Human Pet 3

by XVX

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Chapter Three

Part 1: I, Robot.

Devon had to go into town for basic supplies. He came back to find Cindy in the French maid outfit and the ballet boots trying to catch up on some long neglected housework. It was a challenge for her to move much less clean. She always was holding on to a broom or vacuum cleaner for additional balance. To make her house work more difficult. Devon added ankle weights and zipped tied them on. Cindy was in torment the entire day but her legs never looked better.

He spent the day reviewing the roles he was to play in training their Pet. Cindy had worked up quite a psychological profile. 

Devon and Cindy would be playing the part of slavers or Pet trainer. There was quite a good deal of information and knowing his role. Plus he had to set up some other thing using the home computer and the grounds security system. He spent part of it recording his voice into the computer and modified his pitch and timber. He nicknamed it ‘HAL’.

With only three days to go Cindy dragged out her last surprise.

“It’s a slave transporter. It not very practical for our needs. It’s more for looks.”

Devon looked it over. It was a full-length leather sheath. It laced up the middle and buckled on the sides. There were D-rings at toes, ankles, thigh, knees, waist shoulder neck and middle back. It also came with a hood that had an open mouth and nose. A Velcro edge patch that looked like a sleep mask could cover the eyes.

“It has the sleeves for the arms and three smaller sleeves guides that run the length of it for metal rods that stiffen the slave from toe to neck.” Cindy showed him the hole where the rods went in.

“I also know how to insert a catheter so the slave can pee.”

“Care to try it out?” asked Devon.

“I thought you never ask.” She replied.

Devon was wondering if she was in charge of her own desires but felt the surge of power of being in control of his ‘Pet’ was a rush he selflessly enjoyed. He should only keep her this was for a little while.

Cindy wired herself up with the pleasure remote. Then secured the catheter and used it to go to the bathroom.



“Make me your slave for 24 hours.”

“Are you sure Cindy? I mean you got lost only after only a few hours.”

“Please Devon. I can handle it. If not then you have beautiful slave to do your bidding. If I feel I’m going too far I’ll yell out rose bud.”

Devon was worried. She was begging to mistreated and controlled. Cindy noticed his concern. “If I’m not ‘well’ by the time we are supposed to leave. I’ll call off the whole thing.”

“Very well.”

The arms where secured first then he began lacing her up. From toe tip to neck. There was a little hole for her urine tube at her toes. Then came time to tighten the roller buckles down the side. They were spaced evenly apart about every two inches on both sides of her body. When they were tightened Cindy did look ready to be transported. All he needed was a luggage handle at the small of her back and she was ready to go. An odd thought of seeing the expression of an airline ticket counter agent as he checked his Pet in.

Devon fitted the posture collar and the hood. He let her squirm about to test to see her range movement. Only able to bend at the knees and waist. She could move around quite well. 

“Its 3pm. There is only Pet and master from here on.”

“Yes master.” Cindy answered with a smile on her face.

Then he put her in a fireman’s carry. Stopped by the den to pick his copy of Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’

“Hey. I thought….”

“The Pet is not to think. The Pet is to obey.”

“Yes master.”

She was nearly stiff as a board and she stayed very still. He laid her down in the hay in the barn. “Very good Pet.”

He gave her a jolt of pleasure remote. She arched her back and moaned. Then let out pitiful whimper when he stopped. Devon went to his workshop and got three long metal rods. He slid them through the sleeve she had shown him. The rods slid in at the toe forcing the toes to point down.

“Master. The rods hurt my feet.”

“Silence Pet.” He slapped her stomach.

It was not a hard blow but it caught Cindy by surprise and she gasped for breath.

“The Pet will learn pose and obedience.”

Devon blindfolded her with the sleep mask, the velcro sealed out any light.  He then brought in the overhead hoist and used ropes to connect from her shoulders to a bar connected to the hoist. When she was just off the ground. He tied her waist to two poles so she would not twist. Then hoisted her up some more until they were taut. Then a rope was tied to a ring at her feet and pulled tight. Then he moved the hoist forward. She looked liked a leather worm trapped in spiders web. She was tilted forward and about three feet off the ground.

