In the Grass

by Zephyr

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Storycodes: M+/f; M/f; bond; chain; sex; outdoors; public; exhib; rom; reluct; cons; X

This story branches off from part 3 of "By Invitation", but with a different outcome. For more context on Gina and Scott, you should read that story first.

Part 1

What caught his eye was a glint in the woods off the path. Not the sparkle of a broken bottle or a piece of trash that someone had thrown off or had blown into the forest in the path to the rapids and sliding rocks. Something else, he didn't know what. He motioned his two friends to stop and to go check it out with him. They never in a million years imagined what they would find.

It was a woman. Young, early twenties, long brown hair curled and well down her back, nice body, not thin but well curved and completely female. Large breasts, maybe 36 or 38Ds, still firm and rather large on her frame. No fat, lightly tanned skin, green eyes that were at the moment flashing with anger but with fear visible underneath. They could easily tell all of this because except for a fine gold necklace around her neck she was totally naked.

She had a chain locked around her left ankle. It ran off into the woods and was the source of the reflection he had seen. She was scared, terrified really, trapped, couldn't run away, stuck in a little clearing that looked comfortable enough, ten feet into the forest alongside a very busy path that hundreds of people walked up and down all day traveling the 3/4 of a mile in this state park between the swim area to the parking lot. No food or water was in evidence. Curiously enough, past her on the ground and likely out of her reach with the ankle chain was an open pair of handcuffs and a length of white rope with a loop in one end.

"Stay away from me. I'll scream real loud and fight you." She was wary, on guard as best as she could be, large breasts bouncing a little as she kept all three young men in her sight. 

"I wouldn't do that, sister." He urged her. "We’d have to stop you and we'd probably hurt you in doing that and we'd rather not hurt you." He paused for a second. "You want to get free, go home?" A flash of hope ran through her eyes. "Look." He implored her. "I know one thing and that is that we aren't going to hurt you. What's your name and how did you get here?" 

She looked like she relaxed just a little. "My name is Gina and let's just say I have a boyfriend sort of person who wanted to teach me a lesson about being naked in public. Who are you?"

"My name is Tom, this is Carlos and Barry." He nodded toward the handcuffs and the length of rope. "Your boyfriend looks pretty kinky. When did he leave you here and when was he coming back for you?"

Gina didn't see any reason to not tell the truth. "I've been here for a few hours . He might be back at any time to check on me but he told me that he's not going to let me go until after dark. Yes, he’s really kinky.” He was and in fact she was too. She continued: “You don’t know the half of it.” She thought about her current situation and shrugged. “Then again, forget that. And I never said he was my boyfriend."

Tom raised his hands in concession. "I understand. Sorry." He shrugged. "Maybe we can help each other."

"Like what?" She asked, suspicious but pretty sure where this was headed.

"You let us each have some fun with you. Then we get you loose, give you some clothes, and take you anywhere in town you want to go. Your home, even."

Gina thought about it. She could probably get off one good scream if they rushed her and then she would be down and they could make her pay for the noise. They could take what they wanted from her. Chained by the ankle and with three of them it wasn't like she had a chance of winning. It all depended on how hurt she wanted to get along the way.

"You'd get me out of here, take me home? Really?" All three nodded. She thought about it for a moment and realized it didn't matter. They could take the sex from her and she couldn't stop it. They'd probably just take what they wanted and then laugh and leave her just like she was when they found her but at least she wouldn't get beat up and bruised along the way. A long pause while she looked at each of them. "Ok, who's first?"

The three young men looked at each other, surprised and clearly expecting another answer. Carlos and Barry both shrugged. "You go." they both said to Tom. "We'll give you two a little space." And they backed away.

