In the Grass

by Zephyr

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Part 2

It was a long, silent three weeks and things were rough with Scott. With no communication from Carlos she was easing into the conviction that Carlos wasn't going to call and it was just a very fun weekend fling. Midweek of the third week she almost squealed when she found she had a text from Carlos. He had been up and down the entire time: He had really enjoyed the weekend with her but was wary of how Maria finding out would affect his relationship with Samuel. But Gina had been on his mind almost constantly and just the memory of that weekend had helped him past a few rough spots. Maria had announced she was going on another visit "to her mother" this weekend. He had to see Gina again even if it was only for a meal at a restaurant somewhere. Was she free?

She wrote him back that she had nothing going on this weekend (she hadn't had anything going on any weekend since they met just in case) and he was welcome to see her but she expected much more than dinner. Gina already knew that Maria generally left for her mother's around six on a Friday so he could be at Gina's front door any time after that, maybe pick her up at her house for dinner somewhere around seven? She only asked that he text or call her each time when he got off the freeway so she knew he was about to arrive and could be properly ready. His response was a very happy yes that came back in less than a minute.

Friday night came and butterflies along with it. Seven o’clock arrived for Gina. Playing toward what she knew would be her strengths versus Maria she was bare legged in three-inch heels, making her almost six foot, still about an inch shorter than Carlos. The dress she wore was tight, hugged all her curves and ended well above her knees. Best of all was the massive cleavage the dress showed, cut deep between her breasts and packing them tightly while showing an extreme amount of them. She was satisfied with the outfit; it would be interesting to see how long it took Carlos to actually look into her eyes. 

Her phone buzzed the promised text from Carlos. The butterflies lifted her up and deposited her in her entryway just inside her front door. She shook her head, she was almost twenty-three but she was acting like a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl. She shrugged. It was how she was. Sorry if reality didn't like it.

She heard the sound of a motor shutting off in her driveway then the butterflies rose to a fever as steps walked up to the door. The doorbell rang. Keep it cool, girl, she told herself, act your age. She opened the door, resisting the temptation to jerk it open and throw herself into his arms. She opened the door slowly, controlled. Carlos looked wonderful, fresh haircut, shirt and tie and slacks and a huge smile. Yeah, good enough to eat, she thought with a twinge below the butterflies. His eyes got wide for a moment at her outfit, especially just below her neck, but he recovered quickly and looked up at her eyes and smiled. She broke at that and flung herself into his arms, staggering him a little, smothering him with kisses which he equally returned. When she ran out of air they broke apart just a little for a moment.

"Good to see you too!" He murmured with a smile. "Sure you want to go out and get dinner?"

She laughed a bit, but it was a thought. "Have you eaten?" She asked.

"Actually no, since we were..."

"Let's go then," she cut him off, "I wore this outfit intending to stoke a fire and I'm going to enjoy watching it happen. A good meal is needed for you. Later on tonight you will need your strength."

He laughed and they left hand in hand.

That seemed to be the pattern for the two of them. Frantic weekends far apart. After that first weekend when he arrived Gina always seemed to have some sort of kinky surprise waiting for him. After that they would go out to a nice dinner then retire to her bed and more sex if they desired which they usually did. The next day they'd do things together, maybe watch a movie or play some sort of games (he actually did have a thing for backgammon; she wasn't too good at it but got better fast) or took a trip somewhere, being conscious that they needed to avoid places that someone might recognize Carlos being out with someone other than Maria. Saturday evenings went lots of different ways, sometimes out for another meal, sometimes staying home for a meal that Gina prepared and Carlos invariably enjoyed (well, except for the squash). Sunday mornings they often didn't get out of bed until noon maximizing the time until when Carlos needed to return to his home and his normal life.

The next time they had a weekend together was three weeks later. Again he texted her as he got off the freeway, again she was waiting just inside the door for his knock. It was a little after seven and the sun was setting but it was nowhere near dark. She opened the door and immediately stepped outside and closed it behind her. He was taken aback; except for high heels she was completely naked. The door closed behind her and they both heard the lock click into place. She grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her door key, then knelt down, opened his zipper and went enthusiastically to work.

Carlos was still in shock. A nice shock, but still shock. Her front porch was somewhat hidden from the street, the garage on one side extended out, the master bedroom on the other leaving an area about fifteen feet deep and about ten wide. There was a large trimmed bush against the carport wall near the front and some sort of welded rebar metal trellis that ran ground to eaves, probably intended for roses or ivy or something but none were there. Realistically the only thing that kept Gina's naked body from being seen by anyone passing directly in front of the house was Carlos' body. But this was crazy. She had locked herself out of her house and the only key was in his keeping. It was clear though, she was working quite hard to get his favor in the best way she could. And it was working. It was feeling real, real good.

