there and it had been impossible to miss how wet she was. Gina began to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen and to relax so it could happen in as best a fashion as it could.

Carlos took up a position kneeling between her legs; her hands were pinned far enough apart that she still couldn’t touch him as he knelt there. She felt the lube pour on to her bunghole and Carlos begin to work some of it into it.

“Master?” she started, even though she wasn’t supposed to question anything he did.

“Quiet, little girl,” Carlos admonished her. “I think there’s a meme about this. It goes ‘I said wrong hole; I didn’t say stop’.”

She knew the picture, an image of a woman with a beatific smile on her face, eyes rolling to the back of her head. “Yes, master,” Gina gave a contented, hot sigh. “And I didn’t say stop.”

He seemed to remember, Gina reflected happily, the time months ago she left herself tied bent over the dining room table, when he first did anal with her. He slowly slid in with plenty of stops for lube and she didn’t even have to bite her tongue at any point along the way. Lots of oohs and ohs but no ouches. Soon enough he was all the way in and she was plenty lubed and he began stroking in and out of her in earnest.

With her ankles and wrists pinned in the spreader there was nothing she could do to stop him, but she wouldn’t have anyway. She would have preferred the other hole so that she would have enjoyed it more, but this was what Carlos wanted and he was doing it right, so it was fine with her. Her nipples, as expected, were stropping the carpeting as he stroked her but there was nothing for that.

Soon enough he stopped with a groan and she figured he was coming inside of her. Then he pulled out and she felt him stand up. He walked away toward the hall and she decided that it would be out of character for her to call out to him, so she held position silently as he walked into the bathroom. When she heard the shower start up she decided she could be a little more comfortable and rolled onto her side.

A few minutes later a washed-clean Carlos emerged and returned. He unfastened the spreader and opened it. Gina collapsed gratefully on the carpet. After a few minutes of rest, she opened her eyes to see Carlos watching her.

“Are there any more surprises in your closet?”

“Just one, master,” Gina replied, still worn out from what had been done to her; “It may be a few minutes before I can go get it.”

“Will I have any problem figuring out what it is, little girl?” Carlos asked.

She had left it out, sitting in the middle of her walk-in closet, but she couldn’t imagine having that used on her after what Carlos had just done.

“No, master.”

“Stay still then,” and he left to go check her closet. She still felt tired, almost too tired to move. She was free but too tired to do anything with herself. There probably wasn’t enough time anyways. Damn, still.

It was probably a handy thing for Carlos, she thought, as he returned with it and several pieces of rope. He moved the coffee table and then helped her to lay so he could tie her tightly, spread-eagled yet again and stretched on her back between the two couches in the living room. Both were way too heavy for her to move them, so she’d be properly stuck; she knew that from experience with Scott. Oh damn, she thought, he’s going to use it on me. It was too late; she was already tied in the proper position. Ohhh damn.

It was a fucking machine. A motor turned a large flywheel and the outer edge of the wheel was attached to a mechanism that moved a rod back and forth. A small case that went with it was shown to contain dildos of various sizes and types that could be mounted onto the drive rod.

"Tell me the story of this," Carlos commanded, as he set it up between her ankles. "How many times have you used it?"

Gina fidgeted a bit at this, knowing where it might and probably would go, if she answered honestly, but she decided to do that anyway. She told him the full story, omitting nothing, even the things she expected would be used against her shortly.

She told him that Scott, while they were dating, became intrigued enough about these things to talk with her about it and she agreed to let him use her as his willing test subject/victim. She wasn't, especially back then, the sort of person to say no to her boyfriend, without a really good reason if she could help it. It sounded enough like kinky fun to her to be willing to give it a try. It was all being done at her home and she was more inclined to be lenient and open about things Scott wanted to do at home, since she was so prissy about things once they were beyond the front door.

She let herself be tied spread-eagle and naked to the bed and Scott, over the course of several weeks, explored the machine and her. They found that settings 1 and 2 could put her to sleep. Number 3 was enough to keep her awake. Settings 9 and 10 were just too much except for very short periods, she got overstimulated and all it did then was hurt. Settings 6 through 8 were perfect for making her come resoundingly, the higher the setting the faster it happened. Number 5 could sometimes make her orgasm if she helped it along by running a fantasy in her mind. But 4, well, 4 was her nightmare setting. Enough to keep her completely turned on, not enough to take her over the edge.

