Human Pet

by XVX

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© Copyright 2001 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; bond; dungeon; boots; collar; torment; toys; insert; electroplay; wetsuit; scuba; mermaid; pool; leash; cuffs; gag; discipline; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

Part 1: The Decision
(Any coincidence is fictional but is does make one wonder)

Devon and Cindy Cash had just finished watching the DVD movie of “The Cell.” As Devon turned the player off Cindy exclaimed. “I want a pet.” Figuring two dogs and gold fish where quite enough. Devon replied. 

“Are you sure Cin?” while taking a drink of his aged whiskey.

“I want a Human Pet!”

Devon reaction caused him to drop the remote and choke on some very fine alcohol. Cindy seemed amused by his reaction. Devon though that his was some sort of joke.

“Very funny.” Gasped Devon.

“I’m serious.” 

Devon looked straight in her eyes. Yes she was serious.

He knew from experience that once she got an idea into her head she rarely, if ever, backs away from it. But he decided to humor her. One of Cindy’s talents was getting what she wanted and the two of them were nearly unstoppable in achieving any goal they set out. They were not in the super rich class but never lived beyond their means. Practical rich Devon liked to think they where. Their only major extravagance was their home being on a five-acre ranch complete with barn. But aside from the previously mentioned animals. That was all they had for livestock. Although lately he was getting bored with the day to day stuff and new challenges where becoming few and fewer. Oh sure climbing K2 and Mt. Everest was fun but you can only do so much.

“I’m sure we can get a maid or butler.”

“No, I don’t mean a Domestic. I mean a person I can train to be a pet. Someone I can control and do pretty much as I want.”

Devon’s eyes wide grew wide with fascination. He wondered where this came from. “Is this like a sexual domination?”

“Perhaps, but the feeling of power of having someone’s life at your mercy. To break their spirit and bend their will.”

This train of thought amused Devon. He decided to play along. “Very well. I guess there is adoption.”

“No, that would take to long. I want to break someone in her late teens and early twenties. A complete stranger. A battle of wills.”

“Quite the slave master aren’t you.” Then Devon thought he’d try and change the subject. “Is there something I have done to displease you.”

“No, But breaking you would be no fun. I know everything about you.”

Devon gave a slight hurtful sigh much to Cindy amusement. Although he tried to get her on another tact. She was not having any of it. It was obvious she was quite set on this. ‘Very well’ Devon wondered ‘How far is she willing to go?’ “You mentioned ‘she’.”

“I want you to have fun too dear.”

“You’re not turning ‘Bi’ on me are you?” Asked Devon

“No. I just need something to challenge me.”

He was intrigued. “Lets say for the moment we decided on this. I suppose we could get a hooker.”

“Damaged goods dear. Besides I want someone healthy. Goes to gym on a regular basis.”

“Would this pet be permanent?”

“I would not kill her if that is what you mean. No, I will have to keep her even if she displeases me. But that in of itself is part of challenge.”

“You realize that this is kidnapping?”

“That why I love you. You always keep things in perspective.” She said with dry sarcasm. 

Devon came back with some sarcasm of his own. “You realize that you will have to feed her and take care of her. Plus she will very expensive.”

“I understand that. It’s not like a puppy and it not like we don’t have money.”

“Where would we keep her?”

“The barn has a feed room we could keep her in there.”

Devon knew the barn had a huge basement with a ramp leading down to it. The barn itself had a high ceiling and a chain hoist the was mounted on a rail. Hay would be hoisted at on end of the barn and stored in the other end in the upper loft. It would be perfect. Although he did plan to convert it to an outside study someday. “Yes that would be a good place. Plus the old boy that used to own this place does have a secret passage from the feed room to our basement. Bit of a survivalist.”

“See. It would be perfect.”

“It will require some work.”

“You going to have to do all the work yourself.”

“Really?” Replied Devon

“Compartmentalization. Only two of us are to know what we are up too. I’ll work up a supplies list and we will get them from different distributors. I have an idea what I want.”

“You have given this some thought haven’t you?”

“Well if your going to have fun I expect you to work for it too.”