He pocketed the key, grabbed her hair and held on to her as she rode his cock with her mouth. It felt silky good; it had been four days since he had done anything with himself in that area anticipating coming here and he wasn't going to last long. He felt like he was going to deliver gallons. He wondered if she swallowed. He wondered if she could handle everything he felt sure he was going to provide. But this felt way, way too good. Something snapped, the hands holding her hair dug in and grabbed handfuls. Not tight, but enough so that she could no longer pull away if she wanted to. Gina didn't mind, in fact it made her hotter and considered that a positive sign. That and the way he was moving his hips to thrust a little in and out of her mouth on his own. It didn't worry her, she wasn't about to stop, she'd waited too long for this. Besides that she was naked and locked out of her house and she had given him her only available key. She couldn't imagine it would happen but if somehow she managed to really piss him off he could walk away with her key in his pocket. It wasn't like she was going to chase him out to his car naked as the day she was born and they both knew it. She’d better be good.

A minute or two later she felt his hands holding her head onto his member tense up. She braced herself for the stream of come she had planned to swallow but he wasn't giving her a choice. She managed to handle the spurts of salty fluid that shot into her mouth without gagging or choking. When he finally let her go she pulled off and after a breath teased him. "Mmmm. Good to the last drop."

"Yeah,” he gave a deep, relaxed sigh, “thank you. That was really something. Now let's get you inside before somebody sees us."

The weekends were fun and full of sex but didn't happen often enough and didn't last long enough. Gina understood that Carlos wasn't going to give up his son for her, in fact if made to choose he’d better do just the opposite. So she did her best to make the little time they had memorable. Carlos sure didn't seem to be getting much of that from Maria. He was a pretty straitlaced sort of person but she hoped (and planned) with time to open his horizons to match her world.

She told him when he called to say he was getting off the freeway that he should come right in and start having fun and not worry about her. He didn't understand but told her he'd do as she said. No one greeted him at the door but when he got to Gina's bedroom he found out why. Gina lay naked and spread-eagled, tied to her bed, with a bright red ball gag strapped into her mouth. 

After a second he decided to do as she asked. It had been the last time he was here since he had a woman and he was really, really ready. Off came his clothes and he climbed on top of her. He asked her if she was all right to which she nodded and with that he went to town. When he came with a long drawn out moan and pulled out she made some unhappy noises, like "what about me?" He just patted a breast as he told her, "Maybe later, if you're good. Right now it's time to go to dinner." She groaned but did not complain. They had a nice dinner, she was very good if a little antsy dressed in a tight, short dress and high heels that showed off long legs and outlined large breasts without showing too much. She wasn't wearing a bra under it, so her breasts jiggled alluringly all through the meal and kept distracting Carlos (Gina just smiled at that). When they got back home he rewarded her by satisfying her thoroughly.

The next time he was able to come over was three weeks later. She was ready and waiting for him inside the front door but not ready to go to dinner. At least she hoped not since she was practically naked.

She heard him come up to the door. She opened it to his surprised gaze, she in high heels, a completely open full length jacket only around her shoulders, her hands held behind her back by a yet-unseen pair of handcuffs.

She pulled the door closed behind her and they both heard it latch and lock. She shrugged her shoulders and the coat fell to the ground, leaving her completely exposed and helpless. Carlos was speechless. 

She nodded her head and pointed out a nail that had been embedded in one of the porch supports, a little more than six feet from the ground. On the nail was a door key and a handcuff key. It was clearly too high for her to have any hope of reaching them but Carlos could get to them easily.

Gina implored him: "If I please you there are the keys and you can let me go and we can go on. If I'm not pleasing enough you can just walk away and leave me naked and back-cuffed, locked outside my house. I will be pleasing. Please unzip your pants and let me prove it to you."

He looked at her for a second, and a smile crossed his face which was quickly replaced with a mock stern look. He withdrew two lengths of cord from his pocket and showed them to her. Then he reached down and unzipped his pants, letting out a deliciously stiff member.

"Yes." He said. "This is how it is going to work. You have eight minutes to bring me off and swallow every drop. If you do not finish before that I will tie each of your elbows to the posts" he indicated the two posts just in front of the doorway, about five feet in front of the door and about that much apart "and leave you standing there, naked and visible to anyone who can see you from the street while I go have dinner. Your time starts now."

"But..." she protested. Actually, the threat had produced a warm rush between her thighs. Hopefully he hasn't done much since we last met, eight minutes should be plenty.