Gina lay down in the middle of her clearing and waited, sizing up Tom. He didn't seem like a gang-banger or a junkie, just a guy out with his friends. His shirt was already off and she could see he was muscular but not ripped with clean lines on his chest and stomach, a large tattoo across his right shoulder. It looked like some sort of building and not a church. Large hands. If someone had to do her, he looked like a decent choice. His shoes and socks came off and his shorts came down, and while he was kind of large he wasn't that large. He wasn't undersized at all and he was already fully hard. But she really hoped they would keep their word. She had been here, chained naked while people and dogs and everyone walked by the path fifty feet away, very unhappy at what might happen. She’d do almost anything to avoid being left here for another ten hours. Come to think of it she was.

He knelt between her legs. He nodded up at the rope and the handcuffs. "Do you want to use them?" He asked.

She laughed. "Hell no. But if you'll kiss me for about five minutes first the rest of this will go a lot smoother."

He did. He wasn't a bad kisser. She kept her eyes closed, imagining, putting herself in a safer, happier place. The fact that he bothered to kiss her told her a lot: If he was a using sort of person who would just screw her without any thought for her. The kissing worked; by the time he pushed into her she was adequately wet and it didn't hurt.

Gina kept her eyes closed and a half-convincing smile plastered on her face. It wasn't bad, she wasn't tied up beyond the one ankle and he wasn't hurting her like Scott sometimes did. Soon enough she felt him tense up, push hard into her. He held for about fifteen seconds then panting rolled off her.

He soon recovered, redressed, even stopped to thank her. He called his friends back. He asked who was next. Barry declined, saying Lauren would kill him if she found out, apparently his girlfriend. They all looked at Carlos, who paused for a long time then looking at Gina he firmly said, "No thank you. Gina, you're beautiful and you wouldn't believe how much I want you and how I will regret this but no. I'd make love to you in a heartbeat but this isn't love. Not like this." Tom looked around and Gina held her breath, waiting for them to shrug and walk away. Hopefully no one else would find her the rest of the day. To her shock then Tom said, "Ok, let's keep our promise and get the young lady out of here."

Carlos stripped off his t-shirt and tossed it to her. It was long and black with the logo and name of a metal band she had never heard of but it was clothing. It was a large and fit tightly across her large breasts, that would be a problem. It was rather snug and only came down a little past her tush but there was nothing for it. It was this or being naked. For her wearing this little in public once would have sent her screaming but actually, she thought, for women on the path, except for the lack of anything under it the outfit was about average.

Her breasts were too big and she knew they would bobble all over the place as she walked in it. People walking by would inevitably wonder just what she had on under the t-shirt. Definitely not a bra. The shirt was tight enough to show the lack of the lines that panties or a bikini bottom would make. Barefoot, too, so she wouldn't be walking smoothly. Yep, anyone who wondered wouldn't have much doubt or much trouble making the no-bra determination. The t-shirt was micro-miniskirt length and even though she had the body for it she hated really short skirts, which was pretty much why she had wound up here. But still there really was nothing for it, she reminded herself and smiled a thanks to Carlos. It was this or naked all the way down the path to the parking lot and home.

She looked at Carlos. Black hair fuzzing over his body, his chest and stomach were in a bit better shape than Tom's. He looked like he worked with his hands for a living. With a close look she noticed dark smudges under the tips of his fingernails, maybe an auto mechanic. Carlos was moving toward her, motioned for her to sit back down. He pulled out a large pocket knife and asked Gina to lay still. It took about five minutes and was a little scary, Carlos worked with the knife blade to carefully open one of the links around her ankle. Soon enough he put down the knife, worked with the chain for a second and the instrument that had held her prisoner fell to the ground beside her and she was free. Barry helped her up and with him she carefully worked her way with them out of the woods, back to the path and back toward the parking lot. 

The walk was everything she had expected. Every single guy they passed it seemed, and they passed dozens, were mesmerized by her bouncing breasts under the t-shirt. It was tight enough that if the hem popped up over her hips it would stay up there until pulled back down and her breasts were encouraging that with every bounce. She did everything she could discreetly to not let that happen. Walking barefoot was kind of iffy, she had to watch out for things that would hurt her feet but walked on them occasionally anyway. It was probably for the best; if her eyes weren't down she'd be getting more feedback on what a display she was putting on. She prayed that if she did trip and fall she fell forward. She knew the t-shirt would pop over her hips as she fell. If she had to give a show she preferred for it not to be her bare crotch and pussy hair. She didn't expect it and frankly didn't know what she'd do if it happened but she kept a lookout for Scott, the last person she wanted to run into right now. 