“Very well.” Devon was now putting in his mental muscle in to the idea. "The key thing of it is that if we are going to kidnap someone. Make her a devout sex slave. She must be in no way connected to us. Random but not random. We cannot even be seen with her prior to her abduction. Furthermore if and when she is discovered. It would be handy to have someone pin the blame on. Or at the very least, create a cloud of suspicion.”

“Like what?” said Cindy in a very heighten tone of excitement.

“Scandals are always good. Political ones are the best. Young girl goes missing. Foul play is suspected. Or perhaps an area where young girls have been reported missing all the time. A serial killer. He would have to be still on the prowl and no bodies were discovered. One more added to his list would hardly get us noticed. Both in the same area would be ideal.”

“Next she would have to be expected to go missing for sometime. This would give us time to move her to her new home with out anyone expecting to hear from her too soon. This would mean our ‘Pet’ would have to be leaving her home and going somewhere. An airplane trip. Road trip, a lengthy cruise would be ideal. Collage student moving out to a new job or going home would also not be bad either.”

Cindy reached out and pulled him closer. “Go on.”

Devon saw this was defiantly turning her on. “Well, lets see. Modeling agencies are out. As are any private escort services. You pretty much said you did not want a professional girl. You wanted her to be healthy so a membership to a gym would be useful. Her being single would lessen the complication of a boyfriend. Hair and eye color preference?

He could feel her sexual heat rising off of her. “Dark hair. Blue to green eyed. About five six.”

Devon noted that she chose some one almost like her but only shorter than her five ten frame. She wanted to dominate her Pet not only mentally and emotionally. But physically as well.

Sigmond Freud would have a field day with this.

She pulled him toward their bedroom. She was definitely in the mood. That night she begged to have her hands tied behind her during their lovemaking. Devon obeyed and it was dawn before either of them tired and collapsed onto each other. This pet thing had really gotten Cindy wanting everything Devon could offer and she was very creative not having any hands to use.

Breakfast was actually nearly dinner having spent all their energies last night Cindy managed to slip her bonds during the night. Devon did not tie her hands too tight. A fact that had not escaped Cindy.

“Your going to have to tie me up better than that if we are going to handle our Pet.”

He notice the word ‘our’ had been slipped in. “I was afraid I was going to hurt you.”

“I appreciate your care but our Pet may hit you with the puppy dog like eyes. You can’t soften one moment.”

Devon flashed her a wicked smile. “I’ll just have to do better.”

“Well it will be awhile before you get to practice again. I need to do some research but you are going to start cleaning out the feed room. I’ll need you to measure the room and then I can work out a floor plan.”

The better part of his week was spent cleaning out barn and reducing it to its concrete foundation. Cindy was on the Internet looking for information on psychology and research on the Helsinki syndrome. She also used a home design program to work out plans for their ‘Pets’ home. Devon’s business was done mostly over the Internet and online. He did make it point to have lunch with his broker and a few friends during the weekdays. Cindy financial skills also sharpened and their wealth was starting to really climb.

“Careful Cin. I don’t want to go into another tax bracket.”

“You said yourself keeping a Pet is expensive. Besides, quality stuff is not cheap.”

Devon immersed himself into the world of do it yourself fix up and building. There where moments he wished they could kidnap Bob Villa. It was a challenge he enjoyed. There was something macho about building things. A cheap thrill and he gained a better appreciation of the common laborer. Cindy’s plans called for the main room to look like a gym with treadmill weight equipment and a sauna and hot tub and shower. This served two fold. Camouflage and a place for their Pet to exercise.

One room was to be their Pet’s home when breaking her in. A sound proof padded cell. This room had to be hidden and ventilated and lighted. A study of prisons and mental wards helped in this area.

Another room was the play area. More like a chamber of horrors with hard points for chains and binding points. A smaller room was for changing and monitoring.

A month had gone by and Devon had thought Cindy would have given up on the idea but one of her mail drops produced a series of books on psychology and medicine along with a package that contained a very racy leather outfit.

“It’s a slave harness.” Cindy explained. “I also got a padded gag and an arm binder.”

That night she insisted on trying it on and fitting it to herself. Once the arm binder and gag was secured he could pretty much have his way with her. He even chased her around the house using a wet towel as an improvised whip on her bare bottom.