They had tried it with differing times. The first ten minutes or so, at setting 4, the steady massage of her clit made her warm and antsy, but after that she really wanted to pop, but it just wasn't enough. After about twenty minutes she was screaming and begging for Scott to let her go and fuck her hard, which was why he generally put a ball gag in her mouth, unless he wanted to hear her beg. After 30 minutes she was beyond begging and ready to hump any fixed object. Scott let her go after about 40 minutes and she threw him on the bed and raped him, which was hard to do with a willing person, but Gina managed.

It evolved into either using it to give her an orgasm, which she did a few times in the period between dating and being blackmailed by Scott, or she and Scott playing one of two games.

The first was similar to what they had already found, letting the machine run on her until she was going crazy and then turning her loose on Scott. It was agreed that she would hold still until Scott got her completely untied, but the first time she was so irrationally horny that the minute one hand was free she had it in her crotch desperately trying to finish herself off.

As they had agreed that the only thing she could do was to wait until she was completely free and then work herself out on Scott, if she did anything else, Scott could react and correct her in any way he saw fit.

With great difficulty and much grunting and yelling through the gag he forced her wrist back into the rope and he put the machine back in place. Gina thought she would lose her sanity, she had things in her hand and Scott had taken it away from her. Worse, he had put what was now the torture machine back in action. She lost it, floating away in her waves of lust. She felt like it was hours, but Scott said it was only 30 minutes before he stopped her again.

This time she managed to hold still until she was completely untied, then threw Scott on the bed in her place, cackled evilly while she secured his wrists so he couldn't do that again, then used him to fuck herself soundly. Then she curled up for a nap beside him that he couldn’t wake her from while leaving him still tied to the bed.

The other game didn't go anywhere near as well. The game was they set a time limit, normally 30 minutes, then Scott put the machine on her. She was required to keep herself from an orgasm until the time limit was up. She failed, and once she had calmed down from it, Scott was free to do anything he wanted with her and he was supposed to really punish her and hurt her to help her fight harder the next time.

They only did that three times when they were dating, Scott usually used the Cat-of-nine-tails on her after she came. She was ok with it; it hurt, which was the point, and while she didn't like that it was ok because it was sex play. The third, the last time, was shortly before they broke up, at a time when Scott was mad at her because she wouldn't wear a miniskirt outside of the house on a date.

She was way past that now, since the meadow where Carlos found her, but back then it was a real problem and the major thing that finally broke Scott and her apart. She knew he was mad and playing this game where he got to whip her was a bad idea. She didn't like it at all but did it anyway, in the hope it would prove to him how much she loved and trusted him.

She was right, it was a mistake. When it came time for the whipping, with the ten minutes left she got a genuine punishment, inflict-pain session. She was gagged, tied tightly, naked, and she was scared. He could have kept going, whipped her for hours if he wanted. She was truly terrified and struggling but couldn't stop him or avoid the strikes. He caught himself, but only after five long minutes or so of her pain and screaming into the ball gag. He apologized greatly, then let her go. All she wanted to do was get away from him and he let her succeed in that.

They had a mini-breakup, but eventually reconciled with the understanding that that game was no longer to be played. Then a month later the not-wearing-slutty-clothing issue caused her to blow up very, very loudly at a restaurant and that was it for the two of them. She knew deep down inside the clothing issue was only the spark, things like the beating he had given her in anger and the loss of trust it caused was part of it too.

Until, in the middle of a self-bondage scene, she had gotten trapped and her safety was a taped phone call to Scott, asking him to come over and do whatever he wanted with her as long as he freed her when he was done. She had never bothered to change the message to send it to a girlfriend who would have been safer, she was never going to get stuck, was she? But she did, and as well as having sex with her, he took a huge number of pictures of her tied naked to her bed and had begun blackmailing her with the pictures.

He had once, while he was blackmailing her, demanded they play the keep-from-orgasming game and she bore the whipping she got with stoicism. He wasn't doing it in anger, like that one time, but he did seem to be enjoying seeing her bounce around and crying out while he was at it. Afterward she made it clear to him that he could go to hell with those pictures if he wanted, they weren’t going to do that again. She was still gun shy from the hard whipping he had given her the first time. Surprisingly he said he understood and was still very sorry for what he did the first time and that her restriction was understood. She’d be his sex toy if she must but she’d never be his punching bag.

She figured she knew Carlos would do anything she asked, even play that game and hurt her, but he would never like it. Which was fine with her, she could live the rest of her life happily without going through that again.