“The Pet will learn her place. The Pet will remember these simple rules.”

Using a modified version of Asimov’s rules of robotics he recited the laws of Pet.

“Law 1: A Pet may not injure her masters and trainers or, through inaction allow a master or trainer come to any harm.

“Law 2: A Pet must obey orders given to it by its master or trainer except where orders would come in conflict with the first law.”

“Law 3: A Pet must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second law.”

“Law 4: A Pet only desire is to please her masters and trainers unless such pleasure conflicts with the first three laws.”

“Law 5: The Pet is to speak when spoken to unless it comes in conflict with the first three laws.”

 “Now repeat them!”

Cindy tried and failed. He kept at her. When she failed he gave her a swat on the ass. When she succeeded he gave a dose with the pleasure remote. He had her repeat them over and over. He could not gag her as much as he wanted to. But she was blindfolded to keep her from telling night from day. The he had her sing ‘Henry the eighth I am. Until her throat was horse. Then back to the laws. He let her have a sip of water. Then more singing and reciting the laws. Then he forced her to drink four quarts and hold it.

He slid out the rods and untied her feet. She had to do suspended leg lifts and knee bends. Until he told her to stop.

Over and over she had her recite the laws. Then undoing the waist rope and lowering her to the ground she had to do jumping in place. This time repeating ‘I am a Pet. I have no will. My only desire is to please my master and trainers. I live only for my master and trainers.’ Any infraction was punished punishable by a smack on the tits or the ass depending on what was available. Good performance was rewarded by the remote.

He gave her plenty of time and breaks to say rosebud. If she wanted to be broken and treated like a Pet Devon loved her so much that he could not do any less. It was midnight when he had her slithering on the ground like a snake and hissing.

It was feeding time. At one o’clock. Being so late would make Cindy think all her pain and pleasure would have been with in the late five hours.

Devon and Cindy choose a method of feeding their Pet. First she would be on the bottle. This would by energy shakes and so forth. Then she would be moved up to solid food. Feeding would be through a tube and syringe type-feeding device. She would be forced fed a mix of baby food and vitamins. He mixed spinach and bananas for her to eat. She took it with some hesitation. Then she was suspended again and allowed to nap for awhile but after an hour Devon had her reciting laws.

Then an hour of having the remote on. If she said rosebud before her day was up. Devon would win. Then the foot and waist rope where released and she was ordered to try and dance. She twisted and turned. Everything thing from a wild fury like a fish on a line to a slow grind. Devon realized this was like a marathon. A battle of wills. Cindy’s not willing to surrender. Not admitting she could not handle being their Pet for 24 hours.  Him not willing to stop until either she gave up or the time limit was up. But she had no real sense of time. He was sure of that. The barn doors were closed and the light on all the time. If she could see, It would only be very little light seeping through the eyeholes.

Devon napped for two hours. He had a large wind up alarm clock. The ticking sound would lull his dogs to sleep when they where puppies. His Pet should do no less. The clock went off and he had her repeat the laws again. He could tell that sometime during the night she had cried but did not say a word. Did Law 5 make her not want to say rosebud? No, law 3 covered that. Naturally a smart Pet might use law three to never become a Pet but they would cross that bridge when they came to it. It was seven in the morning. Devon fixed himself a quick breakfast and his Pet would get a mix of carrots and asparagus. He also got some of Cindy’s ‘Pet’ toys.

His ever-present palm top or rather his Pet controller kept an unblinking eye on her. Sleeping suspend like that was like sleeping on a hammock uphill facing down. It was an unnatural position to sleep.

“Pet.” Devon commanded. “Recite the laws.”

Her voice was weak. Cindy cried with sorrow filled tone and seemed to choke on every word.