She was incredibly sexy and he denied her any pleasure of sexual release as long as he could hold out. Their love making was imaginative and like two animals in heat. Without her arms and mouth she was trying all manner of positions and experimentation.

In the morning she was still secured, She wanted out and looked at him doe-eyed, But he turned the table on her.

“You said I was too soft. You said our Pet would weaken me and make me become merciful. Well let’s see you try and soften me.” Cindy managed a small giggle but when Devon did not make a move to free her. She began to murphf and moan through the gag. “Puppy dog eyes you said.” Grinned Devon getting a charge of his new found master role. “Let me hear you whine like a puppy.” She complied. Her whining was slow and sorrowful.


She obeyed. He could tell he was in control but not the level of control Cindy was looking for. But he had an understanding of the feeling of power and the rush it gave him.

“That’s a good puppy.” He said cupping her chin. “Now go get my slippers and Ill let you go.” Then he gave her breasts a pinch

Cindy squealed in surprise. Then set to work on her dilemma. Not having hands or mouth to get his slippers. She slipped them on her feet and wore them to bring them to him. He took off the padded gag first.

“That was evil of you.” Cindy panted. “But I needed to be in our Pet’s mindset for awhile. I also saw the look in your face. You certainly took on the role of master.”

“Something’s come naturally to people.”

She turned her back to him motioning to take the arm binder off. He waited a moment.

“Please master.” She pleaded.

“Well I should let you stew like this for awhile but since I need you help in the ‘pen’ today.” 

The next day she had made some notes.

“Control is achieved through a reward but we can never promise her freedom. Food and even some sexual gratification are two possible rewards. Maybe in small measures.”

“The arm binder is excellent but may cause a shoulder separation. Need to find a better way to secure without possible injury.”

“I have a question. Are we going to control her with drugs?”

“I thought about that but that make the job easy and most of the stuff we would need is heavily controlled. No, we will have to do this the long hard way. Break her down to her essential needs and then bit by bit construct a profile that she will have to live her life by. But I am going to get a volunteer job a nurse assistant. Our Pet may need some medical attention and care. We can’t take her to a doctor and I don’t think I can’t wait six years for you to pass the medical board.”

“You’re not going to steal anything?”

“Far from it. I need to know first hand about medication and using needles, taking blood pressure and some basic and advance first aid.” Devon thought this was a sure sign she was deadly serious about this.

“Also I think you hope to find some prospects?”

“Well 'Ill window shop but until we are ready. I won’t even make a move.”

Part 2: Pet Testing.

Several weeks passed. While laying out the floor he had an inspired idea. Two in fact. The second one was easy but the first was harder. It took two week to set it up and required getting materials not on Cindy’s list. Plus he wanted to keep it a secret from her. It was his little surprise and he was not sure it was even going to work and took longer to set up than he planned. But when she asked. He said he was having problem working out the drainage and securing hard points to the floor. 

The gym was ready. The Nautilus equipment was secured to the rubber matted floor. The electrical work and plumbing was a nightmare. But everything had to be ‘child’ or ‘Pet proof.”

Devon knew he had done his best but then he was not thinking like a desperate ‘Pet’. There was had an evil idea. He sprang it on Cindy at dinner. When she came home she had a few more boxes from ‘discrete’ suppliers.

“I need to find out if I ‘Pet proofed’ everything. I want you to be our Pet and try to escape using the gym equipment. Or ‘kill’ or ‘injure’ yourself. Those last two words struck a nerve. She had never considered that possibility. But then started opening her package. Clearly this was something that might call off the whole ‘Pet’ project. Which was why he started work on the gym holding back on the Pets house and other rooms.

“I got a set of padded manacles and handcuffs. I also got two sets of boots. I hope she has the same size feet I do. But I can’t be too choosy. These.” She indicated a pair of boots that ran up past the thigh and looked like a ballet shoe with a spiked heel. “Are ballet boots. It almost impossible to walk in them. The others are a standard shoe with a six inch heel.”

“I also got one of those electronic dog collars that keeps animal in the yard. I figure we could ring the barn with the conductive wire.”

“Do you plan to take our Pet outside?”

“Yes. But much, much later.”

“So do you want to Pet proof the gym?”

“Yes. Help me get dressed for the part.”