In response to his question, she admitted the longest she had ever been on the machine was two and a half hours. Scott had gagged her and said he was going to let it run on 4 all night. All night? She wondered if she'd have any personality left after that long. She noted that he didn't tell her that until after she was already securely stretched out on the bed and helpless to resist.

It was the longest time of her life. After an hour she was ready to fuck anything, would have walked naked down the street if he would turn it off and fuck her, but she was gagged and he didn't want to stop. He would every once in a while play with or lick and chew on her nipples. It of course only added to the torment. Thankfully he turned it off and let her go after she had stopped moving from it at about the two-hour point. She was still feeling all of it inside and it was still driving her crazy and into subspace, but her body had just given out. When she had gotten loose she had damn near beaten Scott, as she attacked him in a sex-crazed frenzy.

The unit was Bluetooth-controlled. It came with the control unit or there was a smartphone app. There was even a desktop app that let you take full control of the speed. You could build macros and it could run at a set speed for a certain number of seconds or a specific, including just one, number of revolutions. Gina told Carlos of a time that Scott had set it up like sort of a Chinese water torture but not on your forehead. It would run one revolution at speed 6 every ten seconds. It didn’t take long for Gina to understand how the traditional practice was effective. The wait between cycles seemed to take forever. It was no fun in any way at all. After about ten minutes she told Scott to turn it off and never do it to her again.

With the desktop or smartphone app you could set it to stair-step: Run for fifteen seconds at 2, then 4, then 6, then 8, then 10. And then stop for a minute and do it again. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t do that much for her, so they didn’t try that one again either.

“Have you ever used it since you and Scott broke up?” Carlos asked.

She was getting to that. Yes, there had been times when Carlos wasn’t available that she’d set it up on her bed and set it to 6 or 7 until she had the orgasm she was craving. Every once in a while, she’d tie her feet to the edges of the headboard and use the timed handcuffs to lock her hands above her head to the headboard, for 30 minutes to an hour. Then she’d run it on 4, helpless to stop it, and let it drive her wild. The remote that could stop the device was right there next to her head, but tied as she was there was no way of reaching it. When the cuffs finally clicked open, she’d grab the control and turn the box off and quickly finger herself to a massive orgasm.

"Doesn't it get dry, run out of lube after a while?"

"The dildos are specially made with a reservoir inside that keeps it lubed. We never had a problem."

She knew what would come next. "Good. Let's try it on you."

Gina was a bit chagrinned about telling him all about how to use the instrument for her own sexual torture, but it also made her wet. She was tired after the anal, but she was comfortably on her back and she'd survive. Maybe she’d even get the orgasm Carlos had denied her so far this weekend. If he left that thing running in her on 4 for a while and then let her go, she would sure as hell get it. She could claim a variation on the can’t-shoot-yourself aspect of the drug and the effect the FM had on her.

He picked out a medium-sized dildo that Gina was happy about, but then stopped and picked out a larger one. He filled it up with lube and screwed it onto the drive rod. He adjusted the mechanism to the proper height and moved it a little closer so it would not pop out and go in and out of her to the proper depth.

He put a bunch of the lube on and in her, then manually rotated the flywheel to ensure everything was properly lubricated and it wasn’t going too deep. He stopped and asked her if he was doing this right.

"First, master, tighten the ropes if you wish to. I should be tightly spread so I can't move away from it. Carlos complied, and removed all the slack from the lines. Gins approved of the tightness. She tugged at her bonds and confirmed she was not getting out of them without outside help.

"Next, master, position the wheel so the rod is as far forward as it will go, then position it inside of me. This is the deepest it will go." She lay with her eyes closed as she felt the hard rubber impale her. She knew from past experience that the drive box was heavy enough and sturdy enough that it wouldn't move. Once it was in her and running, she was stuck.

"Tell me when it can't go in any farther."

"Yes, master, but please pull it back just a little from there. The instructions warn that you should back it up at least an inch. There’s a little variation in the depth each time and it may, after long enough, wound me in there." Carlos promised he would not allow that to happen. The dildo was a little larger than she would have liked, but she accepted that Carlos was like most men, they didn't realize that bigger wasn't always better, at least not often as comfortable.

She heard Carlos working with something on the drive box and saw him adjusting the bar's placement on the flywheel. It was set for a four-inch stroke, but to her dismay she watched him move it further out, where it would deliver a six-inch stroke. It was a seven-inch dildo, so it would still work, but she shivered. The upcoming ride was looking to be more of a gallop than she had hoped. She was already tied down and ordered not to question him, so she settled back in. The butterflies in her stomach were flapping faster though.