"You've already wasted fifteen seconds. I suggest you get busy."

She gulped. She had been trying to get him to be more forceful, more dominant. But if she were tied up like he threatened there was a moon out and anyone driving or walking by could see her. It was a very narrow area when she could be seen from the street. The garage and the master bedroom formed the sides of a narrow walkway and a hedge on the garage side made it even smaller. Even with that there was about a ten-foot length of the street where she would be clearly visible. She gulped, carefully dropped to her knees, and started working. 

She had no idea of the time but he was fighting her and he wasn't going to come quickly after all. Her hands cuffed behind her did not help, limiting her only to her mouth. She could have helped things along with dancing fingers. It took way longer than she wanted, maybe too long, his hands curled in her hair, guiding her in and out, fucking her throat, and she was starting to worry about the time, then to despair that she wasn't going to make the deadline. Would he really leave her tied up naked and on display in the front of her own house? She figured she'd get him off and they'd be gone to dinner. She didn't know, doubted it, but then again she never thought he'd put a deadline on her. Would he? She wasn't sure. She was sure that she wished he would just rub her clit for about ten seconds, though. She'd come like an explosion.

Finally he grabbed her head and held her tight against him as he delivered several spurts of salty cum which she swallowed. He released her and she sat back on her haunches, looking up expectantly. It was pretty likely she had taken too long but surely now that he was happy he'd relent.

"Eight minutes forty-two seconds. No dinner for you. Stand up." 

She looked up, shocked. "But... no... you can't..."

"You can stand up and co-operate and I will be back in an hour, or I will take your keys and jacket and go home. What would you do then?" she saw no mercy in his eyes.

She rose to her feet, a little painfully after being down on the ground for so long. "Yes, sir." She whispered as she positioned herself between the posts.

The rope came out of his pocket and as promised rope was tied from each elbow to the appropriate post. A car turned down the street and he quickly stepped in front of her to shield her as it passed. Then two more ropes came out, tying her ankles wide apart. Damn, Gina thought, scratch that. If he had only tied her elbows she could have slipped the rope down and covered herself, but with her feet spread she was on full display and had no real options for movement. She was scared, not believing that he was really going to walk away like he threatened, but incredibly turned on at the increasingly real possibility that he might. 

At least it was pretty well dark already. There were a few last shreds of light that were fading away quickly. Once it was dark There was only a little bit of ambient light into the front porch area; it wasn't completely black but most people driving by probably wouldn't see anything more than her outline. 

He rubbed her clit for about thirty seconds, until her panting showed her on the edge of orgasm. And then he just stopped. She uselessly murmured complaints and thrust her hips trying to make contact but with her feet tied so wide apart there was nothing she could do to help herself. Disappointed she watched as he grabbed both keys and the jacket from the ground. 

"You're really going to leave me tied up here naked on my front porch where anyone could see me?" she asked, not believing.



"Because you asked me to." That got a puzzled look from her. He reminded her that she had asked him to be more forceful, more dominant. He should take charge and he should push her. That she liked exploring her limits and he should feel free, even encouraged to find them and try to expand them.

"But somebody can see me? It's my own front door! You can't do this. Nice joke, now untie me and let's go to dinner."

"You also warned me that if I did that you would most likely try to talk me out of it. And I shouldn't let you; you'd be pissed if I did."

"Yeah, but..." she started. He shook his head at her, ran a finger into her pussy, drawing a squeak from her. He drew it back. She didn't need to look to know it was soaking wet.

"At least tie my arms up better." Maybe if her wrists were tied up with rope she thought she might have a chance of getting loose. Handcuffed behind her, it wasn't going to happen.

"I could tie your arms up to the top corners of the posts, but I think you don't really want that. Someone passing might see you if it's dark and just see someone standing there, with a good chance they won't register that you're naked and tied up. If your hands are spread above you, it'd draw more attention."

"What do you mean, if it's dark?"

"Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. I'll be turning the security lights on when I go." Gina's knees almost failed at that. "Be sure you don’t move too much. In the dark you'll probably be ok but if you've got the floodlights on you... not so much."

Gina's heart quailed. It was up on the master bedroom wall at the front end of the house and when it was on the whole entryway was flooded with light, brightly lit. There'd be no way anyone could miss her, miss her naked and bound body, if that happened.

They had installed a motion sensor security light about two visits ago. It had two strong floodlights, one pointed back toward the front door, toward her naked body now. It had a three-minute startup time before it came active and if it came on it would run until five minutes had passed from the last time it saw movement. Could she hold still that long? If he really did it she would have to. The alternative was unthinkable.

