Human Pet 2

by XVX

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Chapter Two

Part 1: Training the Pony.

A few weeks had passed. The playroom and storeroom were done. Cindy kept getting these mysterious packages. However it was now time to start turning their attention to the finding of their Pet. Devon's idea of a scandal of some sort would be adequate cover. The best bet was to concentrate their effort in Washington DC. It was a good days drive from there home so that eliminated their being local. There was always some dirty little scandal going on. Plus it had a very high unsolved missing person rate. An added bonus.

Devon was reading the manual on the security system he installed on the grounds and in the Pet house when Cindy was in one her moods to play the role of Pet again. Cindy wanted to play dress up her Pet and passed on the mermaid and this time went with something safe. She cantered into the living room in a set of boots that made her feet like hooves and the slave harness accented her body. She had also wired herself up like she had done before with the mermaid. The only difference she had a butt plug that had a length of hair that matched her own hair color. This gave her the tail of horse and she took some delight in wiggling her ass to feel it move inside her.

The human pony needed help into her corset and posture collar. The single sleeve arm binder was also used. She refused to be gagged by the bit but the head harness did remarkably look like a bit and bridle. But when she was not looking. He slipped the rubber gag bit into his pocket. It amazed Devon that you could find these things available on the Internet. He never asked the cost of these items but they where not cheap. Cindy and Devon where a financial tag team of success. She was good in the short term while he took the long term.

The pony was taken outside. Something she wanted to do but was feeling exposed and shy the minute she stepped outside. She wanted to go back inside the house or to the Pet house. Devon was not going to let her get away with that. She wanted to be treated like a Pet. He was going to break her like he had before and maybe this time it would be harder because she was going to be on her guard. ‘This is going to be challenge.’ He thought.

He let her run free without any control reins. Both of their dogs where having fun with her. Blue, their setter and Snow, a husky seemed to sense her aroused state and Devon had to put both of them into a their kennels. But he took advantage of it and took a few of their dog leads. He also had the control collars Cindy bought stored there. 

Devon stopped her when they were half way to the barn.  He snapped a lead to the posture collar and stepped on it. 

“What are you doing?”

“The Pet will remain silent.”

Cindy took her cue from that. “Yes master.”

He slipped the control collar on to her and secured it. This would give a nasty little shock anytime she tried to cross the conductive wire. It tucked under nicely the posture collar. Aside from the pleasure remote. Devon had a palm top. This was connected to a wireless network to a computer in the Pet’s house. The palm had a diagram of the grounds.  He touched points on the diagram and drew the area he wanted activated. The computer did the rest.

It had taken him a long time to work this out. This was the system first test under fire. 

He unhooked the lead and she was free to run.

She stood there for moment. She could tell he had done something and she did know what. 

“Now try to go the barn.”

Cindy walked few paces ahead and then crossed the field. She let out a cry of pain and stumbled back.

“You bastard. That hurt.”

“The Pet is ordered to remain silent.” He took out the bit. Cindy tried to back away but got zapped again and jumped right towards him. She took it with some effort but she was gagged like a person having a rubber stick in their mouth.

When he had her calmed down he rewarded her by using the pleasure remote.

“Now the Pet will whinny.”

Cindy first attempt was horrible and Devon ordered her to do it again. He kept her in a ‘box’ where the field criss crossed keeping her in an invisible electric fence no more that 10-foot square. There where not many ‘boxes’ on the grounds but he knew the layout and she didn’t. That was punishment for not assisting him. It was minefield of pain and pleasure and if Cindy wanted the full Pet treatment he was going to give it to her.

When he was satisfied he changed the minefield layout and gave her a dose of pleasure. Cindy writhed and struggled to stay upright. She tried to make a bee line for the barn but very painfully found that was where she was not to go. He herded her to another box.

“The Pet will remain here for the moment.”

He placed the palm top on a fence post and got out of sight. From inside the house he could watch her with another palm top. This one was picking up video signals from close circuit camera hidden around the grounds and in the Pet house. With him gone and knowing Cindy. She might try to escape. After all she was to play the part of the Pet and there would be time when she/the Pet, might be left on her own.

First she pawed the ground like a horse trying to find the wire. But a recent frost made the ground hard and her ‘hooves’ where not suited to digging very well even with the metal shoes. Then she tried making a run for the palm top. But the moment she crossed the field she got zapped. She tried twice more but she jumped back into the box.

He let it go on for ten-minutes and came back. Cindy’s body was more in control of Cindy’s mind than the other way around. The body reaction from any pain or shock is to naturally pull back, hence she would be jumping back into the box. 

He returned with a bottle of water. He was not going to let her get dehydrated like last time. He held up the pleasure remote. “Has the Pet been good while master was away.”

Cindy nodded yes like a horse would.

“The Pet would not lie to master.”

She lowered her head and shook it no.