Carlos ran it by hand through a cycle or two. Gina nodded that it was ok. It was longer and larger than she wanted, but it worked.

"Master, what setting do you plan on using and how long are you planning to run the machine on me?"

"Setting, oh definitely 4. How long? I hadn't thought about it... Maybe three hours. Maybe longer. It’s only three, we don’t have to leave for dinner until 7 or 8. Depends on how it works. I’d really like to see what it’s like to have you so turned on you try to take me by force."

She choked back the scream. After a second she managed to squeak out: "As master wills." She would have much rather had a quick run to an orgasm at 6 or 7, but according to her ‘programming’ she wasn’t allowed to complain.

What if he was serious? How was she going to get through that? She tested her bonds again but she was still bound tightly, the machine was set, all he had to do was turn it on and watch. Watch her fall apart as the dildo drove incessantly in and out of her. Watch her go crazy with wanting to come. She had barely held together before when it was only thirty minutes. How was she going to survive three hours?

Carlos threw the switch and the machine began its infernal work, moving in and out of her. She shifted a bit, tried to wiggle a little. It felt good. Well lubricated. If she could coax an orgasm out of this it would be worth it. If nothing else, the orgasms she always tore from the nearest male or fixed object when she was finally released were always incredibly intense.

He walked away down the hall as the machine continued to run on her. He returned with her suspension ankle and wrist cuffs and some spring clips. He also turned on the air conditioning while he was in the hallway; Gina thought the noise cancelling from the A/C, which had always been a little loud, would doubtless be useful. One limb at a time he replaced the ropes with the suspension cuffs held by the ropes now tied to the spring clips. She was grateful.

It was already starting to feel a little good and with this setup when he finally let her go it would only be a few seconds as opposed to the minute or two to get all the ropes off her. Though he warned her, the way the game was played, if she moved before she was fully unclipped, he was free to force her back into her former tied position and turn the machine back on. She shivered at the thought.

At ten minutes in she was, as expected, antsy. It was worse than normal, Gina thought, probably because of the several times this weekend that Carlos had gotten himself off just fine in her, but had denied her the same release. It wasn’t going to get any better, she thought, as the waves from her clit kept washing over her. No, it was only going to get way worse.

At thirty minutes she was writhing and moaning and fighting against the things that held her. She was stretched too tight to let her escape the machine tormenting her. She could struggle but not escape the waves that were starting to merge and wash over her continually in her need.

Then Carlos lay full on top of her, compressing her breasts, pressing a hard cock that she almost insanely wanted against her pelvis, but he’d have to get that piece of rubber out of the way first, dammit. However, all he did was lean down and French-kiss her.

It was something Scott had never tried. She was so wild with need that she attacked him with her kisses hungrily, desperately, the whole time the waves from the FM still washing over her. She enjoyed it; it provided a bit of an outlet for the tensions building up to overwhelming in her body, a relief.

Then he stopped and left her alone again. With no other stimuli the waves washed back with a vengeance, worse than before. She almost wished Carlos hadn’t kissed her. But there was nothing she could do about any of it but writhe and moan and hope he let her go soon.

Finally, he did. She didn’t think her sanity could take another minute of that. Then again, she had felt like that for the last ten to fifteen minutes. Despite the warning, when he unclipped the first wrist she immediately reached over and started clawing frantically at the clip on her other wrist. She was going to get her orgasm from him now if she had to knock Carlos unconscious to do it.

He grabbed her free wrist and began to force it back into its former position. NO! He was going to tie her back up and torture her more! She fought him with all her strength, which was not insignificant, but no match for his and even more hopeless when three of her limbs were already stretched out. Soon her wrist was stretched back out and she heard the click of the spring clip again sealing her captivity. She begged and struggled and fought while the machine was put back in place and then gave a cry of anguish as she felt the dildo start moving in and out of her again, a wild trapped animal. She struggled, so close and denied again! And now it was back. As the waves began, she fell back into the pool and again started drowning.

Gina had no clue how long Carlos left her there; it only took a minute or two for her to be back in the long tunnel of waves from which she had just emerged. But he shut the machine off and pulled it out of her. It would damn near kill her but she had learned her lesson. She would hold still until all four limbs were free and then get what she had been owed all weekend. Her pussy ached in ways new to her. She wasn’t quite herself in this state. Her head swam. It was not going to go on any longer.