On the good side the t-shirt was constantly rubbing her nipples which was enjoyable. The fact that she was out in public in so little meant the risk-taking tease side of her was enjoying every minute as long as things stayed in control. Which, with a few close calls they did. It was weird, she reflected as the parking lot came into sight. Three months ago running around in just a tight t-shirt in this sort of public would have been unthinkable, she'd have preferred staying trapped and chained up in the forest. But today it was a bit of a bother but exhilarating, like a roller coaster, and she knew she was over her fear of short skirts and skimpy clothes. At least Scott, damn him otherwise, had succeeded there.

Gina was led to a medium sized hatchback, which was identified as Tom's. Barry and Carlos piled into the back seat, leaving shotgun to Gina. Tom climbed into the driver's seat and closed the door, starting the engine and getting the air conditioner running. He looked over to her. "Where to?"

Gina's head was spinning. She couldn't believe this. An hour ago she was hopeless and helpless, chained up buck naked in the woods, listening to people walk by just barely out of sight and praying each time someone passed that she not be discovered and wondering how she was going to deal with the hunger until nightfall if Scott didn't return earlier. Now she was free and on her way home. Boy, wasn't Scott going to get a richly-deserved shock of his life when he finally came back to check on her? She smiled at that. Then she gave Tom the main cross streets nearest to her house and they were off. 

Hopefully this was the end of a nightmare and not the start of a second one. But she couldn't really be sure. The shirt kept riding up and exposing her bush, after about four times pulling it down she just gave up. It wasn't as if they hadn't already seen all of her. To her surprise and relief it looked like they were really taking her home. There were still three of them and one of her and they could easily take her somewhere else if they wanted. She couldn't be sure; she could just wait and see.

"Still worried, Gina?" Carlos asked from the back seat, seeing the look on her face. She just smiled a little and lowered her eyes, not wanting to offend them but neither wanting to lie.

"Here. Give it back when we get you home." Carlos handed her the knife he had used to free her from the chain. With a shocked look and shaking hands she took it.

"I understand, you're still worried but I know the three of us and I know you're completely safe. Maybe holding on to that will make you feel safer. You won't need it, I know that for sure."

The trip was uneventful and quiet. When she mentioned she was hungry they drove through a fast food place and fixed that. The guys talked and Gina even added in a little. Tom drove a truck for a national delivery service and was taking night classes toward a management degree. She was right about Carlos; he worked as an auto mechanic and was making good money at it. Barry was a sales rep for a small parts company and doing reasonably well at the moment. They had all known each other since they were kids and came from the same part of town. Gina was slightly envious, they were sticking together really tight. She wished she had people in her life like that. Gina even opened up a little, volunteered she was an accounting student at a college near her home. From the conversation it became clear but not explicit that Tom and Barry had been getting Carlos out and away from home to keep his mind off something but they gave no clue what it was. That is what led them to the park where they found her. It seemed a bit curious but she wasn't about to pry.

About halfway home her guilt about Scott started getting to her. She borrowed Barry's cell phone, logged onto her webmail account and sent Scott an email. "Scott: Am ok. Someone found me and rescued me. Going to spend the rest of the weekend showing him my gratitude. See you in class on Monday. Gina." 

She looked it over, and just to make the point a little better changed "my gratitude" to "my gratitude in every way I can." and prepared to send it. She didn't have any plans for that but it was what she wanted Scott to think. Yeah, she'd learned her lesson about dressing slutty in public; the shirt and the display actually hadn't bothered her. In fact she'd enjoyed it and knew she'd do it again. And the shirt constantly rubbing her bouncing nipples as the car moved kept her low-level turned on despite the situation. But she was over the problem with clothes, she knew she'd do anything Scott wanted if he insisted now, she didn't care about that any more. But he really needed a lesson too. Then again, maybe she was through with Scott despite what he had on her. Depended on how the rest of the weekend went. She smiled, almost laughed as she pressed send.