He took the palm top off the fence post and switched it over to the camera view. She saw herself in black and white.

Her eyes grew wide and she looked around trying to spot the camera.

“Pet has lied to master and she will be punished.”

He started her down the driveway to the mailbox. Their house has a drive with a slight curve and a low grade. It was a good 100 yards distance to mail box. Cindy realized where she was being herded but did have a whole lot to say about it. She feared some one might see her. Devon used a dogs lead as an improtu whip and it prodded her further.

“The Pet is to trot from here to mail box and back ten times. Every lap the Pet will be rewarded.” Waving the palm top in front of her. “I’ll be watching.” At the end of each lap he gave her swig of water and then a little touch of ‘stimulation’ with the remote. On the final lap he had the remote on full. She was squealing, whinnying, and moaning every step of the way.

“Now the Pet will go to the barn if she is to rest. You must negotiate the maze.”

The maze was invisible and she kept getting shocked every time she ran into a wall. It was nearly dark when she trotted down the ramp to the Pet house. He centered her in the gym and removed the bit. But activated another remote control. She panted and worked her mouth around she was fully aware of the collar on her and did not want to make a move with out her masters ok. Under the pretext to refill the water bottle he left the pleasure remote on the seat of the weight bench in plain view.

This was different than his last time. This was also to test his last surprise.

Cindy looked at the remote. She wanted to reward herself some how with or with out her master permission. She tried to move toward it. But couldn’t. No electric shock prevented her. Cindy was totally baffled. Her feet where lead. It took a tremendous effort to move them. Then a whinny of frustration emerged. The look on Cindy face was total shock. Devon could read it even from his hiding place. 

Had he broken her?

Did he want to keep her this way or bring her back?

Cindy made the decision for him.

“Devon…. Help me.”

The voice was weak and distant. Like she was calling from a distant well. He went to her and looked her in the eyes. There was a mass of confusion in her eyes. Like she was lost. He kissed her. It was like the prince kissing a frog. She seemed to come back and rubbed against him.

“Don’t leave me.” She pleaded in a breathless gasp. “Take me master.”

“No joking Cin. Pet games are over.”

She blinked once or twice. Her eyes came back to life. Then she began to cry. He wanted to release her but she asked not to.

“Not yet.” She cried. “ I don’t feel ready.” She cried on Devon shoulder for quite some time.

Devon just held her like a baby and she sucked down two bottles of water of like one. When she began to ‘feel’ human. She wanted to talk but did not want to be removed from the arm binder, boots, collar and corset.

“I can barely lift my hooves. What did you do to me?”

Devon noticed the word hooves. “Electromagnetic plate in the floor. Its only located in the center of the gym. I can vary it strength. Like varying gravity. I have it set to full. It was bitch to sink it into the floor. The plate is only 10 foot square but has a force rating over a thousand pounds. The power meter is spinning into next week right now. ”

Cindy tried to raise a hoof but failed. She could inch her way by sliding her ‘hooves’ along the rubber matting. 

But she did not try to go very far.

“This is wonderful master. When I go for walkies you can vary the gravity. I’ll be the first Jupiter Pony.”

“You can stop calling me Master Cindy. This is a little crazy. Let me get you out of that outfit.”

She twisted away. “NO.” at the same time she lowered her head and shook it like a horse.

“Cindy. You can’t stay like that. I need you.”

“I- I know. But I feel safe. Wanted.”

“Cindy. Maybe we should give up this Pet idea.”

“NO! I know I needed to feel this. I needed this. I know what are Pet needs to feel. It’s like a drug.”

“Cindy you’re starting to scare me.” Devon kept calling her by her name. Trying to re-establish her sense of identity and it was like a person trying to establish a rapport with a person committing suicide. You kept calling their name as much as possible.

Cindy twisted about trying either to break free or was starting to get uncomfortable. “I’m sorry mas-Devon.”

Devon hugged her close. He had very little metal on him but he could feel the pull of the magnet on his key in his pockets.

“Cindy. I know you. You are relentless in pursuit of anything. If you wanted to be a pony girl You would become one. It’s like self-hypnosis. But you lost yourself. I saw it your eyes."

Cindy whimpered. “I know. But I wanted to have a Pet so badly.”

“Let me get you out of the out fit and well go to bed. In the morning well talk ok.”

He left he magnetic grid and switched off. She was happy to lift her hooves again.

“Devon. Let me wear this back to the house. Let take the secret passage back to the house.”

“Ok Cindy.”

She high stepped all the way back. Her hooves beat out a steady rhythm that echoed off the walls.

In the morning Cindy seemed much better.

“I’m going to quit trying to be our Pet for awhile. We need to find one I can play with.”

Devon looked at her with deep concern. 