The naked man with the hard cock unfastened the last clip and Gina was ready. She rolled him over on his back and was on top of him and with a yell of triumph sank full length onto his member. And began pumping hungrily. It was her turn now. No denying her. It felt so good. There was nothing like the real thing. Nothing. Finally, she started to see it coming. Carlos did too.

“Stop!” He commanded her. Was he crazy?

“Fuck you!” was her only response as she pounded furiously. With the dildo running in and out of her all that time she was sort of numb down there and it was harder to get it through but it was working and there was no way she was going to stop. You couldn’t make a person on New Zombie jump off a building, Gina thought. You couldn’t make a woman when she was needing it this bad and finally getting it to stop either.

 “Stop. Now.” Again, he commanded.

“No!” And she pounded more furiously. No way was she going to be denied now.

But Carlos suddenly rolled her back over on to her back where she had lay before. And as she fought him, really fought him, he forced her wrists back into the spring clips. She was fighting and pounding on him. It must have hurt but he ignored it. Once her hands were secured her ankles were not that much problem.

Carlos let Gina struggle against her bonds for a few minutes until she gave up. Gina was still breathing heavily. “Don’t you dare put that thing back in me again!”

“I’m not,” Carlos replied.

“THEN FUCK ME!” Gina screamed. Yeah, she thought, really not quite herself at the moment. She was glad the A/C was on. She hoped it had drowned that yell out beyond the walls of her house. “Why did you stop me?”

He looked down at her. “You will not question my decisions, little girl.” Gina was back under control, barely enough, to hold her tongue.

Gina struggled more against the ropes that held her until she again admitted defeat. “Please, master! I need it so bad!” With her legs tied that widely open she couldn’t even clench them together to try to do something that way.

Carlos ignored her begging. He knelt between her legs and pushed himself forcefully in her. Gina gave a start, grateful at the feeling and that he was answering her desperate need.

But he wasn’t. With a scream of frustration, she felt him start up the same sort of slow, steady screwing he had been giving her all weekend, one that would get him off but do nothing for her. She raged and she thrashed the whole time but was far too tightly tied to dislodge him. Soon enough he shoved deep in her and she felt him coming inside, then withdraw. Then walk out of the room, leaving her unfulfilled, full of his semen and unable to do anything tied like she was. She fought and thrashed and cursed for a few minutes but then in sheer frustration just cried herself to sleep.


Gina woke up. She was still naked but comfortable, not tied in any way, still on the living room floor, a pillow under her head and blanket over her body. Suspension cuffs and Fucking Machine and all its accessories were nowhere to be seen. Carlos was watching her from one of the couches. Damn, Gina thought, no way to do anything to cure the still-desperate, but nothing like it was earlier, ache between her legs.

"What are we doing for dinner, master?" Gina asked.

Carlos thought for a second, then told her: "I want you to go put on your most daring outfit, the one you most worry about wearing in public."

Gina gulped inside. There were three or four outfits that Scott had gotten her that she would only wear indoors, she'd be really reluctant to walk out the door in them. She knew the one which was the worst in this category. She considered picking something daring but not quite as bad as that one, then quashed the thought. He'd put her through so much this weekend so far and she had done everything correctly and perfectly, as if she really had taken the drug. She was winning. If she picked a different dress, it'd be over, she would have failed him, and she'd know even if he didn't. Not going to do that. She took a deep breath and headed for the closet.

She came out of the closet a few minutes later. The dress was a nylon fabric, with no bra her nipples showed through. It looked to Carlos like a wrap dress, and it was almost to her ankles, far from the most daring thing he had seen her in.

"This doesn't look very daring..." he challenged her.

"Watch, master," she urged. She sat down on the bed and it became clear. The dress was cut so that when she sat down the sides of the wrap fell open, right down her front middle and the sides of her dress did not just split, but fell to the sides of her body. The split of the dress went from her ankles up to the bottom of her cleavage and the split showed the front of her naked body all the way up to three or four inches above her navel. The two sides were connected at the hem of the dress so when she stood the gap closed up. But when she sat it was open all the way up and completely off to her sides from the weight of the fabric, from her sternum on down.

"Oh, wow," was all Carlos could say. Gina was terrified but determined. She could wind up horribly exposed and embarrassed in this dress but she had decided to trust Carlos.

"A very good choice," Carlos approved. "I want you to get a set of clothes, that if you never see again will not be a problem, and bring them with you. Footwear too." It was a strange request but she found an old t-shirt, shorts and a pair of flip-flops she could live without. She put them in a bag and returned to Carlos.