“Law 1: A Pet may not injure her masters and trainers or, through inaction allow a master or trainers come to any harm.

“Law 2: A Pet must obey orders given to it by its master or trainer except where orders would come in conflict with the first law.”

“Law 3: A Pet must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second law.”

“Law 4: A Pet only desire is to please her masters and trainers unless such pleasure conflicts with the first three laws.”

“Law 5: The Pet is to speak when spoken to unless it comes in conflict with the first three laws.”

He gave her shot of the remote she seemed excited and happy.

“More master please.”

“No.” This was unexpected. 

“Please master.”

“No.” Devon denied her what she wanted. He was in control. Not her. He decided on how much and when.

She struggled in her leather cocoon. “More master please. Your Pet wishes to have more.”

Unable to bend any joint, ankle, knee, waist, elbow or neck, She still made her web vibrate by what little movement she could generate.

“Law 4.” Devon barked out.

“More master. Please.”

An open palm slap on her belly knock the wind out of her. “Law 4”

Cindy was crying steadily. “Law 4: A Pet only desire is to please her masters and trainers unless such pleasure conflicts with the first three laws.”

“Are you in danger.”

“No master.”

“Am I in danger.”

“No master.”

“Then you shall not receive any rewards.”

“Please master. I want more.”


“Please master. Your Pet wants to have more. I want to cum.”

He started circling her. “No. I tell you when you can cum. When you can piss. When you sleep. When you eat. What is law 2.”

She struggle trying to get herself off but was failing. 

“Law 2.” Devon gave her a slap on her bare ass

“Law 2: A Pet must obey orders given to it by its master or trainer except where orders would come in conflict with the first law.” She choked on every word. Devon thought if Cindy was going to say rose bud this would be the time. But she sniffled a cried in silence. Be he could sense victory was close at hand. He slid out the rods. She twisted trying to relieve the ache in her joints. Then he lowered her to the ground. But he left her feet tethered to the ring on the floor.


“Yes master.”

“Give me pleasure.”


“Do I have to repeat myself.”

“No master.”

She slid toward him but was stopped short by the tether.


 She fought against the tether.

“I’m waiting. If the Pet want to cum she must please her master first.”

Cindy redoubled her efforts but to rope held. She let out a cry of despair and continued to fight and struggle. 

“What is law 2?”

“Law 2: A P-Pet must obey orders g-given to it by its m-m-master or trainer except where orders would come in con-flict with the first law.”

 “What is law 4?”

“Law 4: A-A Pet only desire is to please her m-m-masters and trainers unless such pleasure conflicts with the first three laws.”

Her voice was just above a whisper and he could tell she was emotionally drained. He wanted her to say rosebud but either she had gone over or she was just too stubborn for her own good.

It never seemed to have occurred to Cindy to ask her master to come closer or release the rope tether. She tried to break free until she just could not move anymore. She was sweating and was near exhaustion but she kept yanking on the cord.

She was so single minded of wanting sexual release any logical thought process had gone out the window.

“Please master.”

“What is wrong Pet.”

“I cannot please you. Let your Pet cum.”


She scrunched up and struggled to a kneeling position. “Master p-please.”

This may have been the closest thing to asking for her master to come closer. The concept of asking for anything would indicate a will or have a desire. The one thing a Pet could or should not have.

He unzipped his pants and he did it slowly and loudly so she had an inkling of was coming. But he held a life size dildo in front of him. There was some fear that she could bite it off. Her mouth opened and the dildo was less than an inch from her mouth when she pulled back.

“ROSEBUD Master. Rosebud.”

Devon waited. She said master not Devon.

“Please let your Pet cum.”

Cindy had gone over.

“Cindy. Talk to me Cindy.”

She fell forward and Devon bent down and picked her up.

“Rosebud Devon. Rosebud” she whispered before completely fainting.

It was well past nine at night when Cindy was back to normal. Or at least it appeared to him that she was normal. She did not want to analyze it or remove herself from the experience. She was defeated and he was willing to let her accept on her own terms.

