In the Grass

by Zephyr

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Part 3

He walked in her front door calling her name and wondering what he would find this weekend. She hadn't yet met him at the door with a kiss and a hello since that first time. He wondered if she ever would again.

There was no answer but the sound of movement from the dining room area. He rounded the corner to see her completely naked and apparently ok, tied in high heels bent over the edge of the table.

Ropes tied to her ankles and just above her knees spread them wide to the legs of the large dining room table. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and she was held with her upper body pressed against the table by another rope running around the table and her back, up near her shoulders, the rope tight enough to keep her large breasts pleasantly mushroomed into the surface of the table. He could see the free end of the rope across her back was down by her hands. She had been able to tighten it by just pulling all the slack out of it and the knot didn't let it pull back out. A small pillow under her head and a larger one between her crotch and the table provided a little comfort while a strip of duct tape silenced her effectively. Her head was sideways on the pillow so she could see him come in. He could see in her eyes that she was glad that he had arrived. She "ummph"d a hello as best she could.

There was a bottle of something that looked like sex lube atop a piece of paper on the table. He picked it up and started reading it.

"Dear Carlos: Have you ever tried anal?" It began. He thought about it, looked her over. Her bottom was sticking out on the edge and with her legs so wide he could see her nether hole there. The heels put her at about the perfect height for such a thing and tied as she was to the heavy table it would be quite easy to do. "I have,” the handwritten note continued “but only a few times. If you have tried it too, you could try it again. It's up to you, but you might never have a chance like this again. Use it or lose it. More use me or lose it. :)"

He looked up into her eyes and she relaxed a little as she could see him considering. He read on. "If you choose to, I've cleaned myself out really well so that shouldn't be a problem. Remember that there is NO natural lubrication back there. If you do, use lots and lots and lots of lube, at first go in a little at a time and if you feel friction stop , pull out, and use some more lube, for which I will be very grateful and if not I will be very sore for the next few days, including the rest of the weekend. :( It's up to you if you leave the duct tape on my mouth, you know how loud I can get. I’ve found I’m really loud when you're working your way in but once you're well lubed and all the way in I'll be fine and should be able to keep properly quiet.

I know how I've acted when I've done this before so while you are doing this, especially while you are working your way into me, you are to ignore my safeword action or anything else I might do. Don't worry, just do me. I can't stop you and if I wasn't willing then why did I tie myself to the table and leave you a written invitation? Just use lots of lube and don't worry. Once you're all the way in I'll be fine.

Either way when you're done leave me here and go into my bedroom and pick out a dress and heels for me. There are a few suggestions on the bed but pick whatever you want. That's all I'll wear. So I could be out at dinner in a short dress and no panties with your cum up my butt the whole time. How about that?

Once you've been in my bottom you can't go into my front until we've showered and cleaned you up real well or I'll get a nasty infection in front and that would be a drag. It's all up to you. Tied like I am, I don’t have a voice in it but have fun and don't concern yourself about what I want. Do what you want to do, because you want to do it. Love, Regina."

He put the note down and looked at her. "Have you changed your mind and want me to let you go?" A firm "uh-uh" through the duct tape.

"Ok then. You said to do whatever I want to do and I will."

He stood to the side of the table where she could see and stripped off all his clothes. He heard a little gasping sigh from her when his hard cock sprang into view. His task completed, he moved out of sight behind her. She felt him pull the rope across her shoulder blades tighter, as tight as it could go, pinning her solidly, no slack at all left.

Damn, Gina thought, it looks like he really was going to do this. She wasn't really into anal sex, she figured as strait-laced as Carlos still was he'd look at the offer, then say no and yuck and untie her and take her to dinner. But at least she'd had offered him it and that would be that. She had cleaned herself out really thoroughly, giggling a little about it, no way, not yet, maybe in six months, but not now. Well, looks like that was wrong.

And she had given up her safeword. She was in a wild and crazy mood yesterday when she wrote the note, figured it was safe because no way he'd actually do her that way. It seemed like a fun and safe twist at the time. But now he was naked and moving behind her. There was no way she could complain, he had it in writing and she knew Carlos well enough that if he thought she wanted him to ignore her and have fun he'd do exactly that. She wondered just what she had gotten herself in for.

She held her breath and let it out explosively as he swatted her exposed bottom. It wasn't his full strength but it wasn't a love tap either. Three more times he did that, until she struggled a little, and he stopped, convinced that she was truly helpless. If she could have gotten free she would have before Carlos could have delivered all four strikes. Gina wasn't really into spankings, no she hated them really and he knew she did even though he kinda liked it. Well, she thought as she felt the redness bloom, she said he could do anything he wanted and that he shouldn't worry about her. And yes, she was really helpless.