"It is done as you say, master."

"Good, let's go."

Dinner was at a nice restaurant that fortunately had long tablecloths. The dress opened wide when she walked at first and her knees pushed it open. This reminded her to take short steps to prevent that, which in high heels was not the easiest. She slid into the very back of the booth and the dress split, as it was designed to, well above her waist. Carlos could see everything from where he sat but nobody else could.

Fortunately, Carlos did not instruct her to move to the side where her nudity would be visible to passers-by. She swallowed uncomfortably yet silently; he could do that at any time. She didn't know what she would do if he did. Could she do it? Could she sit with her pussy fully exposed to people walking by? It was her worst problem, her strongest fear, public exposure. She hoped he didn't ask that of her.

But with a gulp, it was the challenge. She hated to lose. If he did, she would. They had already done the sirik at the drive-through last night and the whole escapade to the beach. She wanted to know what Carlos had in him; parts of her were happy that he was such a handful. Parts of her were starting to have serious doubts about her own sanity.

He didn't ask her to move. She drank a little more than usual, appreciating the liquid courage. Dinner was nice and the conversation went well, then it was time to go.

After they got back in the truck and started moving, Carlos instructed her to change into the other set of clothing she had brought. It was dark and she didn't mind the nudity in front of Carlos, but clothes she would never see again? It made her nervous, but the wine at dinner helped. She felt she looked good in the tight t-shirt and the short-shorts, showing off her legs.

The alcohol was needed. Carlos pulled into a large strip mall, a little older, in a part of town Gina had never been to. The shops were all closed, the huge parking lot deserted this late at night, but the parking lot area lights kept it very well lit. It wasn't on a main street so even though the parking lot was rimmed by streets on three of the four sides it was deserted. Carlos pulled up on one end of the parking lot and stopped the truck.

He reached into his bag and handed her a pair of handcuffs. He pointed to the far end of the parking lot, several hundred feet away, where a large donation bin, the type that had a door to put things in, sat quietly. She didn't need to hear the words to be almost paralyzed.

"You will walk to the donation bin, put all your clothes, including your shoes, inside. You will then handcuff your hands behind your back so you can't cover yourself, turn and show me your cuffed wrists for a count of ten. After that you will walk back to the car. If you deviate or at any point start to run, I will have you walk there and back naked and cuffed until you succeed. Do you understand, slave?"

Her worst fear was public exposure. Before she met Carlos, she wouldn't even wear short skirts outside, it was why Scott had left her chained up and naked out in the woods, to force her to be naked in public and get over it. She started to freak but caught herself. Of course, she could do this. It would probably be the hardest thing she had done in her life so far, easily the hardest thing she had done with Carlos or anyone else, but of course she could do it. Follow instructions, put one foot in front of the other until it was over. It seemed so easy, which was made a lie by the shaking of her fear.

Maybe she could talk him out of it, appeal to his protectiveness. "I will be far away from you, master. What do I do if someone sees me and approaches me?"

"I will be watching the whole time with the engine running. If someone approaches you, I will drive up to you. Dive in the window if you have to and we will get away. Go now!"

With a start she automatically reached for the door handle and with a deep breath opened it. She stepped out and closed it behind her. This part was easy, she thought, she was still fully clothed. She was very, very grateful for the wine now. If she hadn't consumed it, she doubted she would be able to do this.

The walk to the donation box was uneventful. Nobody saw her, the apartments on the other side of the street showed nobody watching her from a window. One car went by that paid her no attention. She reached the donation box and now the hard part came. She heard the engine of Carlos' truck start at the other end of the parking lot.

Then something snapped. She could do this. She would do this. Scared to death, yes. She desperately wished Carlos had not given her handcuffs to wear, but she knew he was right about where her hands would be if she had a choice. It was only two minutes of her life. She could do it and the experience would be behind her and she would still be winning. She pulled off her shoes, then looked around carefully. No cars, no one on the street, nobody she could see watching from windows.

She took a deep breath, then, before she lost her nerve, off came her shorts and T-shirt. Everything including the shoes went into the box and the security door made a very loud clang as she separated herself from any chance of covering herself. Before she could panic further the cuffs went on and were fastened behind her back. She stood close to the donation box, thankful that it hid her from the apartments. It was a long count to ten but she made it. Ok, girl, all you have to do is walk back now. Too late for anything else.

She walked carefully because she was barefoot, in a lot of ways like when they had rescued her, she had to keep her eyes down to avoid stepping on things in her path. It also kept her from looking around, which would have raised her panic to an even higher form.