She dressed in her six-inch heels. Slave harness; manacles on her ankles and handcuffs. It was assumed that their Pet would have to earn a less restrictive restraint all the while hoping her owners would make a fatal mistake. Cindy tottered around on her six-inch chain between the manacles. Devon had bolted with a torque wrench additional plates and coverings to remove any pinch points and any means he could think of to free or injure herself. Cindy tried everything and the more she struggled to free herself the more desperate she became. She tried using the treadmill as a sanding belt to her face but the minute she stepped off of it. It stopped. Aside from pounding her head again any hard surface. It was the best she could do.

Devon did not gag her because he wanted her input. “Well the only thing we can do is fold the tread mill after her run and secure it.” 

“But is does illustrate the point that we can’t leave her alone for one minute.” She glanced upward. Seeing tracks in the ceiling. “I don’t remember putting down recessed track lighting. And where are the lights?”

“That is something I though of.” He opened a box and took out a lead and it snapped into the rail then other end connected to the slave harness collar. He then tighten the lead.

“Oh that is clever. Like putting a dog lead on the clothes line.” She tried to pull free. It did not budge. Then began to walk it length.  Or tried to until Devon pulled a little remote control out. One press of the button and track locked the lead in placed. Cindy was brought up short.

“OH.” She looked over at Devon. “Oh you are a clever man. Where did you get this.”

“Its used to move to package over head like a rail crane. I got the idea form the over head hoist in the barn. This is rated at one ton. I just engaged the motor.”

“Motor?” Cindy said wide-eyed.

As if in answer the motor silently pulled her toward the wall. 

“Walkies.” Said Devon in a mocking tone. Then the motor reversed itself and she was forced to walk the other way. “It can be programmed to repeat a pattern.”

“You wouldn’t.” said Cindy with a smile forming at her lips.

“I sense a defiant Pet needing to be taught a lesson. Beside we have to break in those boots sooner or later.”

“But not with me in them.” Pleaded Cindy.

“Lets say an hour.”

“An hour! My feet are aching already.”

“Since the Pet does not want to remain silent. Then her punishment will be two hours.”

Cindy opened her mouth in protest but Devon’s evil grin closed it.

Devon watched her the entire two hours. Cindy legs were rubber when she was released and he had to carry her back into the house. The next day Cindy complemented him his improvements and could not wait for the rest of the ‘house’ to be finished. “You are also becoming a very strict master.” She added.

“Thank you.”

Their Pet would have to be kept in a padded cell and monitored. A small recessed toilet was placed in it as well. Too far down to injure her head against the stainless steel bowl and also preventing from drowning herself. The ceiling was twelve feet high and had every safety feature imagined and then some. Heavily padded walls, floor, and even the ceiling was padded. It could take a series beatings and the very worse their Pet might suffer a bruise. He had Cindy try to break out or injure herself. She was under no restraint because Devon wanted to use ‘the worst case situation’.  She pulled on any seam trying to rip it apart until she broke every nail. Hammered on the door until her hands and feet where sore. She tried to drown herself but just got the tip of her shoulder length hair wet. Not a peep of her screams could be heard even just outside the door.

When an exhausted Cindy emerge she was also very proud of her husband and that night she showed it the bedroom but this time she wanted to play a game. Tying his right ankle to her left and vise versa with short length of rope. They were joined face to face to each for the night. With one notable exception. Cindy hands were manacled behind her. While his were left free. It was an interesting evening.

Part 3: The Mermaid.

Morning for both of them was well into the afternoon. All that was left to do on the ‘Pet project’ was the shower, bathroom, playroom, and storage room. Cindy was immersing herself in volunteer nursing job and becoming an armchair psychologist. Devon on the other hand was becoming quite a handyman and carpenter. Or at least he was making fewer mistakes.

During or the installation of the conductive wire he had an idea. He went and purchased more wire. He had the back yard and a good portion of the property dug up for a better part of a week. Cindy assistance in this portion of their Pet project was very little and with her volunteer job taking most of her time. He was allowed to build the Pet house to her standards but he could hide some of his own improvements without objection.

The bathroom and shower was finished six weeks later. 