"Ok, I won't do that anymore." A grunt that sounded like "good" came from the tied woman before him. "To let you know I've never done this before with someone but you've gone through all this trouble so I think I will give it a try." He picked up the bottle of lube, let some of it pour down the crack of her cheeks over her bung hole then worked some of it into her. More went on to him. He initially leaned down and slipped into her pussy and found it soaking wet, he didn't need any of the lube at all for that. Satisfied after a few strokes he pulled back out, lubed his member heavily and then placed the head of his cock where he had never gone with a woman before.

He pushed. It was harder than he thought but finally he felt himself starting to penetrate her, confirmed by a squeal and some limited shaking from her. It took less than an inch for the lube to run out, so he pulled out, lubed up again and pushed again. It was easier this time, he got a little further, but when he pulled out she stayed open enough that he could pour a little in her as well as on him.

With grunts and groans from her and a few from him he eventually got enough lube in so he could go full stroke into her. He started to pound, banging her against the table edge. It was much tighter than her pussy and it was ok but he doubted he would be giving up vaginas for this. But it was different and felt good and he could orgasm this way and he decided he wanted to. He grabbed her hips and drove in and out of her until with a cry he shoved hard into her and spurted further into her than he could reach. She just lay still underneath him, enduring, waiting. When he was done he slowly pulled out ending with a wet plop and he was through. He grabbed one or two of the wipes Gina had left nearby and wiped himself down, leaving her still pinned to the table. He wondered how long it would take his cum to start leaking out of her. There was no way he was going to make her wait, though.

He reached over and pulled the duct tape off as gently as he could. "Howya doing?" He asked.

She licked her lips for a moment, then answered. "Fine. You did a good job on the lube, I don't think I'll be that sore. Let me go though, I'd really like to get a drink of water." He was working the key into the handcuffs a second later and soon she had her desire.

It had been three weeks since Gina and Carlos had been able to spend the weekend together, he thought as he finished testing the air conditioning recharge on his current assignment at work. Carlos was getting itchy and Maria was being her usual no help in that area. She had not mentioned going to see her mother so this weekend didn't look like it might be the answer.

He retrieved the keys and the work order from on top of his tool chest and started back for the front desk to turn them in and pick up his next vehicle. As he stepped into the customer area he stopped dead. There were two men waiting while work was done and one female... oh crap, he thought.... Gina. Dressed in ankle boots and a very short, tight dress. But she didn't look up or give any greeting when he came in. Carlos decided that if she was not going to recognize him it was safest to do the same. Enough people here knew Maria that things could be a problem.

He went into the office and up to Randy, the employee running the front desk. He handed in the keys and the invoice for the Suburban and asked what was next.

"Damn, I'm sure you noticed that blonde in the short skirt with the legs and the chest out there." Randy started. He'd always been kind of a letch but Carlos always just ignored it. "She asked for you by name. Said she needs an oil change, had a friend who knew you and no one else would do. I told her it'd be a half hour before you were done with your current car and she said she didn't care and would be happy to wait. Do you know her?"

"I think I've seen her around but I don't know her." he glanced back out into the waiting room and figured he better say it, to not say it would look suspicious too. "But damn she's easy on the eyes, isn't she?"

"And hard on other places, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah." Carlos agreed with a smile. If he only knew...

"Anyway," Randy continued, "she said she wanted to meet you beforehand so she still has her keys. She wants a full LOF." He handed Carlos the work order folder.

"Ok. Whatever. On it." Carlos walked out and over to Gina, sure that Randy was watching. Damn, she looked mouthwatering. Short dress more than halfway up her thighs as she sat, tight across the breasts. Miles of legs. He couldn't tell if she had panties on but it was a near thing. She would not have to open her legs much to answer that question. He pretended to look at the work order to check her name. "Hi, Ms. Arthur. I'm Carlos Monterra and will be taking care of your car today. Thank you for coming in!"

She looked up, saw him, put the magazine away, stood up and shook his hand. "Yes, very good to meet you. My friend Angela loves the way you handle her car, said to only work with you. Is it time to start?"

"It sure is. If you'll hand me the key I think you can be on your way in less than an hour."

She stood up, grabbed her purse, and started for the door. "Ok, but I need to get something out of my car first, if that's ok."

"Sure." He said as he followed behind. When they were stopped at the car and Gina retrieved a book. Nobody else was anywhere around but with Gina dressed like that the other guys were sure to be watching. She opened the door and leaned into the back seat to get the book. It caused her skirt to ride up but from that angle nobody else could see. It was short enough; her panties were silky and light blue.

"What are you doing here?" He asked as she stood up.

"Well, first off my car really does need to be serviced," she looked around, "but to be honest, it's been three weeks and I really need to be serviced too!" She looked around, saw nobody close enough to hear her.

"I want you to know just how hard it is to be this close to you and to stay away from you."

"Trust me, I know."

“Good. It's five to ten right now. At five after, take a break and make like you're going to the bathroom. But walk into the women's restroom instead. Please? Pretty please?"

"If I can, sure."