About halfway across it happened. A car drove by, older, dark colored. She almost screamed as she heard a loud male wolf whistle from the car and a honk, and watching it she almost stumbled. They were less than a hundred feet away and with the lighting surely got a real good view of her body. She kept moving, they were coming from behind her and passing to her front. Hopefully they might not be able to tell she was barefoot and back cuffed and would hopefully think she could make it to Carlos' truck before they could reach her. But even though the car drove much slower once it was in front of her it kept going and to her incredible relief passed out of sight as she moved as fast as she could without running. Thirty seconds later she was back in the passenger seat and Carlos had already removed the cuffs. She put the dress back on as they drove away.

Carlos had one more thing for her that night. When they got home, he had her take off the dress and her heels and wait for him in the garage. Gina was tired but still willing enough. Carlos joined her a few minutes later carrying her suspension wrist cuffs and some rope. He handed her the cuffs and told her to put them on while he went to work with the rope. He ran one end over two of the rafters with one rafter between them. It looked like some suspension coming up, Gina thought, and while doing that who knows what. She really was worn out, especially after all that time on the fucking machine, but she was supposed to still be an obedient little girl, as he was annoyingly calling her. Besides, there was some genuine curiosity as to what he would do with her once she was strung up and helpless.

Her energy returned as she came to grips with the evening not being over. Knowing she was going to be suspended in them soon, she put the suspension cuffs on tightly.

Carlos put a large box on the ground between where the two ropes he had just installed were hanging down. To no great surprise, Carlos had her stand on the box and then tied the ropes to her suspension cuffs, spreading her arms widely.

She stood on the box while Carlos stepped back to admire her tight, nude form where she stood. She had flashbacks to Scott and how he would take pictures of her while he was blackmailing her. If Carlos pulls out his cell phone, Gina thought, I will just scream. But of course, that was a silly thought. It was the last thing he’d do in case Maria ever checked his phone.

“Kick the box out from underneath your feet.”

Gina took a deep breath; being suspended was never fun but she had been through it plenty of times. She gathered herself and then jumped backwards, letting her feet fall down and her momentum carry her forward to kick the box, to land eight feet in front of her. She swung gently back and forth with her remaining momentum. OK, the moment of truth. Now what?

Carlos went back in the house and returned with... the flogger. No! Didn’t he hear the story she told earlier tonight about what Scott had done to her with that very weapon?

“Master?” she began tentatively, “Please, no.”

“Little girl,” Carlos began. Gina was getting really irritated at that label. “And what if I want to? Can you stop me?”

“Of course not, not now. Do you intend to hurt me?”

“It seems whippings are a common theme for a lot of people. I thought if I had the opportunity, I might see if there was anything to it.”

Certainly not for the victim, Gina thought. She was already hanging and helpless. If he chose to whip her there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Carlos took ropes and tied her legs wide open. Not tight, but she couldn’t close them. If he wanted to whip her between her legs it was now an easy target. He walked back in front of her. Her wrists and shoulders were beginning to hurt just a little bit.

“If I wanted to whip you, would you let me?” Carlos asked her.

“Please no, master,” Gina implored. “Don’t whip me.”

“If I wanted to whip you, would you let me?” he repeated.

She let her head slump down. She got it. “Yes, master. You can whip your little girl.”

She felt a little sickened by the thought; she really hadn’t thought Carlos had that in him. But she wanted to find out what was inside of him, she might as well find out just how much of this was there. She’d hurt, but she’d recover. She had plenty of time between their visits to do that and to think things over if needed. She cringed inside. But to do that, she had to know just how far he would go. He wasn’t angry or anything like Scott had been; whatever he did to her was because he enjoyed it.

Then again, with what Maria did to him, he might have a huge amount of anger down inside. Sometimes that anger could be aimed at any woman, any woman available, if the one deserving that anger was unreachable. Her. The next few hours might be about to go horribly. Well, she was already strung up and helpless, she might as well find out.

One last try.

“Master?” she began. Carlos looked at her. “I know I won’t remember what happened when the drugs wear off tomorrow. But if you do this to your little girl, she will still be sore in the morning and will know what you have done.”

Carlos stopped. “Yes, that is true. It’s also irrelevant. I was told I could do anything I wanted that didn’t leave scars. This is allowed.”

Inwardly Gina shook her head. Oh yes, this would leave scars. Just not ones that could be seen.