Cindy had another armload of boxes. They where all designed to fit her, which may be why she wanted someone of her size to be her Pet. There was a device that had attachments that could remotely control a vibrator, butt plug, breast, and nipple clamps. Cindy got a Japanese outfit with a geisha wig, kimono, geta sandals, both normal and a custom made set with a high heel. To Devon it look like wooden thong sandals. Then there was a canary yellow outfit with bright feathers.

‘Bird in a gilded cage’ was how Cindy described it.

Next was an outfit that had boots that looked more like hooves, It had a horse bit and harness, reins along with a tail that looked like it was inserted in their Pets rectum. The final outfit was a heavy rubber wetsuit. Unlike the ones he and Cindy had used when diving off the Caribbean. This suit had the legs fused together and formed a fluted tail.

“Are you sure this is going to work Cin?”

“DEV! I know it will work. I do want to play dress up with our Pet.”

Devon gave a soft hum in speculation.

“Never you mind. I want to try the mermaid tail first.”

To add spice to the mix. Devon fitted her body with the device and used the accompanying attachments. Lubricating the correct devices she was ‘wired for pleasure’ as the advertisement said on the box. The suit covered her from head to toe. Literally. The zipper went up the back and locked with the collar around the neck. There was a watertight slit that closed much like a zip lock bag located over the crotch area. Her fingers went into webbed mittens/gloves that where stiffened so bending them was extremely difficult. The suit tightened around the ankles, knees, waist, chest and neck. It even had a corset built into it. Devon tightened it snugly. His wife became a vision of the sea. Only his wife's eyes, mouth, and nose, where visible. Her hair was pulled though a hole in back giving her a ponytail.

Although her arms where free, the heavy rubber made it difficult to bend her joints. They felt most comfortable at her side. He let her flop around the patio for awhile. Then got her scuba gear and a wet bag with a few more items he might need. The rebreather strapped into her mouth made a very effective gag. Strapping the air tank on her and letting her move around so to see everything would function correctly. He then picked her up in a fireman’s carry. (Very undignified for a mermaid but a more practical way of moving her to the pool). 

Their pool was not very big but it was lavishly landscaped. The deep end was eight-foot deep. It was shaped like the letter ‘J’ and had a waterfall and sunken hot tub at one end. Devon had this done because he like the idea of a ‘hot spring with a waterfall’. That had a tropical isle look to it. It was nicknamed the Lagoon. The air was chilly but Cindy thick ‘coat’ protected her. Fall was coming and he would have to drain the pool. He let her into the water. It took awhile but soon she was darting under water like a fish. However she had forgotten that Devon had the remote.

She was doing ok until he gave her a shot of the full treatment. He could tell by her violent action that the transmitter had enough signal power to penetrate the water. But only so far. But if she went to the very deep end with him at the shallow end. She was safe but as she tried to surface he would zap her again. This became a game but soon she would run out air.

Again and again He gave her a mix of breast, vagina, and rectal stimulation. She wanted more but he just gave her little shots. Her hands and arms where free mostly for safety reasons. She tried to grasp the device under her suit hoping either to end the game or cause it to keep going. However her fingers and hands where just paddles. Useless.

She signaled time out. He let her surface and removed the mouthpiece.

“You!” she gasped. “You Bastard.”

“OH really?” said Devon 

A smile crept over her face. She could not hold her anger for long. “That was amazing feeling. Being weightless and getting simulated like that.”

The word stimulated sounded like a research word. Her ‘Pet’ research made the experience seemed like it had not happened to her but to someone else in her skin. That was going to have to change. If she wanted to experiment on herself he might as well give her the full treatment and have some fun. Devon could recognize a defense mechanism in play. He reached into the wet bag and pulled out a dog leash and snapped it to the collar she was wearing.

“What are you doing?”

“Catching me a mermaid.”

Cindy's face was a mixture of expectation and concern. 

He pulled on the lead and she had to drag herself along. She could not flip over on to her side or her back because of the weight of the air tank made it too cumbersome. They where half way to the Lagoon when he stopped and began to remove the air tank. She had to keep her arms at her side while he was doing the task of unhooking her. He’d just removed the air tank and then quickly grasped her arms and removed a set of manacle from the wet bag and secured her arms behind by the wrists.

“Dev? What are you doing?”

“Declawing a tigerfish.”