As home drew closer with rising humility and gratitude she realized they were going to do just what they said: take her home with no further trouble and then drive away. They pulled up to her house but there was a problem: She obviously had no keys or anything. Her next-door neighbor had an emergency key but her neighbor's car was gone from the driveway. She wasn't about to break a window when all she had to do was wait a few hours. The solution when it came to her was easy.

She turned to Carlos. "I can't get into my house. Shirley, who has my spare key," Gina pointed at the empty driveway next door, “isn’t at her house, I'm not going to break a window and I don't want to just sit here and wait for her in just your t-shirt. Can I go to your house, take a long hot shower and maybe you could run me back by here later on today? I'm sure we could find something to do while we waited."

There was dead silence then Barry elbowed Carlos in the ribs to get him moving before the moment passed. "Yeah." Barry told him. "There's the someone to play that backgammon game you were looking for." He and Tom mostly stifle a laugh. Carlos just glared at him with a snort. 

Gina reached back over the seat and handed Carlos his knife back. Instead of dropping it into his hand she took his hand. "Maybe you could find time for what you passed up earlier. I wouldn't mind."

Carlos didn't reply and the other two were speechless. Carlos just smiled back and took the knife.

Carlos' house was way on the other side of town, approximately in the same price range as Gina's, maybe hers was just a little nicer. The neighborhood didn't look bad. She gratefully walked in the door. Looking around she could see that a woman did live here as well as a toddler but neither were in the house to greet them. It was weird and a little alarming but all she wanted was the hot shower and well, if he was attached maybe the sort of gratitude she'd been thinking about was a bad idea. She made no comment and thoughts for now. Carlos led her to the bathroom but seemed to be trying not to let her get too good a look into the master bedroom as they passed. Politely she let him succeed.

The shower was wonderful! She ran it hot and ran it through her hair and soaked for a long time, just relaxing. But eventually she was clean and had no reason to not get out and find out how the spaghetti unraveled here. Carlos seemed like a really good person, cheating on his wife didn't fit into the framework she thought she had put him in. Well, she thought as she wrapped a long towel around her ample cleavage, you never really knew. He had been good to her so depending on the situation the rolling in the sheets just once might still be within reach.

She could hear him showering in the bathroom in the master bedroom. The water shut off a minute or two after she entered the room. She took a moment to look through the closet. The clothes were nice, some of it ordinary, some of it somewhat flashy, some of it very flashy, party flashy. His wife or girlfriend seemed young at heart. Whoever she was she was shorter than Gina and a bit smaller in the chest too. At a guess from the colors she had black hair.

She walked back into the room as she heard Carlos' hand on the handle of the bathroom door. He came back in, a towel wrapped around his waist. Gina checked: No ring on his finger but no light spot to show where one normally rested but was currently removed. She looked at the dresser and saw the open spot. She knew it must have been what he had tried to steer her away from earlier, no doubt a picture. She took a guess and opened a drawer and there it was, right on top of the socks. She heard a quiet groan from Carlos as she pulled it from the drawer and looked at it.

The woman in the picture was pretty, a little younger than Gina, maybe twenty. She indeed had long black hair, petite, dark-rimmed glasses, hoop earrings, and a bright smile full of white teeth. A nice trim, even thin figure that would fit all those clothes in the closet. She was a bit shorter than Gina, maybe four or five inches. A tow-headed young man who Carlos could never deny was held in their arms between them. Gina looked up at Carlos as she put the picture back in its place on the dresser. "Who are they? Are you married?"

Carlos took a deep breath. Gina found she was holding hers as well. There was still a small chance she still might bop him for the hell of it and as revenge to Scott and then be gone but if he lied the chances of that were zero. He seemed to realize it too. 