She continued sadly. “If Master intends to do this, a little girl recommends gagging her. A little girl will scream and the walls here are not as soundproof as in the house.” Carlos thought it wise and went and got her ball gag and applied it.

Now there was nothing left, Gina thought, except for him to whip me. He walked around her suspended naked in the center of her own garage. He could beat her raw and nobody would hear her now-muffled screams.

The first strike was across her stomach. It hurt but not too bad. It wasn’t just letting it flop across her but it was far from his full strength.

He walked behind her and after a moment she felt the whip fall on her back. A bit stronger this time. She cried out and shook but couldn’t do anything about it. After a minute or two she was still again. She really did not like this.

He was back in front of her, swinging the whip vertically in a circle. Letting it slap against her crotch and pussy repeatedly, once a second or so, for about fifteen seconds. After the first ten she started to try to pull out of the way but it was easy to follow her.

Then he was behind her again. She heard the whoosh of the air; this one was going to be real. It landed on her butt and she saw stars. She screamed and spasmed and shook for a long time. That one was full strength and she had no doubt where it struck was now bright red. She was crying now, afraid, unable to stop him and afraid of where he would hurt her next.

He stopped in front of her, ignored her tears. He spun the whip horizontally this time and played it back and forth across her breasts. She struggled and tried to move away, but could move so little that Carlos easily followed. Back and forth across her breasts. After a few seconds it started hurting and she could feel them start turning red. She cried out but after thirty seconds or so stopped. She couldn’t get away, struggling was useless. She just closed her eyes and hung her head and let it happen. Some of her hair fell in front of her, and she felt it when it brushed where he had whipped her breasts. She wondered how long it would go on. He had all night...

A few seconds later Carlos stopped. She looked up to see him standing in front of her.

“Gina, do you like this?”

She laughed and shook her head no.

“Neither do I.” Carlos threw the flogger across the room. “This is stupid. I can’t see what anyone sees in this. This is just wrong. Sorry, I’m never going to do this again!”

He put the box back in place then untied her ankles and helped her to stand on it. Then he freed her wrists and carried her to bed. Carlos didn’t do anything but hold her until she fell asleep.


She woke up, Carlos stirring beside her, morning sunshine lighting the window curtains. OK, she thought while staying still. You’re supposed to be out from under the drug and not remembering the weekend. But it had been one hell of a weekend, hadn’t it?

Carlos shook her a little and she opened her eyes. Good morning, little girl. Let’s go get some breakfast.” He looked at her. “Before we leave, go set the clothes in your closet on fire.”

She gave a snort. “My name is Gina. And not just no, but hell no.”

He laughed. “I just wanted to establish you weren’t pretending to be drugged anymore.”

She looked at him in disbelief. He stared impassively back. It wasn’t a feint. He was sure. “You knew? How long?”

“The whole time. You forget where I come from. I know what New Zombie looks like. At a guess, those were placebos from your birth control pills?”

She laughed. “Damn. I didn’t fool you a bit.”

He held her close and smiled at her. “You wanted to give me a gift and you gave me a wonderful gift this weekend. I had a blast, loved what we did. I know I pushed you, tried to see if I could get you to crack and you never did. I’m still in awe of how strong you are.”

She smiled. He hadn’t been fooled but she had still gotten exactly what she wanted. She kissed him tenderly. “Thank you for playing along anyways.”

He laughed. “Believe me it was my pleasure.”

He laughed again. “I decided since it was what you wanted, why not? I’d see if I could do things with you I’d never dare ask you, see if I could get you to break. I thought I had you when I was tying you down in the truck bed.”

She laughed. “Damn near. It was all I could do to just keep breathing and not freak out. Yeah, you’re right, I’d have *never* agreed to that.” She shook her head.

He stopped and took a moment to lock eyes with her and let the seriousness sink it. “But you need to understand: Doing drugs is a huge, hard, red line with me, for any reason. Any reason. Even what you pretended to do. If I ever caught you doing drugs, I’d make sure you were alright and then you’d never see me again. Zero. Tolerance. Do you understand?”

She gave a laugh, almost a sigh, and nodded. “I’ve never done that and I wouldn’t. I won’t.”

He smiled back. “I know that. One of the many reasons I love you and am blessed to have you in my life. Ready to go to breakfast?”

She gave a snort. “Since I’m allowed to remember what happened after all, I believe we’re about 6 and 0 for the weekend. I demand to get on the scoreboard before *anything* else happens!”

Carlos laughed and rolled on top of her to oblige her.


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