“Cin. I think we should call it off.”

“NO. I know we can do it. Besides those laws where a stroke of genus. You did what I wanted you to do. You did not even fall for my trick at the end. It is everything I wanted you to be. You have memorized your role.”

“Yes.” Said Devon noticing how quickly she changed the subject.

Part 2: Kidnapping

The next day they trailed their Pet. Everything was order. No changes from her previous habits. Most of her stuff had been sent ahead by the number of boxes that were picked up by the UPS truck. Devon had to concentrate on the task at hand. But he secretly worried that Cindy was not quite right.

The van was parked two-thirds down the ally with a fake delivery sign on it for cover. There was just enough room to squeeze past it. The side door was open. The delivery boxes were just that empty non-descript boxes stacked five feet high. They where stacked so to form a blind or a dogleg their Pet had to zig around. Cassandra did not want to take the long way around. So she squeezed past the van, or would have. Devon hit her with the stun gun and pulled her in. Cindy closed the door. Their Pet let out squeak and yelped in pain.

Handcuffs first, then the hood, then the gag. Cindy drove into traffic. The Pet would be secured to hard point in the van. 

Devon modified a design he saw used for a bounty hunter vehicle. Extra insulation soundproofed it. 

Once the Pet was secured. He began stripping off boots and socks. He manacled the ankles. Slid the boxer helmet on and strapped it down. Then stuffed her into a mummy sleeping bag. Then he drew the bag over her head and pulled the drawstring closed. She was starting to struggle but he had leverage and strength over her. The idea was to make her hot. Wear her down.

Using a rope, he them began to tie her down to the van. There were loops sewn in the bag and he used what few of them it had. Soon their Pet was safely secured. Devon breathed a sigh of relief.

They where not to drive straight to their home. A few things had to be done first.

They had always drove back and forth to their Pet hunting area. The reason was to find some very out of the way spots. They kept off the main highways when ever possible. Don’t speed. All the taillights worked. Spare tire and jack. Water and oil.  Toolbox, fan belts and four cans of Fix a flat. Devon had tried to think of every roadside emergency short of a mechanical breakdown. 

Out of the way spot #1 was 200 mile toward the congressman district. It was one of those park and camp places long since closed but did not have a gate on it. So anyone could drive in and Devon had noticed this was a place where a wild party or two had occurred. Their tracks would become obliterated by this weekend.

Devon only assumed that no one had seen her get pulled into the van. This is where the van had to change it stripes. Literally. The delivery van sign and the accent stripes on it disappeared. They were a simple appliance that could be removed. Then much larger woodgrain ones where added making it look like a family van with mom at the wheel. A soccer mom car.

The idea of painting the van with a paint that could be washed off looks great in Hollywood movies but in more practical terms it was a pain in the ass. Plus it never rain’s at the wrong moment in a Hollywood movie and since they had no control over the weather. A different approach was needed. So Devon went with the more simple approach. Using removable shelf paper. If applied correctly and using very little water-soluble spray on adhesive. It looked like the real thing.

They took any evidence of there being there with them. They were in and gone in less than an hour. 

Their Pet was checked on regularly. Eventually the fight had gone out of her.  She had exhausted herself. Devon applied a sleep patch to her arm and taped it on so it would not rub off. Seeing she had not been harmed for over such a long period. She seemed to calm down. They doubled back and started for their next out of the way spot. A halfway point where another change would be made. Two in fact.

Out of the way spot #2 is one of those lonely stretches of roads with poor excuse’s for a cabin at its end. It was the epitome of every slasher move ever made. Naturally they rented a cabin under an assumed name. The very same assumed name the Congressman and their Pet used. One of Cindy’s blind accounts took care of payment.