“You where right. I did a little reading. I had put my self into this womb of safety and security and I did not want to leave. It's like a baby not wanting to not to be born. It called back to the Womb syndrome. But I can take care of myself. I might like to have you as a merman or pony boy.”

Devon smiled. “Let’s concentrate on our Pet.”  He was not thrilled about the idea of her doing to him what he did to her. Plus he did not know if she would come back to him if she devoted her energies when to learning to be a Pet again.

“So we have a city. Now we have to start scouting.” She asked.

“Have you given any thought to how we get our Pet to us?”

Cindy face frowned. “No.”

“Much of this will have to depend on our Pet. It would have to be a place where she might be alone. Car garage is good but it leaves the car behind. Unless you want to impersonate our Pet?”

“I like the idea but it’s too chancy.”

“Flying her is too risky. So we have to subdue her. Then drive back. We need a vehicle that cannot be traced back to us. Stealing a car, Modifying slightly, coat of paint. Possible water-soluble so the car can change colors. Then destroying it would be best.”

“I love watching a criminal master mind at work.” Said Cindy wide eyed.

“Well just be careful I don’t chain you to a log and cut you in half with a buzz saw.”

“OHH Kinky. “ She retorted. “So what else?”

“Well a list of member of female member of a gym narrows down the list.”

“We have been invited in the past to go to those political fund raisers. Maybe we should go to a few of those.”

Devon agreed.

Part 2: Cassandra.

A couple of months went by and they where no closer to finding their Pet. There where a few prospect but Devon kept Cindy's mind occupied on other tasks. The Pet house was finished and Devon used the gym as a gym. Cindy quit her volunteer job having learned all she could. Devon figured that Cindy had given up. But he thought that was less likely. He was proven right on his birthday. Cindy had ordered a pony boy outfit and merman outfit. Devon wondered who was getting the birthday present. Him or her. She also had two surprises she wanted to save for later.

They spent the day as mer-people. His suit outfit did not have paddle hands. It had a different hand arrangement. The forefinger and thumb where free the other fingers where bonded together. Cindy had a custom made attachment that assisted Devon in accessing her vagina. It was like a funnel with a rubber seal. It acted like a suction cup under water and he was literally sucked into her. Swimming face to face was difficult. But it was like dancing. He let her lead and they where doing an underwater ballet. When she orgasmed he had his at the same time. It felt like his penis was going to get torn off.

It was an intense type of lovemaking. It released the animal in you. You had very little on your mind except pleasure and survival. Propagation of the species. To mate. Devon wished to have a harem of mermaids if harem was the right word. He could understand how Cindy would want to be this way. They spent the remainder of the day ‘beached’ eating shrimp and fish sticks. That night was spent on a beach blanket spooning. They were not cold because the rubber trapped in their body heat.

The next day Devon had to drain the pool. Winter was around the corner. So there would be no more under the sea sex for awhile unless it was in the hot tub. That suit was like wearing a sauna for all day. I certainly cleaned out the pours and he did sweat off a pound or two. Taking it off was like the feeling of birth or snake shedding it skin. He felt renewed. He hoped that both of them would not get trapped in there own fantasy. That would be the ultimate irony.

Then he remembered Cindy's bird outfit. Every bird should have a perch or at least a cage.

Oh it might be awhile before Cindy wanted to play the part of the ‘Pet’ if ever. But he had to be ready. He did a rough sketch or two and was back at his workshop. The workshop was a large corner of the barn that he actually enjoyed setting up. He felt like he could build his own house after building the Pet house. Through trial and error he had lead to some metalworking but he would need heavier material. He could not order what he wanted. Again he was following their primary rule. Compartmentalization.

They where going to more and more social functions. Cindy was making the social circuit. They often stayed at a hotel for a few days at a time. One night in their hotel. Cindy produced a length of rope and padded gag. This was an experiment to see how quickly could he subdue a struggling female. Devon suspected she was living out some fantasy. Needless to say it was dismal failure. Unless he could rope and ride her like calf roper. It took too long and sometimes she would escape. She didn’t yell out but gagging her was first priority so his victim could not call out for help. The other matter was what was the best way to secure the Pet for travel. He left Cindy in a hogtie on the hotel bed. It was secure but took forever to get her this way. Injury was a harsh possibly.

Speed was the key. Chloroform was tricky and drugs where also hard to administer on a struggling person. Their Pet would have to be subdued quickly and quietly. The plan assumed that Devon would be the grab man and Cindy the wheel ‘man’. So Devon had to subdue their Pet on his own. Devon was flipping through a sharper image type magazine and a stun gun caught his eye. The risk of using that was what he called acceptable. Handcuffs where quicker than rope. Padded gag was needed and he had the idea of adding a boxing training helmet to reduce head injury  The holidays were coming. This would be prime Pet hunting season. Devon was starting to experience the ‘thrill of the hunt’.