“Oh, Is the brave fisherman afraid the fascinatingly beautiful gorgeous and lovely mermaid going to scratch his eyes out.”

“I think the Pet is going to have to learn her lesson. She has an obvious overblown opinion of herself. Perhaps her master should throw her back into the pool. ”

“Devon. No.”

Devon began to push her slowly to the pool edge.


Cindy began to cry out and fight to keep her purchase, but the pool side was wet and she fought against him in vain not having any leverage what so ever.


Still closer he nudged her.


He nudged her a little more.


He gave a little nudge and asked. “Anything?”

Cindy was panting. “Yes master your Pet will obey.” She said in much calmer tone. But he could see the tears streaking down her face.

He propped her up into a knelling position with her back to the water. Her tail fluke just touching its surface. He stood in front of her and patted his zipper. She shot him a look of horror. Cindy never gave Devon a blowjob and was repulsed at the idea of doing so. The look on her face of indecision and knowing the consequence if she chose wrong where obvious.

She swallowed hard and peeped the word. “Master…” but never finished her sentence.

She looked at him and realized her fate. She started to move her head towards his crotch then Devon dropped to his knees and looked at her face to face.


“What master?”

“Mermaids are supposed to have beautiful singing voices. Sing.”

Devon saw the confused look on her face. He loved his wife too much to put her through that much degradation plus she might be tempted to bite it off. No, if there was one failing his wife had was she could sing like a bullfrog with a sore throat. She could play piano and banjo of all things but singing was one skill she could never master.

Cindy started singing ‘my darling valentine’ but Devon stopped her. 

“Scales.” He asked. “Do your scales.”

Cindy smiled at the obvious pun. “Do. Re.  Me. Fa. So. Lat TEEEEEEEEE….”

She really hit the hit note on that one because Devon turned on the remote.

Cindy tried again and Devon steadied her with his free hand. With the other he operated the remote.

 “Dohhh ohh umm ahhh Ffa Laa Teee Diii-eEe.”

Devon stifled a laugh. “I believe the mermaid Pet needs to be silenced lest she try to charm her captor.”

The padded gag was brought out of the wet bag. Cindy tried to fight it but her balance and position where precarious.

Devon then yanked on her leash and had her slide on her belly to the hot tub. She had to hold her head up to keep it from banging on the cement. Fortunately the distance was not too far. She slid into the pool like a seal. He connected he leash to the railing. Devon watched her float around. She seemed relieved not to be sliding and crawling on her stomach and breasts.

Devon striped to his briefs and then looked at his captured prize.

“I wonder how long it would take to cook a fish.” Devon said with his wife looking on.


“At on hundred and sixty pounds.”

“MRRRfp hrrm mummereee!!!” His wife defiantly responded

“Excuse me. One hundred and fifty at five minutes a pound…. I think two hour hours on high should do it.”


Actually he set the timer to ten minutes but she was not going to know that. The water temperature began to rise and air mixed in the water began to give it a boiling effect. The rubber suit would contain her body heat and having worked up a sweat just to get to the hot tub compounded by his  ‘stimulation’ she was quite warm inside the suit. The water would cool her provided its temperature was less than hers. But now it was rising and trapping her body heat.

She tried to get out but kept slipping back in and was afraid of drowning. So she tried staying in one of the seats as best she could. Then Devon waded in with one the hot tub attachments. It was a massaging wand that shot pulses of air and water down a long hose to a massaging wand. He pinned her legs down and unzipped the crotch access. It was fun to see she her struggle. Trying to buck him off. Her face was always a contortion of moral agony and emotional wanting.

Devon was drawn in by the power of her complete vulnerability and his command over her. To see her reactions as she realized she was powerless to do anything to stop him yet at times she seemed to want more. Of course he could just keep her this way. No, He needed her. But that thought of making his wife into a Pet would always remain in the back of his brain.

He inserted the massaging wand like a turkey baseter and had it working into her vagina.

She screamed and squealed through the gag. Cindy looked like a turkey with one of those ‘pop when done' device inserted into her. 

Air was getting trapped in the suit. It bulged slightly. She was going from mermaid to whale. The only egress for the air was around her face and head or the slit where his evil probe was inserted. The vibration and occasion farting sound around her head. Caused her to go wild. Devon went for broke and used the remote to its fullest potential. She was worn down completely before the ten minutes expired. Devon figured their marriage might be over so he ungagged her and kissed her deeply before she could say a word.