He went into the house; she hoped not to turn on the security lights and leave. She looked out and straight across the street was the window from the master bedroom of the house over there. The curtains were open and there were no lights and thankfully no sign of activity in there. She thought about what would happen if the flood-lights came on, anyone looking out that window couldn't miss her. She really didn't know the couple that lived over there, no kids, a little older than her. The wife was nice enough but the husband tended to strip Gina naked when she walked out her door to her car in any sort of revealing outfit. Yeah, he'd make some excuse to his wife, close the curtains and be right over here and all over her, she was sure. If the light stayed out people driving by would probably miss her but somebody walking by could be a problem. 

Carlos returned. He had a strip of duct tape. She looked up at him with the biggest puppy dog eyes look she could muster. He leaned over and took a long deep french kiss which she did the very best to return well. She surely didn't need to be fighting him now. When the kiss was over, before he could silence her, she gave it one more try. "Please no. Please don't." His response was to press the duct tape over her mouth and smooth it down above and below her lips to make sure it adhered. She closed her eyes and lowered her head. Maybe he was really going to leave her. She wasn't sure any more.

He went inside the front door briefly, locking it on the way back out. He whispered “I've turned the security light on, the three minutes starts now." and her blood ran cold and her knees sagged. No! She could see the fatal flood-lights mounted on the eaves at the front corner of the bedroom wall. A cruel chill coming over her, she'd be lit up like a searchlight. The light would cause people to look and they'd see her. All of her. She murmured through the tape "No, please no!"

He was unmoved. Perhaps waiting for her to safeword, or gagged, her safeword gesture, but she had forgotten about that option. She looked up at him, anger and desperation flashing in her eyes but she made no noise or movement. Good thing he got his damn kisses before he left. They might have to last him quite a long while... 

He walked about ten feet in front of her and turned to spend a long thirty seconds admiring the view, dim in the small amount of moonlight that reached the entryway. She could have broken down and surrendered but held back. She still didn't really think he'd leave her naked and visible from the street for an hour but all he had to do at this point was get in his car and go. But she wouldn't beg, he was waiting for that, waiting for a safeword motion. She did neither. He surely would not risk angering her this way. She'd show him. She'd be strong.

He smiled and turned away. She held her breath waiting for him to come back but only heard the sound of his truck door opening. She panicked and fought the ropes holding her, desperate to find a loose spot in them that could yield her freedom or at least allow her to escape the threat of the floodlights but found no flaw, no hope of release. She thought to cry out now but it was too late. She was dead flat naked, visible from the street, and he was too far away to call out to with her lips taped together. She could see the still-darkened window across the street, she wondered what she would do if that changed. She heard the sound she dreaded, another car turning the corner and coming down the street and no Carlos anywhere nearby to shelter her from view. The lights on the porch were out and the security lights probably still had about thirty seconds before they became active.

The car drove by quickly. As near as she could tell the one person in the car, probably female, didn't look in her direction and see Gina in the darkness.

She heard Carlos' car door close. What the hell was he doing? Stop this crap right now! And then she heard the sound that made her heart drop, the sound of the engine of his truck starting up and a few seconds later going into gear. No! She wanted to scream! She wanted to yell out. But she didn't even dare to move; surely the sensor was active by now. To move would bring about a nightmare. Could she hold still for an hour? The light would shut back off after five minutes of no motion, so even if she did trip it she still needed to just stay still. She waited to hear the sound of the tires rolling out of the driveway. Damn you, have a good meal. I hope you had fun up until now because you ain't getting nothing from me once you get back. Then again, that wasn't true. He'd be getting a hell of a lot of shit from her.

Instead of rolling away the noise of the engine died. She heard the car door open and the sound of his footsteps returning. "The floodlights!" She wanted to yell out to him but she couldn't. He walked right up to her. The lights curiously and thankfully did not come on to expose her.

"Oh come on, I really wouldn't leave the lights on!" He assured her as he untied the ropes from her elbows. The ropes on her ankles soon were loosed as well, and then the handcuffs came off. 

"That wasn't funny!" She glowered, rubbing her wrists.

"I was always there to protect you. You were always safe. Besides, please tell me after seeing that bright red flush on your neck and how wet certain other parts of you were that you didn't like it." He unlocked the front door for her. "Now go get dressed and let's go get dinner." 

She gave a long exasperated sigh and then a smile as she passed. But she stopped in the doorway. He was right. She was shaking but now that the fear had passed she was hellaciously turned on. She spun around and grabbed his hand, pulling him inside with her. "I don't know if you can do it again so soon but get your ass in here. I demand an apology orgasm and I want it right fucking now." He only raised his eyebrows as he came inside and shut the door behind him.

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