The cabin was one of those really out of the way places with no phone or power, not even a toilet. They were not going to stay the night anyway. First the van was stripped of all the wood grain panels. Followed by a fast car wash using what little water they brought with them. Both the accent stripes and signs would be burned in the cabin fireplace and the ashes would be swept out. Devon did all this while Cindy slept beside their Pet. They had been on the road for 12 hours. Normally it would take just over a day to get home. They were going to stretch this into about three.

Then their Pet was next to be stripped. Behind the cabin they carried her. First off was the sleeping bag. They picked her up to take her to a choice spot. When the cold night air hit her. She started screaming. Devon and Cindy dropped her to the ground and let her struggle. When she was done. They picked her up. She started screaming again. They dropped her. The idea was she could be quiet or freeze to death. Her choice. When she started to shiver she got the idea although it took about five times.

Then they fasten a rope to the cuffs and slung the other end over a tree branch. Then the slack was taken out. She was in a kneeling position with her arms in a very unnatural position pulled up and above and behind her head.

She mumbled ‘please don’t hurt me.’ But that did not matter. In fact they were going to do just that.

A hand was place on her crotch. “NO HARM” where the only words Cindy said to her in her best soothing voice. They would be the only words she would hear for the next two days. 

Using Surgical scissors. Devon began to cut off every article of clothing their Pet had. These would be burned as well. Then buried with the ashes of the Pet carrier camouflage. Cindy now had time to go through her Pet’s purse.

No medical alert or medications where in it so that was good news. Also any DNA evidence would be found here.

She was never ungaged or let free of the cuff and manacles. All clothing was cut off. This was also the final abort stage. So far their pet had very little to go on. Now completely stripped of all her personal dignity and effects. She was stuffed back into the sleeping bag then secured in the van.

Cindy was relieved that her pet had the same shoes size as she was. Because it was so cold out she cherished the warmth of it. This was also to psychologically simulate the womb. Later she would be ‘born’. Devon buried the ashes. Left the cabin in better shape than they found it and within three hours they where ready to go. Devon drove another three hours. Then it was Cindy’s turn. The van had to refuel. This was the most dangerous time but the patch helped and Cindy mixed a Nite-all cocktail with a protein drink and pressed it through a tube. This put the pet to sleep. A few blankets over her and no one were wiser. 

They rotated in three-hour shifts. There were a few close calls when their pet started kicking up a fuss when they stopped to change shift at a rest area. But they were alone except for a couple of semi truckers sleeping in their cabs.

It was night the next day. They had been on the road for three days. They never played the radio and used hand signals to communicate to each other. Three bone tiring days. The pet had not been fed much but had pissed in the sleeping bag. That could not be helped. But it also implied that her welfare was not at the top of their list of things.

Cindy and Devon carried her to her new home and dumped her out the sleeping bag. The door was closed. Their pet was born naked to the world. She could tell she was some place else. Someplace more permenant. An hour later Cindy and Devon where dressed in Black leather outfits that covered them from head to toe. They both wore a fencing mask colored black, these covered their faces very well and gave some protection against any pet attacks. It also did not impede their vision.

Cindy’s script call for him to be called Him or master and her to be call she or mistress. This created a surrogate parental bond.

The Pets head gear, hood and gag where removed. She looked like hell, she had cut her mouth on the gag. Once she got a good look around the electronic voice cut in at a timed moment.

“I give this pet to you to train and do as you will my faithful servants. Be glad in my gift.”

Both Cindy and Devon responded unison “Thank you Divine One.”

Devon tried to make it as godlike as possible. This again would make their pet assume that there was a higher force above them. This acted two fold. She could plead to this higher power for release or try to turn her master and mistress against this higher power. A snake in the Garden of Eden.

“What going on?” asked their Pet.

“Silence pet.” Said Cindy pressing her to the ground. “The divine one has given you to us as his gift.”

Devon unfastened the ankle cuffs while Cindy read her the riot act.

“This is your home. You will use the toilet when you need to use the toilet. Make a mess and you will clean it. With your hair and tongue. Obey and you will be rewarded. Disobey and you will be punished.”