"Her name is Maria, my... girlfriend." He struggled with the word and Gina didn't understand why. There was sadness in his voice. He was much firmer when he continued. "Our son is Samuel, he's nineteen months old. And no, we're not married."

"You seem like a decent person. Why aren't you two married?"

He looked like he'd have preferred a major injury. She could see she had accidentally hit a really sore spot and she wished she hadn't. "I keep asking. She keeps saying no." 

She turned to face him, the hem of the towel floating briefly as she spun, looking for a way to fix the wound she’d caused. It was easy, just tell the truth. "Ok. You don't abandon your children. I admire that, it's way too rare these days. So where are they? Why aren't they here?"

A grimace crossed his face. "About once a month she takes Samuel and goes back home to Andredi, where we’re from." Andredi was one of the suburbs a good distance away. "She says she's visiting her mother and giving her grandbaby time, but I've checked up on her. Samuel is with Mama Garza all right but she drops him off on Friday night and disappears until Sunday afternoon and is back here by dark. I know she's out partying, getting drunk, maybe even sleeping around, sometimes all weekend. I have too many friends still there." The sadness in his voice was immense. "If she's doing drugs nobody will tell me but I think I'd know and I think she knows I wouldn't put up with that. If I pushed it she'd leave and I'd lose Samuel and we both know it. So I don’t push it. Maybe someday she'll come to her senses and settle down and we can get married."

Gina's heart was breaking. It turned out as they talked further that Carlos and Maria didn't have a sex life any more. Once in a great while Maria would allow something to happen but Carlos mostly took care of things himself. Bad luck for Carlos but Maria was an idiot to risk what she had here. Gina would run out of fingers counting how many of her friends would have cried tears of joy every morning to have the father of their children stick around like Carlos did. Maria was really an idiot. Gina looked around at the house and believed him. The sadness, his buddies getting him out of the house. It all fit.

Carlos gave a sigh and a little laugh. "I understand if this changes your mind about what to do before we go back to your place. Hey, maybe we can play backgammon."

Gina gave a little laugh of her own as her hands made a subtle adjustment at the top of her towel and it fell to the carpet. She moved over to stand between him and the bed then reached over and sent his towel to the same place as hers.

"No," she said, a little defiantly. "I still like the original plan. You know, you could have forced yourself on me like Tommy did, but you didn't. You have a good job, support your son the best you can. You're a man, a real man. People say unicorns don't exist anymore but I've got one standing in front of me. I can see that I can't ever have you but right now I still want you to make love to me." With that she took his hands then walked backward with him until she fell onto the bed and pulled him on top of her.


He got her back to her house late Sunday morning. The sundress of Maria's that Gina wore was a bit too small and short and tight, especially across the breasts but Carlos didn't complain. Shirley raised an eyebrow at it but otherwise said nothing as she retrieved Gina's house key.

Gina's house was a small two-bedroom, neat and clean and organized. She got inside, Carlos following. The first thing she did once the door closed was step out of the shoes and pull off the sundress and she was gloriously naked again. She could see it was having the expected effect on Carlos.

She plastered him against the wall and coming up on her tip-toes started kissing him. She'd have asked him if he wanted one more romp (they had done it three times) for the road but she knew the answer. Carlos was on good terms with Maria's mother, pretty much the son Mrs. Garza never had. She had given him a call just before they arrived here to say that Maria was back for Samuel and heading home so he had about an hour before that happened.

She broke away from the kissing long enough to look him in the eyes. "Any time" she told him "Maria does this, you just call me and if I can get free I will be happy to help you pass the time." She smiled up at him. "I had a wonderful time with you this weekend and would very much like to have more. Ok?" He had her cell number and email but she didn't have any of his, there weren't any that he could be sure Maria didn't check. He took the dress and shoes and with one more kiss he was gone. Gina had a nice cry after that at the unfairness of it all for him and wondering if she would ever see him again. She sure hoped so. She really wanted to.

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