"Good!" She almost blew it, gave a start toward him to give him a kiss but caught herself. She just handed him the car key. "I hope you enjoy your break; I'm planning to." And without a backward glance she walked back into the waiting area.

Carlos watched her legs as she moved away for a second. Then making a show of it he sighed, shook his head, then climbed into her car and drove it into his stall to begin work.

The bathrooms were at the end of a short hall off the waiting area. This actually might work out, Carlos thought as he pumped grease into the suspension. You couldn't see down the hallway and nobody else would know which door he went in. It was a risk, but he didn't want to disappoint Gina. And to be blunt it would be nice for him too. At the appointed time he put down the tools and headed in for the bathroom like any other time.

Gina was not in the waiting area. He wondered what he would do if she wasn't in there or wasn't alone in there. No other females were currently in the shop but you never knew. He could just claim to be distracted which wouldn't go over perfectly but would work. The door was unlocked so he turned the handle and walked inside.

Gina was there and as the door closed she threw herself into his arms and kissed him. He was glad they kept the restrooms as immaculate as they did. "The last ten minutes have been horrible." She whined then she grabbed his crotch and smiled. "But boy do I have a use for that." She reached over and locked the door. "I know you won't have much time, so let's hurry." She reached under her skirt and pulled the panties down and was out of them in a second. With a mischievous grin she tucked them into the front of his pants Then she turned around. Leaning over she let her skirt pop over her hips to bunch at her waist before grabbing the sink and bracing herself.

Carlos didn't need more invitation. His pants were down and his hard, hungry cock was sliding into a well-lubricated tunnel in a second. Gina just grabbed the sink tighter, bracing herself as he pounded her hard, relentless, fast. She gave squeaks every once in a while but all in all kept silent. When he was reaching the top she suddenly shuddered and reached back to signal him to stop. He did, watching her body tremble for just a handful of seconds. She normally had him wait a minute or two but thirty seconds later her hands were back on the sink. "Ready." She whispered. "We're in a hurry. I'll handle it. Your turn."

It didn't take him long to finish after that. He rammed it in, and less than a minute later felt several long spurts plow semen into her. When it had stopped she was up and adjusting her skirt, thanking him with a kiss as he zipped back up. She unlocked and opened the door, checked outside to make sure the coast was clear, then nodded to him as she headed back for the waiting area. He came out a minute or two later to find her sitting again, engrossed in her book, ignoring the man she loved and who had just fucked her to an orgasm. With a shrug he headed back off to the bays and her car. As he got there he realized he still had her panties tucked in his pants so she was sitting in the waiting area in that incredibly short skirt, no panties and a pussy full of his cum. He shook his head, she surely did it intentionally and it was working.

Billy, the mechanic in the stall next to his, stopped to talk to him as he came back. "Damn! I saw her talking out there to you. She looks just so fucking hot, hottest woman in here in a week. Who is she?"

"Don't really know." Carlos lied. "A friend of another customer, she says."

"She's hot for you. It looked like she was going to give you a hug for a second out there by her car. You ought to get her number. Maria'd never know. I bet she gives real silky blow jobs."

"Nah, wouldn't do that to Maria," he answered honestly. And she did give damn good, silky blow jobs but there was no way he'd ever tell Billy that.

"Nobody here would tell," Billy urged, "I'll bet you could make her plenty happy."

Carlos smiled. "I'll settle for a good report on my work to Randy."

Billy gave a little laugh. "Well, ok, but if she wants a consolation prize, point her my way, wouldya?" Carlos laughed without otherwise answering and returned to work. After completing it he did an inspection that found nothing radically wrong. He took it for a quick test drive then returned the keys and the work order. "All done, Miss Arthur," he said, pretending to check the work order for her name, "didn't find anything else to worry you about."

"Ok." She answered, gathering up her book and purse. "The a/c makes a funny noise when it's at idle. Did you hear it on your test drive?"

"Can't say I did."

"Let me pay the bill and I'll show you. I might need to bring it back."

"Sure," he nodded.

They went back out to the parking lot and her car. She climbed in, closed the door and pretended to fiddle with the dash then looked out the window to talk to him. She smiled then discreetly pulled her dress up and spread her legs wide showing him her neatly trimmed bush.

"I forgot I gave my panties to you." She started. "I've had to sit there for a half-hour with my legs tightly squeezed together to make sure nothing leaked." She paused for a second then smiled. "Or showed. But it was worth it."

"Service is our top concern." Carlos deadpanned with a smile.

"Well, you get straight A's from me. Any chance of getting my panties back?"

"Nope. Too many people watching."

She signed. "How about chances for this weekend?"

"No news. Doesn't look good."

She signed again, heavily this time. "OK. Throw them away if you need to. I'll understand."

He nodded. "I'll try not to but no promises."

"Best I can ask for." She conceded. "Love you, see you... soon."

"I hope so. I really hope so."

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