“I am to be called She or Mistress.”

Devon then pulled her to her feet. “I am to be called he or Master.”

“Let me go.”

A hard slap across the face by Cindy. Brought more tears. “You have much to learn pet. Learn quickly and you will survive. Disobedient pets are put down.” That brought a shudder to her.

Devon showed her the toilet. He also put a new set of manacles on her ankles with a foot long chain lead between them.

Padded manacles were put on the wrist and the hand cuffs where removed. Then Cindy had the honor of putting a collar on their pet. “I’m not your pet.” 

“Then you don’t eat.” Cindy and Devon left the room.

Once the door closed behind her. She began to scream and cry out. The hidden speaker began repeating over and over the laws Devon had devised. Every now and then the computer would dim and brighten the lighting. Sirens and bells would erupt from the speakers at ear splitting levels. Devon watched her for two hours then Cindy for another two. She was getting hungry. She was starting to ask for food. The idea was she started giving up in very small ways. She would give in a little more and a little more until what ever will she had was completely gone.

During the transition or changing of the guard. Devon asked, “What are we going to call our pet?”

“Kitten.” Cindy replied. “ It reinforces the pet concept plus it is a pet nickname. But that’ll come much later. How is she doing?”

“She’s huddled in the corner and has tried to drink out of the toilet. She also tried to slide her arms past her ass. Unsuccessfully. She has a tattoo on her back right shoulder of a small butterfly. That’ll going to have to go.”

“I’ll bet she got that in high school and put in a place not easily seen by her parents.”

“Yes, well that is some we can ask much later. Think she’s ready.”

“Let me go in alone and see if she want to be fed.”

Cindy took the feeding kit and the collar. Devon watched on the remote.

Their pet stayed huddled in the corner

“Hungry now pet?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She did not even argue being called pet nor did she try to bolt for the door.

“Good now lets get you to your feeding position.”

Feeding position was a kneeling position with the back straight, chest out and shoulders back.

Then Cindy brought out the collar. 


The pet will wear what her Mistress and Master tells her too. But if the pet does not want to eat.

Cindy put the collar back in to bag and went for the door.


“Yes Pet.”

“Your pet…..wants….to…. Wear….. the collar.”

Devon smiled. Her training had just begun.


“…Tonight news in review. It has been one year since the disappearance of Cassandra Reeve, Congressmen Barry Condom still denies any involvement with his White House Page disappearance even after admitting to having an extramarital affair…”

Devon muted the television. A Picture over the new announcer right was a high school photograph of a dark haired young girl.

Devon looked over to his left. The woman standing in a French maid outfit with high-heeled thigh length boots and long black gloves looked nearly the same. The breast augmentation surgery and a cosmetic touch up done by Swiss surgeons done three months ago had certainly been well worth the effort. The surgeons who special in discretion altered her basic look only slightly.

“What do you think of her Kitten.” Asked Devon

“She looks very sad Master. Maybe she would lucky to find a Master like you.”

“Does she look anything like you?”

“OH no Master. She is nothing like me.” Answered Kitten standing ram rod straight.

Devon turned off the television.

“Shall we see how our new pet is progressing.”

“Yes Master.”

Devon went down to the basement and through the secret passage to the gym. Then through the secret door to the pet room.

Devon open the door and saw a leather cocoon suspended in the room. The figure was blindfolded and had a ball gag in its mouth. He removed the sleep mask.

The eyes blinked at him adjusting to the light.

“You know what is to happen?” Asked Devon

“Umm Hummm.” She mumbled through the gag.

“And you want to do this?’

“Umm Hummm.”

He placed the mask over the eyes. “Very Well. From now on I will call you Pet or Petra.”

He kissed her cheek. “Good bye Cindy.”

The door closed and the computerized voice began reciting the law of becoming a human pet.


“Yes Kitten.”

“Can I go for walkies?”

“Of course Kitten. Of course.”


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