During one five hundred dollar a plate dinner. Cindy noticed something at a nearby table. A young woman about her height and build was giving a man at another table the eye. She seemed to signal him and then went to the bathroom. Devon watched the man and Cindy watched the woman and when she was out of view excused herself to go to the bathroom. Devon and Cindy had done this routine a few times before. She wanted to find out more about the girl. Devon would watch the man and see if he followed. The man waited a moment. He excused himself from his what seemed to be his wife. He exited out the same way the woman did.

Much later Cindy returned a little flushed. The girl did not go to the bathroom. But met in a hotel room. Somewhere on the 5th floor. She missed the girl but she was the only one on that elevator. It was a glass elevator so she could see her get off. She then followed the man but got off on the floor before him. She made a fast dash for the stairs and ran up one floor. She caught him going into room 505.

That was his girl. Cindy - Pet detective.

They had assembled their Pet keeper kit. Stun gun, Handcuffs, gag harness, manacles for the feet. Boxing helmet and hood. 

Cindy also got those patches you put on your neck to help you go to sleep. Stealing a car was a bit outside Devon's league.

Cindy found a cash only auto resellers. Cindy used one her dead drops for an address. A mini van that used to be a taxi/limousines with a privacy window proved to be more than adequate. Devon set to work on the car. Cindy set to work on the man. 

Days in front of the computer found out he was Congressman Barry Condom. The irony was too good. Cindy noted that it would was more fun that she expected. He was a democrat. Devon figured the best bet was to go to where he worked. He went to his congressman on pretext and got lost. He saw her in a page outfit. He caught her name on her name badge - Cassy.

Cindy found her name through the Congressmen’s directory. Cassandra Reeve. She was a senior Page and there was a note on the website that she would be going back to collage soon and they would all miss her.

Time was ticking away. The Pet was controlling the hunt and she was not even aware of it.

Devon got out of state plates for the car.

They would have to find out more about her and it took both Devon and Cindy. Cindy found Cassandra's mailing address through Devon's help. Devon found out most pages served a one to two year term and stay at one or two apartment houses. Names on the outside of mailboxes helped.

Cassandra Reeve was the name of their Pet.

Things picked up from there.

They had just a month before their Pet moved out of her apartment. Cindy found out what room she was in by being a prospective tenant. Devon found she did belong to a gym by following her. That was dangerous but it had to be done. This was to find out who she saw and where she went. The Pet carrier was ready. The Pet care kit was ready.

Cindy found out by a lot of leg work and a little luck when she was leaving for the airport. Calling every airline and impersonating their Pet over the phone did this. It was afternoon flight. A flight she would not make.

She did not have a car. That eliminated the problem of any tell tale signs she was missing by having a car lying around. But if they could they would have followed her and taken her along the road. She took the bus or subway every where except when walking from the gym to her apartment. Some where along that route she had to be taken. If the first was too crowed they would have to move to the next spot. The first spot where she cut down a alley after leaving gym where she would go have a coffee. If she followed true to form. She might do that on the last day. 

Cassy flight was an early afternoon one so her missing for a good part of the day was a blessing. Most of her friends would be at work so she would not have any need to see them. There were two spots that suited their needs. The ally and a blind alley she passes. By placing the van in the right spot she would walk around it and Devon would come up from behind and stun and haul her in.  They rehearsed it. Very late at night.

They had to disappear. If they where seen too often at some of the places their Pet frequented. Some one might have taken notice. So a weeks quarantine was needed. They would come back a day before she was to be taken.

Cindy was all pins and needles. He caught her in the bird outfit minus the ‘wings’ The head harness looked like a bird headdress. A small beak hid the gag the when exhaled emitted a chirping sound. The wings where nylon tubes that the arms slid into and strapped across the chest. Devon helped her into to her wings. She chirped around the room then Devon led her outside. Cindy realized that he had something in mind and her chirping had an angry tone. But he hinted at a surprise and Cindy’s eyes had a mild curiosity.

The ground showed traces of melting frost and her high heel shoes made the ground slippery. Devon suspected she liked and hated his treatment of her but she asked for it by asking to be a Pet. In the barn he had a perch. This ‘Perch’ look like a saddle shaped bar with v ridge. It looked more like a tuning fork. Cindy was forced her to straddle the perch and her ankles where manacle to the supporting post. Then Devon turned on the air compressor. The perch began to extend and vibrate. Cindy began to really pelt out a stream of warble and chips. She ’flapped’ her wings and tried to force an orgasm. 

Devon denied her that. He could possibly cut in half-length wise but decided to be gentle.

He removed the beak gag.

“Like it.” He asked.

“You are a devious sick man. I love you.”

He released her ankles from the perch and her arms from the wings. 

“So soon.”

“I don’t want you hurt.”

“Carry me?”

“As I would any pretty bird that has fallen from its perch.”

“Ooooh. I like that.”


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