“M-m- Master. Has your Pet pleased you?” She said weekly.

Devon had expected outrage or a stream of vulgarity. Not her desire to please him.


He kissed her again passionately, She wanted to take all of him in and she tried to grasp him. Push and pull toward him in any possible. Had he broken her? Was her mind completely gone?

“Cindy? Are you ok?”

He unhooked the leash then removed the probe. He carried her to the patio lounge, “Cindy?”

He was worried. He started taking her out of the suit. If he had to call an ambulance he would explain his wife was trying to lose some pounds and she went to the hot tub in a wet suit and stayed there too long.

”Cindy? Are you ok? Speak to me Cindy. ”

As he started undoing the locking collar she stopped him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. Wearing the suit was turning her on. She kissed him passionately and deeply. He struggled for air.

“Need water.” She croaked.

“The pool?”

“NO.” snapped. “To drink …..and Dev?’


“Gotcha.” She said with a smile

That night was amusing. Cindy wanted to stay in the suit as much as possible but then needed to go to the bathroom and that put an end to wearing the suit. He poured out a bucket of sweat and chlorinated water out of the suit. She was dehydrated some what and drank every pint of bottled water they had and the Gatorade was goner too. Morning was a different story she slipped out and was only wearing the bottom half with the rest wrapped around her. Making love to a mermaid is not as easy as the stories would have you believe. Thankfully she had tomorrow off.

They ordered pizza for dinner because both where too exhausted to cook. But Cindy found the energy to play a joke on Devon by dressing up as a French maid. Where she had been hiding that outfit Devon didn’t know. She flirted with the delivery kid. He may not have been much more than eighteen and had gotten lost twice trying to find the place. This was of course every delivery person’s dream. And nightmare because the story always ends up with the delivery boy killed by the jealous husband. A roll Devon delighted in portraying. By the time he left. The pizza boy an emotional mass of jelly. 

They spent the night spooning and laughing at the reaction the pizza guys face.

Morning was a different story.

Devon was up first and Cindy was giving him the silent treatment. That was fine with him when she was ready she would say something. Devon was reading the paper when she broke the wall of silence.

“I lost two pounds and my stomach and breast feel like they have been put a through a meat grinder.”


“Don’t. Do you know I actually felt myself going to the level of basic instinct. I committed myself to giving you a blow job. I saw no alternative. No mercy in your face. All I was to you was an object to be used however you pleased. That my only single desire was to do what ever it took to survive. Then you changed tactics on me you bastard. I became your wife again. Not your Pet. I was burdened by all the moral and ethical responsibilities that it meant. I want to be your Pet again. I did. I did not want all that responsibility. I wanted a simple life. Then you started the thing with the massage wand and I didn’t care who I was. I wanted sex. With you, but I could not have you. I want you in me. But I couldn’t. The damm suit made me feel I was another person incapable of the love I knew. I couldn’t speak to you. Touch you. I couldn’t even think. Only feel. That’s why I wanted to make love to you with at least half the suit on. Or at least try to.”

Devon was confused. ‘Well I’m glad you liked it.”

“No I didn’t.” She snapped at him.

Devon moved next to herside but she leaned away from him. “I’m confused.”

“So am I.” She said in a stern voice. She was more mad at herself than anything. “I thought I was stronger than that.”

“Then why did you say ‘gotcha’.”

“I was trying to fake you out at the end.” Cindy paused to take a sip of juice. “Even more frustrating, I’m doing all this analyses and you ‘broke’ me without any research. How?”

“Dog training manuals I guess.”

Cindy raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m going to have to look those over.”

The rest of the day was fairly normal Devon spent it on the playroom and Cindy was making notes on her experiences. Her excuse for not helping Devon was she was trying to learn to walk in the other pair of boots. The ones with the extremely high heel. Ballet boot she called them. Which of course she did wear them part of the morning and afternoon. Devon thought they turned her on but she wanted an excuse not to help in the painting.

Fine. He would have his fun with her later. Sooner or later she would do some more research and he would be ready to assist her.


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